Well .. it is official now among many and I am still getting shocked on more or less a daily basis on Twitter.

The levels of dishonesty and selfishness is beyond imagination.

I watched a Sargon of Akkad video and I the still I thought ‘Is that Lord Pearson?’ I had heard him mentioned to me by a few people, that he was backing certain groups working against these grooming gangs. So I listened in on this one.

Sure enough he not only talked about the big issues they have shame most into not talking about and he made a great deal of sense.

They basically stated what I did in a round about way .. about the leftists protecting Islam but at the end of the day they are being used, these idiot leftists, as pawns or foot soldiers. Akin to human shields they use in war and aggression in the middle-east.

He even stated that the grooming gang problem had been covered up for years, yup .. discovered that one for myself..

Had friends and family basically become alienated because my daughter was so far away they did not see it up close and .. as it was ignored by the fake news media, and I do mean every single one of them, they thought it cannot be happening.

So I was a naïve fool and an idiot and my daughter was a liar and you have absolutely no idea how years of that affected us.

Still we are living lives of hell .. still we are both fed up with our lives, still my grandson lives with his paedophile father, but hey? As long as no one of a bonkers faith is offended and you cannot be labelled as racist right? Except it was NEVER racism. Faith and ideology was never a faith and racism includes all differing skin colours, as much as the leftists like to bullshit and twist it to mean what they want it to.

Sargon did another video on the Police and a diversity recruitment drive and in the comments someone pointed out that there were not only no white people among the eight in the poster .. but that they have taught all these races that white people are evil .. and now recruiting the to protect us?!

Looking at the poster it is clear that from the look of them there will no doubt be videos of this lot getting their arses kicked by criminals circulating around Twitter followed by news reports that they did not go to work just to be attacked. Want to get paid though? Then there will be an expectation that the white member of the public should stand in to protect them against these violent criminals .. all for free of course.

Also turns out that there is no hate speech in reality .. not in law at least.

Lord Pearson also had some interesting things to say about Marxists and education along with the Quran and Burkas.

They do not go as far as saying it but it is clear that they are using their laws and our own laws against us while at the same time trying to alter existing British laws to help in their conquering of the UK. I always joked that there are two sets of laws when really there are three .. and the one to protect the native British people is being altered to take away our human rights as well as free speech.

It is a complete betrayal of the British people, it truly is and the fact that this is going on and coming out at the same time we are being betrayed over Brexit and leaving the EU is a betrayal of monumental proportions the likes have which have never been seen before.

One hundred years ago you would have been facing a firing squad of your own people for doing way, way .. way less than what they have done to us in recent years. Hmm does that make it four sets of rules? I cannot keep track!

As I stated in previous posts I had someone on me for months .. a Muslim who originally lied and the continued to do so. Whinged and cried like a bitch that he was moral and honest .. yet got caught out so many times and got so angry about it he got himself suspended permanently .. TWICE! You have to go some way to get suspended once, let alone twice. Especially from Twitter who are seen and admit are socialist. So he was so bad he got suspended twice. Oh but not according to him because he can fall back on his own set of rules and laws when he cannot use the real rules and laws to achieve what he wants, right?

Just came back and when I say he did this hundreds of times I am not even exaggerating and he thought himself so superior, well they do, and so smart he used to lose it when I spotted him again .. sometimes with two tweets. He would also forget what he previously said on a previous account he swore vehemently was not him and state things he did under the accounts he swore was not him. This would be either a fact he could not possibly have known or even a particular name he called me .. like ‘Mr Big Bollocks’ or start ranting about my PhD offer and taking the piss out of it and claiming it did not happen.

The complete fucking nutter used to try and tell other people I was an insane conspiracy theorist?!

Oh boy they simply could not believe how stupid he was or some would get offended that he thought everyone else was an idiot, that was not a Muslim, and easily fooled and lied to.

No .. we are not all leftists you fucking moron.

The craziest part about it all as at the end he claimed to be a Gay Muslim and had a link to a Gay Muslim Community with LGBTQ labels?! What the actual?

So even the gay Muslims lie through their teeth too? That part of the Quran hey stick to on infidels but ignore the parts that claim how they should be treated? Well this one did like to cherry-pick, especially for this blog. Fully intending to be disingenuous at every .. single .. opportunity.

Of course as I was ignored over and the very last thing I got this superior and smarter being to admit .. is that he was trying to get my previous post pinned to my tweet seen by the Police as ‘hate speech’. The true story about my daughter being a victim .. repeatedly raped, given children she had no choice in, beaten, held as prisoner, one child given to paedophile father, first child the wife of the Muslim paedophile tried to buy from my daughter and lets not forget the cervical cancer she got from it? Or the zero support from public authorities? Or threats to take her other children away?

There was a media agent at one point, Focus Features Independent Media, and a guy called Joe that got in contact and he went mad. Promises our hell would be over, this year of 2018, magazines, books, TV and even films and mentioned Panorama (BBC? Yeah, right), This Morning, The Wright Stuff and many others ..

We got two small magazine stories published and then everyone just disappeared?! News media must have found a way to manufacture a Timelord’s Tardis?!

Lots of help offered on Twitter .. other than the post I wrote about my daughter’s situation getting close to 3,000 views in just 10 of 12 weeks .. no other help has materialised .. other than one guy turning up somewhere he was not supposed to and even then in the wrong place, nothing else has really occurred.

Unless it is for my daughter I do not really like asking for help personally .. hell, I do not even like phoning ‘999’ although there has now been two occasions when I should have done.

But I do not have any faith or even trust the NHS any more .. and will be kicked out of a hospital in the middle of the night in an area of a high amount of knife-crime.

I do not have a GP and therefore cannot get access to medication anyway!

The government have been saving a lot of money with me of late .. put me in a position where they do not have to give me a single penny while simultaneously screwing up every single chance to make any money via other means.

If your here reading this moron .. as I keep telling you .. facts remain .. FACTS! You will never … EVER be able to disprove any of this and repeat-repeat-repeat does not make it fact .. EVER! Dumb-arse!

I have now blocked and muted two of his new accounts .. after the heart thing yesterday, not him or anyone else online caused it. It was another lying cheating narcissistic leftist I have the misfortune of being related to who has been given plenty of warning about it.

But like every other leftist I have met on Twitter .. they lie, cheat, scream, make everything about them and claim to be caring to others but prove over and over and over again that they do not. They had this pointed out to them.

My daughter has had two major operations and yet this person cries to everyone about how she cares about everyone except .. she never asked. Two operations have gone by and she never once asked about them.

One brother wont answer the phone because she never asks about hs children either .. talks for an hour or two about herself being the victim. This is the biggest manufacturer of victim cards you could ever meet. Must know it to because unless someone is left wing she labels them as right-wing and they are not allowed here.

People say to me that leftists have a mental disorder and they are bang on the money.

My daughter’s story alone should create a media storm. Mine should create a bit if a whirlwind too and this leftist? Ooh boy .. talk to anyone that knows them and you would be provided with every single argument to destroy any leftist you ever come across.

Because all the leftists, not the Muslims using them, all sound liker her and this one here is the worst possible one.

She has made the lives of every member of her family a fucking misery for over two decades and still insists she is right, sulks for days when she is caught out. Then finds way to either twist it or waits for a period of time when she think everyone has forgotten about it and carries on as before.

On Twitter they have already or indeed create accounts so they can pretend you have not answered all their questions previously.

EDIT: I forgot .. they even mention and rightly praise Sarah Champion MP for her work on the grooming gang subject.

Who are the number one leftists everyone knows lies? Owned Jones and Jeremy Corbyn of course!



Yeah so as you know .. still getting offers of help that do not go anywhere at all .. while watching everyone in the media and on social media stating they are doing stuff about it ..

.. no .. you are not!

Oddly despite the fact that the post that should have gone around like wildfire has been picked up by those that want to bury it.

I have had a barrage of attacks on Twitter and I have not even reported on all of them. Had I done a post on my blogs for each attack it would certainly be in excess of 100 and very possibly 200 posts?

There were several times when people would ask me why there were so many attacks and I said because they are frightened of this blog .. and the truth .. and the evidence.

Here are a couple of groups of daft things said to me

  • Paid by Trump
  • Paid by some right wing group
  • Russian Bot
  • Tommy Robinson’s right hand man, more or less
  • Nazi, Bigot, Racist Xenophobe
None of which are true, and ..
  • Just block the Trolls
    • Yeah they have multiple accounts and set up new ones all the time
  • Do not go on on other social media sites .. but-but-but I cannot afford not to ..
    • It is about getting help and if not that getting the ball rolling on my blogs to we can get out of this mess
Unfortunately I have had offers of help which have not materialised and been bullied, harassed and insulted by the enemies .. to the level of super-stalkers and why you get is ..
  • Just keep going as your going in the right direction
  • Will not be long now, it will get better
Explaining that I was being attacked over the pinned tweet, post on GAB, on my Twitter stream I was basically met with the reaction .. ‘Well what is important about you?’
Did you even read the fucking post? The enemy did and just as I stated 1 weeks ago now at the end of August 2018 .. it is because of my God damn blog!
Nope .. as you can see with this Muslim guy who told everyone he was white British and a lawyer .. then a social worker .. and then a web developer before stating he was a medical school drop out ..
.. after hounding me for 14 weeks under 5 to 7 different accounts ..
It has absolutely nothing to do with my blog or that blog post of my evidence .. what is so special about me?!
On Twitter I am @saintallnights
On GAB I am .. @allnights


Well that was funny ..

I had already exposed a spy in my ranks, second and probably more, and had previously warned people about spies. I had also warned them of meltdowns.

  • Trump doing well in Mid-Terms

    • One idiot called HotSalmon revealed how much they melted down because they were trying to spin the best Mid-Terms for a sitting President in decades into very bad

  • Brett Kavanugh not being locked up over hearsay, go figure

  • GAB coming back when they convinced themselves they had it taken down

I had also noted that just like my spy .. many seem to come at me masquerading as actual rape victims .. which I was beginning to question already with my first spy.

Oh real nice towards real victims that one. Supposed to be caring people? Do not like others offending groups? Yeah? No. Only groups they deem worthy as I have been exposing for awhile now. Oddly they have .. patrons, you might call them, of these groups as affiliates. Well provided they are not fakes too .. these affiliations are now being scrutinised ..


You see I got this DM from someone . .nice guy who had changed his name twice because of these bullies and trolls. Threatening violence when they lose debates. In fact it has gotten so bad now they do not even try debating because they know they get beaten.

For instance I had one girl .. claiming to have been a victim of rape by a white guy in a park and because of this, only known as ‘K’ on Twitter, white guys rape more girls than Muslim men, her words.

I pointed out that 12 years of investigation, evidence and the 5 Muslim men and one white guy that abused my daughter did not tally up with that, nor did a report into it by Muslims themselves, the Quilliam Report, nor a news report by The Sunday Times. But ..

  • All that was crap because she was raped by one guy?

  • I should disbelieve Quilliam because it was debunked and ignore The Sunday Times without any reason and ignore my own eyes and ears because some random person who did not produce a single link to her claims said so?

This is literally the mentality of these leftist morons, it really and truly is and it is extremely rare for me to get a day where my jaw is not on the floor in disbelief at what they expect of others ..

It is sheer lunacy!

So a previous one called ‘Lisa’ laughed at Joker coming after me. Told this victim not to be associated with him, he is dangerous and all I got was “Don’t tell me what to do!” very obviously not a victim and #INSTABLOCK as James Woods often states.

As explained before her hero who has threatened children and has more people and organisations watching him than you can throw a stick at .. went at it.

A shame then that her hero then got goaded to show his true self and in the space of 12 hours lost two of his many accounts, lost another two over the following four days and when I did finally find an existing account .. he had already blocked me.

Yes, Lisa .. your hero is really something .. I am soooo scared!

So that was over a week ago and my followers have been cottoning on as have others and my DM now has a life of its own. People are contacting me I do not know and knew people are adding me.

Seems they have threatened hundreds of innocent people.

So I go into this stream where I find my old and blocked spy giving it some to a couple of women and this is where I discover an existing account for the Joke. Sorry .. sorry .. I mean Joker. Fifth account I have found .. I am blocked!

She tagged him in along with another adversary I have not argued with for about ten weeks or so .. MOON! Or Moon Madness as I like to call him.

I start taunting the Joker and publish the profile showing I m blocked .. Joker wont come, lost too many accounts but Moon? Yeah .. they really do think highly of themselves, their morals and above all else .. their intelligence.

BOOM! Moon in da room!

Rant, rant, rant, rant and the usual I am a nutter, naïve and a liar and all the usual crap.

I am hitting him .. hard! I have discovered a hell of a lot of things these last few months and I am telling him details that would have hot home. I am also hitting him with piss-taking memes about leftists and pantifa. The Atifa logo switched with knickers in it (see below).

Ooh just had to deal with a private message on this and pass along some screenshots and details.

So yeah Moon was getting ever more angry. The insults were flying all over the place but I was waiting for the usual go to they use to highlight their utter hypocrisy and get him into trouble.

I am crazy, I am insane and the usual I am listening to others and I am lying.

These people really should do their research ..

  • Hit him with Police Recordings on my blog

  • Hit him with the Take A Break and Lover It Magazine covers also on my blog

  • Hit him with hypocrisy accusation as going around accusing everyone of mental health issues and being crazy is highly offensive to people with mental health issues

  • Shame then that not only are some of his friends claiming to promote awareness of mental health but ..

  • Yeah the stream was under that of a mental health organisation ..

  • OOPS!

I literally tabbed away elsewhere as I knew that one way or another he would not be tweeting anything else.

It is OK when your way over on that cliff’s edge to insult groups of people but if your left of centre to far right your not even allowed to tell the truth about the groups they want to protect.


These are members of Resisting Hate, Tell Mama and Hope Not Hate and there are likely many others that do this?

It is astounding that they al masquerade as a peace loving charity and not only receive donations from the naive public but are also paid and funded to do this!

Well I now help others on various formats and despite Google, Twitter, the aforementioned groups and many others that are trying to stop me and not receiving a single penny, living with various pains and a God damn dodgy heart that feels like it is going to kill me any day now ..

I do this for free and because it is the right thing to do.

Added to my list and taking over form posting blog posts, just look at the dates I have posted, I seem to spend my time chasing off these people to protect others .. their jobs, their security, the sanity and their children.

From an organised and funded group of loons that chase rainbows. No wonder why they use the rainbow colours as a logo because that is what they spend all their time chasing.

Lying, cheating, threatening, stealing, assaulting and character assassination among all other things to get what they want. Well I just think they get a kick out of it and use the caring group front as a front and figured out they could con and scheme money out of naïve fools for it at the same time.

You can find them all in the big cave, fourth one down on the right.

So Moon went bye-bye and then so did his account and I know that his little spy pretending to be a rape victim, yes that is how depraved they are, went down too! Life is a bitch.

Had a bit of a longish break there ..

So then let e look and just check. It will take time to get all this together .. yeah .. they do not know about my handicaps .. but they have been digging. Hard ..

The night I was doxed the photos me me came first .. a shit ton of them and I was besieged with private messages telling me what I was seeing on screen and was I not angry or worried about it and where was they getting them from ..

  1. Yes I could see them

  2. No I did not give a shit

  3. Did not know and did not care

A week or so later I have finally pieced it all together and they have been diving down into the following

  1. My Blog

    1. They have something but it is not what they think it is

    2. Had long since seen them with this .. something and been waiting for them to use it without knowing what it was .. but has not occurred thus far

  2. Facebook

  3. LinkedIn

  4. Twitter they tried to get into an a very amateurish way

    1. Either that or they thought that my getting 30 mobile text messages stating someone was trying to get into my account was supposed to scare me?

God only knows where else they looked, not that I care ..

But what they have managed to do is make me notice them again, make me realise that they are not stupid kids. Find out that they have been up to illegal activities, terrorise people, dox people, threaten people’s children and cause at least one family break up and one death.

All because they want to protect a very undesirable group of barbaric murderers and want a society that is guaranteed to end up as living hell because it has never worked anywhere it has been tried. It has, however, failed catastrophically a number of notorious times throughout history. Socialism.

They believe lies are OK when it is them telling them.

They believe that targetting groups with offensive behaviour and threats as long as it is the groups they decide .. like mental health for one that got two accounts taken down by me. Well .. I did not take those last two down .. I just drew them out to say their usual shit .. pointed it out to them so that others would notice and they would report them.

I was also too busy humiliating them when I also drew them into calling me a bullshitter on everything I said. Yeah one at a time I did what they did and tweeted stuff I expected them to believe on face value.

Another side to their hypocritical ways is that they themselves do this but know they are lying, get annoyed and start swearing at you when you do not believe them. Then you ask them for links, citations and such like and absolutely nothing is forthcoming. Because it does not exist. But you get sworn at for not taking their word for it.

Switch it around and your giving them facts and they dismiss every single one. So you tell them about reports and they say it is bullshit. You give the screenshots and they say it has been debunked, remember you supposed to take their word for it..

Tell the you have proof and data and they call you a liar .. yup over a dozen tweets .. I then started posting memes too. The Pantifa one, mentioning little facts I know about their personal life .. I could do what they do and dox them .. I have enough on many of them. But I will not stoop to any of their levels.

So just as he was losing it, called me a liar, announced to everyone watching I was a known liar and a bullshitter and they laughed at me and proved it so any times previous ..

Yeah then I hit him with at least half a dozen tweets with links to recordings, various magazine covers and other little facts .. like cancer my daughter has they knew about but laughed at, that the operation was in several days time.


Would you believe both these big guns fell .. suddenly .. silent?

Now I am really, really taunting him .. more or less begging him .. to come back at me. “Come onnnnnn MOOOON! Let’s be having you!!” taunts like that. I still had several things to make the lying little toad, insulting to toads, look like the lying piece of shit that he was.

Checked to see if he had blocked me and he had not, was looking forward to putting another name on the list of nasty evil people that had blocked me.

People so self-righteous that they believe morals and the law, something they love to harp on about, do not apply to them.

Gave up waiting. Next morning I went to check to see if he had blocked and .. no fucking sign of him. Nothing coming up in the search. Weird. Could not find their little spy either.

Found out why about an hour later when I decided to use another method to bring up Moon’s profile page .. SUSPENDED!


Looked up the little spy too .. supposed to be a victim but going around trolling in people’s streams and picking a fight and then calling in Moon and Joker .. SUSPENDED!

Double Oops.

Joker was a no show of course and after four accounts going down in a week he decided he wanted to hold onto what he had left as the fifth account I found I was blocked from and he did not make an appearance. Wise.

Now let me see .. these are the people that thought they could outsmart me and get me banned just I the last week ..

  • Joker (lost four accounts)

  • Moon (lost an account)

  • Lisa (Lost an account)

  • Victoria (Blocked me)

  • Helen (Dunno .. dont care)

  • HotSalmon (made a fool of over and over and .. low IQ .. dont care)

    • Others weighed in

    • Personality suddenly switched entirely and sounded like Joker .. then switched back again

  • Dr.Strange (as above)

    • Others weighed in

  • Charlie Potatoes (as above)

    • Others weighed in

  • Strimbobs (OK I kinda went after him .. he ran .. I picked up another follower)

  • Shysteee2018

  • no one you know

May have been others? Do not remember and why don’t I? Because I do not fucking care but there are a number of people that love it when I take accounts down or get blocked. I get cheers and well done comments either in tweets or more often in private messaging. Because they have insulted, called names, threatened or upset people.

There are others I do recall from previous assaults ..

  • Baby Monkey

  • Scott

  • Laffin At the Fash

  • Joanne

  • Gina (That blew up in her face .. blocked me)

  • Simon I

  • Roscoe P Covfefe

  • Mike Stuchbery

  • BunnyBrownEyes

  • Sam

  • Michael #FBPE

  • Gareth Edwards

There is a way longer list from things from months ago and there is a stand out name .. that I have had a suspicion of .. that even my followers have noted has had it in for me for ages. Yeah .. well I could not find a link to be sure. Then he went and handed me one.

One thing you can be sure about with these people is that they just do not bloody well think. They do not think about the links, what is lying around, how you can piece things together or even that they can show their presence when they think they are hiding.

Yeah .. when I blew some of that in their faces I earned a number if blocks.

The rest of the time teaching them every singe fact involved gradually winds them up to a point that they are foaming at the mouth. Normally when the swearing, laughter, abuse or threats come in .. BOOM! They then get a series of tweets with links, pictures, screenshots and recordings.

At this point I have more or less and blown their heads clean off their shoulders .. or I might catch them out on a lie. Now they are slamming their fists down on their keyboards and with no return they #RAGEBLOCK!

Rage is assured as 20 minutes or so they were having at me for losing my shit and accusing me of being mental, crazy, insane, needing psychiatric help (yeah low IQ loons would know psychiatry) and thinking that I was the one slamming my fists on my keyboard in rage? Yeah? No!

They think exactly what I want them to think and each time this happens I wonder if they have worked it out this time? But they always prove to me that they have not and we must be heading for a couple dozen times now?

They would be very surprised to find out where some of my data on them as come from too .. they really should be a lot more careful with those they mix with. Not too bright this lot.

I mean HotSalmon insisted like a rage queen for like an hour that Donald Trump did really badly the mid-terms and no matter how many times I tried to explain this and that it was the best result from a sitting US president in decades, which incudes Barack Obama, he would not have it.

So I spent the next hour taunting him that all normal and sane people which includes Donald Trump did not care and were not losing any sleep.

Of course more old faithful lines good for setting them off is Brett Kavanaugh, the mid-terms and GAB coming back online. Guaranteeing them that Jeremy Corbyn wont become Prime Minister does it too. That 25 million and growing want a hard Brexit is also another good one.

Funny as another thing I have not ribbed them about is despite them, or one, trying to laugh at y six bans I got in my first three weeks back on Twitter I have had none in around 8 to 10 weeks, losing track of how long I have been back now. Seems they just cannot get me banned regardless of how many they throw at me at once.

It gets worse for them because despite several friends and followers getting one whole week bans .. well I now know so have they as well as getting account after account suspended. Christ six have gone down at y hand in the last week alone!

Sooo do you think it might anger them if I point out that they are so nice that even on leftist socialist Twitter with their self-proclaimed moral high ground that they are still getting bans and suspensions?

Do you think it might then piss them off if I also point out that I have not so much as had a seven day suspension let alone having my account closed completely?

Hey? Maybe they are already well aware of this and it is just eating away at them slowly over time .. driving them utterly insane with rage?

I recall getting to memes .. one of a cat whacking away at a keyboard which made me laugh and another of someone dressed u as a knight, jab at the crusades I guess? Both made me laugh as they were funny but his was because this is how I see them?

They come out with such utter garbage they may as well just be hammering on their keyboards half the time with just their fists. Weirdly I also get asked if English is my first language? I do not react t this either and this gets them mad.

When they think that I am getting mad they get their hopes up and are hammering away with more shit after thinking that they see the whites (RACIST!) of my eyes. Then I go calm and their excitement from all that energy is immediately turned into rage.

If just a single one of the few hundred had done their research .. they just might have picked up on a few things about me and realised that none of that is possible? They cannot achieve any of the things with me that they achieve with others.

Two more things yu can guarantee with the worst leftist socialists is they wrongly assume and do zero in the way of research.

Now after reading the first tweet they post making it clear who they are and that they are going to be an opponent I am on their profile. Immediately. By the time they have put out their second or third tweet I have looked at everyone that they are following, because that tells me the most about them. I am then looking at their own followers.

By the time I have done all that I not only have my large arsenal but have a shit ton more on them and I am ready. I can guarantee that at this point none have even glanced at mine and even when they do it is just the basic info.

Before long as I am firing off tweets and deflecting false accusations and data I am half way down the streams seeing what they post, who they have been trolling and who has blocked them.

Bearing in mind you cannot do anything to me that has not already been done, am fairly smart and they should have remembered calling me Mycroft Holmes on our first run in .. you would think that they learnt something? Nope.

Well one has .. he has realised I have found out how utterly evil he is and he thought he was being clever when he popped up when I had in fact been trying to lure him out for weeks and inside of around 14 hours lost two accounts, got chased off on GAB bullying someone with Down’s Syndrome and then lost two more accounts over the next week. Yeah .. he learnt then I had basically tricked him, had lured him, was now actively hunting him down and went silent and blocked me from his last, or one of the last, accounts he still had left.

Mere moments before he was hit with a series of tweets that had him shut the fuck up and then mere minutes later had his suspension take place .. aww diddums ..

The account Lazarus, though not entirely sure, I suspected may also be Moon ..

Moon’s account that went bye-bye is this one and he works with the charity .. charity lol .. TellMama here as well as with Resisting Hate .. except you wont find his account currently ..