As well as new things coming out about local councils there now appears to be a very old thing rearing it’s butt ugly head.

Now I remember when this sort of thing first came into being and we are taking decades ago here. I would say close to three whole decades.

Now between then and now I don’t know if things had changed but from what I’ve just read .. no it seems it has not.

Now this is an old thing which has now become a new thing. A new old thing.

This has also become a prime example, maybe, of my argument about things taking forever, public service wise, or just being ignored by the public in general.

Local councils were quick years ago to sell off their properties to the tenants that live in them. My God my mother still moans about it today because my father wasn’t interested in doing that. She harps on about what this house would be worth today. Unfortunately she didn’t live in the same reality as others. She ignores the fact it’s riddled with damp, has been for years and that all the work they have done to the block would have ended up with bills of tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

For four weeks they have complained about our inheritance, complained about what each of us should and shouldn’t have done with it. But not once has she talked about a certain someone’s cancer. When it had been mentioned she starts talking about how the same had happened to her and others. Nope, it has not. She’s talking about abnormal cells. The only person she knew that was anything like this died a couple of years ago. Oddly she talks about herself dying from epilepsy, yeah that’s what it’s like.

On her dying bed her friend says she had tachycardia and her reply to her friend of 40 years was “Oh I’ve had that”. To which her friend dying of cancer replied “Is that another one to add to your list?” When this was divulged to me it was clear it was totally missed. She started on this hypochondria like trip in her late twenties to early thirties. Attention seeking. Forty years later and at nearly 49 I’m not allowed to speak about a registered disability that causes an early death according to recent reports or cancer. But we can talk about epilepsy, oh and no grand mal here either, for hours. Just like we can talk about the same stories from up the forty years ago over and over and over again. But don’t care tell them a story for the second time though.

Telling something for the fiftieth time is OK but being told something for the second time .. ooh noo!

Also you get your head chewed off if you forget something where they are concerned but .. of they forget .. oh it’s because their life, no threats of being homeless or death, is far worse than anyone else’s.

Sorry .. had someone boring into my brain this morning .. but I just realised I’m going through this hell because of the public services! Lol, so it is kinda indirectly related?

So this gentleman who lives in a tower block with the same cladding as Grenfell Tower received a bill. Because he bought his home from the council ..

He has been told he has to pay a share of £2,000,000. Yeah that’s £2 Million.

To make matters worse the property was going to be sold to pay for care?! Well that’s now not going to happen because first off there is this bill and secondly .. who the fuck is going to buy a high rise flat with a share of a £2 Million bill looming?!

I thought that these forced bills had been sorted out years ago? You would think that after forty years that at some point something would have been sorted out?

You would also think that it would have turned out that local councils had hidden something in the small print about these forced costs? You would therefore think that this would have been a huge story and a landmark case in changing the laws over small print?! But noooo!

A share of £2 Million?! Staggering.

There is also something else to consider in all this ..

How many properties are there throughout the entire country that has to have the cladding changed? A lot. It also then begs the question; How many more people are going to get bills of this size?!

The poor bastard also had to be taken to hospital after he was received the bill.

It’s being heard in court and something many people should keep an eye on.




I’m confused.

This BBC report below states that there are 300 tower blocks across Scotland alone?

Only that’s what it is insinuating as it does not actually state that the 300 tower blocks are actually in Scotland. It just states ‘Scotland’ in the report but not actually in the sentence that states there are “300′ tower blocks.

I’m cautious and reread the piece because the number confused me.

You see it was reported somewhere else and repeated to me that there were 600 tower blocks in the whole of the UK.

Now this was what I said in response “That few?! I would have thought it was over a thousand?!”

This conversation was taking place for the same reason this report was published. The failure and corruption of public services and local councils and central government in this instance.

Now it would be easy for anyone else also confused over the same two numbers to then think ‘oh the 600 number must have just been for England?’. But, no. No way.

England has way more cities that are way bigger and England’s population is way bigger than Scotland’s.

If there are 300 tower blocks in Scotland alone I would then think that there must be at least 900 and maybe as many as 1200 in England.

This also does not include Wales!

Nor does it include Northern Ireland.

So where the bloody hell did they figure of 600 come from?

I’ve even been questioning my frequently bad memory but when that occurs I normally get blanks, not false information. Though it’s not entirely unknown.

I thought these numbers were scary before .. but now?!

I mean we must be taking in the range of 1400 to 1700 blocks?

God only knows how many homes that are in danger and higher still, how many people?

Odd too is this story has stayed true to what I said previously that it has not been mentioned in the mainstream TV or even radio news. It might do in local news. Well I presume it did .. in Scotland?

Well you would think.

Here in London I had to stumble across it on the BBC News app.

Hmm not that I think about it .. The Scottish National Party? How long have they been around? How long have they been on about looking after their own? How long now have they been winning seats in parliament?

Didn’t manage to spot one out of 300 tower blocks were not safe for their residents? Not one spotted that their councils were endangering lives to save a few grand?

I had to find out from someone other than the BBC, a lot of bizarre things going on, that this far 181 buildings across 51 local authors have actually failed safety tests!

Fifty one authorities?!

Bloody hell!! I never really thought about how many local authorities would be guilty of this but as I thought there were around 104 local authorities I never thought it would get this high.

Hmm thinking about it that 104 doesn’t seem realistic. I mean there must be dozens on the London area alone? In fact each large city could have anywhere between 4 and 8 local authorities at a guess?

The funny thing is this .. what’s the betting not a single person will lose their jobs in these local authorities? Purely because no one died.

That’s a little like no sending someone to prison because despite shooting someone they did not die.

They have one flight of stairs and no sprinklers and covered the buildings in fire hazardous material to save money.

For years I’ve stated the to tiers of public services need to go. Basically like fat cats but screwing ever more money out of the public while providing less and less on the way out services and housing. Also they have no clue about the real world, especially in built up communities. They have also mostly leaned way too far left to the point they have not been fair to British people for a very, very long time.

It’s been scandalous for a very, very long time and yet it’s all been ignored.

Though with the recent tragedies more than one thing has become obvious from all this and as time goes on many other things will stand out.

I’ve spoken to members of the public that have noticed many things. Funny then that the news media have not. I wonder if the news reports on this have started to reduce just as the numbers are getting to ridiculous proportions and these obvious things are starting to come to light?

Maybe someone somewhere said ..

“Umm .. of you keep reporting on this .. something is going to become very obvious that’s not only going to piss the British public off but may help certain political parties to gain ground!”?

I seem to have no end of stories guaranteed to keep coming out that I feel compelled to write about every now and then, when I find them that is.

It certainly seems to be looking like it will keep my trying to find the time to type them up, up until I start anew on something I’ve been waiting for.

To give you a little insight, as there has been some delays to what I’ve been claiming is an inevitable outcome, well two actually, in several posts now. In fact anyone that had read the ‘Revelations’ series will know this. They night even be waiting and wondering what in the hell has happened?

If so .. good! In a way, lol. Because when it’s all explained you will understand and hopefully ask ..

What the fuck has been going on all this time?

How the fuck can they be so bloody unfair to the .. public?

What the fuck do they do for their salaries?!

There will probably be other questions when I publish it?

What I can tell you, you might now go ‘oooh’ when I tell you I have the most important number.

You might then go “Whaaaat??” When I tell you that my prediction for this number was exact?!

Umm .. I will tell you there were figures of 0, 5, 8, 10 and 35. Kind of involved. Lol.

There might turn out, or likely will, to be 8 or 9 numbers to be included with those above.

There was also a date. I did previously have a date to go on but was not .. specifically for when it ended. As that date was the 2nd June, posted it previously, it’s obvious to those that saw that date that it’s not in any way close to the end. Lol.

However I can tell you that it is around 7 to 10 days away and .. well I could only know I was spot on, on my prediction because I was officially informed of some information. This could only be provided at the very end.

Except .. there was something that held it up, as it turns out. Well .. this was the second thing I’ve been told held things up.

But ..

One was a form which I oddly was not told about previously, when they last contacted me and I have to ask myself, why?

The second one was about something I had known about for several weeks and is to do with a member of my family not sending something in.

But also bizarre is that not only was I aware of this I was aware of it for weeks and as always is the case .. I had to advise.

I’ve also been in conversation with new people on this, that number now being four. Well four that are just as equally involved in this.

It’s also going to evolve and develop and though this will be obvious very soon I will be able to give updates but not all information. This will become obvious why very soon.

It will also become very obvious that I’m going to against yet another public service in what could be a very big way.

I’ve already been offered up as the .. fighter in this particular arena.

Funny that as around the same time I will certainly have one other .. battle going on and likely to have a third?

Lol, these will be very different to battles I have had in the past.

I will have vast amount of resources at my disposal not to mention .. umm, hired help. Lol.

The light is most certainly on amber right now and won’t last very long before it turns to green.

I’m also in a tizz.

Because there are lots and lots of forks in the road ahead of me and I need to decide which forks to take?!

Oh yeah I’ve also been doing something else I’ve kept under wraps for weeks. In fact over a week ago someone .. noticed. Lol.

One of these things is not so easy to hide .. well not when you’ve been at it for a couple of months.


Oh Jesus H fucking Christ they are on about Donald fucking Trump yet again?!

Tweeting some bloody video someone made up and how it’s going to cost journalists lives?! Oh PLEASE!

Yeah he does do some stupid and childish things but the entire media’s need to jump into every bloody thing he does smacks of desperation. It also hits home with people what I’ve also bleated on about for years .. that when large organisations are not brought to account they carry on doing it right in front of your face.

Banks keep paying big bonuses.

PC World, likely sell others too, been selling used and faulty goods as new since 2005 or before.

Politicians keep lying. Also keep spending the public’s taxes.

Keep giving themselves pay rises while not going after their rich friends 7 years or more into austerity.

Government keep taking from disabled people no matter how many times it’s reported on the Internet and how many have committed suicide over it.

Police keep asking themselves why the public are chasing them down the street throwing rocks at them? Oh .. that’s not quite the same thing. Sorry .. got carried away.

Theresa May keeps doing the same fucking things even though a really bad Labour leader, whose got two left arms and legs and blind to British people in at least one eye, somehow gained ground on her.

How long ago did they all tell us they were going to both listen and be more transparent?

Yeah .. as long as we don’t spot the deliberate and hidden mistakes they say what they think we want to hear.

Except .. yeeeah I’ve been saying it for awhile now .. the more you get found out about something the more people realise your still full oh bullshit. The more likely your going to get ever greater numbers of civil unrest.

Then the further your going to go to have to prevent it!

Oh, what’s that? You think it’s OK because you can just accuse everyone of being criminals so sending the cops or army in to beat the crap out of everyone is justifiable?

Yeeeaahh .. except I exist as does this blog that had been predicting both what will happen, fire the public will react, how you will react and what your will use as excuses when you do.

Don’t forget though?

They are smarter than everyone else!


Ooh yeah and I nearly forgot. Some big fine for not taking down .. fake news from the likes of Facebook and suchlike?

I would like to see how they would decide on that as well as how they are going to Police that?!

Are the German government trying to build up a replacement of funding input for when the UK leaves Europe by any chance? Lol.

I hope they dish out the same punishments to their own TV News and tabloids if anyone ever finds them guilty?! Or the UK’s, namely the BBC, too?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: No sprinklers in 300 Scottish tower blocks – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-40442398


.. and soon there will be an identical one.

Well her we go.

At Kensington and Chelsea Council someone had fallen on their sword.

All that will happen is that everyone will be under the impression things will get better.

In reality all that will happen if you will change one face for another and nothing will change.

Except everyone will think it has until the next tragedy. Hopefully and though it will be inevitable I hope it will be on a much smaller scale than Grenfell Tower? Grenfell Tower will always be one of the few tragedies I didn’t foresee. But then I never expected the savings of money to go this far. I mean I know they don’t value human life, hell I’ve been stating it on here for years. I just didn’t expect their negligence would be on this level.

I guess they gambled that a fire on this scale was unlikely.

There will be other things they’ve done they think the consequences of which will never occur.

But this was a tragedy all at once .. big fire that shocks everyone on TV and dozens of people dying inside the building.

Funny then that the thousands of disabled people .. sorry I’m forgetting it’s tens of thousands and I believe over one hundred thousand people, on Calum’s List, that have died at the government’s hands.

But I guess a dozen spread around the country with no blazing fire to get viewers onto the TV news channels isn’t quite the same?

It’s like when I get annoyed hearing about what this extreme feminist Anita Sarkeesian wants and tells people.

Hurting and suffering is wrong and it does not matter what nationality, colour or genre you are. Individuals trying to own certain abuses as their own is simply wrong.

I’ve always stated that being fair means being fair .. to all.

No race or colour should be neglected for whatever lame reason you come to with.

Because otherwise it’s racism pure and simple.

So now we have someone fall in their sword because of a fire? No, wait? Is it because of the use of fire hazardous materials?!

Oh well they are going to need a lot more swords then? I bet a few people in Japan have been on the phone to the UK government offering then a cut price deal for bulk buying?!

The attitude of the counsellor I was hearing about will be the same in most councils guilty of this.

Is it not odd that in previous stories of public services as soon as you get a whistle-blower, from either side of the wall, they want to spread evil lies about the whistle-blower? They accused one of being violent recently and they have done this and many other things to me.

But .. when they have been caught red handed and have no one to blame it anyone to smear and the public are at the door in numbers accompanied by journalists …

Suddenly they don’t want to talk!!

Make no mistake and have absolutely no doubt whatsoever the public services think they are above the law. I’ve been told stories of them being caught out on court and getting up and walking out in front of the judge who ordered her to stay. That was a deputy head teacher and the last paragraph were Doctors.

Here is the rub ..

When lying, evil and corruption goes on long enough the evil ones go a bit further and feel a bit more confident each time they get away with something. Each time they think they will get away with it the next time even as the actions or neglect is far worse.

Eventually they think that they are above the law and even the courts.

It’s a funny situation we are at because I’ve had people tell me that the public services have the courts in their pockets. I’ve been told stories with links to evidence of councils being proved of doing something illegal and a judge walking out of a court and refusing to judge the council as being illegal.

This was something I unfortunately had no experience with and therefore no evidence. I ended up being taken to court several times but I ended up winning. One hundred percent success.

It didn’t stay that way.

I appealed a decision that was wrong and ended up not only going to court but actually attending this time.

I won all my previous cases without even attending. I attended this one and I lost.

Five minutes in I was asked something I will get to later in the year.

I’m to repeat this process all over again in a couple of months time.

But in the cases of the judges and the courts they are being .. hmm trying to think of a word here ..

not defrocked .. less .. something. Damn it my brain simply doesn’t want to play at times!

Their losing their .. legitimacy.

Their gradually losing their lofty statuses.

What happens when this has happened enough times?

People won’t see courts or judges as an authority but a bunch of lame privileged years twats with delusions of grandeur and won’t care if they are presented with opportunities that require them to break the law.

The fact that living in this very long time of austerity is also compounding this issue as well as others.

It’s all about perceptions and whether people just stop caring.

It’s all about time.

I note some funny things sometimes they others simply don’t when it’s right in front of their faces.

For example this is how things have gone since Grenfell Tower burned down ..

  • 6 out of 6 blocks tested are unsafe.
  • 15 out of 15 blocks as above.
  • 27 out of 27 blocks as above.
  • 35 out of 35 blocks as above.
  • Forty something out of forty something as above.
  • 60 out of 60 as above.
  • Silence!

What? Well that’s odd I was seeing updates every other day and then nothing?

Is it some secret fire safety testers ball somewhere?

Do the fire regulators all go on holiday at the same time each year?!

Or have the media, out at least some of them, just stopped reporting the numbers?

Is it because people that live in council blocks, and not just the 600 or more Towers, suddenly all realise at once that their lives, their children’s lives, their parents lives have all been knowingly put at risk?

Do they suddenly think that every area in the country that had tower blocks or even just smaller council blocks will ask riot? Stampede the council offices, tear the places down and give these public service and government types a taste of their own medicine and put them all in hospital?!

I mean the latter part about violence .. well it’s obviously wrong .. but .. might not be as bad as what the council people have done and .. well .. they have been protected for doing bad things, think themselves untouchable and above the law, or at least morals, and .. well when you take away people’s rights, legal aid, and they get away with evil actions and don’t care and don’t listen what do you think will happen?

Larger numbers of the public are going to think that the only way to get through to these immoral twats full of self entitlement are only going to be reached through violence.

That’s what everyone will eventually think and whose fault will that be? The public’s? The angry mob? Well, in a word, no.

Oh but the local and central government, the NHS or other public service that will get this wrath will tell you through the media it’s the angry mob’s fault.

No. Just .. no. To you the public servants I will inform you that you are not a different species to the general public and your blood does not run blue. Tables turned you would act exactly the same way.

In fact this is one argument I have put onto many a pair of deaf ears. I’ve been given plenty of reasons to place plenty of people in hospital. I also possess the skill-sets to do just that.

Oh they have tried to make me out to be someone like that. Except if you’ve read enough of my key posts you will wonder how I ever held back.

But many people would not hold back even on the first instance and the first attack on their lives.

In other words if you treat people like animals they will become like animals and you cannot then accuse them of being animals.

You created them!

But they will think that they can either control the media from reporting it or even if they do it only gets seen by the British. Or is a piece of a few seconds late at night so they can carry they reported it but only half a dozen insomniacs ever saw it?!

No .. they continue to make the same fucking mistake they have been making for around 15 years now.

They ignore the fact the Internet exists.

Then the anger and hatred spreads. Once people see others let off steam over their frustrations or abuse then others group together and do the same.

It’s nature bitch and nothing is ever going to change it, rules reversed you would do the same and lame excuses and finger pointing are dead in the water now.

Plus I’ve just told you that anger is perfectly natural and reasons perfectly reasonable in this post.

Plus I’ve now stated that my, well over, 3,000 posts are littered with predictions about shit going on leading to even bigger shit.

Plus I’ve quoted that I’ve got 100GB plus of evidence! Yes I did. In that last sentence, lol.

But the higher classes don’t have these basic natural instincts. Not the higher up or even monarchy. Don’t be stupid they are a different species, lizards! *cough* lol, because they won’t resort to hunting animals down until they are dead .. oh wait? Foxes. No will they wouldn’t just go shooting animals for sport .. oh wait? They used to have reserves and Pheasant shooting.

Huh, would you look at that? They do have these primitive desires they give into.

Funny that because I don’t get any of those feelings at all.

Ahh I’ve got it?! We are in the wrong places and there is role reversal going on?

They should actually be below me in importance and as well as those things I don’t get the desires to do .. I don’t lie or cheat people either.

Crap! I better not tell that to the Jehovah’s Witnesses as they have been convinced for six years that the devil is running the UK now.


Before even posting this I have heard reports suggesting that Downing Street, or Theresa May, had asked Nick Paget-Brown, chief of Kensington & Chelsea Council, to quit.

Do you see?

“Oh we will ask the chief to quit, the public will think that the one ultimately responsible has gone and they will all calm down and go back to work. Then no one will stop and realise it is really us and those that pull our strings! Yes that one has worked for us for decades!”

Nothing ever changes and if often appears that nothing ever will.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Grenfell fire: Council leader quits over fire response – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-40461581


Oh bloody hell, what do you know?

It turns out that the company that has supplied all the cladding is American?!

I met someone a while ago who themselves got deep into the lying and corruption that went on in public services.

Whereas I got into this via ‘the evil trinity’ end, consisting of the DWP, NHS & Local Councils, she got into it from the Police Force end.

I suppose you could say that we started at either end and met in the middle? Lol.

Before we fell out and she accused me of being a government shill, a bit silly with everything I’ve done, she showed me a few things.

One of the things that she claimed was that as secret privatising went on in the public services it was American companies our governments sold out to.

She was married to a Police Officer, by the way.

She explained how American companies were tying up deals for very lucrative financial sides of deals. I remember her talking about vending machines as well as cafeterias.

Though it made sense initially I had to admit that I doubted this. I never thought we would rather sell out to the Americans rather than make the necessary decisions.

But then she told me about one of the biggest players and that it had gone on so long without being reported on that they even boasted about it on their ‘About Us’ web page.

A kind of similar, well at least part of it is, company to Group 4 these were called Serco.

The name seemed familiar and I have seen their vehicles that look just like the Group 4 security vans except with their logo on.

Well she gave me the link and sure enough they not only boasted but the number of public services they had their hands on was simply staggering.

They basically run the United Kingdom.

Not only did they mention the Police but also how they basically ran the NHS (ALL TRUSTS), the DWP, the local councils, armed forces (yup even them) and many others.

I simply couldn’t believe it. There I was reading a web page of an American company that seemed to be running most of the country?!

That was just one company!

If Serco gets named even once in the involvement of the cladding suppliers I will simply die!

I never looked into the possibility and existence of other American companies running things. I guess there could be more or several companies all owned by Serco? Or Serco is subdivision of an even larger company?

I do remember this little corruption spy telling me that when they got found out they claimed to be a British company but this turned out later to be a lie.

Now why on Earth would you lie about your country of origin? If your up to no good, that’s why and the only reason why.

Not doing bad are they?

They are running almost all computers and spy on you doing it, just ask anyone who has a computer running Linux.

They own a large portion of the phone industry with Apple iPhones and then there are iPods and iPads to boot.

One of the very first things I asked was how the fuck was this company even selling this cladding?! It had already been behind another fire in a tower block and not only was they allowed to continue selling it but fucking bought the crap with our money. Decided by some overpaid twat!

I’m now interested to know if they sold and of this crap to anyone in America?

I mean it’s an American company so it’s reasonable to ask how many tall buildings in America are covered with this cladding?

Whether the answer is yes or no there is the follow up question of .. ‘Why?!’

Also .. it’s dangerous to the point of killing people so why is it that only tower blocks have been mentioned thus far?

I have asked this before but I’m doing this deliberately because though it seemed like I was talking about the local councils .. no .. I was talking about the news media.

I mean it’s an obvious question. Especially if your someone living in a large block of flats looking at the cladding on TV and saying to yourself ‘hmm that stuff looks familiar?’

Even in something that’s not a tower block but is a large building I would be bloody well asking that!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Grenfell Tower: Cladding firm ends global sales for tower blocks – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40409981


I have been watching and listening to people talking about the latest and surprising incident that occurred between Sargon of Akkad and Anita Sarkeesian.

My bloody God it is so riddled with double-standards and hypocrisy it simply is not true!

If you do not know Anita Sarkeesian stands for woman and feminism but to my mind is doing nothing but damage to their .. cause.

From what I see many people hold her to high esteem because sh says things they want to hear and as a result she gets a fairly large sum of money donated to her on a regular basis. It is the latter that is key to why Anita Sarkeesian exists and is in the public eye.

Anita Sarkeesian sat on a panel of four or five women at VidCon and the panel was named ‘Women Online’ and I had no idea that this event was going to take place. After seeing what I did I wish to God I had been there.

A number of people associated with Sargon of Akkad had attended the venue along with him and some of them I knew because I watch their YouTube channels from time to time, like Mundane Matt for example of Dave Cullen of Computing Forever, and some hat I do not.

I watched the video and .. well it was funny .. I had some info as to what went down bu there was a point when Anita Sarkeesin looked straight at a group that some were insisting were sitting dead centre but … well it looked like they were all sitting to the right. A few rows deep of people that did not agree with her and have all claimed she is doing more harm than good and does this for money.

You see her fix her gaze and she is very clearly noticing something, someone or as I believed .. a whole group that are famously negative about her.

She then singled out Sargon and criticised him for his videos about her, revealing hat she watches them all which I am sure will be talked about for a long tie to come? She then went on to call him a ‘Garbage Human’ and .. something else that slips my mind.

What was also bloody funny was to claim that Sargon of Akkad ‘repeats the same shit over and over’ or something to that effect. This .. was .. laughable. Sargon speaks about a great deal of things and I am so busy with things going on, or not as the case may be, and looking at so many videos on so many subjects that I cannot watch every video that he does.

But Anita Sarkeesian accuses him of saying the same things over and over and not only is this not true, as he covers different subjects, the last one I see about Jeremy Corby’s dreadful Glastonbury speech, but that Anita Sarkeesian DOES in fact go over the same shit over and over again. She has also been proved to be lying along with not fulfilling the things that she has promised her followers.

But the main point is that the women, or at least some of them, that sat upon a panel to talk about how harassment is wrong harasses not just Sargon but others in the audience. Well more heckles individuals after asking them to ask questions in the hope of making it impossible to hear what they have to say.

I lost count of the number of times they asked people to be removed from the question line, technically harassing them by proxy as security, I am guessing, then usher them off to one side.

I simply roared with laughter once my brain engaged to the farcical nature of this panel and my jaw had given up lying well and truly open.

I simply could not believe it .. the message was that of the crazy extreme left attitude that you have free speech as long as it fits with their own narratives. In other words you can say what you want as long as you agree with them.

As I have explained before the extreme right are just as bad and for other reasons and the very reason I am drawn to people like Sargon of Akkad and Mundane Matt is that they are very centre in their politics or ever so slightly left of centre.

Yeah, yeah I have long stated how I hate these damned political terms and always say to people why do you have to be on one side, the other or in the middle? There have bee many things in history that require things from either side. But that is another story.

So I saw one of Sargon’s ‘This Week In Stupid’ videos and something I do not normally watch but I did this one. I have not yet looked up to see what Sargon has stated about the incident. Though I have heard a few things.

Though when I watched the video what I got was a guest .. presenter who showed something very interesting.

He talked about reports coming in from Germany where people had been arrested for hate speech, which I found very odd.

Yes, I mean people can go too far and that is wrong but in all honesty most of the ones that I have actually witnessed go too far are the extreme left and there exists plenty of videos on it on YouTube and I have seen a lot of violence from that side. Especially so as they do not like it when they are losing an argument or cannot argue and so they seem to think that turning violent .. helps them .. win?! I do not know it is all very bizarre.

But in the report what it stated was that there were something like 36 people arrested and only 3 of them were left wing. Meaning that 33 and a substantial amount were right wing?

The numbers simply do not add up and it seems to be that in German society being violent and belonging to one extreme end of the political spectrum is OK while being the same at the other end is not?!

I will give you a little hint here .. both extremes are just as bad as each other and despite that there is another type of extreme that is far, far worse than either of these. Except most of the people of this other extreme only get arrested after several innocent people die. Or dozens die.

I have also seen another video which is troubling as one man I know nothing about did a video about a Muslim man who somehow managed to be in several places, along with a studio audience, just as they were filming and managed to get himself interviewed?!

The YouTuber, linked below, seems to think the man was deliberately planted by the BBC and I must say that based on what I saw it does seem likely. Either that or this man somehow manages to put himself in just the right places at just the right time?

Or in other words the BBC are being played by someone. Maybe even the British TV News networks in general? But by whom?

The other thing that I am keeping an eye out for when it come to news notifications is this business with he cladding on tower blocks.

Not only has this number risen to like 60 and across 27 councils it now turns out that this is 60 blocks out of 60 tested?!

It made me think of that YouTube video I saw claiming to be Reuters, but might not be, claiming that all 600, I think it was, have been tested as failing fire hazard tests. If this was faked then it is looking like they did a pretty good job at predicting how many tower blocks would fail?! The idea of faking it and giving the prediction of 100% of 600 tower blocks was a stupid one. Like I said, if it was faked.

But if it wasn’t faked then how come the big news channels, like the BBC and Sky, are only counting up slowly and only reporting 10% of the tower blocks thus far?

Let us be honest here and look at it another way. There are dozens and dozens of councils and all of them would have gone out and within a matter of days, or a few weeks at most, they would have tested all their tower blocks. So how is it coming out piece-meal?

The only viable answer to that question would be to not announce all 600 failed because they feared dozens of incidents like that one where the residents tried to storm Kensington & Chelsea Council?

In other words another example of control by manipulation and because they think that all members of the public behave like animals?

As I said to several people recently .. this is looking really bad for all councils and even those that do not consist of any tower blocks … a 100% failure rate in those that do mean that all councils get up to no good, or fail in their .. responsibilities at best.

Then the question that inevitable follows is do they fail 100% in everything they do?

Then the inevitable third question arises .. why are so many people paying so, so much in council tax for a failed public service?

It is bewildering what is going on and I have been sent details that have appeared online about trouble brewing in Stratford in London, Birkenhead (I know someone there), Manchester and even Newcastle and these are purely the ones discovered.

It is almost like they are living in fear of another spate of riots and that anger spreading and seeding even more riots right around the country?

Yeah? Well why is it you fear that?

Let us be franker here? Hi, I am Frank! Oh right, yeah well both they and I know why they are doing this. Becaause they are to blame and because of the amount of time people have had their lives turned to shit. Not only have more and more people had their lives turn to shit .. they have seen absolutely nothing positive come from this.

I always knew nothing would come from their plans and I knew that the extended time that people would endure this would be equivalent to that of a pressure cooker going off. Add in the fact that they never see the country benefiting from their lives being turned to crap and is only adds to the pressure. Allow this to go on long enough and that bottled up emotion turns to poison.

I know this because I am a rare individual that has been through this over and over again and survived it and I have since seen others do this too.

Sadly they did not appreciate these difficulties when I went through them and are now beginning to understand. But until they have been through the dozens that I have .. they are not going to fully understand.

What it is like to have the rug pulled from underneath you over and over and over again.

Except .. what I have tried to is put myself in a position whereby I have two rugs, one on top off the other and they pull one out and I do not notice it.

I have not gotten around to it yet but they have once again pulled the rug from under me but I have not budged in inch.

In the past this could have had me falling for the umpteenth time into the darkest places you could imagine. Trust me you do not want the experiences I have had. Remember I am not talking about once or twice but dozens of times.

I had thought a couple of years back I would get help with that which would propel me into a position of being self-sustaining but it did not happen. Oddly because of a girl.

Well that is now about to change and be in the position I thought I would be in two years ago but this .. potential has been halved and rather unfairly and once again .. because of a girl.

Want to hear something bizarre? These girls have met! LMAO!

Yeah only woman have been victims? Only women are victims?! I think .. not!

I am going to change this view in 2017 and show you the real horrors that go on and the bias and neglect that has gone on in the UK for a very, very long time.


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I got contacted by someone who asked me if I knew what was currently happening and pointed me to a stream on Facebook.

I didn’t realise what was happening and initially thought it was done news article running down the Tories.

I’ve been listening in and I’ve just heard something I thought I’d never hear .. I just told my friend this ..

“I can’t believe this is happening and right in front of my eyes?!”

First off a BBC reporter was ripped into by a member of the public and said “Well don’t ask me stupid questions!!” while another member of the public interrupted him mid .. reporting to correct him on his false account.

This was in the space of just a couple of minutes and then one got on a megaphone and said “the BBC are not interested in listening to members of the public”.

Funny as they went back to the studio after that and stayed there for a while.

It seems the real fake news is out?

I said to another friend that it would appear my message about the news media either avoiding or twisting things has gotten out.

Of course the Police have turned up on high yellow jackets.

Someone tried to keep everyone calm, a member of the public I should add. He got some answers from the council but .. well as he stated, they weren’t good enough.

I have noticed that the crowds seem to be mostly of ethnic origin.

The sensible one stated that the Police turning up and going inside with some pushing and shoving and baracades going up is not helping. He says it’s only making people angrier.

I have heard several times of the claim of the different rules for ‘us and them’.

Of course the council don’t have the money and .. well I’ve gone on about the reasons why this has happened and would happen for five years on my blogs and a lot longer off them.

Three days after the fire and the council have not contacted anyone about where they are going to live.

I’m being asked if I think this will be the start out rioting?

Yeah well of they had controlled house prices like I did they should, they should not have stopped building council houses, like I said they shouldn’t.

Many believe that there had been this push to get everyone out of London to keep it for the rich and wealthy. There was even talk about building a wall around it. Someone been talking to Trump?

The tenants want to be rehoused in the borough and even I know there is simply no way that there are the available houses. Especially council houses.

Sorry to the government, councils, NHS and others but .. I told you so.

But then it’s easier to deal with one tower block going wrong than it is for dozens of them? Cheaper too?

They have played a game of Russian Roulette with people’s lives all over money.

Deal with it one at a time when it goes wrong .. only this had now become the catalyst they forces things everywhere to all go wrong all at once!

As for Theresa May? I can guarantee that she is “getting on with the job”, somewhere?

Oh wait? She has no doubt heard of the protest and has announced £5 Million for them. Huh thought we had no money?

Hmm maybe to save billions of pounds they cut corners and keep a few piddling million aside for when it does go wrong?!

Funny too was hearing one member of the public claiming that someone stated that they are behaving this violent because they are Muslims and this is what they do? Where in the world did that come from?

Oddly I only remember seeing one white guy among the protesters who seemed to be doing a lot of shouting. I hope he is not one of these anarchist extreme left wing people trying to stir things up?

I also heard that the protesters reacted badly to the announcement of a public inquiry? Oooh .. I wonder why that could be? Because no one ever gets done, it is all just a farce to feel us naive and stupid members of the public? Because this shit just keep on happening?

It is funny because I have heard enough things said by the protesters that I am started to wonder if everyone has been reading my many blog posts?

It is somewhat surreal to hear people on TV, members of the public or not as the case may be, saying things that are word for word something I had stated on my blogs at one time or another.

I think this will lead to some bad things happening and if the signs I am reading are right and the crap keeps on spewing.

I mean, Jesus Christ BBC! I heard your reporter state in the evening that people ‘wanted a quicker inquiry’ when several tenants clearly said to you much earlier ‘We don’t want a public inquiry because nothing ever comes of them’.

Fake news in action, ladies and gentleman and I am sure that many people will be picking apart all of this and I bet that despite re-running the same sections over and over again they will not -re-run the sections where the BBC reporter gets ripped, not one or two or three but several new holes?!