Due to getting worried that something fatal would befall my daughter or me and getting angry that after years of trying to lead horses to water, they might get away with what they did.

My goal was to get as much information, evidence and proof that I discovered to as many people as I could.

The only think is when I was doing this early on either I was not believed or it was the case that until it actually affects them personally, people just were not that bothered.

In the beginning I started a Blogger blog. It was never really intended to do anything more than be a reminder for my bad memory and to use to link things and send to people if I needed to.

Google came to me and lied their asses off. After a short time I realised that too much truth might get me shut down so I started the WordPress blog as a back up.

For years I promoted the Blogger blog and had ads on it and left the WordPress blog to grow on its own.

That was a mistake.

Google used a number of tricks to bury me, altered numbers, deleted hashtags and in recent times were switching off my ads without notifying me.

They owe me seven years of missing revenue.

To get around their censorship I used Twitter for a number of years and ended up being drawn into some very famous battles, all of which were won.

Despite the numbers on this blog, those that have read posts on the Blogger blog runs into hundreds of thousands, I would imagine.

With missing hashtags on Blogger going right back to 2012 when I started it would be hard for viewers to successfully find anything that might help them.

As well as deleting hashtags Blogger also has a limit on them which is utterly incompetent, unless intentional. So if you want to use a search that is way more useful and should find almost all .. use WordPress.

Attempts were made to try and make people realise that this was indeed what they was banking on, that they had piled so much onto everyone’s lives they did not have the time to research anything.

Also that people would fear the truth and therefore put a great number off, they also knew would occur and help with their plans.

Now what I decided to do this morning as I was awake quite early and too early for my usual report search, is go through some old posts that are not Blogger and see how many posts with audio recordings I could dig up.

As I proceeded to do this I was reminded just how many there are as just going through 2013 alone took a fair amount of time.

I would also come across things I had forgotten about while staggered at how bad my titles were before remembering that I did indeed go through periods of being stoned or drunk, due to my health.

So please forgive me for how bad things may well appear to be. Also please not this is not all by any means and my memory is bad, which is why I did this. It is literally only a small section in each case and you will need to search to find something that could be useful to you.

George Orwell
Mark Twain

The Police, Local Councils, various Ombudsman and Freedom of Information Requests, retail scams on electronic goods and the NHS. Among others ..


This was a breakdown in 2016 I did regarding all GP Surgeries, all Hospitals and which ones I recorded at and my ailments.

It has three Pain Management sessions I went to which were nothing more than the NHS trying to recruit people in pain to work for free, I kid you not. Three audio recordings.

Also other audio recording and those private -x-rays of my back that caused Dr Huq to quite being a General Practitioner.

Here is where the NHS tried one of many character assassinations on me on a recording ..

Other notable posts I had forgotten about.

Blogger Numbers

Begging the NHS repeatedly and being left to Rot

When I had my self-diagnosis confirmed at Guy’s Hospital who said he was going to tell my GP to prescribe Pregabalin which I was then refused for a number of years

NHS Wales

The honest friend who died of Kidney Cancer left to rot by the NHS. Thought he was a socialist because he was genuine and caring. Until I explained it to him. Only I looked after him while he carer was doing some very odd things that was causing him stress.

Until I crashed in on her.

GCHQ and cannot recall what

The General Medical Council lying and protecting the lies within the NHS

The Parliamentary Heath Services Ombudsman who lied and dragged their feet beyond the ‘time limit’, Statute of Limitations

QUANGOS or Quasi Government Organisations taking more money for doing nothing

The Law Society

Fibromyalgia, the Symptoms, Government and DWP and trying to find solutions to Plantar Fasciitis that was not Plantar Fasciiitis. Also the Fibromyalgia Association UK.

Posy regarding Osteopenia diagnosis which like so many others, knee, back, shoulders, inguinal hernia, were not followed up on and long before any covid. I am not sure if the Hypomagnesaemia was diagnosed at this point or not?

This has gone on for years and a massive failure by the NHS and one of a long list and added to that is not the only area of my body that was affected by their mistakes. The other has caused me no end of pain and something that now I am very conscious about.

Speak of the devil .. I had a private x-ray that caused Dr Huq of Dr Rooban’s Surgery to quite, having had ‘enough of the NHS’.

I then had one Doctor (Gubbay) refuse to look at my x-rays, another (Maya) I never got an opinion from and eventually the NHS decided to do their own where they lied and cheated me yet again.

Beating a Court over Retail Scam from Mail Order Catalogue, Very .. but I really did not leave them with anywhere to run and they had no choice and Very still tried to lie and bully me for money

Mystery post about .. Lupus?

When I was stating that government was intentionally and slowly over a long time, employing people that are naïve into the public services .. for a purpose

This was posted in 2013 and I had already been seeing this and this was back when friends and family were calling me mad, insane and conversations were going on behind my back.

My claims and predictions likely started around 2007, suspicions went back to before 2000 and fast forward to today and everyone I know has apologised, stated I was right about everything and that its far worse then I predicted it would be.

They also do not see it getting better now and fear for what is going to be thrust upon them against their wills.

After being attacked by Bailiffs, they came out worse off and I nearly hospitalised two very large gentlemen and had one by the throat against a wall (JBW Group), I was then defrauded out of £4,000 and lied to over a parking ticket when I am a disabled person.

I then regretted not putting these two guys in hospital and then when I was contacted by another firm .. make no mistake .. I was done playing games.

They got a run down of what I knew, how they broke the law and a warning for themselves and any poor soul they ever send to my home. There presence, regardless of their message, will not be tolerated. I never heard form them again.

Forgot about this one .. I do not like Satanists

Went through a series of Freedom Of Information Requests

Independent Police Complaints Commission FOI

Office of the Children’s Commissioner

Homes & Communities Agency


Bailiffs & Waltham Forest Council

Legal Aid Board

Just a single post on how one local council, Wirral, ended up in fear of me

Being pointed to something called ‘Common Purpose’ in 2013 and I do not even recall what this was about

When I met Conservative Member of Parliament Nick DeBois who lied to me twice leaving someone present who voted for him rolling around with laughter

Great Grandfather dies as test pilot for AVRO Manchester for the RAF which later became the Lancaster

The Spying Games and How I Reported it to Another Organisation that Did Nothing.

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal Human Rights Claim Form

Child Abuse

Completely forgot .. the only Member of Parliament that actually offered to help was Michael Meacher who was informed about me by someone else. He then sadly died and I recall later his wife, a Baroness, used a line that was repeated in the news that was straight off my blog.

There is one other who has offered to help and literally requested to do so, so we shall see.

Contacted the European Medicines Agency which, if I recall correctly, was about how Sodium Oxybate is only given to sufferers of Narcolepsy and not Fibromyalgia which is insanely stupid.

Contacted Literary Agents. Wrote three books, two on my endeavours with a third planned but never started. Small agents were ‘wow, you need a big agency’ while big agencies were ‘meh’.

Brief mention of an Ice-Age but climate goes way, way back

Me breeding Red-Eyed Tree Frogs, Agalychnis callidryas, for a friend

Me breeding a rare and giant form of Pyrenean Fire Salamander, Salamandra salamandra fastuosa

This one is funny .. I have often stated on Twitter about how Christian Groups seem to like me and give me titles. I am, if I do not drop dead, about to live among two more.

For some reason this really angers the fascist, woke, hard-left bullies or what I call ‘WEF Wombles’ and I was called ‘The Messenger’ by one previously and ‘Warrior of God’ by another.

Well he had better make sure that I get to where I need to be without dying.

Here was a post about meeting one of them.

Now here are some more recent ones and despite odd posts now and then on climate change going back to the start, technically back to 1991, here is the start of a series of close to 100 parts. After I stumbled across some science data I seem to have somehow missed.

A few others selected ..

When Science is Divided it Falls

Philosophy of science is about as useful to scientists as ornithology is to birds” – Richard Feynman

The weakest of enemies can be forged to become the greatest adversaries


The Rivers Deep, The Mountains High

The only way to improve the chances for finding winners is to keep all the choices open and try them all” – Freeman Dyson


The World Falls

I wonder why. I wonder why. I wonder why I wonder” – Richard Feynman


The Killer Queens

The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth” – George Orwell

How a concerted effort to get me off Twitter backfired on them spectacularly


Google and Adsense cheating me


This is lengthy but only a short-list and is to highlight on social media that everything I have stated for several years I have been called a liar over and attacked for, is true.

Plus there is likely things here I never recalled and therefore never mentioned and likely others things not even listed here that are .. shocking, revealing or damning to these bad organisations.

What went wrong with the NHS started a long time ago and was highlighted by the covid lock-downs.

I was repeatedly smeared and falsely accused of being a violent patient and after years and with recordings of them trying this, I proved they were lying.

But they used a group to say that hurty-words were ‘violence’.

Here is Mark Dolan on GB News railing on the NHS and how its finished, a failure and how people being angry are fully justified.



Say what now?!

Through someone that led me to the previous post’s story I discovered this little .. nugget!

I set up a couple of crowd funding accounts for someone recently that did not really take off that well and had me questioning people’s .. morality. In the end the situation went .. square and I was asked to remove them. Oddly .. this is about to bit a whole bunch of people in the arse and wake up a sea of them.

But then I go and see this story about a Doctor .. though I use the term extremely loosely, who was struck off because of mistakes that led to the death of a child.

Well, well, well if my old enemy, or frenemy, the General Medical Council went and appealed for her being struck off .. besides this being only for twelve months. Hooray! The General Medical Council lost .. once again at the tax payers expense.

All very nice people. Stealing or defrauding money to do this crap and providing absolutely no service to the public in so doing.

Wait? Excuse me, why are the taxpayers paying for these organisations again?!

Medical registrar Fiona Martin said .. a lot .. but she also said the following ..

“As a society we have a deep desire to find a ‘baddie’ but the truth is that healthcare is complex and dynamic and often, as in this case, there are multiple systems and people involved in mistakes”

‘There are multiple systems and people involved in mistakes’? Oh .. admitting that there are several areas making mistakes, are we? Are you sure you wanted to do that?

Also your saying that the deaths are OK then and that in the event of anyone anywhere losing their lives that no one should be punished or struck off?

Lastly is this lame excuse about insinuating that it is down to cutbacks? Oh, it is, is it? Well as medical professionals you should have known about this beforehand and protested or done something about it but I do not recall anything taking place ..

.. but as long as you all keep your jobs and your salaries that is all that matters, right?!

Again and as I always state about spokespeople for these dumb-arse public services and those in government .. are they not supposed to be intelligent people?! Self-proclaimed no bloody doubt?!

Time after effing time they do this shot and the all the excuses come and all the henchmen and defenders crawl out from beneath their rocks to defend them.

When people die, though, where are they then? Nowhere to be seen .. no statements to the press about any given hospital .. not this one which is quite strangely missing from the link below. I do not know if I am going blind or not but I read through it a couple of times and cannot find the name of the hospital involved.

See this is one of those cases where I cannot believe the news media reported about it but like a small column shoved onto the side of page six or certain details being omitted in this case. It sticks to high heaven.

Unfortunately and despite the fact that a great many have realised what is going on they are still fucking naive when it comes to the news media.

Oh? This was in Leicestershire and I only know that because it is mentioned on the link address!

But the absolutely best and most hilarious part of this story is she raised over £200,000 in crowd funding to fight her legal case?! Yeah because Doctors and Specialists are so low paid that they need to turn to crowd-funding to pay their legal fees?! Fuck .. ME?!

But several vulnerable children being threatened with violence and the threat of fatal injury with no public services offering to help? Yeah .. nothing, lol.



So the NHS’ workforce is at ‘crunch point’ .. again?!

This is a report by the General Medical Council so not sure I’d trust it if I were you?

I had a run in with them a few years back where not only did they not help at all, asking with the PHSO who barefaced lied, but actually helped a GP Surgery back in Enfield who I had reported as lying to me, along with Chase Farm Hospital.

It’s hard to explain how you feel when you actually catch someone lying to you. Many know this .. can hurt .. a lot.

But when it’s the one person in the world you think you can trust and themselves sworn an oath to protect you and heal you .. it’s a shock in a way that’s hard to describe.

Then it gets worse when they suggest your a liar or when they doesn’t .. that tour suffering with a mental health problem and are suddenly offered the psychiatrists you had trouble seeing years earlier for a different problem, that doesn’t have you imagining things.

The hilarious part about it, well now that is, is that the psychiatrist I’d seen earlier had confirmed her own suspicions that sine very bizarre things were going on between the government, the DWP and the NHS.

She explained how all mental health patients had suddenly been cut loose and that no one had informed anyone in her clinic.

She also said that I’m not a mental health patients like her others and didn’t need to keep going back there!

I was later listed as having a Generalised Anxiety Disorder that I of course later found out was not strictly true and that the Fibromyalgia I’d had that was causing me several pains in me feet was responsible.

The damning post was that I’d suffered with Fibromyalgia for like twenty years already and it had been missed.

What was even more damning was that it was missed for another five years until I self diagnosed it .. discovered it was behind dozens of other symptoms I’d been to Doctors and Hospitals for and even then .. they tried very, very hard to avoid a diagnosis.

Except they had already been prescribing me two unrelated drugs that both have positive effects on it. Proving to me on my mind that they had already known what it was for at least two years.

So what did the General Medical Council do?

Told my then GP that if he spoke to me on that way again i’d knock his teeth out. Except and as I told them .. I had absolutely no plans on ever returning. Despite the fact I as now convinced that more than 75% of Doctors lie .. I was still not going back to one that I had caught lying.

Oh did I mention the part where the GP refused to listen to the recorded proof that they had lied?!

That is just one recording of many of the NHS lying. GMC wasn’t interested in that.

They had not factored in my blog though and since then I keep seeing them piping up and stating things .. far too late and after the proverbial horse had bolted. As is usual work all these bodies.

I thought about calling this post ‘The Toilet Post’ because it is where I was where I could actually get some peace to think and type. The following one did not get that!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: NHS workforce ‘at crunch point’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42397853


OK well I have not done this for a while.

Think there may be an issue or two with my cloud storages anyway and I have typed out something, in a rough chronological order.

This is because there is a glimmer of hope that someone may actually, I will believe it when I see it, act on my behalf in a legal capacity, against the NHS.

While at the exact time I realised that if and when I get refused help and told I have no chance it would be a good idea for the visitors to this site to see what I have.

By that I mean all the evidence! Lol!

So what I am going to do is copy and paste something I have typed out for this organisation I am going to send, or in fact TWO organisations I will send it to, and the links to the recorded files.

You read that correctly, I am going to link in the recordings right here and right now!

Now this is going to seem like a lot, but easy to read and chronological, but trust me when I state this …

These files amount to 234MB, thereabouts …

I have over 100GB, thereabouts but would not surprise me if it was over 150GB. Over 200GB would surprise me though.

So if you have had difficulties or suspicions about the NHS … well you had better strap yourselves in and hold on tight for dear life!


  1. Hiatus Hernia (early 90’s)
  2. Oesophagitis (2006 ish)
  3. Fibromyalgia Syndrome (2014 diagnosed symptoms back to 2003(feet) early 90’s)
  4. Back & Neck Pain (1993 & 2008 ish) [Diagnosis on tape, not medical records]
  5. Right Knee Pain (2003-4) [Diagnosis on tape but not medical records]
  6. EDIT: Oh yeah, I have High Blood Pressure that often reads as high as 170+ Diastolic and 112+ Systolic and WHILE on 10MG Ramipril


  • Remember … this is their idea of saving money …

  • Forest Road Medical Centre (Drs Ivbijaro, Mahandras, Rhaman & Others)

  • Whipps Cross Hospital (Dr Tahir) (have documents) (& a physio)

  • Wanstead Hospital (Physio I then see again Whipps, above)

  • From 2007 …

  • Carlton House Surgery (Dr Dressler) (have documents)

  • Chase Farm Hospital (Dr Saksena & Dr Tai) (have documents) (3 Physios, Pain Consultant twice)

  • Dr Rooban’s Surgery (Dr Huq) 2009-ish [admitted NHS corruption details, saw x-ray retired immediately] (realise I will need evidence) (have good document, feet/knee/back/ankles)

  • Abernethy House Surgery (Dr Gubbay) [kicked for violence after mad does not work] ALL RECORDED

  • Barnet Hospital (Dr Ray (or Day) Julian Livingstone) Katherine Johnston tries to refuse, reason violence, does not work ALL RECORDED

  • Willow House Surgery Drs Kumar, Jnr & Snr [kicked after 7 months for recording] ALL RECORDED (NHS only realise after 7 months of being here)

  • St Michael’s Hospital (Dr Raj & another) ALL RECORDED

  • Guy’s Hospital (Dr Kirkham) RECORDED

  • Town Surgery 2014 ish to date [hand over x-ray again and again Doctor leaves, coincidence?]


  • Skin conditions back to 1991 – No Treatments Worked
  • Back Pain 1993
  • Foot Pain 2000-01
  • Insisted above was Plantar fasciitis
  • Foam Inserts from ..
  • Physiotherapist (Wanstead)
  • Rheumatologist (Whipps X) 2002-3
  • Ultrasound Treatment from
  • Physiotherapist (Whipps X, second one)
  • Podiatrist.. (Forest Road Medical Centre)
  • Orthotic Inserts (from above, Forest Road)
  • Physiotherapist (Chase Farm)
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon and Podiatrist (Barnet)
  • Vasyli Signature Orthopaedic Inserts (from above, Barnet)


  • Forest Road Medical Centre ..
  • Promised podiatrist if I had corticosteroid injections
  • Insisted I had Plantar fasciitis, I argued with more than three Doctors that I did not
  • Refused referrals by Carlton House, Enfield (2007-8)
  • Have MRI on the WRONG part of my back, find out in argument when surgeon then realises someone did something wrong and I KNEW it … for the umpteenth time. Dr Daksena (later on)
  • Pressurise for several years for Knee MRI.
  • Knee problem spotted by sight by Dr Saksena
  • I see private chiropractor, x-rays my back, collapsed discs in thoracic and neck problem
  • Finally get MRI, but appointment never arrives get discharged without letter, so two letters didn’t send. Now realise they are avoiding knee like the plague
  • Get sent to back pain specialist Chase Farm. She feels my back, confirms problem in neck and thoracic region, looks at privately done x-rays and matches up with her diagnosis
  • Sent for MRI but I realise it’s done wrong as I’m lying down
  • Get told nothing wrong and discharged?! But was diagnosed!
  • My GP, Dr Huq, tells me I am correct about NHS and that they force GP’s to lie to patients, not send them for treatment, expensive scans and don’t diagnose things with expensive treatments and/or drugs but can’t tell patients why. So patients get shouted at and abused by angry patients. Told I’m her favourite and only patient not to raise their voice at her
  • Dr Huq asks to see x-ray. Walks into surgery week later, tells five stunned staff she has had enough of NHS and announced immediate retirement, effective immediately takes x-ray and I never get to see her again, or x-ray back. I have copies.
  • Barnet Hospital I write angry letter after not hearing of appointment being made
  • Get a call from Katherine Johnston; asked in following day, midday, to speak of my concerns
  • During meeting with Katherine Johnston and a Mr White I accuse them of trying to claim I am violent to refuse me, they deny this..
  • But they had already posted a letter stating as much (have recording and letter)
  • Seen by Julian Livingstone and Dr Ray (could have been Day), claim I had tight plantar fascia and diagnosed Pes Cavus (wrong)
  • Barnet: Was X-Rayed by above, I asked why an x-ray. Mr Livingstone states to look for Bone Heel Spurs to prove Plantar fasciitis. I state there is no correlation between the two, he insists there is. I state scientific paperwork that the two have never been scientifically linked and that half people with bone heel spurs have no pain and half people with Plantar fasciitis have bone heel spurs. Disagreement over.
  • Pain Consultant prescribed Gabapentin stated it would work on feet but not on my backbut neither were diagnosed … so he/they knew what I had, I prove much later on
  • Gabapentin makes me feel ill, common side effect. Ask for Pregabalin but get givenAmitriptyline
  • Argue about Gabapentin and Pregabalin being totally different drugs, get told they are the same and all just pain killers. One neurological and one anti depressant.
  • Self Diagnosed Fibromyalgia Syndrome
  • Have Ultrasound on groin for pain in right side, Inguinal Hernia repair. Finds painful large black lump, don’t know what it is, plus another inguinal hernia in my left side
  • Second Inguinal Hernia was predicted 4 years previous by Martin Klein
  • But specialist tells me week later Ultrasound is clear
  • I challenge him and he admits there was an Inguinal Hernia and black lump, ergo he falsified test results, dictates new letter in front of me. Sends falsified test results to GP anyway
  • Argue with GP over test results. He accuses me of being insane. I offer him the recording as proof tests were falsified he says “What do I want to listen to that for?!”
  • Accuses me of violence, with help from GMC who I contacted to help me!!
  • Kicked off register, was leaving anyway as they are stupid, insulting and amoral
  • Discover the two unrelated drugs of Gabapentin and Amitriptyline are listed as only two drugs that work on Fibromyalgia in Black’s Medical Dictionary (Enfield Town Library)
  • Therefore they ALREADY knew it was Fibromyalgia
  • Next GP tells me no Fibromyalgia specialists anywhere in the UK
  • Manipulate them to send me to Fibromyalgia people at Guys Hospital
  • Lied to and told no drugs for over sweating, Fibromyalgia symptom as it turned out
  • Guys Hospital my Fibromyalgia is FINALLY diagnosed and he spots my right knee, performs test that causes me pain, states physical problem with right knee
  • Says he will prescribe Pregabalin, main reason I am there
  • GP gets call to inform him I’ve been recording us and hospital visits, three years too late
  • We argue, he loses on every front, letter from Guys Hospital does not mention test on knee, knee pain from test nor Pregabalin so I don’t get drugs I’m promised. Second time!
  • In 2016 I am sent for x-ray for collapsed discs, finally, but after having neck x-rayed while standing, I’m walked across room, laid on my side and placed in foetal position for collapsed discs?!
  • I challenge radiologist he answers NHS state to do all x-rays like this unless weight bearing is specified, I state x-ray waste of time as spine stretched out and collapsed discs won’t show up
  • It’s now absolutely certain they have been deliberately avoiding diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Back & Neck and right Knee
  • I prove Fibromyalgia and that they knew about condition before I self diagnosed it
  • I prove they are deliberately avoiding my back and knee
  • I have all recordings of the above along with many others, not just the NHS either
  • Get asked if I want to attend pain management and I accept … only it is not … it is, and get asked, to work for Chase Farm Hospital as a VOLUNTEER for £15 for five days a week each of the three months I attend. They must have figured out I was recorded as I did not got asked back a fourth month (Brick Lane Medical Centre, Lincoln Road, Enfield) ALL RECORDED
  • Get sent to physio at Chase Farm Hospital but its as group lecture and being sarcastically told they do not have titanium spines on the NHS and 100 minutes on how the human spine operates, one attendee walks out in disgust after 10 minutes RECORDED

                       LATE EDIT

Some Documents …
Dr Saksena & Dr Tai disagreement I had alluded to so many times over the last 3.5 years on here …
Chase Farm Wrong Back
The middle of back and bloody obvious x-ray! See no gaps between vertebrae?!
Booked for two operations (Mrs Hamilton & Klein) for same Inguinal Hernia
Yes THAT Inguinal Hernia I went back and had Ultrasound on they falsified results on, lmao … a shame as I do keep everything, as you will note from 2003 hospital letter below … they had not bargained on that, NONE OF THEM, or all of the recordings ..
Chase Farm Double Hamilton
Pain Management guy I saw twice a little over a year apart..
Another Pain Management letter ..
Chase F Pain M 2011B Chase F Pain M 2011
Very good one, March 2011 letter from the Dr who admitted all the NHS tricks and pressures on GP’s to me and as you can see pain in ankles (not diagnosed or looked at even, Achilles tendinitis not on records), feet (I diagnosed myself), knee (diagnosed but not placed on medical records see above), back (diagnosed but NOT put on medical records … yet again!) and the infamous GROIN!! They later did ultrasound scan on, found black lump (painful) and SECOND Inguinal Hernia on my left side they then lied about both “completely clear” see recordings above
Ort Ft Ank Kn Groin Back 0311
Had two breakdowns years back (Fibro but didn’t know) insisted on seeing the infamous Dr Cody? Well here is the letter and she told me I was sanest person she knew and was having a breakdown and that with my life (and of course NHS fecking me about) it was no wonder. Told me to “stop coming to see me” but of course when I realise and then PROVE they are lying three years later they then try to say I am mad … does not work so say I am violent, LMAO
Psychiatrist Cody
Kidney ultrasound and now I hear that PPI drugs I have been on 18 years bugger up my kidneys, must have been when the NHS realised, though it is only in the news media NOW!
Ultrasound Kidney 291213 jpg
I did say how long this had gone on for? Did you doubt me? Yeah I bet many did but I did not care because I could ALWAYS publish THIS one day … from 2003!! Goes back further than that, I just threw these few pics and sound files together … they amount to 234MB and I have over 100GB
Ortho Whipps 2003

I need something done about my back and I should not have to be asking and asking nor being sent for x-rays performed in a way it is obvious they are avoiding diagnosis

NHS Osteopaths do exist in this area.. Ashdown Clinic Potters Bar

Ooh Guy’s Hospital Letter EDIT, lol …

Guys Letter 1

NOW … remember I said I ha stuff on FOUR LOCAL COUNCILS, TWO POLICE FORCES, the DWP (hence a certain resignation) and all OMBUDSMAN & many others?!




I think I may have to type this one out in two sittings?

We are a funny species.

The things that we do and the things that we want to do along with what we think others should do makes us do an say the funniest and at times the most hurtful of things.

Many years ago I had to write out a eulogy, or at least part of it and I ended up writing all of it.

This was for y father’s funeral who had been paraded on TV as a master villain by the BBC less than a year earlier but failed to stop over 500 people appearing at his funeral so much so that the chapel had to break its rules and allow a crowd three people deep up on the platform around the coffin.

Stabbing in the dark in desperation while blindfolded is never a good idea.

I wrote the eulogy from the deepest depths I could find. It struck a chord with every single person in the room and was designed to do so. It was also designed to get messages across about our faults and failings and attempt to change people. For the better.

To this day I have not ha much sign that it worked. That on its own does not sound like much.

However, if I told you that the humanist, I think called, stuttered and started while reading it because he wondered where it was going and that after he finished he place the writings in my hand and squeezed it, stating that he had never heard anything quite like it, it may mean a bit more.

If I then explained that dozens of people commented on the eulogy throughout the wake and had asked me for copes of it … well I think now you may be getting the idea of how disappointing it was that I did not see much signs that it sank in.

I did, however, get more of a sign that people take a lot more notice of reading my words rather than hearing my words, well at least hearing them from me at any rate.

Christmas just gone did not go as I had planned, thought or hoped that it would and in many more ways than just one.

I was not where I thought I would be and I am still in the dark as to why this is and what was supposed to transpire was delayed until after Christmas. Well it is now after Christmas but I sense it will be a few days into the new year if at all.

Remaining here in London was going to be tough and challenges would be rife in remaining here and that stems from the fact that I am still here. Hmm, hard to explain right now but I will within a couple of weeks.

Then there are the usual challenges associated with getting over a Christmas and these possibilities were one reason I really did not want to be here at all.

Still, there was the possibility that all would be well. It wasn’t.

Christmas Day evening started out with a disagreement I had, had with the same person at least twice before, though I was led to believe it was three times by one person. This was over me buying something and that I was told that I should use reviews by reporters in a magazine despite the fact that not only I but at least two other people had told him over 15 years that at best these people are paid money to write this stuff and at worst, paid money to state specific stuff.

What makes this argument far worse is that he would argue over my method for choosing to buy something. This something was a personal music player, a high resolution music player and headphones. He gets into all the technical stuff without fully understanding it and forgets regularly that everyone has different tastes. For instance my present sset of headphones are RHA T10’s and he quoted What Hifi Magazine as stating that their bass is too much and over powers other frequencies. I told him that was complete bullshit as I had used them for almost a year, do not like much bass and that a friend had listened to them and stated that they are not “bassey enough”.

You cannot just go in and listen to headphones, you can some but not all all due to some threat of ear infections widely held to be stupid by every single person I have ever spoken to about it. Including on-line. So what is left to do, especially when headphones can cost in excess of a few thousand pounds?

Now I myself read as many reviews as I can fro people who actually bought the things your looking to buy. What I do also like to do is take the average marks out of five for an item that has had several hundred reviews. If two people give reviews and one gives five and one gives one out of five then the overall mark is 2.5 out of 5. Simple maths. If there are 200 reviews plus and the items gets four out of five overall this is an undeniable score. Unless your the person who is telling me I cannot use this method as its extremely unreliable and instead should use the word of one or two people who are paid to say shit and everyone knows it, except him who has been told repeatedly over 15 years.

His base, pardon the pun, for his argument when I tell him its mathematics based and you cannot argue with it? You can get several hundred idiots all writing those reviews. SIGH.

I decided to stop the disagreement, picked up my tablet PC and looked to see what was being published about the next series of Doctor Who!

Well a slight, old and boring disagreement and not the one I thought I would have.

Boxing Day involved more people being added to the mix. One person tried to get out of coming but was kind of emotionally blackmailed to turn up.

I chatted to one for half an hour about computers and computer games and all seemed well.

He tried to update someone’s laptop to Windows 10 and had been thwarted a few times and asked if I could attempt it. The laptop was being stubborn so I used the download tool to do it and it was taken a lifetime to do but was at least installing this time.

I found myself on my own in the room with just one older person and five others had disappeared though I was so engrossed in not letting this laptop and Windows 10 beat me I had barely noticed.

Then I heard a shout .. a single and solitary word and looked up.

I wondered what this was, then told myself I must have imagined it and refocused on the laptop.

Then I heard more shouting, a whole sentence this time along with some heavy footsteps and then “we are ****ing going!”

The person stormed into the living room said something about something having being said to them and I replied “who?” It was not the person I expected to hear I had a disagreement with the night before. Odd as they were intending to have a few words with the previously argumentative one about being … well argumentative and his stagnated life.

The stagnation has gone on for well over 5 years, possibly 8, and does not possess the tools to be argumentative. They do not possess any of the tools that are a compulsory requirement for being argumentative. Something else they fail to realise.

Also you need to be in a damned good position to be argumentative and with the necessary experience. Something else seriously lacking though you would doubt this if you heard them.


There I was sitting there quietly, I had avoided a subject I knew would cause and argument between me and someone else and successfully never brought up the subject. It was … once and I cut that off with a one word answer … “NO”.

Suddenly the other combatant was in the room. Followed by the others.

I remained quiet, uninvolved and sat behind the laptop before me as words were now being turned into weapons interspersed with accusations and insinuations at full volume going from left to right and back again. Oooh boy!

As the words went back and forth I eventually started to realise some of the faults we have as human beings when it comes to communication.

We somehow believe that we are heard more and are proved more correct the higher the volume is that we communicate. I realised how ridiculous I must have looked when I used to be like this, something I learned many years ago not to do.

The flapping of arms like birds must help the sound waves to go faster and penetrate the body of their opponents?

I remained quiet.

I did not want to be there. I also wanted to leave. I was still sorting out this laptop and still did not want to be beaten by it.

There had been an accusation or at best an insinuation that did not go down to well. A similar one involving suggested infidelity was thrown in the other direction. The problem? One partner was on their way and the other one was present. Oh crap! I do not believe I heard them just say those things! This is going to get worse.

It did.

Suddenly the only indirect member of the family speaks for the first time and continues to do so. It was the same question. It was always going to be the same question.

In a few moments I realised there was nothing in either one of these insinuations as the same thin was confided between them and each one took it upon themselves to assume there was much more than that confided. Obviously there was not. Otherwise they would never have confided in the first place.

No one is that stupid.

By now I had drunk a few glasses of Jack Daniel’s, unsual as I rather prefer a real Whiskey like Glenmorangie or Laphraig.

Eventually the family member with the partner present left and stated they would explain things in the car on the way home.

The one that remained was still furious.

They did calm down a bit before another family member entered the room, spoke up for the first time and demanded to know if they was going to strike the other person?! WHAT?!

My head sank. I could not believe that was just asked and in the way it was asked too! What effing point was there to that question? It didn’t happen, that was the main thing. Naturally and obviously it fired up the person it was directed at. Then they did their usual vanishing trick.

Several minutes later and aftyer simmering down a little this person returned and demanded to know if a child from a previous relationship who lives thousands of miles away was still their child in their eyes!


I am dreaming now. I must surely have dropped off to sleep and entered the twilight zone in doing so? Or I am a part of another strange mystery TV series from when I was a kid like The Outer Limits? They surely did not just ask that?!

After setting the person off a second time now they performed another Houdini trick. Funny as they are in a terrible situation in their life and several of us were planning to talk to him. I can tell you exactly how it would go. They would argue against established facts, argue against other facts realised by everyone except them and take a guess what they would do then? Yup … another Houdini and like they did the other night suddenly is disappear out of the street door and not return for 24 hours, after setting the place on fire twice.

If you asked them why they had left they would say that they are “fed up with the arguing”. Odd as they opened their gob twice. They are also the biggest problem in the family, to be honest and little do they know that everyone states it.

In fact one of the embattled two that remained actually stated that Houdini had gotten off lightly and that he was going to state a lot of home truths to him but held back.

Well…that was after I decided to break my silence.

I ordered rather calmly that another person in the room to have taken up the baton of the previous child in a previous relationship and told them to politely ‘drop it’. I explained that this subject was not in the last relevant to what had just happened. I explained that the two subjects that Houdini had bought up was “stupid” top which I got a few thank you’d for from the embattled family member.

I then set out every now and then giving out my quotes of infinite wisdom and felt like bloody Solomon. In fact I generated praise while there and after I left from one family member who normally is highly critical of me. Wonders never cease.

Once I had spent an hour still listening and every now and then breaking my silence with yet another nugget of wisdom I decided that I had done enough. The chances any of it would be remembered or heeded was snot that likely. After all I did state that it was pointless arguing at all and even more pointless as everyone’s emotions were on and off a knife’s edge.

By this time I had finished off with Jack Daniel’s and had started on a Rose wine. I was not completely legless and was getting there. My fish, animals and orchids had gone without me for 48 hours and I could not leave them any longer. Well the fish had an automatic feeder, though that had not bloody worked!

I was not looking forward to public transport on a Boxing Day but thought the alcohol would help the journey. Turned out I was back on very little time as I got on my first bus immediately and waited all of two minutes for the second bus!

As I feared there were the phone-calls and texts that night about what had happened. Hell, it was only a few days ago and I have even had one visit already about it.

The two have disowned each other all because one does not know how to control reactions while the other does not know how to communicate.

Then you descend into a living hell whereby the volumes are pumped up to 11 in the hope that the devils and demand that reside deep within somehow get forced to listen to the messages and learn something.

Yup. Human being really are a funny species alright.

Ooh. Well that was more difficult than I had planned it.

This is the second part of this post and I have just returned from a cycle ride. The weather has allowed me precious little of that privilege this last year and I have precious little in the way of privileges.

I had been out on the last day with sunshine and for a couple of months there have only been three or four days of this. I cannot always go cycling either, because I might need shopping and often do or may even be a doctors appointment.

I had failed to notice there was a south-westerly wind, as I was travelling north and east for the first half of the cycle. I had also cycled over 3.5 miles before I decided to turn around. Good job that I did as I had contemplated cycling another couple of miles further away.

My trouble is I am hard wired to go at certain speeds and normally too damned fast. Whether this is walking or cycling and it creates a problem that creeps up on me. It is like I am constantly impatient and I have to consciously slow myself down … all the damn time.

I am not perfect, far from it but I have been through enough things to be aware of the dangers and the pitfalls. That helps. Most of the time.

I have had certain privileges others do not have, though these feel more like curses than privileges in all honesty and I am sure would sound as much to anyone that hears them.

I have been alone with my thoughts, for instance, a very, very long time. Getting hard to remember the exact length of time but in excess of thirteen years that is for certain.

This comes with its own obvious nightmares and drawbacks and a whole host of others that are not that obvious at all. Most of the time I find no one takes the obvious ones into account, let alone the ones that would fail to know of.

So I have been alone with my thoughts an extremely long time and those thoughts I do have work in a kind of overdrive type velocity. I managed to narrow down why that is and this is to do with my Fibromyalgia.

All brain signals are scrambled is the common belief in medicine though it is surprising how many brain processes are not thought about with Doctors that specialise in this ailment.

So as far as left with my own thoughts it is more like 26 years plus as they go at twice the speed as they would normally do otherwise. I hate, or sometimes love, puzzles and always have to find the answers to them.

If you thrown that into the mix with the number of things I have lived through, experienced and dealt with then suddenly a picture starts to emerge. A BIG picture.

Hence why when I started this blog and throughout I always talk about the ‘bigger picture’.

A lot like the eulogy I wrote for my father all those years ago.

But I live in a world where no one wants to listen, no one wants to read, everyone wants to speak and yet they all want answers.

But answers come from learning which only happens when you read or listen. The third option is to go through it yourself and that is not … always good. Trust me on that.

Old and late Ken was well into his sixties and once said to me “Martin, despite my being older than you, you are the first person I would come to for advice or a problem. But no one else does!” and I just shrugged my shoulders. I explained that we were living in an age where communication was dying and everything was expected to be told in ever shorter sentences and fewer words. I would quote two evils in this that have compounded this with the first one being text messages and the other being Twitter. I then explained that if you even attempted to try and educate anyone about these pitfalls or try to explain anything the responses are along the lines of “I’m too busy” or “Oh I have far too many serious problems going on” and the cycle continues spiralling ever further downward.

Once you dig yourself in deeper enough you will look up to find that you now cannot dig yourself out of the hole you have created.

I wish to God that people could learn. I really do. My own life would have had far, far less horror stories attached to it than it has. Maybe even none at all? But it has … a very long list I live to regret every single day.

I do not want people at my door every day with their horror stories and asking for advice and I told old Ken this. Yet today the very few that I want to come to me and should ask me do not.

This becomes annoying when you thin that they must be getting advice from elsewhere and I can tell you that they should not be doing this. Especially with one particular faction and once learned what the advice is about no one would disagree with this.

Well all except the person that does not ask, of course.

Same old, same old.

It is groaningly tiresome. Especially when lack of advice has caused me no end of more trouble I would rather be without and no cannot avoid.

In fact it was that which made Christmas for me … rather … uncomfortable as well as this Christmas week and the early days of the new year.

So much so that I have half become a hermit and as the days creep by this is with growing with an ever greater want to become a fully fledged hermit altogether.

I promise I wont groan.

My legs ache. A long drive gone on for months now to get myself fitter than I have ever been before and to which I have succeeded. Again. Only this time I am way early on this drive and am determined to carry on for several weeks yet.

I do not like giving in or losing. At all. Not an option. Only in my own personal endeavours that is, not those of other people’s.

It is indeed New Year’s Eve today.

Tomorrow, obviously, is New Year’s Day.

I am not really sure what the first couple of weeks will bring. Maybe more of nothing at all?

Two key dates would have gone by and another speedily approaching, well another two if I am honest. By these dates it would have become way too late and … really, really bad.

I will have to tell and publish all by then and turn my attention onto other things, though these other things were rather dependent on the nothings being somethings. Lol.

I will also be about a year to fourteen months behind. Annoyingly. Still, these things happen much to my annoyance.

Hmm … I just thought, might be a good idea to check my emails?

Yup, more crap, emails from Tagged, Hi5 and a couple of people wanting to follow me on Twitter, speak of the devil. I never go on Twitter but my blog posts get posted on there. Someone tweeting that the GMC are evil, or something to that effect. Yup, worked out that one, lol.

Speaking of devils … that is all we seem to do as a species, to get somewhere we have this unnerving belief that we simply have to shout at the devils inside.


Thought I would type out a other report for the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman and mention something regarding… that question!!

Then thought ‘wellll it should go on here really should it not?!’

I think I can not really do anymore as regards directing them, unless they cannot be bothered to go through the blog and I have to wade through it for exact webpages when, like with solicitors, you do not know what they want, lol. Well half the time you don’t outre at least do not know the rules and the laws so do not know what is relevant?!

I mean if you did what the hell would you need solicitors, ombudsman and governing bodies for? Right?! Lol!

Now let us see how this one plays out? Wool I be right fit the umpteenth time on here or will I finally be provided wing by someone?! Lmao!


Dear Johnathan White

There was a question in the firm you have me that I will be honest kind of took me by surprise, I had never really thought about as I never expected to be asked at all and am kind of annoyed I was asked it in the first place.

Still even so I could not answer it because there is a great deal to consider.

You also have to best in mind and I am sorry but Dr John Gubbay and Darren Francis were merely pawns. They just did mitre than I could ever have expected.

I am no idiot and I knew my enemies were not the GPs who say before my but we’re much higher up in the NHS hierarchy. I knew that orders were coming down to order people to lie to me and despite the fact the GPs were completely wrong and immoral I was far more interested in working my way up that hierarchy to find out who was ultimately responsible. You have no idea how hard it was knowing I was being lured to add I was being lied to and buying my lip?!
Now to give you an idea of what I refer to in a short version, as this lying goes back thirteen years, I have written a very shabby report but a report nevertheless about this!

What might be of interest to you is the fact I was used to teach a series of medical students numbering about fifty I imagine and that it is obvious that these were all given the wrong training! I did this on a regular basis and yet it was I that discovered I had Fibromyalgia ten years later!!



BSc Applied Computing

Average wage Software Engineer start £28,000 Highest £350,000 +


1 Left homeless several times

2 Lack of Career for well over a decade now!

3 Not seen my daughter much in the last thirteen years, not for last TWO!

4 Painful every day for thirteen ears periods of pain going back seven years plus.

5 Several mental breakdowns and told ridiculously wrong advice

6 Frustration of not knowing what my condition is our how to deal with it!

7 Irretrievable breakdown with family members!! Some lasted years!

8 Two family members and two friends died without knowing what my condition was but we’re interested to know.

9 One friend moved far away after twenty years of friendship with doubts over my condition and never got told what it was.

10 Over thirteen years many untold breakdowns with friends over the fact I had no diagnosis.


1 Fibromyalgia now known to go back beyond 13 years since feet became affected, hips, back, skin, anxiety disorder, depression and right hand. Possibly others.

2 Doctors knew of the Fibromyalgia before I did! I diagnosed the condition after three dozen so called health professionals did.

3 I know I2 deliberately jerked around for years in an effort not to diagnose me!

4 It is common knowledge that Doctors and Nurses through the entire UK were asked by the DWP & ATOS to lie about disabled people.

5 In a tribunal the GP on the panel acted in defence of the DWP and was in no way impartial! As was the nurse who assessed me over a freedom pass! This is very easy to prove if your as smart as I am! It was not what they said, it was what they didn’t say!! Or did not ask!

6 Prescription Drugs for many conditions were given in too low a dose and when I starred they did not work I was moved on to the next crap drug and it’s lowest dose which also did not work!

7 NHS and Government see human beings that are not in work at the time as not worthy of having their pain relieved by drugs or to have money spent in operations or even scans! Easily proved by refusal of medication, avoiding referral and lying about test results!

8 After taking overdose mix of stilnoct and… some painkillers I regretted this and rang for a Doctor to visit, from Tenniswood Road, Carlton House Surgery in Enfield. I awoke several hours later on for of living room. No Doctor had come but I had a missed call. When I phoned the surgery and asked why the Doctor had not arrived a women said “the Doctor had something at home he wanted to do, so rang me and as I did not answer they went home”?! I told her why I did not answer and that I had told them I had taken an overdose and the woman was extremely embarrassed!

9 As a favour to my old surgery and the NHS I used to attend a conference room on a regular basis for a Q&A session with medical students for a Doctor Rahman. Those medical students I now realise were mislead, ill-informed and so given the WRONG TRAINING. I imagine there were about fifty students in all! I particularly like this one!

10 Eaten foods that I should not that have caused me unimaginable pain. Factual that this was unimaginable pain and easily proved when I explain that pressure on the vagus nerve caused a cold weird sweating that made me steep of all my clothes before sudden surge of pain caused me to pass out! That was just one, then there is all the severe heartburn from Oesophagitis, foods that aggravate the Fibromyalgia too and the Costochondrytis! That was nasty add you feel like your difficult because you cannot breathe in more than 25% air without increasing pain. This went on for weeks.

11 One Doctor closed her practise when she looked at my X-Rays and I never got them back but of course had copies later the x-rays were confirmed to show problems but was later retracted, yeah like I would no fecking notice what was going on?! I had known for years and just let them all just do it while I recorded!!

12 Was discharged at an incredibly rapid rate on every occasion. But then not much point in having their time wasted when it is already known what my condition was, just I was not allowed to know!

13 Or in other words all the fecking pain and east of time sending me all over the place when they knew damn well what I had. Dominick Mort saw me in Chase Farm Hospital main hall and recognised my face despite not meeting me before of the NHS having a picture of me?! I BLOODY LOVE THIS ONE!

14 All the while and for thirteen years I had to bit me lip and put up with the fact I being fobbed off! Of course this was incredibly hard the last 7 years and become harder and harder and then the GMC acted with a GP Surgery, Abernethy House, to have me kicked off the register because I said I wanted to hit him, not that I was going to but was a possibility!! BLOODY GREAT THIS ONE!!!  Unfortunately for all involved I fully expected this one. The blog will prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt! Lol! They just needed a little… HELP! If anyone sat there and got rid they was mad and then pint blank refused to listen to a recording that proves you are taking the truth there IS NOT A PERSON IN EARTH THAT WOULD WALK AWAY FROM A PRATT LIKE THAT NOT WANTING TO BREAK HIS JAW!!! NO ONE!



1 Now unable to house myself nor anyone else house me or even do housework.

2 The anxiety and depression over the fact that the rest of my life had been screwed up skiing with the last twenty years!! The endeavours I do today I should have been doing, and had the proper help with ten years ago!!! Today I would not be constantly living in fear of being made homeless again!!! Or those hired, law breaking, fraudsters who are also physically abusing thugs they have the gall to call Bailiffs and the very sad pathetic creatures that are normally living under rocks that work with them, help them and worst of all give them the powers to do what they do!! Or as I like to call them… JUDGES & LOCAL COUNCILS!

3 All the while STILL NO HELP AND STILL NO SUPPORT from anyone and no idea if this will change and what life I will have when I retire?!

4 Ability to see and visit my daughter and grandchildren whose life was also wrecked by the public services who are money as more important and valuable than human life. So each time I see any of them on TV stating how awful it is and how dreadful they feel about the plight of the oppressed in some far away country I absolutely cringe at the bare faced lying going on because a camera or microphone is in close proximity and could be on!!!

I did not know what to put as an answer because it is thirteen years of my life down the drain for starters.

Secondly it was my endeavour to simply run around, metaphorically speaking of course, and record, document, gather and photo my way to acquire as much evidence on corruption I could find in the United Kingdom for whichever public or private organisation I had cause to become involved with.

Unfortunately those that thought themselves as doing the misleading and manipulated were actually being manipulated themselves and it was my full intention to publish all that I acquired on a blog for all to see which is not just the British Public but also the world. It is amazing just how many people simply fail to take on board that the Internet is a window to the world, not just the country?

So my focus was on all that and from day one I stated that not only would all these organisations fail to do what they exist for but that all the ombudsman I approached afterwards about said inaction would also fail to act.

I also knew that even when I declared the existence of my blog I knew that each and every person I spoke to would be so arrogant and over confident that they would not even bother checking the entire blog to see how serious I have made things. I guess when they realised there was 2,000 it could be that they just might have been to lazy!

Either way it did not matter because all I was doing what acquiring, typing and posting. Each and every single one failed to act and despite knowing this I would also become extremely irate at this for various reasons and I would vent my anger. If I get patronised or spoken down to I will vent my anger. Because by doing this I could quite often get some very good replies that would be posted.

So I am trying to explain that everything is on the blog. What I refer to, allude to and much more besides as well as documents and letters going back ten years are all in the blog. Well NOT all of them add there is to much but enough.

There is a search field where you can type in keywords, just as you would doing a Google search. In fact it is actually a Google Blog as are my others. I choose my  own keywords, design and many other aspects of the blogs. So the keywords are chosen wisely, very wisely so the obvious keywords should be used. Like ‘NHS’, ‘audio’ and others. As I stated before the NHS was merely a small part of it and were not even the biggest and must challenging organisation, not even close. The Police, MI5 and GCHQ are all on there for a start and oddly another thing that John Gubbay caused me mental over but the proof was long since posted on there! However I did not want him to know about the blog because he lied to me and was sarcastic on only my second visit so knew I cannot trust him and would get quite a few more recordings to go on my blog.

Now I hope that I have made it abundantly clear as I do like to show how much information as well as directions I provide to each organisation that does nothing. Because if they do nothing despite my intelligence and the amount of proof I provide then the simple question that will be asked is… Well who can?

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc


Ohh not checked me emails in quite some time.

Now remember the General Medical Council?

Do you also remember that…

1) I have a recording of a hospital specialist LYING about a test result and ADMITTING he lied and then dictating a NEW LETTER to my GP.

2) Remember that in that conversation with the GP it turned out that the letter dictated in front me me was not sent? Then causing a disagreement between me and my GP? Which led to the GMC and them causing a problem which got me kicked off the GPs register?

Well according to the General Medical Council they think that Darren Frances. who lied avout the tests for a condition that kills, is still perfectly fit to practise?!

Here is the email and below that is the email I sent back asking them to clarify how they reached that decision, lol… cannot believe this is still ongoing with them…

Note the absolutely appalling line spaces! Terrible there is no professionalism in the UNited Kingdon any more, just a nation of half wits, lol.

Note how I explain a phone conversation with NHS England too. Absolutely no problems when speaking to someone there is no doubts as to what I am saying and no accusations that I am lying or that I do not possess the proof I claim. They cannot do anything about it either. LMAO!

Amazing is it not? I am really beginning to understand how Doctors like Harold Shipman went unnoticed for so long and others that have caused one death after another.

Also need I remind any reader at alkl that whenever something like this happens you get all these statements in the media that steps have been taken to ensure it does not happen again. Complete bull crap, lol.

Maybe Doctors or of a higher or loftier life form or hierarchy and cannot do anything wrong until it is provied that they have been bad enough to have got someone killed. By the time this is proved it is then discovered that anywhere up to a dozen deaths have been caused by them, al la Shipman.

Or somewhat like what has gone on within the BBC for thirty years or more, lol.


Dear Mr Haswell

Thank you for your email of 1 November 2013.

I am sorry you were unhappy with our response of 30 October 2013 and have noted the points you raise in your email.

With regard to your concerns regarding Dr Francis, these were considered by us previously and, in our letter dated 3 September 2013, we informed you that the assistant registrar was of the view that the issues raised did not suggest that there were any concerns regarding this doctor’s fitness to practise. We recommended raising your concerns with the local healthcare authorities.

I can advise that all of the correspondence you have sent to us has been read in full.

I am sorry that we cannot help you further with this matter at this time.

Yours sincerely

Keren Millea

Enquiries Team

Fitness to Practise Directorate

Direct Dial: 0161 250 6818

Fax No: 0161 240 7299

Email: practise@gmc-uk.org

My email requesting an explanation on how it is OK for Doctors to lie…

Dear Sirs

Darren Francis is not the only one fit for practise.
So according to yourselves lying about a test result, admitting he lied, dictating a new letter which he then failed to send to my GP which caused a row and not forgetting that the test is for something that can and IS potentially fatal is perfect;y OK?
Can I quote you on that on your website?
I have had a better response from NHS England, though there was an attempt to cajole me into dropping my complaint which I have refused to do. But the gentleman on the phone from the NHS was in complete agreement with what I have stated. Odd that he cannot do anything about Darren Francis.
Also even more bizarre is that I have something that no one else is going to have in a million years and that is Darren Francis on tape admitting he lied and then the tape with John Gubbay where Jogn Gubbay explains that the letter is not the one dictated and proving that Darren Francis lied again.
As for your remark about what you put in an earlier email/letter, please indulge me and just explain how none of this is relevant?
Martin Haswell BSc


Right now here is the letter from the GMC with their conclusion.

Many that will eventually read this will know already that I have done this many times before with a great many Ombudsman and Governing Bodies and will also know that it got nowhere at all.

SO why did I do it?

To show that not just one but all of these bodies do nothing and that they run a vast network of buildings and huge numbers of staff for each and every one out there, paid for with your taxes that do nothing.

The government would be better off scraping them all and using the money to give those that cannot afford it access to legal representation. They have gradually taken away legal rights over the last 20 years while replacing it with Window dressing that does nothing at all.

I provide the scans of the conclusion below but also note too that they completely avoid the fact that a Hospital Doctor falsified test results and only admit to listening to ONE of the TWO links I gave them to secretly recorded audio?

Also note how they comment about the fact I was asked the name of the Support Group and act as if they are confused?! After the scans I will copy and paste my reply to their letter, incompetence and fignred idiocy …ANGERS ME, GRRRR, HULK SMASH!! LMAO!!



Now the reply and REMEMBER…I do not expect them to do ANYTHING nor have I ever but I WOULD hope that they remove the fact I am violent from my records but do not hold out much hope.

But then when the time comes I will simply ask them to PROVE it and look up the Police Record I do not have, lol.


Dear Sirs


First off all I would like to point out that I found your letter patronizing, condescending and completely full of errors. 

So I shall return the favor…

1) Firstly I converted my anger regarding Doctor Gubbay to point out what should be blatantly obvious already and to point to potential problems with patients not add tolerant as me. Your first mistake. Also if such a fear was so believed a request for my Police records would have sufficed to out that matter at rest.

2) The agreement to disclose to Doctor Fiber should have been abit the argument only that had been made against him. I will get to this point later…

3) The while situation was started and I did FULLY INFORM YOU was over Doctor Francis lying about a ultrasound test, the complaint about Dr Gubbay was secondary to Guys reaction which had been that way since I registered.

4) Thirdly it is quite obvious from your letter that you only looked at one thing on my blog and that itself was a mistake and u clearly told you that I recorded EVERYTHING, but I guess you did not bitter reading that far.

5) Thirdly you ate quite correct as Amitriotyline is NOT a suitable replacement end of story and if his judgement ifs sound then first if why did I get referred a pain specialist who clearly states on THAT recording I made that I needed a NEUROLOGICAL DRUG which had now been completely thrown out in favor of something entirely different.

6) IF Amitriptyline was so obvious a drug hire I’d it that it had taken Dr Gubbay a year to prescribe it and the NHS TWELVE YEARS TO DO SO?

7) I find it totally shocking that you would send a copy of what I typed to Dr Gubbay as you then have quite obviously and unnecessarily scared the hell out off him. If I wanted that I would have done it myself. What I say when I am angry and what I do ate two completely different things and sorry to have to point out that saying it’s not a punishable offence while acting in it it’s! This was careless and unnecessary and I am shocked that you would send those documents without editing that part out.

8) This claim towards me is false and I am shocked at your response add I clearly said I can prove it and how I can prove it.

9) I also rid you about the lies and mistakes that have occurred and can I quote you as starting that it is perfectly OK for medical professionals to both LIE and back up falsified documents and tests?!

10) I REPEAT what I said in that I have spoken to a solicitor and that I was clearly told, oh I recorded that too, that I can take both Doctors and the NHS too court provided I have several scans done privately. But what I have given to you is not enough?

11) The point of emphasizing the sarcasm was because he was obviously trying to get a ride out of me which had never occurred. Now please pay attention….

I clearly stated to Dr Gubbay to refer nee to the Pain Consultant. He asked why and I told him that the group I was attending was not the REAL GROUP and that this was a mile away and I can only be referred by the PAIN SPECIALIST. I HAD ALSO TOLD HIM THE MADNESS OF THE GROUP TOO. But he then became sarcastic over the fact he did not know the names when I first off all DID tell him and secondly ALSO TODD HIM MOMENTS EARLIER that he CANNOT refer me! This was to purely show you how obstinate he is and how difficult patients would find him. I also suggested that her may have been worried about the false claim and that he attempted to try and get my angry to prove his false claim.

12) Odd that you pointed this out as a mistake to me when u did not ask you to act on that and spoke like I am an idiot. Also of that you failed to acknowledge that it was now YOU that had caused him to react that way and send me the letter letting me go?!

13) I told you previously and will now do so again in that being kicked off their register does not bother me by the fact remains that I have now been falsely accused by the NHS and this goes on record and is both slanderous and libellous. That I will not accept nor take lying down.

14) Your mention of Doctors making decisions based on their clinical Judgement when I had also clearly stated previously and if course have still the associated recordings whereby every single area I try to disk to him about her had also reacted sarcastically that “I AM NOT A SPECIALIST IN THIS AREA” but suddenly he is now that he had prescribed the opposite Toure if medication to which the pain specialist advised? Based on the fact that he STATED that I DO NOT HAVE a Neurological Condition. Based on Mute lying about other tests which I can also prove plus already have ONE FULLY DIAGNOSED NEUROLOGICAL CONDITION which is not only listed in my medical notes but I have also been prescribed medication for?!

I simply have to ask the next question add the sole summing up…


Lastly are you a PUBLIC SERVICE, just do I know.


Martin Haswell BSc


Well these Amitriptyline pills have gotten me stoned!

After three days I think it is I now notice on the leaflet that it states that if I take Tramodol, which I do and 200mg daily, that I am to tell my Doctor?! Umm but he prescribed the Tramadol in the first place?! 


I am not concerned about this at all and besides it only says you should TELL your Doctor. It does not mention sertraline either and in all honesty if any of my drugs were going to be listed I would have thought it would be sertraline and none of the others.

I am very….stoned is the only way I can describe it. Much lighter headed than Gabapentin but not making me feel ill and sick all the time, which Gabapentin did.

Now as well as all that I have now realized I had a letter from one of the other three GPs I left a letter with and lo and behold I have been refused and I quote “based on your alleged violence towards a GP” and di not even mention the links or the proof?!

Told two member of my family what had happened via WhatsApp and my brother Ryan went mad and called them all kinds of names and rampaged about how you have no rights in this country anymore even if your working. Well he went on a great deal more than that with some real colourful language I wont repeat here and I thought ‘careful son your sounding like me’, lol.!

Also I have had to contact the people mentioned in my rejection letter only I did a search and the ‘NHS North Central London Foundation Trust’ does not exist! A bit like when I stated that I need him to refer me to the Pain Consultant so that he can then refer me to the Tranquil Support Group and he was sarcastic that I needed to tell him the name of the Support Group so that he can refer me.

Well I already TOLD YOU and I also told you that you cannot refer me!! Sheesh, lol.

Anyway I did find someone called the NHS North West London Foundation Trust and I contacted them and someone else with a similar name. 

I also sent a copy of this email to the General Medical Council as they have not answered my requests to an explanation as to why the Doctor has decided to make false accusation when the only people who have been in contact with him since the disagreement on the 25th July 2013 is indeed them!

Also in the letter I laid out quite clearly just how I could not have possibly have done anything towards my GP as I had not been there between the dates of the 25th July 2013 and the 14th October 2013 and have a letter here dated MID AUGUST from my GP requesting that I go in to ‘discuss’ my concerns.

I also reminded them that I have recordings of the meetings I have had with him. None of which will reveal so much as a raised voice in anger or even a swear word.

Now I shall copy and paste the emails to the said people, just for reference and so that in case I have even more false accusations hurled in my direction then it is all here. Or indeed anyone lies then it is all here, lol!! AT the end will be a scanned copy of the rejection letter and do not forget I recorded all my visits to the three surgeries including the one where the receptionist states that she already knows about this and that I had been in and told her, which I also told her that this was not possible, lol. But these will only be posted IF and WHEN I get rejected by them and all in the same post. After all I do not want to upset my next GP before I have spoke to them. I also will not record any GPs I go to in future…

As I should point out that I had not intended to record the current GP and only hospital specialists but that some sarcasm early on regarding my private back X-RAY he refused to look at and asked me why I would show it to him like I was an idiot and I decided to then record every meeting with him. As I only had possession of the X-Rays because my previous GP had requested I go over and get them this made the GP the idiot.



Dear Sirs


I have not heard from you yet regarding my concerns about how I managed to get kicked off the GP register for violent conduct despite not seeing him since the 25th July 2013.

However I have now been refused registry with a GP and have been told by another that they know all about it and that I had been in tehre and told them. I pointed out that this was NOT POSSIBLE as I only had the letter that morning and it was dated the day before. This means that not only Doctors but also receptionists are all aware of the issue and that I will now be labelled locally as someone who is violent towards health professionals?!
I never have nor ever will and not so much have I even raised a voice or even so much as used a swear word against a health professional no matter how incompetent I have known them to be.
However I have now typed out an email to some Foundation Trust I cannot even find details of, so emailed someone with a similar name, to try and find a new GP. In this email I have explained in very simple terms how the accusation was manufactured and that it was done so during a period when I had no contact with the GP.
I am now copying and pasting this email so that you can see quite clearly where the deliberate mistake is and numbered them 1 through 5.
I also do not know that I have emailed the correct trust as the one stated in my letter, ‘NHS North Central London Foundation Trust’, does not exist according to Google. So I have emailed one called the North and West London Foundation Trust hoping this is the correct one.
If you have anything further you can add to this I would appreciate being informed as I know not what will happen with my repeat prescriptions.
Yours sincerely
Martin Haswell BSc

Dear Sirs


I have a situation whereby I have been removed from a GP surgery, rather bizarrely and to my surprise, because of threatening behaviour.

This I emphasize is surprising because no such threatening behaviour took place. Not only that but I can prove beyong a shadow of a doubt that the allegation is false.

Also I would add that after a disgreement between us on July 15th whereby I was accused of being ‘mad’ and insisted on seeing a Psychiatrist because I stated that Chase Farm Hospital, or one of their Doctors, had lied about a ultrasound test result. It takes some explaining but to cut it short I not only caught them out but ‘pulled them’ about it while I was recording us and he admits that it was a lie but STILL sends my GP a letter stating the lie and not the one he actually dictated in front of me that I have the recording of.

Surprised that my GP states I am mad and that he has the results in front of him and that it was clear, when nothing could have been further from the truth, I then inform my GP for the first time that I have recorded myself at every single NHS department I have attended for over a year. But he completely disregards my offer of him lestening to the Chase Farm Doctor admitting that the test was flasified?!

After the 25th July appointment I complain the the General Medical Council a few weeks later. I then get a letter from my GP requesting that I come in to see him to ‘discuss’ my concerns which is a lie because first off a TRIED that and as I have stated he disregards it and cuts me off in the middle of every sentence. He also stated he wanted me back in a month to see if I was still mad. The request for me to go back was for the beginning of September 2013.

Now I will state clearly that as well as recording everything because I had suspected years earlie that I was the victim of corruption within the NHS I also kept all correspondence.

Monday the 10th (I think it was) of October I go in to an appointment I had made the previous Thursday. I had told the GMC that I wanted to go to yet another GP but I had not gotten around to it. I attend the surgery and the GP is his rude self, cuts me off mid sentence and even seems to try and provoke anger from me by sing sarcasm, though each point he was wrong on and I pointe dthis out. However, there was no mention of being kicked of the surgery register, no mention of madness or psychiatrists and nor was there mention of my complaint to the GMC. Nor was anything mentioned by the members of staff!

But the next morning while waiting for the arrival to my home of a friend that has known me twenty years I get a letter from the GP stating knowledge of the GMC complaint and that I was being removed on the grounds of ‘language that insinuates I will be violent’?!

So just to recap….

  1. 25th July 2013 I have a disagreement with him over being lied to about an ultrasound, no raised voices or violent behaviour

  2. Mid August he sends me a letter requesting I go in and DISCUSS my concerns which I do not.

  3. 10th October I relectantly go in to an appointment (which itself had another problem I have not mentioned here) APPOINTMENT WAS 5.10PM

  4. 11th October 2013 I receive a letter from my GP stating I have been taken off the register for violent conduct?!

  5. Between 25th July 2013 and the 10th October 2013 I do not converse with my GP at all so am interested to know how and when this violent conduct took place?!

I then typed out a letter to a potential new GP, that I know wished I had done back in July when I had planned to, and in this letter I explained the full story and even provided the PROOF that the allegations were false.

I applied to White Lodge Medical Practice, Willow Road Surgey and one on Southbury Road all in Enfield where I live. I have received a letter from White Lodge Medical Practice stating that they do not take on patients that havd ‘allegedly’ been violent towards a GP?! I have NOT heard from the other two as yet but a lady in the Southbury Road Surgery said something odd…

When I explained the situation she said that she knew about it and that I had been in there once already and explained it to her. I stated that I had not done this and that I had been in there a year ago PRIOR to registering at my current GP Surgery at Abernethy House, a decision I now seriously regret. She insists and then gives me details telling me that I HAVE INDEED been in there and exaplained the situation. I then say ‘Well I am not sure how I did that because I only received the letter this morning and it was dated YESTERDAY!’ to which she simply rolls here eyes and I am pretty convinced before even exiting the building that I am not going to hear anything at all from them!’ which I have not done so thus far despite providing my postal address, email and phone number.

I forgot to mention I KNEW one rece[tion at White Lodge Surgery as she is a regular customer in a Pet Store in Baker Street the owners of which have known me twenty years and themselves disgusted at the way I have been treated.

I now realise that despite having a friendly chat with the receptionist at Willow Road Surgey that it is inevitible that I will be refused them too!

I also see that when I did a search on Google for you that the words ‘Mental Health’ popped up now seems to be an incessant need to label me as being ‘mad’ because I discovered and recorded Doctors lying. I would not mind but it is not even the first lie and there is a whole list of them and a great many people are also aware of this.

So presently I am seemingly without a GP and require your help with finding a new one.

I would also add that there is no way on Earth that I would ever harm anyone that did not deserve it and certainly NOT a Health Professional, even if they have lied to my face.

I would like to add further to this in stating that in my eyes only a complete IDIOT would actually harm someone who is helping them, even if the current GP has not helped the next one might just as the previous one did, a Dr Huq.

I will also now end this in stating that not only did I speak top the GMC about this issue, and PRIOR to the allegations, that I also spoke to solicitors Irwin Mitchell who stated on the phone that I would have to spend £1,000 on scans, which I do not have, or wait until I drop dead from the Inguinal Hernia before I can sue anone on the NHS?!

In case you were wondering I have the recording as well as a letter of that too!

I simply knew that there was a whole heap of corruption within the UK’s various public offices and set out to get evidence on it, highlight the problems so that it can stop. Anyone who was completely innocent had nothing to worry about.

All my referals were for a genuine problem that has refused or failed to get a proper diagnosis of in a twelve year period, yes I said TWELVE. Many of my suspicions about my conditions have truend ot to be correct but always dismissed by various Doctors, despiute now being able to tell me what it really is I am affected by.

Also in every case whereby I DID GET a diagnosis this was then subsequently rubbished by the next specialist and I was told that THEY were wrong! I have all this recorded too and can very easily prove it. Though for some reason this is actually dismissed without anyone actually studying it and hearing it, which itself is suspicious.

Now my GP actually stated on the 25th July that I was paranoid to which I answered thusly…

“Doctor Gubbay, I only mentioned the lie to you in passing and this was not the primary reason for this appointment. To be Paranoid you first have to be in fear and I am not. Do I look like I am scared or in fear?” He answers no and I contniue and say “I just do not like it when so called professionals whose job it is to help people actually lie to me!” where he THEN says “No I do not blame you!” which was the only time I managed to get him into a corner to state something that makes him understand why I am angry.

This anger has been used and twisted about and to my surprise, along with many others, can now be used to dismiss people by saying that ANGER INSINUATES VIOLENCE when all the posters show you a Doctor with a black eye!

So that is the truth on this matter and I have not by a very long way stopped looking for legal representation on the matter, or making it public.

Now that you are aware of the truth I need advice on how I go about finding a GP that is not oing to refuse me as despite having only around 10% of the Doctors and health professionals in the last 12 years making any sense or doing much I STILL NEED to receive my medication!

I look forward to hearing from you with instructions about which hoops I need to jump through.

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell Bsc


So now then just the scanned letter of refusal…Image



Well look at that!

Just a few posts back I thought how peculiar it was that the story about the warning about NHS and the mental health crisis, my letter from the GP falsely accusation me and this story regarding the General Medical Council?

Now what was it I stated in another very recent post?

They pop up to state the painfully obvious?!

Hmm maybe, just MAYBE this is down to me and my blogs?


Doctor complaints ‘rising steeply’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-24534273