Reading about Fibromyalgia sure is interesting. For anyone who has had similar symptoms to me but no answers maybe this will help.

Now I would not want to wish my condition on anyone however I would be most interested to get in contact with anyone who is unfortunately having similar difficulties.

From the above link…

“In FMS, brain fog generally is worse when pain is worse. In both FMS and ME/CFS, it can be exacerbated when you’re anxious, rushed, or dealing with sensory overload.

Symptoms of brain fog can range from mild to severe. They frequently vary from day to day, and not everyone has all of them. Symptoms include:

Word use & recall: Difficulty recalling known words, use of incorrect words, slow recall of names.

Short-term memory problems: Forgetfulness, inability to remember what’s read or heard.

Directional disorientation: Not recognizing familiar surroundings, easily becoming lost, having trouble recalling where things are.

Multitasking difficulties: Inability to pay attention to more than one thing, forgetfulness of original task when distracted.

Confusion & trouble concentrating Trouble processing information, easily distracted.

Math/number difficulties: Difficulty performing simple math, remembering sequences, transposing numbers, trouble remembering numbers.

So far, we don’t have evidence that our brain fog comes from known learning disorders. However, our problems are similar to those associated with disorders such as dyslexia (reading problems), dysphasia (speaking problems) and dyscalculia (math/time/spatial problems).

B vitamins
Omega-3 (Fish Oil)
St. John’s Wort

Some doctors recommend dietary changes to include “brain friendly” foods, some of which are natural sources of the supplements listed above. Some of these foods are:

Fish (Omega-3)
Canola or walnut oil (Omega-3)
Eggs (Choline)
Fruits & vegetables

Some FMS research shows that moderate exercise can help improve cognitive function as well. Exercise is difficult for us, so be sure to read Getting Started With Exercise.”

Now keep in mind that many things I went through and forced through I did while unknowingly being affected by the above and previously posted symptoms, including acquiring my Single Honours Degree!! Lol.

Odd things is I did seem to feel somewhat better with exercising and those suggested. Not so easy to focus, remember, find the time and afford right at this present moment! Indeed not for FIVE YEARS to be precise. My DLA enabled me to do various things along with having a lot less stress and no Wolves at the door. Currently impossible and their are…


..that will make all these things right again. Especially during this financial crisis and the British Government and members of the Cabinet among others showing their true colours!

Nothing in the way of empathy of any kind and no regret. Which is why I become infuriated when they develop morals over the down-trodden citizens of other nations. They might as well say “LOOK AT THEM!! THEY ARE WORSE THAN US!”

Personally I would like to go back to the start and take voluntary uthenasia than you very much.

You can only feel cruelty and torture if you are alive. It is this that many twats just do not get! So people die slowly just so they can not be seen for the really evil twats that they are. Or point at another group of twats and shout “it’s their fault!”.

Hehe. As long as they can get the media to turn to something else…sorry I mean GIVE THE MEDIA the excuse to turn their gazes to something else, lol