It is funny the effects that success has on people and of course that have not even had any success but are which involved.

I noted that several people on YouTube I take note of reported that JK Rowling, the author of harry Potter in case you had been living under a rock, attacked Donald Trump again. Only this time it blew up in her face. Then she .. kinda did summat and .. it blew up in her face once again. Or at least it is in the process of happening. Blowing in her face that is.

This is because she ranted at Donald Trump over a video she posted in which she claimed that Donald Trump shunned a disabled boy in a wheelchair . at some event or other.

Only it turned out that not only was this not true but that Donald Trump actually spoke to the boy and even leaned down at his level and shook his hand and chatted for a few minutes.

Then .. umm well JK Rowling issued something of an apology .. to the child’s mother!

Right hang on in there it gets a little confusing.

Now the child’s mother saw or was told about this rant by JK Rowling and posted a tweet or something on social media requesting someone pleas inform JK Rowling that her claims were untrue.

So JK Rowling then deleted her tweets, lol really bad show, and then issued an apology to the child’s .. mother?!

Yeah, I thought I has missed something too! No apology to the one hat she falsely and was libellous in claiming what she did on social media.

Yeah .. you would think such a successful author would have more intelligence than that, would you not?

She then makes matters even worse by making the apology to the wrong person.


Oh .. dear .. God.

How does getting extremely lucky with a series of successful books make you an authority in a bunch of different political areas?

How does she not realise that with the follower and fans that she has how damaging any accusations could be and the possible backlash she could get from it?

I heard she already cheesed off a bunch of her own fans by suddenly becoming politically correct, it’s fashionable don’t you know? Well the trouble with these new and old successful types is they always seem to start talking like they had their head in a bucket for the last decade or two?

I think it is because they work s much with the mainstream media they pick up that being politically correct is fashionable and give it a go to make themselves more popular and even remain relevant?

It gets even better is she starts to spout stuff about her sensitivities regarding disabled people and uses that as a guard. Yeah, that is how it looks to me like she is saying “Please do not sue me, I have strong sensitivity issues and maternal feelings regarding disabled people”


Well there are a lot of disabled people who have died, JK Rowling and I suggest you check out Calum’s List, if you dare? Also .. well as some have stated before me .. I hear you have several mansions? Well you would always house disabled people in them and provide services and have those support people also live in these premises?

Oh nooo … wait a minute .. people are already waiting for you to start housing the immigrants you are supporting to come over here?

Silly me.

Good God .. does she not have a manager calling her after each of these outbursts yelling at her to shut the fuck up?!

It would seem that she has not.

She may well not be alone in her delusions of grandeur but sh does certainly seem to be one of the loudest and one that loves to go on a rant?