Say what now?!

Through someone that led me to the previous post’s story I discovered this little .. nugget!

I set up a couple of crowd funding accounts for someone recently that did not really take off that well and had me questioning people’s .. morality. In the end the situation went .. square and I was asked to remove them. Oddly .. this is about to bit a whole bunch of people in the arse and wake up a sea of them.

But then I go and see this story about a Doctor .. though I use the term extremely loosely, who was struck off because of mistakes that led to the death of a child.

Well, well, well if my old enemy, or frenemy, the General Medical Council went and appealed for her being struck off .. besides this being only for twelve months. Hooray! The General Medical Council lost .. once again at the tax payers expense.

All very nice people. Stealing or defrauding money to do this crap and providing absolutely no service to the public in so doing.

Wait? Excuse me, why are the taxpayers paying for these organisations again?!

Medical registrar Fiona Martin said .. a lot .. but she also said the following ..

“As a society we have a deep desire to find a ‘baddie’ but the truth is that healthcare is complex and dynamic and often, as in this case, there are multiple systems and people involved in mistakes”

‘There are multiple systems and people involved in mistakes’? Oh .. admitting that there are several areas making mistakes, are we? Are you sure you wanted to do that?

Also your saying that the deaths are OK then and that in the event of anyone anywhere losing their lives that no one should be punished or struck off?

Lastly is this lame excuse about insinuating that it is down to cutbacks? Oh, it is, is it? Well as medical professionals you should have known about this beforehand and protested or done something about it but I do not recall anything taking place ..

.. but as long as you all keep your jobs and your salaries that is all that matters, right?!

Again and as I always state about spokespeople for these dumb-arse public services and those in government .. are they not supposed to be intelligent people?! Self-proclaimed no bloody doubt?!

Time after effing time they do this shot and the all the excuses come and all the henchmen and defenders crawl out from beneath their rocks to defend them.

When people die, though, where are they then? Nowhere to be seen .. no statements to the press about any given hospital .. not this one which is quite strangely missing from the link below. I do not know if I am going blind or not but I read through it a couple of times and cannot find the name of the hospital involved.

See this is one of those cases where I cannot believe the news media reported about it but like a small column shoved onto the side of page six or certain details being omitted in this case. It sticks to high heaven.

Unfortunately and despite the fact that a great many have realised what is going on they are still fucking naive when it comes to the news media.

Oh? This was in Leicestershire and I only know that because it is mentioned on the link address!

But the absolutely best and most hilarious part of this story is she raised over £200,000 in crowd funding to fight her legal case?! Yeah because Doctors and Specialists are so low paid that they need to turn to crowd-funding to pay their legal fees?! Fuck .. ME?!

But several vulnerable children being threatened with violence and the threat of fatal injury with no public services offering to help? Yeah .. nothing, lol.