Right let me get this one straight?

A report linked below states that the DWP ‘claims’ it has no record of whether it showed Work Capability Assessments and its links to deaths to an expert it hired to review the assessment?

Well that is a completely worthless report. Something to do with an expert the DWP hired themselves, therefore corrupt, being shown some documents to do with deaths? Or in other words .. he might have slipped up? Nothing to see here .. move along.

Oh wait? There is .. something ..

Litchfield (pictured) published the final two independent reviews of the work capability assessment (WCA) in December 2013 and November 2014, but neither of his reviews mentioned the documents linking the WCA and the deaths of claimants.

Right .. let me get this one straight?

Two reviews were published in December 2013 and November 2014 but neither mentioned about the deaths being linked to the Work Capability Assessments? Riiight ..

So then these independent, which they probably are not as we have not fucking been told anything, would have taken a bloody long time. And the first was published in December 2013 which meant it likely started anywhere between December 2012, a few months after I started blogging, and July 2013.

Soo .. if this was done or expected to mention something about these ‘deaths’ as it states then .. why is it after all this time we still have not heard anything?

I am afraid it gets better ..

Because if there was documents at the time and these existed but were not released than this means that they were not released because they were extremely damning.

Do you know what else this means? I am afraid it means something far, far more serious ..

What this means is that despite the knowledge that these things were killing people and forcing people to take their own lives they not only continued on regardless while making it worse as time goes onn .. it means their intention was to kill people. That, my friends, is mass murder.

If these were Nazis then they would be in a trial in Hague before you could even blink. They spent years hunting and tracking down Nazi war criminals because they killed loads of innocent people.

But kill off a few hundred thousand British people and no one bats an eyelid. Six years go by and all you get is a mention of a very much outdated figure of the dead.

Well I am pretty sure if you go back in my blog I was reporting the number of dead at 120,000 and after a while when bringing it up was estimating that it could be 130,000 to 150,000. But a few years go by without me mentioning it and it is getting reported as the old figure of 120,000?!

Yeah .. except I have seen a massive increase in the last few years of reported suicides and the last year has had more than the previous one!

I also wondered at the time that if this was the number being put down to the DWP then what figures could be applied to other public services? Like the NHS and Local Councils?

I never really gave those other possibilities that much thought until recently when I was doing a revisit to these figures, due to the mainstream media reporting this old number on Calum’s List, ad spotted the New Scientist Magazine questioning if the NHS was responsible for another 120,000 dead?!

If this figure is old like the DWP one reported recently and these have increased as much as I think they have we could be talking about 300,000 deaths from just two public services?!

I bet I can guess the nationality of 99% of them?!

If you look into that one and want to discover the answer, prepare yourself as it is going to make you ask yourself why for several days and then it is going to hit you. Like the proverbial hammer.

Do they, the government and their puppeteers, think that we have had so many horrors over many decades that the public and the world have had enough desensitisation that they could get away with this intended mass murder?

I will tell you something else too ..

If all of them had been full on home owners I think the housing market would have crashed?! Half a million homes going on the market? Unless these were just filled with foreigners coming here with money and maybe that was part of the plan? No .. I do not think so because ..

.. I firmly believe that all those that died could not afford to own their own homes. In other words they were killing off the poorest.

This will inevitably become a curse for all involved unless they can do a Jimmy Savile and had planned that this would not get released until everyone involved was dead? Or had some pay off agreed so that they could emigrate abroad?!



I remembered a line, I think as it was a long time ago, from the Who film Tommy from when I was a kid. Hence the title .. just popped into my head.

Although Tommy, as depicted in the film, was blind and famously duelled with Elton John in the films using a pinball machine, Pinball Wizard originates from that film. Hmm I seem to recall Oliver Reed starring in it too and lots of .. baked beans?

Well this petition for Tommy Robinson shows no sign of slowing down and nor do the videos being uploaded about this to YouTube!

In fact looking the the numbers of signatures last night I had this feeling that it would be close to 510,000 bu this morning.

It is currently several thousand over that amount and I started to think that this might actually tip over one million and might not take very much time at all?!

I was also wondering .. the government claim they will respond if a petition reaches 10,000, that is fucking nice of them, and have a debate in the House of Commons at 100,000 sooo ..

Does this mean we can expect five debates about it or have one very, very long debate about it?!

I think not. As it is fashionable to pander to apologists and social justice warriors as well as the extreme left in British government and politicians. So yeah .. no. Or it will be seriously slanted or extremely brief.

I imagine that many politicians, public servants and judges are shuffling uncomfortably in their seats right now as this number races upwards and more and more videos talking about this just keep getting uploaded.

It is a shame that this had to happen and I hope the guy comes out of this OK .. from this prison everyone claims is run by Muslim gangs.

But at the same time it has reached a great deal of people whose focus has come into sharp contrast over this which I hope and pray leads them to realise everything else that has been going on ..

Like the murder of 120,000 disabled people and in all honesty if your going to talk about the vulnerable and neglected then who better to go to war over then them?!

The Petition ..

Some screenshots with figures taken a day apart from each other ..



Ooh care about children on foreign countries do we?

Care about children in foreign countries should we?

This government loves to talk about how much they care about individuals or groups of people around the rest of the world except they are completely unaware of where the starting lie is when it comes to charitable acts.

Now below is a link to a woman in Luton.

Repeated health assessments? But wait a minute, Tories and their idiot voters love to state that all this shit is to weed out the non-serious claimants?

So why did I now win then? Despite the obviously corrupt HMCTS stating that my medical records state that I have issues and manage to miss a connection that has been missed, or lied about to me, for the last four years?

But wait a minute? Sandra Burns was REPEATEDLY ASSESSED?!

So how come that HMCTS did not notice this when she had to keep appealing?

But wait a minute? How come she ended up in debt with everything over this? Surely if she won her appeals she should have been awarded all the money she was missing?

Ooh wait? They changed the law so that you cannot go back beyond a certain time when it comes to backdating, which is wrong and immoral and now they have things all tied up just as they have with all the Statute Of Limitations where we are now expected to be the fucking experts.

Sadly Sandra Burns had a traumatic time of it with the DWP and HMCTS as .. she is dead!

Surrounded by hounding letters from various energy suppliers threatening to cut her off and from the DWO obviously asking her to go for her tenth assessment or that she was having her money stopped once again from her tenth and obviously unnecessary and lying, cheating assessment?

Poor woman .. I know how she was feeling as I feel like that myself .. though I am not surrounded with hounding letters or letters threatening to cut me off, Chance would be a fine thing.

Make no mistake .. Britain is a vile, corrupt, evil place to live and filled with naive or amoral people that either could not care less or have their heads wither in the sand or the clouds.

And people will be stupid enough to ask me why I want to die?!

Well .. if they ever find out, that is? I have kept that fact quiet for the last couple of weeks, let it slip to one person on the phone and it seemed to slip by them. Perhaps they thought it was a figure of speech?

Oh no I did mention it to a friend. He asked why and I said that I had, had enough.

Oddly enough he has escaped scrutiny thus far when I and other people he knows in the same situation as him have all been screwed over. He always thought he was untouchable years ago .. refused to believe it when I said that in a few years time it would all be changing. “They wont come after me!” he insisted. Since then they went after a friend of his with the same Type 1 Diabetes and I think that made him stand up and take notice?

Bearing in mind people can say and think what they like but ..

  • Never stolen
  • Never committed a crime
  • Never hurt anyone, quite the opposite in fact
  • Never hurt an animal, quite the opposite in fact
  • Never sat on my backside and did nothing
  • But I know criminals that are treated way, way better than I am being treated .. burglars, drug addicts and even domestic abusers?!