Oooh boy .. now I told you a long long time ago that people were being screwed. I mentioned that corruption and things were going on in both local government and central government.

I recent times it has turned out that central government was screwing us one way or from one side over money, the Conservative Party who only screw whites because they do not want to appear to be racist. I then realise that local government has screwed us because of socialists and so once again screwing white people because .. we are evil .. and they are leftists and socialists.

Even related to a socialist my whole family is a mess and I have explained it to her .. she helped push this and now her family has paid over and over and over again and dozens of times too.

Some people said it was like we were run by evil and it is as if we have a secret government within government. I always referred to them as the ‘Puppeteers’.

Was on the phone to a friend who was a social worker and I told him about big changes while he always says it wont happen. I asked how many things ave I got right in the last decade to which he said a lot. All of it. There was one or two little things .. but when it comes to the major things .. no..

Trump winning, Corbyn losing, grooming gangs, terror attack, financial crisis, austerity, fake news, mental health problems, disabled cast aside, corruption and cover ups with council/Police/NHS and among many other things .. #Brexit.

There are many things to come to .. like Hard Brexit, Civil War, the collapse of the EU and Trump winning yet again.

I also believe that when this is over #socialists and leftists can kiss goodbye to get ANY say in anything in the western world for around 200 years!

Soo .. imagine my surprise when this following story pops up on Twitter that states that someone claimed back in 2012 that the #EU attacked #LocalGovernment to control it?

Daily Express ..