This was simply .. unbelievable!

I had honestly not heard of this one! That Europe wants to give rights to robots and audit intelligence?!

Rights, money and support have been handed out so fast that it has become lopsided and unfair. Seriously unfair.

Except they have created an atmosphere where those being screwed to the rear end are too scared to say anything. Well .. most of them.

It’s lopsided because they started to realise they needed to save money and there was only one way they could do this. To take it away from the one and only group of people they works not be labelled prejudiced and accused of discriminating against. The fact that this happens the be the largest but shrinking group only served as a bonus. Things got so bad that they then went after the disabled portion of this group and have been doing that for around seven years or more.

But this has been encouraged by what is another group that is alarmingly bonkers.

If I need to look for proof .. well I don’t need to anymore!

Now human rights for artificial intelligence? My call on that one is out until such a time that I can make an informed decision. That’s the sensible decision. That’s some ways off yet and I’d estimate around ten years minimum.

But these fucking morons are already calling for it?! Jesus Christ have they not alienated people enough?!

Your fucking bonkers! Truly and utterly .. bonkers!

It is a case of being prejudiced and discriminatory simply because you can.

It may at other times be a case of being prejudiced or discriminatory because you think it is some kind of payback? Or a debt needs to be paid?

Whichever of the above two it is, and it is one of the above, then I am afraid this is also being prejudiced and discriminatory which makes you all hypocrites. Sorry. Facts are facts but then facts are something you have never been much interested in.

They are obviously just trouble makers or spoilt brats that love attention and run out of things to toss their toys or of their prams over?! Now finding something no same nor intelligent people could possibly make an informed decision over?

Hmm .. I would say that it’s just as well they don’t have human bodily functions .. umm .. when the time comes? Because they already want 42 different fucking toilets. You would need to start raising that number by one for each different type of robot?! Hmm oil changes anyone?!

I’ve seen Ghost In The Shell and the Bladerunners as well as Ex_Machina! I’ve played Deus Ex and I wish to God I lived in worlds like that! But then Old Ken always claimed I was born one hundred years before my time anyway.

Yes .. I will be the sensible one and state that I will withhold judgement.

I have a theory .. I’m aware of transhumanism and though some don’t believe it will happen .. there’s the human soul as well as the quantum realm we still don’t understand.

As I said .. I have this .. theory.

I think I’ll be agreeing that cybernetic humans with artificial intelligence will have human rights and that’s if my theory later proves to be correct? But, then and only then.

Because despite how it might appear I’ll not like these fucking idiots and go around thinking I’m right all of the time.

Just .. most of it. Lol.

Oh and trust me when I say that there is no one that fantasises more about having parts or all of myself as a cybernetic organism. Or just cybernetic. When I played Deus Ex Human Revolution .. oh how I fantasised about living in a world like that!

Other than having parts of my body being replaced, starting with my feet, back and possibly shoulders and arms .. a full upload of my mind into .. an android?! Yes fucking please!

I once .. twice asked about having my feet removed and when I say ‘asked’ I mean I asked a GP about having this done!

I cannot wait for artificial intelligence personally because stupidity and morons will have no place left to hide and maybe .. just maybe A.I. will talk some bloody sense into these deluded fools?!

They are talking about ‘feels’ before they even know if there are any .. ‘feels’ and there is only one single group of morons that would talk like that.

Out of curiosity why is the letter ‘L’ first in ‘LGBT’? Is that down to prioritising over sex too?! Lol. Because the other letters invariably involve men or male genitalia?! LMAO!

Europe warned granting robots legal status would breach human rights