When The Sparks Ignite

A very, very long time ago I started to notice things.

It got to the point where I started to feel ilk Neo in The Matrix films knowing something was not right with the world but could not put my finger on it.

Sadly two decades went by and no Morpheus and crew came to help.

Over a decade ago I started to tell people and friends that I thought something was coming and that the people filling up the public services including the health authority, the NHS seemed to be of a certain type.

They seemed to make a lot of noise, at least when they felt being hard done by, and make many claims about how humanitarian they were and wanted to help people.

Sadly despite begging for sympathy they would then be exposed as not doing very much and then seen on Tik-Tok dancing with dead bodies.

Despite realising I was right all along about everything those I know still went for the part line when the pandemic came long only having to apologise repeatedly yet again when I was right about Covid19 as well as right about vaccines.

During this time I only knew of two old people reported to have died form Covid and one actor that appeared in the film, Crocodile Dundee.

Then deaths started to come my way via other reasons and there were several that happened prior to Covid popping up.

I had not known much in the way of death and then my grandmother passed away followed by my father a few years later. Then this ..

Two friends that died ..

  • Ken Bunn
  • Eddie Perry

Just before Covid was supposed to get here

  • Karen Pritchard
  • Peter Curry – Scientist and Lecturer
  • Amanda Flynn (old girlfriend)

Before long after the vaccines when I told people that this would not go well ..

  • Daughter tells me of nine people in a village dying of clots
  • Several people I know had various issues from strokes to Bell’s Palsy and shingles
  • Several people online told me they knew people having all sorts of issues

The lab leak theory popped up.

I had to stop claiming I had predicted a pandemic that would mutate many times, based on cosmic ray graphs, because it became obvious this was not natural.

Then the vaccines came out and I thought this would be very bad. Before long it started to emerge that they had covered up the lab leak and was silencing anyone including Doctors that would even whisper such things.

Including Dr Robert Malone who invented the mRNA vaccine.

Then we were hearing they were listing people as dying of Covid19 when one case in particular that has a bullet in him.

Then there was the whole ‘died with Covid’ reporting.

Now I had seen early on a report that emerged that they checked blood samples in Italy going back and found Covid in people all over Italy in the earliest samples they tested, which was September 2019.

A few months ago after I left a few comments that Dr John Campbell looked into, he found it, covered it and asked how he was only hearing about this now and stated that it had to have been around for a lot longer to be found right across Italy.

He also covered the Elephant in the Room question in that how was it that this deadly virus was raging around Italy for an bare minimum of six months and no one knew about it?

How indeed.

Then Dr John Campbell and others, like Jimmy Dore and other Doctors, started to cover that there was more deaths than average being reported and no one knew why.

He also asked why the news media were not talking about it.

It was not Covid but no one seemed to know or was even asking about excess deaths from a mystery illness.

Remember that now there are deaths and no one is talking about it.

So then there was this build up of vaccine injuries and people on Twitter pushing the vaccines were claiming I was spreading misinformation and they stated that if nothing happened within a few days of taking the vaccine then you was fine and you were safe.

I informed them in no uncertain terms that they were lying their backsides off and I reported countless of these to Twitter who did absolutely nothing.

They have since shut the hell up up vaccines and eventually stopped calling me an anti-vaxxer.

But apparently they still think the world is catching for because of ‘evil’, projection I assure you, working class people using fossil fuels.

When shown all the cold and snow they blamed warm oceans, when shown the oceans were actually cold too they just switched to something else.

They passed themselves off as woke progressive leftists but were nothing of the kind I told people I am almost certain they are chess players in the WEF just pushing pieces around the proverbial board.

More and more injuries, more and more cover-ups and even videos of nurses speaking their minds and Doctors speaking very low almost as if they were conscious of being recorded or concerned they might be?

Week after week and month after month the reports on Excess Deaths kept coming as did the lack of any reports from the mainstream news.

Dr John Campbell and others become quite frustrated as at one point these deaths exceeded those from Covid, we know they were lying about anyway and they asked ..

‘When the number of deaths were from Covid and despite being lower than they are now, Covid was all we heard about. Now we have mystery deaths that are way higher and all you get is crickets from the mainstream media’.

Very often you would get George Orwell quotes.

Oddly enough the WEF Wombles would order everyone to listen to these Doctors in the early stages and them despite not having an form of education themselves, attacked all the same Doctors for saying things they do not like.

If someone told me these people belonged an an utterly evil Satanic Church or cult and sacrificed all kinds of things I would easily believe them.

When made angry enough they would happily post about their wishes for people to die and then blame it on others that they were so evil as I have shown many times.

They are saving the planet and the people they actually do not give a shit about and the animals they also do not give a shit about from the evil people they want dead.

Nobody but nobody can tell which is which.

They have repeatedly told people top do things that would cause them great harm and death.

During all this time I had heard from a nurse that within the NHS nurses were trying to get patients to sign ‘Do Not Resuscitate Order’ with no Doctors or witnesses present.

Now I had been saying for a long time that the public services were capable of some great evil and despite this coming from someone who six years ago did not believe me, even I doubted this.

Before long I would hear more.

The people saving you from you and if you did not let them and do as they ordered you to you was a right-wing nut-job Nazi and deserved to die carried on regardless of the reports, facts, science papers and experts. They are the experts now.

It made absolutely no difference at all to these people when they learned the following ..

  • A friend contacts me because his ex-wife, Lorraine and an old friend, had died, Karen Pritchard, his sister having died a couple years before
  • Then he contacts me again two days later and informs me that of the four in his family, David Pritchard had died leaving him the only survivor, the beer drinking, doner kebab and curry diet one oh and chip shop chips.
  • This was completely backwards and none of these four were even remotely close to even pension age

I was told by beer loving, curry and kebab easting Stuart who himself had refused vaccines and when I asked if Dave and Lorraine has been vaccinated? “Yes”.

A socialist I know personally that had argued with me constantly for three years sees me recently, stops me and then stops me in my tracks as they called other people names and said “You was right about everything, Covid and the vaccines” and you could see the pain in their face having to admit to this.

Other people that knew this person were speechless and nearly passed out having heard that this person, of all people, admitted they were wrong.

Even from someone that disagreed with me, a professional and a social worker who had ignored me and already stated I was right and they was wrong, had his mind blown to pieces hearing this.

Then there was this insane story from Tim Pool who was covering a story in the UK’s The Independent tabloid of a Paralympian in Canada who asked her authorities for a stairlift.

They asked if they would like euthanasia instead?!

Here is the link to the original story.


Now people have been up in arms about this for several reasons. Well its murder for a start but even suicide is frowned upon and a no-no for many religions, including Christians.

Now I suddenly remember this when a follower from Florida reacted in disbelief and anger over this report when I posted it and I replied ..

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Christian’s stance on this, how could I have forgotten?”

It also transpired that when people looked into this ass it is illegal it was reported that the laws were changed in this year of 2022?!

Why would you do that? Why in 2022?

Yeah how they did not realize that when they did this they were absolutely buttforked is beyond me but then I did state they were employing morons.

It did not take long for it to get way worse ..

I get told from within the NHS that they were giving automated pain relief to people but that where they would otherwise have the drugs on show there were locked away.

These ‘drugs’ were administered by a syringe which as some automated system, itself contained within a box and placed under the covers as if to hide it.

Each time this was seen people were told it was pain relief but the patient would have passed away within 24 to 48 hours.

That was not Canada but the UK.

Now there was a woman that got wind of this having become suspicious herself and a family member had passed away have the same exact contraption and was told the exact same thing.

Only she was a Police Detective and there had been previous conversations about the lying going on about Covid, vaccines and this talk building up of a depopulation agenda.

If they are doing what it seems to strongly appear now to more people that they are, why?

Now they have a bit of an issue and I cannot be the only one to have spotted this ..

.. the housing market and economies?

Yeah if you suddenly lose a load of people and you have a surplus of housing then the market crashes, supply and demand, right?

That is the capitalist system them have been abusing for years, right?

I mean I have stated economies are run like a pyramid scheme and I have stated it for two decades or more.

They wasted public’s money on themselves or like Mark Drakeford in Wales, sanitary towels for men and a trip to the Qatar World Cup.

So what do they do?

The system that has propped them up for years will collapse and is in the process of collapsing for a long time and everyone has seen something that makes no sense to them.

How about upping the retirement age?

Lying to people with health conditions that is a fate worse then death?

Lying to those with terminal conditions?

Abusing children?

OK so the apes want to stay on top branch, what do they do?

Well for one I have stated that I am absolutely convinced then have been stashing things away and I do not mean money as that wont be worth jack-shit in a couple of years.

And now what we have been repeatedly hearing is we will eat the bugs, own nothing and be happy but who do we get to these periods where the poor will be deliriously happy once they realize they have been lied to for years, manipulated for years and a plan has been in place to turn them into slaves while they thought they was going to get free money, TV’s along with Samsung and Apple Phones, Playstations and Xboxes?

Well here is how they take your house ..


Let me explain as I have asked myself this for a very long time.

During a period where the world has been dropping in global temperatures for years and record snow and cold that has not been seen in decades, check links below, and the UK might get it’s first white Christmas in 100 years ..

They intend to introduce something where you home has to be net-zero.

Now of course you will have to pay the government for this so they can send woke man tampons.

This will likely have a manufactured bill of 90 to 120 thousand euros.

If you cannot pay this, you pay in fines instead and repeatedly and consistently be that weekly, monthly or annually. Because giving a Nazi government money makes the temperatures go down in a period of record cold and snow after years of cooling.

So you pay one exorbitant price, or half the price.

#LifeTax for complete made up bullshit top keep apes on top branch. That is from Planet of the Apes, by the way that just keeps on nagging away at me throughout tall this.

Here is someone I have used videos of for while but sometimes they do not come up, he is in Sweden, thought could be Norway with my mad memory.

Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen who was saying what I did about Covid and vaccines and spends most of his time in a god damn forest, ffs ..

This is Brit Reverend Simon Sideways and is conservative and I am sure knows or has worked with both Sargon and Nigel Farage and note that he dislikes the Conservative Party, now known as Consocialists.

Also note when he says ‘If you think this is not happening or wont affect you, go back to whatever it is that you enjoy doing and when it comes for you and you want to complain about it? Do not bother and I will only say “I told you so”’.

Mahyar Tousi of Iranian descent and Conservative voter who recently did a talk with Paul Joseph Watson, I think is Jewish?

He and all his followers along with Watson also despite the Consocialists and them stopping Brexit and here is he talking about Mark Drakeford of Wales and the sanitary towels for men and the Qatar World Cup.

This is the country where the authority of a liberal run area has been lying and left me to suffer and likely hopefully die, as is the NHS and socialist council here,

These are the idiots that think by birthright, blood, superiority .. WHATEVER, think that it was OK to lies to the population of the world for twenty years and that come up with this scheme so that they can stay in power.

As I stated long .. LONG AGO .. there has been a push to get either low IQ fecking idiots or evil, amoral prats into higher government positions.

Likely the same elite controlling the private sector.

“Its like there is a secret government within government” – Gail Walker stated to me at the Dragonfly Sanctuary in Waltham Abbey somewhere between 2013 and 2017.

She used to save the lives of Swans and I helped her a few times.

Yeah we are such bad people, me and Gail. Me that saved lives and did not ask who they were or what they were and a woman that may have done the same but used to save Swans and other animals.

How dare we speak out against these people that have been lying and scheming for years against the people. Did we not know that by talking about secret plans against ‘the people’ that we was acting against .. umm ..

Yeah you see where I am going.

Now I am sure this conversation was around 2015 and she had been noticing things for a long time and to me that was very refreshing.

Because no one else I know did.

Its odd that there was a use of the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ to shut me down on social media when I had written several extensive articles on ‘conspiracy theories’ and why the term had a sudden surge along with the number of these theories.

I used to laugh when they called me a ‘flat-Earther’ and I never once bothered to tell them I had written pieces about why there had been a surge in this.

I did not require proof I could see it for myself and much later I ended up having two friends I would never have guessed would believe in this stuff, believe in it wholeheartedly.

Yeah sadly this was just another of the WEF’s traps and I had spotted it years ago along with a long list of other things.

Just that up until a couple of years ago I did not know who was behind it and how all these different things connected together.

Another thing people miss and they place far too much focus on the thing they are passionate about.

Movies, TV, gaming, various areas of science, politics, religion and the list goes on.

Think about it .. its like throwing mud in the stream and you start off seeing all the fish, then half of the fish, then only some of the fish and eventually none of the fish.

I have spent more than a decade trying to link these things, find out who it is, figure out their plan and then reverse it.


  • Everyone knows Woke in Movies is intentional
  • Everyone know Woke on TV is intentional
  • In the US and now starting in the UK everyone knows about the Uniparties
  • Everyone knows Covid was lies
  • Everyone knows Vaccines were lies
  • Everyone knows Fact-Checkers are liars
  • Everyone knows the News Media are liars
  • Everyone knows Climate Change is complete bullcrap
  • In the past two years and even as recent as a few days ago people I have not seen in years have been adding or watching what I do on social media, some not seen in 30 years
  • Friends, some professionals too are telling me I was right and now the last two months of 2022 everyone is talking about it all
  • Temps have gone down (included)
  • Record colds are increasing
  • Record snow is increasing
  • Oceans have cooled (they blamed on the snow)
  • A three year La Nina has occurred and now they are trying to convince everyone an EL Nino is coming
  • Fact-checker we all know lie are claiming that record covering of snow (early I might add) is not proof AGW is not real. Never had any evidence it was real
    • You cannot prove a vague theory wrong” – Richard Feynman
  • Winters are getting longer
  • Sunspots have crashed (included)
  • It snow right on top of summer to 16 inches in three states in Australia (included)
  • The graphs have been exposed as fake – watch Tony Heller on YouTube
  • Scientists have been exposed as frauds – Tony Heller again
  • The censorships have been exposed as real – Matt Taibbi and Jimmy Dore among others
  • The FBI had someone at Twitter even trying to prevent the leaks that he was censoring at Twitter because ex-FBI Jim Baker was still there – Matt Taibbi and surprisingly Bari Weiss
  • Klaus Schwab is panicking as are his lackeys and are doing interviews metaphorically hanging themselves on a World Stage
  • Even Socialists are realizing how wrong this is .. well the REAL ones and not the fake ones the WEF put on Twitter and Facebook

That is how they deal with the crashing housing market and yet they can charge what they like .. thought probably not as I doubt there will be an y currency, not physical at any rate.

Oh it must be global warming?

California starts December with many feet of snow


Mammoth Mountain and five feet of snow in five days


Western US Ski Resorts snowiest start to winter in decades

British Colombia in Canada gets battered with snow


Someone warns the cold and snow in the northern hemisphere is going to get bad

China gets hit with early snow and cold and the state heating has to be turned on early


Three states in Australia gets up two 16.5 inches of snow two days before summer


Siberia was completely covered early and early December has already seen -54C in the region and the most snow cover reported in 17 years was reported elsewhere as the highest on record


As far as trying to keep count, the US has had between eight and twelve snowstorms and as of today the 7th December 2022, several more are incoming

Like Australia, New Zealand had it too and the first few weeks of summer were forecast to be below average

Now lets look at what is coming before Christmas 2022 has even arrived and remember not only has the UK not seen a white Christmas in 100 years but I myself noticed going from a child to an adult that any snow was getting later and later and eventually only after January 1st, when I lived in Bristol.

But I later see the amphibians going up mountains is southern Italy and realised much of what they were stating about the warming and the industrial revolution was absolute nonsense.

My solving of a climate puzzle in the area that explained how a nocturnal salamander was diurnal that scientists and wondered about for 50 years, was SOLVED!

Fifty years we have wondered about that and all it took you is one trip?! THAT’S IT!!”

This puzzle was put to various climate change fanatics on Twitter that included climate scientists and professors of Biology.

Considering their links and themselves being in these groups spreading misinformation they never .. EVER .. come back to me with an alternative explanation.

Because there isn’t one and you cannot cheat biology.

I then waited and waited because I trusted scientists, for science to catch up and they never did.

That realization took place after a trip in 2001.

I recall when it hit me and my late father was sitting not far from me .. well laying down in fact when I uttered “Oh shit! I know why they are diurnal”. He sat bolt upright and said “What?!” and then I explained.

I stated at the time that there was obviously cycles going on and I was now convinced that at some point in time the process I spotted would reverse.

When people talk to me today about me seeing and realizing what I did and now it is reversing I always say “Look? I never thought in a million years I would actually live to see it!” and then laugh.

This area was Calabria in Southern Italy now lets look at a few snow forecast maps from Tropical Tidbits who are very good, I must say.

Now lets look at some snow maps form them for the the US and I can tell you that others can go further forward in time than I can and it only gets worse.

Now let me just tell you that the alarmists were back again doing what they did in April 2022 in that because of a few days of sunspots being in the 90’s and 150’s, they did it again.

They would fire a few days were, it was even lower .. LOL, spots where in the 120’s and once again insisted they were going up and kept tweeting ‘oops’ with an image.

They were just mimicking me which they have done for four years and when I went to explain their mistake, produce monthly numbers (not daily) from solar cycle 24 and the second cycle in the grand solar minimum known as the Dalton Minimum where they had many months well above 100 and this cycle had none, they muted me.

They would then post the muted messages and think that ignoring all my graphs and numbers were funny. The ‘Lol’ and ‘Beautiful’ he posted was to disguise the fact he knew their argument was dead but did not want to face it.

The following two with a little annotation from me, from the spaceweatherlive.com website

That one from the SILSO website with a little annotation from me

Pro-science climate fanatic dealing with graphs and data in science ..

The response after I posted a load of numbers from three solar cycles and a number of graphs from a climate change fanatic, fake woke wef womble, who thought it was funny, did this a few times, to ignore science.

This is what he presented to me and why he is all over the place now ..

I literally laughed at the time he presented it around 18 months ago. They was all about ‘consensus’ and accused others of ‘cherry-picking’ and chooses a paper that claimed the solar maximum of the current cycle was going to be well above 180.

One of them, who I got notified recently by Twitter they had upheld five violations from five for hate speech .. in a debate on science .. was also trying to continue the lie and was being blasted into orbit daily.

This is what I presented to him at the time ..

Notice how it states that the long deep solar minimums would continue until cycle 27 where the solar maximum would be due in the 2050’s?

This did not appear to be focused on very much but I thought they was on the money, mostly. But I had predicted that the current cycle would struggle to get around 80.

Well when you look at the numbers they do look to be about the closest and in a mere couple of months the scientific community will, or at least should, be talking only about this and what I said about submarine volcanoes in my last post.

Here is another pro-science climate fanatic ..

This is a pro-science, pro WEF climate change fanatic who got angry several times with me presenting science he did not want to hear.

They think science is about shutting down things they do not want and these are the people, who are a group and lie about it, that have acted together to suspend me from Twitter for several years. Over Covid, Vaccines and Climate. Even before I switched my position on Covid and they was claiming it was just the flu.

So when I thought it was going to be bad they were trying to suspend me and then when I thought it was not as bad as they were claiming they were also trying to suspend me.

Yeah .. work that one out. The answer should be obvious.

I was perceived as a major threat to something that was obviously a political push and a power grab and they knew I would figure it out.

The cycle has been rising for two years .. it does not rise forever until they get the numbers they want. It just does not work like that. A cycle, give or take, is eleven years and we spent three years in a solar minimum.

They insisted that solar minimum took place in December 2019 when they was trying to claim at the time we had not had a minimum of three years because of the numbers and it does not work like that either. You can still have minimums without long periods of zero spots and any historical solar cycle graph will show you that.

Not only do they have to constantly redefine words and terms, they have to constantly move the goal-posts.

So they was in a pickle when I was not claiming to them that the solar cycle had risen for two years and before they could lie again remind them that they themselves claimed solar minimum took place in December 2019. That it was now December 2022 and they cannot have it both ways.

The second cycle in the Dalton Minimum has several average monthly sunspots above 100 and the highest was 160.

The last solar cycle 24 and a record low since the Dalton Minimum had around 5 months above 100 and one at 146 odd. Remember this is a record low and this numbers can be checked, there is not getting away with it.

Now the current cycle has not had a single month in two years reaching 100 and the spots appeared at the equatorial regions somewhere between the end of 2021 to April 2022.

This suggested a solar maximum but we have had in the last three cycles this new phenomenon of double peaks. This would suggest we would likely get another but then again we might not.

So at the time I predicted that the numbers would fall away. I was attacked and called names by the pro-science crown treating the field like its a cult now. I said that it would fall away and then likely have sunspots rise and migrate to the equator again for another peak not that different from the last.

Well it fell away as I predicted and did this for eight months and as stated it then rose for a few days and the pro-science climate fanatics once again forgot about every single month between May and November and focused on those few days.

Despite the fact that even higher numbers reaching 153, maybe more and I missed it, in April did not give them a monthly figure they needed. Around 80.

Graphs from Silso, numbers from spaceweatherlive.com

The numbers on the right are from the current solar cycle 25.

As you can see no monthly averages in three figures, unlike the record low solar cycle 24 or the Dalton Minimum.

I have lost count of the number of times they have been so utterly desperate that they have tried to claim that lower numbers are more than bigger numbers.

Their desperation can be tasted in the air.

Then they got hit with with the snow reports and the forecasts and have been in a state of perpetual meltdown ever since.

It beggars belief and these people are supposed to be pro-science and adults?

Japan is down to -21C earlier than normal, dangerous cold warnings in Canada and how the fact-checkers have gone into over drive of the record snow cover of the northern hemisphere

Greenland ice increases at record pace, cold hits China and the sun being quiet

Cold in Russia, China, South Korea and Australia’s coldest Spring in decades

The global temperatures have had big drop to +0.17C and December has had a bad start even in Australia’s summer and forecasts in North America, Europe now too, South America in their summer, South Africa and Australia look to be below average.

But yeah they are going to steal from you because global warming.

We are about to enter what is likely to become, if it has not already, the worst period in human history with the greatest of evil and all they can do is attack me and prevent me from being near my healthcare worker daughter who has cried about all this and my grandchildren?

Yeah its been so obvious for the longest time that all their care about is our well-being, eh?


The End is Nigh On Nigh

There has been a bit of a delay since I last posted.

This is because for several months now I have had several things going on, have had a multi-faceted attack against me and have been intentionally ignored in an obvious way, have been in and out of hospital, collating more evidence and waiting for predictions to pan out.

Back in March and April of this year of 2020 I had two major things going on and was about to start a third.

I was about to move home which had already taken too long and had people asking questions.

The sunspot numbers had shot up and I was being attacked over this as a bunch of political fascists who had infected science were after their first win against me and desperate to prove me wrong and a group of six or more were throwing numbers at me.

Telling me this proves me wrong and I am a moron and that NASA and NOAA were correct, which they seem to think made their long list of errors are now forgiven because of my first major error.

Sadly for them I tried, using annotated graphs, to show they were using the numbers wrong and that they would have to wait a year for the number that proves me wrong to be published. It was published in October.

I also had to explain what was going on with the solar cycle and that the spots were migrating and they insisted this means nothing. I then taught them about Sporer’s Law and their next decision was to make excuses and this meant nothing.

So what I did was tell them that my prediction was that the sunspot numbers would fall away for the rest of 2022 and they called me a moron. Again. This is how science works for them.

Now keep in mind that the number I work with is used because it is the number that shows the effects of the sun and is time dependent. Its not the daily number and it is not the monthly number. It is the 13 month smoothed number or as I kept telling them for nearly four years “The red line. Not the yellow or the blue ones, the red one”.

Now pay attention ..

  • From around February to April the spot numbers went up to reach levels in the 90’s to the 150’s
  • I noticed this and noticed the spots migrating to the equator and realised I missed something
  • I found an graph on Encyclopedia Britannica on solar cycles that was very good and helped me realise that while I got the spiking right, I also missed something
  • Calling me a moron and being proven wrong on my prediction of a solar maximum of 48 to 70, they told me NASA and NOAA, who have predicted numbers from 25 to 160 and therefore could not possibly be wrong, was going to have their expectations beaten because they said so
  • According to graphs repeatedly posted at me hundreds of times the range was not being published as 80 to 145 by January 2023
  • Now remember daily numbers can swing wildly and its time dependent over many months as you might spot as I explain the numbers
  • In May the numbers dropped as I claimed
  • From May to November I did not pay much attention but each time I looked at the numbers a large portion were around 32 to 46, three in the 50’s and there were three days I noticed in the 80’s
  • This meant that by November the smoothed would have been dragged down to a lower number than it was back in April
  • In April the smoothed number was published at not over 100 like they claimed and I warned them about but 74
  • In late November it was in the 60’s and then dropped to 52 and now has had three of four groups disappear
  • Those that had attacked me went quiet from May onwards and had previously been attacking me every single day with numbers
  • Upon hearing this just a couple of the most obsessive tried to say that the average of 32 to 86 was higher than 80 to 153, no I kid you not, and that the 13 month smoothed number of 74 is up to date, which I could easily proved was bull with graphs

So as now as we are starting December after two or three months of rises that led to a smoothed number of 74, it spent the next eight months dropping away.

Not only is my estimation that the last 8 months have averaged around 45 to 55 but that 74 number was the first of two peaks and that in two to four months there will be another rise to a second peak, as has occurred in recent cycles, that wont be much different from 74. Could be higher or lower but only by around 10 or so at most.

Meaning the average smoothed could end up anywhere between 60 and 80 for solar maximum.

But 48 to 70 was proven wrong, they told me.

And remember and as shown in graphs, the last record low solar maximum which arrived several years later than NASA and NOAA predicted, was 115.

So my estimation is that if the numbers stay low for the next four weeks with no big rise in early 2023 the talk about solar cycles is going to start up again as its pointed out that NASA and NOAA are wrong yet again.

Also at the time I was being attacked some details were going around about my personal life and somehow they got hold of information about me and this is not the first time this has occurred.

It is the third by my recollection.

This strongly suggested that a group or groups were trying to prevent my relocation from taking place which was already a few months over time that had locals asking about this.

That was back in April and May.

It is now December.

I have still not moved and left in danger despite there being no excuses and proof of this.

One resident asked of me .. “Where the fuck is your Dad?!”.

My social worker friend who back in December 2021 did not believe it could happen in six to 12 weeks and I reminded him that I do not know and that this is what the locals and all authorities are telling me, has now been going insane for the last couple of months after telling me in May that “this is not acceptable”.

The belief of people around me now that eight years ago thought I was not lying, as I cannot lie due to my very bad memory, but going mad, is that I was right all along about everything and am being targeted politically.

I had a letter turn up at an address for a student loan they cannot chase me for, from 20 years ago I was told ten years ago that due to the time and my disability I will not hear from them again.

This address was only listed with one organisation and was listed as a ‘care of’ address and due to my health condition that causes memory issues, a large amount of pain and heart issues I have been in and out of hospitals for, I am listed as a vulnerable customer.

So an address that can only be obtained from one place where I was listed as vulnerable was handed over so I could be pursued for something they cannot pursue me for because of two reasons they told me ten years ago I would never hear of again?

“You are being targeted politically!” was the response I had from several people.

Do you know that I have contacted the big disability organisations and ten different solicitors and have told them clearly what is going on and that I have evidence as well as proof and not a single one has done anything and all said they cannot help?

Everyone I know of all races and skin colour and of different religions including Muslims and Christians are swearing their heads off at the way I am being treated and targeted as well as my human rights ignored.

Even by the groups that take money from people telling them they help people like me.

What is ludicrous to me is that these solicitors and so-called help groups are on a path to self-destruction because they cannot hide what they are doing.

If its political and they are making assumptions they are wrong and this is wrong anyway.

If they are acting under instructions, this is also wrong and this will inevitably explode in their faces when the wider public find out and they will find out.

What? They think they can do a better job then the US government and Big Pharma?

If so, delusions of grandeur much?

‘Just following orders’ never worked for the Nazis.

They are also hurting my daughter and grandchildren over all this and she is under threat of violence and health issues herself and been crying on the phone about this. A healthcare worker.

Another old friend I have not spoken to in over five years who thought I was going mad and wrong I have since been hearing is seeing for himself, is talking to me.

I broke the silence and simply said ..

Do not sound so mad any more, do I?”

To make light of things his answer to me was ..

You can still be right about everything and till be mad. Lol!”

He is another one with various links and contacts in various fields and I have scientists, experts and many others now.

I also had to tell him, he refused to be vaccinated, of three people he knew a long time ago .. and said that my old friend Jeff had a stroke, vaccinated, and was paralysed on one side of his body after being ignored by the NHS for years despite his begging and being vaccinated while having Covid ..

That a few weeks after this my old friend Stuart who he knew and I told him had refused the vaccine, contacted me to tell me his ex-wife, vaccinated, had died.

Two or three days later, I continue, Stuart contacts me again having already lost his sister to cancer only a few years ago to tell me that his brother in law, an old friend of mine and also had been vaccinated, had died.

This guy I knew who had the most unhealthy lifestyle, no exercise of any kind, drank a lot of beer, ate Doner Kebabs and Indian Curries all the time, was still alive. But three of his family who were far more health conscious and with better diets had all died.

These were not people in their 80’s. These were not people in their 70’s. No these were not people in their 60’s.

I had literally only just been posting in recent months about these ‘excess deaths’ that Dr John Campbell and others had been covering and then this.

My old friend I had got talking to also knows my social worker friend and he said “I thought I had got through to him on vaccines?” I said “Yeah me too and then he changed his mind because an ex-Doctor who broke the law said ‘conspiracy theories’ and he changed his mind. But a week later when I told him about Dave and Lorraine, he seriously regretted having it!”

The social worker is Type 1 Diabetic and we already had a scientist lecturer we all knew die just a couple of years back.

I then pointed out to my friend how it was odd that so many people I know had died in recent years, its just really weird.

  • Dave
  • Lorraine
  • Karen
  • Peter
  • Eddie
  • Ken
  • Mandy
  • Ahmet

There may well be others I do not know about and I know my daughter knows at least nine that had died in the last two years.

Now let us get onto why this is happening and why I am being targeted ..

Scientists from New Zealand and Japan investigate the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai eruption site, realise its worse than they thought and in this short documentary on the ship they say they have underestimated submarine volcanoes, as I stated for several years.

They said they need to investigate them more and prepare and since then several appeared in a single week in the Pacific.

A shame they were hogging science for decades to get more money for a climate crisis that did not exist, no?

Greta Thunberg has to sue the Swedish government over climate change?

Well if you have to sue the Swedish government and then work you way around the world as no one else is doing anything, then you may as well give up, no?

Used a documentary three years ago on blogs about oncoming climate change and do not forget if you challenged it you was called a denier of science ..

Now used by Crowder only this was not about you denying global warming, this was about an ice-age televised in 1979 and narrated by none other than Leonard Nimoy. Yeeaah someone is watching my shit.

Dr John Campbell has been shocked at what has come out, apologized to millions of viewers because he has misinformed them on Covid and Vaccines and states that you can no longer trust journals, science papers nor the health authorities, news media or government.

Quote George Orwell a lot these days.

Someone that worked in China, knows China, on Chinese in China on Covid ..

Three volcanoes in the pacific, four in Russia and experts expect big eruptions coming.

After snow in Australia right on top of summer and up to 16.5 inches across three states, reporting highest snow cover in northern hemisphere in a very long time.

Good luck blaming warm seas ..

I completely forgot about the Cosmic Ray Graph as I pulled one moments ago to show an alarmist who refuses to acknowledge he was wrong and claims impossible things will happen and insists the date for solar max has not been reached. Good grief.

Cosmic rays so up during solar minimums and down during solar maximums. If you look at this graph another pattern emerges.

Cosmic rays went down very fast as the sunspot numbers shot up, shocking even me, in a very short space of time. You can see the first two boxes are wide and should be reminded that the last three solar maximums have had these two peaks going on. So previously they would have been shorter before the last three cycles.

The last blue box shows a rise again and a short fall and if the sunspots drop to low figures for a few days, the graph will show a rise again and, of course, vice-versa.

But it does show that it looks to be levelling out while the last maximum showed there was not much of a change until it headed back towards solar minimum.

Alsop note that it is higher than the last period of solar maximum, which suggests that if this continues for the next month the graph will also show that we are in a maximum period and weaker than the last.

Professor Happer on how the climate crisis people are a cult started by Al Gore

While China are protesting like never before they are getting their coldest wave of air in a very long time and its not even January yet

The Anthony Fauci emails were they had people pushing back and questioning that it came from nature and a Kristian Andersen seem to attempt to cover it up and used the term ‘conspiracy theory’ something that a social worker friend would testify I claimed years ago they used to shut people down.

Yeah looks like they knew it was a Lab Leak and was doing all they could to stop it,

As Dr Chris Martenson explains

The Katla Volcano in Iceland suddenly rose by 14cm which worried scientists and there was brief talk of evacuations.

An Icelander here explains how seven volcanoes are recharging and another system north of Reykjavik is ‘waking up’

Apparently there appears to be a court case over censorship the tech giants might lose and in a panic Google call Tim Pool for support and state that if they lose they might not be able to recommend his channel.

Pool was not impressed as they were already burying his channel and if they lose it would benefit him so they was technically asking for help form the guy they were fecking over so they could keep fecking him over?

So here they get a few things wrong about solar cycles and likely because they are being fed the wrong information and to which they will soon likely discover, but here is more proof of something I was attacked for linking as well as predicting.

Volcanic eruptions increased during solar minimum.

Now remember that volcanoes are not only the second biggest driver of climate but they can also be the biggest.

One eruption caused the ‘year without summer’ and that was far from the biggest possible eruption, Mount Tambora if memory serves and Mount Samalas likely caused issues.

Now consider that the volcanoes have increased in frequency the last few years and then consider that this now occurs when there is less solar activity.

Back in April the group that has attacked me on everything and yet have continued this for three years while getting every single thing wrong and then claiming I made no predictions came at me about one of the predictions I never made, or so they claimed.

Bearing in mind these are supposed to be people hugely keen on science ..

I had made the prediction that the last solar minimum would be considerably longer than the previous record one, which took place between early 2008 and late 2009.

This was NOT seen by NASA who had forecast a record high solar maximum to take place in 2010, something that NASA and climate change fanatics forget daily and ignore when reminded.

It ended up a record low that arrived in mid to late 2013.

As they started to realise there error, NASA started shifting the goal-posts and this is OK to the climate change people so it went from there predicted 180 ish down to 115 ish.

I then predicted a three year long solar minimum followed by some spiking in solar activity and a solar maximum of 70 I later thought might be 48. I even stated that I would not be surprised if this ended up as low as 30 and was attacked for that.

I also thought it would be a slow rise and solar maximum would arrive in 2027. I kinda made an error that I realised back in either March or April 2022 when I was being attacked.

This is the solar cycle at one point being forecast as 25 for solar maximum of cycle 25.

NASA has also had a forecast lately of a low of 80 and a high of 160 or more.

Now back in March or April the spot numbers I was not even looking at were hitting up into the 90’s and I even saw one day at 153. There might have been higher and I missed it.

The science geek climate alarmist fanatics who did not know the definition of a Grand Solar Minimum, despite ordering others believe them that there wont be one. Then ordering others to believe them when they thought there might be but it wont affect the climate .. was saying this proved my predictions wrong.

I was hit with wave after wave of my own graphs and tweets with bit pointing finger emoticons plastered everywhere.

The bizarre thing is that I only ever worked with the 13 month smoothed number as this is more time dependent and gives a better idea when it comes to the effect on the atmosphere and climate.

They had done this previously and I started to explain again what I had been telling them for over three years, that they were using different numbers and that my number was not published yet.

They were being disingenuous. And they knew it.

The numbers had me scratching my head and then I noticed something. The spots had been appearing at the equator.

According to Sporer’s Law as the cycle progresses the sunspots migrate towards the equator and then away again.

Now in recent cycles we have had this new phenomena of double peaks that goes with consecutive drops in solar maximums and increasing lengths of solar minimums and others as ‘new’. Unprecedented even.

I then found a good graph on Encyclopedia Britannica which showed me I had missed something about my spiking.

I was doing this while still being bombarded and then I started to explain that it looked very likely that solar maximum, or at least one peak, had or was about to arrive.

As NASA had stated the cycle was beating expectations and as it was already hitting 153 and according to NASA’s forecasts the highest level was 145 for January 2023, they were insisting, on an appeal to authority, that the average 13 month smoothed sunspots were going to hit over 150 by January 2023.

I told them and I am very confident at times and often warned them of my confidence, that the sunspots would drop away in the latter half of 2022 and they roared with laughter and I was called all the nasty names. From the pro-science group.

They also kept presenting butterfly diagrams of sunspots and claimed this was proof they were already correct about the rest of 2022.

Well its the 3rd of December 2022 and all their claims have not only died, they have died in a big ball of fire on a spaceship hurtling into Betelgeuse at the speed of light.

You see after April the spots dropped away and I was not even paying close attention ..

I see one at 32, two at 40, one at 46, five or six in the 50’s, two or three in the 60’s, three in the 80’s and then one at 25 recently and then that dropped to 12 and is now at 66 and looks as if it could drop by 11 in a day or two?

Also presently the number they claimed proved me wrong on my 48 to 70 when they are OK with NASA and all their money ad resources saying 25 to 170, is 73.

Yeaaah you might be confused and I would not blame you.

So as I said they were chuckling daily numbers at me back in March and April I kept telling them was the wrong number for two years and they ignored that to get a win which is just so scientific and I believe the number that claimed they had in April was posted in October.

That was two or three months where the numbers rose and was reaching in the 90’s up to the 150’s I know of and they may have been higher?

Except since that time and from the start of May, just a few weeks later, right up now into December the numbers were 32, 40, 40, 46, 52×4 (odd), 57, 59, 79, 81, 86, one other in the 80’s, 74, 77, 74, 55, 25, 12.

Here are some I collected off spaceweather.com and I oh so wish I had collected more and this was worse than I thought it would be.

Now even a child would know that the averages from those numbers is going to be around 50 range, 45 to 55. Today it is 66. Over more than eight months.

According to the pro-science climate geeks who did not know what a Grand Solar Minimum was now Sporer’s Law, these are higher numbers that the numbers from February to April 2022.

Yeaaaah .. work that one out!

Now here is the thing. The double peaks have been a recent thing only and only in the last three solar maximums that have consistently dropped suggesting something has been coming in the thirty years of claims of global warming they have taken trillions for and done nothing and achieved nothing.

So we have to assume that there will be a second peak, but this may not be the case.

Also it should be reminded that NASA claimed a solar maximum in 2025 or perhaps 2026, I actually thought 2027 before April 2022. But this may not be the case?

In this graph I pulled from spaceweatherlive who were on my in a flash when I noticed something odd about the movements, impossible, of spots which then happened again and then had sunspot numbers go from 52 to 25 on their site eight hours later.

You can see the double peaks and notice that there is ..

  • Not much difference between the two numbers
  • The first had a higher first peak, the last two a higher second
  • They are 18 months to 26 months apart

Now remember 8 months has just passed with the sunspot numbers dropping and the fact that the spots had migrated previously to the equator shows that it is now dropping.

Now if there is to be a second peak the length of time the sunspots have been dropping suggests that at some point between now and March they will start rising again towards this second peak.

The second peak could be higher or lower than April’s 73.

Now remember at this point things I had previously suggested and published ..

  • Everything is a distraction
  • If they go with Covid and Vaccines it will all fall apart by the end of 2022
  • Climate and Solar Cycles will all fall apart by the end of 2022
  • I cannot believe I am the only one to notice this
  • People are behaving like its the end of the world
  • I think they knew about this
  • Everything has been a distraction
  • They have tried covering things up ..

EDIT: I should add this from SILSO after I went back to them over the discrepancies .. it should help the viewer see a pattern

I called this one the smoking gun image.

Notice how they got things wrong with the Maunder Minimum? It also states a number of things I said and that the data is sketchy form that point on.

What is interesting here as that in recent years someone tried to say there was some sense of normality in the solar cycles, no changing of length of them and that it was a sudden drop.

While it states that this was shown not to be the case and there was a gradual decline into it?

You mean like the four consecutive drops we just had by 2014, two record solar minimums, migration of spots to the equator suggesting solar maximum just got reached and therefore an even lower one than last time?

With all the volcanoes increasing they lied about?

And the 16+ inches of snow across three states of Australia with two days to their meteorological summer no one is talking about?

Companies like Disney throwing away money as if it is now worthless in an effort lasting for years to keep fans angry?

Covid, vaccines, sweeteners, the WEF, socialist conservative governments, mass migrations, identity politics, pandering to amoral, selfish and self-obsessed groups that cannot see the wood for the trees or tell when they are being used as pawns?

The leader and nasty individual who has sent his group that are not a group, do not get me started, after me is in panic mode, I have been raining down on him and his dwindling followers, official numbers are bs, for months has suddenly done a flurry of debates.

His name is Gerald Kutney and here he is debating with Tony Heller and not only does he ignore every fundamental rule of science to go on a political attack he claims to be following the science.

No, he has been abusing it for years and when the host points out that as an engineer Michael Mann’s, blocked me on volcanoes, hockey stick makes no sense Kutney comes back with a condescending “Well it makes no sense to you” which was his way of calling the host ‘stupid’.

What caught my interest was that there was a point when Kutney ranted off about people talking science on Twitter, but its OK for him, and should be ignored on blogs, tell that to all the scientists who have blogs, many of which have backed me up.

This man is dangerous, nasty and dishonest. He instructs his attack hounds to go after others, antagonise and mass report them.

They will even go after your employment status to say you have no right to speak and this coming from someone that has admitted he has no degree and even his ‘real name’ is not real and his been caught in the past lying to Twitter with others in Kutney’s group to report people.

How do I know?

Because I was one of their top targets.

Disagree with him and you are not working and disabled he will happily let you die so I hope the Ukranians are aware?

One of those argued with him under another name, real or another fake one I know not, but they will wig out when they realize who that really was all this time.

Admitted he is not a scientist many times so no one knows why he is superior, him and their group of nasty Gerald Kutney followers were super-mad with Twitter (pre Elon Musk) for not upholding a lifetime suspension based on them lying.

Glenn Carr. one of Kutney’s hounds I already mentioned and I completely forgot this as everyone that Jason (probably also fake), the superior non-scientist that is a Brit living in France, likely near Switzerland, has managed to have most everyone he has ever agued with somehow get themselves suspend?

Now if you look at the attitudes and compare them with Gerald Kutney in the interview you can see this superiority complex and the parallels.

I can tell you that despite Gerald being called courteous, he was not and the only reason he was as calm as he was is he had at least one of his attack dogs ..

  • Aanthunuur (also AantK4)
  • Hakimi (two accounts with this name)
  • Richi (I kept chucking Feynman quotes at him)
  • TKT
  • The Kings Trigger (I am the King)
  • Emilio bye bye CCP
  • Noel John Turner
  • Daniel Kuhn

.. in the chat repeating bollx and attacking people.

Now would it interest you to know that Aanthunuur is in Switzerland where the World Economic forum are located?

It was odd that if you go through the chat he seems worried Kutney wont do a good job?

Would it also surprise you to know that as well as them all claiming they do not have more than one account, that Glenn Carr, also Jason Thomas, is a British guy living in France?

Would happen to be near the Swiss border, would it now?

Here is the very good and straight-talking and honest Bret Weinstein talking to someone I would not touch with a barge-pole as he obfuscates and deflects and uses ‘labels’ to defend the Biden Administration and what the military did with Covid mandates.

In a time when the world is slowly realizing they have been lied to in all sorts of ways?

And for the first time Blogger deletes a post, does not tell me what post it is nor what was violated and ‘telling the truth’ is not on the list.

Oh and WordPress want to to do a post about how I feel about eating meat?!

Whatever it was that Google, fascist liars, Blogger deleted it has not been deleted by WordPress nor Substack. So you work that one out.

Boy oh boy do I smell panic and oh what a shock these people have coming to them?

A little odd that as I post this about being targeted, in some ways for the first time, I discover I am being targeted in another way for the first time, no?


As I started typing out this follow up I was expecting it to grow somewhat and it has.

That being said it has grown far quicker than I imagined as some things I expected to come to light have along with a few I did not.

I should have realised that this one will end up being the biggest or at least one of the biggest ones on a subject I deserted over a year ago when I realised what I was being told and the numbers I was getting stank to high heaven.

Antifa teachers and two pills on top of risky injections and backlashes from parents along with a very large survey of 1.4 million people to check for anti-bodies for covid.

Now then there is more to go and we are just a few days into Autumn. I knew that there would be a lot more over the next 3 months so this was going to have to be a minimum of three parts and I soon realised .. yeah four most likely?

Been trying to keep these posts as short and sweet but this one has already grown and likely will a bit more before posted.

Starts off with a few early tasters but as you go on you will see scientific evidence that more of my predictions have turned out to be the case along with that of more and more people doing an about face, realising and calling out the evil groups trying to manipulate others.

Yeah many already realise they have been lying but this is about to sky rocket and a few things have happened a month earlier than I thought they would.

Right at the end there is going to be a screenshot that is something of a surprise and though I do get this from time to time .. the names involved are ones I used to adore so much and shake my head as to what they have now become.

Out of 3,371 pregnant women in the whole if the UK infected with Covid19 only four have had the first dose of the vaccine and none have been fully vaccinated.


Now in New York they are persecuting children and disabled people who have been advised not to have the vaccine and Tim Pool points out that this is exactly what they did in Nazi Germany.

If you are not fit or worthy, have too many facts and too intelligent .. do not do as your told then you are for the chop.

The evil lying Marxists insisted to me they were not fascists and no one called them this.

Here is Tim Pool now calling them this and explaining why they are fascists and that when he asked many restaurants about disabled people that have been unvaccinated they all replied as the Nazis did ..

“We are only following orders”

Two Black Guys talking about why the Black Community are hesitant on Covid19 vaccines and talking about the hard-left ripping into them and calling them anti-vaxxers and how they are wrong, bullies and hypocrites. How celebrities so stupid shit because the virtue-signalling hard-left are liars and hypocrites. Like Philip De Franco and is mentioned.

They also talk about how they hard-left so socialists and Marxists are only interested in what blacks have to say when those black people say what the hard-left fascists want them to.

Told y’all.

Here are two videos featuring Tim Pool (centre-left but hard-left call far-right), Ian Crosslands (moderate left at a guess) and Steve Bannon (right-wing and not as he he described by the hard-left either).

In the first one they talk about Elon Musk’s cryptic ‘end of the world’ tweet that contains the word ‘Sun’. Collapsing empires. Food shortages in America. Working class too. The Fourth Turning.

Tim explains how he had to relocate many times as the trouble spread to places they never should have.

Here Tim Pool has guests on, one from Australia ad they talk and agree how the Hard-Left and Antifa are fascists. Now attacking people protesting against mask mandates and in all honesty at the worst possible time too.

Here is Fox News talking about the expose by Project Veritas of a teacher in a school in the US where he openly admits indoctrinating children to Antifa and literally telling children if they are not Antifa then they are pro-fascism.

Of course as is typical of nasty, narrow minded fascists who have claimed moral superiority to go after others and your children as they think they own them ..

Out comes the victim card as they are superior and crying because people are going after his job.

Remember these are the people that are the main pushers of

  • AGW or man-made global warming
  • Scaring people over Covid19 after claiming closing any borders was racist and encouraged everyone to be brought home with said virus
  • But now do not want you leaving your house
  • Want you to be forced to have vaccines that are untested and in my experience have been worse than the virus itself and more reports inevitable from what I am hearing of alerts to hospitals to expect an influx

You really could not make this stuff up.

These people are nasty and control freaks with low IQ’s and no morals whatsoever and I catch them out on a daily basis.

They insist I am conservative when I have proven I am not and currently trying childish and lame reverse psychology and have done a couple of weeks suggesting all conservatives should not be vaccinated.

So on the one hand saying they want conservative people to die while trying to use psychology to trick them into having vaccines which have been causing more deaths than the virus.

I have to deal with idiots still that do not agree with socialists and hard-left but want to pick and choose what they are right about because they are scared.

Oddly enough one was insisted on people being forced and did not agree with me that people were refusing vaccines because all the news said otherwise and they would not lie about this.

Pressurises his girlfriend to to to Crete where they usually spend 6 weeks every year and did not go last year.

Gets there ..

  • Curfew after 1am
  • Restaurants they love all closed .. and .. umm ..
  • Starts asking people about the state of things, remember he thinks people that refuse vaccines are evil and selfish ..
  • No one wants vaccines ..
  • Everyone seems to have had Covid19 ..
  • Gets told repeatedly for weeks 19 out of 20 barely knew they had it
  • Only one in twenty was bad
  • Not one person could tell him of anyone they knew that died from the virus

So I need to ask him if he ever plans to return to Crete as according to him for 8 months solid anyone that refuses to have vaccines are evil and selfish.

By that logic all of Crete is evil and selfish.

Also his girlfriend did not want to go because of the virus they believed was a threat so I cannot even begin to imagine the awkward conversation as once again they insisted I was wrong and I was right, never been wrong and they simply never learn, and she finds herself surrounded by people that could be carriers.

Bearing in mind these were people that agreed with people being locked in their own homes and seem to be now oblivious to the fact that the vaccines do not work that well and drop in effectiveness with each passing month.

Honestly have no idea if they had more shots or a booster before they went.

Also that they could have picked up another strain and brought it back to the UK and is totally possible and plausible.

Its been startling that those that claimed they hate socialists and fascists are quick to agree with them when it suits but then think that the rules only apply to others.

I have acted with far more responsibility over the virus that any single person promoting facemasks, vaccines and lockdowns.

Here is the original exposing of the Antifa teacher by Project Veritas where he admits to having an Antifa flag on the wall in his classroom and a student has since confirmed he has been at it awhile.

The teachers in the school are all far-left so socialists, Marxists and Antifa.

Here he is being confronted by Project Veritas and claims harassment and gets out his victim card while wearing his communist vest with a hammer and sickle on it.

He states “extreme times calls for extreme measures”?

Sooo .. that means lying and bullying people while the world is going to shit to get the society that they want?

No champ, that just sounds to me your a bunch of selfish c*nts that are nasty amoral fascists but have declared yourself morally superior and think that you can lie and instil fear into others to get what you want.

The Nazis did exactly that in the 1920’s and 1930’s and when they were called Nazis they were all for the working classes and no one knew what they were doing to the Jewish people.

Battle with these people online and they are worse than the Nazis, absolutely convinced they are not and do not seem to know their history very well. Or definitions.

I dare say the number of deaths are going to rise over the coming months and that when it does there will be no doubt that these hard-left fascist morons will be directly responsible for ..

  • Deaths from vaccines
  • Deaths from unrest and confrontation they are responsible for
  • Early deaths from Covid because they did not want to close borders
  • Theft of large sums of money over the AGW nonsense
  • Divisions within other countries and the deaths that may occur from these

Married couple I know who were forced to have vaccines have been very ill form them and this is in Yorkshire in the UK and many have gone back to the Doctors to complain and were told ..

‘Your problem, it was your choice to have it’.

So just in the UK and will build over the coming weeks right into 2022 the public are realising they was lied to and are now being blamed for something they was given no choice in.

Funny story as I know a woman teacher who told a health care worker that she had both jabs and tested later embarrassed Doctors told her she had no anti-bodies and did not know what to say.

Only after reports of vaccines amplifying covid symptoms in some cases and then being told by a health-care worker that the NHS put out an alert that hospitals may experience an influx of patients with reactions ..

I then get told that the teacher, not being told about any of this, returned to the Doctors to get another two vaccine injections where she was then told that she did have anti-bodies?

This could only mean that they are now lying so that they do not have to give her another one or they got it wrong last time and misinformed her?

Now considering the reports that the vaccines have ..

  • Not been working
  • Been worse than the virus
  • That have amplified symptoms
  • The NHS have put out THAT alert

It would be reasonable for anyone to think as well as plausible that they knew this was a major league flock up and did not want to give this woman two more injections only to have her hospitalised a few weeks later and maybe even die?

Could you imagine the headlines?

I mean she must have told people and she told her health-care worker, who was the one that told me about it, so if there was a fatality ..

‘Woman gets first two doses, gets side-effects but no anti-bodies, gets next two doses and dies’?

As she is a teacher she was likely forced by the government to have the vaccine too?

Yeah I will put money that they lied to stop her preventing having two more jabs as they do not want it being any harder than it may well be once we are well into Autumn.

Now then before the Autumn has barely had a few days a few reports turn up that raise an eyebrow and the first is one from the CDC suggesting that 80% of Americans have antibodies. No idea how many of those were unvaccinated.

A few days after that CDC Report a scientific study in Israel shows that effectiveness of vaccines is going within 6 months, effectiveness against the Delta variant differs from report to report.

Now then the Doctor that invented the mRNA vaccines is Dr Robert Malone and he started talking of his concerns about rushing this as did Dr Philip Mason, aka Thunderf00t.

Malone also talked of worrying results of tests concerning spike-proteins and was worried about long term effects like ovarian cancer and leukaemia.

Yeah they started to censor him.

Now I heard reports of the vaccines not protecting people from covid and in cases actually amplifying the symptoms though I know nothing about the numbers right now. Though I do expect to hear about them by December 2021.

Then I heard Dr Malone was talking about this and here is an interview with him I found and possibly others have been deleted. As if your Google, Twitter, YouTube et al then you can act as Doctors while Doctors that do not say what they are supposed to cannot.

Now out of the people I know, and I only state what I predict will happen and unlike a fascist group do not tell people what to do, 60% have not been vaccinated. Including two people working in health care.

Now one of those was very quick to decide what other people should do despite not speaking to any epidemiologists and also ignoring my success rate in science and politics. Not to mention the other things I have done.

Now they were under the impression they were protected and despite claiming others should be locked down in their houses .. went off to Crete for 6 weeks.

Considering that Covid19 has been in the UK ‘officially’ for 19 months and we have seen reports that suggest it could be 24 months and the vaccines have been around for .. ten months?

I have had no one tell me they have had either a booster shot or a second round of jabs.

Did the two I now have any jabs before they departed for Crete? I simply do not know.

As everyone they met had not been vaccinated and seem to have mostly had Covid19 and you can still contract it anyway it hardly seems relevant.

That being said if they travelled 4 months or more, they was there for a month, then they would have had next to no or no protection while there.

Now if that last one was the case and considering they were there for 6 weeks among people unvaccinated and many having had the virus .. would it not be reasonable to expect the to contract it? Considering how we are told how they are becoming more and more contagious over the last several months?

Ever since the virus had ‘officially’ been in the UK around 4 months every single thing I have looked at either does not make sense or after all this time they do not seem to know what is going on.

A socialist I know that thought she had some agree with her over covid and vaccines is somewhat confused as those that did have changed their minds. Been told that they do not want vaccines and do not trust the news media, NHS nor government on the subject.

Here is a video on how the hard-left socialists are not human at all. They are nasty, bossy low IQ people that just want to be in charge telling others what to do.

Now these boys right here? They iz not impressed, y’all.

Here is Tim Pool who is centre-left, who misses things but the hard-left call far-right because he does not agree with them. Yeah its a form of fascist bullying. Also talking about how these people are not human people at all and how the media make shit up.

Here is Luke Rudkowski on the same thing and a few others.

Intelligent black guy on a black lady with children who turns up to rip shit out of Antifa and call them names and explains that they are full of shit and that the media have ignored her.

These hard-left have been warned but despite claiming to be scientists have zero idea that winter is approaching and that the reports and data for Covid, Vaccines and AGW is about to get a whole lot worse.

A mother stripped of custody of her own child by a fascist Judge because she had not had the vaccine when her own Doctor advised her against it?

Where is his punishment for overruling Doctors and giving advice on vaccines? If it were me I would reintroduce ‘squads’. That fired people.

So the CDC published study that 83% of Americans have immunity that the hard-left are desperately trying to spin but also forgetting the vaccines only last 5 months or so ..

Tim Pool and guests saying that they must lift all restrictions now and if they do not then this is nothing to do with Covid19 and more sinister ..

Then Tim Pool hears that Pfizer now say you have to have three injections and on top of that take two pills every single day?

Yeah Pool loses it ..

So though I do get attention from scientists from both sides and many fields and I have no idea how many as I often do not check and many are anonymous because politics has destroyed science but ..

This author of a book called ‘Super-volcanoes’ and write for the National Geographic, New York Times, Scientific American and The Atlantic, liked one of my tweets.

It the alarmists that called me all the names under the sun ever found out there would be a mass meltdown as they have spent 2.5 years lying their backsides off and also claiming no one takes any notice of me.


Are those that have been following order and pushing narratives now realising that it is all about to end? Or have they realised it has already and now just a matter of time?

That would be the third author I am aware of to take notice of me in 3 years.

I am scientific, multi-disciplined with a weird pattern recognition skill and have made close to 90 predictions just in 2.5 years on Twitter that have almost all come to pass.

And for some reason many individuals and some very big names have thrown all including the kitchen sink at me and cost me financially just to try and stop me.

I am the wrong dude to do that to for a very long list of reasons.

All this because I am evil for providing the facts, reports, making predictions in science that later turned out to be true and telling people why I am not having the vaccines.

From people that hate others, want anyone that disagrees with them to die, lie about science, bully people, make up shit about others and push them as facts .. order people to have vaccines or they are evil murderers.

Then they do a switcheroo and for a few weeks were telling Conservatives, told them for two years and proved that I am not a Conservative, not to have them.

A stupid and childish reverse psychology that also comes across at the exact same time that they want everyone that disagrees with them to die.

That is everyone from centre-left to far-right.

Or more or less anyone that is not a socialist, Marxist, Trotskyist, Communist etcetera.

Where only the most naïve wont notice over the newt few months I predicted there would be many protests and they started earlier than I thought.

Thousands of cities across the world have had protests against government using the virus to bring about draconian and authoritarian measures against the people.

Now in Paris, France in the last few days there have been not one but many.

To give you an idea and make you question your mainstream news media there were no less than four on the same day in Paris.

Also there and what I have been waiting for were the Gilets Jaunes who I knew in time would start up again as more and more, well of the less naïve, realise they have been lied to, manipulated and that governments are following the path they did in 1930’s Germany.

Rather surprising was the ‘USA’ chants as well as the repeated calls for Macron to be impeached and go to jail.

At least Joe Biden will have someone to talk to when he is conscious, eh?

Water canons and tear gas were used.

Here is Ken Wheeler a guy I have watched for years on Fujiflim and Nikon cameras who himself got dragged into this.

Listen to him on what Australia are doing.

Neil Oliver from the ‘Coast’ series now on GB News and listen to what he says about the news media, government, NHS and Doctors regarding Covid and the Vaccines.

Here is Neil Oliver from TV series ‘Coast’ which I think was on the BBC and now on GB News talking about how covid is madness and no one trusts the vaccines, government, Doctors or the NHS.

Branching off this is Sabine Hossenfelder. Much admired by me I very much enjor watching her videos on science when I can get away from everything else.

Multi-published scientist she did a video on AGW where she got angry with the news media and ‘do-gooder leftists’ using the phrase ‘follow the science’ which is nonsense and explains why.

In another video show helped me prove something these ‘do-gooder leftists’ were wrong about in that she was askd to write an honest piece on speculative physics. We were told that neither Doctors nor scientists were shut down. They lied.

After writing the piece for the American Physical Society, remember they asked HER, she was then rejected for being too honest and that the piece would ‘offend people’.

Here she talks about the cosmological model, something I had long theorised they were wrong about .. and it is wrong. Prediction number 87 .. or is it 88?

Once again some ‘friends’ that have spent years questioning me on views and predictions and always end up being wrong are wrong yet again.

One wonders whether they will take into consideration how this has affected me over the years and whether or not people with a zero score and getting it right should stop telling someone that they have even admitted always gets it right and stop?

Would be nice but I doubt it.

It is why I would like to live on a deserted island until its over but doubt I will last 10 years anyway?

Now then just to repeat because the hard-left hate me and insist I am far-right but along with all the other labels they like to call me .. they cannot prove it. Because there is no proof and it is not true.

Now they are also well aware and have been for years of my political leaning and along with ignoring it and still calling me a ‘right-wing nut-job’ they do another of their many ‘switcheroos’ and run around telling my followers that I am left-wing and even the term ‘closet leftist’ strongly implying I am a socialist .. but they just laugh.

So for the exact same reason that all the hard-left hate me the centre-left to moderate-right adore me ..




Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
Niccolo Machievelli
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote

Here is part of an all day battle that led to carnage and a deep state of denial on those lying about science tp push an agenda and this is common occurrence and included as a bit of fun as well as insight

They waited a few months to come back and lie abut a scientist whose video I posted
Except my side knows I know every thing they try to pull and had beren prepared for months and so let fly and followers were falling about laughing
Get retweeted and as we will get to in a minute my scientist quotes get a lot of likes now
Due to my knowledge and style along with reputation and being undefeated I often get standing ovations and even salutes
Put in a list of the top 7 people on AGW they think I am like Feynman and sometimes Tony Stark due to me Peacock like struting around with these liars and abusers of science
As a scientist I am unique as my skill extend to politics and humour in the form of extreme sarcasm and efter over a doen or two and with only two left I think I may have made the Antifa hoard angry when I posted this above meme?


I is truly bizarre what s going on currently and there is a veritable sea of lies over the election, Covid and AGW.

If you thought the behaviours of us humans sounds insane I can assure you that if you spend a while researching this it is also going on in the animal kingdom.

Literally just see story of Buddhists in Thailand in shock as elephants have killed three monks.

Hundreds if not thousands of whales died on beaches around the world.

Birds dropped dead out the sky across North and South America, Russia, UK, Europe and just see one for China where it is occurring every day and each time hundreds of birds. Another in Thailand too with parrots found dead on a telecom transceiver tower.

Deep sea fish coming to surface more and more and Moonfish being caught by anglers or washed up on a beach thousands of miles from home.

Dolphins have died.

Animal attacks on humans have increased across the world even from domestic animals.

Off the coast of Russia an unimaginable number of sea creatures have died and do not forget 70% of Earth is ocean and has a floor we have barely explored.

There are a bunch of people who claim to be humanitarian and worried about the planet who are lying their asses off, claiming AGW is real, claiming Covid is a huge threat and claiming there was no fraud in the US Presidential Elections.

I did post about Covid, I got that wrong. I had to stop as no way am I giving out false information

I have not got AGW wrong.

It is obvious to the majority and a growing number of people that there indeed WAS fraud at the elections and there is evidence of it.

For the longest time I have waited for everyone to put these things together.

Why is the group of people that are lying and bullying others and shutting down free-speech the main pushers of man-made climate change, scaring people over Covid deaths and calling for lock-downs and stating there is no election fraud evidence when there is?’

Once people realise this and realise these people are fringe far-left Marxists then they realise they have been lied to and the news media have also lied to them too.

They also are now either stating that The Great Reset is a conspiracy theory or actually asking what is so wrong with it?

  • People encouraged to spend money and but things by leftist organisations like Google that know that all there stuff will be taken back off them
  • WEF: “You will own nothing and you will be happy!
  • That is everything and I do mean everything from a spoon to a house
  • Think about that .. everything .. farmers, business owners and your property becomes property of a state run by fascists who lied and cheated you for several decades
  • Ad they have to get every single person ON EARTH .. to do this
  • And they claim they came up with the plan in around 6 months

I tell others that each and every day IU simply cannot believe how shit my life has been and how much more shit they want to make it.

And I have these very same people asking me what the problem is after spending months lying, bullying, cheating, falsely accusing, spreading lies, character assassinations and doxing.

The fascists want to know what is wrong with being treated like a fooking shit for years and now being turned into a slave and things getting far worse?

They are starting to make Hitler look tame!

I know Jewish people that fled London for Israel two years ago because they could see what was coming and getting scared because the hard-left are literally Nazis and disguise this by calling everyone else that.

It is sheer madness and I ask myself if there is a connection between the odd human behaviour and the parallel we see with animals right around the world?

Cannot be mere coincidence and there are far too many coincidence as a lot of science data is also off the chain.

I mean you literally have hundreds of affidavits and the vast majority which is growing believing there is fraud and seen the evidence and the exact same people that have tried to scare you with climate change and Covid are very literally stat6ing there is no evidence.

And then there is me, not helped, supporting Donald Trump, hoping he is to the people, everything they want him to be and think that he is. But you cannot support anyone else .. as anyone else has these evil Marxists among them. These socialists.

But the whole time I am concerned that it is not all a charade designed to distract us from the real events heading our way?

I get attacked and told that I am going to cry like a baby when Joe Biden is announced as President and are ADAMANT he will be.

My answer is that as disappointing as that may be my blog would, or at least SHOULD, increase in popularity a thousand fold.

Because the right wing fractioned off into its tribes and like the left, put all their eggs in particular baskets.

Now I have no idea how many baskets there are but I can tell you what two are .. 1) God and 2) Q Anon.

I am not religious myself but the odd thing is Christians seem to love me and I was called two things by two different groups 1) ‘The Messenger’ and 2) ‘Warrior of God’. Tried to tell them they was barking up the wrong tree but you get the ‘he works in mysterious ways’ line.

So what the leftists do not get is that if Biden becomes President, and I certainly now do not want any fascist Marxist socialists getting power over so much as a hamster, many people that thought they had this in the bag because of said baskets they chose are going to look elsewhere.

Imagine it ..

‘Oh we screwed up on that one. Now they are in power, what are we going to do? Well these was this one guy that warned about this and got everything right for years that the big tech and government have been silencing for years and we took no notice or helped when we should have done? Maybe pay more attention? As we fecked it now .. we fecked it .. we backed the wrong horse and Biden .. oops .. now Kamala Harris is President!’

The idea of someone doing the right thing while others walk into traffic with their eyes closed is that despite the wrong outcome making me more popular and helping me get out of my living hell and being able to treat my condition and all the pain and suffering that comes with it ..

.. I DO NOT want President Biden and The Great Reset where rather then sitting her in this 360 degree of hell I would rather die in a civil war against fascists with a gun in my hands.

But that is just me.

Meanwhile I spent 8 years watching others get more attention, get help, get support, get funding, get a million pounds and/or house. While I suffered.

I was never approached by the left and offered money to shut everything down or join their side and so you know why?

Because and as my friends will tell you that I am NO SELLOUT TO EVIL.

There are some signs of changing times but I have been here so many times before and had so many rugs pulled from under me.

Yesterday I was hearing that Twitter had a hard left purge going on where NOW the hard-left were crying that there were separate rules and they was bing picked on.

Fascists. People with zero morals that rejoice in the suffering of others suddenly develop morals when the tables are turned and they all go limping around the floor before you performing their ‘bird with wounded wing’ routine.

Help them,leave off and the minute you turn your back they would bury a knife into it and I speak from experience.

It is what it is and you can claim its this or its that, its evil or its the magnetic field or Earth changes but none of that matters because at the end of the day it is a problem that you need to deal with.

A sadistic serial killer I am sure has excuses, issues and a troubled history as to why they are the way they are .. but you do not leave them to walk around murdering innocent people because ‘their past issues and feel-feels’. And this attitude coming from the people that rejoice in the deaths or their opponents, have wish death on those they do not like and then cry ‘fascism’ as soon as someone accuses them of something.

When these people look up all they see is the poop emerging from a Viper’s arsehole.

So they have hash-tagged this thing #StopTheLeftPurge .. or something like that and a video is linked below of Count Dankula going over this and laughing. Because suddenly the left calling for more and more censorship and crying it is happening to them now.

Do you see this? Rules for thee but not for me.

This is fascism. It is how fascism starts. It is how it started in Germany and Nazis were called Nazis before they did the things that people use the term for today to state others are like.

Adolf Hitler took over the party in 1921 I think it was and they were already called Nazis a couple of years prior to this. Then all this shit started, the propaganda, accusing others of what you was doing, silencing dissenters and de-funding the Police.

Yet no matter how many times you tell them and show them they just ignore it and continue anyway which means they are either imbeciles or they know full well what they are and do not care.

You have a very cold and bad start to both Autumn and winter and may well get a lot worse and soon people will also be asking where all the dead bodies are.

Now if they come here and see this and then say to themselves ..

Say? Why IS IT that its always the Socialists and Marxists that were behind this nonsense?’

If Biden becomes President and I hope he does not .. then everyone’s immediate concern is doing to be the socialists within the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, the CCP, China and The Great Reset as this will suddenly be a very real and scary possibility.

And all because tribal people wanted to rave about their particular horse in the race and not research and read and take it all into account and do a little deduction.

Trusty me when I tell you that I left clues and comments all over the place the last few years ..

  • Sargon of Akkad
  • Tim Pool
  • Styxhexenhammer
  • Likely Steve Turley but cannot recall
  • Fox News and others I cannot recall but they are out there
  • OAN and NTD later on

I cannot say Steven Crowder as I only started listening to him regularly recently and wish I had sooner.

Spent years everyone telling me to just hold out, the suppression will end, it will go the way we want, Trump will be President, he will kick the social media giants into touch.

So if Biden becomes President it might get worse and despite the fact they have not been able to get rid of me because they cannot prove me as fake news or lying .. eight years of the life of a disabled guy who lost £50,000 and owed half a million will suddenly go up in smoke.

And after losing 90% of my belongings, my home, car, business and lied to for years and got no treatment over my health it will get worse and they might knock on my door and take my last couple of belongings and I am scared about that, let me tell you that for free.

And this is supposed to make me happier? With the help of a baton on truncheon or maybe even electrocution therapy?

As I stated I would rather die ion a civil war with a gun in my hand.

Its been 25 years or more of a constant hell and pain and enduring horrors most would not believe and each and every day I ask myself how I have managed to endure watching the world slowly go to hell while everyone in it made mistakes but thought they they was right and everyone else was wrong.

Yup clearly this has had a positive effect on the situation.

Yeah despite the fact that I have noted that here in the UK that all the political parties are the same and that I have been telling people and blogging this for frikkin’ years and only NOW are people beginning to say it .. I have little hope that things are different in the USA.

Obama gets in and after awhile nothing really changed much, did it?

Trump got in and I felt elated and I was sure back then that all the social media giants would be dealt with.

Now post Presidential Elections 2020 it worse than ever and I wonder if Trump will remain and to the things we all thought he would in his first term.

After all we only back him because the alternative is far worse.

Same thing happened here in the UK and today Conservative voters are ripping into Boris Johnson and a growing number are calling him a sell-out, globalist or controlled by either George Soros or Jeremy Corbyn.

Once again and with a third Conservative Prime Minister in a row we STILL await them to do that which they promised. Brexit and immigration.

Just like the Hollywood studios making woke films that do not make money and naïve movie reviewers thinking for 5 years that each time a movie flopped they would learn their lessons and make decent movies again without political messages.

Been telling them for three years this is not going to change and is intentionally to achieve something, though what I was not sure. I called it all #ProjectDistraction.

Fast forward to today and not only are the woke movies and TV shows still going but they have plans for the next several years. And then there are all the movie theatres struggling or closing.

Now come on if ten years or so ago yo9u made a movie of the world going mad and story like what we are seeing today then I am sure that yourselves, as well as I would, would have said it as shit, a stupid story and not believable.

A friend of mine says to me today “Your theories and predictions we all thought was mad but today not only did you get everything spot on buts its even crazier than what you said!”

This is someone who is now arguing with his own girlfriend over this who thinks all the news is honest and not fake news and this is made up and he going mad about it.

Yup .. and therein lies he causes of the world’s issues today .. people that do NOT back up their snap decision on what is going on or have the responsibility to even research their own beliefs.

Too much of an inconvenience as they have far more important things going on in their lives like their job, saving money, buying shit.

Wonder what they will think when all their shit gets taken away?

Feel like the most incompetent morons going? Especially after being told for years that this was all coming down the line?

Relative: “After years of putting it off I just bought a nice house in an nice area”

State: “Yeah about that house? Ours now, sorry!”

Guarantee that relative knows nothing of The Great Reset and wont believe it if I tell him. Or three others despite the fact I have professional friends now, are talking about it and just cannot see how they are going to pull this off. I always say “exactly” but then again maybe there is no Great Reset and maybe its just more distraction from the fact that a Grand Solar Minimum is going on and its going to get colder for years and they will all look like lairs and fraudsters?

I can only give you the facts or the possibilities ..

When the impossible has been eliminated, whatever remains, however improbable, has to be the truth” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Stop making the mistake of going for the confirmation bias where you only consider the answers that you want to be true.

This is rife everywhere and its a disease and dangerous to the extreme.


  • Donald Trump has oceans of people at rallies
  • He gets 2 to 3 million more votes than Barack Obama
  • Joe Biden had no one turn up at rallies
  • He gets 10 to 12 million more votes than Barack Obama

Things reported but not sure of area

  • Counted votes when they were supposed to stop
  • Reports of dead people voting
  • Reports of people voting twice
  • Reports of more votes than residents, unheard of
  • Minnesota had 90% turnout, never heard of this happening anywhere
  • String of ballots with same birth-dates
  • Ballots looking printed
  • Ballot numbers running consecutively
  • Video of someone offering to stuff ballots for Biden into boxes
  • Videos before election of buying ballots
  • Reports of homeless voting for Biden
  • Reports of OAPs leaned on to vote for Biden
  • Poll Watchers thrown out or asked to stand 20 feet away
  • In every polling station appear to be hard-left activists
  • Republicans being picked on or ones mostly asked to leave
  • Reports children voting

Those above will belong to one of the lists below.


Georgia ..

  • USB sticks were pulled from machines in sinister fashion
  • Asked Poll Watchers to leave
  • Blamed it on leaking mains pipe
  • Reason turned out to be a lie
  • Carried on counting after people left
  • Pulled five or six cases of ballots from under a table
  • Late vote spikes for Joe Biden shoot up around same time
  • Reports of 450,000 votes only for Joe Biden which is impossible without fraud
  • Dominion Software used and Eric Coomer stated that he fixed it so Trump cannot win


  • Software Glitch gives 6,000 votes to Joe Biden
  • Ballot arriving after counting stops
  • Dominion Software used and Eric Coomer stated that he fixed it so Trump cannot win


  • Late vote spikes for Joe Biden
  • Dominion Software used and Eric Coomer stated that he fixed it so Trump cannot win


  • Late vote spikes for Joe Biden
  • Registered Democrat Poll Watchers witnessed irregularities
    • Was told to shut up, shouted at and told they would accuse her of racism
  • Indian woman mistaken for Democrat and staff admit they want to throw Republican poll watchers out then turn hostile to her and shout at her and say she is on the wrong side
    • This alone warrants an investigation and how did BIASED fringe leftists end up as staff?
    • Was told to shut up
  • Another voter witnessed several staff unsure about a ballot want to award it to Biden, which is illegal, and to get her point across suggested they award it to Trump and was then shouted at and told to shut up
  • Statistician states voting numbers are impossible
  • Blocks to machines being investigated
  • Dominion Software used and Eric Coomer stated that he fixed it so Trump cannot win


  • Dominion Software used and Eric Coomer stated that he fixed it so Trump cannot win


  • Wisconsin had roughly a 90% turnout which is unlikely
  • Dominion Software used and Eric Coomer stated that he fixed it so Trump cannot win

Reports of ..

  • Dominion head telling people he had made sure Trump cannot win
  • Does not turn up at Pennsylvania hearing
  • No word from anyone in Dominion
  • Offices deserted
  • Same building linked to George Soros
  • Staff delete LinkedIn accounts

What If ..

  • Put Biden in ..
    • Antifa will continue to smash up stuff .. only ..
    • Conservatives will be out in force too
    • No one will trust the election
    • No one will accept ‘we will make it sure it wont happen again’
    • Putting in the cheaters and sayings its OK is not gonna fly
    • Complete break down will happen between February and June 2021
  • Put Trump in ..
    • Antifa riot only, which they will do anyway

Fascist Leftists

  • Tell you the facts of everything above, its always in favour of Biden
  • Lie
  • Stated there was no evidence
  • Character Assassination of Witnesses
  • Refuse to admit affidavits are evidence
  • Lie
  • As more evidence emerged some switched to ‘it is not enough to alter election result’
  • Misquote people like the Department of Justice and say there is no evidence
    • Actually said no evidence of widespread fraud
    • Widespread Fraud is bullshit and unprofessional
      • What does it mean
      • You only need up to 6 swing states to alter result

People to listen to on this ..

  • Conservative Twins
  • Steven Crowder
  • Tim Pool
  • One America News
  • Newsmax
  • NTD
  • Podcast of the Lotus Eaters

Odd situation arose as I was half way though typing this out of a woman claiming to have Police raid her house and point guns at her children in Florida having the hard-left screaming ‘fascism’.

Yeah lets leave aside the hard-left are the fascists everywhere ..

Turns out she has a webpage about Covid that asks for money, does not know whether she is a business and not-for-profit and has no news updates for 8 weeks despite tweeting a lot and was previously fired.

She also has a Marxist symbol, like that of Extinction Rebellion but placed on its side.

There is a video she posted of Police but only them entering the house and it seems very fishy to me and these could be Antifa terrorists or scammers cheating scared people out of money?

Her name is Rebekah Jones and the website is Florida Covid Action which also sounds very ‘activist’ and odd that she asks for money to tell viewers the numbers?

Does she have a page with a link to the Centre for Disease Control website?

Here is a news article about it someone sent me.


Tim Pool on broken heart of a liberal who saw for herself the hypocrisy and made a video about it ..

Here is Count Dankular on that purge on Twitter regarding the hard-left

Whale Sharks ..

Elephants Killing Monks ..


Deep Sea Fish turning up far away from home ..


Birds all over the world dropping dead out of the skies ..


Another in a long line of Whales and Dolphins dying ..


Try this again as I get more people now but no one go mad.

Just the stress levels and trying t replace my equipment so I can battle better for something I often question is worth it or will I make any difference at all?

Many followers seem to think so but not enough have helped offset the suppression of me, and failing to pick up that I am indeed a threat, and helped get my blogs out to a wider audience.


And just when you think 2020 could not get any more bizarre than it already is yet another report of some official stating that aliens exist. This time fro Israel.

Like a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey an Monolith gets reported being spotted in Utah in the USA and as weird as this sounds it only got .. weirder ..


Monolith then appears in Romania


And then it appears in the UK on the Isle of Wight ..


If this is true? Would not be surprised and I am a scientist and was smart as a kid and I always insisted that most of the stars we see in the night sky had planets. As a child.

This was against the ‘consensus’ of scientists at the time.

In fact I have a long history of going ‘against the grain’ and there are close to 4,000 posts on this blog and I have another now neglected blog on astrophysics and the cosmos.

Or its all a distraction.

Raises an eyebrow but until anything tangible comes up it was just be odd news reporting to me an likely with one of several agendas.

I, for one, will not be distracted and keep my focus, as hard as this is at times.


It has been really annoying for me .. I have spent a long time helping others and they are either too stupid to spread this blog around because I am not saying the right thing or the Puppeteers have done a very good job.

Friends and my daughter have just been shocked at the way things have gone and at first the numbers shoot up faster than you can imagine, then go backwards and often reverse and then slow to a crawl which does not do it justice.

Oddly rows have broken out on both GAB and Parler that something is going on and just maybe it is because my posts are having issues uploading and being spread.

The video below vanished from BitChute. BitChute. Set up because of censorship going on elsewhere and recently attacked by Twitter and flagged as untrustworthy.

Bullshit and lies from Twitter as I have been on it for years as has ..

  • Sargon Of Akkad
  • Tim Pool
  • Styxhexenhammer
  • Candace Owens
  • Laura Loomer

You tell people. Theyu do not accept it on face value.

Time and time again they insist it is not true based on a whim, even a friends girlfriend has done this and are not aware of ‘due diligence’.

Maybe people do not spread things because its not the reasons they want to hear that things are happening?

I only ever promised the truth and that if I state that something will happen or something is going on I will be right 90% or more of the time.

I have a rule .. that I am NEVER 100% convinced of something. It is just my way.

I thought it better that I predict things and have people realise I get all this right and that, in time, people would place trust in what I said.

Now to be fair many have done this but not anywhere near enough.

Well either that or the censorship witch-finder generals have been into every social media platform and fooked things up?

Below is a video and it is one of the scariest things anyone will see. No word of a lie and the Romanian talking about it has an Uncle he was told died of Covid-19 and an Aunt that has lost a job because of Covid-19 while he watches politicians getting haircuts when the hairdressers are all supposed to be closed.

A while ago and oddly I was worried that the EU Army they denied was being planned or created might be intended to control the domestics rather than protect them.

The only other possibilities is during a global cooling which could be rapid that they might think the Russians, not being able to grow their own food due to non-existent growing seasons, might march into Europe.

Nazi Germany actually taking place in Germany against an activist against lock-downs who looks very, very scared occurring while he live streamed.

This was literally draw dropping scary and if I am honest I have been expecting this to occur with me.


Well that video got deleted within minutes!

Now I literally flipped out on social media had a go at everyone on every platform .. because they all want their theories to be true, the confirmation bias reality and both side live in their bubbles, did not react fast enough and I rippe dinto them and said if you do not get out of yur whining fucking bubbles, pull your thumbs out of your asses Grorge Soros and The Great Reset is going to be all over you.

All for the sake of clicking a God damned button!

I am disabled, deal with pain and horror daily and have done far more than anyone else and single handed and this means ANYONE ELSE.

But people all look to their fucking deities and its so annoying, like watching robots just continually walking into a wall.

These people are not hanging around. I reapeat, these people are not hanging around. You cannot sit their in your bubble looking for the things you want to be true because these people will kick your ass.

So I have informed everyone they need to pull their thumbs out of their asses, look at what is provided and for the love of God share the fucking evidence someone has worked nine years to get and post about to help you out.

I have suffered and risked as well as LOST a great deal. The LEAST people can do is read and click a button instead of just sitting there bitching into the wind.

HERE is the video as it turned out that on Minds I am followed by a nice Austrian lady and she shot off and found it.

I looked everywhere for this and it was nowhere to be found and YouTube was refusing to show me anything at all.

“Yeah I havbe not got around to looking at the video yet” I have heard so many times and then the video is gone.

Yeah sorry these fascists are really going to just sit there waiting for you to actually make time to look to see how your fucking life is going to be screwed over.


Remember this video was removed from BitChute an alternative to YouTube designed to not have any censorship and I cannot wait to hear why this video was removed.


Scientists in paper published on Phys.org on January 4th 2019 they stated that the deep water of the Pacific Ocean was cooling and possibly as a result of the Little Ice Age.

Tried to explain lag times to the promoters of AGW who have been waiting 4 decades for their burning Earth who now expect a change in the Sun from 2010 to put us in an immediate ice-age or a Grand Solar Minimum has no effect.


Not long after this I absolutely insisted that oceans must be heating up due to all the graphs for volcanoes saying they have been on the rise for 60 years.

From December 2019 or a little earlier I realised the missing link I had wondered about with ice-ages that was never really explained and harped on about it.

However I had used something in error because someone else was using it in error. The nullschool model. Had to apologize for this and will do so here.

The maps were of ocean waves and not war water blobs but in my defence the person I discovered the model from, biggish YouTuber I will not name, also used it wrong.

Also I clicked on ‘Ocean’ and did not click on ‘Waves’. Climate alarmists have been all over this like I am an idiot and should not be listened to. Except in nearly a year or more that I have been posting the images not only did these science experts not spot it either they were unaware of the nullschool model.

So take from that what you will.

Fast forward to October 2020 and 21 months later another scientific paper, that I predicted was inevitable, gets published again on Phys.Org only this time is claimed that the deep ocean water is not only warming but faster than they expected.


Make no mistake of what I think is coming and I risk my health trying to undo the deliberate damage done to my daughter and me by lying authorities, British Government and the pushers and puppeteers of The Great Reset and the obsessed leftists they have used to hide this with their pandering and false promises.

I ask myself daily why I am bothering to do anything at all?

Known for years we were heading for something and along with the leftists, authorities, social media I have had to endure long lists of symptoms involving pain and ignored by friends and family.

At first they thought I was mad whereas now they just want to walk around with their heads in a bucket as if one day they can take them off and all will be rosy.

I feel as if I am punished for saying anything and yet if I saw one was about to cross the road without looking and did not mention the truck coming I would be given the same treatment.

And I am living in a house where, despite telling them repeatedly not to do it and not to give me certain foods as it sparks off a lot of pain ..

This person STIL insists on doing it, so they can get their victim cards out to others and yes this is an extremely narcissistic socialist no one wants to spend any time with, and complains my health is an inconvenience.

Imagine what a friend said after each time I told them I had asked the socialist not to provide certain foods and they still did it anyway and has happened five times?

Now what if I stated that I had told them about these foods for six years or more?

Well if your thinking that they are doing this deliberately so they can cause me pain or even kill me you would not be the only one.

This socialists own cousin, a woman, refuses to talk to this person and his horrified of what they are doing and has been in a constant state of shock for the way I have been treated by absolutely everyone.

Imagine a world in the not too distant future where they powerful and elite, who will remain n power because the fascist hard-left are not only helping them but have actually talked for a few years it is inevitable.

Think about this for a moment. Election after election has gone against them in greater numbers and yet they still state changes are coming and everyone will have to accept it and get a shock.

Make no mistake they tweet with utter glee over this as if they will get pleasure from angering or scaring the bejesus out of the masses.

So if everyone is voting against this and it comes in anyway how did these groups on Twitter know when they got everything else wrong?

Will leave you to work that one out.

Now imagine a world wide change where you do not own your property or land or indeed anything right down to a screw-driver? Said to someone on the phone and he recalled me telling him years ago there is the push to put everything on subscription. The mobile phone model has gone over to TV services, computer software like gaming and Photoshop among others.

Now he states I was right on this too .. I just knew we were heading in a very weird direction and I spent years trying to tell others getting the same issues I do with friends and family. Want to moan but not know the reasons and too obsessed with their own things to listen.

For me its like I said .. screaming at someone a truck is coming but they refuse to listen or look and cross the road anyway. Eventually the proverbial hits the fan and I have spent years shaking my head over situations like this.

In fact an old friend followed me on Twitter I lost contact with several years ago but did not realise who I was. We chatting on DM one night when suddenly he blurted out “You are not gonna believe this but we know each other, pal!”

Turns out it was an old real life friend and we had a mutual friend who considered himself a socialist, but not a lying crazy one, who died of kidney cancer. No authority looked after him and the NHS and nurses acted like this dying man was an inconvenience.

This friend also thought I was nuts years back and this is what he said ..

I am sooo sorry, we though you was mad with your predictions and yet 4 years later everything you said was not only true but it is way worse than even you predicted!”

He also said ..

How have you survived all these years with people not believing you with all your health issues and what happened with your daughter?”

Told him I was still dealing with this.

Literally spent years saving the lives of both people and animals and yet I have not had anything back from anyone .. any where. Something that does also get pointed out to me by different people.

I literally have no idea why this is and why I cannot escape my hell. It seems the powers at be are intent on my living hell continuing?

And now more of my fears are being confirmed and the western world is literally going to be turned into a living hell based on fascism and lies.

The one and ONLY hope I have is that most of the left realise that it is cooling and that along with other things like Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, Anthropogenic Global Warming and Covid has been used to control people.

  1. Filling people with fear and are you aware Hermann Goring at the Nuremberg Trials stated that not only did they use this to control their own but it works in any government?
  2. Promises of free things and power or anything your heart desires
  3. Division and segregation which goes back to my Project Distraction Theory

Let us be honest here about a few things to do with world leaders, shall we?

  1. They are idiots
  2. They do not want to lose power
  3. Now think about it and think about it again after viewing everything, does this sound like a smart plan that will work?
  4. Do you really think the people trying to find a way of styaying in power really give a crap about anyone they are promising things to?
  5. Do you think it might be a trick?
  6. Do you think you will fall victim because of Dunning-Kruger Effect and fall into a trap that you cannot dig your way out of?

It is simply the act of a naïve fool that insists a one way door leads to utopian and runs through it without pause for thought.

It is always forgotten that poor people are either rich people or powerful people that simply have neither. Except we live in an age where the latter two have a view of themselves of a higher form of species altogether.

It is fascinating that people can lecture you on how to do better without any success of their own but then hope for you when everything fails.

I have long thought that today’s politics appear as an appeasement by way of fooling the people that if they do not like a particular path there is a day to wait for when they can change it. Except nothing ever changes. And the charade goes on

Have disliked politics for years. The way I saw it was the powers that be used politics to control the masses be this via herding or dividing. Never have I seen more proof of this than the decade leading up to 2021. Its is not money that the powerful are scared of but the thought of losing said power. Right now it appears that despite thinking we live in a democracy they are intent on bringing in a system the majority do not want in attempt to still be the ones in power despite being the ones that caused the woes of the world. Luckily they have a number of salivating naïve fools helping them achieve this goal.

If you want society to work together to deal with a problem it would be wise to not disguise said problem with another problem which only succeeds in dividing the people you need to work together.

Unless your great plan is to have way less people? Just saying.

People are easily confused. My job is not to appease people or massage delusions. My role is merely to expose the truth. Whether they choose to accept or deny it is up to them.

Fear, hatred and anger are the biggest enemies on mankind that the people of the western world have had thrust upon them year after year of late. The remaining one of boredom is now in the planning stages with introduction planned in the next couple of years.

Imagine them coming for you and your belongings at some point?

Those that refuse to be taught or unwilling to learn always have preconceived ideas of how the world is and how it should be.

XR and the left are all about animals and the environment but do not like connections and links being pointed out the show AGW is wrong.

Nature has stunning levels of interconnectivity and only those challenged that are amoral would choose to ignore this fact.

Dave Cullen on a document, possibly real, that was allegedly leaked from the Canadian Government that details plans regarding The Great Reset. Listen if you dare.

Think it was in the last post but in case you missed it here is the World Economic Forum who I have since been hearing are talking about giving the groups they are trying to trick their hearts greatest desires.


Time Magazine on how to build a better world many called this ‘New World Order’ claimed a crank conspiracy talk by leftists that seem to know it was coming while real life friends are not actually talking TO ME about it.


The left say they are all about anger but .. I would ask of them this ..

When ones life has been entirely destroyed but for a few moments many of which later became a nightmare, what level of revenge upon those responsible is acceptable?

If you think the world at large is going to accept your extreme bias after being victimized and lied to for many years you are seriously deluded and will only realise when you find yourself in the middle of a civil war you have no chance of winning.

But at least you will be out of the proverbial hair of those in power that tricked you onto being on the front-line.

Maybe the naïve should stop for a moment and ask what was really talked about at all those G20 meetings?

Maybe those not invited might want to start asking themselves this also?

Sacrificial lambs, anyone?

Tim Pool on The Great Reset

This has not been stopped because nto enough people realised the tricks and bullshit I have sp[ent years trying to tell people and it just did not get to the right people.

I had two chances while the social media was burying me ..

  1. Reach enough people
  2. Go viral at some point on key posts
  3. Get the right influential people to help key posts get to more people
  4. Get some offers of help, which I kind of did many times but nothing came of it and if it had maybe I could have done a way better job than the one that I have?

Sadly despite many thinking for years I could single-handedly change things and stop things it was not meant to be.

So Covid-19 was invented or exaggerated, it matters not which, to install fear in those already irate and distracted to be used as an excuse for The Great Reset.

Remember according to the big guns in the hard-left I do not admit or like admitting when I am wrong. Who does? But I had to admit I was wrong on Covid as I thought it would be a way bigger pandemic than it was. I was using the model wrong I have pointed out in this very post.

The fascists are now trying to use the second thing I was wrong about, they have to say Covid-19 is real for control, to state that I must be wrong on everything.

While they have been shown to be wrong on everything .. but they claim they are right about AGW and Covid-19.

They did an about-face on Covid. For no other reason than once imported they could use it.

The lock-downs are to install more fear, anger, boredom and unrest.

Mankind, from the top to the bottom, seems intent on continuing on its path of self-destruction.

Mankind lacks the ability to stand back, take a few breaths and actually identify the individual trees in said wood.

All tyrannies rule through fraud and force but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force” – George Orwell

The people will believe what the media tell them to believe” – George Orwell

In a time of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

He wears a mark and his face grows to fit it” – George Orwell

So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people that do not even realise that fire is hot” – George Orwell