The Era of Dead Reckoning

Imagine, if you will, for the briefest of moments a terrifying scene of fantasy ..

In a far away land existed a once innocent young girl.

Her life was surrounded by horrors most would not believe while others not survive.

All around her predators waited. An evil mother with mental health issues, a gang of rapist men, an evil extreme leftist council that loved to victim blame and a inept Police Force, incompetent and scared of their own shadows.

Her life strangled as if choked by a tourniquet, the air slipping slowly away.

Her friends not knowing what she should do.

Turning to all kinds of outs she was asked if she could turn to her father for help and she said she had sent a letter but thought that her father was likely just as evil as the rest.

In a moment in a year long gone by a matron remarked at how gentle a father was with his baby girl while at the same time she would fear for anyone that would hurt her as he looks like he would kill them.

A man once collapsed to his knees sobbing in tears as the one brief moment he saw his daughter at six years old also sobbing as he watched her bottom lip shaking, burying her head into a cuddly toy given to her as the coach once again took her away.

A letter arrived at an old address out of sheer desperation.

In a very brief time word got to the father who sensed terrible things but was surrounded by naysayers that would insist he was imagining things.

The daughter would be surrounded on all sides, all enemies including those tasked and paid to protect and guide her. A sense of nowhere to run and foreboding would have been overwhelming to someone so young.

The ultimate set of betrayals.

Suddenly the ground around them would shake.

A man lands amidst the furore with confused face but for the evil mother whose eyes widened and knowing what comes next would turn and run, racing away like a injured duck that had just drank a super-serum.

Hey Kiddo”


The ground rocked their world and all around staggered off balance, stepping right and then to the left all unsure of their footing.

Rising slowly up a analysing the surroundings and the enemies around, a strike was made to the gang, bodies reeling in all directions.

Flipping to the opposing side a strike was made to the evil left of the council and a friend would say “Who the hell is that?”

As another turn was made striking the incompetent and lying Police Force the girl would turn and grin ..


A sinister plan of attack was thwarted by sending data to the very organizations once interested in his abilities. They made but one phone-call after he vanished of their radar and they called him ‘genius’ not knowing this is was not all he was.

There was just a little help.

When the focus of the group was intentionally shifted by the one that was onto their murderous intentions. Upon its execution they had a party waiting to receive them at the location they were manipulated into switching to.

The news media already suspect all ignored he please and her plight.

From that very moment the war had begun and the mission ahead was clear.

A mission in of itself was repair to the damage done by these evil, amoral groups before the unadulterated and justified revenge could be carried out. But carried out it would most certainly.

Two rules, absolutely no excuses nor any prisoners would be taken once the guilty parties had been found.

The true enemies would eventually reveal themselves in rather incompetent ways with their messages and claims and little by little the path to the puppeteers would be ventured further along to its inevitable conclusion.

He would often think how some parents even among his own were blissfully aware of how lucky they were .. are.

People would start to gather around him, standing in awe as the ability to dispatch and the ruthless and cut-throat attitude that would be one of many traits.

The gloves long since thrown, my tactics careful and no prisoners at all will be taken by any and all that were part of the evil I now face.

Absolutely none.

Little by little they would be in awe with each new discovery made.

My tactics still in place. All must be unsuspecting until each strike is made and the details revealed to not the country .. but the world.

No margin for error, no chance of escape.

Each world they built, every goal they think inevitably theirs, all must die in a burning pit of fire and even then my revenge will not be satisfied.

One by one they would talk, often telling the man that he was awe inspiring to watch and how blessed they felt that he was on their side.

Others would request he remind them never to piss him off.

In time the fallen would be far too numerous for the biggest graveyards.

Those that got to be told all details of the story would either go into uncontrollable sobbing or fire up in anger.

While sobbing the abused girl would tell the father they had robbed her for so many years ..

I cannot believe [SOBSOB] who my father is, I have NEVER felt so lucky”

Well this cannot be isolated and I will find out who is ultimately responsible and when I do I am going to expose them and destroy their worlds until only dust remains. I am so sorry I gave you such an evil mother, I tried so hard to get you out of that”

The girl sobs uncontrollable, upon hearing for the first time that several attempts were made to find out how she is and get her out.

The enemies would stumble across clue but refrain from looking too hard and reading too much, that was the gamble.

It never occurred to them to wonder to the kung-fu, bo staff and nunchaku videos and why they existed and the purpose behind the training.

The message set and was in no doubt would only be received in part, that was the naivety and arrogance of the self-proclaimed superior beings.

In excess if four years and not once did they ever discover.

Could you imagine such a scene and even one with possibly for more involved than that described here?

The sad reality of this is that despite how unlikely something like this might appear the fact is that it is all true.

However there is far more to this story and so much so that at one point in time there was interested as the one in the story taken advantage of and let down was approached with talk of films, TV series and appearances and books.

This suddenly evaporated and nor was it the first time as a court case suddenly dissolved before her very eyes at the 11th hour.

Someone, somewhere did not want the wider public knowing about it.

But I am sure those that read this would be asking themselves, and quite rightfully so, how I could possibly claim that a story such as this was true.

I would be a perfectly relevant question and indeed there is also an answer.

I am the father.

Take a little time if you need to.

It is not possible to describe the years of guilt and pain I have endured.

If you have seen me online, if you have seen or heard about my resolve and ruthless nature and if you read in a previous piece about the old enemy that re-emerged out of the proverbial woodwork, called me the ‘C’ word and asked me who died?

Well I think as there appears to be a sudden and new focus on me and oars have been collected up to stir up the creek it seems the right time to divulge that which drives me.

Well .. in part.

As I said there is far more.

There was more prior to that and there has been more since.

In fact there still exists something that involves several children that east away at me.

When I said I had been doing this a long time and that I was linked to a number of organizations some previously interested in employing me, this was not in jest.

Several audio recordings exist regarding this one with detectives that is in excess of four hours long all on its lonesome.

For those that watch me you had two simple choices, have me as your best friend .. or have me as the worst enemy one could ever imagine.

Now you would think that in a world where everyone think they are equal to Einstein, the choice in this instance would be obvious.

All the clues are there.

In a couple hundred predictions my success rate is 98% and I cannot lie and have saved many lives of children, adults and animals.

What possible information could come your way or how biased and political and utterly desperate and stupid would you have to be to decide to make an enemy of me?

That period spanned 2011 to 2017. Technically it is still ongoing. Still they lie. Still are they placed in danger.

Even the NHS ignored things, lied about things and even after the above they missed cervical cancer in the young girl.

For those that have heard of read that I have referred to them as The Evil Trinity and that there is no accountability?

Well now you know.

If no accountability exists then I would spend every day of every week and year after year doing one single and solitary thing.

Create my own and make absolutely sure that before their plans are executed that the illusion is shattered and every person in every area in every country knows the truth.

Where it was thought I was destined to go hundreds if not thousands see me as a hero.

As did several Christian groups which I have alluded to many times.

They are now even aware of all described above and what is described is only ten percent of all that has occurred.

Now maybe, people will at least begin to understand.

One can only hope.

Memories can often be the worst of curses.

Unless deceased they should fear me because I will not stop coming.

Here is something that people that work for public services need to learn, little lies are bad.

Lying about this and covering up is bad as it is but little lies across the board in the public services allows evil people at the top of society to do a lot of harm because the effects are cumulative.

The is happening in health too and with anyone that has had to deal with heart conditions and covid and is explained in recent posts I have made.

Those that had throught me mad but now say its way worse then I had theorised and the events worse then I predicted have not caught on to this just yet.

It is a couple of shocks that will reverberate around the world.



Sometimes things get .. too difficult for me.

Sometimes I think I am going to keel over due to my health, and oppressive atmosphere I have been stuck in for 18 months.

Sometimes I get annoyed that my memory issues and old failing equipment has me unable to go through the many tens of gigabytes of files I have and got them posted out there.

So thinking that I might .. not be in the land of the living all of a sudden I decided I should find something, get it out there so it is off my mind and one of a thousand things I can get off my mind.

The one thing that I have picked up on over 7 years is that for some bizarre reason thing do not go viral on the Internet the way that the used to and as a computer professional that makes no sense.

Well not for me at any rate.

Considering that I have posted some pretty revealing recordings, like of a Police cover up over grooming gangs and how they did nothing and even gave a child to a paedophile and considering how this has been going wild on social media of late and even Tommy Robinson being in the news every five minutes .. it is even more bizarre.

Also as part of the cover up obviously local councils and their social workers are involved.

My daughter was a victim and the post titled ‘Country Of The Damned’ did get a lot of attention .. people said they had never heard anything like it, recordings were there that had me talking to Police Detectives from 2011. Something that involved radical Muslims who were concocting a dastardly plan that I myself foiled. Targeting an upcoming event I held off on not to cause panic.

When I first started blogging I got it into my head that within a few weeks it would go a little viral and build up over several months .. but it never happened.

Here is a recording from September 2019 of not one but two social workers visiting my daughter .. this is after not helping us again .. repeatedly and causing me to have heart issues and returning to somewhere I hate and am still trapped in that is quite oppressive.

Now follow this very carefuly .. because the level of persecution that has gone on with these people and us .. it must be going on with a lot of people.

My daughter is more or les ordered off Twitter .. no word of a lie and it is all there and I have held off on this for .. well since September.2018.

This is because it did not go viral even after going onto Twitter .. to date there has only been around 5,000 viewers and to make it sound worse every single person, not an evil twisted leftist, has said its the worst or one of the worst stories they have ever seen ..

.. it is still ongoing.

So along with my suspicions that I was being screwed over this blog .. it became clear I was being messed with on Twitter.

I was targeted, as I have explained, by Naz Shah on a sock account, though it took me all of 8 months to figure this out.

Now here is the thing .. just prior to this recording my daughter was reported and suspended off Twitter by Naz Shah from her official account.

Then awhile later she gets this visit from two social workers being ordered off Twitter .. its partly why I first wondered if my troll was Naz Shah but she had gone well out of her way to make herself sound like a man. So the penny did not drop. That was until she defended her own diversity tweet and then pretended to me on a different social media account that she did not know who Naz Shah was. Boom!

I am listening to the recording again to put some time stamps in and it grates on me how condescending these people are.

I was eventually suspended off Twitter when I was actually holding back to build up my followers in the hope that maybe then .. it might do something even close to going viral and maybe .. just maybe .. we actually might get an offer of help that is actually carried out.

We get offers of help every now and then so many have not panned out that we just do not put much faith in any of them.

There was a time when we thought we would get help and we would get a massive weight lifted from our shoulders only for later on nothing occurs… ever!

Funny thing is they never mention me .. yet they obviously know .. and there is the fact that they got a call about Twitter .. so someone that we came into contact with .. oddly who also offered us help after initially attacking us .. called us liars .. who then got blown to pieces when they were given the link to ‘Country Of The Damned’ and said ‘Oh shit .. your guys are for real?!’

So after having my plans put back once again .. it seemed pointless putting the recording up immediately and trust me when I say that .. there are A LOT of recordings and I doubt I have put up even as much as 10% of them .. probably around 5% or so at a guess?

Those that know me well enough know that I am professional, honest, genuine and likely because of my scientific side and all the sciences I am highly knowledgeable in .. and lastly .. that I do not like losing.

Especially to evil, corrupt liars.

So they reduced me from two accounts to just one, not including Facebook that turned to shit years ago that baffles me how people still use it. I hammered Facebook for years and I achieved more in a week on Twitter than I did on Facebook in several years.

This is why Twitter gets so much attention and censorship and its purely why when GAB was formed they went after that too!

Because its branching nature allows you to build up a large network in a very short period of time and just one tweet can have things shoot through the roof.

They also did not get rid of GAB entirely and due to the censorship by leftists trying to cover up their own evil acts and lies two others popped up .. Minds and Parler.

After Naz Shah chased me to another social media site and spent days on end gloating about it .. I got angry and I thought to myself .. ‘right .. I am going to come back at you and why have just two when you can have 7 accounts branching off?’

Bizarrely my decision to do this was met with joy and even rapturous celebrations by many people, odd as I was told by Naz Shah that no one gave a shit about me and did not even know I had gone.

The absolute level of lies by these people who seem to think they are morally superior to everyone else who has done nothing other than tell the truth and is doing this because there are not only other victims out there, just like I always told my daughter there must be others. But the sheer lack of help and persecution from the authorities that are supposed to help us

Please note that they also promise to go over the failures of the past .. state they will get the Police to take another statement about what happened years before with the paedophile father who has his son with him but nothing came of it/ Just as you hear my daughter tell them in the recording.

Oddly Naz Shah had caught wind that I had a recording I was going to post and kept saying things like ..

“Yeah, yeah Mr Big Bollox has something big he is going to post” and that was 3 months ago .. but I do not react.

There are many people that try to get me to react .. sometimes they even think that they are succeeding but that is because I wan them to think that they are succeeding so that they will get excited .. go into overdrive and let something slip. This normally works quite well and it even works again when I suddenly appear to go calm and they get confused and frustrated which normally brings on a meltdown. Often followed by a barrage of abuse where they let things slip out.

Was at 2,500 followers ad was planning to post this recording once I had gone over 3,000 followers only .. now I am closing in on 10,000 followers and yet my views are lower than they was than at 2,500 followers. Was around 33,000 daily at times back then.

Also the numbers continue to behave in bizarre ways and the fact that there are now no less than four social media sites that use this branching like behaviour they should all behave similarly .. except they do not.

Now before I get into the whole recording I want to explain something I have already done on social media I think .. I did not bother with on my blogs .. there was a weird .. incident .. and I was not planning to mention it on my blogs. Until, that is, I had a phone-call and was told about yet another similar incident happening the exact same day ..

I was walking up the road in a busy area .. heading out on a little .. retrieval mission I have to do and while in pain.

I was in the middle of the pavement, or side-walk, and I noticed a tall man heading straight for me in the distance so I slowly moved over to the left to give him room.

Only as I did he started moving to his right and I therefore moved further to the left and this rached the point where he was on top of me and I was in the actual kerb.

He then clouted into me hard, hitting my shoulder bag on my right side and I thought he was after grabbing my bag, after initially thinking he was drunk.

I had headphones on and I stopped and turned to look at him and he was shouting at me waving his arms about. I removed my headphones in a way to be sarcastic and said “What mate?!”

He then glared at me like he wanted to fight me and I asked again .. and I thought ‘this is it .. this is the day I am going to go to prison’ as it hit me he was an eco-warrior leftist type with a ring in his nose, pink short and light tan cargo trousers. The sort you see in every Extinction Rebellion video and being as he was one of those .. and if he was now doing this for what suddenly occurred to me he was doing .. I could feel a rage overcoming me.

At an unregistered location kept secret and being targeted as I have been, attempted doxes going on against me, threats that someone would turn up at my door? This being one of this lying evil lot with everything that has happened to me and my daughter? Me being able to hold my own even without my skills in Wing Chun Kung Fu?!

Yes I really thought this was it .. they had found me and they were about to find out that they had bitten off more than they could chew?! The feeling building inside me had me somewhat concerned for how far I would go.

Then, and I have no idea why, his face changed and all 6 foot 4 inches of him turned and walked off down the road.

Now as I stated I did mention this in posts on social media .. but did not want to bother doing a post about it. It was after this though and walking off myself I started thinking about publishing this recording in case something happened to me?

Only this morning my daughter rang me and I told her what had happened recently and she went mad in shock as apparently a very similar thing happened to her?!

We have had all kinds of threats and persecution along with intimidation and bullshit from all kinds of angles and in all kinds of ways. I had my tyres being let down on my Land Rover Discovery before I lost it through not acquiring any help and support along with about £20,000 and a home.

After she told me this earlier I decided to add the two incident to this post.

If those attempting to or thinking about doing something are reading this .. trust me .. DON’T!!

I absoultely assure you the outcome will not go as you intend and I will put you on the cover of many a tabloid and webpage and will keep you there for weeks if not months.

Your agendas will be blown to pieces before your very eyes.

I did mention it to one person .. but just said that someone tried to shove me into the road earlier and there are a lot of alcoholics around here and thought they would assume it was one of them .. except they gave one answer ..

“Do you think they have found you?!”

Oh and now I hear that after initially telling these social workers where to get off, who were out of their jurisdiction turning up not only in a school in a different country but also a different country, the headmaster of the school and the school have now turned on my daughter .. I said ..

“Don’t you think this sudden change of attitude from being supportive to trying to stop you and lying about it, is a bit suspicious?” To which she replied “Very”

I then said that someone had gotten on the phone to them .. and why was they suddenly being funny and lying? Because my daughter is putting her autistic children in a new school where she does not have to walk with three children for 40 minutes in each journey.

That is 80 minutes trying to walk with three children, two autistic. After the Police confiscated her second car .. yup forget support .. its total persecution from the local councils, Police and maybe now a school?

After already arranging for the transferring of the children to the new school the headmaster told my daughter “They are NOT allowed to leave because I have had no letter about it. Bearing in mind it is early July and they do not start until September?

Now that recording ..

Time Stamps ..

7.15 it is mentioned that things are being put on Twitter

12.55 “Why did you put that on Twitter”

23.15 Something about ‘I do not give my consent to be recorded and you cannot use it in court’ which is total BS .. do not want much do they? Two social workers that can back each others story up .. but your not allowed to use what they say against them?

26.20 The domestic abuse father now out of prison and given somewhere to live and a £20,000 cheque from the Liverpool Echo wants to see his son on his birthday and this is after a year of the social services manager called Eve saying they would NEVER let him see the children, though Chippo present in this recording kept saying he had a right, she is from Luton .. what she is doing there I do not know and has now been reduced to a desk job I last heard.

33.20 They ask my daughter why she had told them she wanted to move to London .. they did not even know that her father and family lived here? That is BS .. and I mean PURE bullcrap

Is is only PRIVATELY you cannot record someone and use the recordings without their permission and public servants paid for by the taxpayer do not even come close! Unless meeting privately and talking about person things.

Two social workers .. Wirral Council!AnOZtJAkM5l7gbJHaO7S-VTA9NjgAw

Dropbox ..

THE POLES APART (Pole Shift Part 2)

OK so this Magnetic Poles North and South Split?

So I found this page on VOX which seems to be reporting the split but the distances are somewhat different to the guy who reported this on YouTube many months ago and who has followed this for a decade. He uses his own equipment and even right now is in the process of making his own magnetometers he will be sending to various helpers around the globe to help monitor the situation.

He is a British guy and you can find his channel and videos on YouTube under MaverickStar Reloaded. I think they took a channel down and was almost like they knew about this and did not want the info out.

He reported this months ago and he even predicted the Arctic blast that hit North America months back, beating all the weathermen by a considerable margin.

He also states that not only is the pole heading towards China stronger than the one over Canada but your talking 1,000 miles distance too, but one over the South Pole is actually over the sea?!

That might not seem like much when you first read it but Antarctica is a substantially large piece of land .. that is some distance to be out way over the sea, no? Think it is heading for Australia if I recall correctly?

Make absolutely no mistake this is unprecedented and anyone that tells you that either this or that will happen is either knowingly lying or making educated guesses and should tell you so.

I have stated before this could snap back but it not only shows absolutely no sign of doing this but the graphs I have seen show that this is has been speeding up in recent months.

One astronomer on YouTube said it wont affect us and he is wrong. It is already having an effect and the further it travels the greater these effects will be.

At a certain point in another 300 miles it will reach a point whereby the do state that we will be in the process of a pole reversal, some are already confident n stating that we are.

The magnetosphere has already weakened, more harmful rays will be reaching us, and it will continue to weaken the further the pole travels. Estimates are it has weakened by around 20% though this is probably give or take 5%?

What we do not know is if it will reach the point where we are in a full flip and just how weak the magnetosphere will get or even what effects we will see. But we will see effects.

This is affecting the weather and read this carefully .. it is NOT global warming or climate change as they have explained to me I have stated is bullshit for as long as I can remember. Carbon and man has nothing to do with this.You were conned. If your a leftist then they probably preyed on your hatred with bog corporations and used that to tax you. Maybe to build them ships or underground cities?

Think they have know for a while now because after all think about it .. you announce to the world that half the planet’s population might take an absolute battering take a guess at what happens to the stick markets and the value of currency overnight?

As I told my daughter too .. how many disaster movies have we watched where the governments were warned by scientists who took no notice and make no preparations? Must be every sigle movie? Comets, Asteroids, Megaquakes, Volcanos, Tsunamis or Epidemics it matters not. You just know that is exactly what governments have done .. nothing, right?

So .. currency becomes worthless and the rich and powerful want to survive so need to build ships, underground cities, spaceports and Moon bases to survive but done nothing? Yeah try getting anyone to build them when currency is worth nothing and they think there is a possibility that there might be the end of the world or at least entire countries wiped out?

This is not like the Millenium Bug where nothing really happens. It is already happening and continuing on its current course it will continue to do so more noticeably.

Now they will likely be two sharp rises in these affects with the first one being if the Magnetic North over Canada disappears like they think it will. It is already getting weaker.and the one over Siberia is far stronger.

The second time will be when there is not a magnetic pole at all. After that we may have none at all or we may have any and what effects each of these have we simply do not know. If it reaches that point. Which it may well not.

But you have to understand that this has been tracked not for hours, not for days and not for weeks but many months. The YouTube channel I heard it fro has tracked it for years.

In fact there was a BBC report I saw a few weeks back regarding a decrease in the sun’s activity and in fact did not reach its peak at all. Now this turned out to be from like 2014 and I could not understand how I missed that!

Six months ago and easily found on the Internet was a solar observatory in North America somewhere that was mysteriously shut down and by none other than the FBI and without any explanation, annoying the local Sheriff.

The sun, magnetosphere and the Earth’s core have always said to be linked. So it seems to be more than a coincidence that suddenly a reduction i the Sun’s activity coincides with a sudden change in the Earth’s poles.

Throw in these two facts and one for each and I would be shocked if you do not raise an eyebrow ..

On both cases of the Sun’s decreased activity and the distance and speed of the movement and also the splitting of the magnetic poles .. have never been recorded before.

Soo ..

  • Splitting of Poles .. never recorded, but known to have occurred in ancient time
  • Distance of Poles from Geographic Poles .. never recorded but known to have happened in the distant past
  • Decreased Sun Activity .. never recorded

To think any secret plans made were to probably save what to my mind is the absolute worst of humanity too?

Go figure?

This could be how Ice Ages come about for all we know and I have stated this time and time again for bloody years but no one listened. If I die and I am born again please let me be in a world where people possess ears they actually use?!

The report back in 2014 by the BBC had scientists even state that we could end up with a mini Ice Age like the one several hundred years ago where the River Thames was frozen solid?

It could bring about a full blown Ice-Age, we just do not know.

As for the point of no return where we are in a reversal process and when that will occur? Well we do not know.

As I stated previously it could stop and come back again and it all goes back to normal but we are hundreds of thousands of years late for one.

They initially estimated that it would be 2026 at the latest .. or possibly a couple if years sooner as the speed increased in recent times.

But that speed is still increasing and some state that if it continues to increase it speed without reversing or altering its current direction it could be in as little as two years. The point of no return that is. Not a Day After Tomorrow scene of an Ice Age suddenly hitting us.

Any Ice Age starting we do not know anything about and should this be the event that sends us plummeting into one at some point .. it could be a week before the point on no return or five years or so after this is reached? It could be a process that itself take five or ten years once started?

We do not know.

The trouble we humans have is we pay no attention to scientists unless the are hack ones that use sensationalism to get on the news media.

We also like to blame any thing wrong with our planet on the ones people perceive to be benefiting the most and despite how I would love to do that at times .. you simply must stick to the known facts.

Morons that believed it was the rich people and wanted to go chasing ghosts with carbon have done more harm that good..

You will find plenty of posts on this very blog stating not to pace all your eggs in one God damn basket!

I aid to someone the other day .. you have one billion to solve the issue and you spend all that money throwing it at it only to find down the line it is something completely different .. what do you do? That money is now GONE!

Well .. God man idiots harped on about it and billions if not trillions have been paid out over these taxes based on Climate Change that was based on nonsense. If this turns out to be a major event .. where your taxes? Where your money all gone? Now your in a world financial crisis and how will you survive?

Food for thought.

In the meantime animals will and are being affected from the seas to the skies. Skin cancer will likely increase and I would seriously do your own research if your going to spend an entire holiday sunbathing near the equator from about 2020 onwards. Hopefully they will decide not to keep being secretive and give out health warnings, no? But then they have all your money so do not expect much, eh?

I wonder of Continental Drift might be part of what is to come and whether ancient Volcanoes will wake from the thousands of years of dormancy? Would certainly prove many other of my theories I have talked about on my blogs.

We could end up living on Antarctica as a new land? How weird would that be? Watch out for those Emperor Penguins they are bigger than they look on TV!


OK .. maybe .. I might have made a mistake?

I have always resisted, and for six or eight years, to use .. something. The more I found out about it the more I did not want to use it.

But a week or so ago I .. flicked through it, so to speak, saw something and I broke my silence for the very first time. Well something that was not automated. I did not care for it and I never wanted to use it. If I picked up the odd viewer through my automated posts then great.

I seem to have picked up 181 likes in these last few days and I am still figuring out how to make my posts .. discoverable?! Yeah I never really got to grips with many things and guaranteed that up until yesterday I simply did not know how to .. label posts. Still got all those likes though.

Since I figured this out to a point my likes have been coming in faster. I have also had an increase in things I said being .. redistributed. I have also increased to rate that people are following me.

Just today I have had two reposts.

I have also said a few things that will put the proverbial cat among the pigeons.

Funny then that with this flurry of activity the numbers on these blogs have barely moved?!

OK let me say a bit more ..

In my exchanges some of these people have surprising careers ..

  • Entertainment

  • Politics

  • News

  • Actors

  • GPs

Thus far this spans the Atlantic form the UK to the USA. May likely be others, I am not sure yet and have not checked every single one. Just a few.

Right at this moment my headset is going nuts with notifications and I bet I know EXACTLY where they are coming from?

Yup .. three notifications from one source and I bet there is one or two from another big name source? Oops .. sorry make that four notifications.

I wont name names here. But I can tell you this much .. I have been shocked at some of the people stating the same things that I do?! Really .. really .. shocked!

I have a renewed faith in humanity.

Some of these people are in London and some as far away as the USA, with one fairly famous actor I have commented with.

Oh and one got into a short conversation with me after I defended him from some onslaughts from a particularly naïve group of people and pointed out that they even ignore the facts in front of them. Likes for what was said .. through the roof. Likes for their arguments against literally in the single figures. Now make that seven notifications I need to check!

At the rate that this is moving forwards and with the fact that I am picking up on the annoying labels as well as the fact that the site is infamously difficult anyway for a number of reason .. I cannot help but wonder what it will be like even one month from now?!

Also I am reaching people via others or directly who are crying out for facts to back up their arguments and .. well .. it has been sitting here waiting n the wings for a very, very .. long time.

But then that is what will make it all the more powerful for them if they ever discover what has and has not been going on.

Unfortunately it just took ten years of suffering and hell which we still live in and I am still losing weight. Still anxious. Still concerned and my brain is still mush and of course there is my memory.

I am sure when they realise what little I had, what I had taken away, who I was up against and everything that I have achieved they are going to ask how the hell?!

Some have now been made very aware that what we are sitting on has the potential to bring down many houses made of cards. All the houses that they hate but have not been able to get across to the majority, just as I have had my own difficulties doing that.

As I stated to some idiot socialists .. your willing to destroy and even kill others to chase after this false idea of your prefect utopia that you can never achieve.

You are willing to destroy others to prevent any proof at all that you were wrong getting out. Just to stop someone showing that you were wrong? Promoters of peace and equality my arse!

Alrighty then. So there was a bit of a break where I literally forgot I was working on this! Yeah these memory problems are a real bitch at times. Well .. most of the time.

In this time I have performed a few posts .. and had a lot more like and re-posts going on, got into a conversation with someone that knows an .. outfit that I tried to get I contact with. I do not think he realised the gravity of the situation .. seem to suggest I would know if they wanted to fuck with me. Yeeeaaah not only do I know they are fucking with me but have done it for so many times and over so long you kind of want to .. get hit by a bus.

Failing that you have no choice but to carry on!

Plus .. well I am not the only one all this as affected and not the only one that feels constantly targeted. In fact four others are also being targeted but let us just say they would not notice. They might .. if they ever get taken which is what thy have been trying to do.

Yeah I am talking about kids .. social worker back and it is back to contradictory mode just as I warned my daughter it would.

I have had over ten years of this .. suddenly you get promises .. she gets some relief from the stress of her cancer and other serious health issues and then they go and pull the rug from under her. She us 25, with cancer yes, and have been doing this to her since she was 12 years old.

Yeah you read that right .. started around 12 years old and has continued on until today where she has cancer at 25!

Abused by people repeatedly who were then protected and it call covered up for years to protect either the perpetrators or their own mistakes. Or both?

Two children by the time she was 16. Married a few years later then victim of domestic violence whereby the husband goes to prison. Told us he would get nine years but out in nine months.

  • One Bangladeshi Restaurant owner (in Birkenhead)

  • Some Arabs claiming to be Kurdish (in Birkenhead)

  • Another lot claiming to be the same (in Liverpool with radicals)

  • Another one claiming to be the same (Domestic Violence)

All full of shit, lies, piss and vinegar.

Third one down had some dastardly plans back in 2012 I stumbled across via one of their phones and via video. Put a stop to that one. Well .. they kind of got caught in the act .. on a boat!

Neglected by all the public services, threatened with court action and threats to take the children away from their mother.

There really is a whole bunch of other crap involved but this post would end up way too long with dozens of pages and still would not hold all the details.


While working on this post I caught wind for a second time of someone I am unfamiliar with, Ron Paul, who is an antiwar activist who has had some restrictions or people taken off social media somewhere?

I re-posted this and I stated that it has been a belief of mine for a fair old while that all this trouble is .. intentional. I have spoke about this before ..

  • Provoke violence?
  • Distract from crimes?
  • Distract from a coming catastrophe you know they would never tell us about until the last minute
    • Probably after we have been paid a fortune to build their escape or survival vehicles or living quarters before we then realised all that money was worthless?
    • It is not a matter of if with catastrophes .. it is a matter of when and there is a long list
      • From outer space
      • Global Warming
      • Continental Shift
      • Magnetic Flip
      • Supervolcano
      • Mega Earthquakes
      • Global Panedemic
      • Overpopulation


Oooh boy!

I should have focused on Twitter more years ago as I might have come across more things?!

I saw someone tweet this and they might have even been American? I’ll have to look after I save this post.

This might seem unbelievable to hear but it’s what is claimed in the link below .. but ..

This Naz Shah MP states that rape victims, who were underage by the way, should shut their mouths due the sake of diversity?!

Fucking .. what?!

First off what in the fuck is this woman, yes it’s a woman, doing in public office at all, let alone a Member of Parliament?!

If they can come out with beliefs like this then what in the fuck so they secretly believe?!

Secondly ..

I told you fucking so!!

I’ve stated for ages that I’ve been targeted, been contacted that basically let me know what I already knew, that I had long since been targeted.

This is because I speak the truth, have access to the truth, experienced the truth and am seen as a high risk to upset the proverbial apple cart.

This is true but what they don’t want you to realise is that the apples in the proverbial cart are in fact all rotten and riddled with disease.

If others discover this a wake up they would grab that Apple cart and toss it down a mountain.

I suspect they need cheap labour to build a number of things over the five to ten years. The huge scale of which has not occurred to anyone yet. But it will over the next few months.

Unless people are all blind and naive and don’t realise until the first pictures go around and think ‘wait a minute, these are humongous and extremely expensive, how .. ?’

The next question will be why and the answer, of and when it comes, is not only going to infuriate them but will make many things make sense.

I’ve been thinking about it for days and I explore every avenue but keep coming back to the same conclusion.

This one conclusion and as mad as it sounds actually makes everything else make sense.

I’m not just talking about the UK here either.

Everything across Europe going on that doesn’t make sense? Yeah that will all make sense.

Everything happening in America? Yeah they will all suddenly make sense too.

Everything going on with the mainstream media and especially the news? Yeah that will all make sense too.

If this theory does turn out to be true a lot of professional people are going to feel pretty thick and stupid. Unless they are aware of it off course?

There could be another reason come up in time exposed by someone else or realised by me? Have to wait and see.

But people have made whacky decisions that make them look stupid for a very long time. No one is that stupid or naive for that long.

Everyone is reacting with anger as planned and on do don’t but considering what might be going on in the background to all this.

I’m always on the lookout for the reasons why and not just knee-jerk reacting to things with anger. If and when I do I get blinded. Fortunately this is only momentarily.

I try to have discussions with people online and even the socialists. But they don’t like it, get mad, block me from further tweets while falsely accusing me of shit like I give a fuck if they lie.

Yeah you can say whatever crap you want about me as much as you want. Will not alter the facts dip-shits.

I bet after I went back in there and pointed that out they didn’t like it. Because I liked a short video by someone that sometimes spouts shit I’m far-right because the guy in the video is. No I’m afraid it just doesn’t work like that and it might in your little bubble but not on the real world.

I view some of the guys I listen to as snake oil salesman and I have good reason for that.

Doesn’t mean they are not telling the truth or just wrong on something.

I’m afraid these socialists are not having a good week as with recent revelations about Twitter and Facebook and talk of investigations can’t have been received well. It will all be a right-wing conspiracy though. The fact that they try to destroy freedom of speech has nothing to do with it?

Sorry but these people are morons. When they hear that a freedom of speech law might come in because conservatives are being silenced they are going to go into meltdown. The fact that Conservatives get throttled, shadow banned or completely banned while socialists get away with anything, even defended others talking about sex with children, is neither here nor there. Just watch it will all be a political agenda .. despite the fact is about freedom of speech. Something they claim to be in support of when really they why to ban anything they don’t agree with. But child porn jokes are OK?!

Do these people even realise how sick and twisted they look to everyone else?

No .. you cant keep repeating your claim is politically motivated. No one cares and it makes no difference anyway.

I’m all about being fair.

It will be all to do with being fair.

Thinking your the only ones that are allowed to say what you believe and that no one else had this right is one sided, selfish and in all honesty evil and bit about being fair.

I’ve experienced your version of being fair to close and personal for years as has my daughter and grandchildren and du you know what?

Your all lying evil sacks of shit. Biggest hypocrites going.

I’d personally place you all in a giant space capsule and laugh you off to the nearest inhabited star system so that you can discover something for yourself ..

Nature works the same way everywhere and not according to your warped and twisted politically correct theories. Then you can bitch and whinge to the Alpha Centaurians and don’t be surprised if they look at you as if your all bonkers.

Because you are.

Jesus, what self resurrecting alien intelligence of a peaceful nature would ever want to talk to us?! Or more specifically these denuded morons?!

If the Alpha Centaurians are listening in to our social media of late they are probably planning a mass emigration to Andromeda?! I know I would and I’d go off I could to get the hell away from them and as far as I could.

Many people believe there is a secret push to last some seriously nasty shit. This is normally in America but wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to do that here. Probably are some secret plans in place already?

They are so disturbing these people it sends a shudder down my spine.

Yes I find them that abhorrent.

Something else I have to endure on top of the pain, discomfort, anxiety and situation with my daughter is knowing these people are still living and breathing.

I have never understood why anyone would want to rape someone, let alone an effing child?!

So with one cold, heartless idiot coming out with this publicly what do you think they would think or even do secretly?

I have suspected for a couple of years now my endeavours were being meddled with. I was told by someone several years back my blog was quite popular. They only looked at one and that was two or three years ago. There are a dozen blogs and a YouTube channel and a lot more people today than there was when I was told that I was popular. I do not think I am that popular .. or at least not enough to make a difference. I did think I would eventually get there but now I am not so sure and with the numbers behaving erratically .. I just do not know any more.

Even if there was no meddling going on, which is quite impossible, I was victim to the biggest scam going by the biggest name going who refuses to answer questions about it. Hello Google.

Keep on going I guess until I cannot keep going any longer?


Anyone reading this that had been coming on here during 2015?

Anyone remember a certain little ongoing court case that supposedly got to its end and then dragged on and on until November and my claims of publishing some of the court paperwork went south for the winter?

Anyone remember I contacted some news media organisations about it and one called me on my mobile within thirty minutes, spoke for an hour or two and then never contacted me again?

If you did, disappointing wasn’t it?

Not even ten percent of how annoying it was for me?

Made me look like a loon. Made me look like a liar. A madman!

Yeaaah well …

I do not know what happened. I do not know if I got both sold out and disowned down to an agreement to the thousands in damages awarded? Ahem, an understatement right there.

I do not know if a certain someone was literally scared off away from me in some way?

I do not know whether or not a got sold out for an evil mother or even another guy?

It does not get talked about in my life. I avoid the subject like the proverbial plague. I do get asked every now and then and I get sarcastic comments if I ever have to skirt the subject, like I am speaking about Police corruption or Council corruption and at times even the Immigrant Crisis.

Yeah there were some pretty big reasons why I have posted the things I have said and I have very good reason to and then some in each and every case that I do. But these can mostly be put down to feelings and hot tempers but they are what I felt and therefore I wanted to post them up.

As someone left a nice comment on my YouTube channel saying very recently, I am very honest.

But I do not tell it all, because it could be foolish to do so and possibly hurtful for someone to do so and I still have to think about those things.

Even if it continues to make me look like a liar and/or a madman.

I just have, or rather had, to hope that I had enough on here for visitors, readers and followers to realise I was not any of those things.

I have plenty of things I could have posted to prove my point, or at least posted them currently as many were posted a couple of years back.

I also possess a file that not only proves this but it also contains the exact figure that was paid out!

But I never posted it and nor did I send it to any one, though I could have done at any point.

There were reasons other than protecting someone and that is that it would be interesting to see what each of those involved did in the meantime? When I say ‘those’ I mean several groups and even individual people.

That file still sits hidden away somewhere where it cannot be reached or got at!

For those that have not been on here long enough or never looked through my archives I will give you a rundown …

  • Case that involved three solicitors and two law firms on ‘our’ side
  • Case that involved Family, Civil, County, Criminal and Supreme Courts
  • Mainly in the North West of England
  • Three to four years in total
  • I financed to be sure that all appointments, meetings and court appearances were reached …
  • …and a lot on electricity bills
  • Wirral Council
  • Merseyside Police
  • The Criminal Prosecution Service
These were the main points of said legal case, whatever the truth turns out to be.
The only time I think I can safely publish things is when I am think that there enough people that become aware of the truth that will then tell people they know about the truth and that the final numbers would put the fear of God into my enemies to prevent them from shutting down my blogs … ahem, or me!
Here is a screenshot of a lot, but by no means all, of the evidence I possess.
Now remember I have always stated I have over 100GB?
Supreme Court
You did see my recent two posts with the NHS recordings available to download, listen to and documents to read? RIGHT?
EDIT: Those receeent screenshots are of evidence, NHS included, of a 500GB hard drive and I have a mountain of stuff on a 2TB, Terabyte, drive, just remembered. Damn this Fibrofog!


Well they said they would be more and they were not wrong.

After an extremely long … inordinately long wait a second group of Muslim rapist, paedophile ring had hit the news.

Only it’s not the one in Liverpool I was expecting?!

So that wait continues on.

I did think that when journalists were told, by the government commissioners that stepped in on Rotherham Council I presume, to expect many more paedophile rings covered up by local councils and Police I did think they were speaking specifically about Liverpool.

But then I did fear that there were likely a large number of paedophile rings with at least one for each major city and probably more than one for the larger cities?

I know only too well what the victim’s and the relatives of the victims are going through. It never goes away I’m afraid and don’t think it ever will. As strange as it may sound it gets a little easier. Just a little mind.

I never go a day without thinking about it even the i feel like I’m being punished for something by the one involved in mine.

For what I know not.

So I can’t apologise before I don’t know what it is I have to apologise for in all honesty.

The other day someone told me I was famous and I corrected him and started I was not.

Walking home I had wondered if something had appeared in the media or on TV or perhaps the Internet? Not been told anything by anyone else so it can’t have meant anything.

Maybe he remembers my blog and naturally thinks I’m spoken of reported about in the media somewhere?

I’ve known for a very long time that the media simply doesn’t work like that and many things don’t get reported on.

I shudder to think of how many of these groups of evil and nasty disciples of the devil will be uncovered? I shudder to think how many won’t be!

Going from the amount of time between the two it may well be several years before these are finished being reported on.

Rochdale men jailed for ‘appalling and vile’ abuse –