The End is Nigh On Nigh

There has been a bit of a delay since I last posted.

This is because for several months now I have had several things going on, have had a multi-faceted attack against me and have been intentionally ignored in an obvious way, have been in and out of hospital, collating more evidence and waiting for predictions to pan out.

Back in March and April of this year of 2020 I had two major things going on and was about to start a third.

I was about to move home which had already taken too long and had people asking questions.

The sunspot numbers had shot up and I was being attacked over this as a bunch of political fascists who had infected science were after their first win against me and desperate to prove me wrong and a group of six or more were throwing numbers at me.

Telling me this proves me wrong and I am a moron and that NASA and NOAA were correct, which they seem to think made their long list of errors are now forgiven because of my first major error.

Sadly for them I tried, using annotated graphs, to show they were using the numbers wrong and that they would have to wait a year for the number that proves me wrong to be published. It was published in October.

I also had to explain what was going on with the solar cycle and that the spots were migrating and they insisted this means nothing. I then taught them about Sporer’s Law and their next decision was to make excuses and this meant nothing.

So what I did was tell them that my prediction was that the sunspot numbers would fall away for the rest of 2022 and they called me a moron. Again. This is how science works for them.

Now keep in mind that the number I work with is used because it is the number that shows the effects of the sun and is time dependent. Its not the daily number and it is not the monthly number. It is the 13 month smoothed number or as I kept telling them for nearly four years “The red line. Not the yellow or the blue ones, the red one”.

Now pay attention ..

  • From around February to April the spot numbers went up to reach levels in the 90’s to the 150’s
  • I noticed this and noticed the spots migrating to the equator and realised I missed something
  • I found an graph on Encyclopedia Britannica on solar cycles that was very good and helped me realise that while I got the spiking right, I also missed something
  • Calling me a moron and being proven wrong on my prediction of a solar maximum of 48 to 70, they told me NASA and NOAA, who have predicted numbers from 25 to 160 and therefore could not possibly be wrong, was going to have their expectations beaten because they said so
  • According to graphs repeatedly posted at me hundreds of times the range was not being published as 80 to 145 by January 2023
  • Now remember daily numbers can swing wildly and its time dependent over many months as you might spot as I explain the numbers
  • In May the numbers dropped as I claimed
  • From May to November I did not pay much attention but each time I looked at the numbers a large portion were around 32 to 46, three in the 50’s and there were three days I noticed in the 80’s
  • This meant that by November the smoothed would have been dragged down to a lower number than it was back in April
  • In April the smoothed number was published at not over 100 like they claimed and I warned them about but 74
  • In late November it was in the 60’s and then dropped to 52 and now has had three of four groups disappear
  • Those that had attacked me went quiet from May onwards and had previously been attacking me every single day with numbers
  • Upon hearing this just a couple of the most obsessive tried to say that the average of 32 to 86 was higher than 80 to 153, no I kid you not, and that the 13 month smoothed number of 74 is up to date, which I could easily proved was bull with graphs

So as now as we are starting December after two or three months of rises that led to a smoothed number of 74, it spent the next eight months dropping away.

Not only is my estimation that the last 8 months have averaged around 45 to 55 but that 74 number was the first of two peaks and that in two to four months there will be another rise to a second peak, as has occurred in recent cycles, that wont be much different from 74. Could be higher or lower but only by around 10 or so at most.

Meaning the average smoothed could end up anywhere between 60 and 80 for solar maximum.

But 48 to 70 was proven wrong, they told me.

And remember and as shown in graphs, the last record low solar maximum which arrived several years later than NASA and NOAA predicted, was 115.

So my estimation is that if the numbers stay low for the next four weeks with no big rise in early 2023 the talk about solar cycles is going to start up again as its pointed out that NASA and NOAA are wrong yet again.

Also at the time I was being attacked some details were going around about my personal life and somehow they got hold of information about me and this is not the first time this has occurred.

It is the third by my recollection.

This strongly suggested that a group or groups were trying to prevent my relocation from taking place which was already a few months over time that had locals asking about this.

That was back in April and May.

It is now December.

I have still not moved and left in danger despite there being no excuses and proof of this.

One resident asked of me .. “Where the fuck is your Dad?!”.

My social worker friend who back in December 2021 did not believe it could happen in six to 12 weeks and I reminded him that I do not know and that this is what the locals and all authorities are telling me, has now been going insane for the last couple of months after telling me in May that “this is not acceptable”.

The belief of people around me now that eight years ago thought I was not lying, as I cannot lie due to my very bad memory, but going mad, is that I was right all along about everything and am being targeted politically.

I had a letter turn up at an address for a student loan they cannot chase me for, from 20 years ago I was told ten years ago that due to the time and my disability I will not hear from them again.

This address was only listed with one organisation and was listed as a ‘care of’ address and due to my health condition that causes memory issues, a large amount of pain and heart issues I have been in and out of hospitals for, I am listed as a vulnerable customer.

So an address that can only be obtained from one place where I was listed as vulnerable was handed over so I could be pursued for something they cannot pursue me for because of two reasons they told me ten years ago I would never hear of again?

“You are being targeted politically!” was the response I had from several people.

Do you know that I have contacted the big disability organisations and ten different solicitors and have told them clearly what is going on and that I have evidence as well as proof and not a single one has done anything and all said they cannot help?

Everyone I know of all races and skin colour and of different religions including Muslims and Christians are swearing their heads off at the way I am being treated and targeted as well as my human rights ignored.

Even by the groups that take money from people telling them they help people like me.

What is ludicrous to me is that these solicitors and so-called help groups are on a path to self-destruction because they cannot hide what they are doing.

If its political and they are making assumptions they are wrong and this is wrong anyway.

If they are acting under instructions, this is also wrong and this will inevitably explode in their faces when the wider public find out and they will find out.

What? They think they can do a better job then the US government and Big Pharma?

If so, delusions of grandeur much?

‘Just following orders’ never worked for the Nazis.

They are also hurting my daughter and grandchildren over all this and she is under threat of violence and health issues herself and been crying on the phone about this. A healthcare worker.

Another old friend I have not spoken to in over five years who thought I was going mad and wrong I have since been hearing is seeing for himself, is talking to me.

I broke the silence and simply said ..

Do not sound so mad any more, do I?”

To make light of things his answer to me was ..

You can still be right about everything and till be mad. Lol!”

He is another one with various links and contacts in various fields and I have scientists, experts and many others now.

I also had to tell him, he refused to be vaccinated, of three people he knew a long time ago .. and said that my old friend Jeff had a stroke, vaccinated, and was paralysed on one side of his body after being ignored by the NHS for years despite his begging and being vaccinated while having Covid ..

That a few weeks after this my old friend Stuart who he knew and I told him had refused the vaccine, contacted me to tell me his ex-wife, vaccinated, had died.

Two or three days later, I continue, Stuart contacts me again having already lost his sister to cancer only a few years ago to tell me that his brother in law, an old friend of mine and also had been vaccinated, had died.

This guy I knew who had the most unhealthy lifestyle, no exercise of any kind, drank a lot of beer, ate Doner Kebabs and Indian Curries all the time, was still alive. But three of his family who were far more health conscious and with better diets had all died.

These were not people in their 80’s. These were not people in their 70’s. No these were not people in their 60’s.

I had literally only just been posting in recent months about these ‘excess deaths’ that Dr John Campbell and others had been covering and then this.

My old friend I had got talking to also knows my social worker friend and he said “I thought I had got through to him on vaccines?” I said “Yeah me too and then he changed his mind because an ex-Doctor who broke the law said ‘conspiracy theories’ and he changed his mind. But a week later when I told him about Dave and Lorraine, he seriously regretted having it!”

The social worker is Type 1 Diabetic and we already had a scientist lecturer we all knew die just a couple of years back.

I then pointed out to my friend how it was odd that so many people I know had died in recent years, its just really weird.

  • Dave
  • Lorraine
  • Karen
  • Peter
  • Eddie
  • Ken
  • Mandy
  • Ahmet

There may well be others I do not know about and I know my daughter knows at least nine that had died in the last two years.

Now let us get onto why this is happening and why I am being targeted ..

Scientists from New Zealand and Japan investigate the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai eruption site, realise its worse than they thought and in this short documentary on the ship they say they have underestimated submarine volcanoes, as I stated for several years.

They said they need to investigate them more and prepare and since then several appeared in a single week in the Pacific.

A shame they were hogging science for decades to get more money for a climate crisis that did not exist, no?

Greta Thunberg has to sue the Swedish government over climate change?

Well if you have to sue the Swedish government and then work you way around the world as no one else is doing anything, then you may as well give up, no?

Used a documentary three years ago on blogs about oncoming climate change and do not forget if you challenged it you was called a denier of science ..

Now used by Crowder only this was not about you denying global warming, this was about an ice-age televised in 1979 and narrated by none other than Leonard Nimoy. Yeeaah someone is watching my shit.

Dr John Campbell has been shocked at what has come out, apologized to millions of viewers because he has misinformed them on Covid and Vaccines and states that you can no longer trust journals, science papers nor the health authorities, news media or government.

Quote George Orwell a lot these days.

Someone that worked in China, knows China, on Chinese in China on Covid ..

Three volcanoes in the pacific, four in Russia and experts expect big eruptions coming.

After snow in Australia right on top of summer and up to 16.5 inches across three states, reporting highest snow cover in northern hemisphere in a very long time.

Good luck blaming warm seas ..

I completely forgot about the Cosmic Ray Graph as I pulled one moments ago to show an alarmist who refuses to acknowledge he was wrong and claims impossible things will happen and insists the date for solar max has not been reached. Good grief.

Cosmic rays so up during solar minimums and down during solar maximums. If you look at this graph another pattern emerges.

Cosmic rays went down very fast as the sunspot numbers shot up, shocking even me, in a very short space of time. You can see the first two boxes are wide and should be reminded that the last three solar maximums have had these two peaks going on. So previously they would have been shorter before the last three cycles.

The last blue box shows a rise again and a short fall and if the sunspots drop to low figures for a few days, the graph will show a rise again and, of course, vice-versa.

But it does show that it looks to be levelling out while the last maximum showed there was not much of a change until it headed back towards solar minimum.

Alsop note that it is higher than the last period of solar maximum, which suggests that if this continues for the next month the graph will also show that we are in a maximum period and weaker than the last.

Professor Happer on how the climate crisis people are a cult started by Al Gore

While China are protesting like never before they are getting their coldest wave of air in a very long time and its not even January yet

The Anthony Fauci emails were they had people pushing back and questioning that it came from nature and a Kristian Andersen seem to attempt to cover it up and used the term ‘conspiracy theory’ something that a social worker friend would testify I claimed years ago they used to shut people down.

Yeah looks like they knew it was a Lab Leak and was doing all they could to stop it,

As Dr Chris Martenson explains

The Katla Volcano in Iceland suddenly rose by 14cm which worried scientists and there was brief talk of evacuations.

An Icelander here explains how seven volcanoes are recharging and another system north of Reykjavik is ‘waking up’

Apparently there appears to be a court case over censorship the tech giants might lose and in a panic Google call Tim Pool for support and state that if they lose they might not be able to recommend his channel.

Pool was not impressed as they were already burying his channel and if they lose it would benefit him so they was technically asking for help form the guy they were fecking over so they could keep fecking him over?

So here they get a few things wrong about solar cycles and likely because they are being fed the wrong information and to which they will soon likely discover, but here is more proof of something I was attacked for linking as well as predicting.

Volcanic eruptions increased during solar minimum.

Now remember that volcanoes are not only the second biggest driver of climate but they can also be the biggest.

One eruption caused the ‘year without summer’ and that was far from the biggest possible eruption, Mount Tambora if memory serves and Mount Samalas likely caused issues.

Now consider that the volcanoes have increased in frequency the last few years and then consider that this now occurs when there is less solar activity.

Back in April the group that has attacked me on everything and yet have continued this for three years while getting every single thing wrong and then claiming I made no predictions came at me about one of the predictions I never made, or so they claimed.

Bearing in mind these are supposed to be people hugely keen on science ..

I had made the prediction that the last solar minimum would be considerably longer than the previous record one, which took place between early 2008 and late 2009.

This was NOT seen by NASA who had forecast a record high solar maximum to take place in 2010, something that NASA and climate change fanatics forget daily and ignore when reminded.

It ended up a record low that arrived in mid to late 2013.

As they started to realise there error, NASA started shifting the goal-posts and this is OK to the climate change people so it went from there predicted 180 ish down to 115 ish.

I then predicted a three year long solar minimum followed by some spiking in solar activity and a solar maximum of 70 I later thought might be 48. I even stated that I would not be surprised if this ended up as low as 30 and was attacked for that.

I also thought it would be a slow rise and solar maximum would arrive in 2027. I kinda made an error that I realised back in either March or April 2022 when I was being attacked.

This is the solar cycle at one point being forecast as 25 for solar maximum of cycle 25.

NASA has also had a forecast lately of a low of 80 and a high of 160 or more.

Now back in March or April the spot numbers I was not even looking at were hitting up into the 90’s and I even saw one day at 153. There might have been higher and I missed it.

The science geek climate alarmist fanatics who did not know the definition of a Grand Solar Minimum, despite ordering others believe them that there wont be one. Then ordering others to believe them when they thought there might be but it wont affect the climate .. was saying this proved my predictions wrong.

I was hit with wave after wave of my own graphs and tweets with bit pointing finger emoticons plastered everywhere.

The bizarre thing is that I only ever worked with the 13 month smoothed number as this is more time dependent and gives a better idea when it comes to the effect on the atmosphere and climate.

They had done this previously and I started to explain again what I had been telling them for over three years, that they were using different numbers and that my number was not published yet.

They were being disingenuous. And they knew it.

The numbers had me scratching my head and then I noticed something. The spots had been appearing at the equator.

According to Sporer’s Law as the cycle progresses the sunspots migrate towards the equator and then away again.

Now in recent cycles we have had this new phenomena of double peaks that goes with consecutive drops in solar maximums and increasing lengths of solar minimums and others as ‘new’. Unprecedented even.

I then found a good graph on Encyclopedia Britannica which showed me I had missed something about my spiking.

I was doing this while still being bombarded and then I started to explain that it looked very likely that solar maximum, or at least one peak, had or was about to arrive.

As NASA had stated the cycle was beating expectations and as it was already hitting 153 and according to NASA’s forecasts the highest level was 145 for January 2023, they were insisting, on an appeal to authority, that the average 13 month smoothed sunspots were going to hit over 150 by January 2023.

I told them and I am very confident at times and often warned them of my confidence, that the sunspots would drop away in the latter half of 2022 and they roared with laughter and I was called all the nasty names. From the pro-science group.

They also kept presenting butterfly diagrams of sunspots and claimed this was proof they were already correct about the rest of 2022.

Well its the 3rd of December 2022 and all their claims have not only died, they have died in a big ball of fire on a spaceship hurtling into Betelgeuse at the speed of light.

You see after April the spots dropped away and I was not even paying close attention ..

I see one at 32, two at 40, one at 46, five or six in the 50’s, two or three in the 60’s, three in the 80’s and then one at 25 recently and then that dropped to 12 and is now at 66 and looks as if it could drop by 11 in a day or two?

Also presently the number they claimed proved me wrong on my 48 to 70 when they are OK with NASA and all their money ad resources saying 25 to 170, is 73.

Yeaaah you might be confused and I would not blame you.

So as I said they were chuckling daily numbers at me back in March and April I kept telling them was the wrong number for two years and they ignored that to get a win which is just so scientific and I believe the number that claimed they had in April was posted in October.

That was two or three months where the numbers rose and was reaching in the 90’s up to the 150’s I know of and they may have been higher?

Except since that time and from the start of May, just a few weeks later, right up now into December the numbers were 32, 40, 40, 46, 52×4 (odd), 57, 59, 79, 81, 86, one other in the 80’s, 74, 77, 74, 55, 25, 12.

Here are some I collected off and I oh so wish I had collected more and this was worse than I thought it would be.

Now even a child would know that the averages from those numbers is going to be around 50 range, 45 to 55. Today it is 66. Over more than eight months.

According to the pro-science climate geeks who did not know what a Grand Solar Minimum was now Sporer’s Law, these are higher numbers that the numbers from February to April 2022.

Yeaaaah .. work that one out!

Now here is the thing. The double peaks have been a recent thing only and only in the last three solar maximums that have consistently dropped suggesting something has been coming in the thirty years of claims of global warming they have taken trillions for and done nothing and achieved nothing.

So we have to assume that there will be a second peak, but this may not be the case.

Also it should be reminded that NASA claimed a solar maximum in 2025 or perhaps 2026, I actually thought 2027 before April 2022. But this may not be the case?

In this graph I pulled from spaceweatherlive who were on my in a flash when I noticed something odd about the movements, impossible, of spots which then happened again and then had sunspot numbers go from 52 to 25 on their site eight hours later.

You can see the double peaks and notice that there is ..

  • Not much difference between the two numbers
  • The first had a higher first peak, the last two a higher second
  • They are 18 months to 26 months apart

Now remember 8 months has just passed with the sunspot numbers dropping and the fact that the spots had migrated previously to the equator shows that it is now dropping.

Now if there is to be a second peak the length of time the sunspots have been dropping suggests that at some point between now and March they will start rising again towards this second peak.

The second peak could be higher or lower than April’s 73.

Now remember at this point things I had previously suggested and published ..

  • Everything is a distraction
  • If they go with Covid and Vaccines it will all fall apart by the end of 2022
  • Climate and Solar Cycles will all fall apart by the end of 2022
  • I cannot believe I am the only one to notice this
  • People are behaving like its the end of the world
  • I think they knew about this
  • Everything has been a distraction
  • They have tried covering things up ..

EDIT: I should add this from SILSO after I went back to them over the discrepancies .. it should help the viewer see a pattern

I called this one the smoking gun image.

Notice how they got things wrong with the Maunder Minimum? It also states a number of things I said and that the data is sketchy form that point on.

What is interesting here as that in recent years someone tried to say there was some sense of normality in the solar cycles, no changing of length of them and that it was a sudden drop.

While it states that this was shown not to be the case and there was a gradual decline into it?

You mean like the four consecutive drops we just had by 2014, two record solar minimums, migration of spots to the equator suggesting solar maximum just got reached and therefore an even lower one than last time?

With all the volcanoes increasing they lied about?

And the 16+ inches of snow across three states of Australia with two days to their meteorological summer no one is talking about?

Companies like Disney throwing away money as if it is now worthless in an effort lasting for years to keep fans angry?

Covid, vaccines, sweeteners, the WEF, socialist conservative governments, mass migrations, identity politics, pandering to amoral, selfish and self-obsessed groups that cannot see the wood for the trees or tell when they are being used as pawns?

The leader and nasty individual who has sent his group that are not a group, do not get me started, after me is in panic mode, I have been raining down on him and his dwindling followers, official numbers are bs, for months has suddenly done a flurry of debates.

His name is Gerald Kutney and here he is debating with Tony Heller and not only does he ignore every fundamental rule of science to go on a political attack he claims to be following the science.

No, he has been abusing it for years and when the host points out that as an engineer Michael Mann’s, blocked me on volcanoes, hockey stick makes no sense Kutney comes back with a condescending “Well it makes no sense to you” which was his way of calling the host ‘stupid’.

What caught my interest was that there was a point when Kutney ranted off about people talking science on Twitter, but its OK for him, and should be ignored on blogs, tell that to all the scientists who have blogs, many of which have backed me up.

This man is dangerous, nasty and dishonest. He instructs his attack hounds to go after others, antagonise and mass report them.

They will even go after your employment status to say you have no right to speak and this coming from someone that has admitted he has no degree and even his ‘real name’ is not real and his been caught in the past lying to Twitter with others in Kutney’s group to report people.

How do I know?

Because I was one of their top targets.

Disagree with him and you are not working and disabled he will happily let you die so I hope the Ukranians are aware?

One of those argued with him under another name, real or another fake one I know not, but they will wig out when they realize who that really was all this time.

Admitted he is not a scientist many times so no one knows why he is superior, him and their group of nasty Gerald Kutney followers were super-mad with Twitter (pre Elon Musk) for not upholding a lifetime suspension based on them lying.

Glenn Carr. one of Kutney’s hounds I already mentioned and I completely forgot this as everyone that Jason (probably also fake), the superior non-scientist that is a Brit living in France, likely near Switzerland, has managed to have most everyone he has ever agued with somehow get themselves suspend?

Now if you look at the attitudes and compare them with Gerald Kutney in the interview you can see this superiority complex and the parallels.

I can tell you that despite Gerald being called courteous, he was not and the only reason he was as calm as he was is he had at least one of his attack dogs ..

  • Aanthunuur (also AantK4)
  • Hakimi (two accounts with this name)
  • Richi (I kept chucking Feynman quotes at him)
  • TKT
  • The Kings Trigger (I am the King)
  • Emilio bye bye CCP
  • Noel John Turner
  • Daniel Kuhn

.. in the chat repeating bollx and attacking people.

Now would it interest you to know that Aanthunuur is in Switzerland where the World Economic forum are located?

It was odd that if you go through the chat he seems worried Kutney wont do a good job?

Would it also surprise you to know that as well as them all claiming they do not have more than one account, that Glenn Carr, also Jason Thomas, is a British guy living in France?

Would happen to be near the Swiss border, would it now?

Here is the very good and straight-talking and honest Bret Weinstein talking to someone I would not touch with a barge-pole as he obfuscates and deflects and uses ‘labels’ to defend the Biden Administration and what the military did with Covid mandates.

In a time when the world is slowly realizing they have been lied to in all sorts of ways?

And for the first time Blogger deletes a post, does not tell me what post it is nor what was violated and ‘telling the truth’ is not on the list.

Oh and WordPress want to to do a post about how I feel about eating meat?!

Whatever it was that Google, fascist liars, Blogger deleted it has not been deleted by WordPress nor Substack. So you work that one out.

Boy oh boy do I smell panic and oh what a shock these people have coming to them?

A little odd that as I post this about being targeted, in some ways for the first time, I discover I am being targeted in another way for the first time, no?


The Principles of Pain

The Corruption of Fooling the Suffering

Fibromyalgia has so many symptoms and the last time I went through the most complete list I could find my tally was around 273.

Now two things to note from this, firstly and thank God, many of these are not permanent and some were just a one of like Costochondritis or Chest Wall Pain which is literally pain you get for breathing in. Now imagine that for a moment, every time you breath in you start get to get a pain at some point which increases the more your lungs expand.

It literally felt like you could not breath in more than 50% and trying to sleep was a nightmare and then some as in Fibromyalgia people sleeping is already a nightmare.

It is a non-restorative sleep problem anyway.

The second to note from this is that there have been more symptoms appear since that count up which may be solely down to Fibromyalgia or it might be due to Covid.

I have had chest pain and nearly collapsed a few times and had store owners wanting to call an ambulance a few times.

I also have developed Allodynia which is pain literally just touching things which a couple of years back was just now and then but in the last few weeks seems, at least currently, to appear permanent.

Now I thought that the Allodynia was something that occurred two years ago and I used to hear about this with a Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome sufferer I knew and it sounded unbelievably terrible. I had no idea that Fibromyalgia sufferers could get it.

The Allodynia affects a couple of other areas and one being the bridge of my nose. About a year after I started noticing a problem with my eyesight I never dreamed I would ever have.

As the Allodynia as got worse so has my eyesight and I cannot see and certainly not read anything within about 12 to 18 inches without glasses.

That being said ..

I had long had a theory that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was Fibromyalgia in a milder form and as I learned more about CRPS I told the sufferer that it seemed like CFS, FMS and now CRPS seemed to be different levels of the same thing. With CRPS being the worst.

At first she did not agree and I really did not have anything concrete on this, its just a pattern was starting to appear. But over time she would tell me that the more she heard about me and my ailments the more she become convinced I was right.

Now lets see if I can start to give an idea of where this is going to go while at the same time warning that much of the conclusions I got at myself ..

With Allodynia it suddenly dawned on me that some years ago I had to stop buying size 10 or size 10.5 because if my toes were to touch the end of my shoe, even lightly it used to be painful.

So for a number of years I just buy size 11 knowing I will have plenty of room and this pain will never occur.

I now think this was Allodynia.

Also the heartburn. That started back when I was around 19 and got so bad it was the very thing that made me register with a GP surgery at one point. I was then messed around for years given every drug and got annoyed and demanded I be referred to hospital.

Had an endoscopy and they told me I had a Hiatus Hernia and I spent years being given Gaviscone and then many years later asked for an operation repeatedly and got told ‘no’.

Now at around the 20 year part a Dr Huq, who admitted to me that the Primary Care Trusts and NHS were telling General Practitioners to lie to patients, asked to speak to me one day.

Once there I said “Is this about me taking Lansopazole?!

Shocked she said “How did you know that?”

I told her that I had seen something on the news about it causing damage if you took it a long time and she said that I should no longer need it.

I then asked of she was going to tell me that you are only supposed to take it until the ‘sores’ or ‘ulcers’ clear up and then not need it any more and she nodded.

She was shocked when I told her that ..

If I was to stop taking them I would get heartburn back within 24 to 48 hours guaranteed

Now figure this and bearing in mind we are talking about from around the year 1988 ..

  • 35 years later after repeated refusals for an operation a Dr Wright at Whipps Cross Hospital originally thought I needed I find out my confusing heartburn that does not follow the rules is a symptom of Fibromyalgia
  • The Fibromyalgia that was diagnosed by me after spending 13 years begging Doctors to tell me why my feet hurt so much
  • This was the NHS who then told me my legs hurt because hey thought my magnesium was low .. another time I did not believe them and one time they turned out to be right
  • But despite diagnosing Osteopenia .. or weak bones ..
  • They did not tell me that Fibromyalgia can cause Hypomagnesaemia
  • Or that it can lead to Sudden Death Syndrome
  • After telling me to buy my own pills from Holland & Barrett they also did not put it on my medical records
  • So each subsequent blood test was wrongly listed as normal

Now that is by no means all the key points but enough to make you think.

Now here is what will make you think harder and just in case you know someone that has had .. ‘ailments’ that has gotten a hard time, they exist as I have met them and one a son of a barrister asked me for help.

Not only do they lie and leave you and make mistake after mistake but they fail to realise that the public think they are wonderful, can diagnose everything and would not leave people as they left me.

So what happens is not only do you get left suffering and in pain you can end up with those around you thinking you have made it all up. This happened to me and when people found out one by one that I had not received a single penny over this they were shocked.

Now I am going to explain how I came about being diagnosed for something that I only thought I had, had for around 14 years, and begged the whole time, but later realized I had for 25 years plus.

  • At one point I was put on Gabapentin and Amitriptyline
  • Was told by a pain specialist “these wont work on your back pain”
  • I was half way home when it dawned on me that neither my back nor foot pain had been diagnosed
  • Well that is after I was told it was Tenosynvitis and later told no its Plantar Fasciitis and me disagreeing with them saying ‘no way’, then told it was Pes Cavus why an NHS Podiatrist who used to refuse seeing people of working age. This was then laughed at by someone else who said I did not have Pes Cavus and was then seen my a colleague who said my toes were weird and I had a neurological problem
  • I self diagnosed Charcot Marie tooth Disease which got a Doctor at Chase Farm Hospital excited by my self-diagnosis as it is rare
  • I then saw a Neurologist at Chase Farm who said it was not that
  • The next thing I stumbled across was Fibromyalgia
  • In a local library in Enfield, because the NHS are sad, amoral, lying ‘bar stewards’ who would not know what a Hippocratic Oath was today if it fell on them from ORBIT ..
  • In Black’s Medical Dictionary it lists just two medications for Fibromyalgia
    • Gabapentin (Neurological pain drugs)
    • Amitriptyline (not a pain drugs of any kind and nothing like GABA)
    • Have you guess what the deliberate mistake is that set all my alarm bells off at once?

Gabapentin along with Amitriptyline were BOTH prescribed at the same time for my pain and I was told that these would not work on my back pain.

I also mentioned that neither area of pain had been diagnosed at the time.

How did they know what drugs would work on which area of pain without a diagnosis?

Also how did they know that two totally unrelated drugs, one not even a pain killer, would work on one of my pains?

The same two drugs listed in Black’s Medical Dictionary for a condition I had stumbled across I was becoming convinced I suffered form.

Oh it gets way better ..

  • Now at my third surgery in Enfield because GP’s were idiots as well as being dishonest I ask to see a NHS Fibromyalgia specialist and was told “Good luck, there isn’t one”
  • Already seeing a raft of mistakes, a shed load of complete bullshit from so many so-called Doctors and Health Professionals supposedly sworn a Hippocratic Oath and having NHS Podiatry refusing to see anyone unless they were under 18 or over 65 ..
  • I emailed Fibromyalgia Association UK and told them what I was told ..
  • What are they talking about, here is a list”
  • I later rowed with that GP after someone high up in the NHS called them and told them I had been recording them and they made me turn off my MP3 player and my phone
  • They then got cocky as I sat there for an entire hour rowing with them while he was smiling
  • Sadly he was unaware that I did not use my MP3 player or my phone to record things and in the recording you will hear me say “Its not good smiling, I have been recording you all for seven years” and his face dropped
  • Well it must had dropped again two days later as he got informed that I recorded out entire row and placed it online
  • Tats the point when the GMC and PHSO also started lying
  • ANYWAY .. before that I was referred to Guy’s Hospital next to The Shard at Waterloo in London
  • Dr Kirkham rapidly realized I was fairly intelligent and instead of talking to his understudy all the time he was eventually talking to me and told his understudy I was very smart to work out what I did
  • Not only did he confirm my diagnosis he also said that I had suffered for so long I had worked out that light exercise, CYCLING, helps control it, something I have not done in over a year now
  • He also spotted something with my right knee, did a test that had me scream in pain and told me I had a physical problem with my right knee that was NOT my FMS
  • That would be the right-knee that has left me unable to walk at all and I begged the NHS to MRI for 7 years

That way better?

How about a social worker friend who said I got everything right but did not believe me on this who has Diabetes Type 1, has been lied to, had pills go missing he is told is the NHS arranging things to save money and have agreements with pharmacies.

Yeah not only did he catch them lying to him but his granddaughter and a child ended up in a lot of pain and turned out to be Fibromyalgia.

I knew the girl and her mother very well and used to see them often years ago.

Now I do not know if someone recognised the symptoms as being things I had and looked into it which is most likely because I was told they refused to diagnose it nor did anything about it and my social worker friend was furious.

Because the so called NHS staff laughed at his daughter.

This is a year or so after him asking one NHS staff about these stories about vaccines not working and side-effects and being told ‘that is conspiracy theorists spreading it’.

Today he now knows that not only did that person lie but that they were also a woke hard-left socialist and he hit the proverbial roof.

He really does not like socialists, you see. He now sees them as I do, or at least the ones I come across. Willing to lead people top their deaths, lie to people, abuse science for political reasons while looking you in the face and telling you how humanitarian they are.

Before he just did not like them while not believing me and thought they were just narcissistic people.

I could not possibly repeat here what he says about them today and is often posting things on Facebook I have to warn him about so he does not get banned.

Oh he was only a social worker for 25 years with Camden Council and often used to tell me that he would never go back and work for a council because they are greedy, lazy lying pieces of crap that do everything they can not to spend money helping disabled people.

Now he knows that the NHS are exactly the same.

His teacher girlfriend feels the same way now and she got a vaccine injury, pain in her left arm and left side of her chest.

I could imagine the conversations .. him looking at her after witnessing me get so many things right and predicting things over the years that came true.

He thought I was mad when around 8 or so years ago I told him .. ‘something is wrong, something is coming. Something bad. People that are either amoral or complete morons seem to be slowly filling positions n the pubic services’.

Some months back now while on the phone he said ‘You was right, you was right about everything and it must have been so frustrating for you, not getting help and left in pain year after year and people not believing you about anything? I tell people you predicted all this and its worse than what you said it would be’.

Oddly he simply does not see how the Great Reset and this ‘Own nothing and be happy’ will be implemented.

What those that think they will introduce it do not seem to realise is only a tiny fraction of people will accept this and when they realise how long its been planned, they will be big time angry.

Now do you think that, what with this lying to patients going on for many years and Doctors that spoke to me openly admitting there was crap going on .. do you think that ..

When people were standing outside with their pots and pans clanging them in celebration of the NHS and all the adverts on TV and news reports about how inundated they were stopped to think about the backlash when the public found out later it was all bullshit?

Let me go back to my social worker friend who would not have it when I told him hospitals were refusing to see people and were empty and lying to the public that they were full.

Would not have it.

One day gets called about a daughter and oddly at a very old hospital of mine, Whipps Cross Hospital.

Now not going to go into details but they wanted him, the Type 1 Diabetic, to drop whatever he was doing no matter where he was and drive miles to get his daughter.

He pointed out her ‘condition’ and said that they were not supposed to discharge her and was told they had no choice as they had no available beds over Covid.

Oh this gets real good ..

So he sits there for several hours as an area gradually empties of people and sits there another two hours on his own. NOBODY comes out.

A security guard asks him what he is doing there and he tells the guy that he was basically ODRERED to pick up his daughter as they were full of Covid and had no beds but no one had come out.

This guard then tells him to follow him and takes him into and through a ward that was supposed to be locked to the public.

This is what he then told me ..

I followed the guy in wondering why he was leading me thought a ward full of people with Covid and as I walked in I looked around and got an absolute shock. EVERY BED WAS FUCKING EMPTY?! They LIED TO ME!”


  • Fibrofog
  • Short-term Memory Loss
  • Heartburn
  • Reverse Plantar Fasciitis
  • Hypertension and Hypertensive Headaches
  • Allodynia

Long Covid ..

  • Headaches
  • Brainfog
  • Neurological Damage
  • Heart Issues
  • Anosmia (loss of smell)
  • Depression
  • Delerium (difficulty thinking)

Been advised after an initial Panic ..

  • No stress
  • No arguments
  • Get out of where I currently am, quick sharp
  • Was sent for advice and they wanted to take immediate action
  • Regretted turning this down due to being forked about and now being lied to

Now then and considering all the above, take a look at the typical treatment from government run public services and their modern take on serving the public.

After having disability removed for the same condition I have they had already got out of paying for perhaps a decade or arguably more and only after 3 years, was stopped for 7.

After I was then awarded the ‘new’ disability payments of Personal Independent Payments this was also stopped after only two or three years and for another 6 years. Two gaps adding up to 13 years and an argument for 23 years.

This is disability, do not forget and according to the DOCTORS I am not supposed to be stressed and remember ..

  • Heart
  • Feet, Back, Shoulders and Hands
  • Memory Loss
  • Going through a period of heat that I cannot handle, even right now cold outside but this little room seems to radiate heat like the central heating is on full blast
  • Insomnia and get one night sleep in three days
  • Hypertension Headaches going on for days on end, Dihydrocodeine used
  • Adding up to more stress I am not supposed to have ..
  • They previously pulled the rug from under me about starting my own business after I spent £10,000
  • Also I have been offered two jobs in Wales
  • Remember these things when it comes to government, benefits and jobs as you read what has happened over the last year alone ..

After claiming there was only going to be one department covering all, my friend gets DLA still, others get PIP still, some still get ESA and there is one for military I get awarded another. Sounding more like some divisive leftist group its called LWAC .. something.

How it previously worked ..

  • Get a Letter
  • Get Back-pay
  • Get Monthly Payments

Here is where it stands right now ..

  • Got shocking call from Job Centre saying I never had to go in any more which was a relief as I was getting drunk to get to them and the Doctors (like a pilgrimage with the distances now)
  • No letter
  • No Back-pay
  • No Money
  • Eventually the monthly payment comes though
  • Another monthly payment comes through
  • Two emails about this get no response
  • Two weeks from another monthly payment
  • Still no letter of explanation
  • Still no back-pay
  • Around a year since they asked me to do it
  • Depending on 52 weeks to 23 years owed £5,000 to over £100,000
  • Do not even get me started on what Google owes me over censorship, bullshit and lies

Now then after they wanted to get me out of this building as an emergency move last November and the NHS who had not answered my requests for help, like Allodynia, and taken eight months and counting for an emergency appointment after serious chest pains . Also remember my oldest friend had a stroke and went into a coma for ten days.

Friends all over having issues and a woman relative I have just been told has that issue all women dread to find out.

Added to that as you will discover my social worker friend, who failed to believe me about all this and now he has been lied to, his girlfriend with left chest and arm pain after the okee-pokee, has broken his ankle while in Crete.

Fork knows how he did that, still waiting to find out.

Remember he is a social worker and worked for Camden Council for 25 years so he knows how they work and he is going to compare London where there are very long waiting times, to a small country village with scattered empty homes.

He is going to blow every gasket he possesses when he hears all this and I bet he starts shouting.

Before he went to Crete four weeks ago he did here about the disability being awarded and him a Type 1 Diabetic and knowing me a long time he responded with “About .. fucking .. time!”

No so fast, Mario .. not so fast ..

  • Get pressured to register with housing in Wales to be near my daughter and grandchildren
  • The website is utter shite, I am trained to be able to say that (HCI), and wont let me fill it in
  • I go to my local council after giving up to see f they can act for me
  • They go a bit nuts at my situation and my pills and offer me immediate emergency housing, which took me completely by surprise
  • I say no because of my disability, pains, heart and that moving is the second most stressful thing after divorce and I did not want to move twice in 3 months
  • They say yes to handling it for me, they then say no, because I had already started an application and need to go back to Sheep Shagger Council?!
  • Turns out there is a way for filling it in for applicants like me, you put in some postcode that someone in London was never going to know
  • Told move would take 6 to 8 weeks, think this sounds to quick and it will be 12 to 16
  • Provide all tenancy and medical health details, they told me I had done all that I needed to, remember this as this will also become important
  • My council sends email to Sheep Shagger Council
  • November, turn down emergency housing because I am going to move in 3 months
  • I get registered with council in December
  • Find out couple get housed in 12 weeks during pandemic
  • Get sent a photo of a one bedroom bungalow being built
  • Social Worker friend Mario starts asking me why I have not been moved
    • He quite rightly does not understand how a council in central London can offer me immediate accommodation and a council with a few people, even more sheep and picture of empty for months bungalows takes 3+ months
    • He starts asking me to ring them
  • My council actually calls Sheep Shagger Council to find out what is going on
  • 12 weeks come and go and hear nothing
    • Start getting asked by three people what is going on in March
  • Get shown on video conference another bungalow
  • Lady who registered a month or more AFTER me on the same Band 3 gets a house
    • She, being a local that knows her council better than I do, does not understand why I am sill waiting
    • She and my daughter told me they was going to speak to Judith Morgan about why I had not moved when they picked up keys, but she was not there
    • I get told that she gets told that they ‘would house within 6 months’
  • Still get asked in May and get asked to ring them, which I do
  • I get told my name has been coming up for awhile
    • Later get told you only come up in the top ten
    • Coming up for a while suggests closer to 4 to 7 on list
  • They tell me there is a development of flats on river bank to be finished 15th to 23rd July and might get one of those or soon after
    • These are 12 apartments
    • If you you understand maths at a child level this means even without being offered one, everyone above you on the list is gone and you are TOP
  • State that there could be unforeseen last minute mishaps like electrical, plumbing etc
    • So could be anything up to July 8th or later
  • People start watching the building at night looking for lights to come on thinking I would then shortly arrive
  • July the 15th goes by, July the 23rd goes by and I hear nothing
  • Email Sheep Shagger Council in late May
  • Daughter speaks to bf who was the plasterer an asks him to find out what is going on
  • He says he is told its not done and people will be moving in within two weeks, mid-August at latest
  • Only Sheep Shagger Council emails me back and it all starts getting even more confusing ..
  • After a process that was supposed to take 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks (couple housed), 16 weeks (lady same category housed) and me with potentially fatal condition now at 32 weeks ..
    • Get told ‘September’
    • Despite asking what the delay was get no answer other than she does not get told which is utterly bizarre
    • Now despite giving all details from the BEGINNING and even having my local council contact HER ..
    • ‘What is this about where you are living?’?!
    • ‘What is your medical conditions?’?!
    • ‘Well I do not understand this and I do not understand that’
    • ‘Why has your income changed? Why have you not updated your application details? You have until the 1st of October to do this’
    • Yeah they are now making a big issue out of me sending them the fact that I have now been registered disabled again and getting pissy about it when I have not even had anything off the DWP and this is not the first time
    • DWP, so-called public service, punished me years ago because PROBATE, also a so-called public service, were dragging their feet doing a job then then failed completely costing me £32,000. Probate owes me £32,000 because they failed to act per my instructions.
    • Sends me form as attachment of application that actually states all the fucking information she is now quibbling about at the 14th hour
    • On one form I thought I was fucking imagining things when it stated that my registration date was listed as March 24th 2022 when it had previously been December 21st 2021
    • I also now get the standard bullshit I have had from corrupt councils in England for years ‘Its not the obligation of the council to house you’ which is what I got told each time I got fucked over in the decades I had my disability
    • Not its because I am FORKING MALE and WHITE .. no? Now WATCH ..
    • If this all was not confusing enough .. I get told I have been moved up to Band TWO
    • Bearing in mind a woman in Band 3 that registered a month or so after I did had been in her new house over a month by August and I am being intentionally DICKED AROUND at the 14th hour, so late not even close to the 11th hour. Gets better ..
    • I then get told by my daughter that this means you get housed in four weeks
    • I then get told that this is the highest you get on as Band ONE .. is just for migrants
  • During all of this the very scenario that the Doctors and my Local Council wanted to ignore, takes place, I get bullied again
  • While being .. DIFFICULT, I tell this woman what has happened
  • The attack that took place that Sheep Shagger Council are now solely responsible for down to discrimination, incompetence or BOTH .. has led to serious heart episodes
    • Massive increase in my hands especially left hand leaving me white with fear ..
    • Cannot ride bike that is used to keep Fibromyalgia symptoms down
    • Cannot hold professional camera which was to be used to make money after moving
    • Cannot use computer any more
    • Or wont be able to for much longer
  • Now for the best part of the total incompetence that really makes it look like I have been intentionally FORKED OVER
    • Private teachers fed up with what government teaches students and tell my daughter to tell me, after reading my blogs, that they want to talk to me about teaching, when I turn up
    • A private healthcare firm fed up and now distrusting of the NHS have made noises about an advisory role
    • For months I have often been on the phone when local people have asked ‘When is your dad, the blog writer turning up?’
    • Across the towns of ***** and *********
  • Showing the emails and a collage of paragraphs and form sections to two people in a group DM on Twitter with an lady from Georgia and they both say ‘WHAT THE ACTUAL FORKS?!’
  • They ask how this can possibly happen, what an absolute mess of the way to run things, this is totally evil and how can they treat me like this
  • My daughter goes into SILENT RUNNING
  • My Doctors Surgery went into overdrive, called me four times in two days to get me in .. lady Doctor sat there in shock as I ran through 25 years of hell and mistakes from the NHS, Local Councils, DWP and what a Council in Wales just did as her jaw dropped open
    • Still no emergency CT Scan I presume is to see if I have already had heart attacks and need heart surgery I have been waiting for since November 2021
    • Very recently had a blood test for this CT Scan
    • Just got told I have to have another one and was told ‘Please make sure you come in for it’ 7th September
    • Told her that I had disagreements with Doctors in the past and I always get proven right and that Russell Brand has just reported its been revealed that SRI drugs do not work and all a lie for years by Pfizer
    • She did not disagree with a single thing and just nodded the whole time
  • The Band 2 was changed on 3rd August meaning that I am supposed to be housed now by the 3rd September
  • Literally spent 6 days intoxicated and had no one to talk to until SAS-Man and Ash started telling each other in the private DM they were worried about me and wondering what happened to me
  • Then on the day of the appointment while flaked out on a park bench in London Fields I get a WhatsApp message from Mario who was asking ‘why are they taking so long’ back in April ..
  • ‘In Crete with a broken ankle. Have you moved yet?’
  • Oh shit.
  • If he gets back in two weeks and he hears all this and then sees all the screenshots from all the emails and info and the questions I have just been asked he is going to blow every gasket he possesses ..
  • ‘They are discriminating against you and we can see now that you have had this every time with every public service for years and now its Wales too?! Stay here’
  • Bearing in mind he gets back at the end of August which will be just three days before the new date I have had that I would get housed which is four weeks ending on the 3rd September after waiting 36 weeks for something that took 8 weeks with my daughter, 12 weeks for a couple, 16 weeks for another lady, supposed to happen in 26 weeks and according to my new Banding, four weeks?
  • Fork Off Sheep Shagger Council, NO you do not get to move the blasted goal-posts, its THIRTY-SIX WEEKS!!

If I was to find a solicitor and take you to court for intentionally discriminating against me and endangering my life in so doing exactly what chance do you think you would have?

Oh and I do posses all my medical records. So now they cannot be hidden by another public service to protect you.

All this for years for a number of reasons and if you do not know I have had involvements to the top and because of this .. they fail to realise I am major league pissed about that and a number of other major league things.

  • I tell the truth
  • I have short-term memory issues and cannot lie
  • If you tell the truth you do not have to remember anything” – Mark Twain
  • Despite liars and those that manipulate decent innocent people
  • I cover MANY science areas and can see the bigger picture
  • I have a pattern recognition skill
  • I have not only seen, documented and witnessed the corruption, I have RECORDED it too

Now I have tried for many years t stay under the radar, the early years way too much, as I did not want to be of celebrity status.

For those that do not know in two towns where I was .. supposed to be living thousands of people know me.

Across two towns.

As stated I get asked about a lot.

Now here is another short story ..

Going to the store late one night around two weeks back, maybe less, in a dark section of the road a couple are walking towards me.

Suddenly as I am upon them I look up and there is a first in front of my of my face just hanging there and I look at this black guy and he says ..

“You are LEGEND .. mate!”

I fist bump him, not really knowing what is going on here or who he is. I say “Thanks”

His girlfriend looks round at what is going on and looks at me from a few feet away and her eyes go very wide. As if she has just seen someone from TV. I have zero idea how I could possibly be recognised and the only thing really clear about me is my eyes.

Well if you have seen my blogs which have been around since 2012, you would know.

She does the same, raises her fist up and I fist bump her too, thanking her as I do.

I carry on my journey to my usual late night store wondering what in the world that was all about as I did not recognise either of them.

I do not talk to very many people.

Lets see .. I do not venture out a great deal, mores the pity, and there are six Turkish people in stores that all know me and what I do but never seen my blogs and I have never provided them and they have never asked.

There is a nice Indian married couple that own a nice little convenience store.

The same applies with them, they know who I am and what I do and can do but not seen the blogs, not been provided nor ask for the blogs. But they like to talk.

I have given two Turkish guys legal advice but that was only recently.

I have been dragged out of stores by customers that here me talk or give advice, one I saw the other day for the first time in awhile out with his dog. He was across the street and raised his fist as soon as he see me and I did in response,

They could have been customers in stores where the owners are talking to me and I have been explaining .. astrophysics, solar cycles, volcanoes and likely animals or climate as well as Covid and vaccines? Hard to say.

I do recall seeing a Turkish guy talking to a black guy working in a Tesco Express and I had seen him on the Turkish owned store where I do talk.

I could hear him saying “See that guy over there?” and I simply was not paying attention. When I looked around I noticed as I panned he was pointing at me and I the realised who he was. The guy behind the counter says “Yeah?”.

Some nights I go into Seref’s store two down and Seref likes talking to him. That guy is a scientist in different fields and really knows his shit! You want to hear him when he gets going, its fascinating and he really knows how to explain things”.

The fist bump night I was going into a different store owned by Turkish people and who I call ‘Babyface’ was in there. Denitz was having a night off and I was still looking confused and told him what happened and said “I think people are beginning to work out who I am?!” and he started laughing.

I also told him that as I was walking to the store I was actually thinking ‘Hang on? That is not the first time that has happened?’

Bad memory is a beyatch.

It is now 7.49am and thanks to my insomnia I have not been asleep for even a minute and I thought ‘If your gonna frikkin keep me up all night I might as well finish this shit?’

Decades. South Italy in 2001 and animals atop a mountain and I figured out a climate quirk no one knew about and realised the Industrial Revolution did not start any warming. Batrachologist, Ichthyologist, Herpetologist among others.

A number of years leading up to 2012 finding out, recording and exposing some gangs that were abusing children that had a little terror plot in that final year I warded off. A four hour recording all about it that everyone and his brother has been burying ever since in ‘Country of the Damned’.

Over the years between four and seven of each of Police Forces, Local Councils, Hospitals and GP Surgeries where at each I discovered many times the public was being lied to and things covered up. Recordings exist of social workers from councils lying to cover things up.

Google came to me about blogging and making money, was not my original intent and I spent years working on this and then around 2015 they started messing with my numbers and by 2017 I knew for sure they was burying me. People and I know thought I was mad but apologized to me in recent years realising they are. On both Blogger and YouTube.

On Twitter I have been told countless times by followers on DM for four years that hey never see my tweets, know I am shadow-banned and being hidden and likely keep a tab of my account open to make sure they do not miss any.

My daughter spent a couple of years telling me that my posts on Facebook never come up in my feed, a social worker who is an actual witness to 90% of things I ever posted and also did not believe me and also had to apologize in recent years said a few years back “Why don’t you post any of this to Facebook?”

Umm, I do, they do not put it up on people’s feeds. Likely because I have experts and scientists and they do not want them seeing them. Like you”

Around 2020 after bumping into someone in a Diabetic Clinic waiting room where he told a guy he was talking to that he also knew someone with a YouTube channel and that I have these crazy claims about being censored and hidden he told me they guy said ..

What does your friend talk about?”

Brexit. Donald Trump. Climate. Science”

The response he got he told me had his jaw slowly drop and his eyes go very wide and he has been telling everyone ever since.

Oh your mate is right, he is being censored in a big way. I do the same and I have lost £1,500 per month in revenue. I have a number of friends that are not as big as my channel and they have lost between £600 and £1,000 per month”

But on social media a group of people that declare themselves gatekeepers of facts and science and guardians of the world and people .. have failed thousands of times to prove me a liar and a fraud or wrong, each and every day over five years.

Witnesses instead watched me expose them as the liars and fraud each and every day over five years.

Each and everyone one either linked to the World Economic Forum or just doing their bidding like a good little sheep.

Only today they are mad, scared and desperate as one by one the dominoes of lies have fallen and little by little the people have realized.

When they have gone beyond the point where they realize that more than 50% of the messages have been lies they will start to question the rest of the narratives and the at some point will just decide to rule them all out.

Felt like and often used to blog for years I was in a limbo like period.

Now the masses have, for the most part, entered that limbo like period and are somewhere between the door, just inside the door or halfway across the realm.

A growing number are out the other side, just as I am.

All I ever wanted to do was use my skills and science prowess to help people. Do something for mankind. Be remembered for doing something good and help progress and not for make believe and emotionally driven things.

Someone .. somewhere decided at some point they did not want that.

Then at some pointed my goals changed and a new factor was added.

The one of revenge.


Yeah the problem with people, family, authorities and me is I have a terrible memory which my friend Mario has known about for years. He has seen my various shit happen, not all but most.

  • Sony Blu-Ray Player stopped working, second, same brand different model, to break down within a year when I have been worried about a contracting atmosphere, magnetic field playing up and a solar flare wiping out electronics with an EMP
  • Discovered one day person whose home this is was leaving trhe house all day while it is hot and leaving a 3ft x 3ft window wide open for all to see with a metal pipe network the local authority put in 20 years ago that gives thieves a climbing frame straight to the window
  • This is a person who years ago went into a school with a child’s pram that had their bag in the bottom tray that had their keys in it with their address on it .. THEY WAS ROBBED
  • Same person that has done nothing all their lives but thinks they should get all the attention and be in charge of everyone around them because of their socialism when they do not even understand what socialism is
  • Same person that keeps preparing foods bad for me in all sorts of ways I have asked them many times not to do
  • Who after 8 days of sulking after a row they had no chance of winning and the second night does a big fry up I asked them never to do again and they knew what they were doing ..
  • I know you said you do not want fry ups BUT OTHER PEOPLE LIKE IT”, I kid you not
  • Yeah sky high blood pressure .. heart condition .. being checked to see if I have not had any heart attacks THEY would have mostly caused .. does not fucking care
  • Too stupid to work out they will get blamed if I die here and I even told them this a few weeks prior as I was asked to do November 2021 and 9 months ago .. thick as treacle
  • Bought my 8th keyboard in three years I keep wearing out typing online, a Steel Series mechanical keyboard from CEX, turned out to be American, do not get me started, and with an issue with the RGB on the ‘W’ key
  • Had no one to talk to, daughter went quiet, mate in Crete with a broken ankle, oldest friend not long come out of a coma during what was the worst summer I have ever had
  • Even now I feel like death after another night with no sleep



How it started in August or September 2021 after lockdowns stopped everything
Information known in form sent, despite asking at same time
Date of email of last questions after registration, note date of January 2021
The building that was supped to be ready, I was not guaranteed one, by June 23rd at latest
August 2022 after being told on form by me, on phone by me, in email by local council here and email by same local council .. suddenly cannot read on files starts asking someone with memory issues 7 months later?
August 2021 email quibbling housing and containing a pdf that states my registration has magically moved from December 2021 to March 2022, remember I am now told ‘Band 2’ by Council while tod by others this means ‘four weeks’? At the 32nd week after a few months delay and badly done website.
One date of December 2021 becomes another date of March 2022 while on 3rd August 2022 go from Band 3 (inside 6 months) to Band 2 (inside 4 weeks) where Band 1 is only for Migrants.
So the poor Welsh also get the ‘We can take you money as its ours but we can do what we want with it and do not have to help you’ BS too?
End July told building done in 2 weeks, Council then say 4 to 8 weeks but tell me I have to do something by October 1st? Which I cannot do because another public service as not fekken sent me anything for 3 months and not answered two emails? Does not sound like housed in 40 weeks or 3rd September the four weeks I am told) to me?
The shifting of dates 3 months forward to a process that took 8 weeks for one, 12 for another (during pandemic), 16 for another (registration to housed on Band 3 from January to May 2022) on the same Banding and 32 and counting for me that is now supposed to take 4 weeks from the 3rd September. What excuse do they have on the 4th September 2022?

Another late edit and this time an image .. soo..

  • So was told that Band 2 means ‘inside four weeks’
  • Now told Band 2 was in effect in from March 24th 2022
  • Originally registered 21st December 2021
  • One couple, health unknown, housed in 12 weeks
  • One lady eager to meet me housed in 16 weeks, also on Band 3
  • Therefore since being placed on Band 2 by their own admission has now taken 20 weeks and counting
  • And they are confused as to why a disabled guy with a memory problem and a load of locals are confused?


Should have thought of doing this previously ..


Few videos on Fibromyalgia and in some, or all, mentions Allodynia

Another video regarding Fibromyalgia

And another one on Fibromyalgia

Russell Brand on Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Venlafaxine in particular not working, which I was screwed over by a Doctor over that led me to return to London.

Remember I have all my medical records now they were refusing to hand over for 14 months.

SRIs were all a lie by Pfizer to make money so how many Doctors were wrong on this and for how many decades? But some Doctors are declared correct on Covid Vaccines which has all fallen apart?

Doctor in talk and used him before, British sounding but in the US explaining how Google, YouTube and Facebook censored him and he came close to having his channel removed completely.

We know for a fact that both Twitter and LinkedIn do this to.

He cannot understand how Doctors are not up in arms, especially in the US.

Does not want to be part of any Physician Group. Not how science is conducted.

Said many agree with him but they wont speak out and people should realize the similarities to this and what happened in Germany pre-World War II.

Pay close attention to what is going on because some traps they lead the blind to you will not be able to escape from.

Dread to think what I owed just in loss of earnings but as the Anonymous Hackers former co-founder asked why I was not bigger than Tim Pool? It suggests a lot, more than a million?

This is without decades in damages for the harm, stress, anxiety and death it has all nearly caused and there is no end of evidence via documents to even audio recordings and the odd video going back a decade. More in some cases, like the NHS.


Bertrand Russell

Noam Chomsky

Albert Einstein

Karl Popper


OK now this is going to be the ‘revealing’ parts to tie everything together and the follow up is already being worked on but has been held back and will be held back until April.

This will later be explained.

However the next part will be quite some work and very revealing with a collection of links and videos as it appears that once again things are occurring earlier and spreading faster than I expected, though I still have a few things as it all needs to be tied together with a bow on the top.

Part of the reason its held back is tactical and I have some ‘tests’ coming up I am somewhat .. concerned about and then, unless the current mess does not wreck even more of what I have left of a life, I have to move to another country.

The tests are to see if I have a fair chance of doing this without the move being fatal, leaving me having been wondering for awhile now if I will ever get out the ‘revealing’ piece? As I wanted to post it after I had moved.

Also telling the truth and exposing things regarding very powerful people has had a long history of these powers screwing with my life, but when you are left with nothing to lose and a strong desire for vengeance, what is one supposed to do?

A GP called Dr Debbie Dressler once told me many years ago that all the money and power goes to all the wring people. It is something I have never forgotten.

She is likely one of many Doctors, Surgeons and other professionals that have recalled me while watching the world collapse. I have said a great many things over the past three decades to a great many people.

Turns out I have been far more accurate in my hypotheses and theories than even I thought I would be.

When I came back to this from the second part to put this intro in, as I wanted to hold back until the follow up was mostly done, I looked and thought ‘what the hell is ‘M’ an ‘I’? My short term memory-loss is a pain and often occurs when I least expect it.

Now I recall. I think people can work them out.

Let us focus on two groups and let us refer to them as the ‘M’ and the ‘I’.

There have been a lot of conspiracy theories and a lot of names thrown around. Three in particular and in order of frequency are the following ..

  • George Soros of the Open Society
  • Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum
    • Now being mapped out in the next piece (late March to late April)
    • This piece should make it easy for people to see and you just need enough people to see it and realise to defeat them
  • Rothschild
    • Here a lot of talk but know very little and if I recall normally linked to the Banks?
    • Despise banks but this can be something for others to link into the corruption web after the next post that will be quite revealing but just leave a few gaps

So there are three and one wonders if they are all in one of the two groups, both groups or there are more groups?

So why is this happening ..

Why are Canadians getting suspicious about United Nations aircraft turning up in Canada at an airport and no one mentions anything?

Seems many get deleted in mass censorship these days?

How come when someone asks in Canadian Parliament who Klaus Schwab and the WEF has influenced so they tell an obvious lie and say the question cannot be heard when another jumps up and claims without foundation that this is misinformation when it was only a question?

Why do these people consider themselves intelligent when their actions show that they are not because they are moronic enough to make the situation worse or leaving the only other possibility that ‘making it worse’ is their intention?

Now then the two groups .. ‘M’ and ‘I’

  • ‘M’ is real and I know it and I have known members
    • Said to be honest and do not lie or cover up crimes (see below)
  • ‘I’ is talked more about these days
    • Said to me mad conspiracy theory by many and a little too much for my liking
    • I cannot talk about the latter as I simply cannot prove anything and know nothing at all
  • In a recent conversation by someone that believed neither to exist, not in the present day, I was told that they met someone from ‘M’ who told them that ‘I’ not only existed but that they work together
    • Now what would make them do this?
    • Many have stated what is happening is a war at the top, this suggests it is all pantomime and theatricals?
    • This would fit with the number of things the public was told was going to happen but never did?
  • In light of the above it should be noted that ‘the greatest fear is the fear of the unknown’
    • In light of this what greater fear that something you cannot see .. like a virus?

Now as mentioned someone I know called me and came out with the most bizarre things ..

  • One person mentioned some crazy theory that famous people are dead and wearing facemasks and imposters
  • Another talked about the group I refer to as ‘I’, he has never mentioned this before and told this other person it was mad and conspiracy theory
  • He meets up and befriends a guy who tells him he is part of ‘M’
  • He goes on to say he cannot say too much but they are honest and do not cover up crimes and not only does ‘M’ exist but so does ‘I’ and they work together
  • He is actually stunned by this and stunned when I tell him I knew someone years ago who became a member of ‘M while I knew him
  • Honestly? I hated everything I heard about ‘M’.

Let us now think about the occurring things in recent years and the non-recurring things ..

Non-Occurring ..

  • Global Warming
  • Pandemic along the lines of Spanish Flu
  • Election Results everyone expected

Let us look at what we have been distracted by ..

  • Global Warming
  • Donald Trump
  • Jeffrey Epstein
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Pandemic
  • Fending off various labels
  • Our escapism become infested
  • Dictated to by idiots
  • Culture War
  • World War 3

Here are the problems with any ‘plans’ concerning ‘The Greater Good’

  • Anti-Religious people expect others to go on faith?
  • Altering and coercing the masses using the worst lies I have ever seen?
  • Will not get support by anyone nor amoral that possesses a working brain?
  • Belief that when it is over you can get away with it and expect the people to follow you without the use of force?
  • If the last one is the case you think you can succeed where the Nazis and Russia failed?
  • For the entire world?

Many level headed people have been trying to figure out the truth and all most of us have bene hit by is censorship and financial ruin.

These people think that they will be obeyed when everything is revealed or plainly obvious by the time 2023 comes around?

Providing, of course, it has not collapsed partly or entirely during 2022 and providing this was not their intention?

Decoy Voice looking at the Russia and Ukraine situation ..

I once before talked about a sudden drop in temperatures after everyone was let into the northern hemisphere .. and the possibility of the rich and powerful moving to area you could not farm in the past but suddenly can?

Should be pointed out that you can look up and find that China spent many years planting a billion trees in a desert too.

‘The Greater Good’?

What I want to know is whose greater good and why does it look evil, sinister, based upon lies and highly self-serving?

You cannot have blatant double-standards towards the masses on things that you not only you cannot prove and have failed to do in years but others obviously exaggerated to produce fear by people totally guilty of double-standards.

Like a teacher who shouted at a mother for not wearing a mask who was then torn aaprt in a panel when she reacted to photos of herself in crowds on Facebook not wearing one.

You cannot do this.

There is no way on Earth that these ‘greater good’ plans would ever work and were executed by morons trying to get other morons to carry them out.

Unless the effects were entirely intentional and that is the part the public needs to figure out ..

  • Was they morons and if so why do they have power?
  • Was they intentional to divide the masses and if so, to what end?
  • WHO .. is behind these things?

George Soros stated that he got so much fun from manipulating the economies of entire nations, so could this be a giant Chess Game?

Or are they trying to hide something that is coming beyond our control and are just ..

‘Kicking the can down the road’ for as long as they can manage’?

Something I have always referred to as ‘Project Distraction’ and have four around 4 to 8 years.

You expect people of all nations to live in a society based on a sham or mirage and a pile of lies?

Not going to happen ..

You have got people from all kinds of nations throughout the world who had experience, lived under and fled authoritarian communism speaking out against these plans.

No one had the foresight to realise things like this would take place? Like these Chinese people in Canada pointing out that what they see are the exact same things they saw from the Chinese Communist Party in China?

That it is going the exact same way everywhere ..

I ask myself what these people from these nations now living in countries like Canada, the US, UK, European countries and Australia who try to warn the natives of their new homes who say ..

  • Oh I do nto think anything will happen”
  • Oh someone told me that was all ‘conspiracy theory’”
  • But there was nothing on the [FAKE] news about this?”


The powers behind much of what is going on know this and they may have even fuelled this thought and they know the ‘horses’ can be led to water but you cannot make them drink.

As for the reasons and if a distraction what it is they are hiding?

Yeah I think I know. There are of course as there always is a number of possibilities but I have for several years now heavily leaned towards one.

In this theory which heavily involves science and patterns I have made a number of claims and predictions and also my own theories and a great many of these have turned out to be the case.

I have to have a very high level of confidence to make the claims that I do and I am NEVER, it is a rule, 100% confident. If it gets to 95% levels of confidence then I will start making ‘noises’.

I am not going to get into it here is it will be in the follow up but I had totally forgotten, what with pandemics, vaccines, climate change pushes, fascism and China, that I had actually predicted Russia pushing into Europe.

All I will say here is that I reminded someone that asked me about this war, a professional friend, and I told him something that I had told him around 3 years ago, before there was ever any mention of covid.

He went silent as he recalled what I told him.

He was also shocked when I pointed out that those I listen to, those that said he would nto do it and those that predicted what Put$in would and would not do, all had stated they got it wrong. Every last one of them and all had admitted it. That is how choosy I am over the people I pick.

My friend realised that the only theory that fitted with what was going on was my own theory from three years ago.

I wont get into debates about this, which I will cover in the next part where I kind of reveal all and hope that this is done in such a simplistic way that this one post might finally spread to enough people that ‘they’ are finally defeated.

This is one time when it takes numbers of people to win a war and not just the fact that a few know, because their power is too far and wide over too long a period of time and have too many fingers in too many proverbial pies.

Told my friend that of all my predictions and theories that this one theory turning out to be accurate and at just the right time and just as I had linked everything together (next post) including the large number of people in the Twitter threads I was debating with .. that I finally should achieve what I set out to do.

I also told him that I felt that my time might be limited, things are deteriorating in all kinds if ways and I hope I am able to see it through. To the end and long enough that I might see it succeed.

He admitted that as crazy as my predictions from a decade ago were, not only have they all been accurate but its far, far worse then even I said it would be.

We are now beyond a point were even the most stubborn naysayers now cannot ignore me or my claims, predictions and theories any longer.

Here are some screenshots about how you are mislead on science which is to to with consistently wrong information regarding the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai volcano eruption they are still getting the numbers wrong on and the known basics being altered to mislead.

The eruption went from 17.6km and I kept saying it was way higher and getting attacked for this as it was gradually shifted all the way up to the current 56km. I got now acknowledgements nor apologies over this. I was told I ‘got lucky’ though.

Only its been noticed that the Noctilucent Cloud outbreak I also predicted would occur might be just a coincidence. That is astronomical units beyond ‘stretching it’.

NLCs are at 86km which is why they are ‘stretching it’.

Which would mean even their latest figure of 56km is wrong despite people stating that the cloud got into the Mesosphere.

Since the eruption there has been an unusual push by many to talk down this eruption we have never seen before regarding volcanoes we know very little about. Red flag.

Another red flag as the feeding of information which ended up in this report about how the ‘cooling’ and particles could last a year,

Now look up any site you want in yoru search and every single one, including one I pasted into an image from NASA themselves, states that if particles get into the stratosphere they can last a very long time and the higher they go the longer the linger and up to three or four years.

The stratosphere, remember.

Now remember that Mount Pinatubo erupting in 1991 was nowhere near as high and this lasted around a year.

Now remember that they are saying that the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai volcanic eruption punched a hole through the Mesosphere and some say ‘into space’.

Now consider that not only does this look like they are tying to talk this eruption down so much they are contradicting themselves in the articles that if this lingers for three or more years what if you get another eruption in the next four years that just tops up what is already there?

What if one occurs in the next year and double what is already there?

What if .. this occurs when it has become obvious that the Tonga Islands eruption is cooling?

The fact is the month immediately following Tonga the global temps dropped and to a point that I was not expecting. I have been doing this month in and month out for a few years now. Sometimes I get the drop I was expecting and a few times it goes up a little when I thought it would go down.

Eventually I realised that the volcanic eruptions were 300% above normal and put it down to all the lower level eruptions pumping out huge volumes of hot gas. Wildfires adding to this.

When you consider everyone is talking about just how many volcanoes have been erupting, breaking records, rare eruptions and add in the wildfires that alarmist types want to blame on CO2 ..

It makes the current global temps being around +0.03C above a baseline look pretty suspicious, does it not?

Last month of February see some pretty cold and snowy conditions in many places and there is talk of a Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event creating cold temperatures for the first half of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

This might suggest that there might be two or even three drops in temperatures over the next four months?

On the UAH chart the red line now shows a drop over a period of time I was told, while attacked, would not take place. It is already being reported that there has been no warming for 7 years.

With the line now dropping for awhile any continuous drop over the next 6 months will have anyone looking at this graph realise that they were lied to and have been for a very long time.

I was also told I was wrong and an idiot when I said people that realised they were lied to by poiticians, the media and even Doctors over covid and vaccines will question global warming.

I have now provided them proof that this has been occurring and pointed out that not everyone actually needs to ask. I just get called names whenever this occurs which happens to be rather a lot.

  • 17.6km
  • 20km
  • 32km
  • 36km
  • 56km

These are the figures I recall being reported and there may well have been more in-between I may have missed?

Here are the screenshots ..

All from

Framed, lied about, numbers changed, algorithms altered, censored, graphs re-adjusted, old records deleted and more and all to intentionally mislead all the people of the world.

Over and over and over again its been spotted and by more and more people.

I had started to notice the odd thing in the 1990’s and thought they were just making mistakes until a decade later and I started to get suspicious.

I had no idea just how widespread this was until another decade later when I realised it was all of the UK.

Not knowing much about what went on in other nations I then started to approach people across Europe and started to realise it was Europe wide, at least.

Ten years on and into the 2020’s and I know its across Canada and the USA too as well as Australia and New Zealand.

I can recall back in 2007 I watched a documentary on Svalbard and the Doomsday Vault and asked the friend I was visiting who watched it with me .. “Why now? Seems a bit strange and I am asking myself if there is something coming they are not telling us about?”. My friend did not believe me that they would keep things from us and I simply replied “Umm, your the one that thinks we never landed on the Moon?” and he laughed and said “OK, point taken”.

Oddly when I get accused of being a conspiracy theorist I get told I am a flat-Earther and they demand to know if I know we landed on the Moon, or not?

My answer throws them off when I say “I do not know, I was no there. If you are asking me if I think we did, then yes. But no I cannot claim it factual that we did because I simply cannot prove it either way”.

By doing this not only am I shutting them down but at the exact same time I am also proving to them that neither can they claim that we did because they also cannot prove it.

It is odd how, when it comes right down to it, go on faith when claiming to be about the science.

Also with the amount of equipment today any missions to the Moon could likely be watched by Amateur Astronomers, with the quality and power of scopes available.

Here is one in a group of nobodies and a taster for what is coming in the big part that will be posted in a few weeks.

This is a nobody in a group, tells constant lies, uses fact-checkers that knowingly lie. Claim they are gay socialists and are neither and have one in their group claim he is a capitalist with a very interesting location I will use in the next part to explain who they REALLY .. are.

Here this nobody is running down Dr John Campbell who was used on various TV News channels, held dozens if not hundreds of interviews .. got everything right. Was fact-checked and lied about by various fact-checkers including the BBC, Facebook and in American when he and Jimmy Dore both got fact-checked.

When the British Medical Journal got fact-checked and he exposed it as lies he then started talking about George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and was later interviews by Russell Brand.

Here they call Dr John Campbell an ‘anti-vaxxer’, only a YouTuber and not a scientist.

Again ..

And a different one ..

There is more to come in the next part as well as who they are and how I linked them together.

I wll also start revealing details of the ‘how’ and what I have been kinda doing for a long time and its not .. exactly easy. When you are wathced as heavily as I am and with the powerful people you are dealing with you have to be very careful what you say and everywhere you say it.

I always tell people that claimed I was wrong about something only for me to later expose the truth, the following ‘Its not the journey that matters, but the destination’.

I really do not mind making small mistake on the way and I am not impervious to making errors, I just like to drive them up the proverbial wall and tell them that.

All I care about is that I find out in the end but in the meantime have to throw them off the scent that I am on their scent.

They are not the only ones that can play games the difference being is that I do not use lies and deception to do it.

I will, however, lean heavily on labels and hashtags despite thinking its a small possibility these are accurate because I want to force them into posting things that act as clues for me to home in on the facts.

Which I can then expose at a later date once I can link it all together to make it look very obvious, irrefutable or prove outright.

Sadly this has come at great cost and then some and not just to me but to many around me but this pales in comparison to what these people have already done, have been doing a very long time and would have done had someone not stepped in to stop them.

My burning desire for revenge was also combined with the fact I had little choice along with my desire to undo the damage they had done to science.

What else could I do?

I started out stating that something was coming, that many things had been lied about, that planes were in place and that civil wars, World War 3, That global warming was not real, that animals in south Italy showed me the Industrial Revolution did not start any warming and then realised it was going to cool, stated so and now we have 700 inches of snow in Japan and a global temperature after 30 years of being hammered it is going to burn, at zero. That the news was all lies, that I have never trusted politicians and if not insane hypocritical socialists the rest all sounded and acted as if they was in the same club.

How is it looking now?

You can approach anyone among my friends and family and even a few Doctors of my past and they will all tell you the same thing ..

‘Yeah, he did indeed state all that shit!’

I have had Christian groups believe I was sent by God, whereas to me its been more like a living hell with a curse on top with a neat bow just for good measure.

For the longest time politicians and those in power have been ‘kicking the can down the road’ and now in present day everyone is wondering if, before long, they will be relying heavily on ..


THE END OF WAYS (Part Three)

How things change.

How quickly they change and just how much they change.

As I was finishing this part off I was already working on part four and not expecting more than a page or two it has already grown to five.

I had anticipated that based on my predictions that a number of things would occur with both the cold weather and polar blasts as well as blasts from various volcanoes.

With three months left of this year of 2021 much has already been occurring and once again after experts claimed one thing it was later shown by nature, sometimes within 24 hours, that they are wrong.

So this part was about the madness of mankind, attitudes, bad behaviour, how the US has a government doing some inane things.

The idea was that as the parts went on I would swing back around to subjects as I knew there would be more developments but its happening earlier and more frequent than I thought it would

So first up this time around was that mess they call Afghanistan and that pulling out and the rumours I thought were baloney about all the weapons and aircraft left there.

Very long list of aircraft some of which was taken to Afghanistan not long before they left and far more than there are pilots?

Yeah sorry just like with AGW and Covid along with these supposed vaccines .. something stinks.

When I was shown this by a military veteran and after laughing at the Blackhawk Helicopter not even getting off the ground .. I saw the amount of equipment left there.

1 How?

2 Why?

Then something hit me .. hard!

Exactly how are things going to go in the area when the surrounding nations in these areas see these videos and read the reports about just how much equipment the Taliban now has?

208 Aircraft

76,000 vehicles

600,000 weapons

Bearing in mind these are all estimated.

I cannot help but ask myself if someone is now going to end up bombing Afghanistan once they have all the intelligence in?

Well in a changing world where the land suitable for farming might shift, if you wanted to clear people out of a given area, this would be a good way to do it.

War is not only possible but I am sure some would argue before long, if not already, that it is very likely? This could come from anywhere. Any nation close to them could get twitchy and not just Israel either.

Governments, public services, the media and the hard-left are still trying to push and instil fear over Covid19 and Vaccines. Covered in the last part.

After finishing the last part in this series the socialists, Marxist, climate alarmists on kept telling me I am wrong or lying on AGW, Covid19 and Vaccines only to have it blow up in their faces.

They also kept insisting that the majority agreed with them. This was extremely strange to me because hot only had I see evidence myself of what I claim, it is after all how I work, I had showed them. But they would simply not accept what was shown to them.

There is an old saying that there are people that ‘argue that black is white’ and these people are not only a prime example of that phrase but they do it each and every day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

I had warned them that at the end of 2021 the attitudes to Covid19 and the restrictions would change and had seen this for weeks in the UK already, which would be followed by a realisation about global warming.

In each and every case regardless of subject instead of a report they would show me a table of data on some webpage. Very literally and for nearly three years they would do this for everything. Insisting there were far more record heat temperatures than record cold.

It is a really stupid way to cheat because you can be caught out immediately or within a few months at most’

‘Show me all the weather reports of record heat?’

That argument went on for months and I had posted links to Several dozen and maybe even over 100 reports in that year. They never produced any so eventually I did it for them.

There were 7 and the global average temperature had dropped to the baseline.

They would not have it and suddenly averages work differently in their world as does physics.

Apparently I was wrong, an idiot and a liar for saying that attitudes towards Covid19 and the vaccines were changing in the UK. So people and store owners must be lying to me?

Oh and they you get the ‘some random stranger’ fallacy argument.

Yeah I believe his is a news media site in Canada reporting on how the attitudes towards things in the UK has changed and we still have a little under 4 months of the year left?

Another odd one is my keeping score of my accurate predictions. Sometimes these are relevant the the argument I am having on Twitter and sometimes they are not.

But would you believe that when I posted that my predictions were on 89 when I had previously stated it was 88 I was called a liar and reminded what I previously said though oddly they also accused me of saying 90. Yeah that never happened, unless I made a typo, and was likely thrown in because they were desperate to make it appear to others that I lied

Everything they do they cover by furiously projecting these guilty acts onto others and have done it for years. You really do not want to have anything to do with people like this, they are most distasteful and I do not view them as human.

That was literally yesterday.

Last night I saw a video by Tim Pool.

IN this video he talks about a Professor who has resigned from his post at a University for indoctrinating students to Wokeism. Just a cover word for Communism as many view it or something very close.

That is prediction number 90.

Pool states that he is surprised it has not happened sooner and in all honesty so am I. But it has been obvious for a long time and I was told by several scientists who had anonymous accounts on Twitter that they were threatened over their careers and therefore families and mortgages.

I always maintained to the leftists behind this and have said this on the blog that as far as scientists concerned and when too much data is staring them in the face along with the failures that ‘no one wants to be left holding the baby’.

Pool also goes into how this is going on for a long time.

I also stated this when I found out about The Great Reset was a worldwide plan put together in a few months because of Covid19 I could not stop laughing. Anything this group of hard-left tell you is a lie and certainly in my experience. Have friends I can produce that would admit that I said 8, 10, 15 years ago that it feels like we are heading towards .. something.

Also said the same thing when I felt an earthquake in London.

The Professor was accused, with no foundation, by a woke student of beating his wife and student and ended up under investigation.

Oddly I had this too on Twitter from the Woke mob. These people literally are evil and never been married and I have been single for a very .. very long time. They eventually worked that out so just moved to another one.

Its psychological programming and they are taught that if they repeat something enough it gets accepted as fact. Once people accept something as fact long enough and are then presented with the possibility they were fooled then the Dunning-Kruger Effect takes hold.

This happened at Portland State University.

rather interesting and genius is that the Professor sometimes used indoctrination books of old and switched out keywords for words of the woke and they seemed no different.

Would you believe that one of these was Adolf Hitler’s Meine Kampf?

I have stated as have many others, like Pool, Ken Wheeler and others that what these woke are doing is following the same path as Germany did in the 1920’s and 30’s.

But on social media they are calling everyone else ‘Nazis’ within the first post or two as soon as they realise that your going to disagree with them.

Recall me stating that they hide what they are by projecting?

Tim Pool and many others are now saying more often and in almost every video and post that people are acting insane.

A good thing to point out is that Pool even states that he even sees this in his closest friends and this I have no doubts. Because I do to and have mentioned it to people for awhile.

The trouble is I am mentioning this to people that fail to pick up that the are part of that ‘everyone’ and I am also asking myself if I have?

People are behaving out of character and its not because of coofie & the vax but I do believe its something else and something both plausible and scientific and the odd part about it is, is that this is connected to a story that Tim Pool ran well over a year ago. Maybe in 2019?

The Sun has gone to sleep.

Yeah the Sun is doing things we have not seen in modern times and its more than just sunspots but its magnetism too among other things.

I have lost count of the reports of animals dying on mass from insects to whales along with attacks on people by animals even among domesticated animals.

It is known in science that the human brain can detect the magnetic field in some people.

Oddly I have also been asking myself and having conversations with others if the symptoms to my dreaded health condition is affected by it?

When I first realised what I suffered with most people had never heard of it and it was one of those invisible illnesses the government that now claim they are saving your life, left to suffer so they could save money that is not theirs.

I now have a dreaded symptom return that affected me at seemingly the same part of the solar cycle in the last one. This is something I had for several years. Then it went away for several years literally overnight shocking everyone I know. It was confusing at the time. A relief, but confusing.

Several months ago it returned at the worst possible time and it was a month or two before I realised it seemed to be lining up with the solar cycles.

It could turn out that some are affected health wise while others are affected behaviourally?

Now with that in mind and remember what I said about these people being twisted, literally insane and projecting ..

How about a while leftist activist wearing a Gorilla mask who attacks a black conservative and throws eggs at him?

Even in the video above they talk about how the left love chaos and how everything is a mess.

But they have absolutely no concerns about how they are affecting your life, your family and your businesses.

Now then I want to talk in this part about the attitudes and behaviour in the people that I see online and all around me. It has been frustrating to watch and it has deteriorated over time. Oddly I have seen bizarre reports involving animals.

But before I do and trying to get this finished as I am already one third into the next part, I want to talk briefly about a particular attitude and censorship I have talked about for awhile.

Socialists, or people pretending to be socialists and Marxists, claim this is not going on and conservatives are not censored any more then left-wing. Well this is a lie and I am centre-left and I am censored.

Even on Blogger its loaded with ads that according to my design screen are not there. Oddly enough there are more than the limit and must be my my revenue has been frozen for four years.

Have also stated that they have been burying the blog too.

Now I am about to show this with two screenshots with someone from the Czech Republic, or all places.

I also want to show that this blog also talks about the links I have done between George Soros and Karl Popper, something I discovered after getting these socialist antifa types to drop clues.

Very recently he posted that he had received a warning from Blogger for posting an interview with the man that created mRNA vaccines, Dr Robert Malone.

Which you will see further down has now been interviewed by very popular Jimmy Dore, also supposed to be a left progressive. Oddly enough the so-called socialists online despise Jimmy Dore and Tim Pool.

Now here is that interview with Dr Robert Malone and they show you all of the news that ran a fake story on Ivermectin.

They are literally lying to your face while performing some cosmic level hypocrisy and nothing ever happens.

I literally got told during a brief private conversation with an organisation involving scientists that ..

The world has truly gone mad”.

It is like I am in some sick dream or nightmare and I keep expecting to wake up at any moment.

While complete idiots, evil people and liars get paid large sums of money, have power they do not deserve and hold all the money of the people and act as if it is theirs by birthright.

As I was still working on this and pulling away from more grief as on yet another thread packs of liars were attacking me from all angles and swamping the thread .. this happened ..

Dr Robert Malone, creator of the mRNA Vaccines has started a petition to remind Doctors of the Hippocratic Oath and stop forcing needless death and suffering by governments

Against the discouragement of Doctors speaking out (like scientists on AGW)

Against barriers being put up by pharmaceutical companies and more ..

As expected and was inevitable those Doctors as well as scientists would start pushing back against what is going on.

Not the ones that got into their careers purely for the money to be made but those that genuinely wanted to help people, improve things for the benefit of mankind and respect the science.

Unlike those that want to abuse it for their own ends and power.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia has come out with a statement, according to posts on Twitter, where has has accused this New World Order of having a plan of ‘depopulation’. A word that has been stated to me more and more often and every random person I speak to does not believe the news, government, the NHS (in the UK), Covid, vaccines or AGW.

According to reports Peter Daszak and the Wuhan Institute of Virology had plans to re-release engineered coronavirus strains back into the wild with Bats in caves.

An totally insane plan that even DARPA would not get involved with which could have not only had consequences top the wildlife but later to humans. But would have been handy as it would have looked like it came from Bats and not a lab.

Who appear to be progressives working for the FDA think they are superior to you and want to force you to have their vaccines. Your body belongs to them and even want to have a Nazi style registration for unvaccinated people in shocking under-cover video.

Now with that in mind are you aware that in India, cannot believe I am linking The Guardian here (SPIT!) ..

  • 67.7% of the population have Covid antibodies
  • But only 13% have been fully vaccinated
  • But we also know that after a few months the effectiveness drops off and nothing after 6
  • Plus they have had supply issues

Which means that the vast majority have natural immunity.

Meanwhile a federal employee speaks to Project Veritas and has a video of nurses saying that the Covid19 vaccines are ‘full of shit’ and that they are getting many people with adverse side-effects and the reports are being buried.

If I was to have predicted a scenario like this 5 years ago I would not have blamed them for having me committed.

This is certainly a very bizarre period of time where there are a great many instances where truth is stranger than fiction.

Even people I knew that were flip-flopping are finally realizing after resisting my theories that once again it as as I claimed it to be.

Even my daughter and some church people she knows locally believe its very close to a collapse here in the UK and they are certainly talking about it in the US.

Heaven only knows how many other nations are talking about this but Australia surprisingly seems further down the road than anyone else.

I said back in 2020 that 2021 will be worse and I am certain that 2022 will only go further into hell as to me it is inevitable that the masses will realise they were lied to.

Who knows what the backlash will be of years or being lectured, taxes, suffering, illness and including death over things that were not true.

Black Lives Matter are already calling the vaccine mandates as racist. Heaven only knows what will happen when they hear the other reports or burying reports, vaccines doing nothing, the natural immunity and what those FDA people said?

Laws, Courts and judges were created to get justice.

Without them there is only one other way this ends for many places.

There is a meme going around that the difference between conspiracy theories and facts is about 6 months.

Hilarious as well as being kinda scary and true in some instances.

This is what happens when you allow them to fill you with fear and anger and is the oldest trick in the book.

Someone called Nicki Minaj, a celebrity, rapper and with 123 million followers has been at war with lying journalists. Over speaking out about Covid19 vaccines and basically getting messages from ‘Guardian Media’ which sounded like threats.

Here is a good take on it from ol’ Sargon Of Akkad on his Lotus Eaters channel.

It seems this ‘majority of the public’ the hard-left and Antifa types kept screaming and lying about, as its way smaller than they claimed, is now splintering and fracturing right before out eyes.

This will continue until around February to April 2022 and the slow realisation that they were manipulated by a small group using lies will become a primary issue for those that attempted to mislead them.


Many years ago I predicted that in a decades time the world will be an insane place and those that knew me were aware that I did not lie, knew I knew a whole long list of subjects so just thought me insane.

Now and 7 to 10 years on they come to me, tell me how sorry they were and not just how right I was but how it has turned out to be far worse than my insane predictions.

What annoys me today is how I just did not catch on early enough as to what was going on.

Oh that is not to say that I would have convinced those around me but I may have been able to build up an audience whereby when they started to restrict and suppress me it would not have made much difference.

One professional friend to someone who turned out to be a YouTuber in a Diabetic Type 1 Clinic ..

“Oh I have got this friend who was going to make money three years ago and then it stopped and he has this mad idea that he is being suppressed and prevented form making any money”

What does he cover?”

Global Warming, politics, corruption, socialism and many other things”

Oh. Well I can assure you they are suppressing him and they have done this to me and I have lost £2,000 per month and many of my friends they have done the same thing to also”


I am guessing at this point he said something about how he was going to have to call me and apologise as he had been saying I was wrong for years. He did call me and apologize.

In the last few days while the science thread, or was supposed be be, I was on had leftists tweeting out nonsense about how Joe Biden becoming President has everyone happy and united and there are no problems and already better than Donald trump that had me post 20 screenshots of leftists rowing one said the following ..

Yeah your only doing this to make money and sell your blog”

While a comrade said ..

The increase in your blog is double of nothing and therefore worthless”

This was more or less from the exact same time and had nothing to do with either science nor politics.

So basically if you have no money you have no say .. this from leftists? Also if you have a say then you should not make money? Like CNN or MSNBC, Washington Post, Daily Mail or the BBC or anyone else?

These people spend every single day telling others how much they know about science and get it all wrong.

But now that they are lying and the only ones I have seen lying about how Biden’s presidency is going I am leaning towards another conclusion.

That these are shills for the ‘establishment’ or what most refer to as the ‘Deep State’.

Now the very idea seems preposterous because one of these people was 10 miles north or me and others scattered across Canada and the US, though I have way more from all these areas in agreement with me.

But then there are Americans living in other countries and with the right money you could buy almost anyone and get them to lie. Not me. But many people.

When I caught them and exposed them I said to my own side “Who does that? Why would you do that? Why would the leftists, who openly admit they hate Joe Biden too and Antifa rioted, goes on social media telling everyone that everything is fine when it is not?”

Oddly enough people say this lot are terrified of me and I have certainly been reported several thousand times on the same thread. Blocked now close to 100 times and muted by many dozens.

Sadly I was trying to get through to them that the left was manipulated and used and that in time once Joe Biden was in they would start disappearing and like everything else they would not have it.

In fact when you look at how many predictions I gave them over two years and they just continued to call me an idiot and a liar with every one I made out of 35 you start to wonder.

I myself get very impressed with others that get things right especially difficult things in science while these people who are a dumb as a bag of rocks, do not so much as twitch an eyelash.

I was trying to warn both sides and these people did not want me to. They still don’t despite the fact that various Antifa and Socialist groups as well as individuals like one called Graham and a progressive on YouTube who just got demonetized I heard about on Tim Pool.

They just used you to get in power and they know something that you do not which I also know and that is why there has been such a focus on me.

It really is not hard to narrow it down ..

Global Disturbance like never before.

Requires a global issue.

Which there are very few of.

That scientific data is now showing us is the case in at least one and maybe several things.

You simply cannot ignore scientific data and fantastical theories to look for little insignificant things to attribute to a global wide set of problems. That is madness.

And no it is not AGW it is something quite the opposite that has various other dangers attached all of which have been increasing and with reports and scientific studies.

I am centre-left and one of my best friends considered himself a socialist because he thought that is what you had to be, to be fair and he died slowly of cancer and I was the only one really looking after him.

He told me that he felt so sorry for me and that I was born way before my time and I will have so much trouble finding people on my level and he was right.

Tim Pool and Luke on how the billionaires have rigged everything including the news media to cheat you of money. There was a huge blizzard going on, many stores were unexpectedly closed and Ian actually stated something that impressed me and something I have waited for on a Tim Pool show ..

AGW is not real, it is all normal and he read something about it and now convinced. He mentions this was on the Utah Government website. Shocker.

Tim Pool says that the lying from the media about the silver squeeze was the most brazen of lies he had ever seen and had previously mentioned that NBC, CNBC, Washington Post, MSNBC, Daily Mail and Jimmy Kimmel were some that were in on it.

He uses a pretty good term for this “the veil has been shattered”

He also says Dogecoin was fake and its odd as my alarm bells went off when I saw both Dogecoin and Silver and told people to be careful in a tweet,

They are blaming Russia yet again.

They state that Wall Street forced Robinhood and others to shut down.

Tom Nash on Wall Street and them still manipulating the market

Steven Crowder is going to sue Facebook

Tucker Carlson on how troops are moving in Syria and how, after all these years, Joe Biden states that Iran is a week away from building a nuclear bomb.

He states “Well you know how this is going to end”

Troops and wall to remain in Washington DC which, when you think about it, sounds like even that would occur if you was either at war or expecting war right there at home or an end of the world scenario. Of the latter there are plenty to choose from and this blog has spoken about many in the last two years,

Carlson reports that if you ask them what they are doing there and why they are increasing you do not get an answer.

I have stated this all year ,, in fact likely longer. Others were stating something different in the first half of 2020 in that they cannot wait for it to end because, regardless of skin colour, its the worst year they have ever known.

Then as we got close to Christmas 2020 many were starting to say they had a really bad feeling about 2021. Even Pepsi had a poster on a Bus Stop saying “All I Want For Christmas is 2021” and I took a photo of it.

You see I was convinced it was going to get worse. When the Presidential Election fiasco unfolded I was convinced by Christmas it was going to get a lot worse a lot faster.

It is only the 2nd February as I type this and it is not only already worse but even Styxhexenhammer has stated that he has been proven right on this by the end of the first month.

People say to me that I said this would happen and I replied with “Yes but I thought it would take three to six months! Not four weeks!”

Have you ever seen a disaster movie? An comet or asteroid strike? Armageddon or Deep Impact or maybe something on the magnetic field failing like The Core? Or continental shift like ‘2012’ or an ice-age like The Day After Tomorrow? Maybe in gaming you played the Fallout series?

Did you ever talk to people after about whether that’s how things would play out in the event that the world was about to be turned upside down? Did you talk or even imagine other scenarios?

What is occurring now is occurring to varying degrees across most of the world as far as I can tell and does it seem similar to a scenario like the end of something or maybe the start of a world war?

People have told me, while I needed some serious help, that it wont last long, it will be OK before long while others promised help and then did not deliver. Had friends ask me why I was getting no help. One friend realising I was right all along repeatedly reminds me I need new computers and asks me regularly whether I have got any closer to this.

He also asks why no one has helped.

Everyone asks me why no one else has helped.

What the leftists do not know, who currently are lying and saying no one is falling out over Joe Biden anywhere and forced me to post screenshots of 8 arguments among the left, is this ..

I am convinced of what is coming, do not want to be right about this and keep hoping that I am wrong but I am very .. VERY concerned about this.

I like certain movies and was once looking forward to the next part and I literally do not think I will see many of them now.

I tell people I wonder if its even worth building a PC. But then I think in a few years money will likely be worthless anyway.

But of things like power went down and food was short I could not stay here and could not drag everything with me. Heavy and expensive electronic devices I might never get to power up again?

Then there is my health whereby having no magnesium will cause very severe problems and things are bad enough even with the magnesium levels at normal.

In the early stages of my global warming series and how this is false and its going to cool and fairly quickly, which is what I think all the madness has been about, I talked about the possibilities.

The possibilities of how people would react from the bottom of society to the top.

I find it funny that billionaires are doing a cash grab and that everyone else seems to as well and wonder if they realise that in a major collapse money becomes worthless?

Now to me and with what I know is going on in science the actions seem like part of a plan for the useless kings and queens to remain on their thrones after a collapse should there be one.

It does not really matter whether there is or if there is not and it does not matter what you, the reader, believes.

What matters is what the people in power think and how you think they would react even if they thought there was a remote possibility of the world being turned upside down.

For arguments sake if there as an asteroid going to strike, do you think they would tell you? Or do you think they would keep you working, react and talk in bizarre ways and do strange things up until the moment everyone saw that growing light in the sky and could not hide it any more?

With the increase in fireballs his could be the case but I think its because it is going to get very cold in a few years and we have already seen the signs now. Especially the Japanese and others across Asia.

It is also odd that I spent all of 2020 explaining that after this winter tie would have run out and of solar cycle 25 had not got started, and its four years late, that the cat would be out of the bag.

Well after a couple of spurts around September and then late November the sun then flat-line before a spurt for about a week and has now flat-lined again.

Yesterday I posted a screenshot that showed that the sun had just gone 6 consecutive days without spots and another site had oddly stopped counting two days earlier.

I did not predict this last year but I spoke of this as a possibility. In late 2019 I was told by global warming aficionados I was wrong because NASA and NOAA stated differently and I said I did not care.

They said that solar cycle 25 was about in October and it did not. They did not bat an eyelid when pointed out that it was already a couple of years late.

I said that the solar minimum would last until late Spring like June until October. They laughed and called me an idiot and a liar. These are people that claim to know science, do not forget.

Once again it went beyond June and then after a brief spurt prior to NASA holding a panel where they mentioned the Grand Solar Minimum twice but CO2 or AGW was not mentioned once, it flat-lined again for three weeks.

The reports from this panel was used to show to everyone that I was wrong and I said that if it flat-lined again they would look stupid. They showed graphs that showed that it was rising fast and tried to spin it that it was a fast rise and that my predicted number of 48 spots maximum would be proved wrong in weeks.

They are clueless and have no idea how to read a graph and it would take at least two years before my numbers could be proven wrong, possibly longer. They also used the wrong number and pointed to the wrong coloured lines on a solar cycle graph to show I was wrong. I was not.

It then flat-lined again for about 10 or 12 days.

Still I was told I was wrong.

So this battle with whatever these people are, NASA or government shills or hard-left Marxists thinking they can capitalise on AGW, has gone on since January 2019.

The argument about whether the solar cycle was about to start or not has gone on since November 2019.

So here we are in February 2021 when a solar cycle that lasts 11 years and is already four years late and we are currently at six consecutive days without spots. There are no bright regions anywhere on the sun that could be sunspots. So provided one does not pop up in just the right place they are saying that it could go another four or five days without an Earth facing sunspot.

So this could take us to another ten days. The idea of this going beyond 14 days is just insane in my view at this point in time. But then I thought that about the last ten day stretch.

So that is 16 months of the AGW people telling me I was wrong about the sun because NASA and NOAA said so and yet here we are.

We are in a solar minimum that has lasted three years. This has not occurred since the Little Ice Age period.

Also these people that argue also seem to think that a rise in sunspots means no Grand Solar Minimum, which is what they call it when two or more solar maximums are very low. Between 1648 and 1700 30 was about the highest it got as far as we know.

Oddly and shown with proof in an earlier post a NASA graph has the next solar maximum at 25 while NOAA has the following cycle at 10. The last was a record low at around 88.

If those figures are correct that is a Grand Solar Minimum.

But as soon as they see any sunspots these people cry ‘no grand solar minimum, you was wrong’ which is complete baloney.

These figures are widely known and easily checked and the point in rehashing them is this ..

Remember when I said how would those in power behave if they thought there was a possibility the proverbial was going to hit the fan?

In fact I spent several months telling people that if this solar cycle does not get seriously going by January 2021 a lot of already nervous scientists were going to get a lot more nervous.

The Little Ice Age was known as the Maunder Minimum and I can assure you that they spoke on the BBC about this being just like a Maunder Minimum back in 2014.

And its been 6 years of things looking a lot worse than they already looked.

I really do not see how NASA’s latest prediction of 110 sunspots in 2025 is going to be reached and unless things really get going in the next couple of months many scientists are going to realise its just not going to be possible.

Generally the longer it takes to get going the lower the next solar maximum will be and as the previous solar minimum was also a record breaker at 20 months followed by a solar max at 88 and this one is three years. Well you can imagine that this rule looks like it will hold true?

As half of 11 years is 5.5 years and its currently February 2021 even if you run from mid solar minimum this barely takes us to 2025.

Except the cycles have been getting longer which the American Astronomical Society predicted back in 2011. Have a video for this too. ‘The Solar Prediction’. In fact from the peak of cycle 23 to the peak of cycle 24 the time was around 13.7 years, give or take.

Half of that is 6.75+. But if it is still getting longer and when you consider that the solar minimum is now 16 months longer then the last is this figure now closer to 7.2 years?

Following that rule then solar maximum of solar cycle 25 will not be reached until 2026 or 2027?

Yeah so would it surprise you to be told that it was supposed to arrive this year?

NASA predicted solar maximum of cycle 24 to arrive in 2010-11 and adding 11 years onto that puts it at 2021-22. Unless the sun does something we have never seen before, solar maximum will not arrive even by 2024.

And each time we get a stretch of consecutive days without sunspots this gets pushed further forwards in time and that is something NASA has long since gotten used to doing with cycle 24.

So yes if you want something that has gotten the powerful spooked this is it and this can be checked and with the right solar viewing telescope you can see for yourself.

So rather like my approaching comet analogy this cannot be hidden forever.

This is why you have been hearing about CO2, to make you think it wont get cold and icy. Plus they can make money from taxes. Used to save their own asses and remain in charge, no doubt?

Its why you are hearing complete nonsense about La Nina dropping the global temps down. And a warmer world produces more moisture and that is why you have all this snow.

They are just treating everyone like fools, causing as much distraction as they possibly can and everywhere they can so they can kick the can a but further down the road as long as they can.

I would suggest that building a wall in Washington DC tends to show they think they are almost out of time, no?

Geological time-scales. They can be a real beyatch.

Now while writing this prediction number 35, that I am aware of, of mine has emerged as I stated they would look further and further into the Little Ice Age or the Maunder Minimum.

The University of Bristol in the UK transcribed a book you are not allowed to touch because its, well 300 years old and fragile.

They hand transcribed the book and it talks about crazy weather and unseasonal freezes, tempests, floods, droughts and crop failures.

It sounds like a a lot of the flip-flopping I predicted back in January 2019 I said would continue until 2022 to 2023 and while we are now seeing this across the world in every continent the Sun has been behaving the exact same was from 2008 to 2030 that it did back then.

It is very spooky despite the fact I fully expected all of this.

There is a theory of mine also slowly emerging in that everything is in upheaval and this even affects us. Behaviour and other areas and my health has turned to shit and everyone I know has been behaving out of character since November and all occurred at the same time.

People that called me at least four times a week have not called me four times in 10 weeks.

Now desperate the AGW Hard-Left pushers are now blaming record cold and snow global on a circulation or oscillation of water in the Pacific Ocean known as the El Nino Southern Oscillation, or ENSO, and namely the La Nina end of it.

A circulation of water caused record cold and global temperatures to drop. So that’s cold water rising and so seas surface temperatures dropping causing the cold.

This they argued over several weeks while when it switched to the snow reports I was posting they were getting very angry about while arguing about the climate they would then get condescending again and state that the reason there was so much snow was because of warm sea water temperatures and evaporation.

So lets just go over their arguments ..

  • Record Cold and two month drop in Global Temps was over colder water and La Nina

  • Record Cold and snow at the same time was caused by warmer water three years into a solar minimum we have not seen in 300 years

  • La Nina was not in effect a year ago when there was another two month drop

  • AGW Climate Change is real because water evaporates

  • They call me an idiot and science illiterate because I do not understand these basics

Now think about that.

The people that push this are always hard-left and I am not going to say anything for about a month but the climate groups I have been looking at all around the globe while I look for people to talk to ..

  • Around 80% of them stopped posting between October 2019 or earlier and November 2020

  • Those that still post is mostly on hard-left politics with words like ‘solidarity’

  • Greta Thunberg posted something about farmer’s protests in India then angered many Indians that attacked her and celebrity Rhianna that led to Greta, or rather the people behind her Twitter account, to delete her tweet

So the hard-left have lured people in, thought they were so superior to all others that lying to them and manipulating them is perfectly fine.

Donald Trump was bad and Joe Biden and Hairy Harris, the latter who kept innocent people locked up to use them to fight fires for free, were angels.

And since they had their way and Biden become President .. people have seen ..

  • Allegations and videos about elections fraud

  • Feminists angered over trans people competing in women’s sports

  • Students double-crossed

  • People with mortgages double-crossed

  • Broken promises on no fracking

  • Cancels pipeline and jobs lost .. an oil pipeline pleasing hard-left

  • Reports of troops moving to oil fields in Middle-East (but cancelled pipeline?)

  • Record number of executive orders

  • Rushes to re-sign the Paris Agreement though

  • Stock Market, WallStreetBets and Hedge Funds with MSM lying to protect billionaires

  • Leftists falling out and at war, many being called far-right now, all over Twitter that the group that targets me lied and said was not happening anywhere

  • So my group now sounding like what they call Deep State or Establishment shills

  • AOC caught lying about her life being in danger and being in the capitol building the the MSM lying once again to protect her

  • Claims Iran will have a nuclear weapon within a couple of weeks like they plan to invade Iran

  • Bank of America breaking the law handing over customer data

  • Rights being taken away

  • After MSM caught lying in ever increasing amounts Time Magazine runs an article admitting that the Democrats changed the election rules to cheat the election and called it a good thing that has YouTube channels and everyone everywhere getting angry and calling for an investigation they are obviously not going to get

What about that last one?

Yeah this literally came out just recently before I finished this.

So Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20th 2021 and it is February the 6th 2021 so its been 17 days and just a few days ago I asked others “What is it going to happen between now and the end of February?!”

Its literally like living in several episodes of The Twilight Zone all at once or several disaster movies all at once.

I am very genuinely worried about several things that, for me, are inevitable and is seriously affecting my decisions to do things.

There are things I need to but to do things to help me work and make money and I very, very genuinely am asking myself if it is worth it at all at this point.

I am genuinely concerned and I have these far-left fascists online that lie about science, lie about politics, lie about the facts and even lie about their lies while in between being condescending and even acting friendly at times to convince me of things that are not true.

Meanwhile was have had an earthquake swarm in Granada Spain and a second one in the Canary Islands in last few months at a volcano that could cause a mega-tsunami to hit Florida and up the coast of the US.

We have also had forecasts that in the US and Europe its going to drop massively in temperatures and the Express tabloid in the UK has issued a red weather warning for snow that even covers London for the 7th February 2021.

So we could see a third global drop in temps which would be the first time this has ever happened on record and reports that show that statements about hottest years ever is complete and utter lies.

To give you an example of this I am on first name and friendly terms with a Turkish man who owns a local store.

Yesterday he shows me pictures of a road burying in like close to 10 metres of snow and a JCB digger with its arm at full stretch to reach the top.

He tells me that they have never seen anything like it and that people are now saying that AGW is not real.

He is also saying that people are saying that American big tech companies are trying to control and manipulate people across the world.

Telling people on Twitter these random hard-left liars who have been caught out hundreds of times then go into a frenzy .. call me stupid for believing some random Turkish guy.

They then do a check and say there is no snow in Turkey and that I am lying.

Just as I usually do I poke them and poke then to tweet more and say more and also allow them all the time required to check.

Then I post a Turkish website with s story about the snow from around the 20th January while pointing out how it is funny that they find things that they think back them up really easily but can never find any of the reports I mention.

There argument was changed to “That was three weeks ago, meh”

Bearing in mind I had posted several times recently a report that the whole of Europe including Turkey was going to go into a deep freeze for the next 3 weeks until the end of February.

Which looks very much like there could be a three month drop in global temperatures.

Which would also mean if it occurs and runs until the end of February that the month of March is also going to have a very cold start to it, and maybe very snowy start to it too?

Which could have us facing the possibility of a fourth month of dropping global temperatures?

When after summer snow in New Zealand and rare snow in Australia in their last winter, they are now heading into their autumn with unusual weather reports.

So a shed load of record cold and snow cold be soon followed by another load of record cold and snow in South America (already below average for a year), Australia (record snow), South Africa (below average last winter)?

Now can you imagine how this will appear to the masses after all the claims about hottest years ever?

And currently every other advert on TV in the UK seems to mention climate change or Covid and they seem to have managed to fill the entertainment industry and news media with absolute low IQ idiots across the board to spout this crap?

All pushed by the hard-left and Democrats for decades?

Now remember those walls the Democrats do not like but suddenly want to build one around Washington DC with a resident army to protect themselves?


Jack Prosobiec on Tim Pool’s show talking about the Time Magazine story of praising the cheating

Funny take on Game Stop and Hedge Funds if it was narrated by Morgan Freeman that had me in tears of laughter and at around 2 minutes 43 seconds a picture of a ‘neck-beard’ flashes up that is one of the people I stated I battled with, Swiss Antifa dude called Aanthanur I have posted shots of that got himself permanently suspended.

Ben Shapiro on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lying

Tim Pool on the mainstream news and fact-checkers like Snopes lying to protect AOC

Tim Pool, Lydia, Luke and Jack Murphy on AOC and how she lied about her life being threatened and how she does it for sympathy, likes and follows but like I said to AOC and her supporters

You do not get special privileges because you think you are superior .. lying and manipulating people is wrong. I then quoted Noam Chomsky that stated that everyone should do their absolute best at being the best person they can be.

Sorry but I have never liked AOC she seems very dishonest, evil and narcissistic.

How she is a politician and has followers is not only beyond me but makes me feel like that with that many morons out there mankind has truly had its day and heading for the end or that there is a scientific explanation going on to so many people acting like morons and/or out of character.

I will add that many people I have know for a long time and know well are most definitely acting out of character both online and off it.


They never made a point that the man they accused of lying and showing me a fake picture of snow was from Turkey .. apparently

And despite doing a search and allowing them 20 minutes they claimed THIS never happened ..

And absolutely no one on the left are falling out and now accusing each other of being ‘right-wing nut-jobs’ their favourite term for anyone disagreeing with them on anything

In other words anyone socialist or further left seem to be very good at finding things that help their agendas, twisting what they find to help their agendas while being very bad at even finding weather reports from anywhere in the world or articles that hurt their agendas


Before I start this I should point out that what is explained is a series of lies and failures stemming from bigoted, fascist leftists that have infected everything.

From every public service from the NHS to local councils and including Age UK and people like the Citizen’s Advice who can only be described as

  • Evil
  • Lazy
  • Incompetent


Just got off the phone and the murderer, domestic abuser, multiple rapist Muslim has just dolt Police, while on probation, that he wants to move to Bangor in North Wales. Which is where his victim fled to, to get away from him.

Turns out he is also now driving around in a Range Rover just like his bother involved in a stabbing incident I previously talked about. And he is said to be seeing an ex-girlfriend he met previously that would put her at 12 years old. Ergo a third victim.

And attempting to fish for information he told the authorities he has spent an evening with his previous victim and children to try and fish for details and locations. But as she is over 100 miles away, not likely. Nor would have have taken it will with the new partner his victim has and someone would have got seriously injured.

And he has told them he has £134,000 in a bank account and wants to buy a house in Bangor.

Annoying as if he DOES have money I can assure you he is funded by the evil, fascist leftists who hate me and its widely know I am linked to him.

While I get no support of any kind and Age UK passed personal details onto Antifa which was leaked online several times. Information NOT available online.

So not only do I not get help or any funding or disability as a disabled person these two drive around and get handed money and cars.

The Police are not getting nervous, well of course because if he hurts or rapes someone else with the knowledge I have on his history, it will cause the biggest unrest the UK has seen in decades.

Oh I also had a leg lock up and got froze to the spot in the bathroom.

Very painful but all I can think about is what if this happened to me down by the River Thames?

I have issues with motion and pubic transport has gradually become a problem and a fear and when this started happening on trains I could not believe it. Alcohol is the only thing I know that stops this but you cannot travel around half-drunk all the time.

That was 7 years ago and the NHS and DWP just fucking ignored it like everything else while whipping me like a slave and sticking the knife in my back along with other public authorities for years.

People literally ask me how I have not left a trail of dead bodies and burning buildings in my wake.

End Note.

Getting back on track .. so yeah I may have broken my had a few weeks back, or even re-broken it, as it still hurts. I cannot do the exercise required to deal with my condition. Also I have not been out on my bike because of the weather and currently not even sure I can ride if this had does not heal up.

Not only do I have trouble getting the bike out of the building but I am also having issues with my heart now too, likely because I have not done the exercising I am supposed to do which is cycling.

Now then .. a 4 bedroom house has been handed over, to the victim mentioned above and they remarked about wanting to keeping things off social media .. and now the home is fully furnished and occupied.

Now its time to get out my other guns. Yeah that .. authority will not get my attention but I am far from finished and other authorities need to be focused on.

Covered these for years but whether people are just blind and stupid or whether the powers that be were successful in suppressing me or a bit of both, I do not know. But my social media presence, which also grew like lightning before slowing to a crawl, allows me to get more of this out to more people.

In more places than the leftists are aware of.

Which they have never uncovered.

Funny thing is I was mentioning this to someone the other day .. three years of this and they have dived down everywhere, two platforms I am on and then there are the phishing emails and a profile I set up years ago I have not bothered. I get emails all the time fro them saying ‘You are being noticed’ whereas I went years without anyone batting an eyelid.

Now this is something else I have long covered and trust me when I stated that I have the letters, medical records, witnesses as well as recordings for the institution that had Seals ling streets up and down the country clapping their flippers together like a bunch of brain-dead morons.

The National Health Service.

The have lied about two special needs children that could have cost them their lives and lied about the entire family.

Recently I reported that they had refused to see one child that had very smelly fluid coming out of her ear. They asked the mother to take found swabs over a couple of months .. because they lost them all. There is STILL no diagnosis.

They previously refused to see another little girl who had a fit and seizure and that was 18 months or so ago.

This was a little girl who has had several ambulances called out for her over 3 to 4 years.

Both are special needs that even the various schools they attended know that the NHS have not only dragged their feet, refused to see but then LIED ABOUT. No ifs or buts about it, I am a professional and I was involved and they lied about it. No .. Covid was not the excuse.

So I had the mother crying on the phone as it turned out the daughter that had been rushed to hospital several times as now been recognised as having a heart murmur.

Who, I should add, should not have been made to do Physical Education and this has now had to stop.

They mother and her boyfriend was asked if the little girl’s lips had ever turned blue after stating that the rest of the children would need to be tested. The answer was no.

Sitting in a park later the two adults looked at each other when the father figure in this situation said ‘but the other ‘girl’s’ lips have turned blue a couple of time?!’

This is the older girl who has not been seen, treated been examined and refused appointments and had her disability lied about. The NHS Paediatrician lied about this two years ago. The ear issue has been going on for the best part of a year.

I am only getting back on this now because they public services were all over their rapist, murderer, domestic abuse of a father because the socialists in the NHS and Local Council are racist.

You want confirmation of this you only need speak to the mother. And when people try someone steps in each single time and warns them off.

No one ever comes across as genuinely helping and those that promised to never did and/or only in it for what they thought they could get out of it.

I myself have reported as being in a lot of pain and I am not seen by the NHS because they are lying, cheating, cold, callous self-serving bar stewards.

I am in pain and suffering every single say and for 3 years wondering if I will make it to the next week in one piece, if not dead then lost my marbles.

I have lost tens of thousands of pounds myself, 90% of my belongings, a home, a car and a business because of corrupt institutions likelihood

  • NHS
  • DWP
  • Local Councils

I used to refer to these three as the evil trinity and I stated that it was a ruse to save money and fuck anyone and their pain and suffering and if you get the NHS to lie then the other two also save a bundle.

Oddly it only affects British born people.

I also have a witness to this was was a social worker for over 20 years who is a Type 1 Diabetic who now has also been lied to himself and they keep giving away his medication.

I am trapped with three mental cases and one a narcissistic socialist whose own grandchildren wont have anything to do with because everything has to be about them.

The social worker calls her ‘Hitler’s Wife’ and says that despite having nothing in the way of medical conditions hers has to be worse then everyone else’s despite mine being in the top 20 of most painful.

A legal expert told me I am owed £250,000 in loses and I assure you its £100k more now and that’s without the suffering and pain.

  1. PAIN- in the muscle: often described as aching, burning, throbbing, gnawing, shooting, tingling. Almost always exacerbated by exercise and may or may not be present at rest. Can be migratory and differing from day to day.

Told NHS for years.

  1. FATIGUE- From feeling tired to exhausted and requiring rest periods during the day.

Told NHS for years.

  1. SLEEP DISTURBANCE- not being able to fall asleep and or able to stay asleep. Unrefreshing sleep patterns ” feels like I haven’t slept.”

Told NHS for years.

  1. PARESTHESIA- numbness or tingling. ( non dermatomal)

Told NHS for years.

  1. DEPRESSION- most often reactive as with chronic pain condition.

Told NHS for years

  1. ANXIETY- may include panic attacks.

Told NHS for years

  1. PERSONALITY CHANGES- usually a worsening of a previous tendency.

Told NHS for years


9. SUBJECTIVE SWELLING OF EXTREMITIES- i.e. feels swollen but no-one can find anything.

  1. HEADACHES- tension and or migraine.

Told NHS for years.

  1. COGNITIVE FUNCTION PROBLEMS: calculation difficulties, memory disturbances, spatial disorientation, difficulty with concentration, short

Told NHS for years.

term memory loss.

12. FREQUENT UNUSUAL NIGHTMARES- or being unable to dream.

13. DYSTONIA- stiff muscles due to involuntary contracture. Difficulty in moving tongue to speak.



  1. LIGHT HEADEDNESS- “Fibro Fog”, spaced out, cloudy.

Told NHS for years.



19. MILD BUTTERFLY RASH- (LUPUS TYPE) May be photo sensitive.

  1. NEUROGENIC INFLAMMATION- rashes, may be severe itching. NI causes the symptoms and signs of Dermatographia.

Told NHS for years.


Told NHS for years.

22. MUSCLE WEAKNESS- variable with no “objective” abnormality to formal testing.

  1. SCIATICA- like pain

Told NHS for years.

  1. PHOTOPHOBIA- Intolerance of bright lights.

Told NHS for years.


Told NHS for years.



Do not like noise.

28. TINNITUS- ringing in the ears.

29. OCCASIONAL EXAGGERATED NYSTAGMUS- involuntary rapid movement of the eye ball.

  1. CHANGES IN VISUAL ACUITY- impaired function of the smooth muscle used for focus as well as skeletal muscles for tracking.

Started happening three years ago.


Ah mentioned this too .. sometimes I get drunk way too quickly!!



Yes, Tramadol had this effect.

34. WEIGHT CHANGES- usually gained due to the lack of exercise through pain and or tricyclic antidepressants


Yes and I wonder if Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs is on the list? Given Mirapexin for this many years ago after two years of mentioning it.

36. HEIGHTENED AWARENESS- of symptoms of HYPOGLYCEMIA 9 when blood sugar falls)


Oh fuck .. been telling pepole I cannot eat potatoes and someone keeps giving them to me like they are trying to kill me. Oddly its a narcissistic leftist that thinks everything it about them.


Been telling the NHS about this for years.

  1. HEARTBURN- secondary to I.B.S.

Not only have they treated this and said it was a Hiatus Hernia for 4 years I have suspected they got this wrong and LIED. Because they spent 10 years refusing the operation.



Told them about this for years. Have issues with heat though other sufferers mostly cold. Have to wear shorts and vest in summer.


God, yes! Told them this for years.


Told them this for years.


  1. HEART MURMUR-Mitral Valve Prolapse appears to be more symptomatic in FM than normal.

Now find out my granddaughter has this. My father and grandmother died or heart issues and I have heart issues NOT looked at properly like everything else.

46. IMPOTENCE- reactive and occasionally.



  1. MUSCLE SPASM- twitching.

Told them this for years.

  1. NON-CARDIAC CHEST PAIN- which may simulate cardiac disorder.

Told them this .. Chest Wall Pain. Affected me in 2003.




54. TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT DISORDER- usually due to abnormal muscle tone.

55. RAYNAUD’S- like symptoms.

56. CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME-possible related condition.

57. HAIR LOSS-secondary to psychological stress from FM.

58. VULVODYNIA- Vulvar discomfort or pain, burning, stinging and irritation.

  1. PLANTAR ARCH-or heel pain. Exacerbated in FM.

Had already had other symptoms a very long time. Started to ask about this one due to pain walking and especially standing, from around 2001-3. Was fobbed off and lied to by the NHS and diagnosed myself around 2016.

So some symptoms go back over 20 years the NHS were aware of but the key one is this one.

I found this because I had a crying daughter on the phone, herself having cervical cancer missed and her own Fibromyalgia missed.

Had been meaning to look up for awhile anyone having issues with eating potatoes as this has been going on a number of years and, to me, is just weird.

Typical I find it here.

The NHS were told about this in 2016.

This list of symptoms has been correlated by the Arthritis Foundation S.A.

Now lets get this straight.

I have battled all my life, been screwed over by my university, screwed over by the DWP, screwed over by local councils. I have been suicidal at times and they call this the suicide disease because it is just too much.

I have been ignored by authorities, treated like a criminal, had friends and family assume I was lying about this for years.

I have worked, I have asked for help to set up my own business twice, refused the first time, accepted the second time then they pulled the rug from under me and I lost my home, car .. very almost everything.

My daughter was taken away and not given any rights to see me as she grew up. She has a life worse than I told the courts who did not investigate.

She has been the victim of rape gangs, kept prisoner and had her own cervical cancer missed. The Police and Social Workers persecuted her for years on end. She has had two cars taken away from her. She had a child taken away from her and given to his paedophile father. We found out years later he had been beaten and we can only assume it was the father. No I am not kidding.

They deliberately went out of their way NOT to diagnose my special needs granddaughter and then a paediatrician LIED in the diagnosis contradicting all previous claims by professionals, schools, social workers. Two years on they have now reverse their original diagnosis.

Another granddaughter has fluid oozing from her ear. They have point blank refused to see her for months and in that time asked my daughter to take a swab. No less then four times because they kept losing them.

While IDIOT leftist reception staff sit around in the clinics talking utter bollox to one another when they are not doing their virtue signalling to appear human.

A Member of Parliament found out and started swearing over it and become involved.

In 2017 I diagnosed myself and then had a Doctor lie to my face that there is nothing in the NHS to cater for Fibromyalgia. The Fibromyalgia Association UK were shocked that they told me this and gave me a list. After diagnosing myself, do not forget. They then lied and said I threatened them and they did this twice so as not to have to deal with me.

Apparently in modern day fascism you are not supposed to get angry with those that lie to you, treat you like shit and leave you with one of the worst conditions on Earth.

Often think I wish I had cancer as at least I would be given ACTUAL DRUGS to deal with the pain and it wont be long before it is over.

This just goes on and on and on and with every fucking public authority and evil, lying, fascist wanker working for them stabbing you with knives while you try to survive while surround by people that have their heads up their own arses.

While social media giants are all over your ass, using you as a slave to make billions after luring you to work for them before they then start censoring you because you might hurt someone’s feelings somewhere or vote for someone they do not approve of.

While I had to listen to the brain-dead seals standing outside clapping or banging pots and pans to thank the NHS which I do not know is just total and utter fucking blindness of they have heard stories and thought if they went outside and worshipped the New Gods that this wont happen to them if their health fails?

The absolute best one?

Everyone else forgets that I have a fucking memory problem.

All I have ever done is be as honest, genuine and factual as I can but it seems I .. WE .. have been screwed by bother sides. One for politics because they are hateful bigots and hate us but prefer animals over us, the other for money.

No way out and have learned that you just have no one you can turn to and these charities and help agencies are just a cesspool of fascists that fool the public into thinking they do things so they will have over their money.

But shit scared the wider public will discover they too are full or bigoted fascists pushing for power for their own evil desires.



This is my third piece now on this dreadful outbreak much of which is still surrounded in mystery.

I will also state at this point that it is odd because there has been up update while I typed this out and its very curious that thus far the only people to have died seem to be orientals.

If this is still the case a week from today this is going to be very curious, very curious indeed. I did not think it was even possible for something like this to occur?

End Fore-note

Well things are still building up with the Novel Coronavirus but the numbers do not make and sense art all and not only do they not match up but are wildly different from place to to place.

Currently there are 17,437 confirmed cases and 362 deaths.

Experts said it would peak around the 4th February yet with 2,103 cases confirmed in a single day in Hubei and the largest rise yet yesterday this shows no signs of happening.

Would estimate that as reports state the virus appeared the 1st December 2019 and it is now February 3rd that it will take longer than 8 weeks to peak in other nations?

Think there were 400 or so more cases than the previous day too? So will today, Monday 3rd February, go up by 2,600? Tuesday go up by 3,200? Wednesday by 3,900? Thursday by 4,700? Friday by 5,600? Saturday by 6,600? This is just China.

Lately many seem to go with a previous report that states the virus will peak in April? Once again not exactly explaining themselves did they mean in Hubei, or China as a whole or globally?

At the end of the day estimating when it peaks means that after this the numbers infected start going down. If these numbers rise for the next 8 weeks before they start going down that is going to be a lot of people.

Also concerning are unconfirmed reports that scar tissue has been found in the lungs of those infected which might suggest that even if you recover you are left with breathing difficulties for life?

This alone, leavng aside manufacturing and supply of goods and food, has the potential to have a lasting and devastating effect on the health services of every country.

As of the 2nd February ..

  • Hubei 11,177 350 295
  • Zhejiang 724 0 40
  • Guangdong 683 0 14
  • Chongqing 300 2 8
  • Heilongjiang 118 2 2
  • Philippines 2 2 1
  • Japan 20 0 0

So not only are the numbers being provided by the Chinese government not making any sense but neither do the umbers outside China.

No you do not expect them to match exactly but these are wildly varying.

Ifyou take a time-period of that of the duration of the virus then in Hubei Province you have 295 recovered and during this time 350 have succumbed. That is over 50%.

In others it is 0%.

Zheijiang has reported 724 cases and zero deaths. Incredible. Heilongjiang has had 118 cases and 2 deaths.

Is there something not being reported? Are their mistakes being made? IS there two viruses, strains or a mutation going on?

Now look a the Philippines? Was pretty sure it was only one case listed when it was reported that someone had died? SO that would have been 100% at the time. Now it is listed there have been two cases.

In Japan they have had 20 cases and zero deaths.

So is it down to the ability to test? I have to wonder if the Philippines has a great many people walking around infected and do not know it yet? If so you can expect a spike in cases fr the country at some point.

It gets far more strange and far more worrying when you consider Africa. This was one place where many Chinese go because of some large scale manufacturing going on. I am not sure of the number of towns or countries yet. But I saw a report that they planned to send 300 million more Chinese to Africa? So maybe a few million already? A few tens of millions?

So how can it be that we have not had a single confirmed case across the entire African continent other than a rumoured suspected case in Botswana?

Being kept under wraps? No test kits?

More to the point how is it that fake news mainstream media always looking for any excuse to talk about the people of Africa have not uttered a word about this?

Is this now going to be a case of where Africa is ignored to the point you hear something about it when there are hundreds of deaths in 2 to 4 weeks time?

Looked it up and thus far its Kenya, Nigeria, Angola according to this Forbes article. In Kenya they are building a railway between Mombasa and Nairobi.

The problem you have now is not just who came in fro China with the virus but how many people now infected in other countries are getting on aircraft and boats to other countries that are carrying the virus?

Because these ones will slip right through the net and this ‘net’ has giant sized holes in it already. I do not want to hear morons on TV and idiot politicians tell me they have the best in the world of this or that when they have already screwed up several times over this.

Not a gambling man but I would wager that Africa would have resulted in more cases than Japan and the latter currently sits at 20.

While writing this I have now discovered that there are five suspected cases of the Novel Coronavirus in Botswana in Africa.

Now maybe China is building things there too? Maybe they are in a great many countries all keen to get help with their infrastructure from China?

But then maybe they do not .. which would be very odd that somewhere without a significant presence of Chinese has had five suspected cases while the countries with Chinese do not.

At the time of writing 23 countries outside China all have confirmed cases. Throw is that there are likely several countries in Africa likely to declare some in the coming week or two. Consider that it may have infected more people than we realise, in Africa. Consider that a week from now anywhere between two and ten countries are likely to declare their first cases.

Now if you consider the likelihood that those with declared cases are likely to see rises, with the US now at 11, Japan 20 and Thailand with 19, there is the increased possibility that spread can then come from these countries too.

How do you stop that without banning all travel?

The one plus point in all this is that only one person outside China has succumbed thus far but then again in the first few weeks since the outbreak I do not think there were any deaths in China.

To give you an example of the early days look at Thailand. They have 19 cases and 7 have recovered thus far. Meaning 12 still have the virus that they know of.

Australia has 12 cases and 2 of these have recovered meaning that they have 10 people they know of still infected.

In France they have had 6 cases and two of these are listed as serious.

Its very possible that by the time I post this it may have jumped up in China? With daily rises of the past few days being ..

  • 22nd January 571
  • 23rd January 830 Rise of 259
  • 24th January 1287 Rise of 457
  • 25th January 1975 Rise of 688
  • 26th January 2744 Rise of 769
  • 27th January 4515 Rise of 1171
  • 28th January 5974 Rise of 1459
  • 29th January 7711 Rise of 1737
  • 30th January 9692 Rise of 1981
  • 31st January 11791 Rise of 2099
  • 1st February 14380 Rise of 2589
  • 2nd February 17205 Rise of 2825
  • 3rd February 20665 Rise of 3460 (Late Addition)
  • 4th February 24582 Rise of 3917 (Late Addition)

It should be noted at this stage that in China they release two figures .. and as of last night there two figures made no sense and are wrong. This could be, arguably, a mistake.

This is suspicious because in China they stated that the Coronavirus was peaking or has peaked and the numbers will go down. Only .. it was the wrong numbers that are quite impossible ..

They release two figures between around 10.30pm to midnight GMT Time .. one for the province of Hubei, where Wuhan is located, first and then later one for the whole of the rest of China.

  • Hubei rose by 3,156 a greater leap than the day before
    • If these was a peak this is where it would be
  • Rest China rose by 675 which was a big drop on increase of recent days
    • This is what you expect in a peak
    • IN WUHAN! The original epicentre is where yu would get a peak first AND NOT everywhere else at once
    • These numbers are flat out wrong .. no ifs or buts .. FLAT OUT WRONG
  • People are being censored inside and outside China for talking about this virus but it seems perfectly OK for FAKE NEWS to spread misinformation
  • Informed people that if the FAKE NEWS does not pick up that these numbers are wrong then stop watching it altogether as they are either IDIOTS or wilfully spreading misinformation

Notice how the number on the right keeps going up? There was one independent news guy I watch that sticks to the facts who thought at one point it was about to start dropping. Think it was the 31st January where the rise only went up by a little more than 100. But then on the first of February this then rose by nearly 500.

These are not accurate and of course there are many reasons why this could be.

  • Not the manpower to test everyone
  • Not enough test kits to test every one
  • Not being fully open
  • Combination of the above

Unfortunately the only way we will know for sure I would imagine will be in at least two weeks time if and when enough people are infected outside China? Sad but true.

If China is being secretive about this it will only come back to bite the Chinese government in the ass before long.

Because if and when cases outside China get to a thousand or more real figures will be available for the maths wizards to do their thing.

You do not need to have the virus in your nation to get affected either and I am amazed how the fake news and others have not picked up on this.

Told a friend that China were in big trouble over a week ago and he did not agree and thought that he was still going to Hong Kong in April. Despite realising now he still thinks there is a chance he is still going?!

I said that the markets will start becoming affected .. his precious iPhones are made in China as are many other things, many Japanese brands build their products in China, including Nikon.

What about computer components? So many things are manufactured in south east Asia and these are all going to get affected .. by people off work through illness to start with.

Dr Chris Martenson a Pathologist ho seems to now have caught the attention of the mainstream and is being called fake news.

But once again and like so many other things in science .. its the mainstream media that is being proven to be fake news and those they now accuse of being ‘fake news’ actually getting their predictions proven to be accurate.

Its like watching the fiasco that is climate change but at 100 times the speed, no?

Whereas climate change has gone over a couple of decades or more this is unfolding in a matter of months.

I wonder of they all realise that they are not taking into account not only the bad name they already have but this can see them being a ‘dead duck’ in as little as a month or two?

I have been ever more baffled at the news media year on year for more than 15 years and I have a few friends from the past that will turn to others and tell the story of a friend they knew that stated all this over a decade ago?

Had to sit and watch for years idiots thinking they are gifted or special steering people down one way streets to disaster. Several conversations with family members about this back in 2003 where I predicted the financial crisis.

Sometimes I just pick up on something and know something is coming.

Right now I do nto know anyone that has not had their lives turned upside down and has

  • Fled the UK
  • Talked about fleeing the UK
  • Fled London
  • Become suicidal (just found out about one)

Its like I have been watching a country fall apart in very slow motion. A car crash in slow motion, if you prefer.

I really do not know where people’s heads have been for decades now. Yet praise upon praise is piled upon idiot after idiot across the board and in all industries.

Yes it certainly looks right now like you have done a damn fine job for the past 30 years, eh? It is a paradise we currently live in though no one seems to recognise it as such.

I have all been about climate change and how it is now cooling for the next 7 years and very possibly next 20? This rate of decline will speed up but when and by how much is impossible to state.

Over time crops are going to be harder to produce due to the flip-flopping weather or ever shortening growing seasons.

Then this novel coronavirus breaks out?

For 8 years now I have warned and warned and warned about people putting all their eggs in one basket and in so doing something will sneak up and but you in the ass.

Now while waiting for one thing to but everyone in the ass for being idiots by 2024 we now have mother nature popping up throwing us a curveball and bopping us on the head.

Added to this was you aware there was a new outbreak of Bird Flu in China very recently? And with no manpower to control this?

Was not that long ago they had to kill many Pigs and Hogs over Swine Flu I believe? This was likely managed to some degree. But what about the latest Bird Flu? No reports of human cases of the latest round of Bird Flu so far so keep your fingers crossed.

Also what with people being monitored already for the Coronavirus chances are Bird Flu is unlikely to spread. In theory. Once again, fingers crossed.

Should point out it is not worth panicking and I for one am only panicking about one thing. That is being trapped in the hell hole I am in of this is to come calling.

Had been planning to relocate for a fair old while, no help was forthcoming though. Then it looked like it might happen by the new year but this did not happen.

Recently it looked like it would happen but then .. it kinda changed and due to this situation and the people .. no idiots and oppressive people around me its currently .. tense and extremely difficult.

It will get to the stage that if this starts affecting London and I am still in this nightmare of a building I will just leave everything behind and wander off.

Due to various health issues I am not liable to last very long but at least I wont be here when the time comes.

It is true some miracle could occur and the virus burns itself out or does not take hold elsewhere but I doubt it. And even if it gets stifled I am sure a second wave will come through from all directions in as little as 3 months time.

Now here is a British Doctor I highly recommend listening to who sticks to the facts but make it aware he has heard of other reports. So he is likely to catch if if these other reports get confirmed at any stage.

Dr John Campbell ..

Now here is a video where it shows that ..

  • Wuhan has become a nightmare?
  • Claims funerals have been banned to stop spread?
  • Claims government ordered bodies to be cremated quickly and locally
  • One person at a hospital tells another there are too many bodies both inside and out?
  • You are jailed if you post about Coronavirus online?

And here is a new site that lists the numbers Wuflu Live

.. and beats BNO News at keeping up to date ..

Once again WordPress limiting freedom of speech to cover the Coronavirus now so you will have to Google BNO News. In fact it refuses to embed the other two links, both above and below. I guess that WordPress, like so man others, insist you believe the lies of fake news, no?

WordPress have also pulled the old Blogger trick, which they stopped a few years back, of deleting tags? Two recent posts have refused to post with the tags I placed with them and removed them every time I tried to post?!

.. which itself beats what I think is John Hopkins at keeping up to date ..

Dr John Campbell talks about lag times when there is a lag out of China .. lag elsewhere .. a lag to Wuflu obviously and then a bigger lag with BNO and an even bigger one with the last link.

Here is a video fro the South China Morning Post and people returned to work in fear but the trains and stations had very few people and every single person wore a mask.

Also note towards the end of the video that t states that patients that recovered and were released are still at risk from being infected again.

So as the numbers jumped again by an even larger amount and no doubt will tonight, 4th February 2019, one has to assume that this will continue. Worrying.

Also bizarre is how of all the 428 people that have succumbed thus far not one of them has been oriental. One death outside of China also oriental, I believe.

That being said no one has died in Japan yet.

This may be down to lag but what is also odd is how for 24 hours barely any new cases have been declared in the western nations.

This should also become clear before very long and my estimation would be a week, possibly two and four at the very most.

On the 21st January there were been 9 deaths confirmed in China. This would have been 4 to 6 weeks after the virus broke out.

Think its been about two weeks since the first cases in the west? Maybe a little less? So it possible that using this as a basis the first deaths in the west will occur in two to four weeks time?

Of course due to being warned this might have had an effect of slowing the spread so it might take a little longer?

What you need to hope for is going at least two weeks with no new cases declared as this might be a very good sign that the spread has been stopped?

Personally I do not hold out much hope on that one. But maybe with a bit of luck?

Also it now turns out and reported by the South China Morning Post that there have indeed been shortages of test kits. Suggesting that the much higher estimate could well be correct?

Only issue is there were two that estimated around 75,000 cases by around the 25th January and others estimated as much as a million?

Doubling time has also been estimated at around 5.5 to 6.5 days. Meaning that if the lowest estimate is correct there could have been 150,000 cases by the 31st January and 300,000 by tomorrow, the 5th February 2020, or the day after?

We also have zero idea how many are trapped in their homes that have not been tested and also how man of these have succumbed to the virus?

Lastly here is Dr Mumbi Seraki in Africa not only in shock that Africa has not closed its borders but mentions how much money and aid they have had from China that makes things .. difficult.

Quite surprisingly she even speaks about a New World Order and globalism. Seems to me more of the world are realising or believing there is some sort of agenda?

Project Distraction?

Now the World Health Organisation is blaming everyone else BUT the government in China?! I am absolutely staggered.



This has turned out to be a bad week .. information overload.

I just do not get this world.

I do not feel comfortable in this world.

Out today with a intense feeling of foreboding.

Had to go out .. get something .. that I need to help .. deal with things and today I could not return without it. Not today. So a lot of time was spent sitting on banches and hunched over my walking stick in pain.

It never rains but it pours.

End fore-note

OK now this one was meant to be AFTER another post regarding AGW, Leftists, Marxists and the cult that keep lying to pretend CO2 is warming the planet to dangerous levels. Well more to do with the battles and the sheer stupid things and lies they come out with.

I added yet another series on the Grand Solar Minimum with my last post. I have exposed many corrupt things and cover-ups with British Government, and beyond.

We have not only been treated as subhuman and as if we were the perpetrators but my daughter and I have been persecuted in all manner of ways.

  • Persecuted directly.
  • Persecuted indirectly.
  • Persecuted financially.
  • Persecuted through children.

My daughter had to flee the neighourhood she grew up in because of the social workers, Wirral Council and the Police hounding her constantly as well as doing some very evil things.

You need to check up ‘Country of the Damned’ for just SOME of the story and some secretly recorded aufio with Police Detectives. This shite was going for few years before that recording in 2011-2012 and still going on today. You had better believe it.

We had media agents all over us .. lawyers all over us .. talking and promising all kinds of things including vast sums of money for our story. I have gone into this many times on this blog.

Only right now .. I am awaiting a phone-call. Despite the cancer, having a child taken fro her and placed with a paedophile father and another with an evil woman, with three childred all with difficulties my daughter did what I wanted her to do some time ago now.

Enrolled onto a college course.

She picked up a friend, a Chinese woman, though I am not sure if this was from college or some other place?

I was there .. but once again we got screwed over by the authorities which only seems to happen if your native and white, I am shamed to say. I have lost tens of thousands in savings, my car, a home, a business and 90% of my belongings. Trapped in a hell of a place that have people on the phone to me going crazy because of my situation in London and WHO I am trapped with.

Not one impossible person .. not TWO impossible people but THREE impossible people.

  • Nasty socially awkward person that thinks switching the WIFI off for people that are upstairs, whenever he is alone, is funny.
    • Fixed a laptop for him over 6 months ago hoping that helping him for free would stop him doing this, it did not
    • He has three adult offspring, two women and one man, from first marriage that have refused to talk to him for 30 years
    • His current partner has four grown children his stabs in the back constantly and none talk to him
  • He gets away with it because his partner is a narcissistic, Marxist socialist and her enabler and agrees with him victimhood
    • She thinks her suspected epilepsy that no one has witnessed and not on her medical records is worse than
    • Cancer
    • CRPS
    • Fibromyalgia Syndrome
    • Her conditions are .. MANUFACTURED
    • She cannot abide anyone else getting any attention at all and demands constant attention all the time
    • Lost a cousin that was like a sister to them, now has refused to talk to her for 6 years
    • Everyone else has very little to do with her
    • Friend of mine thought I was being evil describing her but
    • Apologized after meeting her twice, said she was worse than even I described and they visit same place and he and his girlfriend literally duck and run if they see her
  • Then there is another that
    • Wants to complain constantly
    • Does not want to listen to anyone else’s complaints
    • Not very bright but makes shit up to make himself sound like he is but says utterly, stupidly wrong this that have others staring at him in disbelief
    • Only wants to talk about what interests him
    • Gets annoyed with you if you have a theory he does not like, would make a good socialist
    • Anger management problem
    • Rude, nearly got himself thrown out of a car half way to Brighton and NOT by me
    • Snappy
    • But will talk about the width of a Moth’s arse for hours
    • Likes to talk about ‘burning in’ headphones and not a good idea to state that you do not believe in that .. he explodes
    • Not spoken for several weeks now

Yeah I am trapped in a very tiny room, my smartphone has failed in a way I have never seen before.

My laptop is playing up in ways I have never come across in 20 years. My desktop is playing up in odd ways and I am so pushed for space I cannot work here. It is a little over 8 feet by a little under 6 feet.

Been trying to find help, figure out a way to get an income back in as I have none presently and no access to Doctors.

Want to return to my daughter’s. Can help in various ways and with college as I have a Degree and was offered a PhD place, working in medicine, animals and computing. Stupidly turned this down as I thought I was too old at the time and did not want even more debt.

But they started messing with me and I was not sure why at the time but it seems those trying to take over you lives now only want certain truths being told.

Telling the truth about ..

  • British Government
  • Leftists
  • Donald Trump
  • Climate Change
  • Rape Gangs
  • Terrorists

.. is apparently not allowed but they do not tell you this .. they just start burying your links and other things ..

  • Google
    • Blogger
      • Numbers being shown suppressed
      • Adsense frozen for 3 years despite ads still showing
    • YouTube
      • Suppressing my videos for couple years
      • many thought me mad but have now seen and in a little doubt
      • Same videos posted to YT and BitChute at same time latter did ..
      • 6,000% better despite no followers or TAGS?!
  • Twitter
    • Retweets are deleted
    • Followers or knocked off
    • Anyone centre-left to moderate right are fully suspended, far-right all went ages ago probably to GAB (only a fraction of users)
    • 2,000 followers is considered big if not a celebrity (*sigh* idolisation is our downfall)
    • Have had 4,000 followers knocked off
    • Still .. I have around 7,000 followers
  • Facebook
    • Warning over a link posted
  • Minds
    • Followers shoot up to 997 in 3 months
    • Followers drop back to 772
    • Followers not reached 1,000 yet after another 8 months
    • Posts been deleted, gone missing
  • GAB
    • When I put more effort in followers went up to 1,998
    • Then GAB radically changed
    • Followers went back down to 1,700 plus
    • Like Minds .. 8 months later not at 2,000 yet
  • WordPress now too
    • Refused to link to Electroverse site
    • Was consistently getting message from WP to say my blog was booking then just stopped and they stopped coming
    • Despite being on social media and promoting it

All these have been affected .. leaving only very glitchy, not to mention requiring a lot of work, Parler not doing anything odd.

All the help dried up as did all the promises and without reason and in the early days my daughter thought, along with everyone else, this talk was bonkers. Not me being bonkers just that I was wrong. As did her friends and my friends.

They do not think that today. In fact now that they know everything is real and are seeing things for themselves posted on various social media I will tell you what a social worker, of 25 years, said to me twice recently. Him and his girlfriend said this and she is a teacher. He is Mediterranean and she is African.

We are so fed up with this country we would like to leave”

He often talks about how I was right all along and for years now as, as I stated, this all started in 2011 and I had some bold claims for years up until that point which have since turned out to be true.

He talks about ways of me getting back to my daughter’s, odd as four years ago he was against it and did not believe anything my daughter was telling me at the time. Different story today.

He was amazed that my daughter had enrolled in college and was pleased about it and her moving to Wales.

I think I may, or perhaps did not as my memory is bad, have told him that my daughter has this Chinese woman who seems to be a bit obsessed with her.

Rather bizarre behaviour but if my daughter spoke to anyone else she would, right in front of these people too, say things like “Oh you do not want to have anything to do with them, they are not good friends”.

Now when my friend calls me I am going to have to tell him that this obsession has not got out of hand and that my daughter is scared and waiting for a phone-call right now as I received a message telling me this woman broke her door handle?!

That is pretty extreme and now I am wondering exactly who this woman is and going to have to check her out!

This makes people coming to me saying things like ..

  • Keep doing the same thing, you are going the right way
  • Do not worry this wont last much longer
  • If you do this I will take away your financial problems

My intention was to not only carry on what I was doing but show how widespread the conspiracy and corruption was. If I could use social media to increase my viewers five to ten fold, which I have, people will realise the fact that I am not increasing my revenue means they are messing with me.

This will soon be beyond a shadow of a doubt.

You see while battling with Marxists on social media who still seem somehow confident they wikll get their own way when the proverbial cat is out of the bag, I got put on a shortlist of people that blew my mind.

  • Tony Heller of YouTube
  • Ned Nikolov PhD Planetary Scientist, I believe he is
  • Karl Zeller
  • Don Smith Radio Show host
  • Geraint Hughes author
  • Anthony Watts of the most viewed climate change website ‘Watts Up With That’


In my battles these are things to remember before I move on ..

  • Never had accusations of me lying proved once
  • Never been beaten
  • Never been disproved
  • Blog predictions have mostly been shown to be accurate
  • Predictions not yet, like EU falling, still look like they are n the cards, so to speak

Now think about this for a moment .. the previously mentioned people get a lot of followers on the subject of climate change and get an income from it. Ad Revenue or donations like Patreon, who tend to now ban people talking about certain things.

So how come I have not?

I mean I have been put up there with these people and now family and friends are seeing this and asking themselves questions.

But I also cover ..

  • Child Abuse and Rape Gangs
  • Police Corruption
  • Immigration
  • Politics
  • Corruption in social services
  • Politics around the globe when I can
  • Donald Trump
  • Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and the elections
  • Gilets Jaunes
  • NHS corruption
  • Ombudsman corruption

Now considering that for all of this I have published ..

  • My own recordings, though many are held back as there are far too many to go through
    • Had hoped media organisation would take them off my hands, Rebel Media came close but disappeared
  • My own documents
  • Many links, videos and such
  • Other blogs on reptiles, amphibians, fish, orchids, astrophysics and computers, there are 13 in all

Or to put it in the words of my social worker friend who is friendly with a scientist I know and more and more people are asking ..

How are you NOT making any money?!”

Why have you had so many people offer to help only to have nothing come of it?!”

How are you managing to handle your situation?!”

My answers are normally ..

I do not know” to the first two and then ..

Used to it!

Sometimes I don’t”

Considering my daughter, her health, my grandchildren, one being kept and we were told by social services without any follow up or explanation that the missing one had been ‘beaten’ we presumed by his father?

More and more people are stunned at the way we have been treated.

One follower on Twitter got the shock of his life after a few months when he looked at my profile, in the early days, and said “You are not gonna believe this but we KNOW EACH OTHER PAL!”

Back then I had a few hundred follower and before I lost 4,000 and he told others ..

This is the guy I said told us all this was happening years ago and we all thought he was mad! We lost contact about 6 years ago after the death of a mutual friend”

That friend was a socialist and a sane one and we used to talk a few times a week until 3am about politics and everything going wrong.

Before he died he realised that this country was heading downhill and was worried for me and out mutual friend about how we going to survive and cope. I reassured him I would be fine. I ended up not being fine. As you can see.

Still awaiting this phone-call and I am going to have to check out this woman. Its highly suspicious as my daughter had someone threaten her via a game, of all things, on Android. Oddly enough using the same name as someone who had hounded us on Twitter, ‘Nathan’. As it turned out ‘Nathan’ on Twitter was not even a guy.

They turned out to be Labour MP Naz Shah who had a meltdown when I worked out who she was after she insisted I would never find out.

Considering my extremely limited resources, failing equipment and other handicaps I do not do badly and many admit I do better than most.

Was in the middle of acquiring better resources when it all went wrong for the umpteenth time.

Annoyingly the promises were made with me knowing that the world does not stop until someone, somewhere decides to help. Being told to be patient would involve another catastrophe and another ad infinitum until such a time it WOULD stop. And so it has.

So as of right now I am awaiting a call and when it comes will use that time on the phone venturing outside to do something I .. have to, to do something embarrassing .. which helps me stop going out of my mind with all this.

Would it surprise you to learn that this is not the first incident with us involving a stalker? Nor is it the second or third either!

  • Was stalked myself at least twice (Ashton, Andy)
  • Was contacted, have recordings, of bizarre women turned to to be linked to GCHQ
  • My daughter was stalked at least three times
  • What are the chances of any one person getting more than one stalker?
  • What are the chances of this happening to one woman and her father?

Now despite the horror stories do you think it could actually get any worse?

How about ..

  • We both have health conditions considered to be bad disabilities
  • Despite all else ..
  • British Government and Public Services NOW wont recognise them as such
  • Either to save money, censor us or more than likely BOTH?
  • Fibromyalgia affects us both
    • Pain in feet, ankles, legs back, shoulders, fingers and others
    • Memory Issues
    • Skin Issues
    • Heart affected badly
    • Now losing sensation in my right foot
    • Hypomagnesaemia which itself potentially fatal
    • Anxiety, well go figure
    • Long list not going into and have done so previously
  • Eyesight is worsening now too
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia with my daughter
  • Social Worker friend it Type 1 Diabetic and he thought his was insane and not is cared (wanted to leave country) as they have been messing him around too
  • Also have hernias as has my daughter, one strangulated needed operation on
  • Cervical Cancer with daughter need op on so we have that to worry about coming back

How about two autistic children they lied about? Refuse to give help for?

My friend Mario often now gets told when he tells me they have tried to screw him over “Well think, if they can screw over children then no one is safe”

The problem with continuing, and its been eight years thus far, as people keep encouraging you to do is your running down the proverbial tunnel and the faster you run the further the light seems to get from you.

Here is yet another insane facet to our issues ..

I know and the science backs it up from many areas we are n a stage of global cooling and I have had sites refuse to post links to Electroverse, Facebook and WordPress now.

If they tell you its been the four hottest years ever they are lying .. an autumn that is exactly like a bad January has already affected countless countries and it is predicted to get worse.

A meteorologist is predicting a record breaking winter for the UK. He follows me on social media.

It can only get a lot worse until 2027 and many think we are in for a big freeze and all the craziness you see is to keep you angry and disguise this fact. I call it Project Distraction. Even hashtag it as such.

Warming of the globe depends on solar maximums in the solar cycle which has gotten lowers and longer over the last 12 years.

2014 was too low to warm hence the harsher, colder and longer winters. The solar maximum due around 2014, was originally supposed to be 2022, to 2015 and counting is also predicted to be half that of 2014. Meaning that it has to continue getting colder until sometime after 2037 at the earliest.

As a friend of mine knows and a few others I am battling against the sands of time.

It is my belief and I have posted about this before than when the reality of the situation dawns on everyone the money markets will crash and its likely to render currency worthless when it does.

Now originally I thought this was likely to happen around the years 2023 to 2025 when this global realisation takes place.

However for the past few months I have started to think, but not all on my side see it happening this early, that it could happen by June 2020?

|Oops .. it is a few hours later and I have now had two phone-calls from two people .. my daughter first and then the social worker who got to hear the shite I am about to divulge on here.

I am now expecting another phone-call from each of them.

This is what I knew of this stalked up until today

  • Oriental in late twenties
  • Married to a guy a lot older then her
  • Parents live four streets away
  • Seem to recall something about a take-away food store?
  • Name starts with ‘S’ is all I will say at this point, despite being told she used a false name

Suspicious minds and all that and rarely wrong on my gust instincts, if ever, I asked a series of questions and this is what I now know ..

  • They were met at college
  • They have upset other people that get friendly with my daughter
  • They contacted a relative when my daughter refused to answer and told them my daughter was dead in her house
  • They have messaged other people, messages are going to be sent to me
  • She claims to be Malaysian
  • A tutor discovered she had dropped out of another course on catering
  • It now turns out they have used false names
  • Who manages to enrol in any college, school or university under false names?
  • No one at the college knows her, nobody from the other course recognises her
  • She has broken a door handle trying to get into my daughter’s house
  • No one has seen her before and nor ..
  • Have they seen her mystery husband
  • Nor have they seen either of her parents
  • Tutors and others have expressed shock at their behaviour stating that even for a man stalking this would be over the top and scary .. but a WOMAN?!

My social worker friend’s reaction was “what the fuck?!”

She had a Mike and a Nathan and an ex-husband and others stalk her. Stalked by Police as well as social workers.

I have had ..

  • Someone move things around in a garden at a previous address, NOT NEIGHBOURS
  • Different someone tried to forced their way into my house with crowbar
  • Police involved in both, have recording of forensics visit .. somewhere
  • These were around three and six years ago
  • Odd person contacted me via a contact site, later turned out to be GCHQ linked and she disappeared along with her profile that was far too perfect
  • Stalked on social media and that numbers in the dozens, one called Nathan who later turned out to be Naz Shah MP, she had a team of at least three people, was literally called a super-stalker by dozens of my followers

So what I stated to my daughter was that either ..

  • She is a registered stalker with something on her record and hence why she changes the name or ..
  • She is another in a long line of people that could well be government
  • The use of false names is not easy
  • The fact that no one seems to have any knowledge of her is highly suspicious
  • If this is the more sinister choice then I expect they will vanish into thin air next

Being government is not that much of a stretch .. contrary to the way people normally react .. these people are not fantasy and they do exist.

No doubt watch people they see as a threat .. to whatever it is.

As I have had previous involvement where they were first interested in hiring me and later I helped them stop a terrorist attack at the London Olympics they did not acknowledge my involvement over ..

Then later started publishing and posting .. SOME of the recordings they have no doubt been watching me for some time.

This seem to be only obvious to me .. and one other man I know who worked for Cambridge University who warned me way back when I started 8 or 9 years ago “Be careful .. they will be watching you now!” while we sat in a pub in Enfield Town called The George.

Since that day the number of catastrophes, screw-ups and stabs in the back have numbered in the dozens.

There is a very good reason my social worker friend often says he is utterly stunned at what we have been put through over and over again for a decade now.

Started this blog because I was already fed up with things and needed a way to try and keep track of what was going on.

At the exact same time I could warn others.

While also in times with enough people I could support myself financially or get help with all of this crap.

Was actually signed up with the government to be self-employed only for them to pull the rug from under me two weeks after I was self-employed. Do you reckon they decided to look at my blogs and realised what I was doing?

This was a few months after my ad revenue froze.

Been trying to keep it going for 8.5 years trying everything I can to get as many people as I can to the blogs so that Google might realize they cannot keep the revenue frozen while still placing adverts on the site?

Here is an idea of what it is like on one level at this location and upon hearing this many people are going to lose it on the phone ..

Bearing in mind people here have just found out my daughter as a stalker .. and not forgetting everything else

  • Was told I was being given a washing up bowl for this room, 8ft by 5.8ft to was up plates
  • Upon asking why I was told I was washing them in the bathroom and getting .. wait for it ..
  • Spaghetti Bolognese up the walls and on the shower head?!
  • Thinking to myself what a farcking nuthouse I am in .. ask the if they have lost their mind and the answer is ..
  • Well no one else is doing it

Here is what else I have noticed while here

  • The selfish tw@t none of 7 children will have anything to do with
  • claims half the fridge for himself in a house with four people in it
  • Food and milk mysteriously goes missing
  • A jar of sliced pickled gherkins that had gone off ..
  • I later realised were in a jar that was for whole gherkins
  • Jars of things that are 75% full one day are gone the next
  • Have a pot of Heritage Ground Pepper in my room because I found it full of salt
  • Now spoken to someone else who thinks he is a weirdo .. he knew about the food and sauce in the shower as he had found it himself .. he now realises its not me
  • Told him about the gherkins and we think now he is trying

Here are some screen-shots



My feelings today were .. weird.

Intense feeling of being alone and cut off .. due to the above. My last post and first for months got out of hand. Annoyed with myself as I am sure I have missed things out.

Then a series of other things with the stalking and deliberate food poisoning and then today I got some other news. Which kind of made sense and I had some slight suspicions.

Still have not learnt to trust my gut instincts despite how many times those instincts turn out to be correct.

This has to be the most uncomfortable I have felt with a feeling of loneliness I think I have ever felt my entire life?

End footnote


The wider public and not just in the UK but across Europe and Canada, America and others have been slowing coming to the realisation that things are not right .. in the western world.

Public services like health (NHS), local councils, DWP, Police and many others and even the European Union .. and were talking right across Europe here .. the Armed Forces and therefore the EU Army and many .. many .. others.

The Home Office, Justice Departments and even DEFRA is included and .. the list is very .. very .. long. Whatever it is you have issues with or have been screwed over by or simply have questions about .. it may well be here on on their website somewhere.

Now all these have been accused of or found to have been corrupt or maybe just run extremely badly but what if I told you that they were all run by just one company?

Would you believe me?

Was shown this a long time ago and I posted about it previously but it never gained much traction .. not enough knew me, not enough had realised something was not right in the world and so I was probably just thought of as a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist?

However today is not only very different I can drive a lot more people to my blogs .. and although forgotten about for a long, long time a story came up.

This story involves some talk from politicians about letting in far more refugees into the UK alone while on the very same day a country seem to be reported by Reuters to have won a contract for ..

Refugee Housing of close to £3 Billion?

Odd as in the UK there have been tens of thousands and very likely hundreds of thousands of suicides becaue of the lack of help, funding and housing.

This has been so bad that it has affected the following three groups just to highlight just how bad it is ..

  • Children
  • Disabled People
  • Armed Forces Veterans

So with those three in mind how could you possibly allow more people in that all need housing and why the hell would you?!

Money and power and not the resident already here is the answer. But they wont tall you that and Sajid Javid is portraying himself as the great humanitarian over this.

Well that company is Serco and that contract they run and as I stated reported by Reuters here ..

Now as I stated I was told this years ago from a lady and I literally thought she was of the conspiracy theorists that belonged in the tinfoil hat category. She urged me to read their ‘About Us’ page and I did and sure enough .. everything she said was true.

This story popped up on social media and it jogged my memory and I went back to their site .. oddly enough it has changed a little and had to click around for a fair old while before I could get everything I had read about previously.

Now bizarrely I knew about this over 5 years ago and published it and even at the time I was surprised they was boasting about it on their website. I figured someone at some point would see the pitfalls in this and take it all off.

It is still there.

Now would you need a company and a private one at that to run all these services and why the God damn hell would you get a single company to run them all?!

Many have talked about some elitist group or some New World Order and George Soros running things and there most certainly is something.

Now I knew there was something very corrupt and something or someone running everything and that our government in the UK were mere puppets and asked the question repeatedly ‘who are the puppeteers?’

I was given Serco by someone that see what I had done and what I was trying to do.

At the other end I was being given all these other theories that included Soros and others .. when all that was left to do was to find a link between your preferred theory/culprit and Serco.

Serco also claims to be British but is American now why would you do that?
In finding the truth and the culprits and exposing them I do not care who they are nor what they are and they are who they are .. I am not going to focus on this group or that group because I have no preference in who it is I wish to be responsible.

This narrows your field of view and will stop you from finding the truth.
If I can one or more of my posts regarding corruption, secret recordings, cover ups or blowing apart CO2 climate change arguments or showing the truth about pole shifts it will please my daughter.

My finances, despite my disabilities, have been frozen and likely because I speak the truth and am only interested in the truth. I have been hounded by thousands on social media and had to battle wars that drew big audiences.

My daughter wants me to move to Wales and I wish to do this but am unable to do this and have been hammering social media hoping that either they will start paying ..

Realising that the increased traffic will be obvious and someone will take up my cause to help us ..

Or someone will take up our cause to help us ..

Or I get hired because of what I can do despite my .. handicaps?

Wonder what leftists would make of this, eh?

Now are we getting closer to the Puppeteers that have string to all the politicians I, we .. YOU all believe now are puppets?

If your looking for a link in particular that is not here or you just want more trust me .. dig around on their sites as its somewhat .. disjointed these days .. conveniently enough ..

EDIT: I’m an idiot, the DPA or Data Protection Act was brought in to stop three organisations from accessing the databases on individuals on other public services taught to people in computer science Degrees .. if I recall it was ..

Police NHS and DWP now one runs them all?!


It would appear that long with my three or four pronged assault on all of those that are corrupt, evil and lie .. nature seems to have its own ideas at matching me and even trumping me.

The world seems to be going mad and large groups are acting like crazy people and believe dishonesty, threats and violence are OK?

Governments are not only betraying their own people but are beating them and killing them and I am talking about Europe .. not North Korea.

Civil Wars look inevitable in a growing number of countries.

And now it looks like the Sun has gone into a dormant mode which will mean colder and longer winters for several years and maybe even an ice-age, looking very likely right now.

Now as far as mine were concerned ..

Muslims raping under-age girls and the Police, Courts, Social Workers and Governments turning a blind eye to it.

Several organisations trying very hard to shut me up .. because of something I was saying and paying groups to hound me online. Governments refusing all my right and despite being disabled with potentially fatal conditions no access to money, help or even advice.

Failures over children by social services and there tricks to set mothers up for things that they did not do so that they can take the children away from them.

So me and nature had some pretty extreme things on the go for a number of years .. though it seemed to be trumping me without me realising it was doing this.

Would you believe it might be me realising it was trumping me that the powers that be were scared of and the odd thing is this ..

The past few weeks the weather and temperature changes that are occurring and will be coming has had something eating away at me. As well as importing a disease from overseas by way of foolishly letting in all these undesirable people without the proper checks, undoing years and trillions of pounds/euros/dollars of work fir disease prevention I thought another might crop up?

Animals and humans do not do well in temps that swing around all over the place and even now my sister is messaging about the weather swinging around all over the place. Another friend that thought I was wrong without looking at the data stated it was warm. Yeah .. it was at the time and does not mean a fucking thing. Oddly since it went very cold several days ago he has not said a bloody word about it.

Well it turns out mother nature thought it might move into a check-mate position as I heard, from Tim Pool of all people, that a drug resistant fungus called Candida auris has been spreading quite badly and they have been keeping very hush about it.

North America has had over a thousand cases in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia. In fact the page I will ink below goes on to state that another 1056 cases have been found in addition to 1,000 plus cases in the states I have listed here.

You know a lot of governments and people in power and obsessed with money are going to find out within one to five years the pitfalls and consequences of keeping secrets and lies.

Added to this a lot of naïve people that decided in their infinite wisdom to ‘buy their heads in the sand’ because ‘that is the way that it is’ and attitudes like ‘well what can you do about it?’ are going to learn the hard way that we can never allow it to get like this ever again.

Tim Pool mentioned Great Britain too and one has to wonder if these were these cases of an unusual disease that had people in alert that then went quiet, never to be heard of again?

My daughter even asked about that.

You see after I watched the video I have linked below I recalled some people that had come into the UK that had been hospitalised and with a shroud of secrecy regarding as to why.

This has even happened in the Liverpool area and was they were not stating what it was I had to message my daughter not to go near any hospitals in the city .. because I do not trust the NHS in the UK to be either 1) Honest or 2) Competent .. and they refused to announce what was up with these people. In fact its like what a year later? I am finding out from a honest news reporting guy in America?

Stunning that they keep these secrets and the reasons they would give have been a reality for decades and yet they have done fuck all about it.

  • Stock Market
  • Money Flow
  • Banks
  • Rich

Done .. no .. thing.

Oddly you can get that they think that it is their God given right to be the ones to continue on living above all others, right?

  • Never dealt with any problems
  • Lied to their people
  • Stood with proverbial whips behind the sick and disabled
  • Kept secrets
  • Used people as slave labour
  • Been biased and not fair across the board
  • Created Taxes from Lies
  • Climate Change Hoax
  • Disregarded Child Rape Victims
  • Paedophile Rings Ignored with ..
    • BBC
    • Politicians
    • Muslims
  • Taxes used for their self-preservation
  • Global Cooling Data Comes out bit by bit for a decade
  • Grand Solar Minimum Talk starts FIVE YEARS AGO
  • Record Breaking Cold starts THREE YEARS OR MORE AGO
  • Fake News Silent
    • On Record Snow in unprecedented amounts and never before seen place
    • Flooding in record amounts and never before seen places
    • Fluctuating temperatures
    • Animals across Earth behaving in strange ways and turning up in the wrong places
    • All of which suggest diseases and viruses may occur .. especially with mass migration
    • Yet seen not a single safety video or health warning video I used to see on TV as a child

Think about it .. we have spent how much on the prevention and eradication of disease over the years? Huge organisations to fight and battle the spread of disease?

Same with battling climate and saving animals? Charities helping different groups and areas on TV in adverts with their caps in hand begging you for money. Charities, climate change, carbon and God knows what else.

Yet I published a video from the 1970’s narrated by Leonard Nimoy that stated that an ice-age was coming.

They built the Svalbard Seed Vault in the 1980’s but no one seemed to know about this until well over a decade, maybe even two, later?

January 2011 its predicted the Sun will go dormant.

Inn 2013 the Sun goes dormant far quicker and for far longer then they expected.

Does this not suggest that they have known all along? As I have stated all along that there IS something coming but I did not know what and they they knew about it and were preparing?

Now quickly .. back to the charities and the taxes .. quick now .. and think fast ..

What can you recall happening from all that money? From all those taxes to battle things and all those charities .. quick now .. what?

Starting to sound like the biggest con and lie in the history of mankind?

From those that have appointed themselves worthy survivors and leaders of mankind?

Who could have come up with safeguards over the years to avoid keeping secrets so that people had plenty of time to think, prepare, work collectively and come up with the best answers and solutions to an upcoming global disaster?

If you doubt this .. and think that your doubts matter I have a wake up call for you ..

  • The data means something to me and I am factual
  • If they mean something to me they will mean something to the rich, powerful and governments of the world too
  • THEY .. will make plans .. and then you have ..
  • COBRA and FEMA and God knows what else

The chances are that we are going to face a major and global health issues and I imagine that this could occur in the next two to five years .. during the whole time that the temperatures fluctuate.

These fluctuations are going tp be hard to predict as to where ad for how long, though I am getting a feel that the largest and longest fluctuations will be Europe. Unless the data, or more specifically a vector .. changes.

It may not even be from this new Candida auris fungus and may well be some strand of influenza or something else?

When masses of people were let into countries unchecked the one thing everyone with any intelligence and sanity asked along with the lack of money, infrastructure, jobs and health service resources and money was ..

  • What if your importing diseases?

Do not recall a single fake news outlet asking about this? Other than the stories about people being hospitalised which then quickly got forgotten about. Or rather, ignored.

It is truly staggering that with the amount of evidence that exists in all the numerous and various fields of science just how all of this has been ignored. Well all except one brief interview with either a seismologist or volcanologist on BBC News 24

“Why has activity increased?” was the question put while a snap back was the following ..

“Not its not, it just appears as if it has because of social media” and well yeah .. because social media has only been around for 5 minutes .. or 6 months .. ooooh waaiiiiiit .. he LIED!

Yeah .. he lied.

I spoke about this with people at the time and its extremely likely I posted about on on this blog that he lied and I KNEW he lied. I did not need to view the graphs and figures to know that he lied.

I have sice look at the graphs and the figures to know that he lied and I never once recalled that lying moron and his lies on BBC News 24 and do you know why?

Because I knew immediately that he lied!

Now are we effing THERE YET?!

Some people do not know and trust authorities to lead them, inform them and hold their hands.

Some people have the ability to get enough of an idea, know they are being lied to but do not want to know and therefore stick their heads in the sands.

Some people are so full of hatred and want to blame the rich and the powerful that they in fact risk their own lives, the lives of their loved ones and anywhere from hundreds to millions and even billions of people by refusing to look at the data.

Stupid as the blaming of the rich and powerful can the come later from keeping everyone in the dark and turning everyone against each other and using stupid, naïve and full of hate Muslims to do it.

Yup I even tried to give the socialists and the leftists the ammunition they wanted to go after those that they hate and they simply refused to listen or even check.

Inevitably costing the lives they claim to be trying to save.


Oddly this was known to only the wrong people .. who knew I could work it out, knew I was factual, knew I had periods of high popularity in my life .. but shy away from the limelight .. knew people would pay attention.

As for those that could help and realise what I knew coming forward? Yeah never really happened to date.

As for those that knew what I could potentially achieve and wanted to stop it?

Yup .. if I stated that they queued around the block as they do when a new iPhone comes out that would be a fair comparison. Its in the hundreds at a minimum and only if we think one person had more than one account most of the time.

As for accounts its probably in the thousands.

Here is a break down of where and how many .. see if yu can work anything out?

  • Minds ..
    • ZERO
  • Facebook ..
    • ZERO
  • GAB ..
    • ZERO
  • Twitter ..
    • ALL OF THEM!

Want to know why?

Because when they realise they needed to keep secrets their absolutely worst enemy and website that could send things going viral very quickly was .. what?


So when they realised they were being censored and yet did not even realise all the reasons why they went off and created something very similar called GAB .. and that got a lot of attention from the media and false claims its right-wing extremists.

Because with as many people or even more .. things can get around a lot more quickly than they do on Twitter. Because as everyone knows Twitter also fecks with your tweets, retweets, pinned tweets and your followers. Then of course there is the shadow banning when you only implement when you KNOW your in the wrong or doing things that are either immoral, illegal or indeed BOTH.

Trust me on this .. when I came back to Twitter after ignoring it for years I could have slapped myself silly.

After messing around with it for two weeks I got 5 bans, to my shock, and 200 followers and my most viewed blog only had 290 after 6 years and I realised that with just one or two weeks, shadow bans or not I could reach 300 followers before any of my blogs did.

If only I had realised this 3 years before! The amount of hell and heartache I could have avoided .. and the pain and anxiety for my family. So annoying.

But then a whole bunch of charities, government agencies and public services were approached and I was told ..

  • ‘Nothing doing’
  • ‘Talk about it it will solve everything while I get paid to do fuck all’ or ..
  • ‘Yeah will will help until a week after you sign this document and will then pull everything’ and even ..
  • ‘Oh someone stole £35,000 from your inheritance? Yeah despite being informed both pre and post death were NOT GOING TO BOTHER INVESTIGATING’.
  • Now its ‘Your going in the right direction, its lasted 20 years but wont last forever .. just keep going!’

The western world has been very wrong, doing things very wrong and lying for a very, very long time and that has allowed the enemies that hate us because of the actions of those that govern us to rape and murder us while stealing everything from us.

No I do not mean socialism is the answer as that will be very clearly worse .. just that the Conservatives are not really conservatives and have not been for a long time and act like a bunch of bean counters.

Said this for years and people might have disagreed .. they have in real life but unfortunately and as some have admitted .. I got everything right.

All my major predictions .. no matter how unlikely, no matter the odds and in all cases regardless of what the entire fake news media of the western world told you .. I GOT IT RIGHT.

Out of dozens of major predictions I have yet to get anything wrong in nealry 7 years of blogging and 15 years or more of predicting.

One day people might look at all this, realise I am telling the truth, am being factual and have got this right too?

One .. day? Perhaps before it is too late?