Read this ..

“All indications are that the upcoming solar minimum which is expected to begin later this year may be even quieter than the last one which was the deepest in nearly a century” – PerspectaWeather (Link Below)

This was 2008 .. and that year the Sun went without spots 71% of the time. This was long and alarmed scientists. 

“Solar cycle 24 has been the weakest sunspot cycle with the fewest sunspots since cycle 14 peaked in February 1906” – PerspectaWeather (Link Below)

Solar Cycle 25, if it gets going at all, is predicted to be lowers still. Bearing in mind 1960 was over 250 Sunspots and 1980 had over 200. Suddenly 88 seems pretty low, right? Ergo the winters continued to get colder. We are below 10 and dropping. Next peak wont be reached until 2024 at the earliest. 

Then realise winters started to get cold again around 2012 with plenty of snow in many places.

This was followed by a low peak of 88 Sunspots in 2014. Then we had three consecutive years or record breaking winters of 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Now consider we are in another deep minimum and at the point of June the 16th the Sun has been spotless for 61% of the time .. without spots currently for 28 consecutive days with no signs of any spots building up at present. 

It is commonly believed and all signs show that the Sun is still heading down and that the remaining 6.5 months of 2019 will be considerably higher than 61% without Sunspots. It is predicted by some to be higher than the 71% of 2008.

Now consider the three winters we have just had. Then recall that it takes around three years to take effect on what the Sun is doing? So if we head into 2020 without many Sunspots what will the winters of 2021 to 2023 be like?

Now consider that due to the way that the plants align we will be pulled, it is reported, further away from the Sun by 13%. This will have an effect on the cooling and will be noticeable. How much is unknown.

We will not have reached a solar cycle peak by then which will take 3 years to take effect anyway.

Now consider that every volcano erupting between now and then also has a cooling effect.

Summers further north will get shorter and colder.

We already have had snow quite far south, like Las Vegas in America for instance. This is likely to get heavier and for longer.

Meanwhile snow will start t appear further south. Mexico? Panama?

In Europe we have had rare snow in Corsica. You think that might become more common and start to appear further south? Perhaps North Africa?

They had flurries in Australia recently .. will that become more common and appear further north?

Now quite how people do not see this and government still go on about climate emergencies is beyond me.

I argued for years that you have no way of knowing what will happen and that sudden warming period could be a precursor to a drop. It might always have done this over millions of years? Just never thought I would still be alive to see myself proved to be correct all along.

The increase in clouds comes from not just the water vapor but seeding .. which they now realise can come from cosmic rays which as I have stated many times are now building up ..

Now this gets a bit tricky because the Sun activity is dropping .. and its Heliosphere is as is our magnetosphere .. but the issue comes from sources for cosmic rays other than our Sun. Or other Suns at whatever stage, including supernovas, they are at.

Also to consider is that as our Sun weakens and our magnetosphere weakens there will be a point where the Sun might .. no WILL have sudden bursts of life and therefore cosmic rays. At which point with a weakened magnetic field more of these will get through. To see clouds and to life forms on Earth.

Also as I have stated its not just the peaks or maximums in the solar cycles but the minimums too. We have several cycles in the warming period where Sunspots were well above zero and even ten.

After all it is easier to get the atmosphere warmer when that which flings heat at it never quite switch off, right?


EDIT: Of interest is the trees they keep finding as glaciers melt and the fact that grazing took place with Vikings on Greenland in 980AD. What is interesting is that the planet did not even get to that point before we are looking at another cooling.

But then we are talking about our closest star which is billions of years old .. there are no rules.

THE CLOUDS THAT SHINE (Pole Shift Part 21)

Well now .. I got into something they called a Climate Brawl and bizarrely and without the data to back them up and tons stacked against them your an evil twat if you disagree with them.

Funny as I thought science was about progress and saving lives .. guess I got that all wrong. It is politics now and is used to destroy those they do not like .. or disagree with them.

Now I had previously talked about an increase in volcanic eruptions but seems there was more to this than it first appeared. In fact I may have found the smoking gun that proves they have known the truth for some time. And screwed us for money anyway.

I held off for awhile posting about this and had some issues going on .. health issues .. that climate brawl and my infamous bullying, lying troll that turned out to be a Labour Party MP. Some other stuff too.

Then I was posting on social media every now and then about a type of cloud that shines bluish white at night they call ‘Noctilucent Clouds’. Did this a few times and then come across some interesting details about them. Turns out I found a second smoking gun!

Now to explain .. the atmosphere is made up up layers .. the one most are familiar with is the stratosphere. Above that is the Mesosphere and this is where these clouds form and are the highest altitude clouds. Above that is a layer they call the Thermosphere and this is cooling and is ten times cooler at the moment than it is when the solar cycle is at a peak.

Do not forget the last peak of 88 Sunspots was way below the norm of recent times of over 150 and have been as high as around 300. At 120 this would be considered low.

Also remember that due to the solar minimum it is reported that the Thermosphere is cooling and I argued with climate cultists that this has to have an effect on the lower portions of the atmosphere if it continues. I also said that this has to continue for at least 5 years.

I also explained about seeding the atmosphere from cosmic rays (theorised) and volcanoes that have been increasing in frequency and long extinct volcanoes seemingly waking up.

Now as it turns out these shining clouds were only noticed after the Krakatoa Volcano erupted .. and now its understood that they increase in size due to volcanoes erupting. They also form around the polar regions too and in 2018 it was reported that the clouds were growing around the globe, link below.

Well I can state that right now they are bigger than ever.

Noctilucent Clouds

Those are Noctilucent Clouds in the picture and that information mentioned regarding how volcanoes erupting seeds them can be found here ..

And that graph about volcanic eruptions increasing but as seems to be the case I cannot find graphs that go up to 2016 to 2019 as the ability to create them seems to have been lost to mankind ..

Oh yeah and after an Australian CO2 climate change cultist accused me of being insane when I said I think it would snow in Australia in the next year or two ,.. a few days later his guns fall silent .. turned out to be the same day it ..

Snowed in Australia ..

Extinct Volcanoes waking up? Not quite so extinct then, are they now? Was never comfortable with that term for decades.

They are investigating them in Japan and I dare say a lot of other places besides and here is one that has had seismic activity and some melting going on in Russia ..

Please note that they have had satellites monitoring these clouds for 17 years and seem to already know volcanoes seed them which they also know have been on the increase for a long time soo ..

Why the hell have they been pushing this CO2 nonsense?

But are you thinking about NASA and how they stated that CO2 caused the Greenhouse Effect on Venus? Well on a thread a few what sounded like Planetary Scientists with PhD’s, the co-founder of Greenpeace and this chap in this video popped up to say .. NOPE!

Oddly despite having the clouds, solar cycle data, volcano eruption increase, cooling thermosphere, photo and videos of record breaking cold and snowfall .. they still kept pushing man-made, lol, graphs at us some of which had been proved to have been altered and still called us names.

Now at one stage I said this

‘Your like dogs with bones .. you hate rich people, oil companies and politicians so much that you simply wont let this go as it allows you to hate’

I meme was then posted that stated that ‘97% Of Scientists agreed it was CO2 Climate Change but morons listen to senators, oil companies and billionaires’ and .. well go figure?!

It was also wrong .. in fact it was 97% of climate scientists and we all know that even back in 2011 they had fired three state climatologists for refusing to say it was man-made CO2.

“It is worth bearing in mind that politics should consider scientific opinion, not shape it”