Do not even know what country I am in any longer.

A common thought I have as I make my way around dealing with several pains and God knows what else is .. if someone had told me as a child what was awaiting me in my adulthood .. I would have thrown myself off the first bridge I found!

Been lied to for years and left to suffer over money by one major party.

Screwed over by the other over money and in favour of other people who are not very nice and mostly not deserving of anything.

Cannot even begin to explain how that feels and they have done this to my family, my daughter too as well as me.

Everyone that even gets to discover half the details are completely stunned at what they discover and many leftists have totally and utterly failed tp pick up on my motivation.


Could never side with the leftists today as this means being dishonest and pushing false information as facts and I would rather face a firing squad than do this.

Was asked by Age UK not long ago to lie to the DWP. Cannot do that.

DWP and an incompetent HMCTS Judge treated me as a liar. Oddly they have done the same to my daughter and even my grandchildren .. all to save money. No support as we are not the right .. types.

This is not been lost on a friend of mine who was a social worker for over 20 years who consistently tells me I have the life from hell and the way I have been treated is abysmal.

He never believed my harsh warning but has since realised, as so many others have, that even before starting this blog .. I was right. Him and his teacher girlfriend, African I might add, have even talked about fleeing the UK. As have others.

Never forget hearing Nigel Farage talk on the BBC’s HardTalk years back. Loved what he had to say and told everyone I know to listen to him.

I pushed and pushed about him everywhere I could.

My life for over a decade has been one catastrophe after another and each time I have planned to do something .. something .. or someone .. has come along and wrecked it.

Sometimes these come in quick successions as they did the last week I talk about in my last post.

Then just when I think that we are heading for something it all goes astray .. then astray again .. and then astray some more.

  • Nigel Farage leaves UKIP who then seem to be in a mess
  • Then he stops talking about the things that made him popular
  • Gets a job at LBC, do not even get me started on that one
  • Then starts up the Brexit Party, hated the name
  • Then lets a load of Tories in I thought was a bit odd
  • Boris Johnson becomes PM ..
  • Like I stated he starts talking about deals .. as if suddenly privy to some information
  • Information I have suspected for some time and tagged all this #ProjectDistraction
  • Then he pulls candidates out of the elections
  • This pissed me off no end and left me and others shaking our heads
  • Then at the 11th hour they all flee with a video promoting the Tories

Now the wind just left my sails of late and then I had another series of catastrophes to go along with that the last week.

Lost all interest in the General Election .. and my fears that we were being played started to look like I was right .. AGAIN?!

Its almost like they are asking themselves ..

How do we keep our jobs while at the same time scuttle the ship named Brexit?”

Then you have the Labour Party made up of fake socialists who promote violence, anitsemitism and are biased in favour of others over their own.

Those that follow Jeremy Corbyn have no farcking idea of what a socialist system is and as soon as they feel its effects most will live to regret being such naïve fools.

You know you do not get to own anything, right? ANYTHING!

Nice phones? Gone.

Nice cars? Gone!

And so on and so forth!

Heard two friends in the street earlier as I hobbled back in pain and one asked “Who are you voting for?” and her friend replied “Oh I do not know, I do not trust any of them!”

Heard a socialist on the phone to her mother state “There are now only two white families on this estate and it is not fair. Things have gone way too far.”

They have done nothing but lie, conspire, cheat and worst of all betray their own people and for me its the people that make a country. That is how I see it.

More and more people believe what I stated all along .. that they do not really run the country and are just puppets to puppet masters. Have any of them ever carried out that which they promised?

What is even more worrying is the complete and utter morons willing to betray democracy to have a referendum result overturned which will plunge Britain into a civil war. Superiority Complexes without a shred of intellect but totally amoral and utterly dense.

If I was literally stabbed by two people and the authorities came to me and said “We can let each of them go but only with your say so” my answer would be “No, do not let either of them go”

So WHY would I vote for either of them?

They think everyone is wonderful and human and let a load of people in for years but ..

  • Built no social housing
    • Meaning displacement and who ends up on the streets? Even disabled people
  • Made no improvements to the NHS
  • No improvements to transport, though a new underground line will open soon, or has, that is over a decade overdue and need more
  • No improvements to other services
  • Police seem to have gone backwards and totally incompetent
  • Then you have all the shite that comes with this, gangs, violence, rape and terror attacks
  • This is sooo beyond incompetence its almost as if ..
  • They want the country to collapse or descend into civil war?
  • But they complain they are not paid enough though, eh?

Now what is scary about this, as if this was not enough, is just how many people I have been followed by from around the world that think the same things of their countries, or very similar.

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • United States
  • Canada
  • France
  • Australia
  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland

All these people are living in fear, not to mention Israelis I know that have now fled the UK, of what the future brings and they live in fear of the hard-left they feel are taking over, despite us being in the majority.

Well when you speak to them they ..

  • Lie their asses off
  • Promote lies as truth
  • Truth as lies
  • Oppress
  • Bully
  • Dox You
  • Character Assasinate
  • Report the hell out of you and lie about it
  • On a thread of 50 people only three leftists could see my posts
  • Was reported 7 or 8 times .. but none of them did it
  • They scheme and manipulate
  • They are antisemitic

As far as that last one goes I find this odd. They call everyone Nazis but they dislike the Jews and support others that also dislike the Jews and would like to wipe them off the face of the Earth.

Not sure it was Goebbels that said ‘accuse others of that you are guilty’ Well these people do this all the time and many times each and every day.

They are Nazis and are vary, very scary no doubt all planned out by the likes of John McDonnell, despicable human being, Momentum and even the likes of Hope Not Hate.

Do not know who is worse, then or the EU right now?

Then there is the flip-flopping. Corbyn wants out of the EU .. then sounds unsure .. for the longest time .. then he does not.

Fires someone for being anti-Semitic who must be confused as he was recently posted about on various social media for telling Iran TV that “Israel has no right to exist”

Quite how he has followers is beyond me.

But like many say there has been a lot of indoctrination going on. The Puppeteers require their pawns for success and what better to acquire a lot of stupid, naïve and easily led ones?

Even a socialist I know is beginning to realise its all about indoctrination and she was prey to it a long time ago, standing out with the SWP tabloid in the ice and snow. Evil leftists telling her she is right all the time. Clever use of psychology.

You are encouraged into the socialist was by them putting your arm around you and telling you constantly that you are right. They rely on the Dunning-Kruger Effect to do their work for them after that.

The problem with the socialists today is in the difference they have with the Nazis from World War 2.

Because a bunch of middle-class white people blame their own for everything and want them to pay but never themselves. Innocent people, I might add.

They have this attitude that everyone is equal, when they are not and that is down to culture, and then single people out they dislike, which was mostly white men but now anyone white that is not themselves. N ice people. And it gets worse.

They have a funny idea about punishment. Was to let people off for heinous acts performed in recent time but then want to lock people up or ruin them over something they said a decade or more ago.

I have not been happy with the way this country has been run for a long, long time and it has gotten worse. Hated Labour under Blair and do not like the Conservatives because of the lies and obsession with money. They have both screwed over people with disabilities and it infuriates me no end when Corbyn idiots insist that austerity was started by the Conservatives. No it was Tony Blair and I have a conversation about this with a psychiatrist while he was in power.

They had quietly taken away disability to all those suffering with mental health problems and I was told not even the psychiatrists were told

Having a lifetime of horror knowing full well you have been screwed over by both sides is not a nice place to be. Especially when those horrors would prove to be more than unbearable for most. It is a miracle that I am still in the land of the living and am asked often how I have managed to survive. My answer is a simple ..

I do not know”

However, that being said I know my numbers, something that socialist after socialist does not who seem to think you can just make numbers up out of your ass. Or they eye a money-pot they think will still be available to them once you have your socialists system in place. Except you do not

Any manufacturing of anything decent will not make money to pay the taxes required .. mostly because you get to own very little on a socialist system. So thats money lost. So it would be sold overseas. Probably by the government.

Not only do you have sales go down but you also have ‘research & development’ goes down. Eventually you lose out to the competition overseas.

The only hard-left country that now seems to be getting grips on this, and it has taken them a very long time, is China.

China has a human right issue, a Hong Kong issue and many are not happy.

China is also a very big country with a lot of varied landscapes and a lot of people. It is not Britain and remember .. it has taken them a long, long time to get to where they are now.

Just do not see how firms in a socialist system can compete when you have almost all over countries with a capitalist system. You could count on one hand the things available out of Russia and China years ago.

The issue is not us needing to acquire more cash its the sheer waste of it in the UK from not fixing people sick or broken so they can operate to their full potential .. but also the growing number of people that get, despite not deserving, of salaries while sitting on their arse.

Its therefore been no shock to me that I have predicted a collapse for a very long time, before anyone else, and see it finally arrive. Well maybe a little.

Talk of getting rid of the Primary Care Trusts? Did not happen.

Talk of reforming the DWP and making it fairer and more efficient? Did not happen.

Talk if improving the NHS? Did not happen.

Talk lately of getting rid of the House Of Lords? Will not happen.

It is staggering to me that all these vastly overpaid people get paid to rant and whinge and do nothing but complain they are not paid that much .. for doing nothing and cannot work out the maths.

Meanwhile those that do carry out physical work and in this list are farmers and the fishing industry do things that benefit people and struggle.

In a socialist system you end up with an even larger number of people living lives of luxury for doing nothing while the workers slave away to provide this for them.

Jeremy Corbyn has come out with some bonkers ideas that you do not even crunch the numbers to realise will fail.

With no money they are going to increase everything, build loads of houses and shite and make people work less? Does not add up.

At the same time they plan to give criminals £70 per week?

This idiot leader very literally thinks that by appeasing everyone he will just get more votes and he literally thinks, as in ‘1984’, he can prevent people from being individuals and turn them into obedient robot? This has never ended well and normally at the cost of a lot of lives after long periods of suffering.

Corbyn, McDonnell and their naïve followers literally think, once again, you can undo millions of years of evolution in a few years? No .. no you cannot. Funny how they are all big on nature and then totally ignore it when it suits their agenda, no? What they are after is thousands of years away IF it arrives at all.

Then there is the issue of the wrong types of truths being told and what they do to you no matter how high up in their ranks you are. What they did to Sarah Champion MP was just totally disgusting and inhuman.

You can NEVER have any kind os system based on lies. They also need to learn that ‘charity begins at home’.

Even the likes of Tony Robinson, Maureen Lipman and Patrick Stewart have expressed their disillusion publicly, so God knows what they say behind closed doors, eh?

I spent years telling a socialist I am related to, no one she knows agrees with her and most now do not speak to her much, “It is a nice idea if it worked .. but it simply wont work. It does not add up and never has. People are just not built that way”

Even Labour MP, or ex-Labour MP, Margaret Beckett admitted she was a ‘moron’ to vote that all sides in the Labour Party deserve a chance as she regrets Corbyn being leader.

His childish stubborn attitude at refusing to step-down and fending off attempts to get rid of him not only shows the deep psychological issues he has .. but his followers that hate the Tories do not even realise he is so bad he is keeping the Tories in power.

Here was the most previous article concerning Tony Robinson, now only if someone could tell him about the Gilets Jaunes and them protesting right across France, if not most of Europe, against the EU he might shut up over Brexit?

My health has worsened and I have had everything taken away from me. People that know the story are in constant shock and disgust at the system and the way I have been treated and there were saying this to me several years ago before the worst got started. Two African women told me this, a mother and daughter .. “You are treated like a second class citizen by your own country” and they would be shocked if they knew what had gone on since then.

Do not even get me started on the completely bonkers LibDems the leader Jo Swinson sounding crazy, has a husband behind Transparency UK who failed to respond to me years ago and I now realise is linked to the EU.

Here is Reverend Simon Sideways, surprising me, by expressing that he has felt the same way I have been feeling and runs through what has gone wrong, as I have done.

He runs through the Brexit Party problems as well as the Gilets Jaunes in France along with the pensions people get in various European countries to here in the UK.

And here he is talking about how all the politicians are liars at the most crucial time in Britain’s history ..

He is right it IS all a shit show and all because people are naïve or ignorant, suffer from the Dunning-Kruger Effect, all think they have a magic bullet and willing to risk the country they live in. All for not doing their research?

Countries will fall, and ARE falling, all because of the egos or selfish wants of people willing to ignore the facts to get what they want? Certainly seems like it?

Have stated for years that the European Union will fall and recently I have stated that it would be within 3 to 7 years, started that one about 6 months back.

Recently a shocking report came out that the United Nations are nigh on bankrupt and not paying staff?

The trouble with these governments and services that rely on the people and the flow of money and taxes is keeping it going when it all goes wrong. They have been trying to hide this for years but absolutely everyone I know personally sees it.

The Gilets Jaunes have been protesting for more than 56 weeks now, in the UK I know groups that have protested for 6 months. Never in modern history have so many protests gone unanswered or ignored.

The Gilets Jaunes have burned countless EU flags but the News Media is not allowed to report on that via something they call a ‘D Notice’, is something. You might want to consider what else the mainstream news is not telling you?

Google, as I stated since 2016, is in on the censorship and oppressing of information game but you can find videos of Gilets Jaunes burning EU flags on YouTube. Somethign that the far-left seem have totally missed and then totally ignore.

Time and time again the hard-left show not only their stupidity but also their unwillngness to accept very obvious facts and this goes from Identity Politics though evolution, weather reports, weather predictions (both for global warming), sciences from geology, astrophysics, seismology, volcanology and many others besides. It is almost like if they pretend it is not happening then it is really not happening.

Here are the Gilets Jaunes in Brussells ..

Here they are in Montpellier ..

Paris, I believe ..

Toulouse ..

The list goes on and on and on social media I have posted protests from Germany, Belgium, Holland and many others besides.

But the EU is such a wonderful instuition and obviously have run things so very well that they have had the biggest and longest running protests against them in history.

And yet the hard-left and remainers defend them as if they were God himself? It is utter lunacy or as I stated many, many people are just very naïve with a few with vested interests.

In my opinion native British people have been screwed over by their own and now I cannot see it going any other way than a civil war and I have stated this for a few years now. Only back then, was asked a lot about this, I thought it was many years away yet.

I do not think that any more .. but I did used to ask .. would Britain be the first?

So its should be strange, should it not, that France kick off with the largest and longest running protests when it is Britain that has been trying to get out?

So I sit in my house of horrors living a nightmare and I cannot see a way out as I am stopped by a large number of people and organisations at every opportunity.

My condition is even known as the ‘suicide disease’ and I can see why. Oddly I do not believe I have much more than 5 years anyway. My father and Uncle both died in their mid-fifties not knowing they had the same condition. They were scared of Doctors, my father was not even registered with one.

Only I am far worse than they were and likely because I was involved in a bad car accident back when I was just 13 years old. While blacked out rolled over a bonnet, up a windscreen and onto the roof of a Peugeot 504 Estate before ending up on the tarmac. That is what I was told when I came around.

This condition was missed, possibly, then lied about, definitely, and then ignored over 16 years and I kid you not. Five GP Surgeries and five hospitals.

Always stated this is because it is not a household name and if not they can save a great deal of money. It is not something like cancer or diabetes or even multiple sclerosis and most have not heard of it.

On this list of the most painful conditions several times with Fibromyalgia, something that feels like a heart attack, though not lately, frozen shoulder that prevents me from getting about with my own camera equipment, back pain from dodgy discs a chiropractor spotted the NHS also then ignored. Not including my anxiety, memory problems and skin conditions.

Another person I know who is a Labour voter but wont vote for them sent mt this recent article of the most painful conditions in The Sun tabloid.

Now remember by daughter has Fibromyalgia and another condition she has of Trigeminal Neuralgia is also in the list. Her cervical cancer is not.

I need help. I had three ways out of my predicament, as all others had failed.

    • Using social media to get the numbers up to my blogs and get the money moving
    • Or to show to the, by then .. or now, many followers that I was being screwed over by social media companies and have someone ake them to court
    • Or perhaps something else would arise .. but that ship has sailed
    • That ship has now sailed and within weeks of hearing this one ..
    • After the screw ups above now wont win an election or come anywhere near changing politics as they promised

So you can understand if I am not feeling to great about my prospects?

Also of interest when it comes to socialism is this link ..

More of my horror story with Police recordings in this link ..

Along with the above .. a long running series against CO2 being behind climate change they obviously do not want me talking about either along with the last one ..

The last one I did in the series, which went above 26 parts I believe .. is this one ..

Now I have to go out and do something extremely embarrassing to help me hold onto the few marbles I have left.

Not really feeling myself the last 24 hours and I wonder if people will pick up on it on social media?

Oddly I have closing in on, if not now surpassing despite the censorship stick, 12,000 followers and even the two people I talk to regularly, who know where I am at, ask me ..

“I cannot believe you are not making money yet or had any offers of help?”

I can only answer “I know but maybe I am just close? Maybe just another month and something might happen?”

Do not want to be in this building with these three people if my numbers comes up, or worse still, I become immobile!

Unable to do any of the things I enjoy .. watch movies, the ones leftists have not destroyed. Play games and that has been over a year. Listen to music which I did manage to start doing a few months back and normally always have headphones on while out. Did not yesterday and will not today.

Really do not like feeling like this.

Well back from a crap and rough journey back and along with the foreboding I had to hold my walking-stick across my back while under my elbows to stop the pain.



So Theresa May is to resign as Prime Minister?!

Was talking on the phone with my daughter and we both said we just did not believe recent rumours of her quitting as this had happened so many times now. While on the phone she gets all excited and says “Oh fuck, Dad?! She is only on TV stating she is resigning on the 7th June?!”

I had to put the TV on to see this for myself and before long and like idiots they start talkng about who will be the next PM .. the woman has barely left in a car to visit her constituency and the BBC want to know already. Dumbasses!

On a political program on the BBC with Claire Fox and Owen Jones I just had this feeling that there would be words .. yup there was.

Of course argumentative Owen who lies and very few people take any notice of has this view of himself of being far more important than he is and does not resist every opportunity that comes his way of being sensationalist and the centre of attention, so typical os socialists and progressives, on TV.

He did not disappoint and neither did Claire Fox from what I had heard about her.

What a dumbass!

Oh and lets not forget Owen Jones yet another little nugget that has come out, which I had guessed and Sargon Of Akkad covered and got quite angry about ..

Not just Naz Shah’s tweet about how rape victims should shut up for the sake of diversity, oh and Naz Shah is my Wide Mouthed Troll AntiPopulist, but that Gordon Brown ordered the Police not to investigate Muslim grooming gangs.

Yes Owen Jones .. it seems your pathetic policies are quite happy with victims lives being destroyed .. only those of your own people in your own country and do you think for ONE MOMENT that anyone is going to listen to YOU are any other cold, callous heartless wanker like you EVER AGAIN?!



Beginning to think Twitter is bad for my health?

I have had a mad day .. starting with some sad news that there has been a terrorist attack in Westminster.

Then some more stuff regarding Jeremy Corbyn and that blood wreath!

Then there was this news breaking of more violence and fires in Sweden which seem to rapidly develop and reports of a planned military like attack? Also that they did not arrest the perpetrators but just talk to them? Oh? Now what does that sound like?

I am still trying to find out details but on on Twitter stream someone published several maps of Sweden was trouble started up and at the last map I looked at we was up to ten locations?! Yup I did type TEN!

As that was developing so was the story behind Jeremy Corbyn and the wreath and I really question the sanity of his followers. They are akin to what rats are to the Pied Piper from nursery rhymes.

First there was a flurry of pictures and claims to say that he was not at this terrorist grave and that is was all lies to smear him.

Yeah to anyone visiting here form my Twitter stream? Do not bother .. I have known for a long time what Jeremy Corbyn is and he is NOT what you think he is. Sorry but these are facts. Look back on this blog and you will see a lot of predictions way before they happened but here are a few ..

  • Trump winning

  • Brexit winning

  • Corbyn losing

  • The financial crisis

  • That first attack on Muslims was the act of someone with mental health but that the Muslims would be quick to label it terrorism and white supremacy

  • Sorry I get a lot of it right

  • I went against polls and mainstream media

  • There are many others

  • I have had many other involvements that I will hopefully get around to if I am here for long enough?


So .. they were all making these claims when it was clear to me what he was doing. Everyone was banging on about location. So even his supporters thought it was wrong otherwise why would you spin it?

I made some remark about if the Westmister attack was a terrorist would someone tell Jeremy Corbyn the burial details so that he can go and lay a wreath? I thought it was funny. A fan of his in Scotland .. did not.

“Despite you ‘impressive’ list of [something I cannot recall] are you aware your a utter arse?”

I gave her a link to my blog post ‘Country Of The Damned’ and stated that only when she read that did she have the right to call me an arse. I also told her if she wanted to go ahead and believe false truths or live in denial that was up to her.

What I failed to tell her was that if she came back after reading and still called me an arse .. not only would she be wrong .. she would also be stone-cold and heartless. A socialist? Stone-cold and heartless?

That was this morning and many hours ago and I have not had a response, despite also asking her to elaborate on why.

Huh, funny that as all they ever seem to do is call people names and then vanish in a strong wind never to been seen again? Well they are only light weight you see, having no heart or guts to weigh them down.

Then there was this .. tweet. Came from TV political .. pundit Andrew O’Neill? I think that is his name? Damn memory but I used to watch him on a Friday night with my least favourite idiot politician, Diane Abbot. Michael Portillo was part of it as well. Used to like him but. Well you know the rumour mill and all that? Gets you wondering about things.

Anyway he had this link to a website where a woman wrote an article about Jeremy Corbyn playing dumb about where he was and what he was doing. Jesus .. that alone rules him out the running, does not know what fucking country he is in or what he was laying a wreath for?! This lady produced pictures and did something that no mainstream media outlet does any longer as they just seem to be a propaganda spewing machine resurrected from Nazi Germany circa 1942. She showed pictures to the exact location, minus any people, showed the memorials and there was no doubt any longer to what he was doing. Hence why he developed a sudden onset of brain fog. I did not need not to be because I have known exactly what he was from within five minutes of him becoming leader. But there it was and his scrambling around and his parties scrambling around basically told you the facts.

Except .. well his sheep like followers they now call Corbynistas and the Labour Press morons seem to have other ideas. Or namely a spin. So did some of his politicians. When I saw this .. I kinda lost it and many times. Are you ready?

  • He was not paying respect by laying that wreath because the body was not buried there

Soo .. he was wastig his time going out there and then laying that wreath .. oddly enough Jeremy Corbyn himself seem to know what he was doing because he claimed he was not actually involved in laying the wreath. Until a picture appeared of him laying the wreath. And a Morning Star article popped up of him writing about said wreath. Which has now since disappeared. Which is of course what you do when your telling the truth .. start deleting news articles of the facts. The Morning Star was even accused of being right-fucking-wing at one point when it got even better when someone stated somewhere that it was none other than Jeremy Corbyn that wrote the damned article?! Its sudden disappearance now made a hell of a lot of sense.

But would you believe that even after all this .. they were still defending him and attacking others for stating the facts?! Online Antifa?!

It was ridiculous .. I was asking genuine, albeit sarcastic, questions about this and I did so of Chukka .. whatever his name is and LabourPress and Jeremy Corbyn himself. There were people coming out with this shit that it did not count because his body was not there. I asked specifically ..

  • Please explain to everyone here how his body not being at that location negates the fact that he was paying respects to a terrorist?!

I asked this question on a umber of places. I got some responses that made no sense it tried to laim that the meant it did not happen. I had to point out yet again that this is still him paying respects to a terrorist and that they have not explained how the fact that his body was somewhere else makes any difference?

Since then I have had zero response from any of them and a couple of guys I know have been tweeting like crazy and filling their tweets with hastags like they were going out of fashion. Telling people that they are being fooled by the Daily Mail and all sorts.

Oh hang on?

Sooo your attacking people for coming to conclusions because of what he said, the way he acted, photographs of the area, photographs of him laying a wreath and being in this fucking country in the first place but ..

We are supposed to ignore it all because you fucking say so?!

Do you people even hear yourselves over all your own bullshit?!

Sorry but in my book if someone lies that is it.

Sorry but in my book is someone is biased that is it.

Sorry but in my book if someone bullies his own party members that is it.

The funny thing is that they are all probably thinking I am right-wing. No .. I am just against all the above and being a fucking socialist means fair to all, is not carte-blanch to be a dictator and form a totalitarian state and lie and then twist everything and cover it up.

Even I there was a slither of hope you could actually prove a point? Your leader is very, very clearly incompetent. Well .. I knew this but this is plain for all to see now. But it is no longer a case of just incompetent is it?

He simply has to go.

After the ripping and joking going round as I was typing a hashag #CorbynMustGo popped up and it was funny as well as a surprise. One high up Tory and secretary was having a whale of a time posting about his crap to the point I had to tell her to take a breather but .. this is not good news for the Tories and something else that the Corybnistas do not realise..

Fuck your polls. I have ignored so many and have a 100% record. Even in the polls his lead is only marginal. The Tories best chances at the next general election is if he remains as leader.

Yes I know, I know that Sargon of Akkad thinks he will be Prime Minister after the next election but I .. just knew that he was stupid enough to reveal his true nature. His true colours.

It simply requires enough people with a brain to realise he does not stand for true socialism, has lied, repeatedly, has revealed his true allegiances and .. thinks it fashionable and OK to fuck British white people over including my daughter, grandchildren who are only half-British and me.

If there are enough intelligent people he wont even be running at the next general election.

But then is is extremely stubborn and probably because he thinks himself the next .. who would he look?

The only reason he is high up at all is because the Tories have been so fucking bad and amoral and they must know this. Attacks on the welfare state and disabled people left right and centre.

Flipping back to Labour this is where, for me, it is so bad for people. They so much want to see the end of the Tories act of ripping into poor people, which is actually for the most part white people who Jeremy does not like, that they argue and fight, bitch and scream and fight his corner.

If he ever gets in he will not provide Brits with the utopia they think and he claims he will bring because my daughter and I have felt the cold steely hand of his socialism and we do not like it.

My daughter hates Theresa May with a passion and would run her over if she was able and this would be far more humane than what that piece of trash has done. Sorry .. incompetent piece of trash. But she also refuses to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I was surprised when she said that. But then she knows better than anyone what these communities are like and a fact that has been buried for ten years now.

I have said it before and I say it again .. my daughter has a had a life of hell that involves sexual abuse, children under age, beaten, abused, left homeless that led to drinking that nearly cost her, her liver and cancer as a direct result.

This does not include what her leftist social worker has been doing to he lately. Threatening her with court, threatening to take her children away form her while claiming that her ex-convict domestic abuser Muslim husband has rights. Guarantee you he has had way more help than my daughter has.

Yeah .. so I bit my tongue with these cold hearted and brain dead sheep they call Corbynsistas and asked them all to explain themselves. They could not and did not.

I guess their feelings tell them they are right and they do not know how to explain that and get it across so do not bother?

Jesus H. Christ .. this country.

I never thought as I was a child growing up that I would end up go0ing through the worst period in British history and that I would be attacked, end up with health conditions they refused to treat that are tryig to kill me and that they would do all this and worse to my daughter?!

I never dreamed I would get so shocked and disappointed in the British public because we are left to suffer and die because of this perfect world utopia they want, think they can achieve and will fuck over others to get this no matter what?

Yeah .. a perfect socialist utopia means getting everyone to play by your rules and I am going to give you a little question to ponder ..

If you cannot get anyone from centre-left to far-right to play by your rules what chance are you going to have with Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, Jewish and anyone else on that list?

Quick answer? YOUR NOT!

So why the fuck are you hell bent with ripping the British public into two pieces over something you can never achieve?

How can people in these lofty positions be so utterly naïve?!

My Twitter and mobile connection are behaving very erratically. Oddly enough at the exacts ame time the broadband here is till off. Been off since Thursday I think. Was supposed to come on 5pm Thursday. Then 6pm Friday. Then Friday night I was told another five days.

The Wifi in the local park has been iffy with both may laptop and my phone!

Added to this my daughter is having serious issues 240 miles away, claiming that she has had people listening in on her and all her phone being wiped twice. She has also not been able to use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Just any one of these three things with my daughter would be unusual but all three? Then add that I have no land-line broadband at all and an iffy mobile data connection that has been OK up until a few days back and a Wifi connection in the park that was OK up until a few days back? All three? All six?!

Not had any more pictures of GCHQ books or Germ Warfare from an account that is closed down two days later, on contact sites like Badoo or Bumble, lol.

After MGTOW’ing ot for fifteen years I do not even know why I still have those apps?


Well it’s getting weirder by the minute and bit the day.

We haven’t even reached the length of an entire day since the result of the general election was known and have a night to go yet before reaching that marker or a day.

I wasn’t actually aware of the entire Conservative manifesto but it was conceived my naive and amoral morons in all honesty. I don’t say that out of bitterness as I have no love of the Conservative Party, have never ever voted for them and never will.

But then Labour also need to win me over before ever getting their first ever vote from me.

After Tony Blair revealed himself to be something very different than that which I thought he was we ended up with a tyrant in Gordon Brown. Right now we have limp-wristed Jeremy Corbyn who I liked when I first heard him talk but then made his first mistake in rushing out to Calais to visit that camp of terrorists. Oops. I saw that and thought “You .. idiot! You have just blown any chance of becoming Prime Minister!”

What is it with politicians like Jeremy Corbyn, those on the far left, that think that they are always right, their ideals are always right and the answer is that even though they are obviously wrong to the right path is to patronise the populace and keep banging the public’s heads against the wall until they are agreed with.

What I find hilarious about the left is this ..

They are soft on everyone which of course includes Muslims.

But they are also pro same sex marriage and another of other things Muslims works want to burn you at a stake for or even relieve you of your head.

Yet that’s the left of the Labour Party which is currently running things in the Labour Party who want to do just lie down and let Muslims do and say whatever they want. Oh and of course introduce mute laws to protect Muslims while jailing Brits for simply saying something.

A bloody good job then they mind reading technology doesn’t exist and hopefully won’t if Jeremy Corbyn ever got in power. As the first thing they would have to do is build ten times more prisons than they current have to lock up British people for the things that they really think.

Well, hey? At least they would have several million more houses empty to give to ask the other radicalised Muslims they would let in?

It’s very literally the craziest general election I have ever witnessed.

It’s also nowhere near over, though I’ll have trouble getting that message through to someone I know? Oddly this individual was over the moon that a general election was called as he thought he would get Theresa May out. I told him this would not happen and even if the Conservatives lost votes I was confident it wouldn’t be enough to dethrone her.

He was adamant that at the very least there would be a hung Parliament. I wasn’t so sure about this until I heard doubt in Theresa May’s voice, heard people attack hey over refusing to debate on TV and heard some of their manifestos.

So this individual got their hung Parliament but then he was immediately complaining about that don’t it was the worst possible outcome? *Sigh* I thought what the hell man, weeks ago you were hoping for it and that it works be the best, now you have it for complaining about it?!

They also started using the argument that Theresa May would still be in power?

Umm, no. I was the one that said she would still be Prime Minister but after her plan backfiring so spectacularly and aligning with Northern Ireland’s contextual controversial DUP it won’t last long.

Again they bite disagreed with that and I started to wonder if I was dealing with a person whose psychological leaning was to either see the worst in everything or had a defeatist attitude where they just wanted the worst to take place?

But they didn’t like it because they thought the worst would happen?

Crikey! Lol.

I didn’t think the Conservatives would team up with the DUP and after reading about them I was sure that any coalition would not go well.

Oddly this will come about because they will demand laws are bought in desire the fact that if everyone wanted them they would have won a majority and certainly a few more seats than merely just ten.

But watch them try to enforce things that those teen want that the majority doesn’t?

I then realised another major flaw in politics. Often is the case when politicians want to push their personal agendas and ideologies without even a decent percentage of the population, key alone half.

Being into politics is about caring for your country and tie country is your people and by that I mean that the indigenous are not ignored.

It’s not the large faction you want to pander to because you know they will vote unanimously for amoral reasons.

It’s not the rich and nor is the the powerful or famous.

The country is the people.

And if the majority of the people don’t want something you don’t do deals to sneakily get it and ram it down people’s throats! Which in worried the DUP will try and do.

Now back to Theresa May ..

After trying to convince this person that Theresa May won’t last long I decided after failing to do this that this change won’t make the slightest fucking difference anyway!

You will still have the Tories and in I’m pretty sure that even if you had Corbyn the only fucking difference you will get is him bending over to let Europe and Islam to screw him which ultimately means that is British will get screwed over for the umpteenth time.

Because the white disabled people and white jobless along with white pensioners, only got informed about the latter this morning, have been screwed over for several years without bloody lefties being in power.

It’s just that no one’s spotted this ever so slight oversight or they have but are too scared to point it out.

Oddly two lefties I know believe in what I have stated due several years now and that is ..

The only way you will get rid of the distrust and hatred within the British community, white ones, is to make a very bold statement to make to fit the years of victimisation ..

Have a government that is left when it comes to British people and right when it comes to the ethnic minorities. It’s the only way to prevent really bad things happening siren the road.

One of trust to people into heard this from me recently and he said to me very recently “You know what? I was thinking about it and your right .. but no one wants to hear it” and I answered “Yup I know. But it’s the only way to get rid of the pent to hatred and unless they do this there will be terrible things happen siren the road Anna probably you will get a civil war too”

Sorry .. was you thinking Russ is what I want at this stage?

Oooh no. It’s too late to have any effect on me. But it’s still a problem that you have with millions upon millions of Brits and why many have left.

It’s very, very simply the obtained way to heal wounds that have been let to fester for years.

Oooor .. you could carry on making the situation worse by continuing to smash everyone’s heads against the wall while driving their wallets or if they have no cash, the wallets of their friends and loved ones.

Houses are built on good foundations and or seems that everyone in politics and both current idiots of Theresa May and her party and Jeremy Corbyn don’t seem to have any clue to this fact?

A never have a week where I’m wondering how someone people with a clear lacking of common sense for the jobs that they did?!

I’ll end about two statements made with my own comments ..

“Sorry to those colleagues that didn’t deserve to lose their jobs” the voters were wrong?!

“I’ll reflect on what happened” oh no you won’t!

“We are willing to serve the country with a minority government” umm no you won’t you didn’t win you fucking imbecile!

Well the Brexit talks are going to go bloody well now aren’t?

I can almost guarantee, and I predict, that we will get a Brexit that nobody voted for. We will still be giving them vast and insulting amounts of money while letting in the equivalent amount of immigrants too. Meaning that the number of attacks will continue to rise along with it.

I had hoped that the number of votes would get rid of both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn but we have been unfortunate enough to get just the right bloody amount to keep both of them. Even though it is clear that, just like the last US Presidential Elections, both of them were bad news for the future of Britain.



Well I will be a monkeys uncle!

Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership battle!

I am pleased about this. Not because I am left wing because I’m not and I hate those terms anyway. It’s bullshit.

No I’m happy about it because not only is he straight talking like Nigel Farage but also Tony Blair and Gordon Brown both piped up and sign their noses in to tell everyone but to vote for him!

Now I’ve complained for a very long time that Tony Blair was a pratt. I wanted him to get in originally and thought things would change for the better. They didn’t.

The NHS lying and ignoring I exposed and the local councils corruption and lies, cheating and failures as in … our own Supreme Court case was going on when that dickhead was in power.

Not Gordon Brown, pratt that he is too, nor David Cameron, with him being a bigger pratt! Nope, it was Tony Blair! Pratt!

What annoyed me and continued to annoy me is that I thought to few people realised this and he is still seen as the messiah by the idiots at the BBC. Maybe others too, I don’t know.

I watched as other countries had their populace turn against the site versions of politics and arsehole politicians but had not seen anything like that here. Well but in that scale though UKIP did get millions of votes, not as much as I’d have liked.

But when Jeremy Corbyn came along I liked the straight talking I was hearing and the evading of the usual stupid questions from journalists spouting the same old shit that was as bad as the politics we have had of the last decade or so. Funny how they have loved to state for years that the politicians were out of date but so is their journalism. Trip then up, quote the controversy in their faces going there trip up or get mad. Utter tripe!

Despite the rumours and predictions I thought the Labour party members would go fur the same out of date and lying Blairites like Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper?

A Jeremy Corbyn win weighs have been impressive and raised my eyebrow but … this? This was amazing! A quarter of a million votes I think I heard. Three times what Andy Burnham got!

The main reason I liked that he won? Because maybe … just maybe people are realising that the politicians have been out of touch and without compassion or intelligence … err or truth for that matter and this if the beginning of a sea of change?

So yeah I like this win.

I very much like the idea of two men, representing left and right that are both straight talking. Not like any of the idiots of the last decade or two that I would never vote for in a million years and didn’t.

I’ve only voted in the last two elections. General and European elections and voted UKIP both times.

There now exists the outside possibility that I might … just might be tempted to view for Labour. Though I will have to wait and see if Corbyn died not go for ideas that are obviously wrong or will be obvious failures purely because they are the left thing to do. Or in his eyes ‘the right thing to do’? No. Just no.

Don’t make decisions based on the message it gives out how you think it makes you look. Do what is right, what will work and what is fair across the board!


I get bombarded with emails.

In fact I get so bombarded with emails that if I stated that each of the major two political parties send me so many emails that you could consider each of these alone is being bombarded with emails then you might get an idea of how bombarded I get.

I never get anything nice though…or helpful or anything that states that I am going to be better off, or get help or that I have achieved some really important milestone in all my endeavours…oh no!

I get bombarded with emails from companies regarding my blog that want me to pay them money so that they can work on my blog and put me onto page one in Google?! Except many of my blogs are hosted on Blogger which is Google. So how can they do anything that Google is not doing?!

Added to this if there are 20 places, for arguments sake, on page one of a Google search and their are dozens of companies offereing this service for a fee and each one aquires to blog/website owers to pay them money, how in the hell can they guarantee you get placed on the first page on any bloody search engine?!

They are called SEO specialists which stands for Search Engine Optimisation and something I could learn myself in a couple of days if I needed to. Sometimes I get annoyed and I reply and put it to them what I stated in the previous paragraph and ask them how  they can manage this as it is mathematically impossible. All they do is re-send the same email they already sent. Sometimes I say ‘tell you what, you do the service and I will pay you when I get paid or you can earn a percentage of what I make?!’

They never take me up on the offer and fail to realise that I just quite simply caught them out! Jesus! Lol!

I will tell you something else about these SEO companies…they all are based in India?! So far I have had around 8 or more companies email me and I am sure that will grow quite a lot during 2015 and I wonder if I will ever get a company based in another country other than India?

They are either really stupid chancers or really bad at what they do if they are a genuine SEO company.

One email I just received asked me if I could put a question to Ed Milliband…so I did!

I told him what I had been doing and that I had uncovered corruption in almost all the public services, a number of large retail outlets and witnessed what the other big organisations were up to, like Energy Companies and in a round about way asked if he had the gonads to stand up tho these people to make Britain the proud nation it once was?

Or something like that … I wonder what he will respond with and how?

Some screen shots of me asking …

Milliband Question Milliband Question 2 Milliband Question 3