Oooh boy am I stoned!

Due to some anxiety I decided that it would be a good idea to double up on my Amitriptyline for a few days until I see my GP?

I had also not realised that after waking a little after 4am, and alarm bells over that going off in a big way, but omly falling asleep a little after 2am I had not had a lot of sleep.

Being a Fibromyalgia sufferer we do not get restorative sleep at the best of times!

Restorative sleep is the most important part and comes after REM sleep and it is what it says where the mind and body go through checks and repairing of things. Muscles repaired, toxins repaired, brain cells flushed along with skin and a great number of things. Your talking about a whole body. The brain does not do what we need it to do.

This has serious consequences and likely the main reason our memories do not function correctly each and every day? That particular symptom has a name all of its own,, Fibrofog.

Anyway I had planned to go and see someone and … well make an appointment. I went to hunt down some Mega Marshmallows and realised I was feeling a little light headed. It still did not occur to me what was going on. I caught a bus that has a terrible, terrible route and ‘goes all around the houses’ before it gets anywhere near my home. The bus route goes out its way at least three times and in opposite ways throughout its whole route.

Annoyingly it also does not go anywhere near a hospital!

So I am sitting on the bus, thinking how my feet are not too bad today while focusing on the light headed feeling. I realised it was intensifying. Before long I was stoned and every time the bus went around a corner I felt like I was in a boat as the bus swayed left and then right.

In fact it was so intense I wondered whether I should get off the bus by my Doctor’s surgery?!

Also the nodding off has increased in my brains desire to just give in. Just now I had my head flung backwards and withj my eyes closed while trying to type out this post! Lol!

Sleeeeeepy … must … resist!

I was planning to order an item tomorrow to replace one I have that is very faulty and that would be my Moto G phone. I am sure many would be pleased to hear that is it has played up fairly badly in calling and texting. Added to this the screen surface has more or less worn through. Plus I have noted that I can leave it to charge with screen off for 3 hours and its only half full?!

So battery buggered. Some mornings I get up and there is still 75% on the phone while otherr times it can drain right down to the point of switching itself off. Weird that.

I have never had to phone 999 while I am out but not only do I know that day is coming but I have been ordered to to do is I have another bad seizure.



I am in a right state.

I am falling about all over the place and as high as a kite.

I am also bloody furious!

I have somehow lost 25g of Amber Leaf Tobacco from Tesco to home and I have also dragged my £150 RHA T10 Headphones, which are made of polished steel, 300 yards along the ground and scratched the hell out of them. I may have ruined them because of the bouncing around may have damaged the tiny speakers and the gorged steel may stick into my skin and be uncomfortable when the steel bits sit inside my ear?!

Added to this I have also been to the Boots chemist for the fourth time in two weeks to collect Tramadol, come out without it after more bullshit and a row and am going to fucking cane the hell out of Boots Chemist, the NHS and the Home Office!

Oh boy do they have no idea of the caning they are now going to get off me.

My back pain has been insufferable 80% of the time I have been out of the house since I have ran out. The good days may be down to the fact I have come across a few blister packs of Tramadol lying around the house.

Oddly the Tramadol was prescribed several years back and part of the evidence that the NHS already KNEW what affliction I had and was keeping it from me.

Because I was told that the Tramadol would only work on my back and the Gabapentin I was being prescribed would work on my other pains.

Now this was several years ago and three, count them, THREE, GP Surgeries back!

Also I am NOT supposed to be here and a plan existed for me to leave town for distant lands and a trip that, when I do the heavens are going to open on everyone I have attacked and battled simultaneously.

Or in other words it would be a good idea to not be in my focus right now because the outcome will prove disastrous to those messing me about and in the limelight of my blog when everything else goes haywire.

Unfortunately Boots, the NHS and the Home Office are about to get one hell of a scorching from me because I have been fucked about, not for a couple of weeks as is insinuated but, for months on end without actually realising there was a problem and nor being told.

I was not told by the GP, the Surgery and nor did Boots Chemist say anything to me.

Remember this is for a drug that I have had on repeat prescription for years now.

Also there is going to be one hell of a contradiction that no one seems to realise make the whole process contradictory in nature but ultimately a look of incompetence.

Here we go …

Now for several months I have consistently not gotten all of my pills in my repeat prescription and this has never happened before.

There as a pattern and I had failed to see it as well as a common link between them all!

The link was that the prescription I have had to re-arrange and picked up from the surgery two or three times as well as having sent through digitally, now remember this last point, was for the same drug of Tramadol.

After being missed for the fifth or sixth time I approached the Boots Chemist on the Great Cambridge Road of the A10 in Enfield. I had noted that the staff seem to have changed.

I requested that the Tramadol be sorted out from there end and that for the fourth time I stated that ‘I did not know what was going on and why my prescriptions are suddenly having trouble time after time!’ I did get apologies until this time around when I asked for them to sort it.

So after the drug being initially missing this was my SECOND VISIT!

Boots Chemist told me that they could not. I stated that they had done this before and they looked at me as if I was mad. I was then told that Tramadol was a controlled drug and that I had to collect the prescription in person from the GP Surgery.

Now there is nothing more I love than dealing with jobsworths that think themselves important and defend the system to the hilt and thinking your an idiot. That they are superior.

I attended the surgery and may have mentioned this in a previous post and they confirmed what they lady said. I asked why this had suddenly started happening and that I was getting the drug perfectly well and on time along with all the others previously.

Good God, I am so stoned and spaced out right now!

Anyway I then asked the receptionists about the prescriptions being collected and if there was a problem with that too or it being just digitally sent. Annoyingly I come across a second situation where something has not been explained to me by several idiots all of which think themselves highly intelligent and now contradictory to this rule in that there was no problem with collections.

No problem with Tramadol being prescribed for a collection service but cannot prescribe it digitally?! Wait…WHAT?!

When I complained about this and then said that I would have to insist upon collections they said that they did not think that the Boots I was using did that?!

So thereby telling me that the idiots at Boots had failed to inform me of something! Hmm…reasons on a postcard to the usual place, please! Money! I was being fucked about and dragged all over the place for drugs they want to fuck me about with that are not even close to being the correct drugs for my condition anyway?!


I then have yet another flare up of conditions, now the third and different to the last two after first failing to get to Boots and then being stuck indoors due to something horrid and embarrassing that flared up while I was out cycling! First time for that I think. Well that I am consciously aware of and there were many times I got back on my bike and felt like I was dying in pain everywhere could be the fatigue side to Fibromyalgia kicking in?

Remember I am as high as a kite, been falling down and against things while I was out, did so several times today, ruined a £150 pair of headphones and lost 25g of Tobacco on the way home…

…how often have you found a £10 packet of tobacco while you have been out?!

I then manage to get to Boots after several days of having the prescription and they start being funny with me once again and once again I see staff I am not familiar with and am wondering what is going on with Boots?

“Oh you have to sign here, Sir!” the stand in Pharmacist states to me while pointing at the top right corner of the prescription.

“Err, WHY?!” I ask now getting fed up with being dicked around and now knowing that Boots have quite deliberately fucked me about and are now going to get a caning from me anyway.

“Because it is a controlled drug!” she replies.

“That’s stupid and there is no reason for this” I now snap back before I get this patronizing tone that you usually get from people working in medicine and qualified in it that you get the feeling tells you that an education in medicine trounces all over educations and areas and makes you the smartest.

“Oh YES there is very good reason for it!” she states sternly that now sets me off …

“Look, lady. Do not give me that crap…I KNOW how the system works and you have a few problems with your statement!! First off do I look 16 to you?! I have been getting this medication for several years without an issue! Both here and from several other chemists and this has gone on across five, count them FIVE separate GP Surgeries across Enfield! ADDED to this is the fact that I am on repeat prescription for a drug for my blood pressure that gets me stoned out of my head from anywhere between 2pm and 3pm in the afternoon, for the rest of the day and has me falling down and against objects and I am all over the place! They are NOT even working that well which means that two drugs prescribed consecutively, the other being Ramipril with zero affect, have failed!” Yeah so with not really a good idea to fuck me about and talk to me like shit when I am in pain because your FUCKING me over this FUCKING drug just because your too fucking lazy to go and collect the fucking prescriptions and still want being paid!! Just like a Lloyds Chemist pharmacist asked me to start smoking again after quitting through the NHS system so that I could go back to them, get referred back to the NHS and they get paid for referring me!

I will NOT be fucked about by evil, greedy unprofessional people talking bollocks to me about rules and procedures when they’re grabbing cash every chance they get!

Did she get any of those points? No. How about explaining that if the drug was so bad that how come it has taken until now to suddenly put these stupid rules in place? Umm…NO!

It gets better still. She then asks me for ID?! I said “WHAT?! Are you KIDDING ME?! This is another first after coming in here for the last 18 months! Why?!” More bollocks about a controlled drug of which I am on 200mg a day and the maximum daily dosage is 400mg a day…so you can hardly use the excuse that I am addicted!

I do not get addicted to anything outside of smoking and have quit that habit four times in my life, normally shite like this making me take it up again!

I then tell her that I hardly walk around with ID on me when I have never been asked of it before and then she mentions something with a picture like a bus pass? I say “Ooh wait… I have my disabled persons Freedom Pass” She is happy with that and I go to walk away before she asks me to stop and then says …

“Sir, can we see your HC2”

“WHAT?! Are you serious?!”

I then launch into her verbally and another lady I have never seen before comes over and tries talking to me to calm me down and deal with the situation. There is absolutely nothing that could calm me down I inform them and that I have now been in here several times for the same bloody drugs and keep being fucked about over nothing.

I then tell them about the imminent court case, about the blog, what I do and then state that they should ask Sarah or the lady with the glasses and black hair. They tell me Sarah has moved to another store and I tell them to ring her and tell them who you have here and why I am pissed off. Ask her if it is a good idea to piss me off right now!

The prescription has my name, address, GP name and my national insurance number which is linked to me at the DWP. They KNOW what I have. If any payment was refused, which it has not in all my 46 years, I would soon get a letter.

I then tell her how ridiculous it now is that I am expected to carry around a certificate with me the size of an A4 sheet of paper! I then explain that this being fucked about not only causes me pain but that I have short term memory issues too and am highly likely to forget something.

She says something like “OH, I KNOW you are going to report me but its my job!”

I say “Report YOU?! Why would I be interested in you?! Did YOU make this stupid pathetic and incompetent rule?” She replies with a no before I then say “Well then, WHY would I be interested in reporting you?! No…they WILL hear about this and I can tell you that now you have mentioned the Home Office made this rule I am going to rip them, the NHS and the DWP a new one! Trust me they do not like me one bit as I have published their corruption and the Home Office are going to hate me very soon!” especially as I have an 80 page file posted on this blog on someone they let into the country who was a radicalised Muslim and the questioning is terrible, the applicant is even led to say things in a way that makes it look like they are trying to let him in for some reason?!

Ooh no! The Home Office is now not going to like me one bit!!

She then corrects my ticked box of HC2 certificate, which I do have and a letter from the HC2 people telling me not to worry are my prescriptions will always be paid as I moaned at them for having to remember to re-apply every year which was stupid and the fact that Incapacity Benefit claimants, when they do not want to state your disabled, do not get the NHS prescriptions paid!

I look at the correction as she shows it to me. I then look up at her and say “Did you not just argue with me about who knows the system better?” she looks at me with the look of knowing something is now coming and clueless to what it is. “That is WRONG! You have ticked that I get Income Support and ‘some other’ benefit. I do NOT! I get Incapacity Benefit and IF you knew the system like you claimed you would know that there is yet another incompetently stupid rule that if on Incapacity Benefit you do not get your prescriptions paid which is ludicrous as it is a lower type of disability benefit. (hence the word ‘Incapacity’). Which is WHY I have to get a HC2!! So you have now corrected all over the prescription it has taken me a week to acquire and the umpteenth time I have been in here in pain and made loads of mistakes”

I then go to walk way and she stops me again and starts talking about me paying and keeping the receipt before I interrupt her quite deliberately…”Wait? ARE you saying that you want ME to pay for a prescription for drugs that are not even the CORRECT DRUGS and then fuck about getting my money back”

She says “Yes!”

I lean right across the counter and throw the packet of Tramadol onto the counter right in front of her, I then GRAB the prescription out of her hand and now I have snapped and I say “Right, that is it! Here…take your drugs and give me, bloody prescription back!!”

I turn around and walk towards the exit thinking to myself of how fucking horrible treatment of people with ailments are by both Boots and the NHS and how fucking incompetent they are while have the audacity to talk to you like they are of some extreme higher order of intelligence which is only some misguided delusion!

I am then thinking of how I have not focused much of late on the NHS nor have I gone into battle with the Home Office and have not dealt with the DWP in awhile…

In fact my blog has been very quiet of late as I am sitting in the eye of storm and waiting for a phone-call to see that an extremely bulging cheque has appeared with lots of zeros and a meeting with a legal firm is set. This would also include the final decision of the Supreme Court and one I am very eager to see.

On the imminent completion of this particular…venture all hell will very certainly break loose and I will have now time to focus on other people and fewer people. Now batting several more to one side I can focus all my energies on the remaining parties which are guilty of the most vile crimes against innocent people all for self protection, self preservation mainly of a vastly over paid career and money.

I am currently dealing with the NHS over my complaint that keeps disappearing from the systems of three different departments, well one being the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman.

Little do they know what I have in store for them and I have been busy on other things before the timing of replying to them is just right. Now I have more ammunition to throw at them.

Now I can also throw it at the Home Office and hint at the file I have of theirs and in the process rip the spleen out of Boots and then present it to them on a silver platter!

What they do not know is that not only did I immediately walk out, never, ever to return again and rain a storm of fire over them but that I could easily go to another chemist and get my prescription that day! There are two Lloyds Chemists that have known me for a few years.

Except I did not do that. Instead I wanted to scan the section of the prescription that she insisted she had filled out corectly but which I pointed out quite clearly that she was wrong!

Yes I wanted to do that and to publish that along with the run down and the ltters of ripping shite complaints to Boots HQ, the NHS and the Home Office.

I also want to know why I have been hearing crap about Boots and that if they are struggling they are now going to disappear…or have they been bought out by an American company, sorry…MERGED, and turned into a worse company for it?!

They all get a copy of this and are informed of its publication in e very public site!



Dear Morons

What in the God damn world are you morons doing?!
I have been fecked about for two weeks over stupid, nonsensical and incompetent rules that I am now told by a pharmacist that thought herself both intelligent and highly knowledgeable of ‘the system’ who I systematically ripped apart along with your idiotic decisions!
Although you are totally clueless, well no surprise there, to it this is the second time I have had dealings with you and the last time I did not deal with you directly.
Just trust me when I state I have one of your very large files and published in a very public place of very suspect and/or extremely incompetent mechanics of a system that is very much in the public’s gaze and has been for some time.
I will also warn you that this very public place is indirectly involved in something I am expecting with yourselves or someone else to stick their oar into and completely screw up…this is what I tell the public.
And no I am not about to tell all about this…at least not yet!
What I am going to rip your spleens out over is the fact that I have been facked about over a prescription drugs I have been on for years and suddenly someone seems to be throwing very large spanners into my routine…
They inform me IT IS YOU!!
I also have to rip the DWP a…nother new one and they have more coming their way later in the year.
Umm…lets say much of the corruption stems from my twenty year plan and last 6 years of work?
Oh and you might want to ask Michael Meacher MP about me? He asked in January 2013 if he could use my data in the House off Commons and send it to them media. Much of the corruption reported on stems from my own endeavours.
There is a lot more to come.
For now I will simply paste the latest publication to my corruption website …
Oh and … pleeease! Do not think for a second this is all of it or even this being anywhere near close to being the worst of what I have against public and private orgamisations…oooh no, not even in the same solar system mate!
Martin Haswell BSc

Dear Sirs


I am currently furious over this ridiculous, pathetic and nonsensical idea of the HC2 certificate!

I contacted you previously about re-applying. I was not contacted by you for ages and I then had a ‘go at you’ for not sending me a certificate!

I had a letter of apology and you stated that I had been awarded the certificate and not to worry as prescriptions would get paid…

…so can you explain the bloody following pasted on the end of this email?!

Remember I have Fibromyalgia so therefore Fibrofog!!

Martin Haswell BSc

The same to the Ministers at the DWP … like to remind them I am still here and my best is not only yet to come but almost imminent!

Following Email …


I just found my tobacco. Subconsciously in some crazy way I must have been thinking about keeping it fresh…because I found it in the effing FRIDGE?!

Well I did say I was stoned! I must get of the damned Amlodopine!!


Boots Email …

Boots HQ 10062015

Look at her correction which was completely wrong, unprofessional and dishonest and THEY were questioning … ME?! LMAO!

Tramadol Script 100615