Well what do you know?

Everyone one of the Brexit morons transfixed with Brexit again like Rabbits in headlights trying to stop a car with no brakes, exact representation of what is going on, purely over selfish reasons and that democracy now does not work for them .. so ignoring it.

So almost as if getting the British public into fever pitch, not that hard to do despite the fact that it is staring the in the face this is inevitable, deliberately some new crap has come out and the DWP release some stuff.

Remember how the government got caught out stating that due to the British populations tunnel visioned obsession with something else at the time it is a good time to get dirty laundry released so that no one would notice .. or care because of their self-obsession for amoral reasons or .. feelings?! Yeah I cannot recall what it was over either!

Anyway it has become clear that they have not stopped doing this because they just got caught .. well .. doing this!

Hmm maybe this is a possible reason the mainstream news media wold come up with for not reporting on a lot of stuff that they should have?

  • Oh well this other thing came out at the time and we thought the public would be more interested in that and could not afford the screen time?!
    • Non-reason
  • Oh .. everyone loves celebrities and there was this celebrity gossip or celebrity baby or this happened in I’m a Celebrity .. or X-Fuckter!
  • Add your own theories?!
Maybe? I mean if your going to be controlled and have obvious political motivations you have to first have a plan to hide it and then have excuses for it when people notice after many years, right?
  • We will release a few of the not so serious stories for .. tokenism and manipulation to produce misconceptions to hide our true nature or goal
  • After another number of years when this has been spotted we have these excuses we have spent all those years preparing and coming up with
  • Add your own theories?!
So according to the report they are claiming that Esther McVery lied to parliament, and everyone else, and not just once either?! Well that much was obvious ..
I have long since told you she is not sincere! Hence why I do not like her as she comes across as very far removed from anything representing genuine and I have been shocked that she is not seen as this by the wider British public?!
This is another woman in politics that my daughter is disappointed in and now makes a trio of women Conservatives that have disappointed scores of women everywhere.
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Esther McVey (gets second because she was there before Theresa May showed her true colours)
  • Theresa May
So no one would be denied disability help under the new benefit, which they planned to get rid of anyway ..

.. around 381,000 DLA claimants who were reassessed for PIP did not get it – (The Canary see below link)

“more people are getting PIP than were getting DLA. That really needs to be heard so that we dispel any myths from the Opposition” – Esther McVey to Parliament (see The Canary link below)

Or how about ..

 “supports more people than DLA ever did” – Esther McVey to Parliament yet again (See The Canary link below)

Or how about ..

“I reiterate that under PIP we are supporting more people than before” – Take a wild guess who said that and where you can go and read the report? lol

I am sorry but does not the DWP report show that she lied .. three times?

Yeah I would bet that there are a lot more lies than that!


The Canary report ..

Finger Tip and Toe Tip Sensitivity .. Pain listed here as Fibromyalgia ..

It also states Raynaud’s Disease and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, of which the latter will make a certain someone .. laugh! Osteoporosis is also listed and I was diagnosed with Osteopenia, which is like an early stage of the former.

As mentioned above, Behcet’s Disease could well have been called Hippocrates Disease, and that might be more apt, because the disease can have periods of being dormant, called remission, and periods of activity called ‘flares’ and that the symptoms can appear individually, making it seem like you are a hypochondriac. –

Well there you go.

It is documented on here about my issues with my finger-tips regarding touching the two damn things that I do the most, dirty minds out there can put their first guess straight out of their heads!

My touch-pad on my laptop and my Moto X phone screen. God .. it is irritating as f…. screaming babies! Lol. I find myself biting the tips of my fingers in frustration and as I said when my daughter discovered she had Behcet’s Disease.

She immediately realised I had it asked me how they have missed this for over twenty five years with me and .. well .. yeah I have had it over twenty five years!

Now if your an idiot that thinks this is all a good idea to save the taxpayers money ..

  • How is this saving taxpayers money
  • How can not treating something to allow someone to go to work and therefore pay taxes saving tax payers money?
  • In twenty five years how many times have I spoken with General Practitioners and been fobbed off, also costing the British taxpayer? Trust me it is a phenomenal amount.
  • How many times have I visited various departments in various hospitals costing the British tax payer?! Trust me this alone is a phenomenal amount!
    • Eight GP Surgeries with dozens of Doctors
    • More than one GP seen with all of them and three I met at least three Doctors each
    • Whipps Cross, Barnet, Chase Farm, Royal Free (twice), North Middlesex, St Michael’s and Guy’s Hospitals .. wanted to effing send me to a place in Hillingdon over Fibromyalgia .. right across London (West)
    • All missed Fibromyalgia
      • Upon discovery I knew they had known about it for at least two years
    • All missed Hypomagnesemia
      • Upon discovery failed to link it to other symptoms I had experienced for years
      • Since discovery failed to link it to other symptoms that cropped up
      • Failed to inform on how dangerous it can be
      • Failed to refer me off to check why this occurs
      • Now developed into Malabsorption problem
      • Pain, stress and agony this causes is beyond belief
      • Might not have placed the condition on my medical records, yet to be determined
      • Clear results for other things points to the condition, like Osteopenia
    • All missed Behcet’s Disease
      • This is what actually goes back twenty five years
      • Told condition like this does not exist
      • Discover if not dealt with Fibromyalgia then develops
    • Right Knee Physical Issue
      • Spotted for the second time in three years or so
      • By Dr Kirkham who diagnosed Fibromyalgia
      • At Guy’s Hospital
      • Test done
      • Yell of pain
      • Told physical problem
      • Completely omitted from letter to GP

Also and as it turns out the government have been found to have acted unlawfully over Universal Credit ..

Quite how there can now be anyone left that agrees with the government is beyond me. Obviously to suit there own purposes. Because the one thing you get is ‘It is the law’ or ‘It is not unlawful’ when you put this stuff to defenders of these morons.

Hmm I know Leigh Day!

Now explained to my daughter I am pretty sure I was in contact with them around 14 years ago about my foot pain? Well my case was sent to them after I was pounded upon by the representative of a company like Irwin Mitchell and Slater & Gordon called The Accident Group.

Stated I had the best case they had ever seen, funny as now no one even asks to look at the evidence I collected, and they went bust several months later. My case was passed to Leigh Day I believe?Who were not very good back then and said something completely different to The Accident Group but basically said that because they did not want to fund it.



I have been searching for sometime now on and off to discover why I might not be absorbing magnesium into my body. This was diagnosed three or four years ago, that I have a magnesium problem, and I have been getting signs that there is more to it but ignored this as I thought it was my memory issues.

The fact I have memory issues is even more of a reason as to why these things should have been checked out but instead was ignored by the NHS to save money!

In fact after a discussion with a friend of mine who suffers from Type 1 Diabetes he told me that in recent years he does not even bother seeing his Doctor because every time he ever complains about anything his response is always “Oh it is your Diabetes causing it” ..

There are so many things wrong with that crap and this attitude that I do not even know where to begin?!

As I said to my friend ..

Fuck me, they can’t say that! They are GENERAL Pratitioners and are not specialists and nor do they posses the x-ray vision I am always accusing them of thinking that they posses! This could and probably has caused many deaths and who the fuck is going to be around to check this and stop this?!”

They spent years forst getting my Fibromyalgia wrong, then realising that I had it and then started to lie to me and then when I realised that I had it then lied to prevent me from being diagnosed. The fucking moment that they did admit that I had it everything fucking else, just like my diabetic friend, always drew the response ..

“Oh .. it is your Fibromyalgia” ..

.. even high blood pressure and so I did not get a referral .. despite the fact that having Fibromyalgia does not make high blood pressure any less deadly!

Hypomagnesimia .. also deadly .. more so than high blood pressure and guess how many referrals I got for that? None! I did not even get warned it was fucking deadly!!

Anyway .. enough of that ranting .. I FINALLY discovered some details regarding malabsorption of magnesium due to having two pills in twelve hours, three in twenty four and my thighs still aching ..

No doubt if I ever see a Doctor again, which I doubt, they will roll their eyes at me because I am supposed to and fully expected to believe ehtir bullshit and lies .. because them being overpaid to do fucking nothing is more important than people’s lives and those poor unfortunate people relying on what little is left of the welfare system.

So here is a list of things that can cause the malabsorption of magnesium .. if it states Behcet’s Disease in this list I am gonna flip!

Possible Causes of Hypomagnesemia ..

  • Crohn’s Disease

  • Celiac sprue

  • Whipple’s Disease

  • Short Bowel Disease

  • Intestinal Mucosal Disease

  • Cystic Fibrosis

  • Cholestatic Liver Disease (from Behcet’s?)

  • Pancreatic Insufficiency

  • Intestinal lymphangiectasia (WTF?)

  • Radiation enteritis

  • Systematic mastocytosis

  • Terminal Ileal Disease (?)

  • Tubular Disorders

  • Congenital renal (kidney) magnesium wasting (Behcet’s?)

  • Interstitial nephretitis

  • Acute Tubular Necrosis

  • Kidney Transplant

  • Renal Tubular Acidosis

  • Bartter’s Syndrome (Well I seem to have a collection of these damn syndromes they deliberately ignore?!)

Now to make this whole thing about Hypomagnesemia complete .. the symptoms ..

  • Neurological

  • Behavioural Disturbances (Yes)

  • Irritability and anxiety (God yes)

  • Lethargy (God yes)

  • Impaired Memory and cognitive function (God yes)

  • Anorexia or Loss of Appetite (WTF?! Your joking, right?!)

  • Nausea and Vomiting (ooh great! Yes))

  • Seizures (ooh great! Yes and yet another one they lied about)

  • Muscular

  • Weakness (Yes)

  • Muscle Spasms (God Yes)

  • Tics ( I don’t think so)

  • Muscle Cramps (ooh great! YES)

  • Hyperactive reflexes (No idea)

  • Impaired Muscle Coordination (ataxia)

  • Tremors (ooh great! Yes!)

  • Involuntary Eye Movements and Vertigo (ooh great. Yes)

  • Difficulty Swallowing (ooh great. Yes)

  • Metabolic

  • Increased Intracellular Calcium

  • Hyperglycemia (No I think)

  • Calcium Deficiency (No idea .. oh wait .. Osteopenia?)

  • Potassium Deficiency (brings on Sudden Death Syndrome)

  • Cardiovascular

  • Irregular Heart Beats (Yes)

    • Had over eighteen months .. recently discovered its the low magnesium which was discovered three years ago plus

  • Coronary Spasms (no idea)

Funny really recently reading that report that stated that a collection of Doctors had stated, maybe to government or the NHS, that there has been a sharp rise in patients with a combined series of physical pains and mental health problems. At a time when even Doctors and Pharmacists have admitted to me that the NHS and the government are going well out of their way to ignore people’s health problems.

One pharmacist in Enfield shook his head when he admitted this to me and said ..

This will be a time bomb waiting to go off and go off it will down the road!”

When I asked him how he knew they was doing this he said that for many months they had noticed that way, way less prescriptions were coming through the door and that they were throwing away a hell of a lot of money in drugs because of their use-by dates. Due to this and the cost that he said all pharmacists were enduring, guess they are not good enough to save money for, they are now not ordering in a lot of frugs they would previously stock.

Ooh .. dear.

That conversation took place around two years ago and God knows how long that had been going on for. I was annoyed for not even thinking about this aspect of the cutbacks and not asking a pharmacist sooner. I could literally have walked into every pharmacy with a recorder in my pocket and sparked up a conversation and just collated all the recordings?!

Hmm .. maybe someone else is already doing this?

Maybe someone out there might start to do this?!

Causes of Hypomagnesemia

Symptoms of Low Magnesium or Hypomagnesemia ..


You should be aware of something ..

.. when it comes to the treatment of disabled people and who is .. complicit.

I was told by a Dr Bolat that with my health conditions that there is no GP in the country that would agree to me being removed from it. No GP would rule against me, in other words.

This was prior to my heart palpitations, chest tightness and breathlessness which I only recently discovered is down to the Hypomagnesemia, or low magnesium levels. Which are very dangerous.

Now this danger was never mentioned to me by anyone and whether or not that Dr Bolat of North Middlesex University knew this when he looked at my records and just assumed I had already been informed I do not know.

All I can tell you that I was surprised when he said that and even more surprised when he put his head in his hands and stated “I do not know what is going on in this country any more!”

Now after getting friendly with a woman who was sadly afflicted by a very painful condition I found out two things. Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome was the most painful condition known and I discovered the existence of the McGill Pain Index. In all honesty and in the beginning I thought there was some exaggeration going on. Probably because I have met some people who are very prone to exaggeration and on a big scale too. This was not a time where exaggeration was involved.

When I looked up the McGill Pain Index I then discovered something else .. my condition, or one of them, was also on this scale. It was the ext one down from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome which itself was marked up at number 40. The scale went up to 50. Nothing exists on any of these scales above 40. There are some comparison examples on there. Giving birth without drugs for instance. Having a finger cut off without drugs and so on and so forth. Still .. nothing appeared about 40!

Fibromyalgia sat at 28.

She did not get PIP either meaning that .. PIP is not awarded for physical pain or mental health pain but instead seems to be awarded based on that the eyes can see. Well .. I say that, that it is down to whether or not they can see that a leg or two is missing or the same with your arms but I am not even sure about this any longer?!

I had long since believed that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was a mild form of Fibromyalgia Syndrome and I even started to suspect that Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome was a strong form of Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Or that they were all just different levels of the same condition.

Of course I get a Facebook message from my daughter who had been having some infection issues after a biopsy and it just read “Call me. I have been diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease” and I just assumed this was something to do with this long lasting infection they screwed up? But … NO!

There was a number of things under Fibromyalgia that I never got explained to me and one in particular, though I did find a link in a book, was never explained. Something that I do not need a damned test to prove. Tooth decay. This was listed for Fibromyalgia but it stated that they did not know why this was. I had never seen anyone online speaking about their own Fibromyalgia ever mention the tooth decay issue. I wondered if it was just me or maybe the Fibromyalgia had to be quite advanced to be affected by this?

So I Googled Behcet’s Disease and there on the bloody list is Tooth Decay! It was like being hit in the face with a brick. Then came the others in the list and even some of them I thought I was not nor never had been affected by I later realised that I had. I had just .. forgotten. Well .. some of them.

So .. with this level of pain and with only one of my conditions of Fibromyalgia .. combined with the mental health problems, the high blood pressure (Hypertension Stage 2 and higher), the heart palpitations/tightness/breathlessness, memory loss and self harming combined with phobias and an Accident & Emergency Doctor stating that I should be on disability and a disability solicitor stating that I should be on disability how did this so-called court of law give me ZERO and ZERO?

Unless they are complicit and all those winning their cases are tokenism cases because this Mickey Mouse Court is worried that the wider general public might start asking questions of this so-called court of law?!

My remarks on a number is Facebook pages to do with disabled people and NHS corruption regarding these published cases as no more than tokenism ones seem to get a fair amount of likes.

One has to wonder how long it will be before everything in this country is exposed as .. farcical?!

Various webpages and versions of the McGill Pain Index but bear in mind this is only a … PAIN INDEX and does not take into consideration the things that can kill you. Like my Hypomagnesemia and the link to heart disease, heart attack, sudden death syndrome and the heart palpitations and nor does it consider Behcet’s Disease and its symptoms. Nor blood pressure issues ..


Oh the feeling of .. betrayal.

Still working and cross-referencing data to do with Behcet’s Disease, still cannot get over that .. recent discovery, and what I now know to be called Hypomagnesemia.

It is shocking revelation that I have catalogued on this blog each and every visit I have had to Accident & Emergency and it must be stressed that I have never .. ever rang ‘999’. Ever! Each of these hospital visits, or the ones that I recall anyway, have been for two things .. anxiety attacks to the point of suicidal thoughts or self-harming or heart palpitations along with chest tightness and shortness of breath. These are catalogued and go back a few years. They go back way, way over a year just for the heart palpitations alone. In one visit to North Middlesex Hospital one chap was quite concerned about these palpitations and as I have stated before and at the time .. concerned about how long they endured. Several hours until I went to sleep was what I had told him at the time. They did a barrage of tests but found nothing. Oddly I never EVER recall having any blood taken at all. More about why I mentioned that in a moment.

Right before I was being forced to move 250 miles away they then decided, after my third or so visit, that this should be looked into. I asked the Doctor at the time if he was joking and he asked why I had said this. “I have had this for over a year, been in here three times over it and now I am about to move 250 miles away and now you decide this needs to be looked into?!” SIGH

I move north.

I then finally get around to registering with a Doctor which took me a long time because there was a lot going on .. domestic violence, four grandchildren, two cases of autism, harassment from prison, murder, cervical cancer, falsification of medical records, theft and lies.

I get what they called a ‘Rapid..’ umm .. something. A quick .. appointment as this is my heart and probably because they think they might have missed something and that I might die? They did and they carried on missing it and .. I am not dead yet. Though it has felt at times like I am about to and did this very day .. while buying nail clippers of all things?!

Well .. in fact they missed not one but two things!

This is after ignoring the fact that I had Fibromyalgia after an unknown period of time where they quite obviously missed that too! Could have ignored it through embarrassment or fear of being prosecuted legally? Could have just done this to save money. But I started pressurising them about this around the year 2001. That was after my first twinge of pain in one of my feet which became permanent and I had had for several months. I got all kinds of diagnosis, none of which I agreed with and I proved them all wrong. Tenosynovitis was one. Plantar fasciitis was another and there have been others.

To be fair one of my several issues with my feet is very much like Planter fasciitis .. except in reverse! You see with the aforementioned issue it is stiff and painful in the morning but gets better throughout the day the more you use your feet. Then the next morning back to square one.

After discovering and self diagnosing Fibromyalgia, after wrongly self diagnosing Charcot Marie Tooth Syndrome, I understood the issue to be a lack of sleep problem. To be precise a lack of restorative sleep. Now I am not so sure any more.

Now to me the foot pain was just another in a long line of symptoms that had been popping up over the previous twelve years and I was certain that no one could possibly have this many symptoms and that most, if not all of them, must be linked. But I was told this was not possible.

Now my previous symptoms had just been a collection of highly annoying to highly embarrassing things. Tiredness, skin conditions and clicking ankle joints I had always called Achilles Tendinitis because that was the closest I could find to what I was experiencing. There were other things besides but I am not going to try and remember everything.

As previously stated a previous GP stated one day that he thought I might be suffering from low magnesium when I had complained about my legs aching really badly. From waking up in the morning I was constantly rubbing both my thighs all day and night.

At his request I bought vitamin pills containing magnesium and this worked, to my surprise.

That was the end of that and I continued to buy these pills and take them daily for the next three years or so. Only .. I only discovered recently that a whole raft of really nasty symptoms I have are also down to this damned deficiency. I also discovered it can kill you in a number of ways.

Now I know this is called Hypomagnesemia.

It explains a lot of the more recent, well up to ten years or so, symptoms I have had.

I have no GP to go and discuss this with.

Very literally twenty four or forty eight hours later my daughter is diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease and this comes from me pressurising her for six months because she has what I have. I assume they are going to confirm Fibromyalgia. Though despite claiming to refer her in October or November 2017 no letter ever arrives. This comes about because of a series of different pains and one so painful she cannot walk. They still bloody well missed it on the first visit but on the second ..

‘Oh you have Behcet’s Disease’ is what they told my daughter.

I had never .. ever .. heard of this before. So I looked it up.

I then read this webpage regarding this Behcet’s Disease and I am stunned to find it lists almost all my remaining symptoms that have mostly dogged me for twenty five years plus.

I then assume that this must come from Fibromyalgia only to cross-reference a few things and discover that they claim Fibromyalgia develops in people that suffer with Behcet’s Disease. Go figure!

So yeah that is the short version and I am still trying to cross-reference things while I specifically look for any possible issues with magnesium absorption. Because I take magnesium and yet I still have some of the problems. Which suggests to me that there is a problem with the magnesium absorption and as this low magnesium can be immediately fatal in some things or go around the houses to become fatal in others it is best to find out. I would rather die on my terms and have my death mean or count for something, as I am currently trying to achieve, than happen suddenly and amount to nothing at all. That .. really bugs me.

I also do not want to go through a load of suffering over my own death either.

A friend of mine who had been a social worker for twenty five years or more was shocked when I told him. He said that he was aware of what I was telling him and had seen a documentary about Sudden Death Syndrome. He went on to state that some people somewhere working in a forest, do not know if it was Brazil or somewhere, had just died overnight. He stated that when they looked into it it had something to do with Potassium as he recalled and this was linked to low magnesium and that it was a shock to find out I was still having issues, despite the supplements. Oddly I cannot recall what he said when I told him I had been diagnosed with low magnesium three or four years ago? We went a few years without speaking and I think I was diagnosed during the time we were not talking. My short term memory is giving me issues here but I seem to be recalling him, from just earlier today .. umm or yesterday, being shocked at my low magnesium diagnosis. So maybe he did not know? But I have been taking the supplements for so long now that my brain keeps telling me he must have known?!

Anyway he was also shocked when I described Behcet’s Disease and not only did he realise it had a list of things that I have suffered with for many, many years but as it turns out so does he. I did read about links to diabetics and he is .. well, diabetic and has been for decades.

I am now expecting him to go away and check this out. He has experienced a particularly nasty symptom that despite me having it .. his was more of a .. sensitive nature. Oddly my daughter has something similar. These are pretty unique things that kind of .. well stand out, so to speak. So he was pretty keen to look into this further for himself.

I am also wondering whether he is going to get back to me at some point and .. go somewhat nuts because it turns out he has had this for years? Because there are some pretty horrible things that it does. We have the same joint issues .. the Achilles Tendinitis I mentioned earlier? He has the exact same issue and has had for years, like me. Funnily enough there was a time when he as absolutely convinced I was diabetic and insisted on doing a blood sugar test on me. I bet him it would come out normal. I won that bet.

I do tend to get things right and had ruled out diabetes years earlier plus .. well I would have thought it would have come up in the blood tests I had, had performed on me in the past. Pretty sure that testing for diabetes is a very common thing for hospitals to do. Miss that if your type one and its curtains my friend. No margin for error and so they do it. If its something there is no fear of you dropping dead from then they tend to ignore you and send you away. If it is something that they could claim at a later date is easily missed or fairly rare then .. yeah .. they will fob you off on that too!

By all accounts Hypomagnesemia is fairly rare and Behcet’s Disease is even rarer.

They also cannot claim they did not know about it any more. I have emailed my solicitor along with Healthwatch and in the next few days I will email the NHS and I will email a court that want me to attend a hearing. Plausible denial is no longer an option!

The thing for me is the .. anxiety.

I have told and told and told psychiatrists .. those .. ones that do their job for them whose titles I cannot recall. I have told counsellors in mental health in the likes of both the NHS’s IAPT as well as Mind along with every other big name organisation you can think of. You know? All those ones that claim that none of us should ignore mental health any longer? Yeah all those ones. Well I told them that this is chemical. I told them in no uncertain terms that my problem was CHEMICAL! Do you know what they did? Ignored me!

Well now I know that I have Hypomagnesemia and Behcet’s Disease so guess what I am in the process of doing?

I can now both show and prove that it is chemical and I also have the medical records to back it up and I cannot get out of it while I am here and .. watch them all ignore me again while they all advertise on TV about how they are not ignoring it any longer. You watch as the government will tell you n the news media how they are not ignoring it any longer and are doing .. umm stuff about it.

But you will watch here as I get worse and I will contact each one in turn and no one anywhere will do anything about it and in the end you will come to a single realisation from all of this ..

.. that no one anywhere does anything about it and it is all bullshit they feed you. So that it looks like they are doing something for your hard earned taxes or your hard earned donations.

It might end up being the very last thing I manage to prove?!

Huh? I had an email to state that I have had three views on my LinkedIn account?!

Hmm? Now as it turns out I have this weird .. connection. Or I am connected to someone else who is connected to someone else who is talking to someone I know ..

.. in fact when I explained this .. connection it blew the mind of the person that I know! LMAO! I am wondering if it is this .. mutual connection? Guess I .. might find out in time.

While in a paused period of typing this out the irritation in and around my right eye went into .. fecking overdrive! I was beside myself last night. I was digging, squeezing and twisting the skin above my right eye and pushing hard into the top of my eye socket in a continuous and vain attempt to stop the irritation. It really is a complete mystery as to why sometimes it becomes more irritable then other times. This was by far the worst period though. Oddly it mostly used to occur at night years ago but now can manifest during the day and just last. It really is the most bizarre feeling.

Of course it now has the added danger I have long since only wondered about the possibility of .. blindness. Yes siree after driving me to the edge of insanity it now appears I could go blind, though judging from what I experience it will only be in one eye? I think. This is because absolutely nothing at all ever occurs with my left eye. Despite the fact that my right eye has been like this about five years. Certainly several years. Hmm .. well it would be listed on this blog .. so I will either have mentioned when it first appeared or I mention it throughout the life of this blog? If the latter is the case then I have experienced this 6 year or more.

It does not bode well when you read that if this condition is not treated it can lead to blindness!

It is also typical that I find myself in this impossible predicament at the worst possible time and, of course, a time when I really do not need any extra pressure.

So I have emailed Healthwatch, I think I mentioned? I will now need to email those I have already emailed and .. explain the new discovery.

I find it odd that as I have revealed the latest revelations regarding the NHS and have noticed a barrage of others around the Internet and that there are three Facebook pages dedicated to the failures of the NHS. Now that all this has occurred a certain royal wedding is being used to praise the institution? Sickening. Seventy years of the NHS and now it has been turned to shit and a highly corrupt organisation. It is no longer an institution and has not been for a long time, despite the bleatings of the blind, naïve, jobsworths, amoral people out for self-preservation and idiots. There are literally thousands, tens of thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of cases today that prove that it is consistently failing people and has been for a long time. It has also been killing people for a very long time to.

My daughter said something again to me that she has said twice recently. A friend of hers repeated something she recently said with a bit of added pizazz and a question ..

“Is your Dad coming back?!” and after being told they did not know for sure she went on “You know I thought your dad was crazy .. the things he used to say about the NHS. But he was right .. he was fucking right about everything!” to which her once doubting boyfriend also agreed.

By no stretch of the imagination were my claims, predictions and facts restricted to the NHS so do not under any circumstances think for one moment that my .. machinations are restricted to this one public service. It is all public services.

Indeed there are three that I call the evil trinity. One at the top which lies to protect itself, save otself money and help save two others money. Except one of these two others is technically over one hundred different organisations, or public services. The NHS at the top with the DWP and Local Councils underneath and of course in the case of the latter .. there are countless councils spread right across the country. Or technically .. countries.

Bot now Prince Harry states that the NHS is wonderful so all these thousands, tens of thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of claims must all be crap then? Yeaahh .. no one is really dead .. they are all just hiding somewhere? All those others that have suffered unbearably and the NHS treating them like shit and knowingly leaving them to suffer? Naah they are all making it up!

Well it seems that this royal wedding seems to have some controversies of its own to contend with?

I mean .. if those claims that a certain person stated that she wants to be the next Princess Diana are true? Oh .. my .. God. This would not mean anything to me but I am absolutely sure that to a great many people this would be an outrage and there would be an .. outcry. Though I am not entirely sure what they would expect from such an outcry. But you just know sometimes how people would react. Especially when it has anything to do with Princess Diana. Then there are those claims in recent reports about a certain someone being shallow by their own relatives. Now there is some other crap and I did not even bother reading beyond the headline. In fact I am not even sure I finish reading the headlines half the time?

‘Oh well this must be true because someone that was deem unfathomably important states it is so’.

Then they expect other mindless fools to just follow suit like a gargantuan herd of sheep.

Sadly .. many do!

Oh another thing I have been experiencing .. in case I forgot this in recent posts, is I am finding touching certain things irritable. Annoyingly this is confined to just two things .. laptop touch-pad and smartphone screen?! Grr! I have even resorted to biting my fingers to try and get rid of the feeling!


I have recently discovered that half my symptoms, one of two very long lists, are down to something called Behcet’s Disease.

My daughter was diagnosed with this and she realised upon hearing it that I had it too, as I had been pressing her to get a diagnosis and had to keep on at this because her GP s, just like more than six I spoke to, fobbed her off. She was even told she would be referred to a Fibromyalgia specialist and that never arrived, or to be more precise has not from being told she was referred in October or maybe November 2017 to date. Today’s date is the 12th May 2018.

I had never previously heard of the condition before but when I read the list of things it causes all I could think was “Oh .. my .. GOD?!”

I had only very recently discovered that these same useless and so called health professionals had also not informed me of something else.

After refusing to admit that one condition can cause numerous symptoms, stating it was most assuredly impossible, they then tried very hard not to confirm my self-diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. They were unsuccessful.

Then when it was time to get serious because I had very high blood pressure which skipped over to a Hypertensive Crisis from Hypertension Stage 2 from time to time they were quick to put that down to the Fibromyalgia they had previously refused to admit to.

Then when I had complained several times about night cramps and severe pains in my thighs most days they put this down to a low magnesium level and told me to buy my vitamin pills form an expensive store .. Holland & Barrett. Oddly they just told my daughter to do the same a few days back! Must have some contract with Holland & Barrett?

However they failed to tell me that low magnesium screws up many other things some of which I was already suffering from, like anxiety attacks for instance! In fact there was a long list of symptoms I had been experiencing that looked like they were down to this .. like my heart palpitations and chest issues?! Yeah I had even been fucking sent all over the place for stupid tests that found nothing and I stumble across the fact that it could be down to something they knew damn well I already had. The low magnesium .. only .. this time it looked like the supplements were failing to work in these instances?

I text my daughter because she has many of my symptoms, along with cervical cancer, who called me up and she said “Dad, your joking right?!” turns out she had just had results from a blood test and they told her that her magnesium was low and should buy pills from Holland & Barrett?! This is a GP Surgery 250 miles away and yet just like mine in London she gets told to go to Holland & Barrett?! Does this not strike you as a bit odd?

Now all these other pills and treatments they are going to refuse? What do you think the odds are that everyone will now get told to go to Holland & Barrett?!

Two days after this my head is still spinning from the realisation I have been deliberately fucked about and lied to yet again, lying by omission, when I get a text from my daughter pleading for me to call her and that she has been diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease. Never heard of it.

I look up this Behcet’s Disease and when I see the symptom list I cannot believe what I am seeing on the webpage before me. I click on half a dozen webpages to cross-reference just as I always do as I am always the one to tell others not to believe everything you read on the Internet. I am a stickler for facts and not one looking for what I want to hear. I know a lot of people that like hearing what they want to hear .. I really do! I am so .. not like that. I want to know the facts! Guess that is the scientist and analytical mind in me. There on these webpages is a list that covers almost the other half of the things I experience. More or less almost everything that cannot be linked to the low magnesium is in this list.

All that is .. except for the right knee issue which was spotted by Guy’s Hospital as a separate and physical issue that then disappeared from my medical records .. though the knee issue is still there. Or at least it is on letters I have had from previous GPs I have had. Would be posted on here too, way back at some point. It even has my right eye irritation and I think it said something about back pain too? Though I was told by a chiropractor in Waltham Abbey that this was collapsed discs.

So I was talking to my daughter who now finally realises the truth I have been trying to get through to her and one that several close friends of hers believes only too well now too. That the NHS is corrupt, lies through its teeth and lies about patients health to save themselves and the government along with local councils and the DWP money.

If this was not bad enough they are now infuriated about the other .. aspects of this shocking truth .. they all get paid. They all get paid tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands each year so that the government can save a few thousand a year in payouts to stop people and families from starving to death .. while standing behind you with a proverbial whip to force you to go to work.

That would be bad enough in of itself but we are talking about sick and disabled people now and many with children too!

So tonight my daughter asked me ..

“Dad? You gave had these symptoms for years. I cannot believe that they did not diagnose you with this years ago?!”

I still have some research to do but I automatically thought that like everything else .. this must be a result of the Fibromyalgia and so intended to look for a link. Only I did not need to as only the second webpage I pulled up mentions Fibromyalgia on it. As I mostly skim read things anyway there is a chance that the first page mentioned Fibromyalgia too?

I did a little more research tonight and I found another webpage that seems to suggest that things might be the other way around? That Fibromyalgia might stem from Behcet’s Disease?

Let us review ..

  • Bechet’s Disease

    • Skin issues going back twenty six years

    • Joints maybe as much as thirty years – ankles

    • Hearing issues twenty years plus

    • Eye Issue around ten years

    • Mouth Issues over fifteen years

  • Fibromyalgia

    • Main one was feet .. fourteen years ago – ankles, joints, were way before this

    • Asked about for 13 years before discovering Fibromyalgia

    • Refused to admit I had it

    • Within five minutes of being diagnosed, figuratively speaking, I had high blood pressure and they were THEN quick to blame it on Fibromyalgia and once again refuse to refer me .. messing me about with Ramipril and Amlodopine and it is still high to this day

  • Low Magnesium

    • Diagnosed around 2014-15

    • Told to buy Vit ABC+ by Dr Andrew Theivendra of The Town Surgery in Enfield

    • No mention of affects on anxiety, heart palpitations or other things

      • Despite being dragged kicking and screaming, I did not want to go, to A&E several times


I did think about putting down a list of all symptoms along with the rough time each one started along with the longevity but it was .. daunting .. and overwhelming and would take a long time!

There have been in excess of 270 symptoms ranging from one offs, ones that occurred years ago but not lately, ones that appear from time to time, those more frequent and those that are more or less permanent.

I also struggled to think of what this would achieve. It would not help others that might be in this predicament, though by all accounts Behcet’s Disease is pretty rare in itself. To have this along with Fibromyalgia, Hypertension Stage 2 and low magnesium must be very, very rare.

Let us not forget the damaged right knee either.

I had previously understood, from research, that all of the symptoms were from the fact that Fibromyalgia causes a lack of restorative sleep.

Restorative sleep is a deep sleep whereby the brain does all its clearing or say .. memory and all its detoxification and repairs, like muscles. Since discovering Fibromyalgia four years ago that is how I have understood it.

However .. after reading about Behcet’s Disease and all the things it causes, low magnesium levels and all the things that causes I am starting to wonder if all this stuff with Firbomyalgia and non-restorative sleep was just guess work?!

I can only ever do research and cross-reference when it is not my field or do not have the necessary equipment to reach a factual conclusion.

I am in a place that is not that good and after all this while I had thought .. no, I had hoped that before now enough things would have been exposed to stop all this crap. But apparently not and so I have kept on going.

Except I not only find myself in a place now where I cannot nor do I want to continue but I find my daughter is also in the same place as me and I find it staggering.

Discovering what she has been through both in the distant and recent past, present and the future will shock the most hardened person to their core. All but the most amoral of people, that is.

She is not homeless .. but they are working on that, despite not being in a suitable home anyway. I can tell you that I KNEW she had my Fibromyalgia as she has most of my symptoms and a few I do not have. Fobbed off over that. Had two children diagnosed with Autism but then had an about face over that, with a letter that proves they decided the outcome before even meeting the children. Also has blood clots, or a blood clot. Cervical cancer, you had better believe it.

Domestic violence against her where the abuser was going to get..

  • Ten years and then Deported

    • Now not even a year out soon

    • Social Services backing abusers rights to access to his children

      • Threatened to throw one out of a window

    • Will get housed

    • Not being deported

    • Phoned and harrassed my daughter from prison

    • Was on the front cover of an edition of the Liverpool Echo

Yeah .. you had better believe it.

She got no help.

I got stabbed in the back over my health repeatedly.

I was then going to set up a business, promised help and then stabbed in the back over that and all help retracted. Just a couple months before finding out about my daughter’s domestic violence.

I then moved to help my daughter without sorting out the wounds in my own back, risking my own health which then later suffered because ..

Help I was expecting both of us to get because my four grandchildren, Autism of two of them, daughter’s FMS, blood clots, domestic violence and cervical cancer and my own FMS, high blood pressure and heart issues .. NOTHING!

I then had a breakdown which they failed to realise was part of a chemical unbalance I had told them for fucking years I had, had! Compounded by the lack of help.

Yet when it comes to everyone else .. we seem to live in a leftist society? Not from our point of view we do not! Just run by people that like it to appear that they are left wing but they are most certainly not. Especially when it comes to money and support they are not.

EDIT: It is funny as I have just remembered something. The one thing about Behcet’s Disease I read, that I did not experience or though I had not, are these ulcers you get. I could not recall experiencing anything like this so I did not mention it .. until ..

Just the other day I was talking about insect bites and there was this one time in my house in Enfield when I felt this sudden pain get stronger and stronger and stronger. At first I thought I was being bitten by a Mosquito but after it reached the point I was leaping off my sofa I thought it must be a Horsefly? Only there was no Horsefly to be found in the house and it had never happened before or since .. as far as I can recall.

I ended up with a small crater in my lower leg and some swelling.

EDIT 2: It just gets better as just like low magnesium this Bechet’s Disease has its own way of killing you ..

Behçet’s disease (BD) is a rare but severely debilitating vasculitis, which typically manifests as mucocutaneous disease with orogenital ulcers and skin lesions;1 however, involvement of the musculoskeletal system, eye, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, vascular beds, urogenital tract and cardio-pulmonary system can lead to significant morbidity and mortality. –


I still don’t trust the courts.

But as it turns out The Canary had published an article that seems to state that that a court had effectively given the middle finger against the DWP over their treatment of disabled people.

They even said they take no notice at all of anything Atoms says.

It gets even better when I believe it stated that neither the DWP or Autos turned up to defend themselves.

The author states at what a national and global disgrace it is that this had been going on with the abuse of human rights.

Which begs the question ..

Forgetting the fact that all this has somehow remained in place and fully operational despite all the reports and court cases but ..

Can we now expect these things to be dissolved and for people to go to jail for serious crimes that were performed effectively en masse?!

They do this with war criminals and they only killed people ..

.. this has very literally been a fate worse than death, still is, and I’ve not been eating because I have had enough and want to die ..

Though to be fair .. I’ve eaten because I’ve been forced out in pain because others only think of themselves. I get bad muscle pains, aches and severe spasms when I overdo it and I don’t mind death but do mind pain and especially the severe types. What with low magnesium and all.

My thighs and calf muscles feel .. tight and that makes me .. apprehensive.

Despite these reports I cannot help thinking that the are just tokenism cases.

I still have no confidence in mine that it now looks like I won’t make it to.

Very tired, severe pain, apprehension, sore throat and I’ll have a nervous breakdown travelling there to something I’m going to get railroaded over for the fifth time.

Now I have this new information regarding Behcet’s Disease which my daughter has been diagnosed with, is linked to Fibromyalgia and explains most, if not all, the symptoms that low magnesium uptake cannot.

I had been pressurising her for many months because it was clear they were already fobbing her off .. despite not knowing about several things she has experiencing .. then said they were going to refer and did not .. and has four children to deal with along with cervical cancer.

I had already warned her about low magnesium the very same day she had just been told she had low magnesium after a blood test result. I had been diagnosed with low magnesium something like four years ago and had obviously been going on a bloody lot longer than four years. Fifteen would be my estimation. Possibly more.

Ergo .. mine now might be quite serious as I am still having difficulties despite taking supplements and wondering if there is an issue of my body actually being able to absorb magnesium?


Well this is going to be good. Or is it bad?

After dying for another day I get back to this .. house .. of sorts with after leaving an annoying .. twat who got .. irritated and snappy over .. something and was inconsiderate and sounded a lot like someone else I have to put up with. For the longest time.

In fact what I am going to tell you I just told this person and when I said the first line below I got two responses .. first was a look of disappointment, which would be for themselves as your simply not allowed to be more ill then them. They told everyone for years they had epilepsy, not grand mal, and now it is not epilepsy but NEADS. Trust me if you knew nothing at all about any medical condition and thirty minutes with this person you would think it was worse than cervical cancer .. because they more or less stated as much. Went into that previously .. not going into that here.

That first line put to them that got that disappointed look was ..

“I have a disease .. a pretty nasty disease.”

With a disappointed and doubting look on their face, umm it is they that lies .. and about their health and not me, and sarcastic look they said “What disease?”

Getting cocky because they think it is bollocks once again, just like the magnesium levels being low, the Fibromyalgia and everything else before I proved myself to be correct, they said ..

“How do you know that?”

And I said ..

“Because my daughter has Firbomyalgia and a lot of my symptoms and those symptoms they have just confirmed are this Behcet’s Disease and just like the low Magnesium I have long since been diagnosed with is linked to Fibromyalgia!”

See if these sound familiar or .. check right back to 2012 on this blog and you will see me complaining of many of these symptoms ..

  • Mouth Tooth decay problem, gum problems for over 15 years

  • Genitals Issues for over 15 years

  • Eyes Inability to read small print up in Birkenhead 3 months ago and .. irritation in, around and ABOVE right eye!! You can go blind?!

    • EDIT: Blindness occurs if left untreated and I have only ever been given corticosteroid creams like Cutivate?!
    • EDIT 2: Crap .. my memory?! I had sores not far from my genitals on my right side, twice!

      Also I had a boil too and was unable to walk at one stage and had to have this cut and drained in Chase Farm Hospital

  • Skin Plenty of posts about Tea Tree Oil use going back 6 years, used for 12 years plus, skin conditions 25 years

  • Joints Clicking Ankles I said like Achilles Tendinitis

  • Aneurysms My father died of burst one

  • Digestive System Abdominal Pain, Diarrhoea, Bleeding, Check, Check and Check .. thought it was Diverticulitis!!

  • Brain Headache, Fever, Disorientation, Poor Balance, Stroke

  • There is some other stuff but I am not going into that and I am not affected by it anyway .. but someone I know is!!

  • EDIT: Hearing/Ear problems?! (WTF?!)

Any of that sound familiar?

Only one that does not apply to me is the aneurysm, which of course my father had and died form because it burst.

Oh dear.

Oh deary, deary .. me!

I have just had to text my family members .. well the ones that listen .. are interested and do not decide they do not have Fibromyalgia despite not being very bright or even speaking to a Doctor for the last thirty five years. Oh it is that fucking tedious and annoying person once again .. that speaks to you like shit when he dare not do it to anyone else they meet.

Anyway ..

Yes my daughter looked at this Doctor and said “My Dad has this!” along with something along the lines of me pestering her to get checked out ..

  • Because life is not easy and a bunch of so called professional idiots think that it is and like one pharmacist admitted to me that if they keep lying to patients and fucking them off with lies and excuses .. down the line it is going to explode ..

  • To which I said .. yup and it will be their excuse to get rid of the NHS and produce a private health service, no doubt owned by Americans!

Oooh .. dear!

My daughter knows only too well that I have asked and asked and asked over the years about this condition I have for fear it will get worse one day. Unbearably worse.

She is already at unbearable level .. a school board with a social worker in attendance sat shocked while the social worker suddenly refused to write a letter for my grandson to go to a new school. She refused and they have put in a formal complaints but just like I have done with every other step in this process .. DO NOT TRUST THE SCHOOLS! A friend of mine has a horror story about that, deceit and lies by a school which I have long since covered on here.

Well .. one woman on the board did end up crying. To which my evil ex said “She was a bit over-dramatic!” Yup, that is her all over .. everyone is overly dramatic unless it is about her. Everyone!

My daughter also recalled how she had told the GP about Fibromyalgia last October or November 2017, was told she would get a referral and how it never came. I said “See what I mean with these wankers?!” They still get fucking paid though? To do what?!

She also said that at her meeting and for the first time she verbally attacked the social worker and accused both her and Wirral Council of many things. The social worker said “[NAME], what brought this on, it is not like you to use language like that” and made a big thing about the use of a swear word. The panel members said “She is right and has a point though?!” before stating that they was going to put in a formal complaint.

I reminded my daughter that from devil to the God .. everyone has put in formal complaints and how far have any of them got?

I also said “See what I mean? Remember me telling you before that even with me they drive you up the fucking wall with their tricks, lies and broken promises and you end up getting angry .. losing your temper and swearing and the moment you swear .. ‘Ooh that is terrible, you swore?! Your now automatically in the wrong!’”

Yeah deliberately causing pain and suffering while you sit on your arse in people’s living rooms doing nothing but chat utter shite week after week being paid £40,000 plus a year out of the taxpayers money. That is perfectly fine. But the moment you piss anyone off enough to swear .. that is wrong?!

I have literally had this conversation dozens of times and it goes something like ..

“Your joking, right? Your attitude has now changed to treat me like a mass murderer because I swore? After everything you have done? Lies. Tricks. Promises broken. Pain. Suffering. And you are making a big fucking (deliberately swearing now) deal about the use of a fucking swear word?! Your a fucking tosser!”


So let us get this all in perspective ..

  • Whip me to go to work ..

    • Take away disability

      • TWICE

    • Take away Incapacity Benefit

  • Tax me so you get more money ..

  • Fob me off so you can save more money

    • Fibromyalgia .. that has caused 270 odd symptoms

      • Serious Magnesium Deficiency

      • Behcet’s Syndrome

    • Right Knee physical Issue lied about

    • Second Inguinal Hernia Lied about

    • Back Pain ignored, then tested wrong deliberately so they can ignore

  • Rob me

    • Of my freedom .. my own home

    • Family

    • Friends

    • Sanity and

    • Social life

And then doing that to my daughter from the age of 16 months and for the next 25 years and proceeding on to my grandchildren ..

.. nice!