Well there are a number of things I have been holding back form recent posts and I have been trying to work out what order to start doing these in?

My Twitter notifications are building up again it seem but the broadband internet which has been down for seven days is supposed to be off for another seven?!

I do not mean slow for seven days. It has been slow for several months. I mean off completely and never comes on at all. Not even for a few minutes.

Crap I spent twenty minutes trying to get on the Internet in the local park and now that I have it has gone off!

Most trouble with the Internet in the history of the Internet!

Nope cannot reconnect so I will keep going and hoping it comes back online.

So yeah .. the odd thing is that a I get a lot of people talking about British people, Britain and our proud nation. There is something about that with my family and one of these is that fact that my grandfather was in the Royal Navy in World War II.

But that is not all you see there was this .. other relative who was a pilot.

His name was Reginald Kirlew and he was a test pilot for the RAF and Avro and he died testing an aircraft called the Avro Manchester. They added to engines to it due to this death and that aircraft then became now infamous Avro Lancaster.

But do not take my word for it it is all on record and just so happens to be in a couple of books ..

  • Test Pilots by Dan Middleton
  • Avro Manchester

I happen to get a hold of these, though may loose them very soon, and I did a video about it I put on my YouTube channel a couple years back.

Ahh .. only taken an hour and the Internet is back. It would appear all the Internet was out because I could not see any of a dozen Wifi signals?! Weird.

Anyway .. I have often wondered what my great grandfather would think of Britain if he was alive today?

Here are those videos fro my very crappy and neglected YouTube channel. I was going to do political videos but then they moved the goalposts on advertising revenue and then they started hitting people with a ban hammer. Plus my life get turned into hell as my daughter’s was simultaneously.

Go figure!


Oops so eager to get it posted I forgot to add videos!



I love aircraft.

I have loved aircraft since I was a child and had book after book on them and die-cast model after die-cast model.

I was a big lover of Airfix aircraft too and was always being bought one of these which I only just recalled as I was typing that last paragraph.

I loved the British Jets of the Harrier, Tornado and the old BAe Lightning. Among others.

I also adored aircraft from around the world with the American’s F-15 Eagle, F-18 Hornet, F-16 Falcon and F-22 .. Raptor did they call it? Or maybe that was what they called in in one of the many simulators I played years ago. In fact I owned a flight simulator for each of those I mentioned and probably others.

Software houses, let’s see if I recall them all, were Rowan Software, Digital Image Design, Microprose and .. umm damn it! Memory does fail sometimes with long term stuff, though is mostly short term stuff, lol.

Then you have the Saabs the Dassault Mirages and your MIGS. MIG-29 Fulcrum and others. I also had a flight simulator for the MIG mentioned. In fact it has cheesed me off for years that there had only been two companies making flight Sims.

I even have my own family history involved in aviation in kind of a big way.

My great grandfather was a test pilot for Avro and the RAF and died in a plane crash test piloting the Manchester. As a result of his death they added two wings and it became the Lancaster. Two books can be found on my YouTube account with me pointing this out .. Test Pilots by Don Middleton and the Avro Manchester by someone called Cecil? Cannot recall author’s name.

They added two engines to the Avro Manchester and renamed it the Lancaster and it went on to become .. well .. infamous. Especially in the films like The Dambusters.

I often wonder what he would make of the world today and his descendants .. predicaments. I would specifically ask him what he thought of what had become of his country and keeping the invaders out?

Speaking of invaders ..

So the now to to date version, sorry replacement,  of the Harrier has been arriving?

Well .. we did build part of it. The vertical take of fan housed just behind the cockpit if memory serves me well. Yeah .. Lockheed Martin needed our help and the aircraft still cost an effing fortune! I know and to be fair they may well have been at a knock down price? May?

Yeah I read a report about four Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II’s arriving in Norfolk.

Turns out I must have missed the memo because there were already a lot more than that already here. I think it was fifteen already here?

Well I guess at many millions a pop they probably want to keep that quiet? I mean what with women and children being knowingly starved to death and all!

As it turns out these many multi million pounds a pop VTOL aircraft had their order number divulged. It’s 138. One hundred and thirty eight of these have been ordered.

What I also found interesting was the slightest mention of aircraft carriers. Well can’t remember if it said these had been built or not but .. these were stated to be £3.1 Billion and there are more than one as they were plural in naming them.

Now I’ve known these for years but back then .. well I didn’t know they were actually knowingly and intentionally killing people off. Don’t even have the balls or the humanity to issue suicide pills to make it all more .. humane.

  • They have been doing this to old age pensioners.
  • They have been doing this to disabled people.
  • They have been doing this to mothers.
  • They have been doing this to children.

All .. knowingly.

Soooo … why are we spending all this money on hardware and who or what are we protecting exactly?!

Yeah .. sorry if wisdom and common sense shatters your illusions but what the actual fuck??

So in a hundred words or less and with it being widely known a very easy to search using Google .. “Who or what are they protecting?!’

Because I don’t really know any more.

  • The Monarchy?
  • The Lying and evil government?
  • England’s green and unpleasant lands?!
  • The fucking money they have told us for years they haven’t got?!
  • The .. Puppeteers?!

They take people’s money in taxes .. it is not their by birthright or any other means .. they are meant to run the country with it and the country, for me, is the people.

But they are not only not doing this but have not done for a long time and letting people die .. knowingly die as people have now been reporting and proven with her own comments in the House of Commons everyone seem to miss. Twice. People pointed out that many have died and that here has been an investigation and the response was to state that those things are not spoken about by the organisation responsible and she agrees with that. Because of privacy laws? For dead people?! REALLY?!?! Not forgetting the fact that it is already mostly in the public domain and .. well .. another thing missed .. no one asked for the names .. only the numbers!

To take money off the people it needs to be earned.

It is not just a big purse for the rich and powerful to spend on toys for themselves at the cost of human lives. But then again more of those murdered means more money at the end of each financial year. So with a quarter of a million murdered .. I guess they can keep on spending while telling us there is no ‘magic money tree’?!

Britain’s new £120million F-35B stealth fighters touch down on UK soil http://flip.it/dzNP.u

Oh just in case people cannot be bothered to fact check or search ..


Well this is part two about my great grandfather Reginald Kirlew.

Now I think I did a post about him recently but this is where my short term memory issues play up and they are right now. I remember uploading a film to my YouTube account regarding the book Test Pilots by Don Middleton but I do not remember if I actually posted about it?! Bah-humbug!

I have childhood memories of a great grandmother I used to visit who always had tins of Ambrosia Rice when we visitied. So much so that I cannot look at a tin of it today in the local supermarkets without thinking of those times. She only had two sons with one named Reginald Kirlew, after his dad, and one called John Kirlew. Oddly despite both of them being married, with Reginald twice and John stayed married a long time, there was only one child between them. My mother. Odds would be against that you would be forgiven for thinking.

Anyway as a young boy I did used to get to visit my, I called my great uncle John, who used to make the actual aircraft to be used with a remote control unit. I always remebered, well how could I forget, a Spitfire in his spare room in the process of being built on one occasion. During these childhood years I also got to hear about my great grandfather and how he was a test pilot for Rolls Royce and the RAF who died when one test flight went wrong. There was talk way back then if I recall correctly of him avoiding buildings and crashing into a tree. I also got to hear about how this aircraft was the Avro Manchester, which I had never heard of as a child, but my eyes would have grown wide at hearing that this then became the Avro Lancaster of World War 2 infamy. Sad upon hearing he had died, as I would have been fascinated to hear his stories…even now!I already had an obsession with aircraft and flying and wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember.

In fact I can now say that the reason for different blogs is that sometimes they link into each other and the most surprising ways and I becaome even more fascinated with computers when it was realised that they could immitate the flying of an aircraft as well as air combat! So my area of computing expertise neatly criss crosses my aircraft area as well as a history lesson of my ancestry to use as an example on my corruption blog!!

Now for those coming on here a very lng time now I did state from the get go that over time things would eventually all come together into one really big picture? Are we seeing that picture yet?! Also this is only achieved when your absolutely honest and open about everything. Including angry knee jerk reactions to news reports! Lol, wink-wink!

So then I managed to get that previously mentioned bookk on test pilots and film it and the page where my great grandfather is mentioned. However a visit to my mothers house recently and I was shown another one where he is mentioned a great deal more and I am most certain this is not the other book I was previously aware of?

What I loved about this new one is how both the main title and the subtitle of the book explains the bit I was always keen to prove and that being the link between the two aircraft, Avro Manchester: The Legend behind the Lancaster. Author Robert Kirby.



A shame that some of my predictions do show signs of edging ever closer to reality.

Here is one and one of the most important to me. Along with unsympathetic, corrupt and selfish people that populate much if the NHS and DWP.

I sometimes think of legends. I also think about myths. I think if the people whose names and histories do stand tall and will stand tall throughout history.

Legends are heroes who ended up sacrificing so much to make a better world. This can be large portions of their lives or their own immediate fates. Each country of this world had it’s own icons engraved into the mindset if the people.

How sad it would be if these Heroes of Legend was to see today that their efforts were in vain. That those already privileged leave people suffering do they can consume ever more.

It appears to me that those given the responsibility of reaching a classical education of the most influential people appear to do this extremely badly.

The very word ‘legend’ suggests actions that will echo throughout history that would and should inspire many? So how is it in modern times these heroes and the quotes they make stew only used in their away lines and as a quote preceding a Hollywood movie?

Would they ponder the question of why they bothered? Hero after hero and quote after quote still those that given turn out the same as do those in power. A ‘keep up with the Jones” of the rich and powerful. Without thought of those left downtrodden in their wake.

A queue exists of those claiming to defend the unfortunate millions but all they seek is to progress their own career. Bitches of TV they well day the just outlandish and shocking remarks because that is how you manipulate dumb TV bosses looking for ratings over the truth.

Truly a sad state of affairs the UK is in and possibly much of the world.

This success because the minions are brain washed as well as intentionally trapped into following orders despite the questionable reasons that hide behind them?

I would wager that those not brave enough to be whistle-blowers will skulk in their corners pretending nothing bad will happen? Probably think that losing their salary if the worst thing in the world right now? The very idea that those above them will offer them as lambs to the slaughter when the game is up. No they do not for the most party until it is too late.

My own great grandfather died as a test pilot for Avro in an aircraft called the Manchester. He avoided crashing into populated areas and hit trees instead. They decided that two engines was but enough and so added two more and changed the name to Lancaster.

He have his life and was buried near Fleet, as in Moonfleet, in Dorset. My grandfather had a funeral there too as he had lived there for a number of years before he died. They both had the same names only suffered with their middle names. The test pilot is listed in a book on Test Pilots my mother owns and had been in my wish list on Amazon for three years now. One day perhaps.

I often wonder how a man like that would react to the world today? What would he think of the country he gave his life to defend?

Their names were Reginald Kirlew. If I recall correct their middle names were Arthur and Edward. I also think, again if I recall correctly, the author of the book is Don Middleton.

I would wager he might be a little more than disappointed?

Gap widens between Britain’s lowest and highest-earning families – http://pulse.me/s/JR4d5