Oh I just do not like her. Others are more to blame but I find her most insincere and her picture was on the webpage of the page linked below and the first thing a f… the first thing I saw.

‘McEvil’ hit me immediately.

I recently stated about the crimes that have been committed in the UK and the fact that they are using laws to protect people’s privacy to hide mass murder.

I also stated, I love it when it happens like this, that at this rate the only other people responsible for more deaths to British civilians would be Nazi Germany or the Roman Empire, though I remarked that the Roman Empire might be close or have even been surpassed?

Hmm .. I am always having my stuff copied or mirrored and have been for years .. just let me go and check .. something .. I just thought of ..

Nope .. the page was published the 9th January and despite the fact that I do have a confirmed memory loss problem I am pretty sure I have not made those comparisons before?

Anyway I just had to check Russia Today’s website link that came up in a google search as I was posting a few website about deaths under austerity to a Facebook page about NHS corruption. I would check my last half a dozen posts or so about that one. Because there is the exact same number of deaths 120,000 and I guarantee conservative, that I have now discovered has been attributed to the NHS as well as the DWP. Sooo .. is that 120,000 each? Would not surprise me .. and I tell you what will shock you once you get over the shock of this .. these are all vulnerable people and all have disabilities .. as far as I have researched the number is all those with disabilties or sick ..

  • Someone do a check on their nationalities

  • Someone run a check on the percentages

  • Compare this with the national percentages

  • I guarantee something else will stand out like the proverbial cherry on a Bakewell tart

Now what Russia Today quotes on their site is ..

McVey also came under fire when she oversaw benefit cuts to more than 300,000 disabled people during her time as minister for the disabled in 2012. – Russia Today

Umm .. that was just McVey alone that cut benefits to 300,000 disabled people?! This was just one fucking year and they have been at this for seven or eight years or more?!

Umm .. what about the infamous man who sees the working class as slaves, according to what he told friends, and likely sees disabled people as cancer, Iain Duncan-Smith?!

Oh and they also said and far more important ..

Austerity causes biggest rise in England’s (note that one!) death rate since WWII – Russia Today

Yeah .. see?! I told yah so!

The really sine and spine-chillig fact of all this is that there is another group within this country that secretly wants scores of British people to die so that they might become more prolific an take over and some of them are quite brazen and open about wanting this. And these fucking Tories are doing the job for them. Again someone would have to publish the list of their names as I suggested above and do those .. comparisons for this link to be obvious and I guarantee one thing for those that hate the Tories ..

Exposure of this comparison would destroy the Tory party .. FOREVER – ME

Now when you realise this attitude .. that the government of your country thinks that if you are disabled or jobless, despite it not being your fault or self inflicted though tyey actually get treated better, as a drain on your country and leaves you to starve to death in pain ..

.. would you therefore be willing to joing the armed forces and die for these wan .. morons?

Or continue fighting for the country that another large and growing group is wanting, hoping and planning to take over in time while everyone does nothing about it?

I know I would not.

I would have done once .. a long, long time ago and as those that know me know, along with those that have come on here long enough, I was wanted ..

  • By GCHQ

    • Still have card and it is on my Facebook account and my blog

  • Was later called a genius by MI5

    • Also by Merseyside CID

  • The MOD

  • Turned down a Doctorate .. foolishly

    • They made me pay for turning them down

I think that is enough in itself but being worried that the complete morons with always wrong first impressions that think themselves to be Steven Hawking ..

I did a list recently of everything else I tried to do ..

  • Go into business partnerships twice

  • Written a dozen blogs for six years nearly

  • Produced nearly couple thousand videos for my YouTube channel

    • Across the board well over half a million visits

  • Written three books I am still sitting on

  • Started other books

  • Started my own business

  • Taken thousands of photographs to set up a photography business

  • See those last three?

    • Each one fucked up entirely because of these public services

    • But this country has always maintained they are invested in helping people to help themselves ..

    • No .. they are fucking NOT!

Does that sound bad enough? Well it does actually get worse ..

  • Fibromyalgia

    • Hypertension Stage 2 alone a disability

    • Pain in feet, back, shoulders

  • Hypomagnesmia & Folate Deficiency

    • Powerful Heart Palpitations, Chest Tightness, Breathlessness & Irregular Heart Beats

    • Cardiac Arrest Risk

    • Heart Attack Risk

    • Heart Disease Risk

    • Above for Liver and Kidney too

    • Sudden Death Syndrome Risk

    • Toothache and pain .. tooth decay problem I did not know cause of previously

      • Certainly did not find out through NHS via dentists or General Practitioners!!

      • Despite asking for fucking years and years

  • Behcet’s Disease

    • Think this one might cause eyesight loss? Might be one above?

    • Had irritation in right eye for a number of years now

  • Physical Problem Right Knee .. Pain

Trust me that is a seriously cut down list. But I think I made my point?

As stated previously all very cleverly done. Get the NHS to start lying to and fobbing off patients and I knew the facts about this a long tome ago. When I was absolutely certain was probably around six years to eight years ago?

I then realised this was how the DWP and Local Councils were saving money before they even started lying to people and cheating their current .. clients out of cash turning their lives into living hell.

What you doubt that? Yeah between 120,000 to 240,000 people have died for no reason whatsoever and it has nothing to do with this why Russia Today has stated as I have done that this is the biggest rise in English deaths since World War II?!

Yeah it is all made up. LOL.

Oh and if your thinking that Russia Today cannot be trusted .. yeah I would be with you except for one very big fact .. none of the TV News Networks can be trusted .. the BBC? First you have the Jimmy Savile fiasco plus .. well they set up and lied about my father .. who dies within a year and there was one name on 500 friends and families lips about who was to blame for that. Starts with a ‘B’ and goes all the way to ‘C’.

So they made it a pyramid scheme leaving solicitors not knowing who was to blame and therefore who to take legal action against. What else could they possible to do tie this up even better than that?

Oh I know .. take away people’s legal rights and basic human rights but how could they possibly do that, they pondered. I know?! Take away Legal Aid little by little over a few years and then we can do what we want! Oh all our mates own the TV News media outlets and most if not all, all the national tabloids. SORTED!!

Russia Today and the biggest rise in British deaths since World War II ..

Welfare Weekly



I said a lot of thing over he years since the Tories got back into power ..

I have mentioned that there will be an inevitable revolution .. with people getting fed up waiting for waster Jeremy Corbyn to do and say the right things and win, instead of just being full of himself.

I also said that with the tricks that the Tories have been pulling and think tht they are beyond reproach that eventually .. they will get out and if they thought there ten year wait last time as long .. well ten years is nowhere close to NEVER.

I have stated that the Tory memes will come think and fast and that the groups that hate the Tories will grow.

Just tonight I was invited to like the page I have posted about on Facebook called Walking the Breadline and a number of other pages popped up ..

.. so I thought I would give them all a link on here.


Anonymous or Anonymous copycats .. again?

Arresting the Government ..


Reading about Fibromyalgia sure is interesting. For anyone who has had similar symptoms to me but no answers maybe this will help.

Now I would not want to wish my condition on anyone however I would be most interested to get in contact with anyone who is unfortunately having similar difficulties.

From the above link…

“In FMS, brain fog generally is worse when pain is worse. In both FMS and ME/CFS, it can be exacerbated when you’re anxious, rushed, or dealing with sensory overload.

Symptoms of brain fog can range from mild to severe. They frequently vary from day to day, and not everyone has all of them. Symptoms include:

Word use & recall: Difficulty recalling known words, use of incorrect words, slow recall of names.

Short-term memory problems: Forgetfulness, inability to remember what’s read or heard.

Directional disorientation: Not recognizing familiar surroundings, easily becoming lost, having trouble recalling where things are.

Multitasking difficulties: Inability to pay attention to more than one thing, forgetfulness of original task when distracted.

Confusion & trouble concentrating Trouble processing information, easily distracted.

Math/number difficulties: Difficulty performing simple math, remembering sequences, transposing numbers, trouble remembering numbers.

So far, we don’t have evidence that our brain fog comes from known learning disorders. However, our problems are similar to those associated with disorders such as dyslexia (reading problems), dysphasia (speaking problems) and dyscalculia (math/time/spatial problems).

B vitamins
Omega-3 (Fish Oil)
St. John’s Wort

Some doctors recommend dietary changes to include “brain friendly” foods, some of which are natural sources of the supplements listed above. Some of these foods are:

Fish (Omega-3)
Canola or walnut oil (Omega-3)
Eggs (Choline)
Fruits & vegetables

Some FMS research shows that moderate exercise can help improve cognitive function as well. Exercise is difficult for us, so be sure to read Getting Started With Exercise.”

Now keep in mind that many things I went through and forced through I did while unknowingly being affected by the above and previously posted symptoms, including acquiring my Single Honours Degree!! Lol.

Odd things is I did seem to feel somewhat better with exercising and those suggested. Not so easy to focus, remember, find the time and afford right at this present moment! Indeed not for FIVE YEARS to be precise. My DLA enabled me to do various things along with having a lot less stress and no Wolves at the door. Currently impossible and their are…


..that will make all these things right again. Especially during this financial crisis and the British Government and members of the Cabinet among others showing their true colours!

Nothing in the way of empathy of any kind and no regret. Which is why I become infuriated when they develop morals over the down-trodden citizens of other nations. They might as well say “LOOK AT THEM!! THEY ARE WORSE THAN US!”

Personally I would like to go back to the start and take voluntary uthenasia than you very much.

You can only feel cruelty and torture if you are alive. It is this that many twats just do not get! So people die slowly just so they can not be seen for the really evil twats that they are. Or point at another group of twats and shout “it’s their fault!”.

Hehe. As long as they can get the media to turn to something else…sorry I mean GIVE THE MEDIA the excuse to turn their gazes to something else, lol


I had this email sent to me form the People’s Assembly and I will remind you I do not know a great deal about them.


It just so happens that there is a great deal of protests going on in a dizzyingly long list of places and this takes place tomorrow apparently.


Good idea to put those good old smartphones to good use. But just keep the WIFI switched off!!


Now I also want to see just how much coverage this gets in the different formats that is the national news media?!


Here is the email…



Join a ‘Bonfire of Austerity’ action near you

Tomorrow’s ‘Bonfire of Austerity’ looks set to be one of the biggest days of action for many years. Actions are taking place up and down the country as people are forced into poverty, forced to choose whether to heat the home or put food on the table and forced into the hands of legal loan sharks.

This day will say loud and clear that we will not rest until the government abandons their austerity programme.

If you are on an action tomorrow make sure you take lots of pictures and send them into, tweet using #BurnAusterity and share widely on Facebook.

London – Block Westminster Bridge – Assemble at Jubilee Gardens at 6pm. Bring your energy bills: we will be burning our energy bills on the bridge to highlight the massive rise in energy prices which have left people choosing between heating and eating. Invite your friends and share on Facebook.

Call for volunteers: We need volunteers to help steward the London action tomorrow. We will be meeting at 4:45pm at Jubilee Gardens. If you can help please email or text 07746330422.


ACTION FOR RAIL Leafleting across the country on NOV 5 – check here for details

Join us at stations across the country, meeting passengers and letting them know about our campaign for a national, integrated railway under public ownership.

Barnet – Assemble at 6pm outside Hendon Town Hall, the Burroughs, NW4 4BG, see here for more details

Birmingham – Assemble at Waterstones, High Str. at 5pm, contact

Bolton – Campaigning against Zero Hours Contracts, Bedroom Tax, Pay Day Loans & NHS Cuts, organised by Bolton Trades Union Council

8AM – 9AM Leafleting, petitioning at the Bolton Railway Station

12:30PM – 1:30PM Leafleting, petitions, mock Bonfire outside Sports Direct (Bolton Town Hall Square)

Blackpool – 16:20 outside the Town Hall,  Anonymous Protest

Bridgwater –  “Democracy? They’re Having a Laugh” A mass binning of Tory policies at the Cornhill, Bridgwater (TA6 3BY) 17:00 – 18:00

Brighton – Assemble at the Clock Tower at 12pm, contact / Facebook

Bristol – 5th November, 5 PM, 5 Campaigns
Assemble at The Fountains opposite Hippodrome

Come along and burn some austerity policies. Bring a placard with a policy you want to burn! We’re going to being making some noise and a presence in the centre of town so as well as placards, some will be in fancy dress, bring drums, whistles, horns or anything else that will grab attention.
Contact / 07971630005 / Facebook

Cambridge – Contact
“Break the Chains of Austerity” – Time 5/6PM, details TBC.
We will form a chain gang led by David Cameron, dragging behind him various victims of austerity: a schoolboy/girl, a nurse, a train conductor, a fireman/woman… and march through Cambridge singing the old union song “Which Side Are You On?”
Rehearsal on Nov 4 at 7.30pm, we will meet at the University Centre (Grads Cafe, 3rd floor).
Contact cambridgepeoplesassembly@outlook.com

Darlington – Assemble outside at 4.30 pm outside the Town Hall for a protest organised by Darlington Against Cuts and supported by the Teesside Peoples Assembly Against Austerity. Contact / Facebook

Doncaster – Set up a food bank in a bank, Meet at 11am, Clock Tower, Doncaster  contact 07587697028

Durham – Protest, 12:30 PM at Market Place,

Dundee – March and Rally
Assemble at Hilltown Park 11.45 am
March to City Square for Rally 12 noon
Followed by Picket of Home Scotland
Contact: 07894901688 / /

Ipswich – Contact:
7.00 -8.30 Ipswich Station
Action for Rail – Leaflet to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Rail Privatisation and support public ownership of rail.

11.30 am – 1.00 pm Silent Street, Ipswich
Vigil outside ATOS and Job Centre.

1.00 pm – 3.00 pm near  Boots in Tavern St
Living Wage Activity.  Joint activity with NAPO members on strike.

6.30 pm  Bonfire of Austerity
Consign Austerity to the Bonfire on the Green by Felaw Maltings (assemble in Mather Way)

Kings Lynn – “Pin the blame on Cameron” 11AM – 15pm outside Boots/ Wimpey/ Burtons – If you’re mad at the Coalition, here’s your chance to let them know.
Come and meet Mr Clegg Cameron, your two-faced government.
Let him know how you feel… and why. Contact  jackiemulhallen@btinternet.comFacebook

Kingston upon Hull – Assembly 12:30pm, Queen Victoria Square – Dress up, bring placards, whistles, drums! Make some noise, get your voices heard! Let’s show the people of Hull that there IS an alternative to the government’s damaging policies of austerity. Facebook / Contact

Lambeth – Contact 07913496012 /

Leeds –  4pm in Dortmund square (outside the St John’s Shopping Centre). Action jointly organised by the West Yorks People’s Assembly and Unite Community Branch

Morning action –  7:30am, Leeds train station for a leafletting action with Action for Rail. Contact:

Leicester – 4PM – Assemble outside De Montfort University’s Hugh Aston Building
Planning 2 demonstrations – one around the NHS and one around the Bedroom Tax. Contact: / Facebook

Liverpool –  Contact Facebook
10AM – Assemble at St George’s Hall – there will be actions throughout the day.
Join the email list to keep updated (

London (Brent) – 9AM at Brent Magistrates Court  – “No Council Tax Benefit Cuts” Facebook
Protest called by Unite the Union – Community Members, West London Peoples Assembly, Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group, Brent Housing Action, Zacchaeus Trust (Z2K)
Brent Council has summonsed 12000 people for non-payment of cancel tax .   Many  of these cant pay as their council tax benefit has been cut in the new council tax support scheme.  Come and voice your objections to the cuts to the benefit and show support to those who have been summonsed. Debt advice charity Z2K will be at the court giving advice to those who have been summonsed.

London South – Contact / text 07806545279 / / Facebook

10AM – Deptford High Street / New Cross Road  – An action against poverty, led by the local Foodbank
1:30PM – Deptford Lounge public square – A performance against austerity politics
4:30PM – Catford Town Hall to Lewisham High Street – A procession against austerity, the bedroom tax and local cuts. Finishing with
6PM – The grassy Knoll, opposite Lewisham DLR – Bonfire of Cuts with music, speakers and effigies

London West – 12PM – protest against loan sharks – H&T Pawnbrokers and The Money Shop, 22 Uxbridge Rd, Shepherds Bush

Manchester – 5PM – Anti austerity torch lit tour of the city  Assemble at ATOS HQ Albert Bridge House Bridge street M60 GAT  More info

At 8 am we will be leafleting workers as they arrive in the city and local tram and bus depots.

Medway – contact / Facebook
7am – Chatham Station, leafletting action with RMT
12pm – outside the ATOS centre on Bachelor Street, Chatham
2pm – Picket at the Jobcentre

Middlesbrough  – flashmob-style sing-a-long protest against austerity in the town centre around lunchtime/early afternoon in a location where we suspect it will be noticed. Contact the Teesside People’s Assembly: / Facebook

Newcastle – Assemble from 5pm outside Haymarket metro station.
Actions begin at 5:30pm which will highlight local examples of tax-dodging, loan-sharking and zero-hour-contracting
Contact 07515676025/ Facebook 

Norwich – Planned vigil outside the Town Hall, Facebook

Nottingham – Assemble at 5pm, Brian Clough Statue, Market Square – Firesculpture, Fire Breathers, NHS petition. Contact Facebook

Oxford – Contact / 07954365186
9.30 am Lobby County Council
11 am Austerity on Trial: Bonn Square
12 noon Probation officers’ strike begins: St Aldate’s
5.30pm Bonfire of Austerity: Bonn Square
6.30pm Where next? Town Hall Contact 07954365186

Pembrokeshire – Saturday 2 Nov –  Dress up as politicians for a symbolic bonfire – actions will focus on post offices, NHS, fire stations. Contact / Facebook / Website

RCT/ Bridgend – “Unite Against Austerity” – Rolling demonstration – Actions focused on workfair and zero-hour contracts, the Bedroom Tax and local cuts proposed in RCT. Contact / 01443 227996

10:30AM – Bridgend Valleys2Coast housing association. Meet outside the entrance to the shopping centre, Caroline St in the centre of Bridgend.
13:00 – McDonalds on Llantrisant
14:30 – Pontypridd Job Centre
From 16:00 – Pontypridd town centre by the fountain to oppose the RCT cuts.

Salford – Assemble 2PM at Stott Lane by Meadowbrook and Salford Royal hospitals.
Protest against the closure of mental health wards in Salford and Bolton by Gtr Mcr West NHS Trust. The protest is organised by United Service Users Committee and Salford Against Cuts, and supported by Keep Our NHS Public.

Sheffield and South Yorkshire –  4pm at the Town Hall for a celebration and a demonstration – Actions also planned during the day, contact 07814420319 / Facebook

Shropshire – ‘Sit-in’ at the banks in Shrewsbury. Meet at The Square, Shrewsbury between 12-12.15pm. Contact / Facebook

Southampton – contact / Facebook
12.30 outside the local ATOS centre
1.00pm outside the Job Centre
5.30pm we will be holding a demo at the local BBC studio, Opposite the Civic Center

St. Albans – Contact

Stroud – Stroud Against the Cuts is joining  @pplsassembly Nov 5th ‘Bonfire of Austerity’ protests:
Assemble outside the Stroud Jobcentre at 12.30PM
and @ Neil Carmichael’s office 4.00 – 6.30PM

Tameside – Contact NIGEL 07709056079


Wilts and Dorset – Sunday 27 October – “Balls to the Cuts” – Gather at 12pm at Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset for a photo of people in a No Cuts formation. Contact / Facebook

Wrexham – Gather at Queens Square Wrexham at 10am for a day of rolling action / 12PM for a rally. Contact / Facebook 

York – City centre from 1pm – Model bonfire of austerity measures

Assemble at 4pm at St Helens Square for ” A festival of free speech against austerity” – an open mic event so bring speeches, poems, songs and anything else, dress up, bring props and join in a festival against austerity. Contact yorkpeoplesassembly@gmail.comwebsite