When I started this blog the one thing I realised early on is that Google do not respond to you until you have started to receive money from them, or after your first ever payment.

I found this aloof God-complex like attitude to be somewhat annoyingly rude. Combined millions of people, tens of millions of people and maybe hundreds of millions of people were all making Google money. But they remained aloof, quiet and .. quite unapproachable.

As I reported recently I noticed to my very dear cost that in a year where I was very busy and had my short term memory problems, do not forget, that my first payment threshold simply remained tantalisingly out of reach.

One night about a month ago I noticed that my adverts were missing. I then realised that they must have been missing for a whole year or more?! This would explain why the threshold was never reached!

So I used the feedback utility on Google’s Adsense screen to point out my missing ads and ask as to why as they did not even have the courtesy to tell me they had done it nor the reasons as to why.

As I stated .. they never get back to you ..

.. they got back to me!

As it turns out they had indeed been removing my adverts and this made me really angry as this failure to pay contributed to problems of late that cost me dearly.

It also turns out that they linked a post .. wait, let me check .. right a post from the 29th December 2016! So yeah .. over a year now!

They stated there might be others!

It also turns out that this was for one of two reasons ..

A particular scandal to do with pizzas and very short garden doors that I gave my views about at the time, which I had wondered might get me into trouble as it had others, or .. when I checked the labels, or tags, might have been a typo over something as simple as a COMMA in the wrong place?! I kid you not!

Anyway .. I decided not to delete the ten posts or so that contained this subject and instead corrected the comma and the *****gate word from the labels/tags.

I clicked on the button to state that the matter had been resolved and then went to place a test advert on this blog .. but it still was not coming up.

So I do not know currently if .. this is something that simply takes twenty four hours or I am banned for some unknown period of time?

I sent them another feedback message, complained about them being vague, said if it was to do with mention in the main body of the blog that they need to bloody well provide a search word function for this and said I hope it was not over the comma typo and that I only ever give me views over stories reported by others.

I also mentioned that I do indeed have a solicitor handling something else and that they had better get back to me as I would hate to have to converse with her over this .. all because they were too aloof and lazy to send me an email notification!

The fact that they responded seems to tell me a few things too ..

It would appear that in the year since they removed the ads and very possibly because of a post I did recently that has raced above 2,000 viewers in just a few weeks that the checked and suddenly deemed me noteworthy enough and popular enough to answer my queries despite having not received anything from them in the way of money?

Interesting .. annoying but at the same time .. interesting.




This one has taken a back seat for a long time now and so have a few others due to being busy, ill for three months, hospital tests, Christmas and more hospital tests.

Now one of my biggest issue that in my view makes blog writers conveniently naive victims of big business is the absolute, read deliberate, mess that they have in place for advertising. I previously attacked Google over this and before long they pulled their affiliate network.

They grave gave me the impression that I could and make money early on. Well…it is advertising and everyone knows there is big money in advertising and marketing. Too much in my opinion most of the time.

I thought this was a slam dunk?!

They wouuld not be able to get away with anything online, surely?

Oops, now the Fleksy keyboard is not working and did not correct a spelling mistake, with the word ‘wouuld’ I did not even make?! It has been lately like my tablets has a mind of its own and being deliberately annoying?! I change the keyboard and everything works for thirty minutes to an hour or two and then as if something has real used off it goes?!

I will have to run Avhast again see if anything pops up after I update it.

Well back to topic. What I did was that I got very fed up for a whole number of reasons mainly staring at numbers for first every one hundred I reached, then every thousand I reached and then every ten thousand I reached.

This had quite simply become ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous and was obviously set up to use naive people with popular web pages. No question.

So I then decided I was so fed up I would take my advertising all off for six months to a year! Those cheeky bastards!

At the same time I was first being asked question by friends and family who are not IT literate how it works and I could not answer, besides being trained to do that!!

Sorry all you moron advertising companies but your trained over and over again in your degree to be able to explain complicated IT things to those not IT literate? So how is it I have never been able to work it out in the time it took me to complete a degree course?!

So I then placed the adverts back on, via Linkshare this time (Rakuten or and then due to the events I mentioned I forgot to check my account repeatedly.

Now I am pretty sure that I have not given them my bank details, something I may be confused with a different affiliate network.

Friends and family also started to get both negative and sarcastic about my blogs ever making money too!!

Now this I found extremely strange because this negative and sarcastic attitude has very slowly in read over around 18 months ago which was extremely naive to do because…

I had no advertising in place for a year and with each month the numbers were gettinever more closer. Though I know the sarcasm was mainly down to two people in the two groups of people I know.

One person even said in the first 6 months that they wo ld do it for a year and then if they made no money would walk away from it?

I am not going to do it but if I explained the situation they were in it would sound like a ludicrous thing to say.

So the situation with this advertising is most deliberately muddied so that blog writers and web page owners in the early years can be conned!

One of my blogs is fast approaching 100,000 visitors on its own and with that sort of number why would I even need a middle man?!

Any hop I decided that, now that I have woken up out of a feverish sleep that went from 9pm to 12.30am, I would check my emails as I asked what sort of monthly figures minimum and maximum I would need to expect to reach the minimum threshold payment?

Now I asked this previously and was somewhet concerned I did not get an answer for the one, true and obvious reason, see below. It is not rocket science!!

Once again I got muddled answers from people that sounded like they did not have a clue!!

So I got angry and once again I got an email without proper answers, well from Link share and am still waiting for Amazon Associates to get back to the second angry email.

Anyway the deliberate reason I mentioned above is that..

If they do not answer it is because they do not want you to know so a con OR…

Everything is set up so that THEY DO OK but do not give a shot about you so…well a con!

If you had an advert on a bus stop in a quiet village it would not been seen by thousands of people each month and likely in the hundreds.

So how is it I get over ten thousand each month by a considerable amount and they still cannot give me any answers?! Despite that being their job?

Oh and as ever they are utter carp at laying out professional looking emails…. either that or my Hotmail App My mail keeps screwing them up.

The Email…

Dear Total Patel

Ahh thank you.

Now we are getting somewhere. Thank you for understanding.

Though you may be surprised to realise that I have not looked at my account with you for over 6 months now. So I have no idea what the numbers are.

Sorry I obviously had pay per click in my head when I emailed you.

Also I can now ask you something else and you would understand what I am asking and to be honest I realised this when I first was asked by Google to become an affiliate of theirs two years ago, so Google have only made me far more suspicious of all this.

The question…

So it is a pay per purchase arrangement, which in the current global financial climate will expose itself as unfair, but what happens if someone sees someone’s advert but then decides to buy the product a day or two later by going directly to the web page?

Do you then get paid then because I do not see, as BSc Single Honours Applied Computing, how you could do that? Well you likely could with some effort but I really do not see big businesses doing this and everyone I have come across on my blog, both public organisations and private companies, rips off its customers.

I really don’t care if everyone just accepts the situation, my blog works by my over active mind realising something underhanded is going on and then finding a way to expose it.

Without something in place to link an author’s blog to someone’s adverts for a later purchase this would not be fair in the current climate and in all honesty a con.

I am sure you would agree that advertising is big money and big business, too much money in all honesty, but that using a cheeky way to save hundreds of millions or even billions would be…well extremely serious?

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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Tuesday, 06 January 2015, 11:03pm +00:00 from “LinkShare Publisher Support”  :

Revenue Income Question

Discussion Thread
Response Via Email (Publisher Support Agent) 01/06/2015 06:03 ON

Dear Martin,

Thank you for writing back!

From your email, it seems that there is some confusion in understanding the commission structure of Rakuten Affiliate Network.

I agree you have a popular blog and have good number of visitors; however, please be informed that most of our advertisers pay commission on valid purchases. Also, I understand you are concerned about no sales showing up in your Rakuten Affiliate Network account although you have generated numerous clicks for them.

Please be assured that there are no issues with regards to tracking. You may want to make a test purchase from your blog to confirm that sales are being reported and shown on your dashboard.

It is just that the people are
clicking the ads of your approved advertisers on your blog, but are not encouraged enough to buy anything. It is advisable to add multiple advertisers and put variety of ads on your blog. This should increase the chances of clicks getting converted into sales and thus your chances of earning commission.

To issue a payment to you, the amount of your earned commissions which have already been paid by your advertisers must exceed the payment threshold that you have set in your account. Kindly note that the default payment threshold value is 50. Once, the amounts of your earned commissions which have been paid by your advertisers exceed the payment threshold value, we issue the payment to you.

Hope the above information is helpful.


Toral Patel
Rakuten Affiliate Network Support

Customer By Email (Martin Haswell) 01/05/2015 08:44 ON

Dear Sirs

Err,  where did you get the idea that I was asking you to increase revenue/traffic on my blog?

I did NOT ask this and I am offended that you would think of me as being that stupid! Very offended, I DO have letters after my name! Or did you missed that hit arms bot bother reading to the end?

I also cannot find it highly suspicious that time after time these affiliates and  associates avoid this question!

It REALLY is not rocket science.

A minimum and maximum number of monthly visitors that would generate the first threshold payment?

It is not impossible… I was told previously by Groupon that they thought about 2,000 but I get around 12,000 to 15,000 the last time I bothered to look.

If this figure is different you the one you had be seen well it is because I have TWELVE BLOGS and not just one.

A simple…

‘a’ to ‘b’ garners ‘x’to ‘y’


Time + ‘D’ <= Ridicule + ‘W’ from Friends and Family.

A simple fact that large naive companies that act very evil and amoral fail to realize from the victims they cheat free advertising and brand awareness out of.

A bust stop in a quiet village will have an advert on it and it likely is not seen by many more than a few hundred people each month. That advert does not come for free!

So I have been trying to work out for 2.5 years why affiliates and associates can get advertising and brand awareness for free desire having way over 10,000 a month and rising?

It is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. I have a computing degree. Don’t test me or talk to me like I am an idiot because it simply won’t end well.
Now once again… the formula above…

A Minimum to Maximum monthly visitors to get the lowest threshold of payment?

I warn you here and now since I started asking this off Google they then ceased their affiliate programs. I also have thousands of people who are very interested to know why they can not be given the answer to that very simple question. A LOT of people and along with the long list of organisations I expose as corrupt on my blog which are in the many dozens of the biggest names, all UK public services and even the Police and higher up! People really should pay attention to the subject matter of the blog and even have the courtesy to read the damn email.

Once again, God only knows how you got from my email that I wanted help Ben being more traffic that first off all its bloody obvious you cannot provide and I do not bloody need anyway.

So can n you try again to boot be rude while being bloody lazy?

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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Friday, 02 January 2015, 03:20pm +00:00 from “LinkShare Publisher Support”  :
Response Via Email (Publisher Support Agent) 01/02/2015 10:20 AM
Dear Martin,

Thank you for your email!

I understand that you’re concerned about generating revenue. Upon checking, I see that you have applied to only two advertisers – Kobo UK and Klipsch US. Also, I checked the Signature Orders report by going to Advanced under the Reports Tab and found that there are no orders reported for these advertisers.

Additionally, we do not provide the type of Marketing and Advertising support related to increasing your website traffic, sales, and commissions. With that being said, I can offer you a few pieces of general advice:

1.   Work to increase traffic–the more people that visit your website, the more likely purchases will be made.
2.   Update your website and link
offerings frequently so users are encouraged to visit often.
3.   Make it look good! Design and content, particularly how easy is your website to navigate and how easy on the eyes, are important.

Hope the above information is helpful. Thank you for contacting Rakuten Affiliate Network!


Toral Patel
Rakuten Affiliate Network Support

Auto-Response 12/31/2014 06:14 ON

Dear Publisher,

Thank you for contacting the Rakuten Linkshare Support team. Your Case ID is 0000000000000. Our support specialist will respond to you within 24 hours of your request.

In the meantime please visit our Publisher HelpCenter to learn more about the Publisher Dashboard and the tools we offer our publishers.

Did you know that our Campus Team  offers Publisher Office Hours and Publisher Webinars monthly to provide training, education and live answers to your questions? Find the schedule for our Campus webinars


Thank you,

Your Rakuten LinkShare Publisher Support Team

Customer By Email (Martin Haswell) 12/31/2014 06:14 PM
Dear Sirs

I have had the above blog for 2.5 years now and several others almost as long.

I have a dozen altogther and I did have advertising for awhile…

However I became seriously displeased with a number of companies as I was giving away free advertising and brand awareness to a level that you simply could not get anywhere else.

Even a bust stop advert was not getting the daily viewers I was getting a year ago.

So I removed everything for a year.

Then 6 months ago I put some LinkShare stuff on but have ben too busy or ill to check.

I tried many times and asked many people what is a very simple couple of questions…

As my most popular blog is based on lies and corruption in both public services and private companies what amount of visitors per month would be an amount to expect a payment, even just a minimal one?

I was previously told 2,000 but I never got confirmation of that from Groupon.

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc