While knowing what this piece was going to be about it would seem that after my predictions about submarine volcanoes both occurring and proving to be a big factor in climate, my predictions were not quite done.

A playing down of the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai volcano eruption has been nothing short of a joke that only complete and desperate idiots would even think of attempting.

Clearly shown in the last part the eruption first given out as 17.6km it has gradually been estimated up to 56km and being one of the highest reaching ash clouds in modern history.

Such a shock as this been with even the tsunamis being higher than they stated, they now want to create a new class? One proposed is Ultra-Surtseyan. So they do not know everything then about climate and the factors involved?

While that was still going around the world and just as videos started to get out of the Tonga Islands after a period where communications were down, something else popped up, then something else popped up .. and then something else popped up.

Now I would go as far as saying that the people that are known commonly as alarmists not only were having meltdowns about two of these things but as they are political they are having meltdowns about many things.

Now along with me warning about submarine volcanoes and the planet cooling I have also been trying to explain that CO2 from man going into the oceans and acidifying seawater I have also warned about things that will emerge from the Southern Ocean.

I have repeated time and time again that we know nothing of the sea-floor, seen likely less than 15% of it and have no idea about it and no sensors down there. It is hard to impossible, you see, and at best would be very expensive.

To claim seawater is acidifying is also wrong. You could say its naturalizing, sure. If indeed, it was actually doing this. But seawater has buffers in it that prevents it from doing that. It can change to a point but that is it. The Lakes of Tanganyika, Malawi and Victoria of the Rift Valley in Africa also have buffers and salts in them and are very alkaline. With a pH of around 8.5 to 9.0.

These values change depending on the ratio of freshwater being in the mix.

So lets get a few numbers out of the way and explain that the CO2 in the atmosphere is a tiny fraction of 0.04%. That scientists state that we are responsible for 3% of this fraction.

Also should remind that plants need CO2 and while alarmists want to reduce CO2 they also want to plant more trees, stop eating meat and go vegetarian or even eat insects.

Also it has turned out that the coral reefs have been greatly over-exaggerated and lied about in many instances, just like Polar Bears and Walruses.

So the narrative has been about our 3% of the 0.04% going into the oceans and doing a lot of damage, right?

So how about a scientific study where they now state that storms, they say are caused by CO2, stir up CO2 rich water in the Southern Ocean, connected to the Pacific and Antarctic, and that CO2 is coming from the sea?

Greta Thunberg posted about this without thinking and I replied with

Well if the storms are caused by CO2, which stirs up seas that out-gasses more CO2 which causes more storms and more out-gassing of CO2, where does man factor into this?”

Sorry bit you cannot have it all ways.

Here is the study revealing this ..

This has not gone down well as after starting to claim that I never made a single prediction that came true I had the Tonga eruption bringing in three more.

This was the reply from one .. “Well if you wait long enough, it is bound to happen”

Or in other words I guessed a one in several hundred year event within two years. I just got lucky, apparently, and these people think they are scientific and argue daily?

Bearing in mind I was a few hundred miles out on location but got the type and size of the eruption correct as well.

Then just as they just started to ignore the whole subject of it as the numbe3rs got bigger as I stated they would, with them attacking me for saying this, this out-gassing report come out.

Now I have a small group jumping onto every post I make who go on the attack, try to switch it to identity politics then antagonise me in the hope of reporting me, which got one of then restricted for bigotry.

Yeah they are scared and my followers are ow seeing that my prediction for the collapse of these people abusing science to scare people so they can control them is taking place.

Now you think it could not get worse until Greece and the Aegean Sea had the worst snowstorm and cold in many years ..

Then around Greece and the Aegean the sea started to freeze when it only does this in polar regions and in the middle of what they keep saying are the hottest years on record?

After many realising that the news media have been lying on a large scale it starts to emerge that Green Groups are pressurising the news media to blame everything that occurs on man. Or lie.

As all these were emerging Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson talked about how wrong climate models’ are and their predictions are terrible, which is true and because of my accurate predictions numbering well over 100 in a few years, they hate me and attack me.

Egypt has experienced its coldest winter in a decade ..

Jerusalem and Israel have had very rare snow ..

How about a Black Tern from the northern hemisphere turning up in New Zealand in the southern hemisphere? Do not worry I will get to this in awhile ..

How about Montenegro likely having its coldest temperature on record and beating that record by around 2 whole degrees?

Coldest Marathon ever held, taking place in Siberia and a balmy -53C?

For two years plus dead Whales rolling up ion beaches?

For two years dead birds falling out of the sky all over the world?

That is when not turning up in places where they are not supposed to be like Ross’s Gull turning up in Minnesota and the South of France and Snowy Owls keep turning up far south?

Well there are to other things that are going on .. scientifically and one of them I have been yelling from the rooftops about, geological activity.

The other one I have left alone for a few years but if you go right back t this modern series on all this you will see that the science I am about to explain is the one that started it all.

I have known and used animals years ago to show that the Industrial Revolution did not start any warming, this is quite irrefutable.

I am considered one of the top experts in several areas of Zoology and I realised this after suspecting it when I visited mountains in south Italy’s Calabria region.

The other thing that I stumbled across I could not quite believe what I was seeing and hearing when I did.

It made me suspect increase seismic activity, some I have already personally experienced and started asking questions, when upon looking I realised it had.

Made me look at volcanic activity expecting and finding the same.

Very early on I stumbled across the unprecedented solar activity I had somehow missed, or later realised the news media was avoiding like everything else.

Upon explaining all this to others and the possibilities I would as them to ask themselves what I did ..

Why has none of this been reported on, things actually happening we can see but all we hear about is global warming they have never proven and we fail to see?”

People immediately realised this was not only totally bizarre but that something was not right.

Now then I have talked about volcanoes and how much of the Earth is covered in water along with the dead whales and the Tonga eruption.

I had initially thought two possibilities .. that the volcanic activity could happen in two waves or be continues. I had initially decided on the former and I may have gotten that wrong.

This far Fagradalsfjall, La Soufriere, Etna and Tonga have all gotten people’s attention and as stated the eruption have been around or above 300% for around 14 months or more and still are.

Now what I did not catch sight of, well there is a lot to look at, is that in Peru near Argentina it was only recently discovered that a very big magma chamber not only has been hidden in plain sight but has been rising.

This is the Altaplano Puna in the Central Andes and is odd that I stumbled across this as most of South America has had gaps in my knowledge that has been bugging me.

This magma chamber is very large and despite me knowing about Ilapango but not considered to be an issue, like Yellowstone, this one now is.

I have also been concerned about Alaska too and there has been a lull in activity after a brief spike but now the Three Sisters volcanoes have shown rises.

Was more concerned with Davidof but I was a few hundred miles out with Etna, Naples, as well as Tonga, Vanuatu.

I sometimes watch those that do videos on certain subjects I like to keep an eye on and this one picked up on some posts that looked a little odd from the USGS.

I have been looking at several things for different events and I tend to sometimes step outside the box, whereas a group of people think there is a single cause to a single event.

In getting some predictions right this group that thinks linearly to things get kind of angry which is kind of bizarre and what they will then do is ignore my 100% success rate and demand I make predictions and get specific.

It is rather stupid, desperate and anti-scientific.

One odd accusation that was made and my someone that claimed to be a Geologist but was a fraud was that I had stated I could predict earthquakes.

No such claim was made and this person was told this and yet persisted in lying and claiming that I did on Twitter and I asked for days for them to go and get the tweets.

Of course they never came because they were never made but they insisted on telling my followers that I had. No one took any notice. They ended up getting their account restricted twice in 48 hours after trying to switch the subject to identity politics, racism, sexism and a bunch of others and the second restriction came about by something that was antisemitic.

Some people are bizarre.

I have previously managed to antagonise one enough to repeatedly tag in Sabine Hossenfelder

Here is why I like her, thought I think she has been just a little naïve on one thing, but nobodies perfect and yet she comes pretty close.

Here she is on her third connected Earth Science subject of earthquakes. She has a funny line about not believing things just because they are written in Latin.

In this video she looks at several things I have been looking at as far as causes of earthquakes occur which was refreshing to see.

Magnetic Field anomalies have been noticed along with the ionosphere and the Van Allen Belts which I have tried to tell these political hacks abusing science, nature has a far greater imagine than man has.

She also look at animal behaviour which has some odd correlations but is inconclusive. Could be picking up the primary (P) or secondary (S) wave or magnetic field, gas emitting like radon, CO2 or SO2

Sadly she shows what can happen when scientists get it wrong when, in Italy, scientists assured the public there would be no earthquakes and was followed by one that killed many people. They were convicted for manslaughter and despite this being overturned the public chanted ‘shame’ at the scientists.

This issue comes about, in my opinion, when scientists fall prey to that Freeman Dyson warned about in that PhDs often have huge egos and act like a priesthood.

They start thinking they cannot get anything wrong, make guesses and insist they are right and I have been warning about this for many years and rather heavily on social media the last few years.

It is hard to predict things and despite the fact that I do it I do not ever state it is a certainty, I merely look at everything from every possible angle, rule out what I can and then state what I think will happen.

The problem then comes from me getting many right and although I never, in all honesty, expected my success rate to be close to 100%, that is what it has turned out to be.

Sure I have made some errors on the global temperatures but even with that, as I had with Covid in the very beginning, false information (bullshit) and unexpected and longer period of other events affecting this is not really my fault.

As an example I predicted heightened volcanic activity and eruptions for late 2020 and the first half of 2021. What I did not quite expect, though I know it as possible, was for this to continue right into this year of 2022.

So whereas the AGW fanatics think there is a single cause for everything I have tried to tell them for a long times there are dozens if not hundreds and we have two heat sources and not just one single cause which is insane.

So when you have month after month of eruptions being at 300% or even more above normal and eruptions in most case increasing in size .. sometimes it is impossible.

Also Sabine Hossenfelder covers earthquake lights which I have seen in videos but is odd and hard to pin down a cause, as explained here.

Now for a bit of fun with warp drives from Sabine Hossenfelder which I watched due to some things being claimed in scientific papers in journals and in the science sections of mainstream news. The claims regarding the Casimir Effect have certainly been intriguing along with the previous Alcubiere Drive but dreams and reality do not make good bed fellows much of the time.

There already was a thing called the Replication Crisis that states that if all science papers were to be retested more than half would be wrong.

Consider that its obvious that nature is far more imaginative than we could ever be and that climate, quantum mechanics and warp drives are ridiculously complex. It should make anyone realise that making wild claims and pointing fingers is not the wisest think to do.

Not only is this a bit of fun, who would not like them, but its a good example of why you cannot rely on science news, peer-reviewed science papers or the science journals themselves, As you will hear her say despite being published several times in one.

Here is Hossenfelder talking about some wars between scientists in science and it should not be that hard to se that these competitive situations get to the truth.

We are in an era now were people that are not scientists, elite and /or politicians using social media giants, are not trying to stifle questioning science in any way.

Every famous scientist you have ever heard of including these names would be absolutely against this in every way.

It would appear that the one I manipulated to tag in Hossenfelder truly has vanished and not seen in weeks and I suspect that, failing he has not been suspended for the 4th time, its plausible that he got blocked by Sabine Hossenfelder once she has seen enough of hit tweets?

Oddly another that wanted to throw every dirty label at me has also disappeared. They did not post for three days and likely in trying to falsely label someone else and then bringing ‘gay Nazi Jews’, do not ask me why other than trickery, into the science debate has been restricted twice.

Rather bizarrely they had claimed to be gay, I suspected was fraudulently using that to make suspending others easier, then defended someone else, also claiming to ‘follow the science’ who had himself been suspended to imply derogatory things about being ‘gay’.

These global warming fanatics really are the most peculiar and suspicious people and on so many levels.

Continuing with the news media ..

Here is someone that like to show old news media reports about what they used to say about climate change and how they have changed their tunes today.

Otherwise known as moving the goal-posts or ‘lying’ to the rest of us. Now we are in an era there a vastly growing majority are realising they have lied the past couple of years.

The old predictions of ‘snow is a thing of the past’ has shifter to ‘warming means more snow, moron’ which I had had for two years now.

How about two Doctors and co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration speaking to socialist comedian Jimmy Dore on the lies and cancel culture over Covid19 and vaccines?

One even says if you have not been suspended then you are obviously not telling the truth.

He also states that he has had many scientists tell him that they knew they were lying but were scared to speak out. Something that has been said to me in confidence on social media via private discussions has gone on regarding climate change.

Now here is a good one with Dr Chris Martenson, who I had recommended to people along with Dr John Campbell from the early days. Previously appearing on Tim Pool’s IRL podcast, which so many people I listen to seem to do. On there he was asked by Tim about his views on climate change to which he was surprised by his response.

‘Its hundreds of interconnected complex systems and we have no way of predicting it’ where politicians, hard-left, the fake news and activist scientists want you to believe its all controlled by CO2, in particular the 3% of the 0.04% of the atmosphere we are responsible for.

Here Martenson is talking another one I highly regard but found late on, Dr Brett Weinstein who had previously spoken to Dr |Robert Malone.

Here they finally say that which I have in that if you do not hold those responsible to account that this will only happen again. Of course next time it could be way worse.

People believe the news media? Yeah I think not and here are a bunch of people talking about the shock results from a poll. It will only get worse, I assure you of that.

Piece about how the hard-left claiming to be about the working classes and women but then try cancel culture on Evangeline Lilly for agreeing with the Freedom Convoy movement in Canada after they tried to cancel black actress Letitia Wright and Gina Carano.

They are authoritarians and absolute liars when they tell you that they are for gays, women, particular religions, people of colour and others.

Sad, obsessed manipulative control freaks with zero compassion for anyone but themselves and you have to realise these are the same people pushing global warming.

The North-East of the US has had snow listed from the 8th highest on record all the way up to the highest on record.

Canada followed China from some stunning images of large frozen waterfalls and now has been followed by Romania.

Lastly I went back to the ‘nullschool’ model to check on a few things.

In previous part I had talked about large cyclones transferring dust and CO2 up into the stratosphere from the troposphere and not just large volcanic eruptions like that of Tonga doing it.

Though there had been a curious drop in reports of large cyclones I had spotted a report of one called Batsarai and wanted to see where it was located as well as how strong it was.

Not quite a full on category 5 or even a 4 I raised an eyebrow when I realised it appeared to be following a path that part of the eruption from Tonga took?


You see how much work I put in? Not paid, well not yet anyway. Memory issues, pain, risk of fatality and yet I have done a way better job.

However .. people do not want to listen to scary stories unless it comes from the government or their Doctor and resist hearing them anywhere else.

The trouble is people have been manipulated and unless you face up to it, take a stand, pick a side and vocally oppose it .. they will only get worse and it will only get worse.

You need as many people aware of the possibilities to stop them from succeeding.

You do not have to believe, you just need to be aware. Everyone needs to be aware so that when the time comes people can see it for what it is and stop it.

Make no mistake they knew that if they fooled you long enough then you would very very reluctant to admit even to yourself that you was wrong.

They knew full well what they were doing.

Here is Tony Heller on how they lied to you and how the news media lied to you and Scientific American, who noticed me a few months ago, are full if it.

Joe Biden has done nothing to stop the rise of CO2 and it has risen at the exact same rate it has during all previous presidents.

Now then I am about to go full circle right back to the beginning .. well the beginning from where I got into this subject of climate far more heavily, which was January 2019. Technically it goes back to 1990.

What I saw someone talking about in a video really did take me by surprise and that was the movement of the Geomagnetic north pole. Well it always moves but it seems that it decided to head in the same direction, out of Canada and towards Russia.

Now to things to note here .. though in geological time-scaled this is quick, it really is not in our time-scales. I mean its been doing this for around 100 years or more and did speed up.

The second has to do with what will happen. I mean initially people were talking about a magnetic reversal and of course its a possibility and has done it many times in Earth’s history.

Now they, as well as I, have talked about how magnetic behave among reaching a certain point, the weak field lines. Testing this shows that the field starts bouncing around.

That being said there is one issue with this that I myself and I am sure everyone else, is not sure about.

The trouble with testing with magnets is that they are solid and the Earth’s Core is a liquid.

The ‘north pole’ is now technically in Russian waters and now this bouncing around predicted for a few years time. I myself thought it might be between 2024 and 2027. The problem is the speed and not knowing the processes involved.

Due to its latest location and speed it has been estimated by one to now reach this point around April 2023, which was something of a surprise.

I stated from the outset that we can never be certain about this and I decided to leave it a couple of years and then look back into it. Oddly the video was suggested a few days after I was wondering of its present location.

In all that time and as I had stated the speed and even the direction could change and of course it still can. Also the field lines may have altered or start to alter, as like I said, it is a liquid magnet of molten iron, albeit it a rather large one.

Also the GPS systems were re-programmed because of this movement earlier than they expected and I am not sure of the frequency of these changes.

So the way I see it currently is that in the latter half of 2022 this will be likely start getting talked about and if one guy, Gene Beards, is right will be very obvious early in 2023.

If it slows down it could be later while if it increases speed again it could be earlier.

The geomagnetic south pole has also been moving and in this link you can find images of this ..

Added to this, and thought a win by alarmist groups, the January 2022 global temperatures took a drop and I for one was not quite sure what would happen due to the volcanic activity.

It has now dropped to +0.03C

This was a surprise and there have been forecasts for cold and snow across the US, 2 waves, Europe along with India and East Asia for early February 2022.

India forecasting more cold ..

This has extended the global warming pause even further and here they talk about how the double-dip La Nina (cool water in Pacific) is showing up in the data ..

Ever since the forecast a double-dip La Nina, something that is rare, I have been asking myself what the chances are of a triple-dip La Nina? Do not think it has ever occurred and wonder what the reaction would be if they forecast one?

If there is the chance of a third one will will likely hear about it in around 6 to 8 months time.

As I was about to finish this piece and get around to publishing it another article popped up and in this one they are reporting on the forecast that with the latest La Nina, which normally go in the Spring, it is going to last until the summer? If this is the case then temperatures and weather will continue to be affected in the tropical regions of the planet. Double-dip La Ninas have occurred but not exactly common. Three, I think, is unheard of so this occurring my well be unheard of.

You may have been told that the reason for the all the snow, while being called ‘a moron’ as I have been, is because of the warmer oceans? Despite the fact that the solar activity has been down for over a decade and oceans work very differently ot the atmosphere.

Well if you look at this article below take a long look at the map and ask yourself if the oceans are indeed warm or not? Bearing in mind the two biggest oceans are the Pacific and Southern Ocean, both of which are cold.

So .. consider the possibilities now for 2022 ..

Food for thought?

Here is a science paper that suggests that the solar maximum to cycle 25, due they say in 2026 plus or minus a year, will be around 97, which is low and too low to reverse any cooling. Their estimations are a little higher than my own but in recent decades up until 2010 the numbers were anywhere between 160 and well over 200.

All this is not even considering a possible extended cold winter during a period as more and more people realise they were fed misinformation by news outlets and politicians regarding Covid and vaccines.

Consider as it becomes more common knowledge they were mislead in a global scale and then consider the above events or any combination of them materialising during 2022?

In my view many nations have long since lost support for man-made global warming and it was not even in the majority in Greenland a few years back.

This dropped as I predicted and I have shown this and kits going to be a catastrophic year for those alarmists that thought they had all this in the bag to get what they wanted.

Now then .. as far as volcanoes are concerned let me explain what you should point out to the alarmists should they tell you the sun is ruled out because of Total Solar Irradiance.

First ask them why they only mentioned a single factor to prove their CO2 claims are right when the climate is influenced by a long list of factors.

Then ask them that if sulphur dioxide is a coolant and water is a stronger facts how this TSI they rule out gets affected when ..

  • The atmosphere has been contracting in long solar minimums
  • Volcanoes have been up at 300% above normal
  • The atmosphere is becoming more dense and SO2 and water is being pumped into it
  • As well as all the clouds in the troposphere, what we normally see, two more layers of clouds are becoming more common with Noctilucent Clouds and Polar Stratospheric Clouds

I originally stated that things would be obvious to the world by 2024 and that the UK would have broken its record by then for the coldest winter.

It looks increasingly like it will be obvious to the world before the end of 2022.

Even stating a build up in papers and claims and even while writing this a science paper crops up covered by Kenneth Richard of No Tricks Zone regarding five physicists in Nigeria.

Now they claim that a global cooling event has started that will last 80 years with the coolest period being 2038, which lines up with a low or missing solar cycle 2038.

With the lowest point being what I stated around 2046 and the global temps going down to -0.54C and that year is within a year, 2045, of what I thought would likely the the lowest point.

Though it must be stressed that the further into the future we look the harder it gets to predict though if some theories turn out to be the case it may turn out to be get easier. Well to a degree and we wont really get an idea until around 2036. Maybe a little idea we are on the right track come 2026.

A world away from Greta Thunberg and the alarmists crying about +1.5C which they cannot prove will happen nor will be a catastrophe and it has been higher before.

I posted this at these alarmist who claim to follow the science and they point blank refused to look at it based on the messenger, which is completely and totally biased as well as unscientific.

You cannot do this. Period.

It was staggering this arrived and was spotted an hour after I spent an hour on the phone explaining to someone everything that has already come out the last few months and the things due to come to light during 2022.

Will put a list at the end.

Another drop in global temps going lower below the baseline that the previous year, extended winter in northern hemisphere, another low month or two of solar activity, another snowy and cold winter for South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand or a large eruption and its curtains globally for global warming.

Because what they call AGW will be looked at again by everyone in the world and in the wake of politicians, the news media and the socialists and Marxists lying about Covid and vaccines.

As all his is unfolding a report comes out that Black Lives Matter is a scam, there is nothing at the address, finding is being shut down and everyone is asking where the money has gone?

If you think it could not get any worse, a retired nurse of 40 years who picked up millions of followers and appeared on news media, Dr John Campbell, recently did an eye opening video.

He had skirted around a few issues for months, spotted some selective reporting, inflated numbers and started to ask questions of the news media.

He was used by Jimmy Dore and as previously covered both got lied about on fact-checks.

Then Facebook’s fact-checkers went after the British Medical Journal and more or less implied or straight out called it misinformation. During a time when the Covid19 pandemic had ended in many countries? That was not wise.

So he does a video about this and to my utter amazement talks about George Orwell, his ‘1984’ book, double-speak and states he predicted it would happen by 2050. Even mentions ‘Ingsoc’ in the video, something I covered a year or three back.

He then runs through the history of one of the, if not the, oldest medical journals on Earth and how these fact-checkers are not even educated and only journalists.

He even reads out the term used by another Doctor they went after of ‘the Facebook thought-Police’ and asks where he could possibly have gotten that idea from? Sarcastically of course.

Here are Jake and Mari of GSM News going over an article regarding volcanoes which was a great find.

There have been things they have been discovering about volcanoes and even in recent years there has been a fair few. This article they work though talks about the effects on climate as well as people over a long period.

Pandemics, famine and others and mention low solar activity and the link.

This starts at the time he talks about the article on volcanoes.

I have spoken to both Jake and Mari and along with David Birch, who I first heard about from Jake and Mari who also know Valentina Zharkova, are my favourite people out there. Birch is British like me but Jake and Mari are in the NE of the US.

Here is another case of the world catching up with me but several years late.

In Canada there has been this Freedom Convoy that reached 50,000 trucks and kept growing meaning you have way more than 50,000 people involved. They have had support form the public and his is reflected by a GoFundMe raised $10 Million. Which they kept freezing.

Justin Trudeau basically called them names and ran away.

The lying news media called them names, tried to call them racists and because of unsavoury individuals likely plants as we have seen this in the US and even in Belgium, or possibly France.

So in the working class what must be the entirety of truckers, or very large portion of them, protested and this was followed by support in country after country. So its the majority.

But politicians in power and with me still wondering how they got there, are attacking the working classes or the masses and calling them racists? Think about this for a moment.

Well GoFundMe with support or instructions from the Police we were supposed to view as villains, the funding has been halted.

In this video Decoy Voice explains some details regarding this that seems highly suspicious and after finding out that the BLM address appears fake and people asking where the money went, it seems GoFundMe or someone else is trying to steal the Freedom Convoy funds?

Some years ago I set up one of these for a rape gang victim. Her and her family and friends were confused when after a couple of months not a penny was raised.

While in that time they was watching people getting offended by hurty-words get thousands in donations from people.

I explained that I had spent years looking at corruption and it and very extreme politics had infected everything and if they like to talk a lot about how caring there are for communities they would normally be evil people.

When that particular victim who got screwed over by the legal system, lawyers, judges, news media , local councils, Police and others all of which we have receipts for, she is going to be blown away.

Here is the very good Viva Frei on YouTube who runs through the lies in Canada from the politicians and the news media regarding the Freedom Convoy which is look more and more like the proverbial ‘touch-paper’.

I wonder how long it will be before the Viva Fries, Tim Pools, Michael Malices and Luke Rudkowskis start to question if all this obvious lying is obviously intentional for other reasons?

He even explains the reasons they have given for wanting to steal even more money from the working class in Canada over the Freedom Convoy.

I also wonder when the masses start to realise that if they have lied about the things we know for a fact they have lied about then what about everything else?

Like the ‘climate emergency’?

Do you not think it odd that every major things either involves very large sums of money or control over the masses or both?

Here is an interesting video and I am not familiar with the channel so cannot comment on it. But what is important is this has interesting videos from Conservative, or so-called, politicians in Canada regarding the Freedom Convoy. Lying.

What is interesting is that I have never agreed with socialism nor Marxism while I have also disliked the Conservatives in the UK. Because everything is about money in the latter and taking awayt people’s rights in the former.

For this reason and I likely am very unique in never voting for anyone in the UK elections and when I did it was for Nigel Farage while even an ex Socialist Worker Party member I know also voted for him. The SWP wanted out f the EU and had done for years and were surprised when the hard-left started saying they wanted to say in the block.

Have told many I know that I do not trust any of them for many years and they have gradually realised.

In recent years I learned that the Conservative Party in the UK are not really conservatives and are radically different to conservatives I speak to.

I then went on to discover something very similar in the US and started to hear the term ‘Uniparty’ being used a lot.

Now with that video I have seen my first evidence of this for Canada too.

Maybe this ‘uniparty’ spreads a lot further than anyone realises and with them all parroting the ‘build back better’ line there certainly is plenty to point towards this.

But you cannot say that as the official line form the same lying sources is that is all just conspiracy theory.

What happens after all this and people realise and start thinking that there is some global ‘uniparty’ is absolutely anyone’s guess but it is not going to be good, of that I am sure.

I mean how does anyone think we can go back to normal knowing that our leaders despise us and see us as some slave like work-force? I always thought Iain Duncan-Smith was OK but a government employee told me years ago who knew someone that worked close to IDA and that he saw workers as ‘slaves’. Since then I have just seen more and more evidence of this even from their own mouths and far more widespread than I could have even guessed.

Lying dictating leaders that hate their own people continuing on in power like it is their birthright will not end well in many places.

Irs also very weird that these ‘establishments’ seem to act like they cannot be touched, do all kinds of unspeakable things while the people have been ‘conditioned’ into thinking that they can only do so much?

Its almost as if things have been set up and the masses conditioned so that they can get away with their evil acts to grab power for as long as possible until it is too late?

It is never too late.

What will become widespread knowledge in 2022 ..

  • CNN collapse
  • BLM collapse, realisation across the world and the reaction
  • News apologising over Covid, vaccine lies
  • Drop in Global Temperatures especially below the baseline
  • CO2 coming out of oceans
  • Record Cold & Snow
  • What Solar Cycle 25 will look like and any further monthly drops
  • What winter in southern hemisphere will be like regarding cold and snow
  • Geomagnetic North Pole getting close to crucial point and how the field lines will, or will not, react
  • Claimed conspiracy theories becoming facts
  • 2014 Chinese team scientists say no AGW
  • July 2019 another team Chinese Scientists say no AGW and it will start to cool and signs already being seen
  • February 2022 5 Nigerian Physicists claim it will cool for 80 years with coldest being 2038, plus or minus

That list is not even taking into account anything unforeseen revelations occurring during the coming six months or so. It does not include things like growing tensions, situations with Russia and Ukraine nor Jeffrey Epstein related legal cases.

Nor does it include a split that will occur in the medical and scientific fields in general and many big names with egg on their faces.

Scientists are supposed to be impartial and not biased of political and yet someone sent this to me which is a collection of Michael Mann posts.

Alarmists are the people that claim Mann won or drew a court case he lost, tell people to ignore all the primary drivers oif climate acting up and focus on CO2 and two years ago were insisting we could detect all earthquakes on Earth, they now claim they never stated just as they state I never made any accurate predictions.

Here is an 8.2 magnitude quake from 2021 they missed they say actually caused a tsunami.

The role of alarmists, including the woke and activist scientists like Miachael Mann, as if the lying and manpilation was not harmful enough, is themn sticking their bog hooters into politics and you now have situations with ..

Walls being built around Paris, France over the spread there of the Freedom Convoy ..

Justin Trudeau in Canada threatening the people, truckers and farmers with military action ..

Meanwhile later in the year the super-volcano I was concerned about I thought any issue were now over, may well become a problem and mainstream focus due to the rate of uplift. Evacuations may be ordered in a few months time?

Meanwhile those that had previous used Dr John Campbell are not attacking him because he has gonbe over reports from Israel about a 133x increased risk of Myocarditis and questioned why the mainstream media have not reported on this ..

Meanwhile reports of dead birds falling from the sky start up again and seem to be in clusters and along with Starlings in Wales also in Mexico ..

While at the same time reports of dead Whales washing up on beaches also starts up like this Humpback Whale in a beach in France ..

But its not like there is any evidence in history of how bad this could get that these evil elite could look at and learn from, eh?

Some screenshots of how some people, woke, like to abuse, bully, lie, pretend to be things they are not use science, promote big pharma and be all the things they accuse others of being.

They also switch subjects when they are losing, trying to incite and anger you to suspend their opponents and as you can see below, bring up the most bizarre subjects .. oh and are hypocrites and believe the rules do not apply to them and companies had better do as they are ordered ..

Claimed you cannot be gay and a Nazi and showed one from Nazi Party, excuse was he was Jewish? But calls others Antisemites?
Giving out medical advice they report others for
Pretends he cares about people he willingly attacks if they step out of line
Tells everyone what a humanitarian he is, here admitting he is choosy about who he cares about. not seen a slither of evidence e cares about anyone
More examples of science .. now watch carefully ..
Claimed he had only accused one of having mental health issues ..
.. and yet here is is now accusing two others. Lied and personal attacks when lies about science do not land and protecting big pharma.
And here is the one above retweeting what they all did .. angry that they cannot command Spotify to kick off Joe Rogan as they DEMAND


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