So then after a hiatus concerning health .. and some other things I will get around to in a later post, it all went a bit insane.

Eventually in this post I will get to some links I am about to talk about that will have pretty big repercussions in the coming months.

As predicted the Covid19 pandemic and restrictions are over, or at least should be. Everyone is finding out they lied about its origin and lies have been told about the vaccines. I stated for a year this will be over come Spring 2022.

There has been some crazy attacks on those reporting the truth with the likes of Tim Pool, James O’Keefe and Andy Ngo along with two Swatting incidents and two cyber attacks.

This all taking place at the end of 2021 and start of 2022 and a year where the volcanic activity has been elevated as a stated it would and at 300% or more above the average all year.

The average number of simultaneous eruptions and any volcanologist will tell you this is 10 to 20 and therefore 15.

During 2021 its been at 40, 45, 46, 48, 49, 52, 50 and 49 again I recall being reported.

Not only has it done this again in January 2022 but this month also see another submarine volcano erupting which I predicted and thought would be near Vanuatu but instead was the Tonga Islands with the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai Volcano erupting.

Now when I saw this and the tsunami buoys registering a wave and the shockwave in the video I knew this was big.

So you can imagibe my confusion when they reported 52,000 feet?

On social media I posted the report but I stated I believed it was being under-reported and the numbers were way higher and the known crown of global warming alarmists attacked me and called me names. Once again stating I have the audacity to state I was right and the experts are wrong. It is bizarre to many as well as myself hwo they have done this so many times and proven to be wrong. Yet they constantly tell everyone they follow the science. No, they most certainly do not.

Within an hour it had been upped twice to 55,000 feet and then 65,000 feet and the alarmists that are clueless about how Earth Sciences work all went quiet.

Within a few days it was updated to 98,000 feet and eventually 128,000 feet and whether this gets raised again remains to be seen.

Then the next thing they did was then switch their argument to this being ‘nothing’ and would not cool the planet. Because they seem to have to keep global warming alive at all costs, I will get to this later. A bizarre claim considering I have stated for several years we will get record cold and snow across the globe, they said ‘no’ and it has happened anyway.

These self-proclaimed scientists do not seem to be deterred from their rigid narrative regardless of being shown to be wrong conspistently over three years and counting.

They were literally telling the majority on the thread that the great reset, they had previously claimed was a conspiracy theory, was coming and the majority would just have to get used to it.

Well no .. we don’t, actually.

So in light of all this and the people of the world realising that the politicians, media and such lie to us to scare us so that they can control us .. lets go over the global warming these people push as well as covid fear ..

  • No proof a warming world is catastrophic and it has been way warmer without man’s help
  • No proof CO2 caused global temps rising, and it has dropped as well as paused while CO2 keeps rising, how come?
  • No proof man has caused the CO2 rises
  • Top 3 drivers are the Sun (acting up, or rather DOWN), Volcanoes (acting UP) and Oceans all three of which we know little about
  • There is no control over CO2
  • There is no control over climate
  • Stoping the entire world using Fossil Fuels want stop the rise of CO2
  • Scientists recently discovered that rising magma burned thorugh a coal field the size of Australia and this caused the greatest Extinction Event known as The Great Dying, with volcanic activity rising it might be a good idea to continue removing coal?
  • See Links At End

Now think about it from your perspective of where you get your information ..

  • Mainstream News
  • Social Media Giants
    • Caught lying about Trump
    • Caught lying about election
    • Caught lying about Covid19
    • Caught lying about source of Covid19
    • Caught lying about vaccines
    • Caught lying for and protecting Joe Biden
    • Caught lying about numbers in countless things
    • Constantly caught not reporting on the people they claim to care about like any of the protests, people and animals dying in record cold and snow .. etcetera etcetera
    • Sponsored by Big Pharma
    • Wanted censorship
    • Broke the very rules they scorned others for breaking
    • Went after innocent people while telling you how caring they are about lives
    • What, you think after all that you can trust them on Global Warming?
    • After 40 years of failed predictions?

Two years for me, I have had no vaccines, proven that the NHS lie, missed my BP and heart issues and a vaccine would likely have killed me, have had no covid and therefore not passed it on to anyone.

Now know of 7 people that died because of vaccines and relative of my daughter, now a Senior Healthcare Worker herself with smilar numbers to me, has had someone else she knows die of heart failure. Did not even cross my mind about vaccines until people on social media asked if he had, had the jabs.

I do not know but as I know his partner all too well my guess would be that he has had them and if this turns out to be the case, which I should find out any day now, the proverbial is going to hit the fan.

If you had a neighbour or a family member willing to lie to you half the time on things as serious as this would you listen to them at all?

Well if your still watching the mainstream news, why are you?

Lost count of the number of people that have apologised to me because I told them a decade ago there were bad things happening, felt like there was a plan in place and something was coming.

Today they say things like “Its not just as bad as you predicted, its way worse!”

The powers that be just thought everyone would bend to their will and their lies but this is not the case. Not only is it collapsing but as I told the small fringe group of fascists on Twitter .. your support has gone, people are more worried about volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

They called me all kinds of names and used all kinds of swear words and I stated it does not matter how many times you repeat yourself, how many times you report me, how many times you attack me and call me names. It will still happen anyway.

Now imagine it all happening and these followers of science are actually as mad as hell that I got amm my science right? Even the attitudes of the masses?

Well 2022 is going to be a very bad year for them because the next thing they have to worry about is not just that they are losing support for their precious AGW .. but that their vague theory will be proven wrong. So the public will realise they have been lied to for decades.

You see there are just some things you cannot get around.


Now here is another and very big reason why those so-called followers of science are going to have a very bad year.

For those that have been reading for awhile now you may well now that I predicted the record long solar minimum we just had?

Well since late 2019 and constantly I kept being told that ..

  • The Sunspots are about to shoot up while every now and then they also stated ..
  • No one can predict the solar cycles or sunspots

Now one in particular a little over a year ago presented me with a scientific paper that stated they thought that Solar Cycle 25 was about to shoot up. This was published in October 2020 and he used it as gospel and I stated it was ..

  • Absolute nonsense
  • Even they stated it would be unprecedented
  • Even they were only 67% confident

It was rather a bizarre paper and he was pushing this in around December 2020.

It never came.

Each month I was told it was about to shoot up and my prediction would prove to be wrong, except my prediction has already been proven correct and they were ignoring that my 2021 prediction would be that the sunspots would swing wildly and this is why I was sure there would be an increase in volcanic eruptions.

Yeah these followers of science and facts really do get that desperate that the re-write recent history to get a win, which is, of course, not a win.

So fast forward to November and December and he kept showing me daily numbers of sunspots along ith monthly numbers saying this proves me wrong. Neither number are the number I used in my prediction and you cannot use either of those he did to prove me wrong.

Also whereas NASA and NOAA had 20 numbers because they keep moving the goal-posts they failed to know and I kinda forget to tell them I had two numbers.

They then focused on one of these to change what the debate was about when it started to look like their claims was wrong. Now he is claiming he made no predictions.

Well yes you did, buttercup, because you kept appealing to authority that have consitently failed, insisting their prediction, which would be a first, was right and that my prediction would be wrong, also a first.

They see that fantasy future as a win.110 for me, none for them but as soon as they get one, or think they will, they start celebrating a win? That is why I call the game they play ‘Quidditch’.

But they follow the science.

So then what happened that going intot he start of this month the sunspot numbers seriously dropped off. Went to 57, then 53, then 25 odd, then 12 which it stayed at for two days before spending a few more days climbing to 36. It climbed slowly to 110 ish.

When I pointed out how low this had sunk and that it would rag the rate of rise down they was all over me like a rash telling me I did not understand averages, classic projection.

I had to draw diagrams as to how this works but they would not have it, not one bit. When it rose they started to say this proved them right and me wrong. I reminded them that they cannot do this and that they themselves stated you cannot predict spots anf there were none on the ‘horizon’. I also told them that for their claims to succeed they would need the second half of January up above 160 tor two weeks solid.

They simply would not have none of this and went through a daily routine of first posting each day as the numbers rose to 112, then kept posting that they had won .. as the numbers dropped to 110, then to 98, then to 60, 59 and then 57 .. while typing this out there were three spots about to disappear out of view, western limb, while just one small spot rolling into view on the eastern limb. Meaning that within a few hours after typing this out the numbers could well drop to 40 and maybe even 20?

The fool that has posted the numbers each day, because they want to convince people there is no Grand Solar Minimum to keep AGW alive, is still seeing this as a win.

I have no doubt that even if the numbers drop significamtly he was still claim a win. With the numbers at 57 and shown three spots are about to vanish he was quick to point out that the average for January 2020 was roughly 60.

I did not log each days numbers and as this guy is very often lying and twists everything around that he can its hard to say if he is right. It would not surprise me to discover its currently at 50 and he is inflating them.

Now two things ..

  • He was shown that three spots would disappear in 24 hours
  • He was reminded that he has done this every day for three weeks of January 2020
  • He was previously shown that you had two days of 12 and a few around 25 to 36
  • It was explained that its about rates of rise, not individual daily numbers, and this is dependent on time
  • It was explained that he needs the remaining days to be over 160 constantly to get the rate of rise back up
  • He was shown that in October 2020 the sunspot number average was 57

This last one is important because even if it holds at the 60 he wants, the curve in the rate of rise still flattens and already was.

The lower this number gets the more it flattens and for an increase in the rate of rise he needs the monthly number to be likely above 80.

He fails to see that the bright spots he can dig up on a Google search take time to come into view, 2 or 3 days, and fails to take into account that the rear most camera does not work.

With ten days left, if I manage to post this, he is literally a few days away form completely running out of time completely. Without something very spectacular happening which is extremely unlikey.

As finishing this and on the 22nd January, after sunspots seem to hang around in a bizarre fashion, the daily sunspot number was 23 and today has dropped to 22. Suggesting that one spot is shrinking and now the rate of rise is dropping. If the daily numbers continue to drop so to will the rate of rise to be factored in at some point n the next month or two. With 8 days of January remaining.

Now what this means is this .. despite them claiming that NASA stated that the rate of rise is beyond their prediction .. it is not.

In my last post a video of the BBC from 2014 states that scientists are shocked at how low the solar maximum for cycle 24 was. Not only was this way lower than they predicted it also arrived two years late.

That followed a record low solar minimum and was itself followed by an even longer solar minimum and here we are today. Except ..

On all solar cycle graphs by a really bad one he found, they have the rate of rise for solar cycle 25 as way below that needed to reach the same level of solar cycle 24.

And with a little more than a week remaining of January 2022 it looks like that rate will drop further.

Now here’s the thing ..

There is a second predicted rise which got updated while this alarmist follower of science was screaming his head of, spamming his numbers like mad .. and he got a shock and ran when I posted it.

I am the idiot for claiming 48 spots for cycle 25 when not only had I previously estimated 70 but NASA’s estimates have ranged from 25, yup, to 120 or more. Here it is ..

The predicted path that the trajectory is following and might fall below had a solar peak on it at 70, yeah SEVENTY, spots.

Now he says its nto a solar maximum peak and I am an idiot because its too early on the graph.

The solar maximum for cycle 25, supposed to have arrived in 2021-22, is too early on this graph for him? Seems he knows better than Zharkova, NASA, NOAA, Silso as well as myself?

This is what he and his friends will have to face .. in the next few months IF .. there is another monthly drop, whether this be February, March, April or May and provided there has not been some miracle humongous climb, it will look as if the cycle will struggle to reach 70 and most certainly will be significantly lower than cycle 24.

This could be clear by March or it could be late in the year or it might not be the case at all and even if not, the cycle will be lower than 24.

I cannot even begin to tell you the absolute storm and buzz this will cause, likely to have the public calling scientists, news media and world leaders liars, all over again.

Proving that I was right and that either they planned this all along and knew or feel like kings and queens on their thrones when they are the biggest morons on Earth?

On another note but still in among the lies we are told by the mainstream media ..

The Kyle Rittenhouse Case in America has really done something I did not expect.

Teenager defending himself against 3 evil, violent criminals, one of which you can add paedophile to the list, has caught many of the Corporate News lying, including in the UK with The Independent for one

Here is Viva Frei who has torn people to shreds on Twitter like Bill Di Blasio and even people he previously followed.

Among other things now proven to be the case I and my victim daughter was totally ignored by the evil News Media in the UK. I insisted that along with gov & public services that the news were all corrupt.

I have now finally been vindicated in the last thing.

Now then, lets get down to the nitty-gritty and the flurry of recent news events across the world I have been talking about for years now and look at some of them compared to some of the things I predicted.

I stated that things would get worse and that in this year of 2022 a number of narratives would collapse and like the proverbial House of Cards?

Well now it is happening and even a little earlier than I had anticipated.

The Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai Volcano has now erupted several times in recent days and had already erupted to roughly 50,000 feet previously.

First off here is one of many reports stating that the number of volcanoes erupting was at 52 in April 2020 and most of last year they were way up around 45 to at least 50.

GeologyHub or Earthmaster on YouTube are good at reporting what numbers they are at each month.

Volcano Discovery has either gone insane over the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai Volcano erupting or this particular eruption has just done something we have not seen in modern times.

Ash plume was talked down but two large splits with one covering a third of Australia before heading over the Indian Ocean and covering that

128,000 feet or 39.000 metres

60,000 feet, 18,300 metres

63,000 feet, 19,200 metres


63,000 feet, 19,200 metres

52,000 feet, 15,800 metres


55,000 feet, 16,800 metres

As far as I could tell there were just two eruptions but then I saw a video of people on an island filming with low rumbles but three extremely loud bangs are heard that had people running away.

As the communications with the islands has been cut off since its hard to find anything else out regarding this.

Also the tsunami also got different heights given out and despite their being aerial photos of devastated islands we do not know if this was the tsunami or the sheer amount of ash?

Added to this I have had two family members how the sunsets look red and explained this is the volcqanic activity. The famous paintint The Scream by Edward Monk was painted with a red sky known to be due to volcanic activity at the time from Krakatoa.

Was asked this prior to the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai volcano erupting.

How about scientists discovering that the worst extinction event called The Great Dying was caused by rising magma burning through a coal field the size of Australia far too quickly which wiped out 98%+ of life on Earth?

And this will come to light just as people like Neil Oliver is talking about a break down in trust between the people and the world leaders over the lies and censoring over the covid pandemic and vaccines?

Tim Pool gets Swatted twice, for for having Marjory Taylor-Green on and then for having James O’Keefe and Andy Ngo on?

Jimmy Dore does a great series on the lies and oppression and its all coming out, breaking down, protests building

FBI instigated the so-called ‘insurrection’? Jimmy Dore seems to think its looking that way?

Biden voter that did hot and run with car over Donald Trump is declared insane just as we all stated they were?

Now scientists are surprised as they now say that the Little Ice Age or Maunder Minimum was preceded by a warm period which is what I was telling friends I fear is happening now a decade ago?

Now lets summarise what has gone in regards to what I stated ..

  • 2021 would be worse than 2020
  • 2022 would be worse than 2021
  • Data would emerge to make global warming look false
  • 2021 would see an up-tick in volcanic eruptions
  • There would be a number of large submarine eruptions
  • Was worried about ..
    • Fagradalsfjall
    • La Soufriere
    • Campli Flegrei (Etna erupted)
    • Vanuatu (Tonga erupted)
  • Vaccines would cause issues
  • Covid19 Pandemic would be over Spring 2022
  • No one would care about AGW by Spring 2022
  • From January 2019 said the weather would go nuts, systems and patterns shift
  • Record Cold and Snow would continue and increase

Did not bother going through them all but you get my drift?

How about a collection of reports I already covered?

Now then lets go over the situation with the animals where we have birds, fish, whales and all kinds and if not turning up dead turning up thousands of miles from where they are supposed to be.

  • Magnetosphere acting up messes with navigation
  • Weather patterns shifting wipes out food sources like insects, well what the wind turbines have not diced up
  • Geological Activity rises with 70 to 80% of volcanoes under the sea pumps all kinds into the seawater

Here is a short video about just some of these things occurring and I just told someone that found out they news media lied and answered with ‘well we had to do something’ and I replied with ‘doing something without the data can do more harm than good, but many people can make a lot of money out of that’.

Now for the waether .. or at least some of it ..

How about waterfalls in Canada frozen?

Same in China?

Nepal getting 3 metres of snow in a week that has mountain climbers fleeing?

Kashmir snow has occurred several times ..

Algeria ..

Much the the US taken a hit and still is and I am hearing more is coming ..

In Alaska too cold for vehicles designed to help when its too snowy and too cold to work?

Japan and Tokyo in particular are getting record snow yet again.

Here is a paper on solar cycles and Sunspots reconstruction one on of the authors very good and did follow me for awhile on a site that is now defunct. Dr Willie Soon ..

Of particular interest is this graph fro the above link that supports what I have been telling global warming alarmists but they have failed to acknowledge this like everything else and would have an angry rant had I told them it was Dr Willie Soon ..

According to Tokyo they have had no warming for many years .. but NASA got a hold of the data and told them they was doing it wrong ..

Dr John Campbell in the UK and his video where he realised that the news media have been lying about Covid. Retired Nurse Lesley Richards in the comments states that they felt ‘something was off’.

Lastly the brilliant Dan Wootton talking to the even more brilliant Neil Oliver on GB News about the number one tabloid in Denmark making an apology to its readers for not qestioning the government over Covid19.

‘Its too little, too late’.

Jimmy Dore finding out from Dr John Campbell on finding out from a freedom of information request and asking why the news media in the UK have not mentioned it that they were lying about deaths from Covid19.

Have watched the brilliant Sabine Hossenfelder for a few years and I had hope that her no nonsense attitude would have her realise and talk about certain things.

Now there is a funny story behind this as out of the following five videos I used the bottom two since there were posted in 2020 and 2021. Then a couple of months ago some alarmists established as liars got what they call ‘triggered’ by them.

One started tagging her ine, heavily misquoted her and lied and claied that she knew that climate change was real and had accepted it. He twisted everything around in her videos.

The person in question seemed to have very deep obsessions and he posts things as proof that made you wonder if he was tweeting from within an institution os some kind. Like when he took a screenshot of her video library as proof he has been subscribed to Sabine for years.

Except in the last two none of his group ever mentioned this and Sabine was even attacked.

So he kept tagging her and she came in and liked one of his tweets. Which is what I had hoped would happen for some time now.

Absolutely awful of me but then I posted two dozen screenshots of the things they claimed and her being called names by his group. How reaching -273.15C was absolutely easy and without CO2 Earth would get down to that temperature. Sabine being ‘classy’ because she swore about ‘do-gooder leftists’ and no one would pay attention to her.

Awful of me because all the alarmists were celebrating as they thought they had Ms Hossenfelder on their side and had won.

Unknown tro them I had managed to get someone I admire, who was a no nonsense scientist who had been rejected herself, had some alarm bells going off and was not tied down in anyway where she could be threatened or manipulated over her career.

To all intents and purposes and what I was as ‘perfect’.

Though I have made mistakes in the past.

But she sticks to the rules of science and does question herself and others and I have shown this with the very last video which bizarrely was posted at me to ‘prove you are wrong’.

Funnly enough for the first time in two years the one that not only tagged her in and so obsessed with me he called himself ‘The Kings Trigger’ but has has now been missing for two weeks.

For the last two years he has not been missing for more than two days .. well except for the times he receieved life suspensions showing no sympathy for dying turtles or abused girls.

Maybe he was suspended again?

MAYBE, as I did post those tweets, he got blocked by Sabine and was so embarrassed by it he decided to slink away back under the rovk from whence he came?

People have seen me carry out some genius plans and sometimes over a very long time and hence I get called things like ‘King’, ‘Grandmaster’, ‘Genius’ and other things which they get very angry about. This guy from Switzerland kept telling everyone he was better than me in every way and knoew more than I did.

He attacked me for two years constantly, got his arse kicked the entire time, went through four accounts I know of and still insisted he won every single day.

Well it would seem his latest plan also went awry?

It is almost as if while he thought he had a plan hel fell prey to a way better plan while carrying out his own plans?

I used two videos, one from over a year ago and one from several months back.

Here is a video I was using from September 2020 where Sabine, first time I noticed it, loses her temper with the news media and alarmists literally being condescending, they are in no position, to others over climate change.

Here Sabine is talking about a situation where she was asked to write an honest article on speculative physics which was then rejected for being too honest causing her to raise an eyebrow.

You can literally see the surprise was still on her face despite the time that would have passed by before she made the video. ‘People might get offended’ was the reason given.

Within a matter of days of her coming on the thread and suddenly realising, as I had hoped along with getting her attention on a few things, she posted a video about climate models and how unreliable they are.

Here she talks about some things I covered and how solar activity, along with sea tides. has been linked to earthquakes.

Here is why I like her and the video that the alarmists used to prove me wrong. Sadly for them I has seen this two years ago, something they claimed they had done despite only posting it at me two weeks ago?

She will QUESTION .. if they made a mistake in science and here questions back in November 2019 if they got climate change wrong?

It should be noted that this was followed by three winters of record and early/late snow and cold in different parts of the world, several drops in global temperatures, a shifting of the goal-posts several times, covid and vaccines being lied about by politicians, the media and therefore scientists too.

These poor fools .. I told them for two years that it all collapses for them by Spring 2022, kept telling them that timing was everything and just at the right moment .. I finally got what I wanted.

They are in a panic and collapse right across the board and if they think its bad now then they are not going to like what comes in part seven of this particular series.



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