This is is important enough for me to suddenly out of the blue just throw a post together.

I had seen these unusual reports of a brain-eating Amoeba said to be moving further north that was in a paper on Live Science.

Of course every bloody opportunity they have they blame it on climate change when CO2 does not warm water and even in the US they have had some pretty cold temperatures they last few years.

Also being an expert on these things I also know that things like plants, algae, lichen and amoeba likely bloom via other reasons. Like nutrients for example.

Now at first I initially thought the Amoebas were in the oceans so thought it was geological activity. But then I realised it was freshwter and this had me a little flummoxed.

Well that was until I looked at the map of where the Amoebas have been reported and realised it was right around the edge of the North America Craton Plate and there has been a lot of activity in the US in recent years.

Now then here is where the hard-left are not only dangerous but will cost lives.

Despite their countless attempts to get rid of  me from social media I have put this out there so that anyone that lives around the edge of this plate, which will be a very large number of people, can be aware of this.

Might be an idea to stay away form natural water and use bottled water only.

Check with your local water authority about this too as there may or may not be effective filtration for things like this.

More earthquakes specially closer to the Craton Plate edges may see this get worse, possibly even exponentially so so be cautious.

I honestly shake my head at times at how they miss things and I have not only done this for decades I am beginning to think they are either all idiots or just paid to lie?

And to think the media and authorities had everyone focused on warming and people are dying from the record cold and snow around the world and now Covid19 when this Amoeba seems to be becoming a threat?

The pitfalls of abusing science for political gains. Or perhaps this distraction were intentional?

Here is the article in Live Science ..

Here is the article in Live Science that contains a map of the Craton Plate ..

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