Rain lashes against windows as the days merge into one.

The shortest of journey incite fear as nose burns, a hand flares in pain and a heart skips and tightens as a constant reminder that the last sight could be of a shiny, damp surface with my cheek pressed against it.

Long has been the fight and much has been lost.

Hoards of the naïve and despicable battle to convince others of visions of the world far removed from any reality.

Strings of horrors run through the hear of several decades and familiar streets are roamed once more while the thoughts of those old years and the nightmare of future events one had no idea laid in wait.

Along this path of worst case scenario sing would flicker now and then. Glimpses often caught with occasional theories that were swatted away as insane and impossible.

More frequently these signs become while the possibilities of each were considered more seriously with each occurrence.

Like watching a spider creating its web each one grew in its complexity while in each I had realised there must be a link or bigger picture while naysayers nayed.

That which was not seen until far too late was the connection between all of this which would paint a picture far too ludicrous and far too horrific for any sane man to consider.

But all things must always be considered until completely ruled out by deduction and never because one thinks it merely impossible or mathematically unlikely.

Data that passed these eyes and decoded in my mind is a whole set that many a soul was told could not happen even in our grand-children’s lifetimes.

But in times of catastrophe we know the actions we would see of those that are amoral, rich and powerful. In the even of a global catastrophe was know the actions of the world’s amoral, rich and powerful.

Not all have these three traits but the sad reality is that most do.

They cry about those with conspiracy theories in a time where events, actions and behaviours run around the world just as a pandemic virus would. Among both man and beast the actions and behaviours seen, we have never witnessed before.

While many are natural others so bizarre that they must be by design and the reality of this is so disturbing that one has to wonder about the human race and is Damien had indeed worked his way to the top. Not the Presidency as in the film but in a position where he could control and maim without most knowing his name.

Were I an evil genius it is what I would do.

Not enough food and too many people is the message we have had in countless documentaries for decades now.

Whispers of agendas abound to depopulate the Earth. Seemingly thought up by the insane any reasonable mind would think that a plan to do this would be impossible.

Unless of course you get the people to do this to each other.

But how would you get evidence of all of this and how could you possibly link it together?

Well as they have often been told for the last few years ‘you never counted on me’. Though with each passing day I wonder if I will achieve any of my goals before my own farm is purchased, metaphorically speaking?

For days I have tried to tell myself I have to contact the health service which I hate so much as they have lied and cheated for years and knowingly and therefore intentionally risked my life.

They have also done this with children. Wilfully.

Children that also happen to be victims of an absolute monster in a long line of absolute monsters that they knowingly allowed in one after the other knowing that eventually the bow would break.

Case numero uno ..

Lukman Yasin-Khalil ..

1 Enters UK after murdering someone

2 Marries unsuspecting girl

3 Cute girl off fro father

4 Conspires with evil mother

5 Starts tirade of Domestic Violence

6 Gambles and steals money

7 In rage cuts down a Christmas Tree and cuts up Frozen dress to his own daughter

8 Goes to prison, Police state 9 years

9 Phones everyday from prison

10 So bad is this it ends up in the news and they say they have foiled plots using drones to get contraband in prison

11 The calls still come regardless

12 The Police never manage to catch those phones .. weird as they trace others all around the country

13 Shocking everyone he is out in 14 months

14 Police persecute his victim

15 Social Workers help him and also persecute the victim

16 Hearing after hearing that the social workers are going to get into trouble via CAFCASS but its all lies and bullshit

17 The Domestic Abuser rapes a girl, age unknown

18 He goes back to prison

19 His previous victim and no doubt his latest one ask why they have not deported him like the Police, Wirral Council and Home Office promised

20 To escape persecution and fear his first victim flees the area moving over 100 miles away

21 14 months later he is out of prison again

22 His brother who entered with him is given £40,000 or more because of Covid

23 His brother, who previously threatened to kill the victim, buys a Range Rover and drives around Bangor, North Wales in it with no insurance and showing it off to his friends on Facebook

24 Then he is involved in a stabbing incident

Adnan Yasin-Khalil

25 Domestic abuser is let out of prison again after another 14 months

26 Home Office ask victim to get others to get evidence on him so they can deport him and a pregnant woman helps

27 Several young women risked their lives doing what the Home Office were too lazy and incompetent to do themselves

28 Turns out they already knew that they could not deport him .. A FACT. No paperwork or passport and they cannot deport

29 Odd that they did not consider this when they let people in

30 Now the Domestic Abuser is also driving around in a £40,000 Range Rover of his own and I was certain he did not have a Drivers Licence

31 We discover he already had a previous victim here in the UK, making four we know about, and has a child by a girl that must have been under-age when she had his child

32 The family, friends and victim do not want any contact with him at all and are absolutely stunned to discover he has two more victims and still walking around free

33 I hammer the Twitter threads of the Home Office, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson with the links and screenshots to what I have above

34 I also expose that they pay these people £75 each they they are in prison, so free bed, board, phones and a tidy sum each time they get out of prison

35 Victim gets a call .. new council has a 4 bedroom house for her in a riverside setting and will fully furnish it for her

36 Eager to move in before Covid restrictions she is told they can’t as they do not want any more on social media

37 One doing that decides to wait until they are in before resuming with his plan on that front

Why would you do all this? Why?

How have we arrived at a point today where the barbaric animals, murderers and rapists are treated like kings while the victims treated like the abusers?

Stated previously that there has been some bizarre behaviour in not just wild animals but also domestic animals all around the world. Seems a bit bizarre, no?

You import millions of people while not improving services, infrastructure or housing and two things cannot occupy the same space and the infrastructure was already inadequate for years and social and affordable housing in very short supply.

This gross ad nationwide incompetence was nothing of the kind and a grand plan to overpopulate to the point the people snapped and the inevitable took place.

All helped by a bunch of low IQ morons who are the only ones you can get to be leftist activists all placed in key positions over a few decades that would help all this along and far too effing stupid to know what they were doing.

Over a decade my battle against all this has raged on and gradually intensified while I have lost everything while my health deteriorated and I too was persecuted. Because THEY KNEW what I could do.

Surprised at this? Well maybe a little but you may have seen things like this before?

How about a recording with Police Detectives about a grooming gangs who were also extremist terrorists in Liverpool linked to two cells in Manchester and Birmingham? Recall any cells in these cities caught back in around 2012 to 2014 ish?

How about the Home Office file on the main one that somehow after being posted in 2012 did not go viral along with the recording above?

Did you know that every single British Tabloid was contacted at the time and not a single one got back to me interested to see any of my evidence? Much of which I still have not put online.

How about an audio recording of the NHS trying to set me up to lie about me and did it anyway with the help of the General Medical Council who closed ranks to help the NHS?

General Medical Council ..

This meeting was recorded after I had asked them for years about my pains, it was 13 years in total before I actually diagnosed myself. Yeah that really reads THIRTEEN. And I was the villain because I was angry ad them lying which also helped the DWP and Local Council to screw me over for 15 years and still are.

NHS Podiatrist missing my diagnosis

NHS Neurologist missing my diagnosis

The Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman also lied

Oh and what the NHS did do was arrange for me to go to Pain Management called The Tranquil Support Group. When I got there the building was full of other people obviously all fobbed off like me.

It was not a support group for pain management at all and all they did was run through all the alternatives and then at the very end ask all the people there to work for the NHS for free as a volunteer.

‘We are not going to diagnose you or provide you with the correct diagnosis, treatment or pills but can you work for us for free?’

I attended three meetings and recorded them all .. just for the hell of it and I never got asked back for a fourth .. cannot think why? LMAO!

Them missing my Hypomagnesaemia which had been going on a while and was spotted two GPs later by Dr Andrew Thievendra who them asked me to buy my own pills from Holland & Barrett while at the same time it never went on my records.

Maybe I should mention that I had this condition for over 20 years but was affecting my feet and really started pressurising the NHS from around 2001.

This is 2013 and I am still being lied to and fobbed off and they made several diagnosis all of which were wrong and I myself diagnosed it as Fibromyalgia.

Chase Farm Hospital lied to my GP or my GP lied

Kicked off one surgery because I got angry over being called a liar while I had private x-rays evidence of my collapsed discs the GO refused to look at and said sarcastically “Why would I want to look at those?!” which shocked other professionals that said he should be struck off.

And though there are many others and a hell of a lot of evidence I have not posted here is a breakdown of the hall of shame.

Pain is pretty horrible and I am not sure where it is but along with a few others is a recording of a row with a GP that lasts for an hour as he got a call from the NHS, I ask him in the recording, informing him I had been recording our consultations.

Neither the NHS were smart enough to realises I had been doing this for 7 years across several GP Surgeries and several hospitals. Nor was Dr Kumar smart enough to discover my real recording device as he thought he was safe when he made me turn off two devices.

He discovered that night he had screwed up, I received a letter saying that despite asking me not to record our consultation I did anyway and put it on my blog that night. General Practitioners all think they are fucking Einstein.

Always been honest but it seems those that think the slaves money is really theirs have no issues with lying about you.

Pain not nice and potentially fatal ..

I realised it was a three stage setup I nicknamed The Evil Trinity where the NHS is corrupted which then allowed the Department of Work and Pensions and the Local Council to screw you over and get away with it.

The Department of Work & Pensions lying about a disabled person and lying about visiting their home after refusing for months to come. They then claimed they turned up three times and no one was home. These were all lies.

If you do not know all public services in the UK are run by Serco which is a massive conflict of interest as the Data Protection Act exists to stop organisations getting access to all your information.

For some reason they decided this was not important.

Michael Meacher MP actually got in contact with me about all this actually hearing about me through someone who was familiar with my blog .. he then died. Poor bastard. What are the chanced?! No one else followed up.

Age UK being filled with leftist activists who passed my details on to Antifa who started tweeting unique details on me to scare me

Couple on Local Councils

Part of the story about how I was right and the courts were wrong and a daughter gets abused by her step-father that ends up in a Love It magazine while the Domestic Violence from the Domestic Abuser ended up in Take A Break Monthly

Social Workers placing a child with a paedophile father

Recording of two Social Workers from Wirral Council visit mother they failed to help, missed loads of evidence of domestic abuser, or HID IT, ordering victim OFF TWITTER

Twitter is NOT the Internet ..

And a hoard of leftists I waded through do not know any of this and this is only a small fragment of what is on the blog and not everything I have is on it. Had hoped for help. Do have pain, heart issues with no pills and a memory issue and failing equipment, you know?

All these hundreds of leftists I had block me along with some of the biggest names in politics as well as science, you want to see my climate change series, all claimed I lied when I said that top people call me a genius.

When they found out I had recorded Doctors the leftists all cried I broke the law .. I said “Yeah, right. That is why the audio has been there for YEARS!”

Stated online that everyone is scared me me and I do mean everyone.

It would be far better of I just died and I am sure this is what they are waiting for and due to my heart issues getting worse .. I thought I might do this one last time.

Just to see if I get any help. Something go viral. My blogs double their viewers and I get come income for once instead of constantly losing everything.

Timing is everything and many people may be trapped in alone over Christmas while no one of authority will be looking at what I post for several days, allowing me a chance to pump this out.

Timing is everything.

So annoying losing everything while you watch YouTubers get paid for talking utter boll’ .. ahem, nonsense.

Reactivated my Patreon account recently, lord knows how long that had been inactive. Just never checked it for years.

My 2,000 strong 50 cent army not appeared as yet.


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