Well this is a weird set of circumstances.

After I sent of what I decided was the final email to Age UK after they wasted my time for two years risking my life, turned out had lied to me, got things wrong and then I discovered they passed my information on to an organisation called Antifa who then used it to try to scare and threaten me online .. something else pops up.

I have had this for years from the likes of Citizen’s Advice Bureau to the Mary Ward Legal Centre and others


Now let me tell you this .. this is what these organisations never bother to find out when all they wanted to do is keep on about how everything is the fault of the Conservatives so much so they were promoting socialism and Labour, while Jeremy Corbyn was leader of the Labour Party.

Not only am I a professional but I have professional friends and one of those was a social worker for 25 years for Camden Council and he does not have anything good to say about them. He is a Type 1 Diabetic, has now been lied to, has been messed about and provided with a medical assiatant dog that is not only utterly shit at what it is supposed to do but has had two previous patients he was told it was a disaster with.

It runs away. I know this because half the time he talks on the phone he is always calling the dog back and blowing a whistle.

Another dog trainer stopped to talk to him while I was on the phone and she was shocked this dog was supposed to be trained and had a history of disasters with previous patients.

He told her “I am on the phone to a friend, he is really intelligent and he said ‘but your a diabetic, what happens if your sugar is low and the dog runs away and you go running after it? It could CAUSE your death””

I heard this lady tell my friends something to tell the trainers and my friend replied “Oh I have told them that, but they wont have it. They know it all despite not training the digs correctly” to which he was once again shocked.

I also know they are leftist socialists.

This is what I know about leftist socialists.

Oh they tell you how they are all about these different things and all these causes but they are most certainly not. You can catch them out every single time 100% and it matters not how many you go through and I have been through thousands. Maybe tens of thousands.

I have been blocked by thousands just on Twitter.

Every single time its the same.

What they are interested in is money and power and they use this bullshit claim they are into all these things as a way to get money and power.

For well over ten years I have hated every charity and I said to many people ‘how is it people donate tens of million each year and yet after more than a decade of doing this the causes seem to be just as bad as they have always been?’

  • Children
  • Cancer
  • Heart Condition
  • People dying of thirst somewhere

The other thing I know for sure and have a two decade long history of it is I have NEVER .. EVER .. walked in any charity or help centre and had them ..

  1. Genuinely give a shit
  2. Know what they are talking about
  3. Get something right
  4. Actually do something

The odd thing is that some years ago I have a friend who was a socialist and he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I had always helped him with any problems and because he, like everyone else I know, called me a genius I was the first person who turned to.

A man with over 20 years more experience than I had of the world and used to be a projectionist.

So he had seen me not getting any help and suddenly there he was not getting any help and his genius friend with a bad disability was going around his house every day to help him because no one else was.

His name is Kenneth Walter Bunn and is buried in Enfield.

So have we got this?

Me with Fibromyalgia Syndrome which is itself listed in the top 20 of painful conditions who had been refused help by charities, help agencies and public authorities for years despite them either thinking they have a right to your money or begging you for it in no end of TV commercials. Me having to go and help someone dying of cancer who himself was getting nothing from anyone else anywhere.

My condition is in the top end of this painful condition and over the years I have experienced 273 symptoms for it, relived most of them were one-offs or rare. Though today my heart, blood pressure and magnesium levels are affected.

But I get nothing at all. And I do mean nothing.

For years and years everyone around me thought I must be lying about my condition i9ncluding my type 1 diabetic friend and he would absolutely testify to all I have stated in my blogs. Oh plus I have recordings. Even of this.

Now people are asking how I survived all this time and told me they are so sorry that I was treated the way I was for years and simply do not understand who it is these people are helping.

They seem to be able to acquire a lot of money from somewhere, enough to pay for TV adverts and, as I noticed, sponsor moves with Age UK featuring in a pretty good movie on Film 4 I believe was one with Diane Keaton in it but filmed on Hampstead Heath?

Had wondered for years why I was rejected. Has happened to my daughter to and is a child rape victim and cervical cancer survivor the NHS missed and now I discover they have missed heart murmurs in my two granddaughters. These are also linked to Fibromyalgia which I also know my daughter has.

And with my two granddaughters both special needs ask me what they have all had?

Nothing. Nothing but lies, condescension from people that would have had me slap them after not giving a shit about the welfare of children and incompetence while they talk to members of the public like they are inferior and morons while they have posters on the wall showing the fascists wont allow anger or violence towards them while they knowingly leave you in pain for years.

As my ex social worker friend put t a couple of months ago ..

“You were right. You were right all along, you was spot on about everything and it is even WORSE than you said it was. A decade you have been fighting over this while no one helped and everyone thought you was mad. You deserve a million pounds for the service you have given to mankind”

Goes a little over the top at times.

Well people tend to do this as I had Jehovah’s Witnesses in Enfield nickname me ‘The Messenger’ and a Christian man I met at Fishers Green call me ‘a warrior of God’.

I do not know why people come up with these things.

Despite my bravado, which drives hard-left fascists up the wall, I never feel like I have gotten anywhere nor getting anywhere.

Had someone who was an early member or one of the founder members of hacker group Anonymous, who also owe me £1,000 for an article I wrote, tell me that they had read several of my blog posts and said

“You are better than Tim Pool and should have more followers than him, how have you not got millions of followers?!”

I answered ..

“I do not know but I am suppressed and I think that others have put loads of faith into stupid things and I only hope for their sakes it works out for them”

They said they was going to help.

Seems to be no matter which side it is you get treated like shit. Or just overlooked or ignored or they are happy for you to work for years and years and years for free. While complaining about where their taxes go.

It never ceases to amaze me just how frikking stupid people are that seem to thin they are intelligent.

So after refusing, which I am sure is illegal, to provide me with details of any independent complaints, which they SAID they had, and after 3 months and 8 to 12 emails I have had it with Age UK. I did warn them the last two emails what would happen if they do not comply and provide with with contact details.

Unfortunately these socialist filled organisations always wrongly believe they are superior in all ways and they are untouchable.

Yeah you might want to ask the government that who handed over a 4 bedroom house to my daughter and then fully furnished it and said they wanted to keep things off social media after I hammered Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and the Home Office for weeks with a link to this blog which contains evidence. ON MANY MANY THINGS.

So below are just a few of literally hundreds of screen-shots of me battling Antifa who were lying their ass off and they have one that works for Age UK who doxed detail;s of me online with one of them very unique to me. Yeah one of them is Projects Manager to Age UK which really was not that hard to find.

Like I said .. they are not superior to anyone in any way but someone in power collected a load of morons together, put them in key industries like ombudsman, public services, the health service, DWP, local councils and charities and fashioned them into pawns.

Sorry but I have met Dogs smarter then these people.

If you are reading this .. NO .. you are NOT superior and if you are Age UK .. YES I am all the things I said that I am that you called me a liar over.

Oh yeah and they called me a liar and complained they did not have my address.

After Antifa spent a year diving down Facebook and LinkedIn and others trying to find it and I was even threatened by one that I am stupid and would be easy to find.

That was just two days ago and they call themselves ZombiePiano.

I said .. “well go on then”

Then the excuses came and IU ran them ragged around the houses and they are full of it. These people are nasty, hateful shits. Nasty, venomous little shits whose only desire is to rule over others and command everything they do. And they do not posses six grey cells that work as a team.

Then as I am getting ready to do this I go and find a charity in America linked to three Hollywood actresses who are Amy Schumer (no surprise), Brie Larson (absolutely no surprise and laughable the shitty little person) and Reese Witherspoon (OK that was a surprise).

This charity is called Time’s Up and is accused of raising $3.6 Million dollars and like 90% of it or more went of themselves and hardly helped anyone.

This was a gift from the Gods and this is EXACTLY what I had been telling friends and family for over ten years and asking where all this money was going?

I get really angry and it pissed me off that everyone is acting like the Devil’s fucking minions and its like living in a hell but where its feel like the last couple of years for many its been a couple of decades for me.

Fuck name I have been blogging about this for over 8 years.

When I am not angry the scientist in my tries to explain these shitty, low IG idiot fascists and wonder if is the magnetic field or one of the other major changes going on with Earth we have not seen before they are keeping quiet.

They call this a Grand Solar Minimum and anyone with a solar cycle graph and a telescope can see that the solar cycles went out of whack in a way that has not occurred since 1648 to around 1700.

Its going to get colder and winters longer for a number of years. I cannot tell you how cold or for how long but its a minimum of 20 and could be 60 and even up to 200. No one really knows but one woman scientist is good at this. But even she was silenced. Had a paper removed despite being published 261 times.

Its why there is talk of a Great Reset. No its not because of Covid as these sorts of plans require the minimum of a decade and likely several to come up with.

So those in power have screwed it up for years, lied to us, screwed it up some more, set everyone against each other, ignored the will of their people and now want to bring something in after lying about the end of the world and want to remain in power?

Well as well as doing away with money, all your freedoms, your privacy and salaries and make the world into one giant socialist system.

How the fork they think they are going to get everyone to accept this or allow the to remain in their positions of power is beyond me.

More and more people I speak to, foreign people owning shops, are talking to me about all this and losing their temper over it.

So here now I a video of my favourite YouTube couple Clownfish TV talking about the Hollywood MeToo type charity and some screenshots of those that have been trying to dox me I am sure they would kill me if they could get their hands on me?

Screenshots ..

One tweet where they threaten to find out someone’s address and say it is easy. But then never do it when challenged.

Sorry to disappoint but Age UK do not have my address.

These people will even call people liars upon hearing a statement they do not like when it was a statement made by someone else because they refuse, have been conditioned, not to listen to anything.

The same group of Antifa claiming something is a lie because a YouTuber called Tim Pool said it, except he did not.

Then after refusing to watch it and making assumptions its everybody’s else’s fault.

Tim Pool is centre-left but they insist, like everyone else who ever disagrees with them on a single thing, that he is far-right.

My trouble is I do not trust anyone .. and certainly not in the public services and do not know who to turn to to help myself. Now that I have helped my daughter out.

I am ..

  • Disabled
    • Where all all the disability charities?
  • Heart condition
    • Where are all the heart condition charities?
  • Memory Loss
    • As above
  • Over 50
    • Look at how Age UK have treated me
  • Homeless
    • Where are all the homeless charities
  • Victim of Number of Crimes
    • Look how the authorities treated me
  • Saved Lives of Animals like Swans, Deer, Cats
    • Where were the RSPCA who I get told refuse to come out?
  • My Problem or Issue?
    • Single white male?
    • Tell the truth too much?
    • Being centre-left not far enough left?

Told people I am in a livng hell and I literally just had a heart eposide because an idiot told me I was wrong about, get this ..

  • Sensor size in cameras do not affect aperture and only focal length
  • Trying to explain he is wrong, people say he is an idiot, and full frame cameras are expensive because of this he suddenly7 screams at me, slams his door so hard I thought the hinges would come off
  • Causes me to have a heart episode I get no treatment or tests for

Not used this in awhile and had to re-activate it. If you consider please do not overdo it .


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