Well I came across something interesting.

Now I have stated for awhile now that you was never going to see anything big in the way of cheating and that all of the cheating is down to many different things.

A little here and a little there.

The idea being that most would go and detected and those that are? ‘Not enough to have altered anything’.

Heard that lately?

My concern was that they would pull this off so I spent a couple of years scaring the living bejesus out of them because despite the socialists losing badly in the UK they were absolutely convinced and telling everyone ..

1 Trump was going to lose

2 Change and Socialism was coming to everyone everywhere

This was telling.

I had two options with this ..

1 Decide they were utterly insane

2 Treat it as if they were privy to some plan

I get attacked for being a conspiracy theorist all the time. Well the fact of the matter is unless sou agree with the communist socialists you get called this. Its a defence, bullying and deflection tactic,

Outside their bubble and in reality you have the choice to either ignore the possibilities, which would make you naïve. Or prepare for the possibilities.

I started telling people 5 years ago that Google and YouTube were cheating on numbers, had lied to me and effectively turned me and millions of others into slaves. I was called mad by everyone.

Five years on and almost everyone realises it bar two naïve people. One a girlfriend of a friend who even himself now realises.

Many idiots annoy me .. they watch fake news and make their decisions whether there is fake news based on what fake news tells them.

Are you frikkin’ kidding me?!

Today others now realise all these has been allowed because morons who think themselves smart make decisions on things that’s hurting the country or the world based on a whim.

They do not do their research.

Many now talk about this on platforms like Twitter, Parler and others.

I sent someone a couple of videos I have included at the end I simply said

Watch these videos, then show her and the fake news and evidence debate will be at an end”

Of course it stands to reason that there have been many little plans that have gone on for many years designed to go unnoticed. In the early days with many years before the New World Order plan was revealed as The Great Reset plan had to be enforced.

I know it was coming and you can see going back years on my blog since the financial crash the figures, money and things stated did not add up. Something was not right.

Things should have collapsed. They did not. No one seemed to notice.

The other things that these evil people played upon were ..




Maybe they knew deep down most were amoral and selfish?

But I always found it odd that these people doing this are the ones we put up, supposed to work for us but have acted like entitled brats who did nothing but gamble for years and fuck it all up and get us into the mess we are in.

And then they thought the best idea was to lie to the masses o0f the world for years on end and then try to anger and divide us.

Well why actually get your hands dirty if you wanted to depopulate the planet when you can get the people to do this themselves and/or nature?

Claims like these a decade or more ago would have seems insane and had anyone put this to me . Well I would have to say 20 years ago I would have thought them insane.

But over time I kept seeing and hearing things that were weird. After 2007 it started to build up a bit faster. After 2014 it built up faster still and in the last couple years went into overdrive.

Look around the world at the trouble in countries, among the people, with animals and with Earth science events that are linked to a historically inactive Sun.

Cray times affecting the world need an equally crazy theory that affects the world equally.

There are very few of those on the list.

What also annoys me to no end is the people that gambled on this shit and made it worse and then thought it prudent to lie about it while taking your money while they made plans that would only ever served themselves.

Now then lets get into the meat and potatoes of this ..

Right after the election and with mass videos of irregularities and illegal, yeah .. illegal, things going on in the presidential elections I was somewhat surprised to see EVERYONE fire off immediately .. ‘there is no evidence’.


Wait .. WHAT?!

Their are countless rumours and reports coming in before they have even finished counting and a bunch of lying fake news outlets that do not do any on the grounds journalism any more all suddenly knew what was happening when the early reports were coming in and says before anyone said anything about ‘investigations’?

I roared with laughter and realised this was a knee-jerk reaction and they obviously knew .. or at least the people writing the scripts for them knew. Wherever they was coming from?

I have not overly concerned myself as to who is behind this or who writes these scripts and I likely will not be able to uncover this. But the top candidate is George Soros.

But anyone with an ounce of intelligence would know you can not do this with one big plan as they tend to get exposed rather easily.

You need lots and lots of little ones. In ..

  • Politics
  • News Media
  • Social Media
  • Entertainment

Now there are a couple of problems I have with capitalism but only in its current form and one of those is that you have allowed someone like George Soros to become so powerful who can ruin millions of lives.

Apparently he was supposed to have said when asked about it that he ‘knows that lives get turned up down when he meddles but I find it just so much fun’.

Have you tried the software titles of Sim City and Civilization?

Or did you just get bored with games like that and wanted to move up to the real thing?

Now right after I went t bed with Trump roaring away on his train I woke up to hear that Biden had far outpaced him on his boat. Now at first I thought I was still asleep and dreaming.

Yeah but I wasn’t.

And I knew that those allegations would come flooding in. I know the way number behave and hey do not behave like I was hearing. I knew that give it a day or two everyone would know except for the hard-left. Because with fascists they spend years insisting there is evidence when there is none but will now insist there is no evidence when its enough to sink the Titanic.

This is the scary part and I simply cannot have anything to do with socialists, fascists and anyone that dishonest and nasty. Sorry. I swore I would stop you by highlighting this as much as I can and getting it as far and wide as I can. Unfortunately despite the high praise I just never got far enough.

Well thus far.

This is about censorship and you need a lot of help to get around the slave drivers pretending to be about the people, lives and animals. They are not and they demonstrate this repeatedly.

So it was like a day after the election I saw someone on the Australian version of Sky News about the election ‘result’ and gave it a listen only to hear this prat .. talking up Joe Biden and claiming here is no evidence. Well how the FUCK would you know this you utter idiot? Its been 48 hours, come back in TWO WEEKS!

When I looked down it was being disliked to hell and back. Like over ten to one.

I then looked at the Biden speech and that was the same.

Anything to do with Biden winning I looked at was very much disliked and I took a couple of screenshots and posted this at leftists who claimed the whole world was happy to see him gone and were celebrating. “Umm .. now I do not think so!”

So I was talking about this and then had an idea and told others I was going to go around the worlds and look at the dislike ratios to see if a pattern emerges and off I went.

Yeaaaaah .. about that?

They were gone!!

No. Listen to me .. they were GONE!

Did searches and all YouTube would allow me to look at was the usual suspects which only have morons and hard-left watch them. The big names on both sides of the pond. Curiously the numbers of likes and dislikes were not very much and always went in the hard-left’s favour.

I did find one that was split 50/50 with 20,000 clicks.

What I also found is that when I tried to do a location search YouTube told me there weren’t any so that’s no videos from anywhere in the world about Joe Biden winning? With the hard-left telling everyone the whole world was celebrating? Yeah right.

So I was a bit .. creative with my searched and found some but still the numbers did not make sense.

How was it that within 24 hours or so everything was being disliked and that at the last minute and just like Joe Biden’s magical surges that only went in his favour, like the software glitches, homeless, dead people, zombies, twins to quintuplets, zombies and dogs that voted?

Yeah the alarm bells were ringing like Big Ben and then some.

So I then decided to find the one I had originally seen so I searched ‘Sky News Australia Joe Biden Speech’ and guess what happened?

I got videos from all around the world with like/dislike rations mainly in Biden’s favour including Sky News in the UK but the actual Sky News Australia ones failed to appear.

They are burying even the news giants that do not say what they want people to hear.

Now oddly I had noticed a change in YouTube a few months ago and I should have foreseen that this was something to do with the upcoming election. Failed again.

The lots of little things, you see.

Everyone now that looks sees the ratios and thinks that the majority thinks like this and this alters their opinions as they want to fit in with the crowd.

A non-existent crows fabricated by those that control the media. Yes the hard-left would scream ‘conspiracy theory’ over this one where I will only and up posting this ..

“He who control the media controls the minds of the public” – Noam Chomsky

Now I like using quotes against them from famous people and scientists and this is something the hard-left do not do. Only the rare occasion and I would utterly destroy them so now they do not bother.

Feynman, Dyson, Doyle and others are all used.

Noam Chomsky just happens to be a Marxist lecturer and seen as a deity by the left .. except not only have they ignored even him they have also attacked him. Did their cancel culture on him or something or the other.

You can also look up the Jacobean who are socialists and they have done articles about this fringe group of nutters.

Well at least I am sure this is what they want everyone to think.

Because I am convinced these are either CCP or Democrats that are not socialist and only out to destroy socialism so that Joe Biden can kick them out?

The only other option is that they are CCP and doing this to help Joe Biden get in so they can bring in socialism because the shit is going to hit the fan with GSM and due to the powerful that think they are God’s gift, we owe China too much money?

Turning us into a socialist country effectively turns the nation into slaves, no you are not all going to be driving around in free Ferraris. If your forced into underpaid work then you can be used by those that created this mess to pay of the debts they built up.

Plus the bonus is they get to stay in power and morons on the left get to help the do it. Win-win!

Now then there is likely to one at least one if not two blow-outs over the next five years that have the potential to change the world of many people.

My advice would be this ..

‘After the dust has settled and the bodies stopped falling, be wary of anyone that emerges out of the ashes wanting to be leader or leaders and miraculously bearing gifts’

If someone suddenly emerges and has food, medicine, an underground city .. boat yadda yadda yadda .. ask yourself this .. how did they get them and WHY?!

Well if this was or indeed is their plan I think I just flocked it?!

This plan for The Great Reset was created by people as dumb as fuck who thought that they could lie to the people for years, created the mess in the first instance, think everyone in stheir ersonal playthings, servants and slaves and then step up and say .. ‘yeah we are in charge now and y’all do as you are told’.

I think not.

Personally I would rather die. While fighting.

Now then here are all the screen-shots I took during my search for those news pieces on Sky News Australia,

Barack Obama apparently said that the Internet is the biggest threat to free democracy Being able to say more and what you say go further is .. threatening free speech?

Think about this for a moment .. the party that the majority of the world knows has been up to no good, started wars, caused deaths, linked to paedophilia and now cheating in an election thinks that you should be censored. Who benefits form this? You?

If you think that you do and even if your on the hard-left then you are a fool. You are being manipulated and used. And I am centre-left despite the hard-left wanting to label anyone that gets in their way ‘far-right’.

If you decide that free speech should be limited then where exactly where you draw the line? When it affects you personally?

And what if you realise that when it does it has gone too far down the line for anyone to be able to stop without a civil war?

Now then what I noticed when things were first coming up in the first day or two before they changed it at some point ..


During my time battling the hard-left who I now tell others and they agree are not actually hard-left and are shills for some group.

I have also discovered that they use and abuse something called the ‘Philosophy of Science’ about a year back. One, before disappearing thinking he was the smartest on a very large thread, mentioned Karl Popper which was ironic because these people were insisting science be decided by a leftist committee when Popper was the one that came up with the scientific method.

Now then .. I have always stated that I would likely have linked a lot more than I have already had I ..

1. Gone on Twitter a couple of years earlier2. Not had scientific data somehow not pop up on my radar for a whole decade3. Not spent the last 23 months arguing with lying, manipulating top level Antifa on a couple of very large couple of threads on Twitter

I would have around 50,000 to 100,000 followers had I not done this.
I would have a lot more blog posts had I not done this.

But what I did do in looking to prove my case every time with links, as well as destroying their arguments and links with science, is uncover a few things.

Last night I did this again after finding it peculiar that this who hard-left, Antifa, shill push was very heavily reliant on cherry-picking from Karl Popper and the Philosophy of Science.

Now then the Puppeteer in all this, is often alleged to be George Soros and the fact that the evidence is monumental and you are banned from mentioning him even on Fox News now seems to make him look like the one.

So would it surprise you to discover that he knew of Karl Popper and lauded him? Even this ‘Open Society’ is mentioned.

It should be noted that I pass by the London School of Economics in my travels and I spotted a picture of Karl Popper among others nearby.

I stopped and looked and it was weird because the LSE made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end as I thought about what they teach and what has occurred the last decade or so.


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