I have waited a very, very long time to find the final piece of my particular jigsaw.

It was a theory I came up with some time ago now and talked to many about despite knowingly and admitting to others that I did not have all the facts nor all the pieces.

I was spurned by those I know and knowing I was not a liar, they was drawn to the conclusion that I was losing my mind. Not stark raving mad, just quietly and slowly losing it.

I was also involved with events and organisations they also thought was mad. However, they were shocked to find out than when I revealed these details these were events that had gone of several months before. Because WHEN they were occurring and due to the dangerous sensitive nature of these events I simply could not tell.

Not only could knowing put those I told in danger but also if they talked about these things on social media they could be found out. And I had a plan and I did not want it to fail.

Those on social media now realise that I do not like getting things wrong and I do not like losing and sometimes I wonder when they talk about me that they are relieved I am on their side .. or the side of truth. As well as thankful I am not an evil genius.

Yeah I hate evil geniuses.

Details of this event, and one of very many, can be found with a recording in the post titled ‘Country of the Damned’.

The bizarre thing is that there were a few things going on kind of lumped into two different groups, one natural and one .. let us call it political.

After awhile as the two things kept going I started to think how weird this was and leant weight to the phrase ‘the whole world has gone mad’.

Then I saw some scientific data in January 2019 that led me to ask questions about possible links only to go and check, find this had changed too which led me to another link, the same result and so it went on.

These are sets of data that are not merely unprecedented in modern times but also things that occur over long geological time-scales and sometimes very long indeed.

These time-scales can be from 100 years, to 370 years and others likely a lot longer and some we do not have enough records and data on to even say.

Now think about this for a moment. Even going to our parents to our great grandparents lives we, personally, only know very little and in a finite period. Some records really only go back to 1650 odd and even that has question marks.

For example how these things were done back in the day, what was used, what could be measured or seen and were things classed back then as they are today?

Scientists from each field would admit that we know not very much or very, very little of any goven subject.

Indeed and to varying degrees if you actually look you will find a very long list of things that were accepted to be the case for years, decades even and claimed by scientist after scientist in the mainstream news or documentaries that ‘this is definitely how it is’.

This has disappointed me for years. On social media I call this #SimonSays which I also apply to those that immediately reject any science without the authority to do so because it goes against something they desperately want to be true which serves to help their agendas.

That would be man-made global warming or AGW. Until very recently it was the one thing the hard-left had.

In recent imes they have invented more and I have literally watched this unfold and up close with some and from afar with others.

Added to these unprecedented and record things, like Covid which I predicted, though for 2023-4, which at first appeared bad, I gave out dire predictions and run a series on here up top 6 parts and then stopped.

One of the things that scares the hell out of the hard-left is that they lie and they cannot catch me out doing this. It is a much talked about thing. In fact they are so desperate that they have to lie that they caught me lying and get told by others that they have never once done this.

Now I assume that these naïve fools think, or been brainwashed, that the right-wing also lie, which in all honesty in my experience I have not seen.

Mistakes are mistakes but lies have to be intentional.

Therein lies another problem they have as they immediately jump pn everything in the hard-left and scream ‘lie’. Also I get accused of being right-wing.

Bombshell alert. I am not.

Might as well point out that I have not voted for the right or the left. Indeed the only two times I voted was for Nigel Farage I spent a lot of time telling others about.

For the reasons why you can find the main reason for this in my previously mentioned blog post.

For years, as have others, we can not tell the difference between the parties and I have stated to friends with nodding agreements back, that they are all the same and it is all a charade.

I fought long and hard to get the Conservatives in who I had disliked for years.

This was because I had realised that an evern bigger evil that has directly affected my own life with both my daughter AND my grandchildren came fro the Jeremy Corbyn’s of this world.

I realised they were in no way shape or form the humanitarians they claimed to be and in their desperate attempt to grab the power they desire and will stop at nothing to get they dided with evil people and then treated victims like dogs.

No. This is not a gues, wild speculation or conspiracy theories and they really did and still are leaving their own for dead to gain an alliance with others that they will, in turn, screw over if they ever get power and f*cked with my life for decades while leaving me in pain.

The one thing that they did not want happening was me, of all people, realising who was really to blame and why.

Except I did.

I also started piecing things together and despite losing everything, home, car business and experts claim around £250,000 and my daughter £1 Million (was a court case until someone screwed it), I continued on.

Oh I have had to endure oh so much to do this.

But over my cold dead body would I ever stop. They had every chance to change this but they decided no to.

This made me dig my heels in, once getting past various periods of living hell, and back I would come.

I changed tactics, to draw attention and traffic to a blog that had been frozen revenue wise since 2016 because of what I was saying and what I was capable of.

Now I had hoped and prayed for some help, as has my daughter mainly for it to stop for me but in the hope she can get her father back, but it never came.

Its been infuriating that on the left money seems to fly around all over the place for those willing to lie, now we are heading to the crux of what this is about. But I wont sell my soul at any price.

Do not agree with corruption, socialism or this stupid dream of internationalism that morons trying hard to pretend they are intellectuals believe.

Now when this form of socialism popped up for the first tim,e not only had I never heard of it I thought it must be some kind of joke.

Trouble with socialists is like that of Jehovah’s Witnesses or at least hwo they was when I had a best friend at school who was one.

He would show me pictures of little girls walking among nature with their arms over the shoulder of a full on bad-ass Tiger.

“Wait so you saying that eventually this is what it will be like? You can walk down a path with a Tiger like a pet when you are small enough to be swallowed whole? If you have it like that what would be the point of being a Tiger? It has no hands”

Conversations went on like this for like 5 years at secondary school.

Now two things must be pointed out, I was an animal expert even back then as my father was an animal expert and worked in the laboratory department for the same school. Later setup up by the BBC over animals which caused his death.

Also it should be pointed out that my values are for honesty and truth and that despite the fact I am not religious not only do many values line up with them .. but they also give me names.

For instance after I started writing this blog Jehovah’s Witnesses locally nicknamed me ‘The Messenger’ and the title, I was told, was often used at the local Kingdom Hall.

Another one I net form a different Christian religion called me ‘Warrior of God’ and I told him he was barking up the wrong tree.

I digress.

Now than at then same time that all this scientific data was emerging from what seemed like every possible angle that had my head spinning .. there was the other madness going on in the world.

This .. polarization.

Before long I was getting into really rough battles on Twitter that I simply could not believe.

I had gave in and decided to use it to drive more traffic to my blog to get around this censorship attempt by freezing my revenue.

Being honest, factual as well as scientific I was convinced from the early days that it would only take a couple of years and it would go viral. It did not happen and I started to ask myself why this was. Now I know.

Some truths are not OK.

Some lies are OK.

While on Twitter I started to see things from this ‘hard-left’ that were spiteful, nasty, evil, violent and 95% of the time simply a lie.

Then I got friendly with a Jewish lady, have many of those, who showed me a tweet from one where they wanted to hang her children in front of her. Wish I was lying. From the people calling everyone else Nazis who I soon relaised were not only anti-Semitic themselves but actually best friends with the people that want to murder all the Jews themselves and everyone else.

They also happen to be the same people, or one group, that not only ruined my life abut got help from the British Government to do this.

Now this, for those that have been coming here awhile, might seem far-fetched. Well if you have not heard the recording in the aforementioned post.

But the government just handed over a four bedroom house in a river side setting in a beautiful village in the countryside. To my daughter. Who told me along with her friends this will never happen.

They fully furnished it. They said that would never happen either and told me in 2017 they do not have 4 bedroom houses.

My daughter is in shock. She moved in a couple of days who and I have remained quiet about this and am awaiting a phone-call just to find out if she is, indeed, in. She feared Covid would prevent her from moving into the property.

Sound good?

Well no. It is, at the end of the day, a council owned house.

The British Government owe her around £1 Million to £2 Million.

Yeah I worked for solicitors who were friends and I spoke to my own experts regarding our case each of which jaws dropped open upon hearing the story ..

“Have you .. ANY IDEA of how much this case is worth?”

Do not even get me started on the media agents.

My daughter and her friends, like mine in London, thought the same as my own friends and family and that I mentioned earlier. I was wrong or mad.

“No, they would not do things like that”

“No they cannot do that, they swear a Hippocratic Oath”

“No that is insane it wont get that bad”

Today I have a string of apologies form people saying

“It is actually [BLEEPING] worse than you predicted!”

Yeah. Noticed.

Also noticed and mentioned before is that these hard-left promoting socialism and are the same people promoting AGW claim to be into this and the science and but repeatedly demonstrated they know very little about science and acknowledge nothing.

Now they were believed to be westerners but I have shown this so so much that know everyone thinks they are CCP agents. Agents of Xi Jinping.

In fact when they was first accused they all started singing the praises of the CCP and China and a new name popped up with a white Canadian in his photo who also had things on his profile.

They claimed they were winning.

Profile of people talking like far-left who had followers in two digits to around 1,800 at best. But they are winning. And they told this to someone who had amassed 15,000 followers in just a few years. It is funny how numbers work differently to how they think. As does science.

Then there was this Presidential Election 2020. Hooooo boy.

Well we knew cheating would be involved.

So then what could be done about this? Well I was always pretty good at getting my predictions accurate, mostly in science but was becoming good with politics.

So after seeing the first data I wrote a piece, after looking at every angle, titles ‘Magnetic Pole Reversal’ decided this would be part one and with each piece showed where I went next on the path from seismology to volcanism and astrophysics and beyond.

So throughout 2019 I was on this thread arguing with people who were flat-out lying, built up a reputation by getting a record number of blocks, over 80 I know of. Got blocked by Professor Brian Cox and Michael Mann purely for pointing out their errors. Got blocked by Rob Honeycutt and Professor Katherine Hayhoe by reputation only. And others.

Now it should be pointed out that Geologist YouTuber Potholder54, who is baised and far-left leaning as well as disingenuous, told me that an account on Twitter of the same name that the CPP praisers claimed was him, was not him. This Twitter account also lost and blocked me.

Now remember this. Someone claiming to me Potholder who was telling people is a climate scientist, it is not yet a science technically, claimed he did not use Twitter.

That was what he said and I have a screenshot of that.

Now what would you think if I told you he knew Rob Honeycutt of one of the lying scientific sites promoting AGW? I found an article where Honeycutt praises Potholder for being unbiased?

I guess he did not see the three or four videos I watched?

And remember Rob Honeycutt blocked me when I have never been on the same thread as him. Ever.

I would also wager that Potholder also knows Professor Katherine Hayhoe who had also blocked me and when others asked what I had said to her I said “Nothing. I have never been on the same thread as her so not sure how she blocked me. Can only be by reputation.”

Now here is where .. you might raise an eyebrow because already it could be argued that Potholder lied and that account was indeed his. By which case he has been lying on it. Have screnshots of this too.

Potholder on YouTube does not know my Twitter account name.

But he is friends with Rob Honeycutt who blocked me without even being on the same thread as me .. EVER!

Did they get my name form the fairies at the bottom of their gardens?

Certainly have not got it from this blog as, as they like to remind me, be sracastic about and take the absolute piss as if it is a win.

“No one goes to your crappy crank blog as everyone knows you are nuts”

That is one of the more tamer lies.

Now you can imagine that with my daughter pateintly waiting for me to get help .. that being praised, called the King and everyone telling me they need me around and one of the best of not the best at what I do .. its frustrating that not at a single time have I been offered help.

You would think that they way people talk about me with each other that ..

  1. I had millions to my blogs each month
  2. Prominent YouTubers talk about me and I would see my viewership rise

Any idea how many others I have promoted on my blogs?

Any idea how many YouTubers and others I have promoted on social media?

Some that talk to me simply, well NOW, do not get it. They really think the world has gone mad and do not understand how I have not got ten to a hundred times the viewers that I have.

Is it people not helping? Or is someone blocking or hiding the reposts or links?

I am not just on Twitter. I am on a total of four that work like Twitter does and each and every one of them had had strange redesigns where they look alike now. Also a few habve had follower numbers suddenly DROP out of the blue and then only rise slowly.

At the rate it rose in the first year and the way these things are designed to work I should have 50,000 followers plus by now just across those four platforms.

Got over 10,000 in the first year.

Then I started battling ti build up my reputation while doing the right and honest things and this took two years. My followers went up by only another 5,000 or less while my reputation seemingly went through the roof.

Now I have touched upon this before.

However two people came on recently and one started following me and chatting to me via DM and THEY offered to help.

They also stated that this blog was out of this world.

They also stated that it was obviously being suppressed ans should have a lot more viewers than it does.

They said that I was something along the lines of legendary.

They said that they was going to help. Nice to hear but this has happened so many times even my daughter is bored with hearing it.

Did I mention that they was one of the founder members of Anonymous?

I told then that they approached me years ago to write an article and said they would pay me and while they go their article IO never got paid.

They said they were not susprised and it is no longer the ogranisation they knew and it made them furious.

I told them I had noticed this and had warned them but got no response.

It would appear that some groups believe they have the God given right to act like inhuman morons and demonic like beings?

And each time its ‘but everyone else are the bad guys’.

‘Two wrongs do not make a right’. Learnt that one as a child. What do they teach people in school and universities today?

Each one of these posts I think maybe this time it will take off enough to make a difference? Maybe this time it will reach the right person to make a difference? Maybe this time by ad revenue will unfreeze? A lot of maybes and a need to escape my hell and replace my equipment.

Oddly for a bunch of people always going on about money they sure do think that things can just be done for free.

Thought about posting my Patreon account but the issue is here are the links and the hard-left will Sargon of Akkad me.

I should really set something up with Subscribe Star but I wondered if that would just go the same way?

Been told for 3 years it will all end soon and I am still waiting.

And then there was that election.

Where it went nuts.

Well so yeah I made a load of predictions that throughout 2020 all came true bar a couple. None have actually failed. Of the two that are yet to come ..

  1. A Grand Solar Minimum will be announced, kinda sorta has
  2. 2020 is the last year the hard-left have as by 2021 it will all be over when GSM is realised

Now then ..

What do you supposed went through their heads as they watched each and every prediction come true?

Oh on each occasion they tried vbery hard to wist things to claim I was wrong.

In July it was claimed that I had stated that we would be in an ice-age by now. And of course I never said that, only ever said it will get colder for 7 years and then 20 years plus when my prediction for solar minimum lasting until October panned out.

I, of course, asked him to produce the tweet and also, of course, it was not produced.

But they are into the science. Apparently.

Yeah so we knew they was going to cheat. And these were high level Antifa. And two years is a long time to bat at something for 99,5% of that time.

Do you think as they were all talking to each other on the lefty grape-vine they were getting edgier and edgier? Do you think that as the Presidential Elections got closer they were starting to panic?

Is it reasonable to assume that this would result in them becoming sooo fearful that they would attempt to cheat in many ways, in may areas and so over the top it would become obvious very quickly?

They thought my goal was to help Trump.

My goal was one of duty, truth and above all .. REVENGE! Justice, you might say and I do not like losing.

Then all the reports and interviews and details along with affidavits and lawsuits came flooding in and even more so than I imagined. It has been like a Tsunami and I wonder if and when it will ever stop?

What are the hard left doing and saying?

  • Wanted countless impeachments and Trump gone despite no evidence
  • Spent 48 hours and still are insisting there is no evidence of fraud
  • Having a mass meltdowns
  • Incident of Poll watchers being refsed to watch the ballot count
  • This included one registered Democrat in one interview
  • This involved three Republican women in another let in after 10 hours which at ths point was useless
  • Vans and trucks turning up with ballots after a point when they should not
  • USPS worker accounts of postmasters rigging voting
  • Software Glitch that happened to go in joe Biden’s favour
  • Software called ‘Dominion’ the exact word I have accused the hard-left of longing for
  • Late surges that see Biden leap-frog a big lead by Trump
  • Tens of thousands of deceased people voting for Biden
  • 350,000 compromised ballots that I was told went up to 900,000
  • Affidavits, affidavits affadavits which was at thirty something and I heard ninety something at one point

I started to wonder what you were going to hear, before this ie even slowed down, from the likes of ..

  • Sargon of Akkad
  • Styxhexenhammer
  • Tim Pool
  • Count Dankula
  • Paul Joseph Watson
  • The Quartering
  • Alex Jones
  • Joe Rogan

But no none of all that ever happened according to the hard-left and it is all false .. ALL OF IT.

These are the people that spent years insisting there was evidence for impeachment when there was not. I do hope many realised this?

These people are nmot only dangerously insane they are also criminally insane and the only thing that makes any sense would be that if 80% of these people were agents from elsewhere. Like China, for instance.

Now believe me if that interests you or anything else that is coming. Fifty thousand of them are coming. In fact already here. Well .. over there. Likely here too.

In time ..

And then there are the smaller guys talking about these Earth events like ..

  • David Dubyne
  • Jake and Mari of GSM News
  • Daimond Dave of the Oppenheimer Ranch Project
  • Ice Age Farmer

And then there are all the fake news media who were literally declaring Joe Biden as President Elect when he is not and nor is it there job to do so.

Then I noticed after Boris Johnson had congratulated Biden, prematurely, they they both had the same message to the people ..

‘Build Back Better’

Now I have stated on this very blog for years thjat there seems to be some group effort that stretches far and wide of something going on and that the people are bing misled.

They have also been cheated out of their hard earned wages.

I did not care what the hard-left wanted to label it is as the term does not mean what they imply and nor does the term prove anything just because they used it.

You have fact. And you have fiction.

You have truth. And you have lies.

You have science. And you have Pseudoscience.

And then you have a large number of people willing to abuse all those as well as maths while ignoring history because they think they can get something out of it. Money or power os some other perverse ‘turn-on’ from it.

It does not matter today where you look, certainly in the western world, it is completely and utterly insane. Globally.

It also matters not where you look in science .. it is utterly bonkers and very often unprecedented.

How can these two things be occurring at the same time? Could these be linked? Scientifically?

Maybe. Another ‘maybe’.

I had spoken previously about the Bees dying.

This occurred just prior to 2010 when there was a record long solar minimum.

Then I hard it come up again a few months ago during a second consecutive record breaking solar minimum.

Lack of sunspots leads to less crops, we have known this for hundreds of years.

This means less flowers then. Few flowers on all plants likely means that pesticides used they previously blamed that ends up in the nectar would become more concentrated. Reasonable to assume, a real possibility and the occurrences line up with the long solar minimums.

But what of the magnetic field?

We know it affects animals and they navigate by it. But we do not know how. There have been countless reports of animals turning up in strange places often thousands of miles away from home.

We also know that some people can detect or fel the magnetic field.

I have also had a suspicion that some very bad headaches I have been experiencing and my health condition of Fibromyalgia has been flaring up because of it.

Would it be influencing thought patterns and behaviours?

Once again you have a real scientific possibility that line up with two sets of unprecedented events.

Pattern recognition, of sorts, is what I am good at. So much so I had people years ago think I was psychic.

But this, however, does not explain it all.

Now I have talked about what I called Project Distraction.

That everything you see and hear is in fact a distraction. What I did not know is one of two things I have talked about as possibilities ..

  • Is this a unified plan from the elite or what they call globalists?
  • Is it what some believe that this is the elite at war with each other?

We re getting down to it now.

Now imagine its the second? What if there is indeed people influencing things?

Well as it turns out there is indeed what they think might be evidence emerged they are trying very hard to verify that would dwarf that of WikiLeaks.

Yeah you heard that right.

Now this needs to be verified and quite rightly they did not want to name any names but ..

  • 50,000 CCP spies in the USA
  • Politicians been compromised
  • Companies been compromised
  • Hollywood been compromised

Have you any idea what madness has gone in in Hollywood and how many people have been asking what in the world have they been doing to movies?

Why they have been intent for five years to ruin franchises and happy to lose money?

The possibilities are ..

  • All turned into a champagne socialist nut-job
  • For the idolisation of the woke crowd
  • For the money
  • For fear or because of bribery

Yeah this Trump Derangement Syndrome was way, way, WAY over the top and why it was given the name that it has.

In all honesty I thought it was a joke and the hashtag over the top but I soon discovered how wrong I was. Yes it does happen from time to time.

Oh and I am centre-left but I do not agree with socialism and I despise liars and fascists. Just so you know. The hard-left will tell you this is lies because I am not far-enough left. They love to lie like that and is a form of bullying by shaming to get people on side.

If you have enough idiots.

Now consider this .. The Great Reset?

I spoke about this only recently and I clearly stated that this was NOT planned since Covid and this was a plan that needed two decades in the planning.

Svalbard Seed Vault for a Doomsday everyone thinks is silly was done in the 1990’s and shortly after that things started to slowly go to shit.

By 2011 there was a video on YouTube you can still find and is on a previous post from the American Astronomical Society talking about a Grand Solar Minimum.

Forget about how old you are, forget about years, forget about what your daddy told you.

A series of events that only occur across giant geological time-scales all happening at the same time shortly after a Doomsday Vault was built which was shortly followed by the world descending into madness? Yeah right. Coincidence it is not.

Oh and I have not even touched upon my submarine volcano theory I have two parts on that will warm the water from below, create all the snow in rapid cooling events you might spot because sea creatures might die.

Oh and they have been dying.

And many hundreds of whales have died after beaching themselves from Australia to Spain and America.

And hundred of Sea Turtles have died each year.

Which the hard-left told me, and I have the screenshot, they dont give a shit about while claiming to save the world from man. Well if it not animals, saving it for who?

Are the hard-left being from another world like in The Day The Earth Stood Still or Knowing where they only want to save a select few .. that they never actually mention?

I should point out that as soon as I see all this data it become obvious to me that if this was going to happen that the bread baskets of the world would change.

I pointed out that places like Russia and China with all its people will likely become very nervous about losing the ability to produce enough food and might .. MOVE!

I also put the EU Army down to this, which they claimed there were no plans for later to be found out as being liars.

Its funny how trillions have vanished towards global warming and ye you have seen nothing but armies have been planned and put together.

Well it the rich and powerful suddenly got scared do you think they would worry about you or their own asses?

Where would they go to to survive?

Where would they need to go?

That depends on the question, how bad will it get?

Underground facility? Like a city or an old nuclear bunker? LHC would come in handy for that in Europe.

Large boats like in 2012 in case of a super volcanic eruption or they think there might be a continental shift event?

I mean if it was looking to be really bad some might want to live on a base on the Moon or even Mars, maybe? You might see after years of nothing a sudden interest in that? Could be a clue?

Maybe they might think nothing will happen in the UK and many Americans that are famous might start turning up and appearing in our TV adverts? Might? You never know.

But these guys looking into these documents look like they are doing an interesting and fabulous job, even IF his views of tabloids is a little .. well, off.

But what they are doing is ..

  • Looking at the ‘WHAT’
  • Not looking at the ‘WHY’

You will note at one point that they point out that this started building up in 2015.

Yeah that would be a year after a record low solar maximum after a record long solar minimum which has since been beaten when they first said

‘It is just like a Maunder Minimum’ and then saying ‘but we wont get any harsh winters because of all the CO2’

Which was followed by several years of harsh winters and people actually DYING. Yeah the video is in one of the parts and was on the BBC. ‘Why has the Sun Gone to Sleep’.

‘So many people demand the truth but wont see until they open their eyes and when they do, turn their tails and run as it is not the truth they are comfortable with’

Said that. Just now.

Nature has stunning levels of interconnectivity and only the amoral and those challenged would choose to ignore this fact”

I have also said that.

Those that refuse to be taught or unwilling to learn always have preconceived ideas of how the world is and how it should be”

And that.

What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It is what we know for sure that just ain’t so”

It was Mark Twain that said that.

Philosophy is about as useful to Science as Ornithology is to birds”

Richard Feynman said that.

If you thought the science was certain, well that is just an error on your part”

Richard Feynman also said that.

The true definition of madness is repeating the same action over and over hoping for a different result”

The hard-left seem to be unaware Albert Einstein said that.

You are unlikely to cure the stupidity of the person with whom you are talking, but you never know who is listening who will here you truth”

Howell Woltz and another that the hard-left are completely oblivious to.

Though as I was not getting a single response over an argument about whether real evidence does not exist while non-existent evidence does, I did not get a single response.

They have likely all muted me now, those that have not blocked.

I have also been asking people why Boris Johnson has been talking about quitting, or the rumour mill has, and was already asking people “How have we got to a point where we have had three Prime Ministers in a row quit? Why are there these plans to fly the Royal Family out and why are they using Brexit as the excuse?”

Told many people that what I now thought is that there was something bigger coming and in January 2019 I found the one thing that can explain the crazy times and behaviours that is effecting the entire world.

‘For a global effect you need a global threat’

I said that.

And it is not AGW, Covid or Brexit.

Funny that with the three that ..

  • Record Cold and Snow as I predicted
  • Nothing on the news about all the dead bodies anywhere in the world as I predicted
  • We are still waiting for Brexit as I predicted

Very handy that for many years the doors opened to allow the worst of other societies in they blamed on fear of losing foor from AGW and now the places where you can grow food have thinned out.

So if you wanted to go there .. far less nasty people to worry about and a lot more space.

By the time people realise the truth as its yet to go viral with me, the equatorial regions might even be empty?

Now watch the video and though they concentrate on the who and they effects .. ask yourself


And keep an eye on these guys, I eventually realised why the women looked familiar as she is from Subverse which I have only seen now and then.


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