This one is going to reveal a bit more about me and who I have come up against, who I debate along side with and who I have been compared to with screenshots at the end.

While I am still able to after very recent revelations.

Anger, disbelief and a return of deep concern after thinking I had gotten through a risky period is my state of play at this moment in time.

After a number of family members with symptoms seem to have them dissipate leading me to believe that there had been another virus going around I got into a chat with a friend.

He used to work at Cambridge University, had previously spoken to me regarding the Covid-19 outbreak and now told me his family at had symptoms which had now passed. So he though he had been infected with a mild form some had talked about. I was not so sure.

What we both thought was that something about this virus did not add up and this is likely because of the official numbers reported and the estimate numbers banded about.

I explained that despite hearing many sirens of late that these had all been Police sirens and that I had not seen so much as a single ambulance racing around or anyone looking ill being taken away.

Also I explained how I had indeed seen a single ambulance but in a way I had not seen an ambulance previously. Parked in a quiet side street that when I first noticed n in the distance thought it was only a matter of time before I see someone being taken away.

However, when I eventually passed it on the opposite side of the road it was just sitting there with the two paramedics sitting in it, no engine running .. just .. there.

My fiend had not seen anything either and now had we heard anything from anyone else seeing anything. Seeing all the videos out of China you kind of expected the same thing to be either seen or filmed by others and posted online? This is kind of hard to predict due to the fact that there are several different expert opinions on when Covid-19 appeared. October to December in China.

So could be three months from first cases before you see those sorts of scenes? First reported case n the UK was around the 9th of February so possibly middle of May?

That was over a week ago. Yesterday was a different story entirely. That was when everything changed.

My daughter’s grandmother had been in hospital and I was informed she had Covid and I had not heard from my daughter for three days. Sent her a message asking if she was OK. She called and said ‘bad news’ and I feared the worst.

She called me and was not crying like I expected and was confused until she explained what had happened and it went fro confusion to anger.

As it turned out her grandmother had recovered. Long before the quarantine time Arrowe Park Hospital had declared her free of the virus and she was picked up by her daughter and granddaughter. They took her home, they hugged and kissed. No idea how many people see her and greeted her.

Then she tells me that two days later she went downhill, ended up back in hospital from Covid and was put on a ventilator?!

  • Let out of Quarantine before her time
  • Told she did not have it any longer
  • Allowed to come into contact with an entire family that had just got over something we were worried might be Covid
  • Does have it and ends up back in hospital on a ventilator

How does that work?

I had warned for years that the NHS and many that work in it, other than some seriously courageous people who deserve medals, are seriously lacking. Putting it mildly and Doctors lie consistently completely breaking their Hippocratic Oaths. This is also not a rare occurrence and has happened with at least five GP’s I have been registered with, with the odd exception. Even one that admitted to be the constraints placed upon them by the NHS, who then quite because of it a few weeks later called Dr Huq, did lie to me once. Other than that she and Dr Pelosi who acted as locum in the same practice were the best General Practitioners I was ever registered with and by a country mile.

I had taken a rare bit of exercise and had been walking around outside while on the phone and other than sparse traffic the number of people had built up to look normal.

To my shock the number of people that did not have a mask at all had gone from like 20% of everyone I see to over 80% of everyone I see. It was bizarre.

Then I got back to the house where I was then informed someone close by had died. It was believed that the person was not known to us but turned out to be a Turkish man and store owner we had known for a couple of decades.

He died of Covid-19 .. and so did his father!

This was within the space of an hour.

Suddenly in a mere moment it became very real once more. Not that it had ever stopped, you understand.

Its also odd that the longest running predictions people thought I had lost my mind on I am now being vindicated over. Yes despite getting a lot of things right others that know me are staggered that despite my track record I was also doubted each time.

Maybe each time I did they thought that this time I have to get one wrong? It has been this way for 15 years now.

My process does not include making an immediate hypothesis and running with it. I do not like being wrong and I have to go over and over and over things in my mind and look at it fro every possible angle.

Then if all ruled out that which remains has to be the case, Or if there are more than one I examine which is the more likely scenario.

Have done better than I expected I would do if I am honest.

So over on Twitter the leftists go nuts whenever talk about an investigation into the World Health Organization is talked about and they literally go into meltdown. Quite bizarre.

Now the leftists state that only the Chinese Communist Party is to blame, so throwing them under the bus.

You are a conspiracy theorist now to think that the WHO is responsible, despite the obvious facts, or even call for an investigation and that they are innocent.

So remember this ..

  • The leftists decided that the WHO are innocent prior to investigation or anyone being privy to facts, documents, emails or witnesses
  • If the WHO did nothing wrong why so averse to said investigation?

So as I stated before there are all kinds of very odd things with Covid-19 that make no sense and of course this will have you come up with answers.

The difficulty comes when answering questions is the fact there are more than one possibility.

It is healthy to ask questions and think of the possible answers but the danger comes from hanging all that you have on the first answer you come up with or the one that you prefer. Worse still are the answers your told are true by some head of a group.

Here are some questions and some possible answers that apply in this outbreak.

  • Trump or the Deep State started it?
  • Yes, that is why it started in Wuhan.
  • Its fake because if it was real why are the hospitals are all empty?
  • But they asked everyone to stay at home and save the health services.
  • In China and the US they have yet to get all bodies out of houses.
  • So why in some countries the death rates are vastly different?
  • There are at least three different strains and I have been told there are over 200 in total and these do not all exist in every country
  • But My Government Said..
  • Governments are on the whole incompetent and without grounding the aircraft from day one, which leftists, stupidity/feelings/PC, and airline companies, money, did not want to do and if you do not do that there is little more you can do
  • But why does it look like they want it to spread?
  • Well it does, after all what utter stupidity was it to let hundreds of thousands or millions of people into already overpopulated areas like Europe and the UK? The EU will be destroyed over this
  • Leaders egos despite varying levels of incompetence
  • Not doing enough testing which could be down to manpower, enough test kits, faulty test kits and time. Or that the virus just spreads too fast
  • But the official numbers tell us ..
  • In reality, absolutely nothing
  • Death rates are calculated the wrong way, you can only go by time and therefore recovered and deaths
  • Then there are the unknowns like how many people had it without incident and detection and how many bodies are there in homes that are undetected?
  • China, Russia, Iran are lying and many are under-reporting or not being open
  • Various models and estimations have not been reported enough on, if at all, or being discussed and its more important to show videos from people’s homes or groups in the street clapping for nurses when groups in the street have been banned
  • But I think its overblown ad not that dangerous so I am going to defy the advice ..
  • Do not blame you for thinking that, but ignoring the rules and not taking precautions and wearing masks and your wrong and you could get yourself killed, a loved one killed or anyone you meet killed

Scientists have annoyed me for years wit their naivety and incompetence.

Everything in nature is wonderful, a miracle and beautiful. No.

Why do viruses even exist and how is it that after knowing about these things for a millennia this has still been able to happen? Its not looking quite so beautiful and miraculous right now to anyone is t?

Then you have the ECO-FUCKING-IDIOTS and leftists, Marxists the likes of Extinction Rebellion who are celebrating the deaths and say the planet is healing itself.

  • Earth is not alive, it is just a pace where LIFE was able to exist
  • How do you know viruses did not originate in space?
  • Or life, for that matter?
  • Plant Earth that does not last forever where everything could be wiped out at any point or will one day cease to exist because the Sun does NOT have a limitless source of energy?
  • As for healing itself what of the theory that Viruses originate from Space? The Panspermia question?

Or how about my linking virus outbreaks to cosmic rays and solar cycles in January 2019 in my climate change and Grand Solar Minimum series?

Anton Petrov is good, makes mistakes though rare and thought that Covid-19 would come to nothing and then found himself quarantined in South Korea.

“It is at the point when we think we know enough about nature to become complacent that something we did not know materialises to teach us in the worst way possible”

“When ones life has been entirely destroyed but for a few moments many of which later became a nightmare, what level of revenge upon those responsible is acceptable?”

“Despite all the lives you may have seen, mine is unlike any other”

“Nature has stunning levels of interconnectivity and only the amoral and those challenged would choose to ignore this fact”

“Those that refuse to be taught or unwilling to learn always seem to have preconceived ideas of how the world is and how it should be”

Now lets get into another aspect or rather evil in all this and that is the nasty and amoral censorship regarding the social media giants and the deaths they have caused.

Google are burying things as are Twitter and added to this they are still hitting you with advertising to sell things, which will dry up.

YouTube has limited everyone and fucked off home and no one can mention Covid-19 without getting caned by them when there is nothing going on in the world, in movies, TV limited, games limited, sports all cancelled and the virus affecting absolutely everyone.

Mention the virus in a YouTube video and you can get demonetized or worse, de-platformed. Yes that will end well and their naivety while acting superior to everyone and showing what dictators they are will destroy them.

Yeah yeah GAB is so evil despite the fact I have only seen 6 fringe far-right people on it in 3 years or more.

And then there is Facebook. Started to give out warnings and informing me that my post links were ‘fake news’ with no reason, evidence and were wrong.

Everyone on Twitter is anonymous due to the behaviour, bullying and trolling of the far-left trying to silence people and the truth over political correctness. Many I know even centre-left people will not even open Twitter accounts due to the hard-left and their poisonous personalities. So I have thousands of friends but no one knows each other names, for the most part.

So what family and friends from real life I am connected with online are on Facebook of which there are a few dozen. These will all have their own family and friends.

So the best way to get advice to them, because anyone that knows me personally know to trust every word I say, is on that platform.

So I have been posting between a couple to a few dozen times every day safe in the knowledge that the info I discovered and the answers I came up with would get to them and help everyone.

Well so I thought.

Each post I get a notification to say its been posted and if I look at my wall its all there. SO Facebook is telling me there are no problems with my posts.

But I was not getting a lot of likes nor comments and people were asking me questions to which the answers had already been posted?!

My daughter did this several times and I said that I had been putting all this on my Facebook wall and she sends me a screen-shot of my wall and says “Dad? This is all I see when I look at your wall”

Today is the 13th of April 2020 and as stated I have posted between 3 and a few dozen posts every single day and the posts can be found because they are the exact same on Twitter, GAB, Minds and Parler and can easily be compared by anyone. So in the space of a few months you can see that this is hundreds if not thousands?

June 21st 2018.

That is the last post of mine to appear on my Facebook wall to my daughter where I had been leaving links to webpages and videos I had thoroughly scrutinized in politics, global warming, the Grand Solar Minimum possibility and the Covid-19 outbreak.

The last post was a link to a blog but other links to said blog have also been removed when linking the blog to Facebook does me no favours at all but does help people I know personally.


Meanwhile YouTube that wont allow anyone centre-left to right-wing to get away with anything at all is protecting a progressive YouTuber called Suzy Lu who has been stealing entire videos to react to and posting them on YouTube and now her own webpage and allowed to get away with it.

To make things worse those that have criticised her she has reported for online bullying or pointing out what she did and had videos taken down, stopping their income, and YouTube have reported here.

I have had videos demonetised for 30 seconds of a song playing in the background from a radio or my PC while filming a mountain bike or a salamander.

She plays a 90 minute, give or take, a full video and nothing. Others react to things and do not play the whole episode or film and they get strikes.

Now what I am going to do now is show you some lists of names and at the end of the post and where I can I will show you some screen-shots to these lists.

And please remember that the Social Media Giants have promoted pure bullshit to mislead people but have done their very utmost to brilliant people that either know and post the truth or those asking questions regarding the ‘official lines’ which have been CONSISTENTLY WRONG!


  • Kenneth Richards (No Tricks Zone)
  • David Montagne (Author)
  • Geraint Hughes (Author)
  • Ned Nikolov (Scientist)
  • Patrick Moore (Co-Funder Greenpeace)
  • Don Smith (Radio Host of the Don Smith Show)
  • GSM News (on Youtube and
  • David Dubyne (Adapt 2030 on YouTube)
  • Ice Age Farmer (YouTuber)


  • Ned Nikolov
  • Karl Zeller
  • Antony Watts (Watts Up With That)
  • Geraint Hughes
  • Don Smith


  • Professor Brian Cox (Blocked by)
  • Michael Mann of Hockey Stick Fame (Blocked)
  • Dr Paul Williams (ran away)
  • Climatologist (whose name I cannot recall – ran away)
  • Gerald Kutney (uses fake assed app that just declares you a BOT so he does not have to engage in debates, Bot Sentinel I scored 93% in that many cheered about))
  • Professor Katherine Hayhoe (blocked me but do not recall ever engaging with her)
  • Gavin Schmidt (is a name I seem to recall but do not recall what happened)

These lists are only in regard to Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Consider its likely incomplete, only recently realised who Kenneth Richard is after many months, those I do not know as most everyone is anonymous and those I am not recalling.

Then look at my subjects covered on my blog, like Brexit, immigration and many others and ask yourself this ..

How many people have I beaten, never lost, and how many others have I spoken to and debated alongside?

Robert J. O’Neil (Shot Osama Bin Laden), Kris Paranto (Benghazi and the Michael Bay film 13 Hours about the incident), David Vance are some I have spoken to .. and Sarah Champion who was or is a Member of Parliament in the UK. Very likely many others.

And in crazy times you might see and hear some crazy things but often the truth is just plan crazy.

“When all has been discounted, whatever remains, however improbable, has to be the truth” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

So I predicted in this from the beginning, numbers in China are lies and its far from over and due to the scientific data the virus is likely to mutate many times

Here is NTD’s China In Focus uploaded on the 12th April 2020 explaining that the Sichuan area are setting up 52,000 quarantine rooms. A city that borders Russia is having issues while the Russian Army are sending infected Chinese back to the country. There are know three known mutations.

So only intended as a rough guide and looking at the graph in a previous post ..

If we say for arguments sake the first cases appeared in China in November 2019 it is now April 2020 and that is five months. If it takes a month to peak that is May and then this second wave not likely to drop down until September? Just for these areas. There may be more areas emerge? Never believed the numbers or the maps it was just obvious nonsense.

So if we take February as a rough date for the US, UK and Europe? Could a second rise therefore occur around July or August? Peak around October or November? Not go back to low levels until into early 2021?

But the World Health Organization are not to to blame according to Marxists, Socialists, Trotskyists, communists and leftists in general who can decide this without an investigation.

Oddly that a growing number of people, governments and nations are saying the exact opposite and calling for the WHO to be abolished? Here is Taiwan who claimed to have alerted the WHO but were ignored? So they lied when they told the world China told them before going on to lick their boots?

Courtesy of follower, ‘Voice of the Insane’.

The one thing to remember is this .. people are worried and openly talk about how governments was t introduce more authoritarian powers over us using the fear of Covid-19 to do it?

Well do not let the fear allow you to relinquish the freedoms you have.

Why would you? Exactly what countries handled the outbreak well? Also what authoritarian powers did they have?

That would be South Korea and no authoritarianism.

If anyone allows their government to increase their power over you then you are not only doing this for the wrong reasons but it wont improve anything and in a short space of time you will regret it.

I get shown all kinds of things too. One that Bill Gates has his name on some document, I did see, to do with Coronavirus ownership or the drugs ownership or something?

Then there is this one which was recent ..

Worse in South Africa than they are telling you and from an Epidemiologist so gets added to the list of Russia, Iran, China, Turkey and others ..

Reported in 2012 it was not going up ..–chart-prove-it.html

Also a Met Office report recently showed that the UK, which has seen nothing like the severe cold and snow seen in a long list of countries yet, has been cooling in recent years ..

How about this to show you how you have been manipulated for a political cause?

Elevated atmospheric [CO2 ] can dramatically increase wheat yields in semi-arid environments and buffer against heat waves” ..

Now then this video is the first documentary I have seen that runs through the history thus far of the Novel Coronavirus that came to be named Covid-19. When things occurred as far as we know at the present time. What happened when. Who said what. Again as far as we know thus far.

Am absolutely certain that six months from now there is going to be way more revelations right now that are going to lead to so many things.

I do not care about political leanings. I do not care about deities. Science is my thing. It is just the facts Ma’am and nothing else.

It is for this reason that despite thousands of leftists attacking me, possibly tens of thousands, they have not gotten rid of me nor silenced me and it is why they are shit scared.

My popularity, praise and the names that those that like me, call me is yet another reason they live in terror of me.

Webs of lies do not last very long when I am around. Nor will I allow them to wherever I may find them.

Here is Tim Pool on how everything they tell us is lies and how its nuts in the US, Police are stupid for grabbing people in what is supposed to be a pandemic while also breaking the law

Lastly is a video about how China thinks it is the new ‘Master Race’? That they have now tried to blame African countries while said African countries state that the virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and started to kick the Chinese out of Africa?

I really do, do the things I say I do and have done the things I say I have done as these lying hard-left scoundrels discovered and these are just a tony fraction of what I have. Have threatened, or promised, to publish them for awhile but always put it off. Maybe more if they prove popular?



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