Well that has not gone well.

There are times when you hope that you are wrong, Pray that you are wrong.

This must be the hardest thing I have ever research and argued about and I did not even think a few years ago I could come across anything harder than many things I have already covered.

In fact as I posted about the Coronavirus Covid-19 on social media I became very work out from it all and slowed my posts. But to help people and, now this time around, save people I simply had to post as much as I could find, after sifting through the wheat and the chaff.

Quite unfortunately it appeared the the governments, fake news and social media who have got it wrong continuously decided to start censoring people that had got it right.

With the absolutely incredible blunders they have all made that have already led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people and the way that Virology models work will inevitably be hundreds of thousands of people. To actually censor those on this is ..

The greatest crime to mankind in modern times.

Your talking about a period now where actual wars have killed less people. The way it is looking right now World War 2 might end up being over-taken for deaths?

And in their infinite wisdom they have decided to censor people in an automated fashion while they all slither off to their war bunkers?

I had warned people about the failings of the public services and governments, warned then for years this was coming and I warned the about a growing censorship that I called Project Distraction like they were building up to something coming. They called me mad .. well some.

I had warned that wars, a great cooling period that would greatly affect food production, huge volcanic eruption and deadly pandemic were all possibilities.

After seeing some data in January 2019 I realised that my statement after seeing signs myself for around 5 years up to that period was looking absolutely certain. As I always do once I have been over everything enough times I post about it.

Two days ago my daughter contacted me and she did not seem to know certain things about the Coronavirus and the numbers. I told her she had missed a few thing but I had posted hundreds of things to my Facebook wall so she, family and friends would be aware and could protect themselves.

Now I had posted these on 8 different platforms and according to Facebook and the sounds and visually they were there.

She sent me a screenshot of my wall and told me this was the latest thing coming up to me and I ashed if she was joking? It was a post from this blog I posted well over a year ago!

I simply could not believe it!! All the posting I had done now looked to have not been seen by anyone?! AT ALL?!

Twitter has been hiding my tweets as well as tweets from others that talk about the virus and a number of other things.

Yeah sorry this cannot even be passed off as mere incompetence.

This is wilful murder of hundreds of thousands if not ending with millions of people and can only be viewed as actions they knew full well would help SPREAD the virus and kill more people.

At the very minimum the top tier controllers of these social media sites, long since proving how evil they are, should be not just removed entirely but PUNISHED!!

I cannot emphasize enough how things will rapidly break down and how quickly now this will happen. Even Tim Pool is now talking about the wars I have predicted for so very long now.

Now I will get into this in greater detail later in the post but you have to keep in mind some very basic things right here and right now

  • Now past one million cases
  • The total cases of a given nation will be twice the given number and potentially up to one hundred times the given number
  • As of today, 4th March, the rise of cases is still exponential
  • This has to go through a period of dropping off before it hits is peak
  • This peak could last for days or weeks
  • When the peak is reached you have the same amount of time before the cases reported get to zero
  • There is a lag time to the numbers dying
  • Therefore as the cases start to drop the deaths will continue to rise
  • When this occurs the death rates will rise further
  • Because they are incorrectly calculating death rates from those that have died to the number of cases and it is commonly states that there is a two week period AFTER symptoms occur that people succumb

So cases still rising sharply.

Time from peak to end is roughly same time from start to peak.

Time from start to peak is getting longer with each day.

After the peak when new cases drop deaths will still rise at whatever rate they are for a minimum of two weeks. In theory.

Considering that the deaths rates are rising right not you have to understand that the way they calculate them means that the rate will rise faster for two weeks or more after the peak has been reached.

These are not my rules but the rules that the powers that be and the World Health Organization decided upon in their infinite wisdom.

As this gets realised by more and more people and that fact is inevitable, there will be a rising anger among more and more people because everyone everywhere has been affected by this outbreak in varying degrees. It might even reach a point where its directly? That everyone will have lost someone they cared about. A friend or a family member?

Now that I have explained this, arguably twice, the best ways I can I can then go into some numbers, graphs and an established simple SIR Model used to virus outbreaks.

Also remember that peaks will be reached at different times and some countries are sill a long way from this. Sweden is ramping up now. Africa and South America has just got started and that claim that it wont spread in the warm weather looks like its about to be blow out of the water.

So before I get into the nitty-gritty and ugly of this lets recaps a few things.

  • You were given fake numbers
  • You was told the CCP were wonderful and being open
  • You was told the flu was worse
  • You was told the death rate was 1%
  • You was told it would not affect everywhere
  • You was told it was not airborne
  • You was told that warm weather would stop it or slow it down
  • You was told masks were dangerous and not to buy them or wear them
  • Italian Doctors and Nurse have stated “This is NOTHING like we were told!!”
  • It did not take very long, 5 to 10 days, for the ‘official’ cases to go from 500,000 to one million
  • Thus is the nature of exponential rises
  • In theory and providing ability to count and ‘officially’ two million should be reached in 5o to 10 days
  • Not so sure the ability to count can last much longer
  • Italian health professionals stated they stopped counting the deceased in some places
  • There will be other nations that stop long before the Italians did

You see the dangers of calling all this data and using it t extrapolate things to tell you, the public, about?

There are so man things being done wrong, the numbers are not right at best and at worse are an utter lie and out by a large magnitude.

We cannot know exactly but with the lies and incompetence you cannot even get anywhere near close. And you cannot take precautions if you do not know the facts.

Many around me that hate the fact I know things and all doubted me among family and friends are all telling each other “well .. he was right”

The issue is this time you did not have years to whinge and state that I was wrong and you literally had mere weeks and I knew this and I warned them.

I told a nephew in early February who had previously been a germophobe “Remember everything you was like and did and get everyone to do it because this thing is coming”

Was trying, and failed, to relocate to North Wales at the time.

Now 10 people in my family, direct and indirect, has symptoms and two of those are in their 90’s and 300 miles apart. One has been hospitalized and given a preliminary diagnosis of Covid19 and one has been looked at by NHS Paramedics with their usual X-Ray Vision I talked about for years and told she does not have it.

I have developed some new symptoms that has me wondering is I have switched from a lingering cold to the virus and one other person in the building has a fever.

Going on the official UK numbers I never expected us in central London to be in close proximity to Covid19 let alone people in the Wirral, Anglesey, Enfield Waltham Abbey and Islington in London.

Personally I had to slow down on posting thins regarding deaths on my various social media platforms and tried to restrict it to things that can actually help. I became weary of it and it was depressing. Not only at the deaths but also at the absolutely appalling way it was being treated or ignored by most of the world.

They have hundred of years to prepare for this and wit organisations like FEMA and COBRA and no doubt others.

And despite my warnings and massive claims that the are into science the Global Warming Cult made up of hard-left idiots that know jack-shit about any area of science as I prove on a daily basis got everyone to focus on CO2 and evil white man the last few decades.

A stunning level or arrogance and ignorance that both Richard Feynman and Freeman Dyson would be shaking their heads over today

These two brilliant men made a large number of quotes over the years that when put to the AGW Cult that declare in a daily basis that they are either high up on science of even scientists and PhD’s, that the cult either ignore or try to say back them up.

They did this most of the time with Richard Feynman. Freeman Dyson not used s he declared openly that more CO2 is not a bad thing, that it had been demonized, lowering it was stupid. He also said in interviews that he knew the scientist that came up with the first climate model, often used by the hard-left, and that they both stated that these were only good for understanding things about the climate. You could not use it to predict the climate.

Later in the post I will place a number of quotes from both men on this and you can work it out for yourselves. You cannot make big decisions on something that, despite what they claim, has not in any way come close to being proven. Correlation, and you do not even have that because of temp drops and pauses, does not mean causation.

It is never straightforward in science. Yes the answer are quite simply once discovered but its normally a series if things. In the case of the climate its the Sun, Volcanoes, Cosmic Rays, Meteor dust and possibly magnetic fields, Gravity, Milankovitch Cycles and barycentre are all contributing factors.

How deep it goes when in a cooling phase depends largely on how many of the above factors come into play at the same time. As well as to what degree. Large enough asteroid strikes will have had effects in very ancient times. As the dinosaurs found out to their cost.

Also below will be the usual series of links and videos, which according to the hard-left AGW Cult made up of Antifa you cannot use YouTube either. Just a lame excuse for ruling out anything that proves them wrong.

What is most bizarre is despite the work I have done and the research they seem to be clueless to what is going on. Stated that the drop in emissions and will only be temporary and despite their uses on graphs and models fail to see the inevitable.

They know I am working on this and keep calling me names and taking the pish but they are worried about it, that is for certain.

What is staggering and telling about them claiming to be abut fairness and lives is that what with coronavirus cases going over one million globally, will hit two million in a week and what with the mainstream media now talking about the real cases in China, Iran and Russia alone being large factors higher than they are telling us they still say nothing has changed.

Like I stated .. STAGGERING!

They are online saying that absolutely nothing has changed even after I post this list ..

  • They are losing support
  • The celebrities that said what they wanted to hear are being laughed at or ripped apart over the Coronavirus and their bleating
  • No mainstream media is talking about AGW or Woke Culture any more
  • Leftist Fake News Media was already in financial troubles
  • Will get worse when no one wants to advertise because profits are down
  • No Politicians are talking about AGW or Woke Culture any more
  • They have lost the fear factor they used of adults and children
  • Now everyone has a very REAL threat to deal with
  • No factories are not back to normal or will they do for the foreseeable future because you cannot manufacture what you cannot sell
  • Unfortunately there are likely to be many less people across the world when this is over
  • This could take a year or two
  • After that you have the psychological aspect
    • Fewer people in the world and ..
    • People scared to get on a plane, ship or even train
  • Still in a deep solar minimum meaning it has to get cooler
  • Temps and weather flip-flopping which could bring about a second wave
  • Cosmic Ray record highs might bring about more mutations and not just in the Coronavirus but Influenza too?
  • Global Depression the likes of which we have never seen
  • Funding for World Health Organisation, the IPCC, the United Nations and Climate Scientists gone in a puff of smoke
  • After three years of this we would have had three longer and colder winters
  • Worst part about it for the is Donald Trump’s popularity was already growing but now growing faster due to his daily virus updates
  • Backlash to come from leftist social media who censored people over virus and other things without telling them
  • I had over a year of Facebook posts go missing meaning that I thought I was proving life saving info to friends and family but now Facebook, Google and Twitter may have murdered people I know?

And yet despite all this and everything I include from here on out with numbers, graphs and models the AGW Climate Alarmists are still on Twitter every day, thought they seem to appear in waves now, claiming all this is nonsense.

This is their idea of rebuttal to everything above and bear in mind these are self-declared scientists.

  • Emissions drop temporary
  • Will go back to normal
  • Liar
  • Wrong
  • Bullshit
  • Moron
  • Funding will keep growing. Idiotic lie.
  • It will continue to get warmer
    • No mention of inactive Sun
    • No mention that this will prove that they had no control if it did get warmer and
    • Ignored the fact, and failed to realise what I meant when I stated they were in a
    • Lose-Lose Scenario
    • CO2 goes down Earth continues to warm then they could not prevent it
    • CO2 goes up and Earth gets cooler the former is not man and does not heat up the Earth
    • CO2 goes down and Earth gets cooler their argument is over, but they INSIST because of SCIENCE that this will not happen
  • Mainstream Media talking about AGW more than ever. Lie.
  • Everyone’s a conspiracy theorist
  • If Richard Feynman was alive today he would agree with them. Totally false and proven to be. But they insist so its now lying.
  • Volcanoes increasing not ding anything
  • Lack of Sunspots not doing anything
  • Seas are rising and acidifying and when told this is submarine volcanoes they insist this is bullshit and I am a moron
  • I am far-right is repeated and despite being sown I am centre-left they are now lying in the hope of stopping people from listening to me
  • Got reported hundreds of times, restricted around 15 times on the same thread because that is how leftists do scientific rebuttal these days

Yes these are scientists .. a few so-called experts, a few that claim to have several degrees, one a Professor and a couple of PhD’s.

Yes they have and yes I have destroyed them all. But they insist that they have defeated me and proven me to be a liar many time. Normally you just get tweets from many on my side that just laugh their heads off over those claims.

Now then lets start dealing with some numbers before moving onto the rates of rises and then falls and a model as to how this is likely to go.

Death Rates of Key Diseases

  • SARS 9.6%
  • MERS 34%
  • Swine Flu 0.02%
  • Influenza <1%

Here are numbers for the most deadly in history

  • THE BLACK DEATH (1346-1353) Death Toll: 75 – 200 million
  • FLU PANDEMIC (1889-1890) Death Toll: 1 million
  • SIXTH CHOLERA PANDEMIC (1910-1911) Death Toll: 800,000+
  • SPANISH FLU PANDEMIC (1918) Death Toll: 20 -50 million
  • ASIAN FLU (1956-1958) Death Toll: 2 million
  • FLU PANDEMIC (1968) Death Toll: 1 million
  • HIV/AIDS PANDEMIC (AT ITS PEAK, 2005-2012) Death Toll: 36 million

You must remember when comparing the Covid-19 outbreak with the above or any others to not make the same mistake all news outlets have done. You have to factor in time.

For example HIV/AIDS is over decades and Influenza is over a season.

What is alarming to many experts is not just the rate of increase without all the numbers but that there could be a second wave. Spanish Flu had a second wave that was deadlier than the first.

You also have to remember that with that in 1918 there were far fewer people in the world and it was far less connected globally than it is today.

Now it would be interesting to note at this point that the Influenza rate I had to go to the Washington Post for, so disappointing to me in recent years,

So in their article from March 10th they quite the World Health Organization and are STILL using data from China and as a result are quoting the death rate for Covid19 as 3% to 4% and that had crept up and I stated it would continue to do so.

In as little as a month this would have crept up even further.

Because once again the seem to totally lack the understanding of both time and exponential growth to a level that is astounding. Make claims on this and it changes so fast so can shown to be incompetent or a liar with a few days to a few weeks.

Now as I stated early on the death rates being given out were wrong and everyone seems to have either forgotten the concept of time or were deliberately misleading.

Really matters not which but both are a very serious issue that will have huge ramifications as far as the public is concerned. Many government agencies that receive a lot of money from the public exist to prepare for things like this. Things we have been aware of for hundreds of years.

If I recall correctly the death rate was being given out as 1%, maybe even less?

Now then lets move on to these graphs.

Below you have three graphs. The first one is the rate of new cases and the second is the death rate rises.

Please be aware that the numbers of actual cases have been lied about, down to manpower and available test kits and lying. The numbers of each country will be anywhere between twice as many listed to possibly more by a factor of up to 100. The larger factors more likely to be the case with China, Russia and Iran. More might get added to that list.

Cases closer to reality more likely to be South Korea, Taiwan and possibly Germany.

Now the exact same thing applies with the number of deaths, I am sad to say. Only I watched a video where an Italian Nurse or Doctor stated that in Italy they actually gave up counting the bodies in at least one hospital and the army was removing them.

It also should be pointed out that despite numbers from hospitals in built up areas with have zero idea of the state of things in remote areas like villages country houses and farms.

How many of these are their in the world?

Even in larger towns and cities how many large building of apartments are there? How long will it take to check them all?

That wit the dishonesty and cover ups over money, power or egos we are not likely to get real figures for 6 months, just to get close, or any accuracy for over a year.

Annotated in Red from
Annotated in Red from
Annotated in Red from
Annotated in Red Brown and from the CDC

Now look at the Populations of Countries

  • CHINA 1,439,323,776
  • INDIA 1,380,004,385
  • UNITED STATES 331,002,651
  • INDONESIA 273,523,615
  • PAKISTAN 220,892,340
  • BRAZIL 212,559,417
  • NIGERIA 206,139,589
  • BANGLADESH 164,689,383
  • RUSSIA 145,934,462
  • MEXICO 128,932,753
  • JAPAN 126,476,461
  • ETHIOPIA 114,963,588
  • PHILIPINNES 109,581,078
  • Now three key Nations
  • UNITED KINGDOM 67,886,011
  • ITALY 60,461,826
  • SPAIN 46,754,778

Where would the line be on the graph for their limits in health care?

How is it that on the 4th April 2020 the US, with less than 25% of China’s population and a head start, has 2.5x the deaths?

Gets worse when you compare to Italy. China has 20x the people and yet Italy has close to 5x the number of deaths and just rose by over 680 in a day. What is 13% of 1.4 Billion? It is well over 140 million, I will tell you that much.

If China did not have enough hospitals and many relied on Chinese Medicine its entirely plausible the death rate could have ended much higher than Italy’s?

Hard-left Antifa climate alarmists called me a liar and an idiot when I stated awhile ago that China’s numbers are in the hundreds of thousands in my estimation.

But these people just make shit up in their heads or go on feelings and political correctness and this post shows that not only does this get hundreds of thousands killed but they have not even batted an eyelid over these victims.

I keep asking myself what numbers do the deaths get to before they start to care?

But then in a previous post, my last I think, I linked a video where Extinction Rebellion were rejoicing in the deaths and saying planet Earth is healing itself.

Planet Earth has a finite life you moronic, cold, callous evil bastards. Sorry just cannot help it these people nit to be locked up in an asylum.

Now the SARS death rate is 9.6%m MERS 34% while currently Italy is at 12,26% and rising and in may places it is rising. Will it end up somewhere close to SARS? Between SARS and MERS? Higher than MERS?

As stated when the cases slow down the death rates, providing they are counting the bodies, will rise faster and as the new cases drops will rise even faster for a few weeks.

Hopefully it will stay down but the way viruses works and the models suggest there is no way around this without a cure, vaccine or very effective treatments being involved. This has to take place before each of the world’s health care systems become overwhelmed.

So you see from the graphs you can say, well yes if the peak is reached May then you could expect things to get back down to localized individual cases, worldwide or most places, by October.

However the scary part comes with not only this coming later but the rates of rise we are currently seeing which of course will not be all people infected but only those counted.

If it rises continually as it is as of today, the 4th April 2020, then if what they says is accurate the one million becomes 2 million in less than a week, 4 million infected the week after. Third week in April could be 8 million and by the middle of May it could potentially be 64 million infected?

So what would it be by the middle of June or July?

Then as you can also see from the model listed, the SIR Model, it does not stop abruptly either and the curves has to take time to come down without any intervention or miracle.

Many stated initially that 30% of the world would be affected but this itself as raised up and you have had a figure of 80% used.

That would range from 800,000 to 5 Billion becoming infected.

Recent estimations of China’s numbers being 40 times higher than we are being told means that their figure alone could be 3.2 million.

Now I would not be surprised at all if it was in the hundreds of millions. Sound insane? Well what is 80% of 1.4 Billion? Consider they first stated 40% and that 50% of 1.4 Billion is 700 million.

If many other nations end up with 40% to 80% becoming infected and despite it already being bad enough it will look for worse for the CCP.

Now people are reporting in 5,000 urns being delivered to a single crematorium in two days, yet the figure for the whole of China is 3,000 odd deaths, they told the world?

How many crematoriums in Wuhan? How many in the whole of China?

Yes there are videos of unrest and people over-turning cars in Wuhan and though expected this was surprisingly early. Though this does seem to happen a lot lately with me. It keeps occurring way earlier than I predict things.

This is also not a time, as I have stated to others, where people can say ‘oh I think your talking nonsense’ for many months or even years.

Due to the exponential rise this is something I can be shown to be right from a matter of days to a month.

The climate alarmists are telling me I am wrong but doing so with aplomb, name calling and the usual insults and swearing.

Whereas I look at them and wonder what in the world what drugs they are on to be stating that global warming, a non-existent threat, is the greatest threat to the world today.

Yeah official cases over a million. Any idiot knowing that even if these were close to the truth your look at 16 million on as little as 20 days.

It is almost as if they are gambling that the virus outbreak will magically cease suddenly over night?

Yet these are the people that crow on about failed climate models and climate prediction graphs that do not prove anything and cannot be used for anything. But models used for virus outbreaks such as the SIR Model I use here that have been used and well established for decades can be ignored?

These people claim to be scientists at best and highly knowledgeable and yet they somehow fail to see what is staring them in the face?

Also of note is they just show no compassion for the people that have died already along with those that will inevitably die.

But their whole cause as they put it to the public is about lives? Whose loves exactly because I have seen zero evidence of this in daily battles that have lasted over 10 months.

Now the I mentioned both Richard Feynman and Freeman Dyson in this post and the quotes they made? I have watched many video interviews and I have posted their quotes and they state that Feynman would agree with then and that Dyson is ruled out as he has no proof, but they tell you science is not about proving and have none themselves, and does not have a PhD.

Yes I kid you not.

Now they literally have a few weeks to watch everything they love come crashing down around them and then some.


On the Nobel Peace Prize leftists thought Greta Thunberg would get and like ‘peer-reviewed’ means it turns something into a fact.

“I was born not knowing and have had little time to change that here and there”

“I do not believe in honours”

“I do not know anything about the Nobel Prize, I do not understand it”

“The prize is in the pleasure of finding a thing out, the kick is in the discovery”

On guessing that the AGW Climate Alarmists do a hell of a lot

“It does not make a difference how beautiful your guess is, what your name is or how smart you are .. if it disagrees with experiment? It’s wrong!”

“You cannot prove a vague theory wrong”

“Don’t pay attention to authorities, think for yourself”

“There is no learning without having to pose a question and a question requires doubt”

His remarks regarding those that are sure the ‘science is settled’

“If you thought science was settled, well that is just an error on your part”


“I am hoping that the scientists and politicians that have been blindly demonizing carbon dioxide for 37 years will one day open their eyes and look at the evidence”

“It makes very little sense to believe the output of climate models”

“The average ground temperature of the Earth is impossible to measure as most of it is ocean. So this average ground temperature is fiction”

“Just because you see pictures of glaciers falling into the ocean does not mean something bad is happening. This is something that happens all the time. It is just the natural cycle of things”

There may well be some, or indeed many, hard-left Antifa climate alarmists will visit here looking for cherries.

Sorry but within a week of this being posted it will look like I am right and the reports are already coming out regarding my list of fading leftist causes.

Now as I was about to post this I came across a YouTube channel I am unfamiliar with called Richard & Greg. Never expected much of it but gave it a listen as it was Covid-19 predictions.

They made a lot of sense and one gave a prediction for deaths he thought would occur in the US and the UK. Despite it being lower than my own estimations I was still a shock to hear. Now one was stating that the models being used t predict a peak are not accurate.

They also state that its so utterly obvious that the CCP official figures are total fabrication and that there is no way around that now and I must point out it gets far worse with each passing day at this point.

One to two million deaths in Britain and six to ten million deaths in the Unites States is what one predicts.

If I know look at a worse case scenario quickly to finish this off taking into account that 80% infected and Italy’s death rate climbing towards 13% and could end up at 20%.

So 80% of 67 million is 53.6 million and 20% of that is 11.26 million.

Now I cannot believe, but may be the human part of me, it would be anything like this number in the UK. But that is what those figures give out. If we drop the death rate to 10% for the UK, it is currently 10.29% but I believe this is lower, you are still left with 5 million.

If you drop the figure to 40% infected from 80% then you halve that to 2.5 million. Probably how he did it?

It also must be stressed that our ability to treat the disease may well improve, fingers crossed, in time and that this will lower the death rate?

But these are in trial mode at a stage where everything is rising so rapidly now and then once something is found that works you need enough to treat billions of people. This will take a lot of time and may well no be possible in many places.

Now even if you take the lower end of the estimate from this video of 7 million in the US and UK alone, what will the global number end up being?

Also he ponders the thought of how many of the 21 million missing mobile accounts in China and the possibility of how many of these have died. It sounded as if he believed most of them. For sure this is entirely possible. Everyone loves their phones non more so that East Asia.

But I do believe its highly likely to be in the millions.

I do believe that since I made the images last night the official cases went up by over 60,000 and this is already mind boggling to me. I simply cannot imagine a stage where it is going up by a million or even 500,000 each day. Let us hope it does not reach this stage. But I think it is around 100,000 in 24 hours now. In as little as a couple of weeks it really could be shockingly high, such is the rate it is currently moving.

No one I know of the ten with symptoms has succumbed yet but one has been hospitalized in the north west of England.

My fear from around the middle of January to early February and because of far more people and the interconnectivity that this could the one that beats the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918.

I am not sure how it will go in Africa or how bad the HIV/AIDS problem is or whether any issues there could make things worse but I fear taking off there might end up putting us in the region of the Black Death?

As scary as that may sound and I certainly hope this is not the case in as little as a month people could be talking about this level of numbers?

Let us hope not.

But Africa has, reportedly, over 1.3 billion people on the continent. Mostly below average health care systems, some believing in the ‘old ways’. Lord knows how many underlying health issues added to that.

If China has had millions of deaths with the measures they took, what could Africa end up with within the next 6 months?

A thought far beyond sobering.

Richard & Greg on Covid, Modelling, Predictions and Fake China Numbers

Tim Pool on Greta Thunberg’s Ignorance and Hypocrisy .. wont look too good for New Scientist Magazine a month from now I once held in High Regard

Tim Pool on World War 3

Woke Culture Ending & AGW Silent

Here is laowhy86 on where the Coronavirus really came from

Italian Virologist says Political Correctness Killed People?

Cats and Dogs carrying Covid-19?

Putin dishing out fines for speaking abut Covid-19

Scientists in Antarctica once being warm

China locking down an entire county .. again ..

Japan worried about Mount Fuji Volcanic Eruption

Tim Pool on Feminists in Spain looking very bad right now and careless over Covid-19

Social Media killing people by removing posts with Twitter guilty and here is Facebook


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