Well now I have been hearing a lot from the AGW people about how storms are increasing in frequency and intensity and at how obvious it is that this is down to CO2?

Yeah it is quite funny as when you state anything they demand peer-reviewed papers and without any they completely scorn you, rule out your hypothesis and theories while using foul language while attempting to shame and belittle you.

No one is allowed to have new ideas, apparently unless they sanction them.

Yeah so I was playing around with that global live model at https://earth.nullschool.net and was looking at the lower atmosphere and winds when I noticed something.

There were two lots of intense wind in the pacific in the areas where that large blob of heated water had broken into two.

The blob that was obviously created by activity from submarine volcanoes on the ring of fire south west of New Zealand.

Now since I have posted about this the AGW assure me its ..

  • The Sun (same latitude as UK and the Sun is asleep)
  • Volcanoes cannot super-heat water and I am in idiot for suggesting it
  • Volcanoes always cause Tsunamis
  • The water at the bottom of the ocean was not heated so must be the Sun (yup I kid you not!)
  • I am a ‘moron’ and a ‘f*cking idiot’

Yeah their idiocy and desperation knows no bounds.

Anyway experts have argued with graphs that there has been no increase in storms. Well with a change of energy I kind of would have expected a change be this up or down. I tend to ignore this argument because they are loosely trying to connect something without evidence or data but have a complete meltdown with a barrage of swear words when anyone else does that even WITH evidence. Like me for instance.

Had noticed a couple of strong hurricanes but whether or not this was n increase? Not so sure.

However, that being said .. I often forget the connections I have often made myself and sometime fail to see new ones that should be obvious.

Yeah today I spotted yet another.

So right looking at these intense winds in the Pacific I realised that the locations were not far from where the blobs were previously. I then noticed one intense stream of winds blowing north to Iceland.

Flicking over to the blobs it turned out the winds were directly over the three blobs of warmer water!

I realised that storms are created by submarine volcanoes heating water and likely intensify in the increasing differences between the temperatures of seawater and the air above it.

If I am right this is likely to intensify over the next couple of years as the air cools and the water remains the same or even heats up? Not CO2!

So I thought maybe I can find more evidence of this so while I was still on seawater temps using the model I found a blob of water to the east of Madagascar.

I switched over to the wind model and boom .. a circulating mass of air and possibly even a cyclone was spinning right over the spot!


Oh dear if I post these images on social media the AGW cult of socialists will go into one hell of a meltdown .. and I cannot wait!

So then .. hurricanes and blizzards are likely to be brought about or in the very least intensified by warm patches of water along with the difference in air temperature?

Not only will this destroy an argument the AGW have but it raises the question of whether or not this was already known by the authorities and they were keeping quiet about it?

  • The air has very clearly been cooling for a few years
  • The blobs of warm water have been appearing for a few years
  • All graphs of volcanic activity have shown increases for a few decades
  • It is estimated that between one million and, NOW, ten million volcanoes exist under the oceans

Now it is not exactly rocket science so how could the authorities not know this? Or link it together?

  • Only employing idiots for years?
  • Controlling scientists for years?
  • Not sharing certain scientific data between scientific bodies for years?

The AGW cult are always very quick to make claims about what it is I am claiming. Which is weird as I only ever present the facts and many thousands of people state this is why the are scared of me and fear me.

It seems mind-reading is also a skill of these pseudoscientists and paid propagandists, no?

I do not claim to state what is going on in science and all I do know is that in recent times the amount of mistakes has increased a lot.

This is without the fact that there data is mostly guess for the climate and that is not science. Putting that into computer models runs foul of the golden rule or ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ as well as being pseudoscience. Although with the AGW and climate scientists it is true to state that it is more a case ‘Garbage In, Gospel Out’.

This is before you deal with the problem that affects all other areas of scientific papers where they had way more data to work with ..

The Replication Crisis which scientists state that if you retested all science papers 50% or more would fail.


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