OK then .. after more battles with more fools something came to my attention courtesy of a follower.

The number of consecutive days without sunspots recently rain to around 32 and then 27 and due to this I thought the days would get shorter as solar cycle 15 built up. Only it did not do this and I was surprised to first see it reach and then surpass 32. Then it got to 36 days and I started mentioning it on social media.

To my surprise it got to either 39 or 40, which I had not seen all year, when I posted again about it and someone pointed out that according to another site the consecutive days were stated to be 51?!

Now I though this simply must have been wrong. Its spots on the Sun, for pity’s sake, how could there be a vast difference like that? But I went and looked and sure enough it did state this.

The site I was using was and the new site provided t me was and I wondered as to what was going on and how this difference could occur? Then more happened just as I was realising a few things.

First I realised that there were one or two spots that appeared in the year that they were not sure were officially sunspots. Weird. In fact there was one time when GSM News were stating they did not think they were officially spots and I expected the ‘0’ consecutive days without sunspots to change back again but they never did.

The next day was stating there was a new sunspot which ended their run of now 40 days setting the number back to zero.

While this was going on I found a table I had been looking for, for a fair old while which turned out to be on a site, SILSO, I had already looked at. Just prior to being provided the page and just after someone mentioned that we would soon get into the top 10 in the record books. And I found it.

The record number of consecutive days without sunspots.

Now this happened very quickly and I think within 24 hours and maybe even 12 but immediately and being at 40 days we were at 10th place. Of course I realised two things. First off its not only about the deep solar minimums but also a question of what levels the solar maximums were at around the minimums. I knew it was low around 1912 to 1914 but for a long time I had been looking for far more detailed graphs on solar cycles. Fortunately provided this to with some clever graphs.

It was when I remarked we was in 10th place when the link came in with the figure of 51 days and sure enough that is exactly what they stated.

This reminded me of those spots they were not sure about, after I was trying to figure out how someone could make mistakes like this. They appear as block spots how could someone not count them?

Only it got worse after I started to wonder how you would even rely on old records with viewing abilities not what they are today if they cannot get it right with far superior modern equipment?

Only as of the time of writing has zero days without spots while has 52?!

I was one of those times to do with science that drives me nuts as someone being a stickler for the facts and not liking making mistakes.

My mind can work over time and I go over and over and over things in my mind to work out if my estimations are right. The bigger and wilder the claims the more I go over things and stress over them.

This was not the first time a website I used regularly for information did something odd and made me pause for thought as to what was going on either.

I had been using the site called The Watchers as they seemed unbiased regarding climate change and only reported on natural events. Weather, space weather and geological activity and the like and many I view use them too.

Only suddenly I noticed there were pauses going on between reports and some reports were passing me by not appearing in their main feed. A ‘WTF?’ moment!

Recently I came across Electroverse and I do like the way it is laid out but they are very heavy on the ‘Grand Solar Minimum is definitely happening’ lean, which I cannot really blame them for.

You have to understand that despite all my parts on this and seeing the data, that AGW people want to simply ignore while calling you a denier, that all the data you simply cannot ignore. Along with all the unprecedented things showing a huge hint to connections unknown to us up to this point.

Oddly enough connections I made that AGW people say are rubbish, along with calling me names when they have flick all evidence themselves, because no one else stated it.

Yes their mentality is if you discover a connection they can dismiss it because no one else has stated it. No .. they really do and some of these people claim to be scientists themselves!

So then why the discrepancies?

Well could be a massive difference in optics or maybe years ago some things when unnoticed as it would have all been manually done and not automated by computers?

Also the latest spot to appear was on the very far left of the Sun’s disc and this might have been difficult to observe years ago?

Also it would be sensible for me to remind people that sunspots are to do with heat, among other things. Lots sunspots occur in a solar maximum that number in the hundreds over a long period and these fling material at Earth. And herein lies the rub.

To have that effect of heating and affects on the atmosphere the spots have to be facing us otherwise the effects will miss us entirely.

If the latest sunspot fizzled out too early it wont have any effects on us.

Seems a reasonable observation that gravity may play a part too and that with many planets on the far side maybe the spots are occurring on the opposite side? Possibly?

If so then in 2024 there is some curious line up where the Earth is on a side of the Sun on its own and in this instance two things can come into play ..

  • Gravitational lull on Sun’s barycentre means Sun pulled away fro Earth
  • Earth could be 13% further fro the Sun than normal which will have an effect
  • Could go through a period without Sunspots if gravity does play a part?
  • As sunspots could always be facing away from us?
  • Which begs the question ..
  • Have we missed several things about solar cycles?

Bearing in mind this alone suggests sunspots could be lower than normal for the next cycle that makes the next five years concerning. The fact that two teams of predicted lower sunspots for the next cycle also hammers this home.

But unlike what the AGW claim, which is partly why I wonder why they might be government shills, it is not entirely down to sunspots alone.

Volcanoes are also increasing and pumping CO2, if you did not know, and particles into he atmosphere that will further cool things down.

The AGW deny this despite a very large number of reports from all around the globe of scientists asking why they are increasing. The AGW seem to think people have lost the ability to count? As do the USGS and I even told them this in a run-in I had with them they soon regretted.

But not only are there all these reports and with some stating they just had a record year for eruptions, seems to be every three years give or take, but the graphs show an increase too. There are also the visual effects.

Bizarrely for the climate alarmists they also seem to bang on about warming but ignore the fact that Noctilucent Clouds, which are the highest and made of ice, are at record levels as is snow and ice on the ground. So God only knows where this warming is they keep insisting is there?!

The deep minimum we are in will have its full effect in about three years and we do not even know right now how long it will go on for, its beating even the updated graph predictions.

This might be followed by missing or very low sunspots in four years and between now and then and what a large number of people ask is .. what volcanic eruptions will we have between now and then?

An increase in large eruptions that break the 32,000 feet with their ash clouds would not be good and in fact if your talking about 70,000 feet levels it would only take one or two.

It is important to remember that the higher the ash cloud gets the longer the particles remain in the atmosphere cooling us down. The upper stratosphere they can remain there for a very, very long time.

Have wondered if there have been eruptions so large they have reached the level above the stratosphere? Imagine if it was possible it would be extremely rare and take the absolutely biggest eruptions in history.

Now bear in mind the following ..

  • This is the next 7 years
  • Will already be getting colder each year
  • AGW predictions all failed
  • Only predictions were chance ‘Oh there will be flooding’ oh wow!
  • Doomsday moved from 2012 and back back back and now 2100
  • Plenty of time to adjust and prepare if it was true and it is not and they cannot predict it anyway
  • But they insist on claiming to be scientists, banging on about AGW and ignoring things that are happening right now and those which WILL occur inside of 5 years
  • In just a couple of years crop production will be awful
  • Crop production has already nose-dived
  • Meaning less food and more expensive
  • Nope .. AGW not concerned with any of these things only power, dominion over others because they say the world might end in 80 years

So I might also add that unlike the AGW who have no evidence, I can state some things while I can only estimate to others I would not bet against me. The AGW tell me that my dozen unprecedented things getting the ‘correlation does not mean causation’ line. While claiming that because temperature and CO2 was both rising together, which is easily disproved falsification using both recent and ancient history, then one must be the cause of the other.

I have asked and stated to many friends and family for years that there seems to be more people presented to us as scientists on TV and the news that seem to be idiots?

In fact even if you look at politics, even in Britain as well as the US, there are many politicians that have you scratching your head as to how the flying faark .. they got there.

  • Maths abysmal
  • History abysmal
  • Common Sense abysmal
  • Scientific claims abysmal
  • Doomsday talk
  • Controversial and even race-baiting talk
  • Antidemocratic talk
  • Betrayals to their own people
  • Investigative Journalism abysmal
  • Blatantly ignoring stories
  • Brain dead identity politics in everything
  • Mass migration without improving public services, health and homes for years

Another set of unprecedented things that include human migration and behaviours, attacks, lies and covering up of all this for years of which I was involved with.

Oddly enough back in 2011 I warned some very high level organisations after helping them, see ‘Country of the Damned’, not to fark me over as they will live to regret it.

Since around 2014 or 2015 there have been various attempts to stop me. Many, many attempts many of which have proved costly to me. Lost count of the number of times I have been asked how I have survived the onslaught. Do not like those in power, do not like the deceit and I DO NOT .. like losing.

Already well experienced in massive cover ups and corruption that has gone on for years and an ability to spot patterns it was not hard to eventually see the truth.

Already having run those high-level organisations in circles and acquiring a lot of evidence I have published on here it was, hard but, not impossible to avoid the attempts.

As some know though that speak to me it has felt impossible on many occasions.

In fact I spend most days thinking about how the world I thought I grew up in is a sham. It is quite an unsettling feeling only matched by the thought that I brought a child into this world who has already had, what is and people say, is the most horrific life you could imagine and is still ongoing. See the post I mentioned for just some of the story on that one.

So no I cannot tell you of that I am unsure of and only that which I am.

That being said .. it still remains that what is readily available suggests that there are worse things to come. The realisation on others could be ..

  • After severe winter of 2019-2020
  • Solar Minimum lasting well into the latter half of 2020
  • Colder longer winter of 2020-2021
  • Other winters 2021 to 2023
  • 2023 obvious that solar maximum for cycle 25 going to be very low
  • 2024 was the year I predicted things would either be bad or obvious it was about to get bad when I started this series back in January 2019
  • And at any point between now and 2024 a large volcanic eruption
    • A severe winter of 2019-2020 followed by a ..
    • Large volcanic eruption in 2020 might do it?
    • Especially if this solar minimum has beaten 1913 by then?

If there has been some huge cover up scheme going on the plan was thought out by idiots. Some believe that they were deliberately hiding it and it does appear this way.

This begs the question .. quite how did they allow so many people into the higher latitudes which, if a mass sharp cooling was to occur, would wipe out a large number of people?

In conversations I have had with people from different races both online and off it everyone feels something is going on and some believe a mass cull is in effect? Because as they ave stated for years there are too many people on the planet? Well yes .. there are. But who are the worst offenders of this that behave with no responsibility?

Yeah I could believe the powers that be capable of this but these are the same people I would not chose as the ones to continue on with humanity.

And it they are capable of this, which I am sure even the leftists would agree, then it would be quite convenient that if a sudden deep freeze was to occur around 2024 or so that so many people congregated into the higher latitudes, no?

Would also be quite funny that a large number of people that moved there did so for nefarious and religious, think take-over, reasons only to guarantee their own demise?

Because short of wiping everyone out, in say the UK, you have one other problem. You wont be able to produce food!

Around 980AD we know that Vikings settled in Greenland, though the AGW also ignore this and there was even an attempt to state that cooling periods were localised. While there they ..

  • Farmed
  • Produced grain
  • Kept Sheep
  • Greenland also had trees .. so warm enough for them and at least the parent trees to reach maturity
  • But within 200 years it got cold and the deserted Greenland

Oh and just so you know ..

  • CO2 has been way higher than now, by a factor of 5 to 10, in the distant past
  • At a time when it was also a hell of a lot colder too
  • Look up Palaeoclimatology

Now bearing in mind all of the predictions you have heard from those claiming ‘the end is nigh’ and how long it has gone for let me explain the following followed by a link.

I had stressed for awhile that as shown in their own graphs showing the temperatures were going down, while also pointing out that there CO2 graphs were racing ever higher, that the doomsday date was now being pushed further back. This might be why its latest dates of 2020 and 2030 now is listed by some as 2100?

Stressed that it will continue to get cooler at least for around 5 years or so so would be pushed back ever further.

This was because in January I have predicted that the solar maximum of cycle 25 would arrive in mid 2024, and counting, and needs two to three years for effect. Remember this should have arrived around 2022 but last cycle was 13 years. Stated all year the predictions for next maximum was being pushed back and now it has been reported for July 2025. Which means with the times needed for effect this is now 2027 to 2028.

Now while writing this out it has been reported that two sunspots have appeared, spaceweather, though not on the other site, spaceweatherlive.

This could mean, they state it is, that the rise is about to start or as I stated we could go another 30 to 40 days without sunspots. It is impossible to say right now but in two to four weeks it should become clearer. If we go another stretch like the last one the solar maximum prediction will be pushed to August. If the stretches continue so will the predicted arrival be pushed back.

Now rather bizarrely as the sunspot was shown on and after spotting the recent discrepancy they went and stated something very odd.

  • Solar Cycle 25 now starting (heard that before)
  • First mention of Maunder Minimum and how it can affect weather
  • Then state due to these Sunspots the Grand Solar Minimum not happening

Well that was a real surprise and with discrepancies being noticed of late the alarm bells started to ring fairly loudly.

They simply cannot say that and it is both wrong and misleading and they suddenly sound biased in favour of AGW. Simply put ..

  • Those predicting Grand Solar Minimum never stated no Solar Cycle 25
  • Grand Solar Minimum does not mean no sunspots at all
  • We know nothing about the sunspots, like polarities, that appeared in the Maunder Minimum

So why make the statement?

It is almost as if they turned into shills overnight?

Since I have used the site they have never once mentioned global warming nor much, if anything, about the Maunder Minimum or Little Ice Age and the very first time they do they make false claims and state it is not happening?!

Odd as despite the fact that everyone wondered if solar cycle 25 would go missing the official line of the teams predicting a Grand Solar Minimum was that Solar Cycle 25’s maximum would only reach around 40 to 50 sunspots. It would be solar cycle 26 maximum that would go missing and not cycle 25.

One of those facepalm moments for me.

Not good when I am trying to figure out who is has been wrong on the sunspot counts and not helped by spaceweatherlive still stating 52 consecutive days when it should be either ’53’ or ‘0’.

Its reasonable to assume that if we are on the right track and the powers that be do not want the truth getting out, markets and banks, then getting those reporting these sunspots to state misleading information is not just likely but a dead certainty.

They certainly are watching many people over this, they have certainly doe this with me and Electroverse mention they get restricted across social media, so more than one.

Suddenly mentioning there wont be a grand solar minimum because of two sunspots they are reporting on is a bit weird. I wonder if others, like David Dubyne and GSM News (latter uses them I am sure) will spot this and comment on their statements? Pretty certain they will get suspicious too.

Never could I have dreamed that trying to remain factual would prove to be so difficult as well as costly and nor could I have dreamed how it can be so easy to make claims and lie and not only get away with it but be promoted by others too.

Images with my usual annotation in yellow red ..

“We’re Getting a Clearer Picture of the Climate Future — and It’s Not as Bad as It Once Looked” –

Note: There have been around 30 parts or more on this subject I have written and posted just from January 2019. I have also written about this from day one on here, 2012, and have stated from the beginning there is no CO2 AGW and described how I found my own evidence around the year 2000 using evolution and animal migration.

It is simply astounding how far this has persisted and some very nasty people wanting dominion, clearly now, over others have kept this alive.

They might tell you that they care abut lives, people, the environment and animals but they do not and in every single occasion with the ones that rubbish, deny, ignore or try to shut you down have been exposed by me every single time without fail.

We are talking about 100% with many thousands of interactions I have had with these people which is both alarming and extremely concerning.

It appears sometimes like they are paid propagandists and I wonder of these are just top-flight people from hard-left organisations or the government of somewhere or other whipping them up to help the cover up of what is really going on?

For me, at last, this is telling. Why would anyone go to these lengths to shut down conversation on science?

I have had many a conversation on this subject with people with doubts, opposing views or other but these other people there is none of this.

They dismiss everything you say without even going off and looking at what you have given them and I can assure you that in literally hundreds of links and papers the provide and even graphs not one of them has ever backed up what they claimed.

So along with me realising there are a series of things being reported in science which are all unprecedented, all concerning and all with potentially catastrophic effects .. it would seem that PEOPLE are behaving in unprecedented ways too?

Well I say that but many liken the behaviour to that of the National Socialist Party of Germany in the run up to World War 2. Or the Nazis.

As insane as this might sound the similarities are not only very real and very concerning but even the Antifa flag, as many of them are Antifa, is almost a carbon copy of that used by the followers of Hitler in his early years.

My lord was that scary when I first see some old pictures of the flags being waved.

I have even had the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ thrown at me which I hate as it does not mean what they claim and have always complained about the worst tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. Too many that are too wild which only serve to muddy the waters and make it hard for the rest of us.


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