Interestingly while this will involve snow and ice in way likely not thought about by many, it also involves clouds, obviously.

After finishing the last post and then just as I was about to start this one an interesting story popped up. Now I love a science experiment, me. I find all areas of science interesting and fascinating and this is absolutely hated by the climate alarmist cult.

This might have something to do with the fact, and that blog post IS coming with screenshots I assure you, that they have ruled out data sets as being involved from somewhere between 8 and 12 subjects. Only I kept pushing them for reasons and .. little insight here into what is coming but ..

It turned out that they knew absolutely nothing of the science they were dismissing and made some very .. VERY stupid statements. I mean REALLY .. REALLY .. stupid.

They have no science .. just two things that were rising simultaneously and claimed one was a pollutant at 0.04% of the atmosphere that you cannot have life on earth without.

Anything is a pollutant if high enough. It would need to be a lot higher and likely by a factor of over one hundred.

So the non-scientist Marxists run around on social media attacking people that are scientists that state that CO2 is not warming the planet and nor is it a pollutant.

Because they chose CO2 because they could ..

  • Blame man
  • Blame Rich people
  • Blame the Oil Industries
  • Claim Dominion over others

The fact is that even if they gained power ..

  • They still have t use the things they despise
  • They cannot reduce the CO2 rises as we contribute far too little and its rising way too fast presently, another factor they overlook
  • Even if they could it wont change what is going on in the climate .. except for possibly cooling things a tiny bit faster we would not be able to detect
  • That last part I have often stated for years on this blog whenever I have read these stupid idiots that want to pay good and pump stuff into the atmosphere or remove CO2 when its in such a tiny fraction and essential for plants
  • Now think about this ..
  • They want us to eat less meat and more vegetables and plants ..
  • But also went to take a large portion of the absolutely tiny fraction of CO2 out of the atmosphere
  • Might I suggest looking up what levels of CO2 they use for plants and what a huge difference it makes to their growth? Massive is the short answer.
  • You might want to check to see if they have issues with rising temperatures in these environments
  • It was also bloody cold on Apollo 13 while the CO2 was high
  • To emit heat it first needs to absorb heat and the Sun has been getting steadily lower since 2007
  • Since then there have been a series of pauses and a series of sharp drops
  • But the official line is with 5 to 10 feet of now in winters in many places ..
  • Been the hottest four or five years on record ..suggesting ..
  • Calamitous Errors or ..

Now then .. I did not not need to view peer-reviewed scientific paper to support my argument because I had my own. Which involved many things and two of them being animal migration and evolution.

The Marxists need to Google everything they can to prove they are right about things they know fuck all about. Their papers NEVER state that which they claim.

I have now read and destroyed many a scientific paper, one by Michael Mann, and have looked up plenty of papers looking at other causes to climate that are not CO2 that hundreds of pro AGW Marxists lied and claimed did not exit.

Turns out this is a lie. The thing about liars is catching them out. If you know some you can put this to the test if you are unsure. They will tell you that all science papers state that it is CO2, yet somehow do not manage to prove it. They will tell you that science is not about proving. Except it kinda is. It is a method to give us answers and we want the correct answers. That is what science is, in essence. Talk to these people enough and it will start to sound like a cult like religion.

This webpage alone is talking about only papers looking into solar activity and only from 2019 and none regarding clouds, cosmic rays or even volcanoes. Though they mat play a part n the papers .. if they know what they are doing and not just number crunchers without an ounce of common sense.

So only solar activity and only 2019 .. and yet there are 55 of these science papers that if you asked the AGW people you know will very probably tell you do not exit.

No Tricks Zone ..

Oh and do not go to Sceptical Science which the owner has been photographed in an SS outfit and thy pretend top be septics but are not. Ergo more lies. It really is sinister from these people and it so reminds me of the rise of the Nazis it is scary.

More and more people are reading and hearing things and thinking the same thing, they tell me and from centre-left Labour voters too?!

Here is a good website from 2017 with 20 new ones at the time, Principia-Scientific ..

Now before I actually saw the dates of any of these websites I gave the pro-AGW Marxists trying to use natural events to gain dominion this ..

‘Now that the world has been cooling and with very harsh winters taking place I can assure you of this .. that scientists now scared the game is up and wanting to save face, or those just wanting to be the first, will be scurrying to publish peer-reviewed papers to state that global climate is driven buy the Sun. In so doing over time the number of papers will increase. Eventually exponentially!’

So did you note that there were 20 in 2017 and there has been 55 in 2019?

There have been record cold temperatures, many all-time record cold temperatures, recorded from many places in the world from September 2019 to November 2019. For all three months. Record snowfall too. Here in London I am often told how cold we have got with the odd mild day that the very cold days make seem very mild.

The very cold days have been many for all three of the months I mentioned. The mild days were very few .. one here .. two there.

So would it surprise you to hear that the AGW told me ..

  • September was the warmest or second warmest September on record?
  • October was the warmest or second warmest October on record?
  • November was the warmest or second warmest November on record?
  • Marxist Aussie living in London told me that climate in London was mild and above average for the time of year? They failed to realise I am a Londoner. Whoopsie!

Remember we are talking about tiny fractions of the atmosphere. If the 0.04% of the atmosphere that is CO2 goes up by even a factor of ten it will still only be 0.4%

Now go away look up some record and find out when it was that CO2 was at 10% of that which it is now. I have no idea when this was. Just saying that if you are at all curious you will probably come to realise something.

That any emergency is hundreds if not thousands of years away and of course there is the little question of predictions, which we are not doing too great with, with the weather predictions ..

.. how can you predict that CO2 will continue to rise for 200 or even 50 years?

You cannot. The one and only thing you can rely on in these instances are cycles .. IF .. you can detect them. They are beginning to do this but science demands repeated experiments to conform conclusions. You cannot experiment with the global climate. Sure you co do little experiments but these cannot represent the whole planet.

Chinese scientists, I hope I remembered to include in the last post, recently found evidence of a 500 year cycle and stated we were close to a cooling period and that there were signs.

Two separate teams in China discovered this ans said they not only found no evidence of China’s climate being affected by man but were now more worried about cooling than they was warming.

They also stated that people should not be running around arguing because they think they can invent and control knob for the planet’s climate. Because you cannot. They are very clear abut that and I had stated this all along.

  • CO2 is not causing warming, evidence now abounds
  • It has not warmed since the Industrial Revolution and started well before then
  • CO2 rise is not cause by man anyway, only responsible for a tiny fraction of the rise, 3% of the 0.04% of the atmosphere
  • Man cannot control the levels of CO2 or anything else

So one thing that has not only been driving the evil, lying dominion chasers crazy is the growing amounts of now, not only in range but in depth along with the very cold record breaking temperatures. But they still say ..


As I looked at the maps of the North Hemisphere by the Rutgers University Global Snow Lab showing the ever growing snow pack I stared thinking ..

.. well it got me thinking about something that had been flashing around in my mind.


These had long fascinated me and many of my favourite animals are found at higher elevations all around the world .. from the Alps in Europe to the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica to the Urals and east to the Himalayas.

I have wanted to visit many mountain ranges for several years and BBC Wildlife and a Japanese team were very interested in plonking me into the depths of the Amazon jungle to see what I would find.

Documentaries of others going there are normally disappointing as they just miss so much. Or certain branches of animals are an after-thought. Or even NOT a thought at all.

The thing is you can talk about volcanoes cooling the air .. clouds, less Sunlight and other things but what about that the cooling actually produces in ever increasing quantities?

Snow and ice?

As it gets cooler people often think of the snow and ice not only getting colder but heading south in the northern hemisphere. Remember we can really only go by this because there is not much land between Antarctica and New Zealand. So most reports come from the north.

But snow and ice in the winter do more things. First of all they last longer which means it appears earlier and disappears later.

But I wonder if many have realised it also goes up and down?

Ever seen a snow capped mountain? Even if it is just a picture of one? Well in the winter that would obviously reach further down the mountains and as each winter gets could it would reach further and further and last longer and longer.

So even as the air warms up ion the Spring in mountainous regions the air blowing across the snow must get cooled.

Not much to think about, right? But what if this happens in places you would not expect of normally think about? In the warmer regions and nearer the equator?

The obvious one is the biggest, the Himalayas but there are many other mountain ranges. Not many people mention the big one in North Africa I was supposed to visit some years back with a solicitor friend of mine. The Atlas Mountains.

The more I thought about this the closer I got to realising that ..

  • Cooling can happen very quickly globally
  • Warming us out of a deeply cold period will take exponentially longer than the cooling
  • Warming and higher CO2 means more land available to farming or longer period in Canada or Northern US, Russia higher altitudes
  • Cooling does not and means less land
    • Exceptions being that MAYBE .. deserts might become suitable for farming?

Another thing to consider is that we have been used to certain weather systems and jet-streams being in place for many years, long before we even started modelling these systems.

But these are changing and we have no way of knowing by how much they will change nor what effects they will have.

It could well be before long we just wont be able to predict the weather at all and bizarrely enough even here in the UK the conversation for around 5 years has been how the weather predictions have become more and more unreliable.

As I was planning and writing this something popped up.

For many months on end and on an almost daily basis since then I have been trying to work out what will happen and WHEN it is likely to happen. To do this I needed to know WHY it is happening.

Very early on I realised that volcanoes were a factor and as seems to be missed by many but I always tend to do I realised immediately that as 70% of Earth is covered in water then 70% of the volcanoes are too.

Or are they?

Looking at magma as a ball for a moment. Land should be further away from the magma .. and it follows that the bottoms of the oceans are closer. Of course it is not a ball but is it not reasonable to assume that it is actually closer to 90% of volcanoes?

I theorised that with jet-streams breaking down there wont be so much mixing in the atmosphere and that two things are occurring which seem to suggest, leaving all other factors aside, where all the snow comes from for ice-ages ..

  • Submarine Volcanoes Warming Water
  • More Precipitation
  • Air Getting Cooler from low Solar Activity
  • Everyone knows what happens when air or water that vary widely in temperature mix

This simply has to be the process I have wondered about for years.

It could well be that the depths of an ice-age or cooling period depend on how long this process goes on?

The Maunder Minimum or Little Ice Age we can pretty much figure this went on for about 50 years or so?

Maybe in the Younger Dryas period which was the big deep Ice Age featured in films and the animation series, it lasted for 100 to 200 years?

Yes people talk about asteroid or comet strikes and absolutely no doubt these have been factors too .. but at the end of the day these big strikes crack the crust and fling material into the atmosphere.

Think of it this way .. the largest volcanic explosion I would wager would have a more drastic effect than the smallest asteroid or comet impact large enough to alter the climate.

At the end of the day its about how much material gets into the atmosphere and how long it stays there for. The higher up it goes into the stratosphere the longer it remains there.

Would go as far as stating that I doubt any submarine volcanoes are monitored but if they do its likely only the ones close to land and built up areas.

Now when you have as many thoughts and theories as I do and you put it to people you would expect that whether they agree or whether they do not you would have some discussion?

Nope. Not with people who are pro-CO2 and you realise pretty quickly they are biased, closed minded, politically driven and therefore dangerous.

  • Concentrated everything on AGW they never proved when ..
  • Preparations for cooling have not happened at all
  • They push to take over whole societies based on LIES for a better world?

Everything I have ever bought up and areas and facts throughout the thirty parts or more to my series on it has all been dismissed. They can also read scientific papers you provide them in seconds. One dismissed 15 links I posted within five minutes. Not kidding. Did this several times before pointing it out and the ones he had been swearing at for weeks for not accepting AGW is a proven fact when it is not because he said so, well .. they went nuts. You do not see that one very much these days and he pops in for a jab and legs it again for 4 to 8 days. A scientist, I might add.

Stated before that as a child I just could not understand where all the ice and snow came from in such a short space of time. Or how it could be cold enough for long enough for a mile deep of ice?

Well sixty inches of snow can fall in a short time indeed we have all seen that.

We can see the other processes involved too. But I realised that it does not have to be cold for the snow and ice to be there a long time. Because with ice a mile thick you can pretty much realize that even if it was above freezing constantly, which it never is in places, that amount of ice would take a damned long time to melt.

Would wager its many decades at least and likely hundreds of years?

Always have an issue when they say ‘this ice-age lasted a thousand years’ or whatever figure they use. As this suggests that the whole time it was constantly sub-zero when really it just means the ice remained during that time. Ice a mile thick covering half a continent?

So volume of ice is thawed at a rate from the surface with how long it requires and how much it gets each year.

As it warmed it would start at a few inches of the surface ice thawing and in the following years a few more inches to a foot .. to a few feet. Now think about that for a moment .. we are talking a great deal of time here.

So yes it is an ice-age but that does not mean to say that at all points during this period you would freeze to death in the open air.

Always seem to think of the questions no one else seems to ask? It is a little weird even to me.

I always think someone must have thought of it but never seem to find it mentioned on websites or documentaries so end up posting about it.

The submarine volcanoes subject was put forward daily, mostly, for 11 months. Every single time I was told I was an ..

  • Wrong
  • An Idiot
  • Been ruled out (every time but never given a link to back it up)
  • Far-Right (never voted for ANY right-wing party in General Elections)
  • Fascist
  • Trump Fan
  • Misogynist
  • Paedophile and wife-beater

That was on a climate change thread?!

  • All Hard Nosed AGW are Hard-Left .. every time
  • All Hard-Left believe in AGW
  • Centre-Left are split over AGW
  • Centrists less so and more ‘doubtful mostly
  • Most right-wing, but not all, are sure no AGW

So who has made it political? Who has been unreasonable about it? Who has been the science deniers over it? Who refuses to listen to a word the other side says?

The hard-left get caught lying and being wrong 90% of the time.

Everyone else just gets caught out being wrong or slightly wrong with numbers once in a awhile. Hard left caught, even individually, on a daily basis either wrong or lying.

Because they think they are superior, think they know what is best for you better than you do, because they want control or dominion over you. To put s system in place that has never succeeded in history.

A group that has been happy to help the top take trillions of dollars and help plan for boiling to death when it now looks like we could well freeze to death instead? This could literally happen to many people in as little as two months?!

Nooo but we had to ignore this because the hard-left knew better and knew what was going on, knew how to solve it and want to dictate how we live our lives.

Extinction Rebellion? More like Death Cult.

The crazy thing about this and I have put this to them and mostly ignored .. except for two but not on the AGW thread.

My idea about Project Distraction is thus .. that they have used the narrow minded hard-left to cause a distraction to protect the banks and markets the hard-left hate so much. Irony, eh?

Let me put this another way ..

If I was in control, amoral and knew that a global catastrophe was coming I would ..

  • Plan far ahead for a misinformation project
  • Probably have decades so start helping right people to cause a fuss into politics
  • But many ignore politics so lets do that for
  • Entertainment Industry, movies/TV/radio
  • We can fuel this by using social media so lets get the right people in there too
  • Now lets insert the same narrative everywhere ..
  • This will fuel anger and divide them for years while the signs start appearing
  • Had trillions the naïve have no idea how we use
  • Employ teams and groups to run around on social media just rubbishing anyone who appears to be a credible threat?
  • Can’t do it? Too big a plan? Conspiracy?
  • Did I mention we are protecting the banks and the banks control everything and anyone that does not comply can have threats of cash flow cut off
  • What socialism might get installed?
  • Not if we put in place the biggest hypocritical leader atop their parties?
  • Hillary Clinton and Jeremy Corbyn should do it?

Just saying. It IS a possibility. It IS what I would do.

Any plan is all about leverage. Well lies too .. and leverage.

Unfortunately as smart and as superior these puppet masters think they are it was an idiot plan and ultimately doomed to failure. Whatever plan that might be, of course.

In the case of global warming .. and as I stated since the very start of this blog back in 2012 .. there was always the possibility that the warming would become cooling. Despite never actually believing now that I would actually see that in my life time, it did.

In fact if you go back and delve into this blog from couple of years back you might find me writing about how I noticed it had gotten cooler the last couple of years?

Yeeaaaah they rubbished that too. Localized .. now pay attention I am going to run through what the hard-left rule out as being localized and insist its still warming ..

  • An entire county
  • Half a country, regardless of size. Gets worse .. a lot worse ..
  • An entire country .. gets worse ..
  • An entire continent .. gets worse ..
  • Gave them temp maps of below average temperatures for whole of Russia, part Asia, whole of Australia, Canada, US and whole of Europe ..
  • They claim that localized temperatures do not affect global temperatures
  • Of course a lie
  • This is always the case on some level and the wider the area and longer it lasts the greater the effects on averages
  • Sun is lower in activity, this another one, and less heat but they insist global warming is still going on and I say “Well where is your extra heat coming from? Not the Sun. CO2 does not produce its own” NEVER .. get an answer
  • But the Hard-Left are right about all this and we are stupid Nazis for stopping or disagreeing with them

If it were up to me? I would put all these people in prison for a very long time .. until they learnt that they were basically the fascists, bigoted dictators and were nor morally superior but actually quite evil and nasty.

Well as it turns out yet another thing I was right about turns out to be correct and I can assure you that the AGW will disappear for a few days like they often do, as they are clearly abut the truth and the science. They will then return in 3 to 7 days and still promote AGW is real and falsely claim it has been proven as fact and will not remark on this link I gave them.

Around the years 536 to 555 there was little growth in trees and plants and a lot of darkness and cold. They have now linked this to a Dust Veil of submarine volcanoes.

Oddly enough was the around the time of King Arthur? Something that was declared a myth but recent researches have found was not and were declared a myth through two battles being too far apart but now turns out there were TWO King Arthur’s?

On around Glastonbury and one in North Wales.

Anyway. Just saying. King Arthur.

Guaranteed that on Twitter they well declare it shite and without reading it state it is not a scientific paper. They do this a lot. SO much it is embarrassing and I for one do not know how they can show their faces. Hard-left people.

So here is the link to the paper they will claim does not exist ..

The funny thing is and literally hours before this popped up something curious happened.

YouTube locked me out of their website on my phone for the third time in around ten days. Virgin Media then locked me out of BitChute the alternative video hosting site to YouTube for the first time ever.

One could be forgiven for thinking that I was being censored and trying to slow me down or stop me from posting the videos and links they do not like?

Now then after hammering away on this blog for years and hammering away on this subject for almost 12 months now .. this should the one thing many I know have been waiting for? This should now be the thing that sends my viewers and followers rocketing to the point I start getting an income?

As I have none and my daughter and my friends, and other family, have asked how it is that I have never been paid.

Yeah after year post after post I waited for something to make sense and catch on and hopefully go viral. It never did. So I went on Twatter and despite collecting followers in a very short space of time and despite my blogs going up. Nothing really went viral.

Got to the stage were I have 12,000 followers but in all honesty and because of censorship I have likely lost more than 7,000 followers. If I hand not and started three other accounts a year earlier I would likely have 30,000 to 50,000 followers which would be more than enough. But I did not.

Social media has been trying to stop me since at least 2016 and very possibly a lot earlier than this?

But with this many followers and this prediction of mine, in a long line in 8.5 years, maybe and finally I can get something to get reposted enough to counter the censorship meddling of the social media giants?

I mean I endeavour to get the right facts and conclusions across in what is a war. But any message, documents, secret recordings or scientific papers on here need to be spread about by those that read it on my side of said war.

Sent the link out on Twitter, GAB, Minds, Parler and friends and family I have numbers for on WhatsApp. Be interesting to see if people get excited? The socialist did not, not s surprise do not know why I bother?

Testing testing the most viewed website on climate change that stick tot he facts .. let us see if it posts?

Oops .. no it seems WordPress are blocking any site that disagrees with a theory that has not been proven in thirty years and the globe getting cooler for the last four too?

So ask yourself why would anyone go to this much trouble?


Well this censorship seems to be ramping up as I have now been locked out a few times even on a desktop from YouTube and also Blogger is refusing to work and locks up completely for ten minutes every time I click on something.

I even changed browsers but nope .. still the same.


In the space of a few weeks .. after making something of a name for myself on Twitter, details and screen-shots inbound, suddenly YouTube, Blogger and WordPress start acting up?

On two different devices and in the case of YouTube across four different browsers? Two thus far for Blogger which makes Google having issues across 6 different browsers?

Oh and 80% of the time I am getting an error .. regardless of what device or browser and it is throwing up an error, when it is not giving me the ‘oops! There was a problem’ message.


You can now add Parler to that list .. its like someone thinks I am either bang on the money with the truth or at least very close to it? Project Distraction, by any chance?


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