This took a couple days longer than I planned. Pain, memory issues and various battles seem to have delayed things so I have had to change the numbers a few times and they did go beyond that which I had talked about and still going.

So then .. managed to get back to the grindstone after an extended period away .. fighting wars, debating about AGW global warming and leading up to the General Elections 2019.

Yup once again I call the outcome and many followers were getting nervous Jeremy Corbyn would win and I said ‘no chance’.

That is a ..

  • Brexit Win
  • Donald Trump becoming President
  • Corbyn Loss to Theresa May
  • Corbyn Loss to Boris Johnson

.. I have called correctly. Donald Trump I am pretty sure will win again.

So I have posted a sort of latest update to my climate change research and I had planned another one when a few reports popped up I thought would make an excellent next piece to my whole climate change take down.

Now then as I have explained previous a chain of events, but not all, that now are all unprecedented and occurring at the same time. Therefore connected .. this whole mechanics to cooling and even ice-ages are abundantly clear to me now.

  • Sun’s Magnetic Field
  • Earth’s Magnetic Field
  • Shrinking with more Cosmic Rays
  • Poles Shifting
  • Seismology
  • Volcanism
  • Increased Meteors
  • Meteorology
    • Jet-streams dissipating
    • Baffling one this one as ..
    • When hot its proof of global warming and AGW (AGW Cult)
    • When it is cold and 5 feet of snow or more its just weather (AGW Cult)
    • They actually state that the harsher colder winters wont affect the global averages despite the fact several whole continents have been affected in both hemispheres
    • Noctilucent Clouds
    • Sudden Stratospheric Warming Events

So I am going to quote something regarding the Earth’s magnetic field and note that the speed has increased in recent years to the point that GPS systems had to be updated two years early.

Also note and now news to me is the mention of ‘Blackout Zones’ and they mention about compasses become unreliable.

“The model is typically updated at 5-year intervals, but in 2018, scientists found that the model exceeded its specification for declination only three years into the 5-year cycle due to a combined effect of a global geomagnetic acceleration pulse occurring in 2015-2016, and a fast-changing magnetic field in the North polar area”

“The 2020-25 model now includes ‘Blackout Zones’ around the magnetic poles, as defined by the strength of the horizontal field”

“This wandering has been generally quite slow, allowing scientists to keep track of its position fairly easily, but since the turn of the century, this speed has increased”

What is extremely difficult is that as they are mostly unprecedented they are terribly hard to make any forecasts for.

That being said its entirely incompetent to ignore the fact that any of these things are occurring, the fact they are all occurring together along with the facts there are very clear links between them.

Somehow climate alarmists do this while calling me the pseudoscientist and not scientifically literate. Weird. Projection. Anyway.

At the same time of looking at this I have also wondered to this other body in the far out reaches of the solar system.

  • A Planet 5 times mass of Earth
  • A Brown Dwarf
  • A Primordial Black Hole

These are the theories. What is its orbit? How large is its magnetic field? Will this have an influence in the solar system including that of the heliosphere?

As for the Sun? As of today the 16th December 2019 ..

  • 270 Spotless Days (2008 space age record at 268 days)
  • 77% of year thus far to 2008’s 73%
  • 32 days without sunspots where last stretch was 27?

I expected an odd sunspot a few days back and thought it would not match the previous stretch of 27 days without spots? Thought this would get shorter and shorter over next couple months until solar cycle 25 was off the ground.

Several times they thought cycle 25 was getting started this year and it has not. I am now curious as they state that there are no sunspots in sight for a couple days at least?

A previous stretch a few months back reached 32 days and I cannot help thinking it is going to go beyond this and what this would mean? (Late posting it now is on the verge of doing this)

Would have thought it was reasonable to assume that the run of spotless days would get shorter and even rapidly so?

So if the consecutive spotless days are getting longer .. how long will this continue? Will it hit 35 or more than 40 days this time around? Will it hit 45 or 50 days over the next three months?

If this goes well beyond 32 days (was 28 when I first typed this out) I feel pretty sure my estimation of 277 days is going to be beaten? Also 2020 will look like its going to start with a series of spotless days or weeks maybe well into the Spring or even Summer?!

CO2 is not magic .. it need to absorb heat before it can release it and their argument is ‘matter warms up at different rates and cools down (gives off heat) at different rates’. For 0.04% f the atmosphere that is CO2. Of which we are responsible for 3% of that. Which is not a pollutant like they claim but plant food. Its also rising but its well, well, well far away from actually making any difference. Look at the percentages and how fast they claim it is rising?

Cut a long story short? Cut all CO2 emissions to zero tomorrow and CO2 will continue to rise.

Its also well beyond the year 2100 before it would make any changes.

It is currently getting colder globally and has for four years.

That in RED, BLUE, PURPLE are my annotations

The AGW used this very graph to prove to me its gotten progressively warmer the last four years .. which the observational temps are shown by the black line. Now does this look like it is going up or down?

Also if you look for these graphs and get a collection of, say, eight together from 2008 to 2019 I can assure you they will NOT make any sense and will appear to be lying to you.

Many sharp declines and more than the inclines which are shallower and yet it always seems to stay on the bottom of the models? At the time of publication which is key here. Impossible unless they keep adding lower predictions to the graphs and do not mention it.

Without those sunspots there is no extra heat. I keep asking him how their evil CO2 is going to emit heat it is unable to absorb but I get no answer.

It now has to get colder for several years concurrently but as this cycle 25 takes longer and longer that solar maximum keeps getting further away.

Annoying and pish taking on one science site, might have been NASA, they predicted the deep solar minimum could last between another few months to a whole year. Yeah so be careful not to commit yourself too much, eh?

Another year would not only be out of this world but would scare the crap out of everyone and we could wind up with a third record solar minimum year inside a decade?

It would also mean that a solar maximum would not likely be reached until mid 2025 to 2026?

This was originally 2022 .. then the last cycle ended up longer than the 11 years it normally lasts and it got pushed back. I had figured mid 2024 earlier this year.

I did, of course, also state the other possibility which might make you think .. that cycle 25 might not get started for another 50 years?!

Sound stupid? Yeah well that happened in 1648 and is why you see so many YouTube channels and websites talking about ice-ages.

Now remember .. this is not the Met Office predicting the weather where you can respond with “Oh they do this every year and nothing happens!”

This is not the weather. This is a whole list of measurable events that are occurring simultaneously all of which are unprecedented.

I am concerned and fascinated at the exact same time. I do, however, feel like I am working my butt off now against the sands of times and I very honestly know not what amount of time I up up against? It is 6 months to four years and could wind up anywhere in-between. Its annoying.

If solar cycle 25 has not got off the ground by the latter half of 2020 I can assure you that every single scientist is going to wonder, and a few might realise they might have to soon at their words, if we are not right into a second Maunder Minimum, or Little Ice Age, period from 1648.

Well .. its a wee bit more complicated than that.

You see if by the end of 2020 they think we are in another Maunder Minimum .. well .. the Maunder Minimum went on for 50 to 60 years. We have little in the way of sunspots numbers further back than this period. We have nothing to really go on .. sooo ..

How do we know it wont last 100 or 200 years? It might only last 20? We do not know and anyone that claims that they do is either lying or an astrophysicist involved with one or two teams. Yeah I am pretty sure neither of those two teams will predict anything shorter than 50 years?

Well a solar cycle lasts 11 years so you only need a few missing cycles and you are staring at several decades.

The real deep ice-age .. the one in books that talk about London and New York being under a mile of ice? Maybe that came about from missing solar cycles that lasted 100 years or more?

In fact 950 million years ago the whole planet was frozen. They call this ‘snowball Earth’ and do not forget .. life has existed on this planet for 4.1 Billion Years. Needed a bit more than a pair of mittens!

Silly leftists .. Mark Twain once said that ‘It’s not that we do not know that gets us into trouble, its that we know for sure that just ain’t so’

What they now call the AGW Cult who have large numbers of people that claim to have degrees in science, but no one believes a lot of them, have barely any data, failing models and run around on social media attacking anyone that questions AGW.

Yet they forget several things about science and computer models. They have less than 20% or even 10% of the data in their models. And in computing there is a rule ..

‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’.

In science there is yet another term they ignore and yet they are all scientists and we are the deniers. It is known by scientists that if you was to test all science again, that set out in peer-reviewed papers and with a lot more data that climate scientists possess, more than half of them would prove to be wrong. This is called ..

‘The Replication Crisis’

Though is known under other terms too.

Here is yet another one ..

‘Extraordinary claims or hypothesis require extraordinary evidence’

Yet there is none. Someone latched onto a warming period, which has happened thousands to hundred of thousands of times in the past. During a time when the Sun’s activity was going up. Someone clearly see this as a way of gaining control and sponging money off the masses and ran with it.

We have had varying depths of cooling periods like the Maunder Minimum I mention and the deeper Younger Dryas. The former was NOT the shallowest cool period and nor was the latter the deepest cooling period either. That might come as a bit of a shock to some?

Everyone probably assumes that the deeper Younger Dryas Ice Age was caused by an asteroid strike but though there is some evidence to this fact .. it has never been conclusively shown to be the case.

Our lives are too short and these cycles span over too long a period of time and our records and knowledge are minimal at best.

Also interestingly and concerning is that while they still try to figure out if an asteroid caused, though this would only be in part, the Younger Dryas right now along with many odd things occurring simultaneously which allow you to build up a picture of the entire process .. meteors and fireballs have been increasing.

One odd this is I never see anyone else other than myself mention that if all the magnets of the solar system are linked and all acting up .. what effect will these changing magnetic fields have on the trajectories of asteroids and comets floating through the solar system laced with varying amounts of metal?

If the meteors increasing does not raise an eyebrow how about this?

Just a few years back we had out first ever interstellar visitor from another star system, called Oumuamua, and recently we had our .. second?!

The odds of one of these was astronomical. That is why they call it astronomical odds. So what were the chances of two of them within a few years? I have actually wondered when I posted about Oumuamua if we might get a second within the next few years and so we did.

This brings me around the the outer reaches of our Sun’s heliosphere which they have now realised seems to differ in its extent in different directions. It also waxes and wanes, a little term the AGW cult ignore, like everything else.

Obviously with the outer reaches being very far out cosmic rays get thwarted all long their journey into the solar system. Some will be prevented from entering the solar system altogether. But if it is both shrinking currently, yeah try keeping a constant measure on that, and weakening at what levels will cosmic rays get to?

As I have stated previously this is just another area where we are seeing numbers we have never seen previously. Even at the low solar maximum in 2014 we still had much higher than average cosmic rays.

Here is an article about that and Anton Petrov on his channel ‘What Da Math’ also does a video about this altering heliosphere.

The issues with these measurements it that once again we have no benchmarks .. noting to compare them to. If it reaches a very small size in the next year or so we have no idea of knowing whether this is the smallest in 500 years or more or it was smaller at some point in the last 100 years.

Cosmic rays are just reported once again to get ever higher and now they are claiming a space age record. A key measurement this one because as the Sun stays in its lulls longer the higher these measurements go and if they get much higher it will be an issue in more ways than one.

If the Sun remains spotless for another 6 months .. a year .. two years .. ten years .. then how high will these things go?

In the absence of all these records what you have to do is make an estimated guess and the best way to achieve this is to see if there are a series of events that could be linked together to give us an obvious answer.

There is. Quite a few in fact. But it still does not tell us what will happen in the next 50 years, though there are theories about this and I do personally believe these theories.

What we can tell is that for the next 7 years it has to get cooler overall and the weather is already doing that which I predicted it would.

Bizarrely the AGW cult did not predict any of this weather but now attributing this to man-made global warming. Its completely off the chain nonsense and just evidence in their own words over and over and over again just how desperate they are. They so desperately want AGW to be a real thing or to be able to keep people convinced it is real.

This does not help people and nor does it help animals or the environment.

My oldest statement about all this to get the point across to people was this one ..

‘If you put all your eggs in one basket and you get it wrong .. your actions will have serious and inevitable consequences’

Oddly enough causing the very damage they claim to be about preventing?!

I never dreamed in a thousand years that I could go onto social media and actually find a scary amount of people that actually dismissed all the data that I had researched.


Nor could I have ever imagined that some of these people would be so-called scientists nor so desperate to convince others of something never been proven by lying and stating it HAS been proved when it never has.

Literally while writing this one calling himself ‘Joe Davis’ has done exactly that and claimed that volcanoes are not responsible or increasing. Despite showing him various graphs that show that they are and they only monitor 20% of them. If that!

He has been shown the same graphs, reports and scientific papers over and over and over again. Go insane if you show them a tabloid article claiming its not science. Then actually show you a tabloid article because it says what they want to hear. A few minutes ago it was the Washington Post.

One of the two following posts are going to deal with something else that has been bothering me for a few months now.

Something I have been fascinated with for years and something that I was on top of when I found my own evidence that showed it was not CO2 back around the year 2000.


Here is something on that space-age record low for sunspots ..


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