They called me mad and they called me crazy and on top of that they proved themselves incompetent and politically driven by calling us deniers.

They had nothing more than some graphs that likely went through several people before they got to see them and laughed at observational evidence. They claimed to be about the science.

Odd as scientists use observational evidence. They are the worst kind of politically driven cherry pickers that mankind has ever seen.

But now it is all over for them. NASA  has sated it will cool and I believe even NOAA has too and now another name they laughed at now has a peer reviewed paper on Nature’s website.

This is none other than Professor Valentina Zharkova who NASA first laughed at and then later started to quote without actually mentioning it.

We are dropping into a Grand Solar Minimum which means that solar cycle peaks are going to be very low or even non-existent for an extended period of time said to be officially in between 2019 and 2020. Well the next peak she now states to be 2025 when previously it was 2022 now looking to be very low then? Was recently predicted to be 35 to 45 but then they predicted solar cycle 24 to be the same as 23 at 120 .. but then it turned out to be only 88.

Another below 100 would be bad enough .. lower than 90 is not good at all but they are talking about it being over half of this?! So what if it ends up lower?

Is it reasonable to wonder that solar cycle peaks might match the numbers of some recent minimums?!

My argument of late with climate cultists is that no one ever talks about the solar minimums when there were still many Sunspots likely numbering well over 10 .. maybe even 15 or more?

If its as lower to their prediction as solar cycle 24 turned out to be from their prediction we could be talking lower than 20? And if not solar cycle 25 it could well be solar cycle 26 where this occurs?

So then this looks like a mini ice-age is alarmingly possible and I know from when I first stumbled across something back in January 2018 I could not quite believe each and every bit of data I came across. That had me kicking myself at signs I had seen and been asked about that I did not look into and find out about all this sooner!

I am still in shock .. I am not one to be convinced easily and it takes the data and not someone to convince me, though I have been accused, annoyingly, of being easily taken in by people.

Well now its just time to sit back and wait for it to sink in wit others and wait for the backlash about all of this CO2 global warming just being one giant con taking a lot of money for God knows how many decades. I am sure the people of each nation being bashed over the head over all this will be running spreadsheets to work out how much their government has frittered away on spectres?

Here is the GSM News Channel on YouTube who interviewed Professor Zharkova talking about the paper and interesting that the barycentre of the Sun was mentioned and interesting to see what is extrapolated from that study ..


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