That victim I post about? After being hassled and breaking the law by Wirral Council and having to move 100 plus miles away the Merseyside Police have now put out a warrant for her arrest and demanding she goes back to the Wirral tomorrow morning?!

With 3 Special Needs children too, after confiscating her car, second one now, stating she had been banned from driving though we knew nothing of this and they gave no reason at all .. Odd I have posted a lot today and last few days and they ring her they also want to take her photo and her fingerprints too?!

This is because after pulling her over ten times they suddenly decide she is banned from driving though we never heard anything about it and they confiscate a SECOND car and refuse to say what it is for.

Now I was already worried about tomorrow as she was supposed to have a check up over her cervical cancer! She already missed one because of all this and this is very sinister and evil and I have to wonder whether Serco is behind it?

I have in the last several days posted a lot on my blog about this and named names and I have also posted about Serco. They also do not like that I post about solar cycles and other science data linking it all together and blowing apart the CO2 argument. Will get to that momentarily.

This is also after Wirral Social service turned up at her home in Wales after ignoring jurisdiction and a teacher from my grandchildren’s previous school said she was going to put a complaint into Ofsted.

Bad news after bad news .. its now official as GSM News covers NASA announcement of their prediction for Solar Cycle 25 which as I stated wont arrive until 2025 and one graph appears to predict it at around 30 or so Sunspots and another under 50.

Do not forget that solar cycle 24 was at 88 which is itself extremely low and shocked scientists so what do you think this announcement will do?

You see the winters we have had, right?

Of course there is the possibility that it wont arrive at all. Of late the public on both sides of the pond have had lies from just about everyone. Cover ups from just about everyone. As I explained here and in many other posts .. persecution over the truth from just about everyone.

Ask yourself one simple question ..

‘To tell all the lies that they have and persecute the way that they have and despite the horrific lives of those they persecute .. what would make them go to all the lengths that they have?

Should be pretty obvious that considering how many have lied we have out our trust into that it must be something .. pretty major, yes? Or a series of major things?

Oh yeah .. that NASA announcement ..


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