I have not divulged all information and nor have I published more than about 5% of the evidence I posses. So much of it now it would be a nightmare to find some of it. There are some I think I can get together before long that is linked to some I will divulged in this post.

Lets get something straight .. right up front ..

  • I talk about a dozen areas of science
  • I talk about climate change
  • I talk about politics and was dragged into this unwillingly

Lets get a few other things straight ..

  • I know my stuff
  • I know how to tag
  • I was encouraged to blog and do videos when I started and was told I would make money
  • I spent four years at this and was encouraged to start a business from it by business experts and the government
  • At the 13th hour something changed and all the plugs were pulled
  • I had noticed some odd behaviours with my numbers
  • At the exact same time by advertising started disappearing and reappearing without warning
  • November 2016 my ad revenue had frozen just prior to being paid and everyone at the time expected me finally, with my disabilities and pain, to become self-sufficient but ..
  • My Ad Revenues never really moved again for 2.5 years

My daughter was a victim of grooming gangs and I talked about that form the get go. She was lied to and treated appallingly by Wirral Council and Merseyside Police on and off for a decade.

She had two children prior to turning 16 and ended up with cervical cancer she needed an operation for and still they persecuted her. The Police pulled her over on a regular basis and confisctated two cars. One of which I bought for her.

I myself lost £35,000, my home and my own car.

The social services lied and tried to set her up constantly and eventually she had to move to Wales to get away from both the social services and the Police.

She has three special needs children and a son she has not seen because the authorities allowed him to go to be with his paedophile rapist father years ago.

Yesterday I got a call from my daughter and a helpful teacher at her old school turned up .. having driven over a hundred miles to speak to her.

This was after a social worker turned up in the area and was more or less told to fuck off by the local school. This social worker, called Jenny, then tried to get the local social workers to put pressure on her. They visited and said there was absolutely nothing and could not understand what the social services at Wirral Council were on about. They would not be visiting again.

When the teacher turned up she admitted that Eve, head of social services in Wirral, had more or less turned up and warned the school and teachers off from helping my daughter. She actually stated that “We were warned to back off”.

They stated that the original social worker, who I had met, Chippo, had been dropped as a social worker and reduced to desk work. I have a recording of her! She stated that the social workers I the Wirral were evil and any good ones leave their jobs. Also that she could not be a social worker with the way that they treat people, had been told many stories by various parents and started crying.

Turned out that she was under the impression that my daughter had seen her abuser who had left prison .. and my daughter pointed out that she had not, that she was forced by the council to let her children see their father and that she moved to get away.

The teacher was horrified to hear this and once again stated that the council had worked with the Police to persecute her and that they had been trying for a long time to get her to look guilty about anything they could. She was amazed my daughter had coped and was told ..

Though I did not believe him to begin with and kept trusting the social workers my Dad has told me all along what they are like and has advised me and drummed into me what to do or say. He has tried to get me to move out of the borough for years as they will never stop”

I was living there for awhile and they refused to help us and that is how I lost everything, health condition that causes a lot of pain, heart conditions and the NHS were also fucking around as usual .. no one gave a crap and I came back.

Regretted this ever since .. lost all forms of income .. car .. and access to a GP and Dentist and things I have seriously needed in the 18 months I have not had them.

She now constantly talks about me living up there and she has no one. I say that I want to as I am surrounded by selfish and self-absorbed people down here.

Except I cannot and its very frustrating.

Now moving back around because all of this is about persecution that comes from censorship.

I started hitting social media harder .. and was succeeding. Reignited my Twitter account and despite having only getting 300 followers on my blogs in 7 years I rocketed past 2,500 on Twitter in four months.

You cannot cheat the numbers .. remember that ..

  • Thought that I might get offers of help .. well I did a few times but nothing came of it
  • Thought that with my followers racing I can drive traffic to my blogs and YouTube and ..
  • Start getting paid
  • Thought I might get some organisation genuinely interested in the truth and my evidence .. finally
  • That someone would help us and my grandchildren and ..
  • Offer me a job for my skills and honesty or even a crowd funder for my daughter
  • Currently now have over 8,300 followers
  • Over 95% of these have been acquired since August 2018
  • Due to censorship I can tell you that I have ALSO lost over 4,000 followers
  • Had posts deleted
  • Oh and those numbers do not include 284 subscribers I have on YouTube
  • YouTube was never intended to make money and only a back up to my blogs
  • I did think about doing politics videos on a more professional level intended to start in 2017 .. but they turned my daughters life upside down and then mine so it never got off the ground

So when you consider that I already had around 750,000 visit my blog and YouTube channel .. PRIOR to me attaining all those followers you would think .. oh its easy now, right?

Well .. NO!

So I know what I am doing, even if not doing it very well and operating at 30% or less of my capacity.

So its about knowing what your talking about, attracting people and knowing how to tag and we have already established I am fairly good at the latter .. so what I if you had a wide range of subjects?

  • Herpetology or Reptiles
  • Batrachology or Amphibians
  • Ichthyology or Fish
  • Orchids
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Climate Change
  • Japanese Maples
  • Wing Chun
  • Politics
  • Corruption
  • Grooming Gangs
  • Secretly Recorded Evidence
  • Public Services
  • Computers
  • Gaming
  • Heath Issues
  • and others

Impressive list, right?

All those tags, all those areas that even include latin names and I have been contacted by people, growers, breeders, Doctors and authors from all over the world in most of the above subjects.

Any one of those subjects could attract enough views to make money .. soo .. how can all of them combined not do that?! After 7 years? When experts raised eyebrow in surprise three years ago in 2017 before saying ..

I can tell you right now I do not even need to speak to my bosses .. your business plan will be accepted!”

Have often been told that the amount I know is stagering and I know what I am doing from your average Joe to professionals like business experts, solicitors, scientists and Doctors.. well that is except for my own family who are unhelpful, more of a hindrance actually.

In fact many are shocked, including my own daughter, at how much negativity and told I do not know what I am doing from my own family. Despite me being educated and offered to do a PhD and them not having anything.

Been backed up by planetary scientists on social media and even the co-founder of Greenpeace.

Been blocked by some very famous people ..

  • Mike Stuchbery
  • Lord Adonis
  • Naz Shah
  • James O’Brien
  • Labour Left Voice
  • Owen Jones of The Guardian
  • Professor Brian Cox
  • There are hundreds after I was targeted by ..
  • Resisting Hate
  • Hope Not Hate
  • Tell MAMA

Never knew this for quite awhile but it turned out where I thought I was arguing in threads with sometimes up to 20 people at once and even while drunk, which had many people laughing for days, I attracted an audience I was not even aware of.

I also forced a few extreme leftists to disassociate themselves from each other and they told me that them losing accounts was not possible and they lost over two dozen courtesy of me. The sheer evil things they came out with were .. well .. staggering.

Never thought I would ever see fascism like that I have been witness to in the last year alone.

After I had done this a dozen or so times I had followers talking about me and contacting me .. others hearing about me and following me.

Was told privately ..

  • You are truly devastating
  • They do not like you
  • Whole groups are now scared of you
  • Heard about you from another follower who told me to watch your threads if it looks like you are arguing
  • I am sooo glad you are on my side as I would not want to piss you off!

That last one being probably the most common.

Oddly .. ask anyone that knows me .. well the ones that have not died or moved away and they will say that I am an easy going guy .. but they would also admit that the sheer long series of horrific events that have gone on for 15 years have changed me somewhat.

I don’t suffer fools and I hate liars with an agenda even more so .. I have always hated liars and cannot beieve how many there are in the world today. Its like the Devil is real and has minions .. or a James Bond or Batman like super-villain has been putting something in the bloody water-supplies?!

So then ..

  • Long list of subjects
  • People like what I say
  • People say I am the best debater they know
  • Attracted 8,000 followers on social media in a little over 5 months
  • Had over 4,000 followers removed over censorship
  • All those followers and all the subjects I listed earlier?
  • Easy peasy right?

OK .. example time ..

Managed to go out yesterday with my camera .. which I do precious little of but I enjoy doing .. and while I was out doing some photography and filming ..

  • Britain’s rarest plant and in flower the Creeping Marshwort, Apium repens
  • Jewel Beetle, Agrilus laticornis, thats a Red Data List animals meaning I use that hashtag too
  • Close ups of an attractive male Reed Bunting and video of it singing
  • Gorgeous shots of a Common Blue Butterfly not quite so common these days
  • While pains in my legs, toothache and panicking my heart will play up
  • Uploaded, tagged and posted to a blog and three of my social media accounts

Remember .. numbers count and its all easy-peasy, right?

Twelve hours later and with all those followers and subscribers .. I have not had a single view from any of the dozen plus videos I uploaded?!

The person I was with even said to me ..

Well?! That video and those pictures o what is Britain’s rarest plant will get you some attention!”

Well he is not wrong but even being an animal expert himself .. he is under the impression that politics is boring and animals get a lot more attention and does not believe me when I state its the other way around.

When I tell him later that those videos of the Creeping Marshwort and a Red Data List Beetle got no views he will not believe it.

Also he is a bit naïve .. he has himself realised as everyone is talking about it now that I am being screwed over online and off it for telling the truth.

He does not realise, not good with technology, that I am buggered now and thinks if I just stop talking about these things everything will work out. He does not stop to realise that people go onto a list now and are punished for life. For telling the truth.

I realised only on going back to Twitter that my suspicions that I was being screwed over for talking about what happened to my daughter were right and I was being targeted over that.

So very possibly my recordings of the public services too?

I then found out only a few days ago that telling the truth and sticking to the scientific facts over climate change and not submitting to the politically correct brigade also gets you targeted and your online work suppressed.

So the leftist logic as your supposed to be whipped .. treated like shit, ignored, forced to work with pain, memory and heart problems .. ignored what happens to your child and grandchildren and only parrot their lies?!

You have to lie and be quiet about the evil you endure to make money?

Well what a wonderful world we live in?

Also in the past few days Independent News guy Tim Pool who himself is centre-left and has people in the right complaining about him has only recently posted a video stating that he thinks one of his channels is going to be removed from YouTube.

That is 400,000 subscribers .. gone .. just like that?!

That is nothing more than a massive violation of you human rights and nothing other than pure evil from the troops that throw around labels like ‘bigot’ and ‘racist’ like it is confetti!

I realised sme time ago now that, that infamous quote is true ..

Telling the truth truly has become a revolutionary act!

I still maintain that to my utter shock I have seen scientific data that I knew was possible and never ever thought I would see in my lifetime. Not just one but over a dozen of them.

This not only proves CO2 climate change was nonsense all along but it is the TRUTH of the inevitable outcome these datasets are showing that they have been trying to close down.

Take Tim Pool? He does not even realise it but he touched upon a subject I was surprised to see him do and since then he has started having issues with YouTube.

They know that he stocks to the facts, which is why I like him. They also know that with his many subscribers .. if he did a video stating the things that I have .. it will be game over.

They want to stop a certain truth from getting around and when they close you down they do not want it to be obvious WHICH TRUTH it is because any idiot will know that this fact being realised will go viral.

The channel he is expecting to lose is Timcast.

So you have a large number of names .. and hosts and over many years now they all think they are it and God’s gift to the world except .. a few points on that front ..

  • Now work perfectly
  • Never see improvements from them
  • Any changes are often for the worst
  • Quick to act when they are self-serving
  • Want to dictate what you do without telling you
  • Number fluctuate and do not make any sense
  • Software often does not work with each other
  • Cannot even handle simple text formatting
  • Refuse to speak to many and those that they do they take forever ..
  • But they are all God damn perfect though
  • So either sinister or just plain incompetent
  • Still want to make billions while sitting on their arses screwing with people’s livelihoods
  • More and more people were encouraged to make money or do business online
  • Except now they want to make it impossible for you even when your honest
  • Yes siree a wonderful world we live in, right?!

So then a few pictures and videos and then some screenshots of some numbers ..

Creeping Marshwort .. Apium repens ..

Creeping Marshwort – Apium repens

Reed Bunting – Emberiza schoenclus

Jewel Beetle ..

Screen-shots ..


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