Watched a fascinating video on seismic activity and someone that has run into issues with the USGS.

Russia announced threat of a large blast that will affect the entire planet which is an ancient volcano and I guess another one they said was extinct for many years?

As long as the video I include at the bottom might be I dare you not to watch all of it ..

As an example inside of ten minutes you will discover they have been pumping acid below ground in Southern California. Where the La Brea Tar Pits are where very recently tar and gas have been seeping out of the ground shocking a lot of people and the locals.

Also interesting is that many decades ago they dug for oil but never found much but they did find a lot of gas and Gold but difficult to extract.

Now would it surprise you to hear that they use acid to release Gold in areas where it is difficult to extract? What a coincidence? They also have a quarry in the area .. maybe doing something with the Gold?

Answer me this ..

You have been hearing or taught about tectonic plates and them slowing moving since you was at school, right? But why do they move?

You see the spinning molten iron and magma has to have an effect but ..

What happens in a pole excursion or pole reversal when the movement of the core alters, stops or the density reverses which will cause the magnetic poles to flip?

In these instance and with an altering of the direction and therefore the pressure upon the tectonic plates what would then happen?

Well the poles are in an excursion and it does look highly likely like many believe that they will go through a flip. We will know for sure in as little as a year .. two at the very most.

Are you also aware that volcanoes we have been told for five or six decades or more are extinct are now active and more are appearing all the time?

Events are occuring that have happened before we have no records of and therefore no yardstick or sets of numbers we can compare them to. I believe I proved a list above.

All happening at once .. something of a coincidence, no?

You should be finding all this a very sobering thought at this point, I know I did.

We cannot say what is going to happen because we really do not know but its not going to be nothing and it wont return to normal. Not any time soon.

It can range from tough, to bad .. to catastrophic and we cannot put a time or even a length on it .. or in other words when it will start, though technically it already has, or how long or how bad it will get.

Though I believe the answers to this will be obvious in two years and if solar cycle 25 has not started by then it will be obvious I am afraid.

If the next solar cycle does start then .. we have to see what numbers ot reaches at its peak and they are estimating lower than the last which was already very, very low. Now that will be around 2025 but in all honesty it may have already gotten pretty bad by then?

The next five years sees winters colder and longer and with more snow if things continue as they have done for the past decade. So we could well have winters that last six months in the south of the UK?

Volcanoes increase or a big one goes off like Yellowstone or one that the Russians are worried about .. or one the Japanese are worried about or indeed anyone one of a number of others that the governments of its countries are worried about and we may have no summers at all in as little as a couple of years.

Or far, far worse depending on the volumes of materials and gas ejected from volcanoes over the next two or three years.

Summed up it can only gradually get colder and anything ejected from volcanoes will only serve to speed up that cooling process.

What is a surprising thing is the data has been constantly coming out in a stream for over a decade and many cold winter have occurred in this time and only now people are starting to get fed up with the alarmists.

In fact there is a backlash now against it and Canada, Australia, France and even Finland are in this list and its growing. I am pretty certain from a YouTube video I saw published by SWAPA, South West Asia Water and Power, that many other countries have too.

It begs the question how the politicians are going to look who have focused on this climate change nonsense for decades?

Many will also ask if they knew all along it was crap but pressed it for money and power .. and whether or not that they realised that the cooling was coming and in which case whee did all that money go?

From the Heartland Institute ..


So we live in an increasingly strange world with increasingly strange behaviour with ever greater lies and bizarre acts and laws with mass migrations in a time where there has been a constant stream of scientific data that seems to have alarmed scientists on countless occasions.

Now it would be completely and utterly naïve to eve think that there was not a connection to all of this and that had not been there for quite a number of years.

Yet another major question that will occur to everyone when it becomes obvious, if the global 30% crop losses and my daughter cannot even find red apples currently, does wake people up. Will be ..

If they have hid this from us all of this time .. what else are they hiding from us?

Meanwhile here is that long but fascinating video on the tectonic plates and earthquakes that hae been going on which includes details on the tar and gas coming out of the ground .. and remember many dinosaurs died in tar pits .. it even featured in the animated movie The Croods which when you think about it ..

There has been a lot of movies made in recent years featuring events that have occurred in the long distant past which have all seem to have been occurring that we wee told cannot happen for thousands of years ..

  • Earthquakes increasing
  • Volcanic eruptions increasing
  • Extinct Volcanoes no longer extinct
  • Poles heading towards a flip
  • Solar Cycles dropping
  • Magnetosphere weakening
  • Ice Age, severity unknown
  • Tar coming to the surface
  • Geysers more active than ever
  • Ground warming by a great deal
  • Ground rising by a great deal
  • Subzero Temperature Records Broken
  • Snowfalls records broken
  • Unprecedented floods and crop losses

That is not even including the bizarre coloured skies or the fact that after not bothering with the Moon for decades and planning for Mars going on for years .. suddenly they want to build a base on the Moon?

I digress. So that video ..


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