The wider public and not just in the UK but across Europe and Canada, America and others have been slowing coming to the realisation that things are not right .. in the western world.

Public services like health (NHS), local councils, DWP, Police and many others and even the European Union .. and were talking right across Europe here .. the Armed Forces and therefore the EU Army and many .. many .. others.

The Home Office, Justice Departments and even DEFRA is included and .. the list is very .. very .. long. Whatever it is you have issues with or have been screwed over by or simply have questions about .. it may well be here on on their website somewhere.

Now all these have been accused of or found to have been corrupt or maybe just run extremely badly but what if I told you that they were all run by just one company?

Would you believe me?

Was shown this a long time ago and I posted about it previously but it never gained much traction .. not enough knew me, not enough had realised something was not right in the world and so I was probably just thought of as a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist?

However today is not only very different I can drive a lot more people to my blogs .. and although forgotten about for a long, long time a story came up.

This story involves some talk from politicians about letting in far more refugees into the UK alone while on the very same day a country seem to be reported by Reuters to have won a contract for ..

Refugee Housing of close to £3 Billion?

Odd as in the UK there have been tens of thousands and very likely hundreds of thousands of suicides becaue of the lack of help, funding and housing.

This has been so bad that it has affected the following three groups just to highlight just how bad it is ..

  • Children
  • Disabled People
  • Armed Forces Veterans

So with those three in mind how could you possibly allow more people in that all need housing and why the hell would you?!

Money and power and not the resident already here is the answer. But they wont tall you that and Sajid Javid is portraying himself as the great humanitarian over this.

Well that company is Serco and that contract they run and as I stated reported by Reuters here ..

Now as I stated I was told this years ago from a lady and I literally thought she was of the conspiracy theorists that belonged in the tinfoil hat category. She urged me to read their ‘About Us’ page and I did and sure enough .. everything she said was true.

This story popped up on social media and it jogged my memory and I went back to their site .. oddly enough it has changed a little and had to click around for a fair old while before I could get everything I had read about previously.

Now bizarrely I knew about this over 5 years ago and published it and even at the time I was surprised they was boasting about it on their website. I figured someone at some point would see the pitfalls in this and take it all off.

It is still there.

Now would you need a company and a private one at that to run all these services and why the God damn hell would you get a single company to run them all?!

Many have talked about some elitist group or some New World Order and George Soros running things and there most certainly is something.

Now I knew there was something very corrupt and something or someone running everything and that our government in the UK were mere puppets and asked the question repeatedly ‘who are the puppeteers?’

I was given Serco by someone that see what I had done and what I was trying to do.

At the other end I was being given all these other theories that included Soros and others .. when all that was left to do was to find a link between your preferred theory/culprit and Serco.

Serco also claims to be British but is American now why would you do that?
In finding the truth and the culprits and exposing them I do not care who they are nor what they are and they are who they are .. I am not going to focus on this group or that group because I have no preference in who it is I wish to be responsible.

This narrows your field of view and will stop you from finding the truth.
If I can one or more of my posts regarding corruption, secret recordings, cover ups or blowing apart CO2 climate change arguments or showing the truth about pole shifts it will please my daughter.

My finances, despite my disabilities, have been frozen and likely because I speak the truth and am only interested in the truth. I have been hounded by thousands on social media and had to battle wars that drew big audiences.

My daughter wants me to move to Wales and I wish to do this but am unable to do this and have been hammering social media hoping that either they will start paying ..

Realising that the increased traffic will be obvious and someone will take up my cause to help us ..

Or someone will take up our cause to help us ..

Or I get hired because of what I can do despite my .. handicaps?

Wonder what leftists would make of this, eh?

Now are we getting closer to the Puppeteers that have string to all the politicians I, we .. YOU all believe now are puppets?

If your looking for a link in particular that is not here or you just want more trust me .. dig around on their sites as its somewhat .. disjointed these days .. conveniently enough ..

EDIT: I’m an idiot, the DPA or Data Protection Act was brought in to stop three organisations from accessing the databases on individuals on other public services taught to people in computer science Degrees .. if I recall it was ..

Police NHS and DWP now one runs them all?!


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