Well I tried to tell the CO2, climate change, global warming cultists but just like with other things I got laughed at, told I was an idiot and wrong.

Now remember this is their idea of sensible debate .. without any reasons and no background ad not scientists they ..

  • Dismiss what you give them, often ignoring things or refusing to click links .. 
    • Yeah the morons fail to realise time is a factor in reading so easy to spot when they do not
  • Laugh at you
  • Call you an idiot
  • Swear

This is infuriating when you know that they are out of their league and have no place to argue their points. Learning the OneGraph to rule the all is not enough
Now they did this with several things with me that I know are factors in all this .. now lets run through a little list before I get to my latest one that shows their effing loons the lot of them ..

  • Insisting the oceans are still warm ..
    • Fail to acknowledge that water takes a lot longer than air to change temperature up or down
    • Failed to acknowledge also the only other heat source than the Sun, the core of the Earth and its moving magma
  • Insisted Observational Evidence was not science and did not count
    • Creators of Climate Models are concerned why Observational Evidence does not match their models
  • Insisted Noctilucent Clouds were not a factor or had any affect on atmospheric temperature of signs of cooling
    • Tamitha Skov disagrees as do a growing number of scientists ..

Sorry fruit-loops but it was damn obvious that even a child would understand it .. that’s just three strikes that I recall and if I thought long and hard about it I would probably come up with over a dozen.

Because I have seen over a dozen sets of scientific data that all links together and all shows you that your CO2 hypothesis was as wrong as I always knew it was.

But .. hey .. you still have your OneGraphs and your rising carbon which you claim matches the rising global temperatures, except not only has the latter dipped so no correlation they are effing currently dropping like a stone.

Funny then that you totally ignore the fact that the graph for an increase in frequency of volcanic eruptions matches it far better but you did not make a single remark about that.

The way that I see it and sticking my neck out here with another of my long list of predictions I expect these clouds to get far bigger over the next couple of years. As a result I also expect that the snow and hail will increase in amounts.
I cannot now really see how they cannot .. the Sun is unusually quite and these rare ice clouds have been increasing .. longer flatlining solar minimums and lower than average peaks. A number of record breaking cold snaps, snowfalls and hail going on right now.
The Sun is still getting quieter .. a rise likely not going to start for anywhere from 6 months to a year and will take a few more years for the Sunspots to build up to slow these ice-clouds.

  • Far colder
  • Far longer
  • Far more snow and ice
  • Ice Storms only occur in one place in the world in Canada but will these become more common?
  • We still have the not entirely understood factor of volcanoes in all this
    • How many will there be?
    • How big will they be?
    • How much in the way of particles will they pump into the atmosphere?
    • How high will they pump these particles?
    • How will this speed up the cooling?

You see why  I get so annoyed with CO2 idiots going on like parrots ‘ButlookathisGraph .. ButlookatthisGraph!’

So only one scientist has claimed the solar cycle 25 will be higher .. sorry arse-wipe but that’s merely nothing more than pure guess work and there is nothing previous you can use to back that one up.

Many scientists believe this will be a Dalton Minimum event.

Many others believe that this will be a Maunder Minimum event.

Most are secretly concerned it will be deeper than that .. more of a full on ice-age or Younger Dryas event.


Far too early to say a Younger Dryas but you cannot rule it out and using the odds to stake your claim is not something you can do.

I am thinking that it appears that it will be deeper than the Dalton Minimum .. that is my gut feeling and so I am going with a Maunder Minimum.

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