In my previous parts I had talked about the health problems that could arise regarding an increase in the cosmic rays and UV rays as the magnetosphere decreases in intensity.

Now I do not recall if I posted it or not, short term memory issues, but I had also wondered if this could have effect on other things including a few I am suffering from as it is electrical in nature.

There are theories and possible evidence that our electrical grids could be affected .. so this suggested it was a possibility thought I did not see nor understand how it was linked. One of the few things left I need to research.

Now for several days because of the changing magnetic field and the global cooling now staring at us I had a tab open to do with the Sun’s activity, solar cycles and specifically the number of days without Sunspots. As it turned out .. there was something further down the page I had failed to notice and when I did ..

It blew my mind!

Now what I have talked about was that I also suffer from temperatures and humidity, though annoyingly idiots insist in stating ‘well everyone suffers from that’ including Doctors .. to which I reply ..

‘What at anywhere between 15 to 22 Degrees?!’

Even Doctors do not refrain from assuming and getting it wrong and I am in a world of people that think they are the most intelligent people in the planet.

The other issues I have had involve my heart and I have been in out out of hospitals and these are Tachycardia and Arrhythmia and obviously the heart is electrical but never considered any link previously. Until they talked about electrical grids. People with pacemakers I did think about .. just not normal hearts. I also have very high blood pressure and not sure if that is being caused by all this too.

Had no heart issues before about 4 years ago. Started off one or two incidents a year .. and then a dozen incidents a year. Before long it was one or two a month and then one or two each week and then it was daily. The NHS ignored it .. I scratched my head as to why it was occurring and they the NHS were ignoring it. I have four or more visits to North Middlesex Hospital and three to St Catherine’s Hospital before my health and lack of help caused me to miss an appointment over four years and I wrongly returned to London.

But according to the NHS this is my fault.

Yeah something tells me that within a year or two at the most the NHS are going to be roasted by the entire country and their incompetence and disregard for human life over money exposed. Call it a hunch.

“Furthermore, there are studies (#1, #2, #3, #4) linking cosmic rays with cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in the general population. Our latest measurements show that cosmic rays are intensifying, with an increase of more than 18% since 2015” – http://spaceweather.com

“We have developed a new predictive model of aviation radiation. It’s called E-RAD–short for Empirical RADiation model. We are constantly flying radiation sensors onboard airplanes over the US and and around the world, so far collecting more than 22,000 gps-tagged radiation measurements. Using this unique dataset, we can predict the dosage on any flight over the USA with an error no worse than 15%” – http://spaceweather.com

Oh dear. You see what the issue is here?

Concerned enough about a link to health to both passengers of aircraft to those down at sea-level that they would fit sensors to aircraft there would be strict criteria in place for. Have to be certain that any new equipment does not interfere with the electrical systems of the aircraft or radio signals. Not something you can do over night. It also would not be cheap to implement either.

Oddly the difference is I wondered about the magnetic field while they talk about cosmic rays .. which would be more to do with mutations, good and bad, I would have thought?

With a little digging you can find that they claim they claim many human advancements, like language for instance, occurred after the Sun we awoke after a sleep .. when the shields were down and the new cosmic rays were able to reach ground level, ergo ‘us’, for a period of time before the fields went back up.

Or you think if this occurs before long we might figure out how to travel faster than the speed of light and get quantum mechanics to work for us?

Maybe we might realise that lying is not the way to do things? Perhaps become more civilised as a society?

One can only hope.

Instead today your accused of being uncivilised by pointing out that others are uncivilised!

Yup the world truly has gone mad both close to home and further afield and personally .. I truly tire of it and have done for a very long time.

I constantly fear leaving my daughter, with health issues, and grandchildren, also with health issues, on their own .. or being heart broken if anything should happen do me. Which both my daughter and I think the authorities are trying to bring about via their lying and lack of support.

I have the option presently to get out of the hell hole I am in .. which is oppressive and sets off my heart.

Yesterday two without any education asked about Ealing Studios and one said they still make films and I shook my head. I stated that one of the famous films, think it was the Lady Killers with Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom, was the last one they made there and got told I was wrong.

Now one did some research, did not look in the right place .. see a list of things filmed there and used this to tell me I was wrong. Now I stated that Ealing Studios was a company and that it could be that others too it over. I was still told no because the filming continued throughout and I ignored them. They just love, as others have tried and failed to do, to tell me I am wrong about things.

  • Do Ealing Studios still make films?

Well no ..

The building was taken over by the BBC in 1955 and from then on in they used it for series and not films .. which is what I stated might have happened. It was then taken over again by a consortium called Fragile in 2000 where it was used for some films, Bridget Jones being one.

Where did I found this information? On a site about the location on their about us page. Because the building is famous. But its NOT the company Ealing Studios .. they just keep the name because it was a famous name.

The fact remains that they stopped making films there when I aid that they did.

I really cannot be bothered to tell them they are wrong and I wont bring it up unless they are disagreeing about something else and use it to prove I have been wrong before and I will point out that that I was not.

I said that it must have been taken over and they said no .. when the fact is it was taken over twice and they did not film ‘films’ there until after 2000 after a break of over 45 years.

Now I had thought that as one of them was from the Ealing area and I was born near there too that they would know as I thought it was common knowledge that Ealing Studios stopped making films in the fifties. Apparently not.

This was followed 12 hours later when I tried to explain the link in the last 5 years between pole shifts and magnetosphere to by tachycardia and arrhythmia. This to someone that loves to interrupt, switch subjects to something totally irrelevant so they can make it about themselves and then talk for four hours straight.

How did they do it? By telling me for the thousandth time they had tachycardia back in the 1970’s and when I pointed out it was not relevant, not forgetting they had interrupted me, they pull a face and roll their eyes.

What they tell themselves in their heads and to other people .. this is someone that likes to control 90% of the conversation and complains no one allows her to talk. Which is always about them and their hard life. Which is not.

As a result no less than 5 members of her family want to talk to her .. and nor do any of their spouses either but it is everyone else who is at fault.

So I have been trapped here without support from any direction ad have most all my belongings bar a few things I am desperately hanging on to. My cameras.

Have he option to go to Wales .. which I very much want to do but this is again not without its issues and obstacles. Need to find a way.

If I can I can do far more photography then I have done in the last two years and do far more with getting the message out there.

As well s the usual problems and the health I have someone that is so petty, hated by his own three children who never speak to him, who thinks its funny to unplug an extension to the Internet each night and then clogs up the main router’s WIFI by watching videos on guns on YouTube every night. And I do mean every night. Asked by the Internet plays up and this being one of my areas of expertise I have to point it out. But I am not believed.

In the last 18 months they have gone away four times for 8 days each time.

Now the fact that the Internet has worked flawlessly for each of those 8 days and 24 hours a day it does not register to the two arguing about Ealing Studios that as soon as this prick is on his own and his partner goes to bed .. the transmitter up here stops connecting to the Internet and the other slows down. Without fail. Works without fail when he is away.

Of course this occurs in the busiest period for social media and I also try to upload videos, photos and of course blog posts. They fail to appreciate how time consuming this is, how frustrating this is and how it slows me down.

What beckons is an area where I get none of this, nor the oppression, the ear bending, the stress and with a large number of mountains, beautiful countryside, wildlife, beaches, estuaries, villages, castles, stone walls and heaven knows what else.

I would say that I have probably been operating at 20% of my capabilities for the last two years and would dearly love to get that up to 80% of them.

Were it not for all the issues and being targeted on almost all platforms .. except one where I am not so sure my other .. talents will be appreciated. I also suspect that I am not growing on it because I am not .. severe enough?

Maybe I will I am not sure?

Another platform I am on is also growing and nearly at a 1,000 followers and I just keep thinking that before very long I will have the followers where things will start to fall in place ..

So that if I do find a way to relocate .. I will be a lot more relaxed if I know that it wont be long before things take off.

That is my issue .. getting there somehow and finding a way where I can both work and know that I have no issues to stress me out and therefore start my heart off.

It is a lack of confidence issues then is closely tied into a health issue and leftists are useless because they think they can cure everything with talk. No .. you can not and I have demonstrated this repeatedly. I have two very loud autistic children to contend with too. So need my own space I can retreat to if and when I need to.

Other than that all I can think about is the mountains in Wales and all the scenery and wildlife though as I told my daughter .. knowing my luck I will get their with my camera, still missing to important lenses, ad it will rain constantly for 12 months?!


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