I have often remarked before about the extending solar cycles and how some are sill predicting what is to come and the time that they come based on what was an 11 year length to solar cycles.

Have stated myself that in something that is suddenly changing to everything recorded since we started observing that this has its pitfalls.

For example some have predicted that the next solar cycle, number 25, is not due to start until 2020 but this would mean a very long solar minimum. Based on what I had seen it should start during 2019 but I do not think it will.

Now I have found a website that thought that last August 2018 solar cycle 25 might be about to start ..

Are We Witnessing the Start of Solar Cycle 25? – https://www.universetoday.com/139833/are-we-witnessing-the-start-of-solar-cycle-25/

This was August 29th 2018 and as stated the minimums prior to 2008 have been relatively short and often without much in the way of consecutive spotless days.

Now consider today’s date of June 13th 2019 .. its still cool or cold in many places, just had another record breaking winter and third in a row and of course ..

The Sun is still dropping in activity and we have had a few stretches i days without spots and currently we are on 25 consecutive days. For 2019 we have had 99 days without spots and they think there will be relatively little for the rest of the year.

Also bear in mind two things .. one that, and as stated before, it takes 2 years or more for things to have an affect on the air and as stated before and to CO2 pundits harping on about sea temps .. it takes a hell of a lot longer for these to change.

Now look at this little fact remembering that 2008 to 2009 had a very long period without many Sunspots that alarmed scientists ..

The dramatic 50% increase in the “volume” of Arctic Ice from 2012 to 2013 revealed by the European Space Agency (ESA) CryoSat mission – lunarplanner.com

So then .. a vast increase, not an increase just a rapid one, four years after that prolonged solar minimum?

So do you think then it is reasonable to assume that if the current solar minimum continues to be quiet for say a year .. that in 2024, the year I had a gut feeling about, will see another rapid increase in ice?

Now factor in these points ..

  • Will continue to cool between now and any rapid ice growth in 2023 to 2024
  • Very possibly increase in volcanic eruptions will continue to increase in frequency
  • If Pole Shifts continue along with Magnetosphere weakening .. this will speed up cooling
  • By way of cosmic rays seeding atmosphere along with curious case of increased number of meteors

 How about something said to be form the National Geographic ..

Three independent studies of the sun’s insides, surface, and upper atmosphere all predict that the next solar cycle will be significantly delayed—if it happens at all -lunarplanner.com 

‘If it happens at all’?

But a squawking Parakeet and pro CO2 runs around on social media claiming a cooing definitely is not happening now but will in 2060? Genius! 

Not many are saying that cycle 25 wont happen but they are saying it will be lower than solar cycle 24 which was very low. Not good.

Ah now here is something else I have seen before that did not make any sense .. someone stated that the peak of solar cycle 25 was due to be in 2022 and one of those turned out to be one I have linked in a great deal Professor Valentina Zharkova ..

Looking ahead to the next solar cycles, the model predicts that the pair of waves become increasingly offset during Cycle 25, which peaks in 2022 – lunarplanner.com

 Only if the Sun’s activity is still heading downwards .. and its looking well into 2020 .. well if we look at solar cycle 24 .. the Sunspot numbers started rising in 2009 (mid) and hit a peak in 2014. 2009 to 2014. Thats 4.5 years and for a low peak cycle .. higher peaks could probably be longer .. so over 5?

Its 2019 so if it started rising now your looking at 2024, right?

Yeah except the sun has been without a spot for 25 days .. and expected not to have many for the rest of 2019 as I stated as have others. So it is reasonable to say that the peak is not likely to hit until mid 2024 and that is provided the sunspots start rising very late 2019 or very early 2020. This means the cooling, proved its under 100, wont slow down for 3 or 4 years. So 2028? That is ‘slow down’ and not reverse.

This does not happen until late 2020 and your looking at around mid 2025 and another 3 to 4 years before any slowing down of cooling can occur.

You see how this works?

I do not know how I can make pro CO2 climate change people with a political agenda see that you cannot get around this? You simply cannot get around it and the fact that they laugh when their primary source of heat cannot heat things up for at least 6 years after 3 consecutive record breaking winters is staggering.

The Sun has never hit a peak in less than 4.5 years as far as I can tell and that figure is pretty rapid.

The two main predictions are that it will be lower than 88, and 88 is not enough, and it wont rise at all.

No one is predicting anything higher than 88 .. and the ignored this fact too .. still maintaining that there will be no cooling period for another 40 years, though I believe I now know where they obtained this from? Video in my last post and same idiot that said there will be no change and merely a redistribution of heat?! No pal .. just no!

Not only would I have ruled this as complete bullcrap, and did, the mere fact that Noctilucent Clouds have had two record breaking years .. proves he is forgetting about the fact that along with heat dissipating the upper atmosphere is also cooling things. He also never mentioned the increase in volcanoes.

How DO these people get paid?!

Of course the Sunspots may now have disappeared for a long period of time but lets not forget they are not a measure for temperature and there is nothing that could prevent the Sun from cooling further still.

Trust me when I state that it would not take much, likely just a watt or two?

This will also likely have a greater affect on our magnetosphere weakening it further and as it has looked of late .. an effect on seismic and volcanic activity?

At the end of the day you have a minimum of 6 years of continuous cooling with unknown variables that could occur, which cannot be predicted at all which my indeed speed up the process.

Quotes used including National Geographic taken from here ..



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