Make no mistake it has become obvious to me that this headline is an accurate description of what these people are.

The fact that they are doing this by sticking their fat noses into science is not only appalling but at the exact same time heart-breaking.

Climate Scientists as guests on the BBC back in 2013 and 19% of them, despit the 97% consensus claim, reject man-made climate change.

So much for the 97%

Now I posted an article from 2014 to climate change cultists leftists, trying to fashion a non existent climate change into a political weapon, and this effing IDIOT then claimed that the headline of ‘Record Maximum Ice Levels of Antarctica’ had gone to record lows in five years.

Think about that claim for a moment .. this was from people literally swearing their heads off at others for not agreeing with them. Me highly knowledgeable in well over six areas of science and can learn anything in a matter of days they called an ‘effing idiot’. Onlt they did not use ‘effing’. I was called a liar and far worse.

I simply replied that they had no idea how basic water works. Five years. Going from the record maximum and trying to rule out the thousands of videos and hundreds of thousands of photos from around the world of record snow and ice this last winter .. he says that?!

So I posted this headline from 2018 ..

“Arctic & Antarctic Sea Ice Now At Historic HIGH Levels”

Well now that left his claim as actually taking only one single year to go from record high levels to record low levels right after global record breaking low temperatures and snowfall.

Or as those in the real word like to call it .. I proved he was LYING ..

This along with a few others .. maybe 80 to a dozen of the had spent days calling me a liar without proving it. Well .. he produced very bad graphs he claimed ruled out visual evidence from around the globe. First they stated it was localised .. then blamed the cold and snow on global warming.

Yeah I kid you not they are getting so desperate now that warm really means cold. Waiting for my opportunity to tell them that cold really means warm.

Quite bizarrely this was after he claimed that Antarctic ice had been disappearing rapidly for years and yes you can find articles that state this .. but .. now remember ..

This was a guy who was part of a group all self-proclaimed leftists also bashing Trump that stated we was idiots and did not our research and for not believing in something that had never been proven. 

Yup .. we have to believe something that has not been proven in three whole decades.

Remember we have not done our research ..

Except quite bizarrely this group of people and despite being a group and arguing on social media on a daily basis throwing insults and swear words around likt they were confetti actually did not do their own as ..

Zwally proved twice that this claim of disappearing ice in Antarctica was not only wrong but quite the opposite now try not to laugh as I explain that the scientists ..

Were measuring the reduction of ice on one edge of a very, very big piece of land and the whole time on the other side it was growing at an even faster rate than it was decreasing where they were measuring it.

Yeah when he also claimed that there were record losses in the Arctic I asked if the measurement were only taken on one side of the mass of ice?

I had better nit post the graph he did to show that the Sun had nothing to do with it as if you laugh as loud and as long as I did you could wind up having a coronary.

These climate loony leftists really are really fucking nasty and the biggest God damn liars I have ever had the misfortune to come across and like I told them when I was accused of wanting a Police state in shutting people up talking about it ..

‘You are NOT talking about it, you are claiming something as fact that has NEVER been proven and then hurling insults and bad language at anyone who disagrees .. worse than this your a bunch of idiots who are screaming your heads off because in effect you want all the keys to the largest Nuclear power-plant on the planet capable of wiping out untold numbers of people, animals and entire species’.

Oddly enough this thread of over 50 people fell silent for several hours after that.

This one from 2015 and from NASA themselves admitting that the sea ice was actually growing and not shrinking was liked by many and reposted with the line ‘Well that is awkward!’

Somebody else posted a report that stated that the ice was growing below too and no one had noticed before. It seems that I was right in mu suspicion that in the media like TV, News and science and for two decades they have quite deliberately employed idiots. And idiots that fail to think in three dimensions who do not even think inside the damn box .. let alone outside the box.

Talking to several people I said I think I know why I have never gained the interest form anyone as I think I am too smart and too intelligent?! They do not want us to know ..

A shame I could not give that answer the thousand times I was asked how I was not a millionaire with all the knowledge I possess, eh?

So here is another one from 2014 .. so that is  2014, 2015 and 2018 and yet this fecking IDIOT makes the bold claim, while accusing me of lying without actually proving it, that it went from record highs to record lows in 2019.

Now who does it sound like is lying to you?

Let me tell you this .. I have NOT come across a single believer of CO2 that has either been reasonable in their debate or even accept the facts, reports, articles, photos or reasons I have proved to them.

Did you believe in man-made CO2 climate change when you started reading this?

Do you still believe it now?

If you do may I ask does it surprise you to realise how many pushers of CO2 climate change are like those I describe here? Is it not somewhat ..embarrassing?

Well this is how it goes on a daily basis and ha done for around 5 days now ..

  • Comes online
  • Starts pushing CO2
  • Tells everyone they are idiots
  • Ignores all that was told to them before as if they did not even happen
  • Refuses to click links or just dismisses out of hand anything proved
  • Calls you an idiot for believing photos, videos, the temperature outside over his man-made graph
  • Calls you a liar, an idiot and a pyscho among others
  • Gets their arses handed to them
  • Get given a load of articles form the very people they love to quote
  • Prove I am not what they claim ..
  • Next day go back to step 1

That has been very single day for five days straight the exact same routine.
Now I was not the one to call them ‘cultists’ but now I fully see why that they do!

Oh yeah and I get called right-wing, Trumptard, alt-right, far-right and extreme-right and I let them do this for a number of days because I simply do not care.

I do this because in the case there is a group I wait for them all to join in before I then post my actual leaning taken on the Political Compass website and I am a hair’s breadth from Gandhi. 

I managed to scare the off after being accused of wanting a Police State without even having to post my political chart so that is five days I have not had to resort to using it.

What they are doing is using saving people and animals and the Earth to look like they have morals so that they can lure people in and brain-wash them so that they can get their numbers up to force their political agendas and systems.

And they see it as a way to hate on oil companies, billionaires and politicians.

What these morons fail to realise is that I do the same thing but I am NOT going to bloody well lie through my teeth and blame them for something they are not guilty of.

What annoys me is that there is plenty that they re guilty of but these loons so this as such a tool to lure people in like proverbial dogs with their proverbial bones they simply refuse to let it go and growl at anyone that tries to take it away.

There was a delay in posting this and it seems the cockroaches desperately trying to keep their cause a cause by lying have scattered. 

I got a very nice reply from someone that I had ‘valiantly defended the human race’ which was an unexpected and nice thing to say.

Meanwhile why don’t you take a look at someone reporting on the rare Noctilucent Clouds which have been building up for several years, yet another thing the pro CO2 cultists and others seem to have ignored. A sign of things to come as they are the highest clouds and made up of ice crystals ..

Another thing no one ever seems to talk about is the depths and the lengths of solar minimums in recent solar cycles which can also show you was it warmed for a couple of decades and why it has now gone cold .. I had to borrow a chart .. and took me a while to find the right one to show this ..

Now look at the points I have laid out .. oh WordPress is not letting me upload an image?!

You see some of the lows in the image above do not go all the way to the bottom? This means is not letting the Earth go to cool so when building back up to the highs it does not have too farr to go. This is often not talked about by anyone .. other thn when the minimums are really long or after the 2008 to 2009 period when there was a long time without Sunspots.

Well the times when Sunspots not not go far below 10 and you do not get spotless days for years also play a factor.

You can also go back further with this ..

Looking at the image above 1645 to round 1700 was the Little Ice Age or scientifically known as the Maunder Minimum and not on this chart and not necessary right now. What is that is sometime after the Maunder Minimum was a cool period not quite so severe .. going on what I previously pointed out do you thik you can tell when it occurred?

I have been amazed at the discussions and debates and outright brawls some turned it into that just go way deep ito the science trying to find something to win an argument.

Very often its staring you in the face and does not require ‘Rocket Science’ to solve. That is an ability I have always had.


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