OK now this is weird .. try to stay with me here ..

I previously questioned some of the graphs I had looked at and used .. there were not right and not matching up to what people were saying. Even the most widely used one of a prediction .. by NASA I think it was?

Added to this .. there was something I simply could not quite nail down about lulls in the solar cycle, or solar minimum.

Now I had not gotten around to this and over the past few weeks I have been .. bothered by a lying Parakeet online who has argued using only 7 really bad graphs. One obviously bullshit .. two that were known to have been altered. The others just plain shit.

He insists that there has been no cooling and that these .. blizzards were localised. Presenting him with maps and pictues from right across America .. Russia, China, Japan and even Corsica in Europe and he just goes quirt for two days. Or actually blocks you for two days. Then as soon as you post anything back he comes with the same effing graphs.

He widely claims he knows what he is talking about except ..

He refuses to click any links you provide him or watch any videos or look at any data that contradicts him whatsoever and then runs around with others online talking about people that are climate deniers like they are racist or something?

To do this in science is .. sooo effing WRONG I do not even know where to begin with it and when you have absolutely fuck all and altered graphs to back up your argument and all your predictions have not played out .. you should be imprisoned for acting this way.

Because in science the lives if people, plants and animals may hang in the balance for getting it wrong.

Except what you now have is some powerful people that have made it political so that a bunch of leftists that want to solve the world’s problems and save people, plants and animals will go around shaming anyone and make them sound like Nazis.

Yet they are doing the very same effing thing they are accusing you of doing!

So I created some graphs and I was looking around and found something that led me to what I thought was wrong on the graphs I had seen. Sure enough I was right.

I knew the last solar cycle was longer than most of not all previous ones and I also suspected that the minimum was too.

Previously it had appeared that the longest minimums seem to be about 6 months, or periods without many Sunspots. Everything screamed at me that the last one was longer but thats not what the graphs were saying. It was .. a mystery.

I found a page that listed the number of days without Sunspots going back a decade and I decided to plot the o a graph and in so doing .. I realised that I was right to suspect the last lull to being long. It was anywhere between 18 months to 2 years It even sparked a few articles reporting of surprised scientists and calling it a mystery. Which they then later claimed they solved.

This was something also reported to have been the longest in a century.

With that in mind, longest for a century at 18 to 24 months and with me stating that most of 2018 was a lull and all of 2019 thus far then you will see why I previously stated that ..

  • If the solar cycles, 25, does not start to rise by 2020 we could be in real trouble

Now I can state that in 6 to 8 months we might be in a lull that beats the previous one that was the longest in over a century!
Now here is the next kicker ..

  • It is not predicted to start rising until sometime in 2020
  • We have had three record breaking winters in a row ..
  • That have got longer and colder
  • Longer by a month or more each year
  • If longer by a month or more for 2019-20 and then 2020-21 ..
  • Where will we be?

It is not just the northern extreme that will lose summers but also high elevations too .. the snow will creep down the mountains.

As will the animals that only live at higher elevations and this is how I confirmed in 2001 when I already knew to be true for over a decade.

Leaving aside birds that can move quickly very slow moving animals have been migrating up mountains for thousands of years where it was once cool enough for them to live at sea level!!

YUP .. it is THAT easy!

You know its thousands of years because as well as being slow moving they have also evolved differently .. mostly in colour and patterns.

The species that told me this was Salamandra salamandra gigliolii atop a mountain in Calabria in Southern Italy.

So to refute my arguments and knowing my solar cycles the Parakeet claimed that the Sun had been quiet FROM .. 1980 onwards .. this I knew as soon as I read it to be a bare faced lie ..

You know the trouble with leftists in politics? They turn everything into having a right to an opinion and make if their personal missions to save the world, raised on a bunch of lies. Used because they think themselves morally superior they then want to run around shutting everyone else up because they believe they are mission men for Planet Earth and its inhabitants.

As an animal expert in many fields as well as knowing about astrophysics let me give these fecking loons a lesson and a message from the animal kingdom ..

  • Orangutans and Giant Pandas do not give a shit about your virtue signally, moral superiority complex or power trips .. and they will God damn hate you if you get it wrong

I can tell you now and I have tried to tell you loonies for decades .. this was never going to be something you could control and you would be better off with working towards conservation efforts to save animals.

Instead you may end up causing ass extinctions by helping the rich and powerful filter off money they are only using to save themselves.

You have been lied to and you have been used and in what is both hilarious and damned scary ,, the data is out there for you to discover this for yourselves and not only do you not do this you refuse to even look at in when it is presented to you?!

Food for thought, no?

Please note we are not half way through 2019 until the end of June and its predicted to get quieter, more consecutive days without spots, in the latter half of the year .. meaning it will surpass 2018 and not start to rise until well into 2021? Meaning a peak wont be until 2026. Meaning a warming cannot take effect until 2028 and THAT IS PROVIDED we have had Sunspots around 150 or more.

Spotless days on Sun for each year can be found down the page on the left on the following link ..


Forgot about NASA articles about being shocked over length of the last minimum and lack of Sunspots!


Dammit .. never thought of adding in when I realised it was cooling down due to a health condition that makes me sensitive to heat that has made summers hard to endure for two decades and .. this was IMMEDIATELY followed by three record breaking winters .. now done some more editing ..


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