That last post on the NOAA nonsense was kind of eating away at me while I was beavering away at other  .. things .. and its been annoying me not having anything truly definitive .. soo ..

I wanted to see if I could find a single chart on solar cycles where I could map put a previously lengthy solar minimum like this one?

Curiously I stumbled across this ..

So then I found this and I did state before that yes the Little Ice Age was called the Maunder Minimum but that it was not the last cooling period and there is one called the Dalton Minimum.

Now before you go and start thinking that the green line is us currently and we are on a rise .. no .. once again this is something with .. parts missing.

We have done Solar Cycle 24 and that had a peak of less than 100 and is listed as 83 Sunspots at its peak.

Now note two things from this chart .. other than the dates of 1800 .. 

  • There were two consecutive drops in the peak numbers
  • We just had three consecutive drops
  • After Solar Cycle 5 at during 1809 the solar minimum flat-lines for around 18 months
  • That flat-lining is the longest I have been able to determine
  • It is a very old record and might not be accurate

So we have had to go back over 200 years to find something similar to what is going on today and yet judging from what I can determine and from what everyone is saying .. 

We are on a solar minimum or a flat-lining of Sunspots that seems to have lasted around 14 to 16 months thus far and as for enough Sunspots appearing to indicate we are officially rising?

This has not occurred.

My gut feeling was from what I have previously seen is that if the Sunspots showed no signs of rising by the end of 2019 this could be very bad news.
Even if it did rise and it failed to reach say 60 Sunspots at its peak or even less then 80? Well this would be four consecutive drops and strongly suggest there would not be a rise again for decades.

We have not had three consecutive drops as far as I can tell but this ix extremely hard when your dealing with eras that were a long time ago .. and we have detailed records going back only a very short time in comparison.

Also please note that as well as the number of Sunspots at its peak it also does not always flat-line entirely as with Solar Cycle 3 it looks like it does not go down below about about 10 or 8.

Sunspots are directly linked to heat from the Sun and first noticed by William Herschel who linked this in to the price of Wheat.

Barely any Sunspots for 6 months is not unheard of but unusual and you have to go back a ways to find this. People are checking the Sun for spots and they have for a while been listing the umber of days in double figures without seeing any at all. Sure I recall a few times of over thirty or forty days without seeing one. You will get a few here and there. You would have done in the Maunder Minimum they call the Little Ice Age. Its the averages at the peaks and troughs that are important and no peaks is disastrous.
If the averages do not start to rise by the end of 2019 the chances are this ..

  • Winter 2019-2020 going to be colder and longer
  • This trend will continue for at least 5.5 years
  • Increases in Volcanic Eruptions WILL speed up the cooling
  • We need a peak of well above 150 Sunspots and two years after this occurs for any cooling to slow down and this point wont arrive until 2026 at the earliest

So we clear on this?

  • Winters will get colder and longer for 7 years
  • Speed of decreases in temperature and longevity of winters also dependent on volcanoes .. the more gas and particulates are pumped into the atmosphere the quicker it cools and therefore the longer the winters will get

Everything that western governments, NASA, NOAA and the United Nations has been doing seems to be based on the idea of something occurring around 2028 to 2030 and it appeared this way before I stumbled across this data.

I had initially, ask my daughter, though a comet or asteroid was coming and that a report from a few years back about a possible strike in 2029 that they later reported would never happen might be a cover up.

I really should have clicked when we saw those orange skies.

Among lots of people yelling and freaking out, one even laughing and yelling “Its Aliens!!” it was surreal to see and my spider-sense was going off.

After this data I actually bothered to research and found that the USA had experienced these orange skies too, namely reported by the New York Post as occurring in the Big Apple.

Yeah so they have stated there is no evidence or data to suggest anything is going on when the governments of the western world are acting in ways no one has ever seen before and collectively so like they are panicking about something?

Yeah I call bullshit!



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