Anti-Populist & Laird Midelton

Hope you still have that notepad I suggested in Part 1? Ha!

Yup .. he never could spell very well despite picking up everyone else for it every single time that they did it and made it into a win.

Because when you see people debating on TV or online that is what you see them doing .. picking each other up on grammar or typos because it is just so important in a debate?

No .. it is only important to those that are well aware that they have zero debate .. a bit like James O’Brien I tagged #JammonyCricket on his fake arsed accounts, of which he also broke Twitter rules by having four .. of which two went silent very quickly when I stated to point that out.

If anyone wants to see a post on my battles with him .. well I guess some requests might provoke me to show the screen-shots, eh?

So then in the last part you saw him as Nathan In Germany, Nathan for Europe or Nathan Thomas and then extremely briefly as MyBritishHelper where I made those 60 followers he accumulated a complete waste of time.

Quite bizarrely when I first bumped into him he only had 173 followers and then several weeks later when I ran into him again he STILL had 173 followers. Now if I recall I think I had less than 100 the first run-in but had over 500 by our second?

Now once he become obsessed with me, while telling everyone I should not battle with him as he was far too good for me, before then losing two accounts to me .. he then started to steal my followers. After one long two day battle his followers went from 173 to around 550 and around 300 of those were from my followers. He had a meltdown when I pointed out this fact publicly.

Also bizarrely he then lost them all within a couple of weeks and literally went back down to the exact number he was in previously, 173.

It gets even weirder when he did this again and the next time it also dropped once again only it went down to 153 and I recall thinking how really strange this was.

Of course there was the obvious reason and that was he was an utter dick and talked to people like shite, was full of enough bullcrap to fill Wembley Stadium twice over and .. was getting blocked.

But as it started to emerge, albeit gradually, there was yet another reason.

As I later proved .. when I suspended him five times it turned out that I had run into someone who was a serial reporter of others and many quickly picked up on this fact .. which was why he could not hold into followers for more than a few days after that.

But by the time he had list his second lot of followers he was now masquerading as Anti-Populist and at fist he outright lied about who he was.

My followers were now fully aware that despite Twitter’s biased leaning I could look after myself and was very quick at spotting things, despite my various handicaps.

Also many people just decided that he was one of the usual leftist trolls that belonged to Resising Hate, Tell MAMA or Hope Not Hate and at first I thought that too. He had very often jumped in, yes I know .. God damned coward, when one of several hundred members of those three organisations came after me. He also quickly followed three or four people that I had famously done battle with and suspended the accounts of ..

Joker, Monkey and Moon among others.

But then one night I saw him try to talk to Monkey and Joker on a thread and they ripped him to pieces. He tried to be sarcastic back but in their usual fashion they ripped him to pieces yet again.

This was both unexpected and somewhat odd.

The little alarm bells were starting to go off a little louder now.

He got his arse handed to him many more times and even had others do the same while we argued and something that hi simply could not come to terms with .. later lying when I reminded him of this and called me a liar in a thread with several people. Odd I thought an asked him publicly if he was sure. Well of course he was so I published a screen-shot of one tearing into him.

Oh he forgot abut that one, or so he claimed, but then insisted to the people on the thread that there was only one other person. Oops!

So I published a screen-shot that consisted of not one more but TWO more people tearing into him and the things changed.

He went quiet, disappeared and blocked me.

This blocking was soon unblocked and that whole process repeated itself well over 100 times over a few months. Probably over 200 in total?

Each time getting his arse handed to him and him either having a meltdown or vanishing and blocking me until he had finished licking his wounds and was back for more.

Oh and then he started this whole bullshite that I was harrassing him and that I would not leave him alone?!

Yea except for a number of things ..

  • He could not produce a single person to back that up .. well ..
    • Publicly but we will get to that near the end as he realised he could not defeat me alone
  • He was already listed as a leftist reporting troll
  • He already long had the label of being my super-stalker even in his first account as Nathan
  • Yeah and he followed me .. a lot .. Block, Unblock, Follow go to back to step one ..
  • How many times did I follow him

So then .. just lie after lie after lied and it occurred to me .. why would he blatantly lie like that and risk losing so many followers?

Because followers were not what he was there for .. so what was he there for?

Oh and he joked about that by actually stating to people laughing that Twitter was not about followers, despite the fact that the number is presented to people front and centre on their profile page. But typing stuff that people would read is NOT what Twitter is about apparently?

Well .. not to him and he had made that very clear,

While all of this was going on .. some people I knew were losing their accounts.

Now there was this night when I had just come off the phone to my daughter who had just had an operation for a hernia that was not done very well and this mere weeks after an operation for cervical cancer ..

I had just seen this video I placed on my YouTube at her request .. because she was scared and been through hell, check the post ‘Country of the Damned’ for part of hat story.

I got back to Twitter to find AntiPoppy telling someone that I was telling parents not to report child abuse in children to the authorities which was an outright lie.

Now I am disabled .. can barely get to the local park, have people moan that they do not see me and he is in Germany according to his profile while I am in London and speaking metaphorically I said ..

“I am going to kick your arse and then physically [note use of this word] go down to the Police and file a complaint against you!”

Now the person that moaned that I had reported him and got him suspended and lied and said it was for hate speech .. then reported me for that tweet.

Next thing I know I get a seven day suspension .. I then appeal this to Twitter and I was enraged as they denied it.

I retreated to an account on GAB while he ran around laughing about it, tried chatting to many of my followers and told them that he did not report me. Even tweeted on his timeline, in case I got notified and told someone that it was not him and he does not agree with reporting for hate speech.

Yeah .. except he did.

What followed though was so funny not was not true. I very literally drove him to meltdowns while being suspended from Twitter by using both GAB and Direct Messaging on Twitter to convey messages he flipped out about once he cottoned on as to what I was doing.

Well if he had not been humiliated before .. he was totally being humiliated now and the very idea that I could .. beat the .. proverbial crap out of someone on Twitter without eve being on Twitter went around .. but once again .. something I was to find out later .. oooh there are those screen-shots regarding that!

In fact when I went back another time .. ooh I will leave that for another post as I do ot want to get ahead of myself here.

He stated that when I got back I would threaten him and I would get reported ane get banned for life if I carried on the way I was going ..

  • Absolutely not .. NEVER for the former
  • Yes that was true for the latter and for the effing blog it turned out?!
  • More on the second point at the end of the series

Again he said a lot of nasty things that not only I but many others, those that had not blocked him, had reported. He still has that same account, which now one of quite a few but I will get to that at the end too.

At this point one of two things was going on ..

  • Either he was PROTECTED
    • Many could not believe he was not getting suspended on this third account
    • Despite the awful things and lies he was stating he was asked to back up but never did
    • Despite the fact it was pointed out that he was on his third account and breaking the rules
    • In a Joe Rogan talk with Tim Pool, Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde they said that the suspended people who had gotten around the lifetime ban rule
    • They lied .. as that only happens to people from Centre-Left to Right-Wing too

As this was all going on and at some point I remebered the first time I came across an nice and intelligent chap called @JamessReality. He was very polite despite the fact this absolute tooth-pick was going at him.

Now I had been shocked at what some people do and mainly leftists and socialists and I leapt into the thread and defended old James. We followed each other after this.

But as this Anti-Populist was talking I recall this other idiot and his conversations and thought how sometimes Anti-Populist seemed awfully similar to him. His name was ..

  • Laird Midelton
    • @Brave_Shart

Now I believe I ended up blocking Laird Midelton and I remember wondering is this was him on another account because he could not take being proven wrong either?

To be honest I just ended up forgetting about it but not after those two names popped up a few times following each other.

Anti-Populist has this habit or being such an egomaniac that he liked his own tweets .. even mine on occasion which seemed a bit pointless with such few followers and the rate he was working through accounts. But .. whatever. But I figured it would be just like him to follow himself and even have conversations with himself. Umm .. yeah more on that later too.

Damn it! Hands are bloody hurting again and have to take a break ..

So back .. and what had become obvious at the time were the following things ..

  • Attacked then Reported Pro-Brexit
    • But were crafty about it
  • Attacked and Reported MAGA, KAG. MCGA or MBGA
    • But were crafty about it
  • Bio was pure lies
  • Were obsessed with and and the blog
  • Super Egomaniac
  • Super Jealous of me and therefore easy to push their buttons and get them suspended
    • Until that is something seem to change and they got protection
    • They also stopped swearing and posted a lot less
  • Extremely abusive
  • Pretended to be a victim
  • Attacks victims
  • Complains about victims getting help or money
  • But offers help
  • Spreads lies about you so bad that so yo do not even need to explain to others it is not true
    • He did this after he suspended someone .. and they not only called him on it they reported him for impersonating the person they had suspended
    • But actually breaking the law to Twitter and harassing and bullying others while spreading malicious lies about heinous acts is not as bad as calling someone ‘stupid’ or ‘moron’ even though the latter two are difficult to disprove and in my case .. TRUE
    • Yes that last one might seem as if I said that to get a few chuckles ..
    • But I only call people ‘stupid’ or ‘moron’ if it happens to be true
  • Now Me ..
  • Which unless your stupid or a moron you simply have to pick up on ..
  • I very rarely swear and there are some swear words I would NEVER USE
  • Do not attack anyone over personal appearance, gender or looks or weight
  • Do not lie .. though .. I might tell very small ones if I have this idiot right on the edge and think it will tip him over
  • Even if they are the biggest liars and not deserving of he truth .. I still wont lie
  • I hate liars ..
  • Which is why I hate politicians
  • And why I hate leftists and communists .. well since I found out all they do is lie and bully ..
  • Oh and I hate bullies
  • Bullies is how I got suspended .. for attacking known bullies who themselves have been through dozens of lifetime suspension .
    • Yeah Twitter, Jack and Vijaya .. your just soo cool, unbiased and utterly brilliant at your jobs
  • Except for my very first suspension for debating with a Muslim about Islam and stating that since the dawn of Islam, Muslims had reportedly killed 669 Million Non-Muslims and that if you added in other Muslims it might be a billion?
    • Yeah .. that was literally my first suspension and I was like WTF?!?!?!
    • Yeah the Muslims would literally have to report that .. and a fair few of them ..
    • So would be a lot easier IF ..
    • They did not go on social media, no?
    • They are the superior master race, right? How about they do what other white people on social media did when they did not like things?
    • Instead of crying to the social media, government and Police ..
      • Start up your own social media?
        • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr gets fucked .. sooo ..
          • GAB
          • MINDS
          • BITCHUTE
          • VIMEO
  • Only accounts that I know were suspended because they were discovered to be people that were previously fully suspended?
    • Centre-Left to Right-Wing
  • Leftists that go around with the same name and even the same handles and avatars across dozens of accounts? Oh that runs into the dozens
  • Known 5,000 Centre-Left to Right-Wing ..
  • Known a few hundred Leftist Socialists
  • Out of the Centre-Left to Right-Wing only been sure about one lying .. though there is an argument they were .. trouble and .. seriously mistaken and lost a lot of friends who thought the same
  • Out of the Leftist Socialists? Yeah there might have been .. one?

Hmm I stopped there to make a mug of tea and with those alternative social media companies still fresh in my mind I had a thought ..

  • Remember that I have constantly forgotten to do a post or two regarding social media
  • Keep recalling this and then forgetting again Oh I should cover that a little here too ..
  • And that I need to cover two vary large groups of people both of which hate me
  • HOWEVER ..
    • Tough shit ..
    • As I despise you ..
    • It did not start out that way ..
    • You do evil shit ..
    • Now I despise you
    • And you created me ..
    • And you STILL ARE
    • So .. you know .. WELL DONE

Yup .. this is just part two and there are now six parts in total and I am afraid it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better .. umm .. in fact .. nope . Its not going to get better. It is only going to get worse.

You see I have a way of .. showing people where they went wrong. How how that have it all backwards.

A good chance that at some point after reading this and be that a few weeks or a few months they are likely to see or hear something, recall something they read here and the pieces of the jigsaws fell into place.

I made a mistake of starting to give socialists, leftists and communists a reality check. This is because of the incessant bullying and the cocky attitude and moral superiority they seems to think they had that gave them they right to lie and cheat.

I got a little carried away and ended up getting myself banned but not before I did the same to dozens of these lying bullies.

Now I prefer to let others come to the realisation that they have been barking up the wrong tree and coming to the correct conclusions on their own. This is how you do that.

On Twitter it is more designed so that people get into each others faces a lot faster and therefore much more direct.

This creates confrontation and in a time when its more divided than ever .. so in their infinite wisdom .. Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde went and started suspending people on one side of the fence.

On a site designed for people to get up close and personal .. well all other than those morons with the God complexes that only use their accounts to preach and lecture but not .. engage. Oh their fans will make excuses but no .. get off Twitter. It was never designed that way quite obviously. A webpage or blog was better for that sort of thing.

One if a few reasons why I went on Twitter .. thought I might generate more interest .. that people from here could find me .. speak to me directly to try and assess who I was? Possibly?

Was doing OK and would probably have close to 10,000 followers by now ere it not for the tyrants that run Twitter that have the audacity to lie and say they are ‘total mums’ and .. the packs of mass reporting trolls that first wind you up to get you mad and them mass report you for reacting .. which is hard to fight ..

  • When there is a large team or ..
  • When there is a lying crafty, sneaky group that pretend they have an agenda when the real reasons are something else ..
  • OOPS! Diddums .. what?
    • Did you think I did not know?
    • Did you think that I did not work it out?
    • What you THINK I believe is what I want you to think mate ..
    • Except have you not been trying to state that to me privately?
  • What you missed mate were a few things .. now here are some lessons ..
  • Discovery is a journey .. not a teleportation process and is not immediate
  • Probability is a form of mathematics and all mathematics is a form of counting
  • Your suggestions showed that when it even was a basic as counting you were incompetent .. and we will .. get to that before the end of this six part series

Now some more screen-shots ..

You got that notepad?!? Yeah it is going to get .. worse and I tried to keep the screen-shots down but it is hard. Though I am not even close to using 50% of them .. more likely 20% of them .. just regarding THEM!

Anti Poppy .. Notice the very first two words in his profile? Yeah well .. WRITE THEM DOWN!

Also .. here .. there is no .. career .. no law degree, law graduate, social worker, med-school drop-out or web developer? Maybe he was on welfare between careers, eh?

I get cocky because it pushes his buttons but as you will see he is the egomaniac, likes to show off and Mairead McCann told me he had boasted dozens of time for reporting her

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