Nathan Thomas to My British Helper

Well if you hate trolls and people that suspend you on social media and you like a damn good story with plenty of intrigue, bizarre and shocking claims, twists and turns with just about every other element thrown in .. BUCKLE UP!

This will be one very long and kick arse ride!

If this person is following you trust me on this .. it does not matter what your beliefs are .. and we will get to this and why, he will be reporting you with the intention of suspending you.

If you have lost accounts there is a good chance it is him .. as I believe he is behind thousands if not tens of thousands of suspensions. By the end you will have no doubts about this yourself.

Now this is just going to have to be split as this whole process has taken 6 months .. I will not be including it all and only about 25% of what I have and I missed a large number of opportunities but ..

There are still over 190 files I have chosen from what must be in excess of 400 and they will need to be split over several parts .. five is my guess right now.

By the end you will be sure of it coming down to one of two things ..

  • Social Media giants have either been used like morons and therefore not fit for purpose
  • Social Media know and turn a blind eye or actively involved in this

My focus will be, in this instance, on Twitter.

Also thre are some .. rules you need to keep in mind because somwhere in the region of 99% of what you see stated by these .. people .. will be lies .. so ..

  • Some will be immediately obvious like how could they possibly know
  • Some will become obvious after some thought
  • Some will become immediately obvious in a later screen-shot in the post or ..
  • Sometimes a screen-shot in a later post
  • Yeeaah maybe at this point you might want to grab yourself a notepad to keep track of facts .. then go back and cross-reference things that come up later on

Now as things go on it might start to look like there are different people involved and if you stay focused you may pick up that I have asked myself this for some time too .. but ..

  • This IS the same person or ..
  • This IS the same GROUP

Now this has taken me 6 months to work through and cost me a few suspensions to get to the truth .. yup liars go free while someone seeking the truth gets suspended. Well .. they got suspended too but I cottoned on early on something was very wrong here and I reported this but not only did nothing ever happen but it also became impossible to suspend them.

While at the same time people I know were being suspended for using the words ‘idiot’ and ‘moron’ despite the fact the terms were factual due to clearly idiotic or moronic statements.

Now to start with this post will feature the one names at the top of the following list but other parts will feature one or more of their alter-egos or .. COMRADES. For some bizarre reason I was always coming up with the number 3 .. based on things said along with different words and phrases used.

  • Nathan in Germany, Nathan Thomas, Nathan For Europe
    • @NathanInGermany
  • My British Helper
    • @MyBritishHelper
    • Yup condescending morons
  • Anti-Populist (PART TWO)
    • @TheAntiPopulis1
  • LairdMidelton (PART TWO)
    • @Brave_Shart
  • SaintAllnights Follower (GAB) (PART THREE)
    • @SaintAllnightsFollower
  • Emporor Arturius (Cannot spell but you he will pick you up every time) (PART THREE)
    • @EArturius
  • Lindy James (PART FOUR)
    • @27sunnjay
  • Sunny Jay (PART FOUR)
    • @lookinthemirro
  • Other accounts and suspicious ones in (PART FIVE)
    • VeryBritishRevolt
    • @populist_anti
    • @Antipopulist1 
    • @F15_TRex
    • @KarmenNaquib
    • @ProudUKMuslim

Despite my followers blocking him in the hundreds and begging me not to engage with him .. or them I did state to them very early on that this would do no good .. that this kind of person has a sick and twisted obsession and will just come at me on other accounts.

The thought he was just a straight forward leftist troll but I did not believe that either and I had to put up with his shite for a very long time.

It was also very clear he was very jealous of my knowledge, achievements and my popularity as will become clear as this goes on.

So it was very easy to push his buttons, so to speak, and being extremely cocky and big headed and especially so after catching him out, would send him into meltdowns and hopefully a few things would be revealed. Either in whole or just provide me with something to think about .. or look into elsewhere.

Now out of 100’s of attempts he never lost an argument and the only wins he had was because Twitter is way to damn left leaning .. or I was far too trusting.

Except he claimed a lot of wins and was very cocky but had nothing at all .. and you may well see things he big himself up about only to discover that by the end of all this he was full of shit .. not just the obvious times he was full of shit.

Also .. lol .. your going to think early on and even half way through that you have a number of things nailed down .. like ..

  • Brexit
  • Trump
  • Social Workers
  • The NHS
  • Legal Stuff
  • Right-Wing
  • Left-Wing
  • Centrists
  • Islam
  • Gender Issues
  • Work
  • Locations
  • IT Skills
  • Money
  • Beliefs

I was convinced for a long time he was a left-wing socialist but .. then things were being discovered that showed this was not the case.

They will say some petty awful things too and even uses the word ‘autism’ as a weapon, drunk and mental health too, which is a common thing for Muslims that attack you to use becaue they see us all as drunk and stupid. I know and even my daughter has heard them say things like this and she was a repeat victim too. So she .. KNOWS.

She also got fully suspended off Twitter too not long after she herself tore into him for accusing me of being the one to sexually abuse my daughter while she was under age.

The later when he realises I could not have possibly done this because I was not around you will see this switch to some awful insults about me being a failure as a father.

Hoo if your already shocked believe me that is only the tip of the ice-berg with this one.

So when I came across him he was arguing with Conservative Brexiteers ..so was Pro-EU as is evident by his avatar on his profile. This also later changed.

His original reason for doing all this ‘because it is fun’ but no one is this dedicated without one of two reasons ..

  • Defender of a faith
  • Money

There were other possibilities but I ruled them out in a process of deduction that is alien to them because unless you immediately know you should give up while they take the piss out of you.

Yeah except reality does not work like that and I knew all along this would take some chipping away along with a lot of time.

By September 2018 his pursuit of me and his losses to me become widely known and he was being labelled as a super-stalker.

Now what happened then was he could not handle losing .. and so he lost it and had a meltdown and used the ‘c’ swear word which I would ever do. Suspended.

He came back fuelled with rage .. told everyone I had suspended him for hate speech and so started his rather bizarre campaign to call me a ‘closet leftist’. This made me think that not only was he not British but now not even a westerner at all. Because he seems to think that as most of my followers were Conservatives, because we agreed on a number of subjects, that everyone would turn against me because I was .. left-wing? Bizarre and especially so because everyone thought he was a left-wing pro-EU troll.

Now what I am about to explain only lasted two days and I have just realised I have NOT sorted the screen-shots for this so will have to do that before I post this ..

He kep on getting angrier insisting to others that I reported him for hate speech .. not realising what my followers already knew, many who were now watching unknown to me .. I do not fecking care!

So I stayed cool as a cucumber and watched him get more and more insistant and more and more wound up .. then just as he was going to explode I said “Nope .. I suspended you for using the ‘c’word!” and he replied ..

“What c*nt?!?!” and so .. SUSPENDED!!

He ended up with a full suspension and everyone cheered over that .. many of which had already blocked him.

Then a new person popped up defending him .. boom! Knew who it was .. he lied about it and then dropped a clanger by using an odd phrase and the threw something out there someone knew could not possibly know.

Once again he went into a rage .. insisted that I suspended him for hate speech and was a closet leftist .. watched him wind himself up before once again saying calmly “Nooooo I told you you were suspended for the ‘C’ word!”

He replies and insists that “You CANNOT be suspended for using the word ‘C*NT!” .. oops .. SUSPENDED!

By now our battles had not only attracted a large audience but those that had previously blocked him were still watching and screen-shots of his meltdowns and his arse on a pate were going back and forth between people via Direct Messaging. A fact I was not made aware of until much later, much to my surprise. But a few were watching that I did know about and one chap called ‘BigR’ who even months later, and the screen-shot I need to find ..

Oh God that was damn funny .. [second account gone within 48 hours] one King, one fast boil kettle .. one idiot and one ban!”

So yeah some time later .. he comes back .. and he still insists that you cannot be suspended for it and so to prove his point, yeah real genius here, he then repeats the word he has been suspended for three or four times already over a dozen times in the same tweet ..

OOPS! A second account goes bye-bye!

Like someone grabbing the proverbial popcorn BigR went off to make a ‘cuppa’ to sit back, relax and watch the fireworks. When he got back he asked me where Nathan had gone and I said “Suspended mate!” He burst out laughing spitting out his tea and said ..

What ALREADY?! I only went off to make a tea!!”

The Screen-shots ..

Write down notes .. things he claimed .. location Germany and Law Graduate, hates Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins for a start .. write it all down as it will twist and turn a fair old bit ..


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