So then .. finally I find a video of an inventor and in it he quotes Professor Valentina Zharkova as stating that the peak of Solar Cycle 25 should have appeared in 2022.

I previously stated that it was likely to be 2024 or 2025 if it arrives at all but I suspected that, and may have stated this too in an earlier post, that due to the lengthening of the last cycle was originally predicted to arrive prior to 2024, think I stated 2023 but did wonder if it was 2022?

So it was supposed to be 2022 and as a cycle lasts between 9, rare and unusually short, and 12.8 years with 11 being the average .. your looking at a minimum of 4.5 to a maximum of 6.5 years to get to the next peak. Provided the Sunspot averages rise very soon your looking at 2024 to 2026 so this would be two to four years late.

Oh and he uses the Leonard Nimoy ‘Lost Documentary’ I stumbled across on YouTube a week or so ago and posted in a previous blog. This is part 20 and it was in posts between parts 2 and 6.

In the documentary they thought the next ice-age was only 7 years away. Well no but then there were a few things .. no .. a lot of things we did not know that we do now. Still hard to predict with any degree of accuracy.

My word I am getting a lot of pain and frustration typing out this series on blog posts, fro mmy hands, fingers and even my thumbs!

They were looking for warning of the next ice-age back in the seventies and early eighties in Canada. What it wont mention is the magnetic poles shifting or the Sun’s activity or Sunspots .. also never mentioned by these hack and idiot pro climate change group. Odd that, no? All those names you love to watch in documentaries and no one mentions these things? Carbon, carbon, carbon and man, man, man is all you have ever heard form these so called professionals.

If this was not bad enough .. the real reasons have been known for over five years and yet still they push the same bullcrap on you?

This needs to stop. This is no way to progress and they need to STOP with this shit ..STOP with the attitude that lying and misleading the public is what is best for them. Because we need to evolve so that we do not panic in the face of global adversity .. otherwise what is the point?

Maybe t is because of those that I know? That prefer to bury their heads in the sand? Maybe the powers that be lie because they know people like this exist and think they will be the ones to panic and en masse mankind falls apart?


In the documentary someone states that 89,000 years ago the Earth went from a temperature far greater .. did you read and hear that? ‘FAR GREATER’ than it is today to sudden Ice-Age oh and there we go “a sudden volcanic event” as I previously stated.

Around 18,000 years ago Manhattan Island was buried under a mile of ice which means the movie The Day After Tomorrow did not really do it justice then, did it? But then just like The Core and ‘2012’ movies were intended as training videos?

Ah now sea temperatures which should tell us a few things

Eight ice-ages in the last 700,000 years and yet Yellowstone did not go off in its potential maximum way for 700,000 years, give or take 50,000 years.

Ergo as I stated Yellowstone Caldera erupting will guarantee an ice-age but is not required as there has been 7 other ice-ages in that time. It is reported that 80 Yellowstone eruptions have taken place so its dependent on how much material.

It also raised an eyebrow with me that we go back to this time to see the last pole reversal and why, for me, all these sudden and linked data-sets are a concern.

Look at this from another angle ..

  • We had an ice-age start 18,000 years ago
  • Current one is a few thousand years late
  • We had an ice-age 89,000 years ago
  • But what is going on right now has not occurred for 750,000 years
  • Little Ice Age did not have all of these things for it to occur

Imagine that? New York or London buried under a mile of ice? That is a lot of water and it has to come from the sea which means ..

  • Large swatches of land will be reclaimed and ..
  • Previous ancient land bridges will re-emerge
    • Russia to Alaska?
      • Tensions?
    • England to France, Netherlands and Sweden?
      • Umm Brexit bullcrap?
    • Europe to Africa?
      • EU talk of Superstate?

I have maintained all along that we have been in an age of what I tag #ProjectDistraction and anyone that knows me will tell you I have smelled a rat for decades. Since the 1990’s the alarm bells started to go off. Nails hammered in the last decade bit by bit. The whole reason, plan and their intention has gone emerged over the past 16 months or so. As I have explained in each of the parts of this now twenty part series.

In the video I provide below it is also reportedly claimed that 2014 was claimed by President Barack Obama to be the hottest on record but was either based in flawed information or a complete fabrication.

Yeah .. what I ALSO find spine chillingly disturbing is that in all those disaster training videos they make the government, of America, to look totally humane. Donald Glover as President in the film ‘2012’ and that dude in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

Yes it is not quite playing out like that is it in fact it could not be more different if you tried and if you consider there is scientific evidence and this has gone on a long time ..

  • Lying
  • Gilets Jaunes
  • Tampering with Global Warming data (The Telegraph)
  • Messing with escapism
  • Mass Migration
  • UN Migration Pact
  • Acts against democracy
  • Talks of Royal Family leaving the UK
  • Talks of superstate between EU and Africa
  • Urge to hand over billions if not trillions to poor countries in warmer climates
  • Lied it was your fault and made you pay taxes on fuels you never had any choice but to use
  • Attacking me on every level .. freezing my blog earnings
  • Taking away my support
  • Brian Cox blocking me on Twitter
  • Politicians flip-flopping on many subjects
  • Clear manipulation being ignored

Yes the answer to man being faced with a fate worse than death to make that fate worse than death start five years or so before it starts.

Why? To protect us? To protect them? These people that would deem themslves worthy of leading mankind to survive an ice-age?

If this is all true do you think they would be worthy? They could not think of a far easier way of helping people after making them work for nothing for years without them even being aware of it?

Wow I thought it would be so cool if I could help people eough to even be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but it would appear is all you have to do is lie? Eh, Al Gore, say it isn’t so?!

I myself have stated for years that you need to wake up to what is going on and you have to stop those in power from lying to you because it will mean the end or at the bare minimum serious setback of mankind.

In the past decade all that I have seen only reinforces my belief that mankind is finished purely ion the way that they have handled this coming event.

They also have made a series of errors to .. unless there are other parts to their plans I am not aware of?

A single seed vault in Svalbard? Are you serious? Facepalm worthy now I am aware of all the links and if they were aware of all the links then I am afraid they are incompetent.

Anyway ..

Greatest activity of volcanic eruptions

Three earthquakes at the New Madrid fault in USA at the Dalton Minimum around 1812, one at 7.5 and an 8.0 within months of each other.

Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted and was 100 times bigger than Mount St Helens and this occurred around 1850 at the start of the Little Ice Age or Maunder Minimum.

The issue is that despite getting it into your mind that you only need wait for a particularly big eruption .. this only affects the speed of the descent of the temperature and a smaller one over a long period of time will eventually have the same effect and the last time I checked there were several continuously erupting .. hang on ..

OK that is weird .. now the Smithsonian Institute are reporting that the number of continuous eruptions, both the constant and the on and off eruptions, now number .. FORTY THREE?!

So 43 current eruptions and yet at the start of the Little Ice Age there were only 24 going into the decline?! Need to check if their were eruptions while the Sun remained inactive.

But this might literally come down to just how deep we end up being buried in ice or snow?

Think all year round winter .. which could vary from one foot to four feet .. or build up to be one mile deep?

Yeah I just cannot imagine that one mile deep idea .. one mile deep? Imagine most of Europe, the whole of Russia, USA and Canada being buried in one mile deep ice? That is a hell of a lot of water being removed from the sea, no?

Hmm .. that is weird as while I was working on this I hear of a new phenomenon called a Moonbow?! Like a rainbow but caused by moonlight?

S the uploaded video, January 2017, states that an ice-age will arrive in 15 years .. so filmed in 2016 that put the ice-age’s predicted arrival a couple years back at 2031 .. which confirms I thought that Adapt 2030 had it at that year or a little later. I also suspected that others had predicted it at 2030 to 2035 too?

I had also predicted that some had brought this forward and .. looking at what I had been seeing and hearing .. yeah I put this way, way closer than anyone else.

Simple maths really as, ast they state it speeds up on a big or many eruptions which come about via an increase in seismic activity which stands to reason is dependent on the speed of magma movement that we can only judge by the speed of the moving north pole.

And the Magnetic North Pole has moved at an increased speed that is exponential of late and in the last year was 32 miles .. and yet the seismic activity has notably increased as has volcanic activity.

So if the recent increases play out the Magnetic North Pole may have moved 64 miles over the next 12 months and over 120 miles in 2021, right? So at double the speed next year and quadruple the speed the following year what effect will this have on the seismic activity and volcanoes?

Now imagine that in 2022 the pole is moving at eight times the speed it did last year? Imagine the seismic and volcanic activity is eight times worse than it was last year?

34 Volcanoes last year and 43 currently erupting .. could that mean we have double that this year or next year? The eruptions literally went from 2 or 3 to 34 in a year across four or five years. In fact from 2017 to 2018 it very literally went from 8 to 34.

Now that is an exponential rise which matches up perfectly with the exponential rise in the speed of the movement of the magnetic north pole.

This is very likely the single most reason that some believe its a lot closer then they first thought, have advised governments about this and why they are acting with such treachery towards their own people?

Of course there are no so many conspiracy theorists and so many different conspiracies that no one knows what to believe.

So the doom mongers warning everyone about the various types of doom thinking they are doing some service to the world .. are actually helping in fulfilling the prophecies they have laid claim to.

Oddly I have complained about this for bloody years and on this very blog and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would actually witness that particularly theory to be proved correct.

Good God how I wished I was away from London and in a peaceful countryside setting .. laid on on some grass while smelling the aroma of flowers and with my cameras alongside me.

Especially if I was with the right people or person. Do not know anyone that is like me like that .. not outside of Twitter anyway. Which is somewhat frustrating.

It would also be very cool to be in an environment where I could do more work .. or better still be in the places in the world where I might study more in the way of these sorts of sciences.

The very last time I was in a situation like that, short of end of days style orange skies which now look like they may in fact turn out to be end if days orange skies, was up a mountain top in Calabria in Southern Italy.

My hands are really becoming an issue and I am going to have to try and remember to take more magnesium than I am doing!

Along with dozens of other issues I have to do all that I do while battling short-term memory loss and here is something that I have constantly forgotten about .. despite talking about this exact subject several times. This includes another issue I have to deal with.

I am sensitive to temperature and especially so if it is warmer and humid and in a bad way and people always so “Oh but everyone has trouble with that” while I say .. “Are you assuming I am talking about when it is above 30 degrees, which is for a much shorter time period? Because I have issues above 20 Degrees Celsius”

For around a decade or more every single year from about April and right up until September or even October some years I have to wear shorts and a sports vest. Probably for a lot longer than a decade? Hard to recall.

Yeah except the summer of 2018 I had days bang in the middle of the summer when there was no way I should have been in anything but shorts normally .. I was stunned when I felt cold and had to put trousers on and for the first time in a very .. VERY .. long time.

There was also a very weird drought that had all the grass turn yellow in the local park and bark fall of the branches of trees and even the leaves start dropping off making it look like October or November .. in July to August.

Hmm now that I think about it I did do a little video about the drought ..

Was going to put a video about that here but s I have people targeting me I am now going to do that right now ..

So let us get on to a little Project Distraction .. and more clues that you are being kept in the dark, have been, along with me, for a while now and that everything that is going on is to distract you and likely to keep the stock market and banks from collapsing?

So what I find out was that along with the record breaking cold we have had this winter of 2019 that it only broke that set by the year before of 2018. Then it turned out that this had broken records of the year before that of 2017 and then it turned out back each year this went .. and now I go and discover this old article from December 2016..

Now here is the kicker .. two things ..

  • I posted a video by the BBC uploaded to YouTube in January 2014 where they stated that the Winters will get colder
  • They have .. so why have the Fake News not been talking about it?

Here is the second kicker ..

  • Yeah Earth does not start warming up in overall temperature until .
    • Sunspot peak of .. I would imagine over 150?
    • Only that peak cannot be reached for another 5 years maximum
    • The Sun has yet to start show any Sunspot rises
    • That peak was supposed to be hit in 2022 but will be missed
  • The winters will overall get colder and longer .. until after that peak has been hit
    • Some think that the temperature effect takes 2 to 10 years after a peak?
    • Peak that cannot be reached now until 2024, was supposed to be 2022
    • If the Sunspots do not start rising for another year were talking 2025 at the earliest to hit that peak
    • That peak may never be reached or the predictions are that the Sunspots will only be around 60 .. less than half that required to warm things back up
    • The last was 80 Sunspots while the highest is around 300
    • Meaning that winters will get colder and longer overall until
    • 2026

If anyone needs to move to the equator to survive all of the celebrities and movie stars will be OK, wont they? I mean appearance after appearance on TV and in tabloids appealing to people with way less money than they have to donate it to starving people and children?

Yeeaaah those countries will let them in OK.

Politicians too for doing the same thing, right?

Now then .. three days ago and just before I started writing this there was some activity with the Sun. This made me realise something .. that talk of Sunspots might make people think that the lull is over? Umm well no. During the 50 years of the Maunder Minimum you still got Sunspots .. just, on average, not a great deal and very rarely into double figures and not very high when they was into double figures.

Suddenly reading there were ten Sunspots even at once is not indication and the average need to consistently rise over a few years. It appears to me that if it gets above somewhere between 10 and 20 and still rises than were in that climb to the peak. But this peak really needs to go way beyond 100 and maybe even 200?

No one is predicting that this peak will not come, only that it might not just as I am stating and no one can say with any certainty .. at least not yet. But ..

  • Peak of Cycle 22 was mid to late 1990
  • Peak of Cycle 23 was mid to late 2000
    • Year shorter than average 11 years
  • Peak of Cycle 24 was late 2013
    • Two years longer than average and likely longest on record?
  • Peak of Cycle 25 ..
    • Cannot arrive earlier than 5 to 5.5 years or ..
    • Could take 7 years or more going by previous cycle?
    • Places peak at somewhere between late 2024 to 2026
    • Global Temperatures wont stop cooling until ..
    • Two years after that peak and ..
    • PROVIDED it hits 150 Sunspots

The sun has been inactive for most of 2018 and 2019 so far, this latest activity might just be the start of a prolonged period of renewed activity

Do you see the issues here?

It is not the case of seeing Sunspots .. its a case of seeing enough, having enough time for the increased heating to take effect and having enough Sunspots for that heating to take effect.

We have already had an very peculiar lengthy solar cycle which previously the maximum I could find is at 12.8 years. Cycle 24 lasted closer to 13.5 years or slightly more?

We have no current confirmation that the Sunspot activity is on the rise and needs to get well above ten to state that is has and needs to get way, way above 100 to even stabilise the current cooling trend.

Cannot tell you because quite simply no one actually knows as yet. Last peak was at around 80 spots on average and its been getting cooler .. to the point that I noticed it a couple years back.

I went from Liverpool to London a few times about 18 months ago and I can tell you this .. I had to change from trousers to shorts and vest and vice-versa on those journey which was quite .. well .. weird!

Summer of 2018 I had days in July and August where I had to put on a normal tee-shirt and trousers and even a light jacket and I have not had to do this around that time of the year for two decades.

Weather patterns already changing, animals already doing crazy things and this will continue to increase until two years after those Sunspots peak at whatever they need to peak at, between 120 and 300 I would wager.

Here is a Cyclone forming somewhere they did not think possible and Americans in the comments section talking about how they are expecting the weather to get even worse. Especially Tornadoes ..

You simply cannot ignore these numbers I am sorry and if you do then I am afraid your an idiot .. and if you think your among a group that thinks like you then you have to ask yourself why they think this, are they religious for example? Also what are they basing their opinion on if they do not believe in a deity that would simply not allow this?

Disagreeing with someone using nothing but mathematical probability that your tiny mind has made up based in walking around your garden for two or three decades on a 4 billion year old planet is stupid.

As is believing that a deity wont allow this because your superior or something. Which of your loved ones do you ot mind sentencing to their deaths because you did not take heed of warnings or even bother to look at the graphs to understand it.

What is taking place right at this moment is a complete set of what would otherwise appear to be unrelated events that have not occurred since 1648 and that was followed by a short ice-age that lasted 50 years. That is no summers for 50 years. That means that in the northern hemisphere no farming of vegetables or meat for in excess of 50 years.

That 50 years is just what they are guessing but I can tell you now some are beginning to think it will be worse than this and are talking about hundreds of years. That is a full ice-age where the ice is a mile deep over places like New York and London.

Now what the pattern is they picked up on to shift from what they call a Grand Solar Minimum, yes these things have names, to a Super Grand Solar Minimum I have nut quite picked up on but may well have already mentioned it without realising?

For argument sake .. it might the the lengthening of the solar cycles? The longest as I stated and since 1650 has been 12.8 years. That is AFTER the Little Ice Age period. Also we have had only two consecutive drops in Sunspot peaks over consecutive years and we have just had three. This actually would have been five as there was a dip from 300 before it rose again 4 cycles back.

So you see there are a couple of things I picked up on .. as I was looking at the data and if we have a peak that is lower than say 80 then we would have had four consecutive drops .. double the most we have on record. Suggesting its going to be colder than another cold period called the Dalton Minimum.

People may well also be predicting that this next peak will not be reached .. which is what happened for 50 years between around 1648 ish and about 1700. No Sunspots peak means Little Ice Age called the Maunder Minimum. Low Sunspots Peaks means effing cold and called the Dalton Minimum.

We already had a low Sunspots peak at he last peak in 2013 and if you had not noticed .. its gradually getting colder.

If you did not catch my drift, so to speak, it has to continue getting colder overall for the foreseeable future.

Too many volcanoes erupting or one or two very big ones erupting will speed up the cooling and in a period where the warming by the Sun cannot come into effect, if it actually does AT ALL, until around 2027. That warming will still take years anyway. The colder it has become by this time the longer it will take.

So we have to hope to God that despite the fact that dozens of volcanoes are currently erupting .. that not only do we hope the umbers and sizes or erupting volcanoes do not increase .. that the ones that re stop bloody doing it!

Recently someone in Iceland curiously informed me that the ice in his country is still melting .. mean there are videos of record snowfall in Russia, Canada, America which alone are huge ..

Then there is Saudi Arabia and Pakistan .. oh and Japan .. but people still think that their total field of view tells them all they need to know? Weird.

So what is a little further north and covered in snow they stated was melting for years? Oh yeah, that’s right .. Greenland!

Oh well it turns out that it is no longer melting but building .. and remember .. Mammoths were frozen with flowers in their stomachs and if I recall correctly they dined on tropical vegetation. That was something else we got wrong. We assumed that Mammoths lived in frozen wastelands for a long time.

Here is David Dubyne, hope I recalled the spelling as I do have memory issues, on his channel of Adapt 2030 and if you recall I figured he called his channel that as the estimated start of the ice-age? Well here he is talking about the global cooling and that Greenland’s ice is now building

Now remember .. the poles are still moving and have already split in two .. they may split again and that has to pull the magma around .. which now looks to be the cause of the increase is seismic and volcanic activity.

This pole shift looks to be affected by the Sun’s Solar Cycles which are themselves, in case you did not know, the Sun flipping its own magnetic field. The Sunspots may themselves be linked to the strength of the Sun’s poles? So fewer might mean weaker?

Therefore the ice might continue to grow until a few years after the Sun hits over 150 to 250 Sunspots?

The Sun cannot hit a peak for at least 5 plus years and that is proved it starts rising and they think now that it may only reach a peak of 40 to 60 which is still bad news.

Remember this will only affect the SPEED of the cooling .. which is also affected by the output of gases and particulates by volcanoes .. of which rather a lot are erupting and that number may increase over the next year or two?

Yes .. sorry but the odds that we are not going into a large cooling period where growing seasons and food production will not be affected are tiny and shrinking. This is because for anywhere between 4 and 10 years they already have been.

As David Dubyne would inform you, and this WAS his career, coffee bean farmers in Myanmar, not exposed to CO2 climate change crap, have been losing 10% to 12% of their bean production each year for what must be anywhere between 5 to 10 years. It was a couple of years after being told this that David Dubyne realised they were right. He has had his channel going a few years too so its been on ongoing process no one has mentioned in over 5 years thus far and maybe as much as 10.

Until Sunspots reach over 150 to 250 and the 2 to 10 years after this that the warmth has an effect this will continue. That is a minimum of 7 years and a maximum of 15 years of a continual crop loss of 10% to 12% each year.

That means that they may be unable to produce any coffee beans at all in 2 to 5 years time? At their location .. which is bound to also affect other locations based on both longitude, latitude as well as elevation I would wager?

Darn it I just noticed I forgot to link in a darn video?!

Oops .. found it and that took some searching through my YouTube history .. it was the video that contained the ‘Lost Documentary’ video but with other information I mentioned earlier in this post ..

I often think it would be funny that in the post era that its widely known an ice-age is coming .. that the sights in cities and large towns might be like that in films where people loot and steal shit. Shit they cannot keep.

I mean after all .. for argument sake .. here in the UK .. you wont be able to stay on this island and survive. You will have to leave.

You also cannot drive a car .. or any vehicle to the continent of Europe and therefore you will be hard pushed to take anything with you and very obviously the best things to take with you is food and clothing.

Unless of course they alter the channel tunnel so that cars could drive down it.

But even then .. petrol would stop being supplied at any rate and people will panic buy fuel .. as in light of a speed up of any big freeze, say a super-volcano goes off somewhere, temperatures would drop bloody rapidly!

Things like expensive goods like TV’s and the like you simply could not take to where you needed to go. It is as simple as that.

Attempting to capitalise on the situation will literally cost you your life .. because while your rooting around in some store trying to fill your shopping list your liable to freeze solid. Or do so half way to the English channel with all your loot.

Unfortunately some people are stupid. No doubt they will try and simply not comprehend the dangers.

Like in the film ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ no it wont happen like it does in the film but it could happen as fast as it does in the film? If and only if a very large volcanic eruption goes off somewhere.

So to finally recap ..

  • Winters will get colder and longer
  • This will continue for at least 7 years
  • This will happen gradually
  • This will be gradually speeding up due to ongoing volcanic eruptions
  • This will speed up rapidly if a very large volcanic eruptions happens at any point
  • They say they MIGHT have a warning two weeks before Yellowstone Caldera erupts
  • Not all calderas are monitored as well as the one at Yellowstone
  • Yellowstone has been more active than it has been in years and maybe even recorded history
  • As are many others right now
  • An eruption is literally impossible to predict
  • The data over the past couple of years suggests that one is going to occur at some point in the next couple of years

Now what I actually do .. is I keep an eye on, when I am not being hounded by a group of morons on social media ..


Well that ended up a bloody long one, eh?


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