Well I suppose I should have really included a MAP? And links?

I strongly urge you to visit their channel on YouTube, under the channel name of ‘MaverickStar Reloaded’. Currently in the process of sending magnetometers around the glove to measure the field lines more accurately.

This is because it will likely affect the various jet-streams and therefore weather patterns and may give a better of idea of what is going to happen to where?

Now that was a DIY scientist .. from his own equipment from donations with a fair amount of followers and likes and he has a website where all kinds of data and graphs for these can be accessed.

Live earthquakes, volcanoes, UV levels, solar levels, cosmic ray levels, space weather, sea ice maps and other data ..

http://www.poleshiftnews.comor click on the map above and check out the menus under more which are quite extensive.

He stated the poles had split and was on the move before anyone else and what caught my attention was he predicted the cold blast to hit the USA!

Now it gets a little .. weird and somewhat .. suspicious as this is from the the USA’s NOAA website which their equivalent to the British Geological Survey people .. so official then. Only .. well you can see what was reported as TWO poles with one being weaker than the other. Except the white star is claiming to be the true magnetic north pole which looks more like the geographic north pole and the two are never at the same point. They just aren’t. Ever. The inner red circle if the bottom right and to the upper left are two positive poles ..

All the maps say the same but this is the only one that would embed into this post ..

Yet there is barely any talk at all about the splitting nor the possibilities .. except for maybe ..

  • Magnetic North Pole is ‘skittering’ away from Canada, towards Siberia 
  • Researchers say it is moving at an ‘unusually high speed of about 50 km per year’
  • Say Canada is essentially losing a magnetic tug-of-war with Siberia
  • Researchers around the world are scrambling to update global models relied on by GPS navigation systems

Now the above is taken from tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail and normally known for its sensationalism .. but this is sensationalism on a whole new level that would worry anyone to speak about

Notice two things from the above points .. first the heading away from Canada .. which is not what the maps show. Notice it says Siberia and look what the DIY scientist’s map from Pole Shift News shows?

Lastly note the ‘tug-of-war’ remark. You cannot have a tug-of-war without two parties and everyone knows that with ANY magnet the only two parties are the opposing poles.

Now for the link to that Daily Mail article click on the map below but before you do this .. not where it has the Magnetic South Pole on the map ..

Now compare the area of the South Magnetic Pole and at what point of the coast of Antarctic it is at? Is that Australia to the north you see? Antarctica is big .. Very, very .. big. Now compare that map to the DIY scientists map at the very top?

Now what seems to be the concern, and has everyone baffled, are these field lines.

As demonstrated by Pole Shift News something happens to a magnet when the strong field lines get to a 40 degree point. The magnet flips out and this can be tested yourself using a compass and a magnet. He shows this in a video. Magnetism can be a powerful force and with positing heading south and negative heading .. well north .. things are going to get a bit crazy.

Now this will likely become more noticeable to us, things going weird, before we hit that point. But will go off a cliff if it hits that point. Estimates have this point being reached anywhere between 2021, though I cannot see that, and 2026.

Now it could be later than this? We just do not know for sure. But there has been some very odd events in recent years and some very bizarre announcements. Six space-ports for the UK planned by NASA and a space-station orbiting the Moon and a base on the Moon’s surface to to be done in ten years? Or by 2028?

We have no records of what occurs if a magnetic flip or even a large excursion happens. All we know for sure is that is

  • Has happened many times before and ..
  • It WILL happen again

But I have a few people with zero background and zero knowledge stating that this ‘theory is in line with flat-Earthers’?!

Yes because the Earth has been flat previous and we will make it flat once again .. God give me strength!

The magnetic poles have always moved and over time they have moved about further and further afield ..

This was how the theory of magnetic flip came about until eventually they found a way to prove that it had indeed happened before.

They also realised that over time .. it would flip .. but we all thought this was hundreds of years away.

Now there is a split and things are increasing exponentially and everyone is .. BAFFLED!

Now the very last thing to go over again and only because this time I have dug up his graph is this ..

  • It is increasing in speed at exponential rates
  • It recently travelled a little 30 miles a year, thought I read 34 miles somewhere
  • In 300 miles it reaches that 40 degree marker
  • That would suggest 10 years .. yeah except ..
  • As stated .. direction remains same and speed increasing EXPONENTIALLY!!

Now factor in that the magnetosphere has weakened by 20%, seismic and volcanic activity has increased, more UV rays are reaching the Earth’s surface, high powered slight explosions above the atmosphere that has scientists baffled. GPS being reprogrammed 18 months or more ahead of schedule, odd coloured skies and Sun. Then we have the previous reduced Sun activity, predictions of mini ice-ages and not forgetting of course record snowfalls in many countries when we was not supposed to ever witness snow again .. umm in 2013 .. the moved to 2016.

They are referring to this reduced Sun activity and lack of Sunspots as the Grand Solar Minimum and even one YouTube channel is called Grand Solar Minimum GSM News. Can be interested as is a channel called SOTT Media.

If anyone mentions flat-Earth, Nibiru, lizard people or aliens I will exit the video. I am big on facts and I walk away from things I have no way of theorising about .. that no one can really theorise about. You have no data to fall back on at all. You can loosely .. come up with some out-there theories but a planet thats way out beyond Pluto that comes around every 10,000 years or whatever it is? No.

Not exactly rocket science is it now?

Not exactly rocket science is it now?

In a year if things continue at this pace and speed it is going to be very difficult to explain away or put off talking about any longer.

Two years from today and it will very likely be impossible.


  • 30 plus miles in last year
  • 40 Degree point 300 miles away
  • Speed Rising exponentially
  • Could be 50 to 100 miles over next year
  • Could be 100 to 200 miles the year after that
  • Current speed maintained a little under 10 years
  • At rate it is increasing .. 3 to 7 years
  • Effects will be noticeable during this time ..
  • If 40 Degree is reached it will go a little wild


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