THE POLE POSITIONS (Pole Shift Part 3)

OK .. this must be on its third or fourth post now?

As reported before I came across the fact, and a fact is a fact, the the Magnetic Poles of the Earth in both the north and the south have split in two. Meaning we currently have four magnetic poles and there are moving. In fact they have been doing this for awhile and are now increasing in speed.

Added to this I had previously seen a BBC Report on YouTube regarding the decreased activity of the Sun. Not reaching its normal peak, vastly reduced sunspots and solar flares they were expecting not taking place.

Few things that need to be made clear ..

  • In each instance scientists were baffled, stated it was unprecedented and did not know what would happen next

  • Each one had started occurring some time ago and I am very confused as to how even just one of these past me by

  • Scientists have long claimed that one of these, the Sun, affects the other, Earth’s core

First off when I went back to look at the decreased Sun activity video what I had thought was a recent report turned out to be from several years back.

Then I discovered that the Magnetic Split had been known about for at least four months by a DIY scientist .. so leading scientists must have known for some length of time earlier, right? In fact the DIY scientist, on YouTube channel MaverickStar Reloaded, had predicted this and had been following this for like a decade?!

The bizarre thing about this was that many weird things were going on globally and with people and governments to the point that many people had wondered if governments and leaders had lost their bloody minds. This has also been going on for a number of years and was also getting increasingly worse.

Billions of taxes .. trillions in taxes on defence to prevent us from invasion fro the worst parts of humanity and suddenly we were letting them all in. While, in the case of the EU, still talking about building bloody armies?!

I had theorised that they knew there was something coming and created a list of the possibilities and the chances of each one. Then BAM!! One night the video with the answer pops up on my suggestions on YouTube from a channel I had never heard of previously.

I have to confess I did think I had another one of those flat-Earth theorists requiring a tin-foil hat on my hands? But no. Makes his own magnetometers and programs them then sends them out to locations around the globe to be able to monitor the magnetosphere to a greater degree of accuracy. In the hope he might be able to predict things way better than he has.

Turned out he predicted the Arctic blasts that hit both North America and Russia and this got me thinking about the whole thing .. the mechanic of what is going on at a deeper level.

So today I had a chat with someone and decided to look something up.

I was thinking while talking to this person that I was this period once again where my bold claims and predictions, all of which had previously come true so far, was falling on deaf ears. That people were just not believing it or perhaps wanted to hear it. Thought this was bizarre because this might turn out to be something that you simply cannot escape from without plenty of time to prepare. It will also turn out to be time that is being stolen from you by all the governments because of the way the world currently works, something I have long stated is utter shite and would cause our demise.

Because everything is based on money, linked by a digital system and this money can become worthless in a matter of hours by something as simple as fear. The more widespread the more damage this does.

World leaders and bankers wont want this happening whether something is only a possible event or dead certain to take place.

Maybe because no one believes these climate scientists they have lost faith in any scientific reporting and yet another thing I have complained about for years. Hack scientists.

Well the proverbial reaping may not be from starting and believe me when I say it is going to be one hell of a ride.

If what I now understand to be true is the case and my theories on how it all links and the mechanics of it are right there is going to be an almighty backlash the likes of which mankind has never seen before.

Trillions of dollars may have been stolen of the people to battle something that not only has NEVER been the culprit but which I have claimed for years is not.

Hundred of millions .. perhaps billions of people will demand to know how this mistake was made and where all their fucking money has gone?

Another one of my theories will prove to be correct too in that you were wasting your time anyway and that it was a waste of money for something that you cannot stop. All that money could have gone towards preparing to ride out the proverbial storm or to survive .. if it comes to that?

Or perhaps that is exactly what they have been doing?

Perhaps all along they knew it was not carbon that was causing this? Perhaps they have been secretly building this? I reminded my daughter of these announcements of proposed space-ports and with a sharp intake of breath she told me that I had predicted something was going to happen in around ten years time and they .. KNEW IT!

Told my sister about this and she had not even heard aout these space-ports and I pointed out they stated they wanted a space-station orbiting the moon and a liveable working base on the Moon’s surface too. Not quite sure how they will survive a direct hit from an asteroid and no atmosphere to slow things down or burn them up. Would require fortification as well as be underground.

Believe me when I say it is quite surreal to be typing about this knowing that instead of theory the science is showing currently that with each week it is looking more and more likley.

At the same time I am reminded of every single year I have been angered at the lack of scientific research as well as the drop off in space exploration and study.

Because these same sandhead people thought it was all a waste of time and money and “Nothing is ever going to happen?!” and understanding sciences as I do you have no idea how idiotic those statements were.

I love animals but when I saw all these millions if not billions trying to save this or that area .. and as much as I would like to see it saved .. as a real scientist I am well aware that anything could happen at any moment in the next hundred years to wipe it all out anyway.

Not even mentioning that the Sun and life on Earth does has a limited time and .. better to build large ships to take animals with you to a habitable planet, no? Maybe it is just me?

Stated this form the beginning for me it is always about the bigger picture and I have stressed this over and over and over again on whatever social media I am posting on.

My life has been so hard surrounded by people that either don’t understand, dont want to understand or want to pretend that noting is going to happen.

For me the first time in my life I wonder to the point of my endeavours and contemplate if it is actually worth it?

Was laid out in the bath moments ago and I thought of all the times I worked my backside off towards something only for something beyond my control coming along to screw things up.

“It this about to happen yet again and if so is all the aggravation and pain worth it?”

Believe me when I say any major disruption to society I will pay for .. in anxiety and pain and more so than I do now. Though unless leftists stop deliberately being nasty and vindictive online I am heading for that anyway.

Due to deficiencies I require certain things .. which without will increase my pains, heart arrhythmia, likely my memory loss as well as increasing the risk of sudden death. The thought of all the former symptoms along with the dozens of others makes me hope that if I am affected by anything at all it is the Sudden Death Syndrome. Quick. Painless. Over. All of it.

Thought a lot about my daughter and grandchildren too .. and the second time I have felt it was surreal since I started typing this post out. Despite the fact I have spoken and written about these scientific possibilities for years. Talked about them too. Seen all the movies and all the documentaries.

Yes I knew there was an increase in the movement of the magnetic north pole and this has gone on for many decades. But it was just one of those things and something I thought was hundreds of years away. For me it was far more likely that an asteroid strike would be the event to turn mankind upside down? Apparently not, though I suppose there is till time for something to sneak in and pip magnetic pole reversal to the post? Even an Ice Age was more likely though now it is starting to look like these magnetic dances may just cause them?

We have even had these events in children’s animated movied the most famous of course is indeed Ice Age. First the arrival of it in the first film and then the thaw in the second. Then we skipped events for re-discovering Dinosaurs before moving on to Continental Drift and Collision Course and scientific people are having discussion on whether a tilt in the Earth’s Axis, giant Tsunamis and continental drift (theorised by Albert Einstein himself) are possible?

We do not know and if if an event like pole reversal causes it we have no idea of knowing whether it will on this occasion? There is just so much we do not know and it might have required understanding things on the quantum level before we do.

Christ we still cannot predict the bloody weather outside our windows accurately without sticking our heads out of one.

We have drilled deep into the earth but I guarantee you we have not even come close to the Earth’s core .. so not even reached it let alone taken sensor readings to study it at any length.

What also angers me is the thought of those that would deem themselves worthy of surviving and the same that would have kept us in the dark and lied to us for years and used us to do so. The worst of humanity deem themselves the ones worthy of surviving?

Also even this mass migration? Funny that ts has been going on for about the same amount of time this magnetic flip has been developing, no?

  • Some misguided attempt to save lives?

  • Some attempt to gather a workforces so that when they emerge from their underground cities, giant titanium shops or Moon bases they have a workforce ready to serve them?

  • In the case of Britain? Survivors? Possible Ice-Age and/or Continental Drift?

If either of those reasons it was not the wisest choice.

Even talk of this EY Army is utterly ludicrous but something else that has been knocking around for years. They recently said that they needed the army against the likes of the USA, China and Russia and everyone on Twitter, GAB and other sites asked ..

  • What the hell for?

  • To take over the world as some kind of Fourth Reich?

  • Complete Bullshit

I have ALWAYS maintained it is option three. The other two are just plain stupid but ..

Take into consideration that a magnetic pole reversal could take place that would turn the world upside down and that the European leaders want an army to repel any .. opportunists?

One nation, in the case the European Union, thinking that if they survive but are in a worse position that Russia, perhaps being too cold to live in their current location, might march en masse into Europe?

Now it does not seem quite so mad, does it now?

Yeah .. except it still bloody stupid .. as any magma sloshing around could cause crust displacement whereby Europe could end up under water for all we know?

One again humans placing all their eggs in one single basket and I can see your house from here .. sorry from here I can see once again they are morons and possibly making us all pay yet again when they are .. WRONG1

But there is a reason I decided to do my third .. or fourth post since finding out the poles have split into four ..

I recently noticed a headline that stated that some extreme weather had hit Russia and I recalled that I had meant to check on this?

It was theorised with some accuracy, I might add, that an Arctic blast would hit North America and Russia and that they did. By the pole shift guys and not the news media or any of the main science organisations despite their resources.

I also wanted to loo into when it might have been that these things were reported on .. how far back and in all honesty and I have said it on here enough times .. tha mainstream news science writers?

Fucking idiots! All of them!

I have lost count of the number or scientific reports I have seen they simply have not understood and gotten things wrong. Lost .. COUNT! Many but by no means all, will be on my blogs.

So how about a webpage that states about the poles acting up from exactly two years and two days ago on the 6th February 2017?

I will link it at the bottom .. but how about some scientific possibilities?

  • Without a magnetic field, our atmosphere would slowly be stripped away by harmful radiation, and life would almost certainly not exist as it does today
  • What currently has geophysicists like us abuzz is the realization that the strength of Earth’s magnetic field has been decreasing for the last 160 years at an alarming rate
  • And the field is continuing to grow weaker
  • Such a major change would affect our navigation systems, as well as the transmission of electricity
  • .. more radiation would reach Earth’s surface under very low field strengths during a global reversal, it also might affect rates of cancer
  • .. don’t fully understand what the extent of these effects would be, adding urgency to our investigation

I guess I am starting to feel like the character Woody Harrelson plays in the Roland Emmerich disaster movie ‘2012’ except as much as I like a disaster movie the science as all over the place .. blasts of neutrinos and the lining up of the planets .. indeed!

Though just like the crack in the crust that appeared in the street we have had one appear in Africa .. and of course either a seismologist or a volcanologist appearing on BBC News 24 being asked where there had been an increase in activity only for him to snap back that there wasn’t. Leaving the anchor woman lost to know what to say next and him bullshitting and stating that it only appeared to be increasing because if social media .. fucking moron .. or a liar?

Though I probably understand a fair bit more than Woody Harrelson’s character did in the film .. as I have always had an interest in a large number of sciences.

Always wanted to work in science and make a discover that would contribute to furthering the advancement of mankind.

But I struggle through a day confused, angry and disappointed at what I see mankind doing to each other today!

The article location where I first discovered it ..

Original article can be found here ..

Map of Recent Cold Path in Russia ..

Map of Recent Cold Spell in Canada and North ..


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