In the middle of writing another piece to do with the ongoing situation regarding the Earth’s Magnetic Pole Reversal when something pops up on my radar on social media.

Even when I saw the headline I simply could not believe what I was reading and I cannot express just how serious this is, what a massive betrayal has been performed on the British Government for decades there has been and what I have stated for a long, long .. time.

I have maintained that it is absolutely ludicrous. Not just from a displacement issue but a voting issue to from a Conservative Party point of view. Possible voters with conservative values being put on the street only to be replaced by Muslims that are in effect right-wing but will vote in the fucking nut-jobs of Jeremy Corbyn and friends who will help them take over Britain.

Only now living on the street, starving to death, freezing to death and with no access to benefits or health services and angry with the government along come those evil #Devil’s minions they call #Muslims to convince them to convert to #Islam and fight for #Jihad?!

The level of fucking stupidity and the absolute anger I have towards the three main parties, those fucking scum Antifa and prats like John McDonnell and toss-pot and yet another traitor like Jeremy Corbyn is off the chain.

I best not say too much about what I would like to do if I had the tools to do it.


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