Now Justin Trudeau .. or Turdeau wants to Police the NewsMedia in Canada?

We are talking actual policing of the online news here .. how many others will do the same?

Weird as I thought they were already mostly leftist so why on Earth would you want to do this? I think two things regarding this .. and one is that there is something that is not out there but which they want to suppress .. something big. Magnetic flip anyone? Look up MaverickStar Reloaded on YouTube for the possibilities being very real. He has been watching it for a decade, predicted the cold blast in the US months ago, makes his own magnetometers and was how I found the north pole had split in two.

He is currently in the process of making more sensors and will ship them to helpers around the world to monitor the state of the #magnetosphere. This really is unprecedented stuff.

There has to be a point when you realise some real shady shite is going on n a great many places and very, very widespread.

Nations that once took the piss out of North Korea and China for controlling their news media are not doing this themselves. Going as far as trying to control social media with it. Everywhere.

Conned for years for extra cash fines and taxes, including for carbon. Why? Where?

If a major event was to affect the Earth is this not EXACTLY what you would expect to happen?

Sudden grab for money, control of news media, control of social media and actions, behaviours and things said that sound completely insane and make absolutely no sense?

Common widespread global craziness takes a global reason.

And the magnetic north pole has been o the move for bloody ages and now a thousand miles form where it should be and still going. we have never seen this before .. it has never been anything close to this distance since we started recording it.

It could snap back, we do not know. But unless it does it is already two thirds of the way towards serious, serious problems.

Now their actions might seem early as some predictions state 2026 .. but some state that the zero point could be reached in as little as two years?

The other things I think form this is .. I just cannot see how you can do this and not spark a civil war .. either before it is implemented or within a fortnight of doing so?


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